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eBay stood back and ripped me off

So annoyed thet I could explode. I was sold a fake item. I don't have a computer or printer or library. They told me to ask post office to print they looked at me like I was nuts and said no. I wasn't paying another postage charge on top of what I paid I wasn't in the wrong. The seller wasn't a good English speaker and didn't understanding how to do the return, couldn't understand both me or eBay to the point I left it. They both ripped me off

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  • 4/18/19
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Laura, I don't know if this will be helpful to you, but it's meant to explain how eBay returns work, at least when I've purchased from them. Each seller determines how they want to handle returns. They do not have to offer them. If they do, they may make conditions for what they'll accept back, and they may also determine who pays return shipping, etc. You didn't indicate your evidence for the item being a fake, but that's something that's mediated by eBay, if things still work as they did when I was more active there. You make a choice when you make a purchase as to whether you accept the seller's conditions, and if 'buyer to pay return shipping' is one, you're stuck, except that eBay may intervene in issues like a fake. eBay may require the seller to pay the return shipping, printing the label is a way to make sure the item is returned correctly, and, when I was there, eBay could get better postage rates. A person could normally get the label printed at a library, which I did see you said you don't have (?) or at a computer/office supplies type store like Office Max or Office Depot. Realistically, if you're using the internet to make purchases, it's reasonable for the eBay staff to be at a loss for your computerless/printerless/libraryless situation, so I don't think they're trying to rip you off, they just don't know how to move this along. 

Unless the item is really cheap, it's likely to be better to foot the postage than take a complete loss, or to at least find out if eBay is considering reimbursing you for the postage. There are time frames for your own response, but I'm assuming you're using a smartphone to post here? You can use that to print your postage in one of those stores. 

I've taken a few hits from items on eBay that were nothing like the photographs and was really ticked off and also gotten some great deals. (And was 'taken' as a seller, as well, ouch.) It's a learning curve, and, if it helps, you're not alone in going through this. I've had way more bargains than ripoffs there, so don't let this experience sour you.

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