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25 reviews
1840 Enterprise Drive
Rochester, MI 48309, US
Tel: +1 855-363-4980

25 Reviews From Our Community


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1 review
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WORST customer service I've ever experienced.
My order was processed and my credit card was charged the $307.00 immediately.
Then, almost a week later they claimed the products I ordered were not in stock.
A few days later a Susan K. from customer service claimed that they had to verify' my order, because I wanted the stuff shipped to my office, not my home.
I emailed back; and I kept getting the same email, apologizing, but with no response to the questions I had.
I cancelled the order, and people, it is HELL getting your money back from them
DO NOT ORDER FROM ForYouLegs, I beg you, folks.
It's been more than a month, and I've filed a complaint with my bank.
And still no response from ForYourLegs.
I'm sending a letter to the Better Business Bureau next; nobody who treats customers like this ought to be in business.

1 review
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Returned shoddy merchandise and received an email saying the credit card they had ALREADY charged for the the stockings was "invalid" and couldn't be credited back.

I was kept on hold most of the many times I called. They said they would call back - never did. Finally called and was told they "refunded the charges yesterday".

Terrible experience! (Read the mostly negative reviews on-line.)

1 review
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Aleva wasted no time charging my credit card for the full amount of my order. At the time the order was placed, there was NO advisory that EVERYTHING would be back-ordered. I only was notified of that in an email that arrived AFTER I was charged, no surprise.
I placed my order on July 4th, 2017, got an email a few days later stating that items would be available in 4-7 business days, but that was an obvious lie.
I finally called them on 8/1/17, and was told that "they just came in and would ship today." sounds like a strange coincidence. Anyway, I still have not received any kind of shipment notification a day later, and I don't have high hopes about ever receiving anything from them. I will have to go to my bank and plead my case to have the CC charge removed.
I have been buying things online for years, and have NEVER had an experience like this. This company flat-out sucks and does NOT deserve your business. There is nothing that they sell that you can't buy elsewhere.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Developed a tear right after I got the $50 support stockings. The return information they sent me was wrong. When I found the right info and sent them back they returned my return because I didn't give them a PO Receipt #. I wish I had read these other reviews before using them.

Mary T.
1 review
3 helpful votes

Paid fo two to three day shipping, I called on the third day and they hadn't shipped order yet because paypal had not sent them the money yet! Yet paypal cleared the payment 4 days ago! No email to explain or answer my inquiry by email yesterday. But as soon as I canceled the order I received an email immediately! I wish I would have looked at these reviews first! Live and learn!

1 review
6 helpful votes

I ordered 2 pairs of Jobst compression socks (30-40mm Hg). The price at this site was on the high end, but I hoped I would in return receive good quality socks (Jobst like all companies has been outsourcing their manufacturing and decreasing quality while keeping prices the same, to increase returns). The socks took 10 days from order to receipt (order was acknowledged 2 days after purchase).

The socks I received were manufactured in Mexico instead of USA (sticker over the made in USA printed on the box), and are thinner and missing the compression color code sewn into the stocking. Also the dri-release treatment seems to have been dropped. For this I paid top dollar? I was disappointed.

1 review
2 helpful votes

It took a while to deliver my order. I was about to call when it finally arrived. When it did come, it looked like they had been banged around, All the boxed were crushed. I don't remember if Jobst socks come in plastic sleeves, but the socks were just folded and stucl in the box. Even the enclosed invoice was crinkled.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I am so disappointed with your customer service.
Well actually there is not any customer service.
I recently brought my wife it stays on roll glue. 2 bottles and it does not stick at all completely useless.Sent 2 emails without a reply.
This product should not be sold to the Public.

1 review
5 helpful votes

The product was sold at a great price, BUT it takes three weeks to get it. They ship DHL Commerce and it sits and sits and then they turn it over to USPS and that takes a while. Again great price, just order 3 weeks before you need it. I order online all the time and by far this company has the worst shipping policy ever. You can get packages by snail mail from China quicker.

1 review
5 helpful votes

This company need to get rid of "bipolar Beth". All these reviews are right on, I had a similar experience dealing with her. She clearly has no business working with people. Zero people skills. Wow.

1 review
7 helpful votes

The socks are to be shipped FAST AND FREE. I live 20 miles from the company. They ship by DHL to Kentucky, then DHL takes to USPS for delivery back to Michigan. It took 10 days and they arrived crushed like they had been run over by a truck. They put the boxes in a plastic envelope and day "sometimes they get crushed" . The company has been good for the last 15 years, fast and efficient with great customer service. They partnered with Aleva and suddenly changed for the worse. I sent the socks back 10 days ago, reordered from a differs company. Received the new socks three days ago in perfect condition as they were packed in a box - and oh, I'm still waiting for a refund from For Your Legs.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I had the worst experience dealing with this company. They made an error and would not go above and beyond to fix it. I spoke with Beth the director of customer service, and she was very rude and not helpful at all. I would not recommend using this company at all!

1 review
3 helpful votes

For your legs has a great selection of supportive hoisery and stockings. I am on my feet all day at work and need extra support for my legs and always frind exactly what I need at this site! Shipping is fast and free too!

1 review
9 helpful votes

I too had an awful experience with customer service. The customer reps, particularly a Rachael were incredibly rude and incompetent and slow. All I wanted was to make a return and they argued over every little thing even though the product had not even been out of the box. In the end they said that I could never buy from their site again!! I am not sure who made that decision, the snippy customer service rep, the manager or someone higher up but it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of for a retail company, bricks and mortor or dot com. A sale is a sale. Additionally I found their products to be substandard. The support hose I bought were so incredibly tight around my ankles and feet that they caused great pain and were unwearable. They were thigh highs and the top band was huge and didn't come close to my legs, much less gripping them. I thought that Ihad found a good company. Guess I will just buy from the pharmacy or my doctor from now on.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I purchased compression stockings for $33. After one use on my airline flight (one way), the stockings kept slipping so I had to remove. The stockings are defective but the company has a 15 day return policy.

1 review
10 helpful votes

The reviewers are correct. They don't send out the stockings timely, and their return policy is terrible. The staff are very rude, right down to the manager. I wanted to place an order for a stocking which I assumed I had a credit coming to me on a return item of $95. When the lady on the phone said that the credit wasn't processed yet, I asked to speak with a manager figuring this person would be more helpful, but she was worse than the staff. I have a credit on a stocking which I sent back to them following appropriate procedures (RMA#, paid for UPS return shipping, etc.) and the manager proceeded to tell me that I don't have a credit coming to me. So I looked up the tracking on UPS and sure enough, have a signature confirmation. I am going to call them on Monday. If it was a few bucks, I probably would have let it go. But it was $95 and I wasn't about to donate it to them. But it was the whole attitude of the manager, she was very rude and treated me as if I was a liar and trying to cheat their company. What a horrible experience! I'd rather pay a few dollars more to another company than deal with this BS. If you order from this company, be sure you want the item, because returns are a nightmare.

2 reviews
9 helpful votes
9/16/13 and Aleva Stores are the worst companies I've encountered in 20 years. I've become accustomed to stores that pride themselves on good customer service. At and Aleva Stores, customer service is nowhere to be found.

The problem? / Aleva Stores will charge your credit card immediately--and TWICE--and then in a day or so will tell you that the item you ordered is out of stock. So you'll ask for a substitute. A week later, the items have still not shipped.

In my case, I noticed after a week that my card was charged twice. I informed Paypal of this. In another day I wrote to to ask about shipping information on my order. It was never shipped--after one week.

Further, the customer service rep--Liz LoPiccolo--is the WORST person possible for the job. Liz strikes me as a person who HAS to be right. The customer isn't. In my case, I asked why the order wasn't shipped. Despite all of the facts, Liz insisted (five times--in writing) that it was my fault the order didn't ship since "you filed a Paypal dispute, which halted the order." Um, Liz, the question (not dispute) I had of Paypal was whether they could fix the double-billing.

In essence, I would NEVER recommend do business with / Aleva Stores. No merchandise in stock. Horrible customer service. Terrible delays with shipping. There are SO many other places on the Internet for compression stockings--I found Discount Surgical Stockings, which has a house brand that kills the competition--get these!

And never--never--never use or Aleva Stores. Horrible.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I have purchased from numerous times, and have always been very pleased. Most recently, I found the product I was looking for on a different site at a lower price. When I contacted FYL with my request for Price Match, they responded promptly and provided the stockings, originally $29.95, at 10% lower than the competitor's $24.57, at a net price of $22.11 per pair. Their customer service has always been prompt and efficiant; I strong recommend this vendor for your compression stocking needs.

1 review
5 helpful votes

They accepted my order and charged my cc even though the items were on indefinite backorder. If I try to buy these same items today they show up as in stock. I don't think it's kosher to charge a customers credit card until items ship, and I think that the ordering process should clearly indicate when a product is out of stock.

1 review
6 helpful votes

Only order what you use, tried something new and had to return....lost $45 .Now trying to get something back. i had e mailed to have refund rolled into compression stocking I use and never heard back. Return policy is brutal...never again !

15 reviews
42 helpful votes

I've ordered from them a lot. .They have a good selection of compression hose at competitive prices and customer service is OK.

1 review
7 helpful votes

After being a loyal customer and a physician who has referred many patients to them I was mistakenly given incorrect shipping information by an operator that wound up in a delivery delay and an additional cost to me. But this wasnt the problem ,the problem was in the inconsiderate and rude way in which they treated me . They indicated that I was a liar and was trying to "put one over "on them ! The tone and the conversation has lead me to change my recommendations to my patients ,and I will never buy another product from them.
They are cordial until there is a problem .....then they treat you like a thief and a liar . BEWARE

5 reviews
17 helpful votes

They have very good pricing, however every time you select a Jobst product all this generic brand shows up first. If I select Jobst, I don't want to sift through aleva or some off brand hose. No big deal but they seam to push the lower product maybe they make more profit on it. Sorry it just bothers me and I end up going to another site.

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I'll tell you what, I've never had a better experience with customer service people than I had with the team. By the far the most helpful site when trying to order to compression stockings. My favorite part is the price matching they do. The only time I was rejected a price match was when I tried to match something from a shopping engine - and it was no sweat because it was pointed out that it was stipulated on their website!

Seriously, if you're in the market for some new compression stockings, is the way to go! They'll always have my business.

15 reviews
54 helpful votes

I was shopping for two complimentary items. The more expensive item was pretty much the same price at most websites. There was less than a $4 difference between websites on the cheaper item.

I narrowed my selection to two websites with free shipping. The cheapest and the next cheapest which states a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE with an additional 10% off price match.

I called's customer service and asked for the price match. She said they don't price match on anything other than stockings. I pointed out that their LOW PRICE GUARANTEE does not make that stipulation. She said they'll advise someone to make that change.

Bottom line. They will not follow through on their LOW PRICE GUARANTEE.
Here is how their LOW PRICE GUARANTEE still reads:

LOW PRICE GUARANTEE - We will not only match, but will beat any advertised price by 10% for up to 30 days following your purchase. Simply email or call us with the link to the lower price and we'll beat the price by 10% if you are ordering at that time or will refund the difference plus 10% to the credit card you used at the time of purchase. Promotion on new orders only. Effective February 10, 2010, not only do we provide outstanding customer service from a knowledgeable staff with certified fitters and prompt shipping, we also offer a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE!

How does it work??????

It's simple...

If you find a lower price today or within 30 days after placing your order, we will beat it by 10%. You can also use our "price match" tool found in each product listing. We are rarely beaten in price and never beaten in service. We challenge you to find a better price.


Please note: When determining price matches, the value of all promotions as well as any shipping charges will be taken into consideration when determining the eligibility of a price match. For example, if a competitor's product price is less than ours, but with shipping it ends up costing more, no price match will be granted. Additionally, prices found on comparison shopping engines like,, etc., will not be honored. These sites often use outdated information. Only prices on actual competitor's sites will be taken into consideration.

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You'll get your order, about when the cows come home. But God help you if there's any problem or you want to return the items or you must speak with a customer service rep. *shudder* I'm still scarred from my experiences with this company's reps.

By Sarah S.
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