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Ten days after I "won" gift cards, and I am still waiting for them to ship the gcs. Their policy states items should be received in 14 days. I have already emailed Customer Service and have not received a response.

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Spent $100 got NOTHING. Wast of MONEY. DONT BE FOOLED!!!!!!!!!!

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Luckychic isn't quite a scam, but it's certainly a terrible experience. I wasted $100 here and got nothing. Maybe I'm not so clever, but I would have been better off going with my GFs to Atlantic City.

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I think the site is great. It offers the latest must have products, it even features luxury vacation packages. A friend of my told me about the site because she had won an iphone, so I will definitely see what I can win.

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This site is 100% SCAM. I was originally enticed to bid because I saw that people were winning items much lower than its retail value. It's basically 6 cents a bid and the product's price goes up by 1 cent, 10 cents, or 20 cents per bid. Since I figured that the big ticketed item would have a massive bidders, I tried to go for the lower ticketed items which is a gift card for $10 which goes up by 1 cent per bid. Imagine this, I bought $18 worth of luckychips which gives me 30 lucky chips. I tried bidding on a $10.00 gift card from walmart, and I waited until there was one "CONCIERGE BIDDER" - It's supposedly an automatic bidder while a person is away, but it seems like the CONTROLLER of the site bidding, since they seem to have ENDLESS chips and they keep bidding even though in actuality they have spent more than the asking price. So I bid 15 times for the item, that's already $9 i spent. I stopped bidding eventually and the giftcard is now worth 82 cents which is in actually worth $49.20. And the "concierge" is still bidding for the same item, which had already cost IT more than $30 from all her bids. LIKE I SAID, SCAM SCAM SCAM!

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I found Lucky Chic after reading Entrepreneur Magazine - (saw them on the Brilliant 100 list for June 2010). This site is not for me, but here's my opinion on how it works. It's different from other discount sites. You're trading time and strategy in order to get a huge discount. I've noticed some people will engage in a huge bidding war and might 'overpay' for an item. But then, they'll win big because they've psyched out the other members. So add it all up, and they've gotten a good deal overall. It's like a shopping trip where some items are on huge sale and others aren't - except you decide where you want to get the discount. Anyway, cool idea.

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This is a total rip off!

They have these things called lucky chips: they're $0.60 each and ring p as $0.10 on each bid; each chip is $0.10 but worth (in real dollars) $0.60 each. So if I want to by 10 chips, on the web site it will read as $1.00 (.10 x 10), but will cost me $6.00 of my actual money.

I had no problem with this because I was under the impression that if you lost a bid, you would get your lucky chips back; I was mistaken! I've lost $6.00 of my own money for something that someone else ended up over-paying for by about $15 bucks (of real money).

If you look at a lot of these, people are unwilling to buy $60.00 worth of chips and loose any of them, so they over-pay for the items by at least a couple of dollars. For example, right now as I write this, someone is paying $167.00 (real money) more for a Kindle that is worth about $189.00

There are just so many ways to loose your money without getting anything. I call scam on this one.

I'm going to place the rest of my money on one more item and then close my account.

Don't make the mistake I'll cost you a lot!

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A friend of mine told me about Lucky Chic and I have been addicted ever since! I bought a beautiful wallet from Bottega Veneta and some of the gift cards from Aveda and BBW. Customer service is excellent. It takes time to understand but is worth it.

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Lucky Chic really rocks. It's a sample sale where you can get really good discounts (I've seen a $75 item go for less than a $1) on brand new stuff from Apple iPad to Zara. Also travel and plane tickets, gift cards from luxury retailers like Saks, Barneys and authentic handbags from Louis Vuitton. Great selection and service. The one thing to remember is that it can take a little bit of time to get the hang of it. But once you do it's super fun.

Customer Questions & Answers

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Yes, don't do it! It's a total scam, you're more likely to loose your money and have nothing to show for it than actually snag a deal! -prices are misleading to sucker people in when they first view the site -once you've registered, they want you to buy $.10 "lucky chips" which cost $.60 -you're only allowed to bid one chip at a time, and each time you bid, the timer adds another 30 seconds or so so you have more time to bid another chip; this adds to the psychological "I'm almost there" thingie -once you bid on anything, you don't get those chips back, even if you loose the bid -Because of this, people tend to over-spend; right now, a Kindle that would normally go for $189 or so is now costing someone $384.60 cents -Finally, they have something called a "concierge" service that automatically does the bidding for you; however, it consists of 3 parts, a minimum bid, highest bid, and # of times to bid. Because the number of times one can bis is so misleading, you can actually end up automatically spending more than you intended to! The way it works is this; you buy online lucky chips (which read as $0.10) which cost you about $0.60 each (real money); so say I want to have 100 lucky chips, I pay $60.00 out my pocket. They register them as $0.10 each to sucker people into the website, then confuse people once they start bidding. Now, lets say I want to bid on an item; say a $25.00 PetCo gift card. I'll bid $0.10, but they won't let you bid any more than once at a time, so this adds to the psychological tension of being "just $0.10 ($0.60) away from winning!!" It's another way they sucker you in. So, I bid $0.10 on this PetCo card...then 2 seconds before the bid ends, someone bids $0.20, right? Well, the clock adds on another 45 seconds so I have another 45 seconds to press the bid button again and bid another $0.10, and keeps doing this every time someone clicks the "bid" button. Now here is the real kicker; I loose the bid to someone else. That $2.00 I bid? ($12.00)? I'm not getting that back; I've lost $12 on an item I didn't even win. So most of the time the people who do win tend to over-pay by several dollars; as I'm writing this, someone has overpaid for a Kindle, an $189 value, by $167 or so. Finally, they have Concierge service, which automatically bids for you an consists of a minimum bid, maximum bid, and a # of times to bid. Lets say I want to bid between $0.10 and $3.00 for an item; I'll write those in as the minimum and maximum, and then say I want to bid a maximum of 29 times (2.90 + .10 = 3.00) However, 29 times is not how many times leading up to 3.00, but how many times you'll bid, and since someone else is always bidding at least $.10 more than you, you spend 5.80 ($34.80 real money) more! There are just so many ways to loose your money, it's not worth it; stick to ebay. At least you're not penalized for not over-spending or trying at all!!! I'm going to bid the last of my "chips" on one more item (I've already bought them) and just close my account; worst online experience EVER!

has anyone tried

By Fred D.
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