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Devonshire St North
Manchester, Greater Manchester M12 6JH, UK
Tel: 0161 660 3019

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I used this get clicked on to build me a website always payed every month now there saying 3 years later i owe them £90.00 a guy keeps calling me so unprofessional just swore at my wife down phone.
Just asked them to prove i owe them money and he says we don't need to do that takes too long well you wont be getting any money then this company is a big Scam i am now going to trade and standards. DONT USE THESE CROOKS

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Same people behind. I claimed my money back by court and one of them just sent me a threat in txt this evening that they will kill my 4 month old child. How nice.

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I agree with all the other reviews that have been done on 'GET CLICKED ON' or FULCRUM based in Manchester. They ignore the fact that you have cancelled the contract and just keep adding costs onto a closed account. They continually send emails asking for money then it progresses to harassing threatening phone calls. When you ask for things in writing they refuse and make you out to be an idiot. How this company is allowed to continue with all these complaints and its not just on this website but lots more on others, just type in 'Scams by Get Clicked On', they must be at the top of google! Going to discuss with Trading Standards and perhaps Watch Dog might be interested. The 1* says it all 'Doesn't get any worse than this. Stay away'

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Nearly 2 years ago they lied to me telling me they were Facebook. I fell for it and hired them to advertise for me on Facebook for the cost of just over £100. They continued taking money of my card until I reported the fraud to the bank who repaid me my money. Today someone called me from their debt recovery dept claiming I owed £1500. Long story short I told them to take me to court ! Con artists and liars ! They will be laughed out the court building !

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Like all the reviewers of this company on here I have had a stressful and quite distressing time with this company and it is still going on. I was contacted by them and asked if I wanted to try them. I was skeptical so the salesman persuaded me to try ONE MONTH ONLY which I paid for. He said he would contact me after that month and prove to me that their marketing worked then maybe I would consider using them again. I never heard from him again and forgot all about it. That was in 2014. 6 MONTHS later they suddenly took 6 consecutive payments from our credit card amounting to nearly £700.00. Luckily our credit card company got the money back from us. I spoke to someone at Get Clicked On, told them what had happened and they said they would not be contacting us again. Now IN 2016 I am suddenly getting threatening calls and emails all over again saying we owe them lots of money. It is very stressful as they even ring me on my mobile when I am at home. I am going to report them to Trading Standards.

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I agreed over the phone to a 30 day boost to my web site on Google by Getclickedon. They said I would be on page 1. I explained that I didn't want to use it yet as I wasn't ready for the extra work this might bring in. They said I had complete control over when I wanted to use it. As I was busy at the time I didn't feel I needed to use the boost. 2 months later I checked my credit card statement. Getclickedon had taken a second month from my card. I phoned up to complain and was told that it had been up and running for we'll over a month. Not that I had noticed any increase in interest in my web site. I asked the lady that I hadn't agreed to any extension and I wanted a refund. I also told them i wanted to cancel and i stopped any further payment from my card. She got very defensive, explaining that very few if any had won money back from them. I decided to leave It there, putting it down to a bad experience. Today though, I received a badly written letter from them, that I had a overdue account of £730 and if I didn't pay £500 they would start court proceedings !!
This has reminded me to get in touch with trading standards and report them. Of course they will not be receiving any more monies from me.

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Wish I had seen all this information before being scammed by these pirates. Will move the goalposts to try to get more money out of your account - DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS!!! The office staff are rude and do not listen (or want to listen) to what you have to say. I have today reported this company to ActionFraud and also instigated court proceedings. If anyone else has had a problem with this company, please do not hesitate to make contact.

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I was first contacted by them when they offered to sell me their top advertising package at the same price as their lower priced package. I thought this sounded a good idea, and asked if he was willing to do it any cheaper. He supposedly asked his manager who agreed to drop the price by £20! I was very pleased with this and decided to go ahead. After telling me I would receive a call within the next hour to finalise details and a contract I didn't feel there was anything to worry about. I never received a phone call or 'contract'. Stupidly I gave them the benefit of the doubt and didn't cancel the payment with my bank. After two months of me pressuring they finally optimised my google account

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I honestly don't understand how this 'company' haven't been shut down and prosecuted with the amount of scams they've managed to con people into, including myself.
In September of last year they rang me, obtaining my number from my gumtree advert, (I'm a Piano teacher). I usually just ignore these types of calls, but for some reason I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. I was sold by 'Andrew Webb' at Getclickedon, a Google optimisation 'plan' for 12 months, for the price of £118.80, to get my website noticed on the first page of google when words such as 'Piano teacher Leeds' are typed into the search engine. Andrew explained everything on the phone to me, and that I'd be sent an email with the 'contract', and also that someone would be in touch shortly after our phone call to finalise everything and put things into action.
Someone called me back 20 minutes later, trying to sell me Facebook-related. I repeatedly said that I wasn't interested and couldn't afford to buy anything else from them. The man asked me when I'd be able to afford this, and I said I wasn't sure. He then laughed and said 'Wow, really?'. I was shocked and explained to him that I thought this phone call was to set up my search optimisation plan, and he said that I'd receive a code in the post to verify my business - NOT what Andrew Webb had initially explained to me.
Very annoyed, suspicious and confused, tried to email and ring the company. No response. I had also NOT received the contract from them, or any other contact from them. I then looked online at the complaints and really started to panic. I rang my bank immediately to cancel my debit card incase they tried to take more money, like other complaints have explained. The £118.80 had already been debited from my account, and I haven't received any service. My bank (TSB) explained that I had to wait 15 working days to give Getclickedon chance to provide me with a service. I rang, emailed in that time, to no success, and STILL hadn't received anything from them, via email or the post.
The 15 days were up and I disputed this with TSB. They debited me the money back I'd been scammed of and I thought everything was settled.
TSB's debit collection team had tried to reclaim the £118.80 they debited to me from Getclickedon. Getclickedon CONVENIENTLY replied to my bank, insisting that they had provided me with the service I had paid for. This is obviously not the case, as my website ( doesn't appear ANYWHERE on the first (or second, third, fourth...) when you type in 'Piano Lessons / Teacher Leeds'. My bank then re-debited the money from my account and I've gone back to being £118.80 out of pocket. TSB have been awful regarding this matter and I've since switched to Yorkshire Bank - a more reputable banking company, as at least I'll be given £150 for switching to them and I'll have gained my money back in some way.
Absolutely disgusted, and I'm sorry for everyone else who has also experienced being scammed by these low-life pricks. I realise now that I payed Getclickedon £118.80 to set up a Google Business account, which anyone can do themselves for free.

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lied.....told me they were facebook. desperately trying to cancel card payment.

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this company is rubish and want to make easy money from people. they lied to me and said they are google and will make a website for me and put in the first google page search egine. they took my money and provide noting. I claimed back my money and now they call me said will take me to court. very stupid company. I advice anyone to keep away from them

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Iv'e been scammed by this company too. They have taken money from my account to provide me with services they have not done. I only agreed to go with them as they offered to design me a website after telling me mine was rubbish. I agreed and theirs was far worse. I've been duped into their services. I have cancelled their services and demanded a full refund claiming my distant selling regulations. I'm also informing my credit card company that they have fraudulently duped me into taking this service.

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A client of mine recently had an experience very similar to the one Jody described with

Unfortunately the online marketing / SEO industry is heavily represented by companies that either:
a) completely scam you and deliver absolutely nothing
b) deliver so little and charge such high margins that its basically a scam regardless.

This is possible because for the most part business owners feel that SEO / online marketing is difficult and time consuming to do. But this is not case at all. There is no reason to pay someone else to do your SEO or even to design your website.

I am at the moment putting together a video tutorial program that will teach business owners how to build a professional website and implement an integrated SEO strategy in just one week.
You learn by doing, following easy step-by-step instructions. You need nothing more than a basic computer.

If you are interested in empowering yourself and taking control of your online marketing, please reach out and let me know you would like to participate in the video tutorials.

1 review
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Absolute nightmare company tricked me into thinking they were face book then took £120 out my account a month later I stopped the payment then harassed by 40 calls and pestering by some called Darren telling me legal action would be taken against me I said go ahead you don't have a leg to stand on then told I was obnoxious I've contacted the police

1 review
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If you have been scammed by these people, please let us know at the following email address:
Email us your name, company name, address, contact number and website, and brief details of how you were scammed.
We are a group of people with similar experiences of this company. We have a growing body of evidence against them and we are forming a collective of people prepared to give testimony against them.
We strongly advise you DO NOT PAY THEM.
1. Instruct your bank that they are fraudsters and to prevent them taking monies from your account.
2. RECORD ALL CALLS TO AND FROM THEM. You MUST state you are recording the call for it to be admissible evidence in court. KEEP ALL EMAILS.
3. Email or call them (record it!) to register your objections to the 'contract' they are trying to bind you to, outlining any lies and misrepresentations they made in the sales call. Ignore their threats - a contract based on lies is invalid.
4. File a Subject Access Request with GetClickedOn for ALL the information they have relating to your case, including any call recordings they hold, evidence of when calls were recorded and deleted from their system, the original script their rep used, all emails, letters, etc. related to the case. See the bottom of this post for how to do this. *This is unlikely to match the words the rep actually used, but don't be put off.
5. Register your complaint with ActionFraud at or call them. Make a note of your Crime Reference Number AND YOUR PIN.
6. If you don't get exactly what you asked for from your Subject Access Request, file a complaint with ICO, the Information Commissioner's Office, at , or call 0303 123 1113
7. If you get more lies in response to your Subject Access Request, forward them to ActionFraud using your CRN and PIN.

Filing a Subject Access Request:
You can do this in two ways, by email or by post.
Head your letter/email with 'Subject Access Request' and then clearly state everything you want them to send you.

GetClickedOn already have a track record of 'losing' registered letters containing Subject Access Requests, so email is advisable. YOU WILL ALSO HAVE TO PAY THEM £10 FOR THIS INFORMATION. They accept cheques and bank drafts, but again these can be lost. Safer to make an electronic payment straight into their bank account:
**[personal info redacted by admin]

1 review
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I have had ongoing problems with this company for over a year now. they continually push for money that i WILL NOT give them. as all of you reading this probably have already been scammed by them. if they have effected you in any way financially or emotionally you are not alone.
Join this group on facebook and unite together against their shady dealings

2 reviews
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They tAkehundreds of pounds off you and not so much as one phone call an absolute scam!!!! I've reported them to watchdog!!!! I think everyone else getting scammed should do the same!!!!

1 review
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This company is a complete scam, do not talk to them for even a minute or else they'll start sending you bills.
Took £108 straight from my account. Would only provide me a copy of the phone call in which I apparently agreed to their services, if I paid a cancellation fee of £200.

1 review
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i would like to know how to make an official complaint regarding this company, they have scammed me for hundreds of pounds and refuse to cancel my so called 30 trial, how can i report these jokers?

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