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Fubar has a consumer rating of 3.25 stars from 199 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Fubar also ranks 25th among Hook Up sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 33.3%
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Positive highlights

  • That would be the guy at fubar office, baby jesus, and scrapper.
  • If you go there to play games or to just chat with people it's a fun place to be on.

Critical highlights

  • All the top people are Players, you know what a player is, right?
  • Again if you want to throw away money to chase a rank in an online popularity site then this is the place for you.
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Top Positive Review

“Real people. Real fun.”

D J.

I like this site because you know the people are real. Salutes required should you want to take part in anything. As with any site, what you post and how much you spend is entirely up to you. I've been a site member for ten years. I may not log on as often as I used to, but I like the fact that I can stroll in whenever I want and know that I'm gonna have a good time.

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Top Critical Review

“Stay away!”

Hannah B.

Imagine you're back in high school... All the cliques, all the drama. It's the same at Fubar! BUT, you can pay your way to popularity ;) lol If you have any issues, just forget it. Support is laughable, at best! Admin and Bouncers ignore facts and rely on favoritism. Good times. *rolls eyes* Seriously, just avoid this place like the plague, you'll be better for it!

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1 review
5 helpful votes
March 13th, 2020
Imagine you're back in high school...
All the cliques, all the drama. It's the same at Fubar! BUT, you can pay your way to popularity ;) lol
If you have any issues, just forget it. Support is laughable, at best!
Admin and Bouncers ignore facts and rely on favoritism. Good times. *rolls eyes*
Seriously, just avoid this place like the plague, you'll be better for it!
1 review
5 helpful votes
January 30th, 2020
Fubar is 2 sites. 1 is the dating site & 2 is the mafia game site. The dating side(Fubar) is ok if you want to be hit on 24/7/365 days a yr. If you show scrapper your body parts you can get whatever you want. The game site is different it's about who can cheat the best. Even though you're only allowed 1 profile there are people that have numerous profiles. If you like being harassed by players this is the site for you.
1 review
5 helpful votes
February 18th, 2019
I was a member of Fubar for less than a week only. I enjoy it and meet a lot of friends. I invited some of my friends too to earn a billion points. And I earned those points. I was so happy!
After an hour I was trying to log in back to check my Profile there. But my email add is wrong it says. My friends can't find my name either. I contacted the service site immediately and no response at all. They kicked me out or what happened is a big question to me.
Plus, I used my credit card to reward myself!
1 review
4 helpful votes
November 20th, 2019
Whoever is posting as Gary B with the Blue WVU flag is an impostor. Posting negative comments using my name and likeness you are cowards. If I have something to say to Fubar. I will address them as a man. And not hide behind a keyboard. Anyone that knows me, knows I would never use name slurring or disrespect. And another thing I have worked in the natural gas field for 18+ years and not computers. At least take time to look at my pics and get a few facts correct.
1 review
11 helpful votes
March 9th, 2019
ALL I am going to say is the site was FUN off and on for 13+ years. I did have two accounts VERIFIED salute and email(and phone number) ** I know of MANY users that have more than 1 account. I left FU FOR GOOD 2 days ago and this is why. I had friends use my laptop to make accounts(profiles) for them. ** when a friend wants to use something if I have it I let them thats how I am *** ANY way I went in the help lounge asking why my friends accounts have been LOCKED. I waited about 45 seconds then SCRAPPER chimes in(I wish I would have saved what he said. Screen grabbed who was in the lounge but didnt) "dont bother helping her she is a FAKE and scammer. IS THIS HOW a social site should be? I dont think so EVERYONE online or not deserves RESPECT. The picture below is showing that it is possible for IPs to be really close(someone needs glasses) my friend put the "frames around it sorry"
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 2nd, 2020
Site is the most boring(hardly anyone ever on. They mark up the numbers including people who have left and never on). Always same old people on. Many fake... so many freaks creeps and wackos on... but biggest problem is admin and those running the "office'(some hole in the wall that looks like a garage. Lol. Lol)... they are the most ignorant, unprofessional, clueless, sick, racist and sexist pieces of useless crap around. Never... in all around the internet is there any site more suited for the outcast nutcases and more deemed to be totally closed up.(the again no difference in them staying open. They have hardly anyone on anyway.)... only ones who state positive reviews are the losers running it(who pretend they are members... lol. What a joke( and those paid(or promised or given something in exchange). Lol... thank goodness i am in contact with someone who is working on closing them down for good. Someone with authority to do so... karma is good. :)
1 review
5 helpful votes
September 10th, 2019
The good, bad, and ugly side of Fu. It's a microcosm of RL. A popularity contest. There are cliques and the bling whores, who beg for virtual bling by flashing their goods. If you have money, you can buy your way to the top. One can find alliances, find their tribe. A mish mosh of: devote Christians, stoners, rockers, shut ins, those who are sick, some with terminal illness', bikers, fairies, queers, quite a few Trumpsters, lonely folks seeking 'the one', loners, guys who flash their thingy, women who flash their whatever's. Vanity on full display.

And compliments to whomever is making the bucks playing on the weaknesses and vanity of its members for profit. After certain (top) members spend thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, they have far too much invested to leave. Yes, I'm still a member, though I once had an issue with some jealous woman who made up all sorts of drama complained to the 'bouncers', and tried to have me booted. I was friends with the man she was rather infatuated with and was getting weirdly possessive of. It all felt very juvenile. And goodness, people can get mean and catty, fake friends, but yes you can find some true gems too.

The padding. No, there aren't millions of users, thousands yes. A core group, and about 30k at the most users, not all active. In fact, many trolls, scammers, men pretending to women, w/ fake profiles, that aren't removed, so that just pads the numbers. I would wager to guess, based on looking through my own account, that 60% are deactivated accounts, and another 25% are inactive. Though I suspect the number is higher.

The positive: It's a game, it's fun, a distraction, there are still nice people, and the possibility of making friends, and I assume based on what I heard, RL relationships (probably more than hookups). So why is it advertised to be a hookup site?
1 review
2 helpful votes
February 27th, 2020
I like this site because you know the people are real. Salutes required should you want to take part in anything. As with any site, what you post and how much you spend is entirely up to you. I've been a site member for ten years. I may not log on as often as I used to, but I like the fact that I can stroll in whenever I want and know that I'm gonna have a good time.
0 reviews
0 helpful votes
August 10th, 2020
Been off and on for 20+ years. I've made real life friends and the chat/gaming is fun. Sometimes it is confused for a dating site and it becomes awkward, but that is rare.
1 review
2 helpful votes
January 22nd, 2020
This site is ok if you want to spend a $#*!load of cash buying jpg/gif's/crap that gets taken away from you the second the owners toons get beat the crap out of by you in fumafia.
1 review
11 helpful votes
February 11th, 2020
First of all, I will share something I have only shared with a few people. Years ago I had NSFW photos on there, and around 1am his time I get a shout box link (those prn. Site links you know of) from Scrapper. He had taken my photo of my vagina & he literally cropped the rest out & put "so lick-able". So yes, admin obviously look at NSFW material. Secondly, I'd like to mention how silly all of you are for praising Baby J & Scrapper constantly. I did too when I was given a free lifetime VIP! You will notice members like Alison, W Caroline, VviXxen just to name a few all have a consistent VIP. That is because it is a free comp from admin to generate more action to your page. Many times I was given free Happy Hours because slots weren't full, bling to run regularly (given privately), free coins, and much more. They are trying to make other members think that someone on there has paid for these things, and therefor they are hoping it will make another person try to "buy" that person's attention. They give so that in return people think they have someone they need to outdo. I'm glad I'm no longer on that site. They absolutely take advantage of people who are lonely & willing to spend money because they're bored. They turn a blind eye to people who login to other accts to do people's achievements so long as they are spending money (Hey Bronze!). Also, unless you're a "spender" or one of the "hot" people. Good luck getting help when you are harassed etc. They cater first and really only to the people generating money for them. I forgot to mention one big thing. If you spend enough money on there they will literally help you fake your death on the site so that you may move on with your life & leave real people heartbroken over a lie. We all know Monalisa is alive.

Tip for consumers: Spend your money on yourself.

1 review
4 helpful votes
January 6th, 2019
I met my future husband in FUBAR so it was good for me... Been on the site off and on for years i just hate the leveling requirements. It should be easier to level!
1 review
1 helpful vote
November 10th, 2018
People like this exist and speak like this. By all means, JOIN!

Pierced Poppet EvIcToR
Is it ok if I wake up with your $#*! in my mouth for the rest of my life? I mean wake up in your arms...
1 review
12 helpful votes
December 20th, 2019
• Updated review
The site can be very fun and time-consuming but for the admins and "bouncers" of the site. First off they keep changing the name of it: It started as Lost Cherry, then became Cherry Tap and apparently have settled on Fubar, an ironically apt name for this cliquey, poorly-run popularity contest. It's set up as a virtual bar for adults only. (Not meaning "Porn" as much as for people over the age of 18). But being the "free to become a member" site that it is, it also invites the dregs of Internet humanity to stalk its unhallowed halls - including the people running the whole shooting match. Baby Jesus is the ringleader and head megalomaniac with his sidekick, Scrapper, logging in as the biggest reason to avoid this site/app altogether. It all starts with the TOS (terms of service) for this failed experiment in social networking/"virtual bar." The TOS change more often than the name does without prior notification about any changes. I guess it's expected that members need to check them hourly, if not daily, to make sure they're goosestepping with the latest "if you don't strictly conform to these rules, you'll be banned - even for the slightest infraction or sometimes no infraction" commandments. Too bad the admins and "bouncers" do as they please and don't view the rules they set up for "peon" members of the site as valid for themselves. They change the "rules" to suit the situation to which they're addressing - which is usually why they're harassing or have banned you. I could cite many, many examples of this but my review would probably take an hour to read. The only people on the site who even have minimal protection from admin/"bouncer" harassment are those who have by some means (legal on the site or not) risen to the highest levels allowed in this "game." Which generally means spending exorbitant amounts of money for virtual "stuff" of which to post on one's wall or the walls of others as "proof" of your willingness to "play by the rules." Which seem to change depending upon the amount of money one spends on the site and/or who on the site either likes you or doesn't. But even some of the highest-level members aren't immune to stalking/harassment/banning. If you somehow (even through no fault on your own part) manage to make it onto the black list of a "bouncer" or admin, your happy days on the site have already been numbered. I'll admit that quite a few members seem to think the rules don't apply to them, no matter what their level. But so many people who somehow attract the negative attention of a "bouncer" or admin are absolutely mystified when they find themselves being banned or harassed by the upper echelons of the site and honestly haven't broken any of the sketchy TOS which are always used as the crutch rationale of the putzes who run the site and pretty much do as they please, regardless of the stated TOS at the moment. As originally stated, the site CAN be fun and is very addictive as there are lots of things to do to either interact with others or just concentrate on rising to the next level, if that's all that interests you, but many people spend an inordinate amount of time trying to walk on eggshells to either not piss off the higher-level members who seem to wield power beyond their capacity as mere members or the "bouncers" and admins who seem to think the site is their own private domain on which they can do as they please to anyone for any, or no, reason. So if you choose to join the site you're basically at the mercy of those in "power" on the site whether they actually have any or not. To a certain extent it is what you make of it but too many times your fate is determined by little more than keyboard "tough guys" and trolls with nothing better to do than ruin the site for their own amusement while preaching to you to "just have fun!" - as long as it doesn't upset the lunatic fringe in power. And many times you'll be unaware of your doing that until it's too late
Holier-than-thou Fubar bouncers should read and follow the Sitejabber TOS.
July 7th, 2019
• Previous review
It's time to point out to the self-righteous bouncers of Fubar who love to accuse others of not following their TOS that they are violating the Sitejabber TOS by writing their reviews here. Plain and simply (as they like to point out to obviously feel superior in their reviews) it is stated within the Rules of Review for Sitejabber: "Sitejabber does not allow members to review businesses that they own or with which they are otherwise affiliated." And yet their reviews are here nonetheless. And while I have no problem with Fubar bouncers trying to offer their opinions they go out of their way so often to point out how stupid or guilty everyone who gets booted from Fubar is for simply not following the "TOS" on their site. So how about practicing what you preach on this site? It just goes to show the obvious "do as I say not as I do!" mentality that is so prevalent on the Fubar site - thank-you for unwittingly proving that fact here on Sitejabber! But thank goodness for them that Sitejabber admins don't ruthlessly enforce their TOS as those on Fubar and ban them from the site for such violations or for no violation at all. I know the Sitejabber admins enforce their review comments and delete those that violate the stated TOS, so why not be consistent and remove reviews from these bouncers who are affiliated with the company being reviewed? After all, as the bouncers continue to point out: Rules ARE Rules... and I've included pictures of two "reviews" by Fubar bouncers, as pathetic as they are. And there it is again: the agreement that one is not associated with the business being reviewed right where the review posting option is! Come on, Sitejabber admins; do your job consistently! And yes, I understand that this review is petty and vindictive; but no more so than the admins and bouncers on Fubar.
1 review
2 helpful votes
September 5th, 2018
I have been a member on Fubar for a few years. It was once my happy place. The levels you had to master, the good friends I made. The past few years it has become about the money. It's billed as a social game site, but it's really for the income, and that's ok just call it what it is. Unlike a lot of these reviews I won't slam Scrapper, he has always been more than fair with me. The only part of the actual game I can play anymore are the holiday bling hunt games. This last game I tracked down just over 300 bling. To do this I was searching for up to 12 hours a day for over a week. Apparently they thought that nobody could actually spend that much time there without spending money, so they banned me from the current game and called me a cheater. I'm not sure if I will return to fu, my feelings are hurt right now. This I will tell you, don't believe all of the bad things being said here, but be leery of all of the gushing things too. No site or admins are that perfect. Try the site out yourself and make your own decision like a grown up.
1 review
16 helpful votes
June 8th, 2017
Sure, it's relatively inexpensive, but beyond their horrible interface, and purposeless platform, I couldn't find how to stop their billing. Even called their 877 number from my bank statement over 5 days (all times of the day), and all three options (1, customer service, 2, credit card billing, and 3, development services) gave the robotic response, "Voice mail unavailable at this time." Total scam company! Stay away!
1 review
9 helpful votes
March 17th, 2017
I had been with this site and app sense it's early stages. I intermittently was active over 9 years. I have followed rules and guidelines over the years, helped out new people, brought friends to join the site, and for the most part had fun leveling up although it's designed that you will have to spend money if you want to continue leveling up. After all these years I was kicked off the site for making a questionable couple posts in a 10minute time span. I was given no warning, no chance to fix anything and when I tried to explain and point out that I really wasn't breaking the "rules" but would be happy to fix my alleged/accused mistake, was met with a horrible attitude, derogatory assumptions and negativity with no opportunity to even get into my account to retrieve YEARS worth of pictures. They didn't even actually look at the content, only a reply to it that was taken out of context. I understand that everyone has bad days, but whomever was working service support was a tool, and they may want to think about having some kind of second opinion option. This site thinks a bit too much of itself and has started getting greedy with its recent addition of a LOT of advertising. I truly don't mind being kicked off the site due to recent site changes, but I really would have liked having the opportunity to retrieve my history. Use site with care. They're in it for the money and don't really care about the people who are paying their bills. POOR BUSINESS MODEL -ADVERTISERS BEWARE
1 review
10 helpful votes
February 7th, 2019
This is a scam thay preys on old people and addicts. Stop giving these fools your money, you will be much better off for it.
2 reviews
14 helpful votes
March 16th, 2017
I went back to Fubar hearing the promise of changes that were for the better when I was a member during its infancy under another name. A social media site & a game, now more a slaughter house for sexual depraved, and protected by its governing staff.

I enjoyed my time when it was something else, people seemed to be comrades if you will and a sense of fun. Changes occurred as everything evolves, and it became about the dollar not the guest experience. If you had trouble, they'd question you until you gave up, ultimately what I think is their mantra. Why give back to the people who pay your salary when it would be easier to annoy them until they leave. I came back hoping for a better experience. I was dead wrong.

I will leave my account dormant and hope for change to come about again. Being a social media site, there should be some sense of protection from others. Some sense of fair play between the others. Not the case at all. Within minutes of signing up, my message box was flooded with sexual harassment and badgering, to which I spoke to a group of support: their reply was to block. Not to seek the perpetrators, and get the information that would be readily available it had happened, but for ME to block. Thus telling me they can care less because I don't spend the money some do. It truly has become about the almighty dollar. I read blogs about help, and there were some nice people who tried to keep me grounded, help out and what not. But if you aren't spending, it seems to be a site not for you, even from it's owners or management if you call them that. I read many comments and statuses on how they truly can care less about people, even some going to management about things, and being argued to death over pixels and points that don't cost the site a dime.

If I have an issue with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, hell, even a restaurant site, they don't argue, they listen, they apologize, they investigate and they make it right. It seems that they run it like a frat party instead of a customer oriented business and alienate even their best customers arguing over things called achievements & points.

It's a shame. I so loved my time long ago. Met some lifelong friends. But for now, I'll hope that someone will guide them into the age of they should be good to the people who are good to them. Their service is the worst i've seen. They have a support group, but even they seem to have hands tied because the ones who seem to be the issue are directly responsible for them. To make it better, the people in charge should hire people who know how to run a service company. People who care many clients spend good sizable amounts of money, and not just cater to the upper echelon of those, even those who only spend a couple of bucks once in awhile. Too much control for those to handle and too full of themselves. I actually saw one complaint from said person that this very site took down some review that seemed favorable. It seemed so paranoia filled, I almost laughed at the screen. In essence it told me my time is done once again, and I will hope for better future or else it'll be run into the ground. A company cannot survive alienating those who use its service as this place does.

Again, a humble opinion from someone who ran a multi-million dollar restaurant for close to a decade. Giving a free meal didn't cost me if a guest had some trouble or problem, it made sure I stayed open with word of mouth I cared about conflict resolution. It also made sure the person got what they paid for. Upper management and even it's upper crust of clients: are the conflict. They completely 'never make mistakes' I saw a few say. Even when they've had technical glitches, they don't reward or fix the wrongs given, they tell people on the site, oh well. Their formulas don't add up one of their very top people said complaining about bonuses repeatedly. He seemed to question them alot, even has what is called a crown, 'top level' yellow name and spends a whole bunch always running those pixels they call bling. I wish them well, and just a review, take it or leave it. I think if people want to socialize I'd recommend observing before diving in. It has too many cliques and can be very unforgiving to people that aren't professional at it, meaning spending hours upon hours on this game. I wish them well and hope changes will bring another revolution of their circle. If not, I fear they won't last many years ahead. Service should become their priority and all the rest would fall into place.
1 review
9 helpful votes
August 13th, 2018
Scrapper is a $#*!ing $#*!, all the big spenders of fubar, that $#*! with people don't get in trouble because of the fact they spend money, that's $#*!ing bull$#*! if you want people to stay on your site then you will $#*!ing delete the $#*!ing $#*! profiles, all the $#*!s are as followed, DJ joker, scrapper, SK aka Justin, and baby Jesus
1 review
5 helpful votes
March 21st, 2019
This site has been an awesome experience so far. The game is intriguing and I've formed some lifelong friendships that I will cherish forever. Fubar rawks for the smart people that don't lie, cheat, steal or violate posted rules. :)
2 reviews
24 helpful votes
May 23rd, 2017
It's very shallow for a start. Everyone is asking for "bling" which costs money which is fair enough as the site has to make money and if that is your thing, however... you can send likes, give people "11's" but that is all it's about. You can add friends but it's just for achievements which serve 0 purpose. They have games on there which are to kill time but they are broken and buggy and a bit boring, If you are looking for hook ups or meeting people or networking or expanding your friends... forget it!

Tip for consumers: Please don't spend money on superficial pap unless you've got more cash than brains

1 review
3 helpful votes
November 18th, 2015
In 3 years I've NEVER was pressured by Admin. Or anyone else to spend money. The site is free. If you choose to by credits then that was your choice. I think some people are not being honest in these reviews.
1 review
4 helpful votes
September 8th, 2019
Best social networking site for game and meeting people. Its the only bar you can buy drinks all day and not get drunk.
6 reviews
12 helpful votes
August 10th, 2019
• Updated review
Been a short time since i posted last on Fubar.com, so here i go. First of all,... if anyone who deems posting such ill will towards a site they supposedly loved so much, but then they just had to expose the clear violations of a simple formatted 'TERMS OF SERVICE', forgetting they have to love the rules to make that 'i love fubar' wholesome is insane. As for posting such garbage while still trying to maintain a presence on the very same location kinda makes it moot point. FACT> If you were banned from anywhere, it was by site Admins, not bouncers, with all websites and controllers of such, there is no severe tos allowances. It's never personal, it is a business that millions & millions of other are enjoying daily, (they don't break the rules). If you post in a negative... Negative you are, Fubar and it's members follow those rules and all the work involved maintaining it is beyond the rule breakers & removed problematic's. Read this reviews option > 'I certify that this review is based on my own experience and that I am in no way affiliated with this business, and have not been offered any incentive or payment from the business to write this review. I agree to Sitejabber's Terms & Conditions, including to not write false reviews, which is in many cases against the law.' Humorously, those whom post the ill minded garbage about something, place or thing, might need reading instructions of such postings... oh did i mention; Terms Of Service'? Gawd i love those words. :)


'Virtual Social Networking & Fun Interactions Worldwide'
December 31st, 2014
• Previous review
Fubar has been around a very, very long time,, previously known by another name (those who havent had issues with following the Terms Of Service, likely know that name. After a complete overhaul and modification at the expense of it's owners & administration personnel, FUBAR was born to the gleefully excited masses whom enjoy it to it's full extent. Any & all interactions that occur are entirely in the control of the members with settings & restrictions (they)(members) are in control of. When someone violates the websites Terms If Service, these members then meet the LEGEND OF SCRAPPER, whom is a no non sense administrator. I have been a member here (Fubar), for over 9 years with ZERO complaints, and anything i spend is my decision & choice, sooner or later the ones who badmouth Fubar just couldnt stand the clearly printed rules they can read at the bottom of all fubar pages. :)

Tip for consumers: Follow the terms of service, be polite to others as you would want them tyo be towards you.

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Butt hurt photoshop salutes you mean?... I have never seen or heard of someone getting deleted from having a " approved " and " legit" salute... You probably got deleted because you have many account, Scam people, or just cause a lot of issues on fubar. Take the diaper off and grow up.

By Dingaling D.
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You have to enter a valid e mail. If you don't have an e mail account you should start one.

By jeffery D.
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Is it really free?


It's not really free as a dating site. You have to pay to be able to meet women and talk to them, and there's really not much choice. There is a better choice of stunning women on https://j4l.com/402007 I don't recommend spending money with Fubar, as I had absolutely no results there, but I'm glad that it made me search further.

By Marcus T.
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How many people on Fubar has let Scrapper take them in the ass? All those that favor Crapper and Baby Douche Baby, raise your hands and write a post a review on how you enjoyed it.

By Matthew M.
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Ryan riccitelli and Mike Hedlund. The 2 hackers that were probably outcasted by Facebook. Laughs

By Clif j.

It's their robo-response because of the buggy nature of the site itself. It's like when a video has to buffer too long. Their code is so piss-poor that the site hangs itself and you get that annoying message over and over and over. They inserted that, apparently, so they won't have to manually answer you themselves because member inquiries are apparently a waste of the admins' time in regard to anything involving the site.

By Scrap H.

The purpose of fibercon is to keep your bowel movements somewhat regular. No $h! T!

By Scrap H.

Since Easter is around the corner, Peter is referring to " Peter Rabbit" also known as the "Easter Bunny". Pelletts are another name for rabbit droppings. And I am assuming that the game is giving you the option to send someone "rabbit pellets"? You would seen that (as a joke) to your friends. Or to someone you really didnt like.

By Ali K.

Contact email is fake like the site

By tracy h.

Could be another member with the same name maybe tell him to change his pw's

By Sabia T.

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