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1440 Coral Ridge Drive
Mount Tremper, NY 12457, US
Tel: +919811670520

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3 reviews
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"Come one, Come all!! The Nigerian free SCAMMER FILLED WEBSITE IS HERE!! I'm absolutely amazed!! You gotta become a Member here at "".. You just gotta!! Wanna laugh until ut hurts?? Wanna break your Guts from rolling on the Floor in utter Hilarity?? Check it out.. There's almost 42 pages of new "Women", ( hmmm. Did I say "Women"?? I'm sorry. I meant to say, NIGERIAN SCAMMERS) that have joined in just the last couple of days.. And, not a one of them, I REPEAT, not a one of them knows proper English Language Skills.. They ALL use an "i" instead of an "I" when speaking of themselves, not a Damn one knows where one Sentence ends and another begins.. They ALL start a Sentence at the Period of the Sentence they just ended, many say that they're "Slim/Slender" built, but they're only 5'5" Tall and weigh a WHOPPING 245lbs!! THAT'S NOT "Slim/Slender"!! That's MORBIDLY OBESE!! Wanna laugh until you Pee yourself?? OVER 15,000 Women on there claim to be "Native American".. So, I screw with them and ask them, "So. Your a "Native American", huh?? Well, now. What "Race" of Native American are you"?? ( It's a "Trick Question").. They say their a "Caucasian" Native American... GET OUTTA HERE!! "Native Americans" are very dark Brown Skinned AMERICAN INDIANS!! And, hey.. If you just so happen to be going on "99" yrs. Old, there do be aplenty o' fine youngin's 'bout 18 to 26 yrs Old that would just LOVE to Date you there!! Almost every new " Woman" ( Oops!! My Bad!! I mentioned the word "Woman" in conjunction with matchdoctor again!! So solly, chally!!).. I will bet you my Testicles that the owner and the "MOD" there are actually Nigerian Scammers themselves based entirely upon the amount of Scam Runners there are there.. It's supposedly run out of Florida.. Look at a World Atlas.. What Country's directly across the Atlantic Ocean?? Yeppers!! AFRICA!! Matchdoctor has NEVER EVER been a good website for "Dating". Take MY word for it.. I'd been a Member there since about 2000. NEVER EVER met ANY Woman ( Oops!! There I go again!! Putting the word "Woman" in the same Sentence has matchdoctor!! My Bad!!) in person from there.. NEVER EVER become a Member there.. EVER.. Unless, of course you plan on parting with your Money.. Thank GOD I never sent a Damn one Penny to anyone from there.. Keep your Money.. Oh, I forgot.. It's a "Free" dating website.. Like I said.. Keep your Money..

1 review
9 helpful votes

Before the advance of social networks, Matchdoctor was one of the first free dating sites about the same time as POF. When the forums were introduced, the political and religious sectors were fairly robust and as can be expected, included plenty of disagreements.

Those with low intellect blamed these sectors for a declining participation, which was untrue... because when they finally convinced the owners to close these sectors, membership dropped to nothing.

In fact, many of those complainers are all that is now left in the ghost town they promoted and left to argue among themselves in the absolutely stupid and attacking blogs they continue to create.

Today, with maybe 50 people on the site at prime time that includes the typical scammers to a free and now hardly moderated site, it is not worth the time to fill out a profile.

While other dating sites survived and grew to mammoth size, like any other failed business, the demise of Matchdoctor lies on the shoulders of nobody but it's owners.

It is beyond the time to turn the lights out.

1 review
8 helpful votes

Not a dating site. Its a site for pasting blogs or writing nonsense in the forums.

1 review
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Remember junior high when you walked into the lunch room and saw the table with the nerds, misfits, really short, mostly obese, ugly and smelly rejects all sitting together? Nobody wanted to be anywhere near them. They made you lose your appetite.
That is basically this site. Same fugly creeps for many years that run off anyone new or nice. They only got worse over time, and now into their 50, 60 and 70s, they are worthless. Easy to spot the losers, look for the most active bloggers, who copy and paste and plagarise all day long, mostly about politics. They have nobody but each other so sit on that site, for years, ruining it so that the only ones that bother with it now are the nigerian scammers. Less than 100 active members, and 75 of them are the scammers. Don't go there, avoid the fake buddha jerk who has multiple personalities and profiles (revdoclov, apache, angel are all the same person who comes and goes) and his mob of idiots who cant see thru him/her/them.
You risk crashing your computer with the viruses rampant on Many have been infected and lost their laptop. It is truly one of the most evil, vile and nasty places on the internet. Pass it over and don't ever look back.

30 reviews
176 helpful votes
2/19/14 is crawling with West African scammers, pretending to be anyone, from anywhere. Keep out.
If you are attempting to meet somebody real online, never send money for any reason to somebody you only know from the internet or phone calls, and always expect to see a face on cam.

1 review
10 helpful votes

This man is one of the ugliest men on a dating site or anywhere else:

He is one of the biggest reasons the site has failed. No good men. Creep that harasses the women. Writes idiotic blogs about his ebay site that earns him $8/day (broke, lonely and desperate loser).

1 review
4 helpful votes

An odd name as not a dating site as such. A small community that seems to comprise of members blogging opposing political views or similar. You cannot constructively interact in this as censorship is a constant. Recommend for dating you use caution as site is plagued with email scammers with large quantities received daily.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Just as the author has greatly explained the "MOD'" is on a ego trip. Allowing non paying members the benefit of doubt when disagreements happen, which is all the time. Other members try your patients and when called out turn and cry foul to the "MOD" then the "MOD" take the said of the cry baby's and restricts the other user from posting from one day to as much as five days.

Freedom of Speech does not exists there at all and trying to enforce the First Amendment is useless and pointless. I think that would be discrimination but who to you complain about that too?

1 review
4 helpful votes
8/17/09 is seemingly run by a couple of geeks in Florida. Theoretically it is a date site, but you never hear of anyone actually dating there. The atmosphere is not conducive to that sort of thing. Mostly it is just online forum chatter, and a comparatively very small membership base. If some do arrange to meet privately, then that's the exception rather than the rule.

Apparently at one time they had a chat room, but they discontinued that. Probably too maintenance intensive.

The primary Moderator at, dubbing himself "ForumMod" who seemingly yields all the real power there, (clearly over and above the site owner, who never says a word), is a left-wing extremist and will attack anyone who dares disagree with him or anyone else who regularly kisses his .. well, his ample posterior. He tries to humiliate anyone who doesn't agree with him, in public, but he's not very verbally or intellectually astute, so turning the tables on him is just way too easy to even bother with.

Or, he'll attack and even ban members if they disagree with any of the current administration's policies, or are not a huge fan of Obama or Nancy Pelosi. He still has a LOT of growing up to do, and very poor awareness of how things like politics, OR public forums, or debates, actually work.

It is a place where management arrogance and ego abound, without the slightest concern for fairness or differing points of view. In short, they will ban you, if you voice differing opinions, and where the primary moderator, "ForumMod", openly refers to himself as "God", without any boundaries based on anything but his own whims. He appears to be a very insecure individual, badly in need of bolstered confidence and probably medication. is the ultimate demonstration in immaturity. Not even worth the effort of a single click, let alone filling out their exhaustive profiles. If you enter into any discussions such as the Political or the Spiritual Forum areas, be prepared to lose hair and tooth-enamel from immense frustration, in the process of trying to communicate logically with other members, in spite of intense management censorship and bias.

Freedom of speech at, is laughable! Absolutely NOT a recommended place to spend any time. At least not unless you need a good belly-laugh at their expense. Then, possibly. It is silly enough to be hilarious at least. In spite of their dismal membership level, they are actually trying to thrive in the realm of dating and social-networking sites. But they would be lucky to bring up the rear. gets the lowest possible rating. It doesn't get any worse than that. Oh, and complaints to the higher-ups, if there even is such a thing, invariably go unanswered. They very well may be intercepted enroute. The place is merely a playground for a very neurotic individual-in-charge, (possibly 2 or 3), and with little to no management in place beyond that.

This one,, gets a huge ZERO!

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