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how do i complain about a Lead?

asked by Donatella B. on 6/5/18

5 Answers
here's a tidy answer from corporate.....

Hi Colleen,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Our Community Guidelines prohibit posting about Lead activity on the main newsfeed. If your Leads are inactivate and youre concerned about moderation in your neighborhood, you should reach out directly to Nextdoor Support.

If you have any specific concerns I can help you with at this time, please let me know.



however, the minute you alert corporate to issues with leads in your community you'll find your account terminated. They are very protective of the information surrounding who really is controlling the activities on the boards. Most people in my community are under the misguided impression that corporate is in control. They don't even consider it is their neighbor who sits in judgement.
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The only way to complain about a Lead is at help@nextdoor.com.

And your complaint will be ignored.

Even when the Lead in question is a convicted murderer who lives a 2-minute walk from you and you provide Nextdoor with evidence of the conviction and the fact that the Lead is bullying you.
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This is similar to what I have experienced with this unprofessional company. I have been a Network Operations Manger for better than 20 years and cannot believe they suspended me for asking for proof that I violated the rules of the network. Two of the leads have out and out lied and the other one is on Vacation.
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We have people in the community who patrol Nextdoor.com, to make sure information does not get out to all community members. If you post anything regarding any public school results in the area, based on school districts own website, they have some admins take it down. It does not violate Nextdoor rules, yet it still is taken down. People from this district and/or spouses are allowed to attack the messenger in this community, are allowed to name call, character assignations, abuse, threaten, anything goes. I contacted my local admin and explained that Nextdoor rules need to be followed, on both sides. Since he has children in local schools, he found that my post regarding current local school text scores, as insulting and inflammatory, that I was the problem posting this information, I deserved it. So if I post Math scores and ELA scores going down 15-20% in 2018, then asking the community for answers and solutions to get all test scores up, so that all children are successful, that is insulting and inflammatory. Over 50% of all students are below standards scores. My local community schools are 20% below then districts scores. So my posts are removed, then teachers and/or parents in community are allowed to attack me and my character, that is acceptable on post. These posts stay on the post, don't get taken down. I don't name call, character attacks, follow Nextdoor rules, just print test results and financials from districts own site. I cant even defend myself on my own post, prohibited today to respond back.
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Everyone just close your account and terminate this bullying company. Tell Bonnie to take a hike.
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