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Badoo UK has a consumer rating of 2 stars from 4 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Badoo UK ranks 80th among Chat sites.

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“Great Customer Service”

Naj B.

Earlier I wrote that Badoo made an unauthorized charge my account. I wrote to their Support team and explained my mistake. They immediately refunded the charges.

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David W.

Blocked my profis time and time again. When asked why. They have no answer. Then they say case closed!

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2 reviews
8 helpful votes
January 7th, 2020

Earlier I wrote that Badoo made an unauthorized charge my account.
I wrote to their Support team and explained my mistake.
They immediately refunded the charges.

1 review
0 helpful votes
September 14th, 2020

Blocked my profis time and time again. When asked why. They have no answer. Then they say case closed!

1 review
0 helpful votes
December 10th, 2019

Badoo have taken 60 pounds out of my account far a lifetime subscription that I never agreed too, anyone else had the same experience, if so how did you receive your money back?

7 reviews
7 helpful votes
April 23rd, 2021

Badoo is the absolute worst dating site there is. Half the profiles are fake, or if real, the women will hit you up for "help" you can waste the entire day reporting away on:
Transsexuals posing as women
Nigerians running scams posing as women
Escorts trying to use the site to sell their services
Women that say they're 38 but look 80.
I can go on and on.

When you report someone, Badoo will warn the person who was rude, or solicited you for money, or for any numerous amounts of rude behavior. When they warn you, Badoo changes your name from what ever you entered "Ricky" to "Moderated" which simply means you've been warned.

Badoo terminated my account without 1 single warning of any kind. The excuse? We've been getting several complaints about your behavior. You're now blocked and our decision is irreversible. How convenient! They had just charged my account for credits and that same day decide to block my account.

Badoo is guilty of overcharging some countries based on the exchange rate.

I found out that you can create a profile and use a country like Brazil (Using U.S. Vs. Brazil Comparison) which has a 5.2 Brazilian Reais to 1 U.S. Dollar.

Badoo Charges Brazilian users $59.99 for 2500 Credits
Badoo Charges U.S. users $39.99 for 2500 Credits

Exchange rate is (5.4) Reais to (1) U.S. Dollar

If you create an account and use Brazil as the Country where you presently live, you won't be paying in dollars you'll be paying in Reais. So the $59.99 badoo charges Brazilians will cost you only $10.96.

So now the $39.99 for 2500 credits is no longer $39.99. It's like $10.96 so now you can really have fun because for the $39.99 that Badoo wanted to charge you, you can damn near buy 10,000 credits.

On the flip side. 39.99 USD would be 218.99 Brazilian Reais (because of the exchange rate.)

Can you see how Americans are getting screwed?

What Badoo charges us, they would have to charge Brazilains 218.99 Reais in order for Badoo to make things equal but they are far from equal because they are screwing U.S. Users because the only one that can take advantage of the exchange rate is Badoo.

They charged my account $11.40 for credits and $3.04 for Premium account weekly package.
They should have charged me $39.99 for credits and $12.99 for Premium account weekly package.

Badoo charges me: $11.40 and $3.04 on 3/8,3/15,3/22,3/29
THEN SUDDENLY they charge me $39.99 but keep the Premium at only $3.04 on 4/2,4/5.

I call them on it and they refund only $39.99 but kept $39.99 and then I refilled credits using a 2 for 1 special offer they sometimes give you if they notice that you aren't buying credits any longer. I invested an additional $9.99 for 1100 credits and used 50 credits the night I purchased them and the next day I was blocked.

The excuse given was that I had several complaints about my abusive behavior but I behaved myself and showed good form. I will admit 1 incident that caused me to remove the thoughtful filter men use and I gave a user a taste of how it feels to be told off. She told me to go take it up my ass and basically $#*! off.

Normally I laugh at that sort of thing because it's a numbers game and I was doing well numbers wise. But what really upset me was that my intro was a chuckle worthy joke and her reply was vulgar and it truly didn't need to be. So. I tore into her. My word of honor. That was the only incident. Yet, if Badoo would have used that as the excuse to restrict my account, then they would have seen that I was just giving her back some of what she gave me. Worst case, I would have a warning or perhaps had my name changed to "moderated" but Badoo terminated my account and gave no explanation other than the generic one I advised on earlier.

They get another $9.99 from me. And terminate my account.

Why did the credits go up to $39.99 but premium service stayed at $3.04 instead of what it should have been which is $12.99?

Why refund only one of the 2 charges of $39.99. ($11.40 x's 2=$22.80 - $79.98 = $57.18 + $9.99 =$67.17

They kept $67.19 and used a generic excuse along with an unwillingness to explain what happened other than they "received a lot of complaints"

Do not do business with Badoo. They have piss poor business ethics, they treat their users with complete disrespect and refuse to follow their own guidelines which shows that a warning is given and then termination their after if the incident you were reprimanded for continues to happen. I never got so much as one warning ever.

My view is that they were upset that I used a glitch in their system in order to make things fair for myself and that didn't sit well with them and they felt the need to boot me from that sorry ass, scam filled, fake profile having, shemale escorts posing as women, 80 year olds talkin bout they're 42, Nigerian scam artist posing as women trying to scam you for money sending you messages starting with "Dear" who in the hell does that in the U.S., and women that want a hand out because they got stuck with 3 to 5 kids and are in a "desperate situation" is all Badoo is about. What I just described comprises of about 80% of their user profiles.

Badoo has abusive business practices.

When I replied to the last message they sent me which was that my profile was terminated permanently and that their decision was irreversible. I told them the following:

When you treat a person fair and with respect during a business transaction, that person is bound to tell at least 2 or 3 people about your company.

But when you treat your clients the way you treated me, that person will go out of his way to tell as many people not to do business with you ever! This review is simply me. Keeping my word to Badoo!

I have emails that prove absolutely everything written here to be absolutely honestly TRUE!

Tip for consumers:
When creating a profile, when filling out what country you're from, use one with a high exchange rate with the dollar being favored.. Ex.. Brazil is your home (it's not.. but our U.S. Dollar is worth 5.4 of theirs)

When you do that, you will be able to to actually have fun instead of being screwed out of your money

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