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Accuracy and credibility are the most important ingredients for a successful news bearer. All this is at BBC. Welcome and enjoy your experience.

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( doesn't exist, it's

Once upon a time, there was the BBC. And it was the only thing available. And people looked upon it, and didn't know any different. It did TV, and radio.

Then the internet was invented, and the BBC had several long meetings. and decided it should have an internet presents.

Someone told them it was a 'presence' not presents, and they had several more long meetings, and decided that they should have an internet presence, not presents.

The BBC traditionally does other stuff apart from the internet, but this online thing is becoming quite popular. The beeb hasn't really figured out how to do audience participation, altho it's news site does look lovely and dull.


Parts of the BBC are loosing the plot as seemingly per the media industry (depending on how much attention you pay to 'the media industry'). but they *are* the mee dee arr, pinch of salt etc.

They are funded by the government. The money comes from you, but the penalty for not paying is prison, and the government ensures the prison. So the BBC is funded by the government. Paid for by you, but ensured by the government. That means the BBC won't say anything nasty about the government, because then, the government say "oh no, we're not guaranteeing your income".

(moderately) Left wing that looks like right wing. A supposedly 'free love' organisation, that has a pristine sensible image.The opposite of the Daily Mail. The Saville episode may be relevent for the fact that aunty is not as comfortable a relative as you might think. moderately left wing, but slightly less irritating than the left-wing Huffngton Post.

The BBC's news flavour is sanguine. That's what you get when you know your income is guaranteed, and not dependent on adverts, sales, or program quality. "It's ok. everything is ok. We've got our money, so it's ok".

On the majority of news sites, the only decent information comes from user comments.

There is a reason that on the BBC you are only able to comment on around 10% of the articles. that would mean....allowing, THE PUBLIC/the great unwashed to air their views. and that just gets messy, and is definitely not inline with the image the BBC wants to portray. YES, you pay for it, but god, no, don't 'Have Your Say'. On some of the HYS's (which are a nightmare to navigate around, being 'BBC standard', and not like...'normal message boards'. and apparently 'You' is You, which is tricky if someone else decides to have the username of 'You'.) half the comments have been 'removed due to breaking the house rules'. If you're quick enough to have read them before they are removed, you'll realise that most of them are normal conversation, which the beeb deems to"not up to standard" for their site. if you're quick enough to catch them before they are removed, they are basically the good parts of a conversation down the pub. the pub is 'terribly' low-brow, though, not inline with the BBC cultivated image at all. it does explain why the flavour of the comments on the site is annoyingly...."above board" -- all the interesting comments get removed. if you want a chance at an off-topic comment remaining, try putting something positive about the BBC within the comment.

The have your say section has it's fair share of middle-englanders, who words like 'excellent' a lot ("The BBC is an excellent source of news") and the bbc website is more than geared up for them. If you want lively, vigorous, varied debate, the BBC is not the place for you. As much as I hate to admit it, try the daily mails website. At the BBC, we will have considered, calm, hopefully sanguine discourse specifically of the matters at hand. We encourage discussion, but not "too passionate/enthusiastic" discussion. This is the BBC, of course. Your licence fee provides enough moderators, thank you.

HYS is only available on very select stories. Usually nothing as trivial as brexit or terrorism. It's quite telling that often many of the top-rated comments have been deleted by moderation. If you comment on a different story than the one the HYS is open on, expect a deletion. "You vill comment on ze story in hant". said in Her Majesties English,of course.

The lack of commenting could be quite concerning if you think about it. journalists have been known to get their 'facts' wrong, and if there is no immediate way of notifying the public about this, then I believe what you have, is #fakenews. from the BBC of all places. and it's worth noting that the BBC slant on stories does NOT reflect public opinion. income guaranteed by the government, it reflects the opinion that the government WANTS the public to have.

Left wing slant, whatever you do, don't OFFEND anyone. (someone can be stupid, just don't CALL them stupid. The beeb definitely doesn't call a spade a spade). The BBC is quite influential, you see. can't have it saying the 'wrong' thing. no no.

The BBC is probably known for 3 things. Eastenders, Top Gear and David Attenborough. Eastenders is just s##t, they've now lost Top Gear, and David Attenborough has just been poached by Netflix. Freeview now gives you 50+ reasonably decent channels. BBC3 has just been taken off the air, (The Beeb couldn't afford to keep BBC3 going. It's blatantly obvious that the corporation has run out of money) BBC4 is on air 7pm until 4am. So for £150/year, you get 2 1/2 TV channels. apparently they also do some radio.

Good going, beeb. While you're at it, don't commission The Simpsons. and censor any comments about Jimmy Savile on the 'have your say's'. but the band "faithless" once had a record out that mentioned BBC2, so mention that. to the users - be NICE. remember, it's ok. We've got our income guaranteed.

With regard to television, my opinion is that, certainly for films, broadcast TV is not the future for viewing. Channels paid for by advertising r4pe films with badly timed adverts. The BBC doesn't have adverts? WANT to pause a film, to get a cup of tea. for films, broadcast TV (advert channels mainly, the BBC can't afford any decent films) is important, but not the future. having an EPG (electronic program guide) is important. for general viewing, until they reduce the value of freeview to pursuade people to pay for subscription services (Sky, etc), channels like Dave are moderately entertaining. and don't forget the sentence that will make you change channel - "new drama from the BBC".

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Interesting topics and more international topics than in US media. That the site is British makes the peculiar point of view and biases easier to pick out than some US sites. Authors sometimes exhibit shockingly lazy journalism as they substitute their prejudices for easy fact checking. A real wealth if material, Just always remember that the British authors' perspective of US events sometimes is a cross between inferiority complex and penis envy. Site would benefit from opportunity to provide feedback to and authors to close the loop.

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Its terrorists and fake losers with no life other than to terrorize innocent people while they live in a fake make believe world. People like that do not deserve to live by invading and manipulating life. Pig, I hope you get shutdown.

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The BBC always follow the leftist path when it comes to reporting on poltical and major world events.

They may throw in a lot of meaningless junk as filler inbetween which would be considered unbiased and factual, while also useless.

Unfortunately the British people are still forced into paying for the garbage produced by the BBC, when it fails to represent the views of the majority of the public at large, Hense why they disable and block comments when it comes to their content.

Hopefully as their viewership continues to decline, they will realise the error of their ways and make a change for better, I won't hold my breath tho.

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I like the way they are broadcasting news. It is clear to me and that's important. Also, BBC is trustable company for me. wish you all the best luck, because you definitely deserve it.

15 reviews
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Yes, BBC still produces actual news and content. This is rare in this day and age :) the website is also an excellent resource for news and education: do check out their English teaching content online:

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One of the best info agencies I have heard about! Relevant news, exceptional analitycs and, for me, it`s more than enough

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I don't know what have done recently but their download speeds are now appalling. All other news media are fine - CNN for example loads in a Jiffy but I now select other web sites while I wait for the BBC web site to load. Even selecting different articles is a chore!
Julian Sambrook.

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I used to be a big fan of BBC coverage but find over recent years it has deteriorated. It has very little analysis but rather concentrates on political tittle tattle without any significant insight into issues. I don't like reporters talking to each other without any real input from external experts.

Lightweight overall

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At this site, we can watch, listen, and read live and recorded content from the BBC.But don't stop with the news! Be sure to browse the History, Science, Society, and other categories to find rich content of unusually high quality.

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Great site which is professional and very independent. After living in the states for some years its very refreshing to have this.
Top marks to the designers and those who work on the BBC online

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No comment

27 reviews
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Great international news. It is the best place to find information about important events occurring in the rest of the world. The US news only cares about things that affect the US directly, and nothing else.

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The BBC has long been the standard for international journalism. At this site, we can watch, listen, and read live and recorded content from the BBC. (Be sure to catch the hourly World News Update!) But don't stop with the news! Be sure to browse the History, Science, Society, and other categories to find rich content of unusually high quality. You could browse this site for many weeks without exhausting its abundant resources!

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I can't think of a more comprehensive, cosmopolitan news website than the British Broadcasting Corporation. Without this phenomenal website, it would be fervently impossible for me to keep abreast of international news on a daily basis.

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Welcome to my latest review i felt like talking about BBC, because it's well highly regarded isn't it. It really is the bench mark, I've never really paid much attention to them online but in saying that it's the one news channel that i will watch on tv i don't watch tv much but if i do I like a bit of BBC and the likes of Nat Geo, Green peace campaigns, I'm an avid fan and supporter, polluting the sea and over fishing gets on my nerves seriously, I eat a lot of fish and it's crucial that the quality of fish stays high which is not the case but anyway back to BBC why is it worth a bookmark? well i hate to swing one way on this one but it just has that quality about it they have a standard and like most things english they do it better than anyone else. Some 3 years ago they switched all their hardware and software over to apple now if thats not a statement i don't know what is, a progressive news channel that address's relevant issues, there organic in the way that they choose to evolve and it speaks to an evolving society, Now the site has all that you'd expect from a modern day news site thats not why i'm reviewing them a site design and UI these days is hardly a reason to rate something so high anymore as there everywhere a jacket so to speak. I know i sound bias but understand a news report and all news stations still need to be looked at with an open eye theres a certain sense of propaganda in all news formats syntax comes into play so be weary of the superficial. Thanks for reading.


4 reviews
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real deal news. no bs news stories about nonsensical violence like cnn, but relevant, world knowledge to get you up on the morning learning something new ather than the fools in our country killing!

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