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204 East Chestnut Street
Center, KY 42214, US

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1 review
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I ordered a navy blue floral dress but I received nothing close to navy. The material is just not up to standard and the design is not what I ordered a

Tip for consumers: Don't waste your money

1 review
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Poor Quality: Diffent than the photo colors
Bad Service: After the pay don´t answer
Expensive Shipping

2 reviews
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I ordered a few items total $104 US dollars, after 2 weeks and no news about shipment I contacted them and they replied 1 week later saying that most of the items were out of stock and to advice what I would want to exchange it for. At this point I wanted a refund and they said that it was better if I exchange it for other items, which I'm guessing they were right. Because after threatening them a few times they refunded my money 2 months and a half later. Then my sister order 2 dresses and quality were horrible, terrible bad, save your money it's not worth it.

1 review
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I bought swimwears worth $500 . The shipping was fast but the swimwear is not good.
They use shoe string for the swimsuit tie. This is my first time to be fooled buying online.
Do not buy at Global-lover!!!!
You will waste your money

1 review
4 helpful votes

These folks are a scam, they haven't been online for 5 days and there is not Chinese Holidays or even catastrophe at this time. No response to e-mails and phone number is just to some music recording. Do not waste your time with these scam artists. Contacting Paypal now to report this as a fraudulent transaction.

Tip for consumers: Don't visit this site!!! Scam artists!!!

1 review
8 helpful votes

I am using this as a warning to avoid this company, you will lose in the end. I ordered five items from Global lover as samples to test the quality before making a big purchase. This was a horrible experience, of the five items only two came. I was charged CAN $119 for 5 items incl. Paypal fee and Shipping (which was more than product cost). When the items were enroute they emailed to tell me 1 piece was out of stock and 1 they forgot which they will keep until my next order but they did not acknowledge the 3rd missing piece. So the package was shipped with the original price declared even though pieces were missing so I had to pay customs CAN $24.67. When I calculate the total cost spent minus the missing pieces I spent CAN $111.24 for 2 dresses $55.62. Based on the quality you are paying for its not worth it and they dont give a $#*!!! Forget customer service it does not exists.

2 reviews
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I love this shop! Whenever I'm free, I visit online to enjoy shopping some stuff. Especially, when I'm going to buy something for a friend. There are plenty of fashion sexy clothes that we young gals all like. And the prices here are so pleasing low that I love shopping here all year round.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Ordered my sweater and dress December 7, 2016. Received it December 12, 2016. It is absolutely perfect. The stitching is stunning and fits like expected. Every time I emailed a representative they responded back to me in a timely manner. I am very impressed and satisfied with my order.

1 review
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Extremely comfortable, versatile, and flattering. Quality material that is thin, yet thick enough to not be see-through. I bought more after receiving the dress.

1 review
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I was really surprised with the quality of this dress. It is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The fabric is thick which I love. NO see thru like many other I have ordered. Also, it is very well made.

This beautiful dress is very elegant. It is very sexy and it has a very unique and stylish design. The length is just perfect. Just above the knee.

It has a sexy opened back. I am 5"7" and weight 165 pounds and it fits me perfectly. I orderd size large. The dress itself is very comfty. It accentuates my curves and everything stay in place. Highly recommended.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have bought both dresses and lingerie.I am very satisfied with all of the clothing.I must admit that there are detailed size chart attached to make the size will fit you.And the dress is very beautiful,not very luxurious material yet not expensive. I think the great design is quite enough that I'd like to keep shopping with global lover.
I have ordered from them twice.First time everything went smooth order came in a week.2nd order I had some issues but they were helpful and always reply back very quickly and I was able to get everything resolved!!!

1 review
5 helpful votes

Global lover is one of my favorite websites to shop for clothes online!My friend introduced me to this website.i'm really impressed with their variety and fresh designer looks.So far i ordered 4 things form global lover and when they arrived they were exactly what i wanted.My order were on time and i never had any issues with the clothes.I kept all four pieces.i also want to mention their modest price.All clothes just fit my right!The whole ordering process was seamless from start to finish.
i tried several other websites to buy clothes and it was a real headache.And the good were not even close to being up to my standards.
Global lover is the real deal!!Thanks,i'm a customer forever.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I'm Dorcas. Please listen to me. I ordered dresses and sweaters/overcoats. The pictures they posted are VERY misleading. over 50% of what i ordered was bad quality and completely unwearable. Another thing: NEVER order online because many of the items are out of stock but they are too lazy to omit it from the website. If you must order from them please do it OFFLINE. About the dresses, they were polyster/spandex. Very thin and elastic. Too thin for a decent woman to wear. You can't even wear it to a nightclub. Obviously the people who made it didn't care about how a woman would feel if she wore them. Too thin, poor quality and terrible workmanship. the seams, the finish...very BAD.

Now about the packaging. Surely someone must have packed them with a REALLY nasty attitude. It was unbelievable what i saw in the box. The items were squeezed, all over the place without any concrete plan and i had to rearrange my items in the box.

So anyway, i complained of the quality but all i was told was that next time i buy cotton or heavy polyester...What about the dresses I have now??? I cant sell them for goodness sake!! If i try to refund them it will cost me alot of money in shipping so i dont know what to do...It gave me sleepless nights!!!

my order number is 201608061410583...I cant give them another chance coz Ive already lost my hard earned money!! i want to deal with a company that sells QUALITY ...if its polyester, it must be a GOOD QUALITY POLYESTER, otherwise you are conning and deceiving the customer.

Stay away from this company folks. I'm being serious. I am sharing my experience because I CARE. Beware.

1 review
6 helpful votes

It's perfect.I love those dresses-the style,the color,the price &the quality.The dresses make me feel better!!!Shopping on global-lover is amusing!!!

1 review
7 helpful votes

I ordered using the 3-7 days shipping. It is been over 14 days and the item is not in my country, I emailed them before it was shipped to cancel my other but they didn't. After 17 days I chatted with the live person who refused to refund me, called my stupid and unreasonable. I should never come was part of my conversation with them. 08-08 21:47:15
I was meant to get it within 3-7 business days as that was the shipping selected
service 08-08 21:47:16
ok,i will be check it once i got the return parcel and refund you
You 08-08 21:47:28
It is over 14 days and i do not need the dress
You 08-08 21:47:45
Please refund my money and have them send the dress back to you
service 08-08 21:47:52
you had been choosed e packet express and take 7-10days normal but sometimes will be take 10-20days
service 08-08 21:48:06
ok,you can ask for return parcel
service 08-08 21:48:16
i will refund you once i get the parcel
service 08-08 21:48:21
sorry for delay long time
service 08-08 21:48:43
you can choose the DHL or UPS to USA next time which can be keep the time
You 08-08 21:48:47
It says 3-7 business days on your website, if it is going to be more than that you should have said so. THis is lying
service 08-08 21:49:00
you may mistake ,you choose E packet expreaa
service 08-08 21:49:12
and take 3-7days can be arrived by DHL express
service 08-08 21:49:20
pls find it again
You 08-08 21:52:22
E parket on your website does not take over 14 days
[System message] 08-08 21:53:14
Thank you for your patient waiting!I am typing ,answering your quesiton now,please do not leave.
You 08-08 21:53:16
I sent you people a message before the order was shipped that if it will not arrived on wednesday the 27 of July then you should cancel my order
You 08-08 21:53:29
You did not cancel it, instead you shipped it
service 08-08 21:53:44
but we don't know the parcels delay long time for transit
service 08-08 21:53:58
we have to wait the parcel return and send the refund you
You 08-08 21:54:15
I do not want it and if it is not canceled, I will call my bank and report this.
You 08-08 21:54:46
I did not receive the parcel so they will follow up with you since you do not want to give me my money
You 08-08 21:55:18
I will also post everywhere on facebook and interent and youtube about your company
You 08-08 21:55:42
Let them know that you are liars and fraud and no one should buy from you
service 08-08 21:56:08
you can be find the parcels tracking details and we still havn't get the return parcel,how can we refund it to you
You 08-08 21:56:21
service 08-08 21:56:28
you are the actual person and you should be know the parcels still havn't get on my hand
service 08-08 21:56:42
how can i do it refund
You 08-08 21:56:49
You shipped the item, call the company and tell them to return it to you
You 08-08 21:57:17
I did not ship it, you did so I can not return what i did not ship or receive
service 08-08 21:57:24
you can call the local express to return as well if you don't believe,the parcels arrived at your local and we really out of control
service 08-08 21:58:12
then you local courier dispatch the parcels you ,you should be reject it,then they will be return us
You 08-08 21:59:03
I cannot wait for that
You 08-08 21:59:14
Call them yourself and have them return it
You 08-08 21:59:56
So i have to wait another 1 month to get the item and reject then another 1 month for it to get to you and another 1 month to get my money
You 08-08 22:00:12
I dont have time to waste
You 08-08 22:00:37
I will give my bank a call and have the reverse the payment
You 08-08 22:01:24
I will also make sure to let everyone on the internet know that you people are liars and theiives and just steal people's money
service 08-08 22:01:53
my god
service 08-08 22:02:02
you should be unreasonable person
service 08-08 22:02:27
so you are liars to havn't get the parcels,you should be understand clearly with the parcel send details
You 08-08 22:02:33
Oh now you are insulting me for buying from you
service 08-08 22:02:45
and must deal with your local courier
service 08-08 22:03:00
you can reject it if you don't need and how can i do it now
service 08-08 22:03:16
you are the firstly person unreanable
You 08-08 22:03:33
I will take a picture of this chat and let people know how bad your customer service is
service 08-08 22:03:50
i will be report on the internet that you sending details with the name and our sending tracking no.
You 08-08 22:04:00
You just insulted me for ordering from you and expecting my order in 7 days
service 08-08 22:04:22
this is not our problems,the express delays,not our responsible and you are total make me angry
service 08-08 22:04:35
which page
You 08-08 22:04:40
Your page says 7 days and it is now almost 20 and all you can do is call me unreasonable
service 08-08 22:04:44
send me the click
service 08-08 22:05:32
sometime expected with the express and you also find the shipping details from us at that time,and we are not the courier company
You 08-08 22:06:32
Your file [Screenshot 2016-08-08 at 10.05.34 PM - Display 1.png] was transferred successfully!
You 08-08 22:07:09
It says 7-10 is over that
You 08-08 22:07:29
I told you to cancel my order before you shipped it but you did not
You 08-08 22:08:20
You should have put 7-20 days and not 7-10 days which is misleading and implies you are lying
service 08-08 22:08:55
crazy,i must back my courier about this claim from you very very stupid,and i ask for return return ..................but they told me that the local person reject this parcels and will be return from them
You 08-08 22:10:00
I dont understand
You 08-08 22:10:13
Who rejected the parcel?
You 08-08 22:10:47
It has not even arrived yet
You 08-08 22:10:54
What exactly are you saying?
You 08-08 22:11:19
This is the worse customer service experience EVER
You 08-08 22:11:28
I contacted you numerous times with no response
[System message] 08-08 22:12:19
Thank you for your patient waiting!I am typing ,answering your quesiton now,please do not leave.
[System message] 08-08 22:13:57
Did not receive your message for a long time,are you beside your computer?
You 08-08 22:14:37
Your file [Just read reviews about you online. ] was transferred successfully!
You 08-08 22:16:05
[System message] 08-08 22:16:56
Thank you for your patient waiting!I am typing ,answering your quesiton now,please do not leave.
You 08-08 22:22:53
[System message] 08-08 22:23:45
Thank you for your patient waiting!I am typing ,answering your quesiton now,please do not leave.
[System message] 08-08 22:23:56
Did not receive your message for a long time,are you still beside your computer?if you donot have anyother questions,system will end this dialog automatically.
If you have any questions,please enquire me again,have a nice day!bye for now.
You 08-08 22:27:41
You 08-08 22:27:45
You 08-08 22:27:55
[System message] 08-08 22:28:47
Thank you for your patient waiting!I am typing ,answering your quesiton now,please do not leave.
You 08-08 22:29:07
You 08-08 22:29:57
[System message] 08-08 22:30:49
Thank you for your patient waiting!I am typing ,answering your quesiton now,please do not leave.
service 08-08 22:30:58
back now
service 08-08 22:31:03
send mail to me
You 08-08 22:31:04
You 08-08 22:31:11
service 08-08 22:31:12
service 08-08 22:31:16
what is the comments
You 08-08 22:31:27
IS this a different person?
You 08-08 22:31:36
Can you scroll up to read the conversations?
You 08-08 22:31:50
Search my history, I have sent emails in the past with NO RESPONSE
service 08-08 22:32:30
send me the link
You 08-08 22:32:44
Link of WHAT?
You 08-08 22:33:15
Your bad reviews? You can google it yourself
service 08-08 22:33:36
i need the bad review
service 08-08 22:33:41
i havn't found it
You 08-08 22:33:53
You are not working to fix this but looking for your bad reviews.
You 08-08 22:33:57
service 08-08 22:34:24
send me the link about your find it
You 08-08 22:36:04
And what is that going to do for my items that has not been delivered?
[System message] 08-08 22:36:57
Thank you for your patient waiting!I am typing ,answering your quesiton now,please do not leave.
service 08-08 22:37:07
i had been told you that we will refund the money to your account once we get the return parcels,we still havn't get the parcel now,the return also need the time
You 08-08 22:37:48
And who will pay for the return shipping cost if I ever get it? Call your shipping people and ask the to return it to you.
service 08-08 22:38:04
you only have small parcels and money and we don't care it
You 08-08 22:38:16
OH really?
service 08-08 22:38:43
paid the return fee by ourselves and we really don''t like to do with your anymore,and you can go to other supplier to buy,no problems
You 08-08 22:39:17
So you expect me to pay for the return and try to contact you again with no response and this terrible attitude.
You 08-08 22:39:25
Where is the guarantee I will get my money back

1 review
11 helpful votes

1. I advice anyone who considering to trade with them just DONT! Really just dont. They are incorrect. I ordered 110 items from them who were in stock. After I payed via credit card 4 days later they send me a message and say - hey we can not ship 20 items because they are out of stock! WTF!! After I payed for all 110 items they sad there is 20 out of stock and they will credit me until next order instead of refund me or replace missing products with others. Decide for yourself! Just avoid them and dont do bussines with them.
2. Customer service - there is no such thing as customer service in global lover. I trayed to connect with them by email and their customer service - no one bothered to answer me a simple question about delivery.... I am really disappointed and will never ever do bussines with them. It`s waste of money and time... because they are a symbol of lack of competence and dont care about those who give them a job by buying from them...

1 review
11 helpful votes

Don't deal with these people. They have a massive catalogue which is why I was tempted several times to purchase with them, but they simply can't deliver in every sense of the word. Poor shoddy materials, pathetic customer service (never respond to your emails on time), shipping is a joke. They give you a tracking number to shut you up and then ship it 10 days later, all the time ignoring your emails, and blaming it on the courier business! Not true! I deal with other Chinese suppliers and they ship out same day, it always gets to me within 3 days max! Don't be tempted by all the pretty pictures, it's all crap quality 8 times out of 10. I've lost business because of these points. AVOID! Also they keep missing out items, and they promise to send it next time, but never do! They also change items for you (not helpful when you need a particular colour but they decide a different one would do better in its place!) Very angry!

8 reviews
51 helpful votes

So i bought some dresses from global lover for my business honestly i couldnt be more satisfied the material is just good ,and the communication is out of this world i never for a moment i could get such a good service considering some of the nasty comments and reviews i have come across. I have now found a shop that can give me what my clients want for less prices ,however they should bring in more stuff like men's wear,kids clothing,handbags, jewelry ,shoes,outwear and Blouses and T-shirts for the ladies.i wouldnt think of buying from another shop if i can get it all at Global lover

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This is late, but I highly recommend, please IM Vivi and tell her Peter from TX, USA referred you. This company is not only trustworthy, but the packaging is very professional. Just ask them to QA the items as much as possible for loose threads & small defects, which is sometime unavoidable unless you are dealing with super- high end manufacturer / distributer.

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Don't do it, they eventually shipped the items, but like one of the other members said, super low quality (ie: the faux leather is wetlook - very deceiving), not to mention, they do not provide additional pics and they are very rude. Never again with them, waste of time and money...

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