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Yes,. Who do we believe? The reviews are both good and bad?!

P. H.

asked by P H. on 8/30/15

5 Answers

This company is extremely slow to ship and Peter M. Mentioned that their site may not be very secure... I take a HUGE risk every time I purchase from them but haven't had a problem "yet". No, I don't work for them, lol. Personally, if you are looking for a GOOD swiss watch at a decent cost, I would recommend a Tissot or something along those lines versus a replica. I love my replicas but NOTHING beats the original!

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I had no problems with them and their product - I really enjoyed my Cartier watches and showed them to some enthusiasts who thought they were real. Yes it does take a while for them to arrive from China but I thought it was good value - that is until my credit card got compromised - the one I have only ever used on their website - so either they sold my card # and info or their security isn't up to par.

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I personally only buy stuff if 80/90 % of the reviews are good i. E 4 to 5 stars. Why take a risk with a few 100 $ if some of the reviews are horrendous. I made a big mistake not reading any reviews and I paid the price. Knowing this company a lot of the good reviews are probably fake! Your call!

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I am answering honestly here. They do not care. If someone has placed a good review, they have to work for the company. The "Customer Service Specialist" is in India somewhere, and the company is out of China. I went into a chat room about them specifically, and everyone had terrible experiences. The pictures they post online are not the pictures of the watch sent according to most people. There are so many other places to choose from. All of them are out of China, so it will take you a LONG time to get your watch, but it will come in 3-4 weeks from these sites asinewatches, or doshopsells. Both little to no customer service, usually not even an email confirming they have placed the order, but your product comes within that time, and also is exactly like the watch you ordered for the same price or cheaper than Perfect Watches.com- You should look into those.

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Who's going to do most of the $#*!ing? The people that had a good experience or the people that didn't? Look, I don't give a damn if you think I'm from india and have a pet camel, but I'll tell you this: I'm a real customer. I had a good experience and saw nothing saying of the sort. I live in Silicon Valley and have I have pet cat that shows up once in a while for feeding.
You've got to realize you're buying a "Fake" of something. Whether it's a watch or a pen. If you want the real thing, more power to you.

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