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Why is it Listia does not stand behind it's trusted sellers? I left Listia a year ago; I worked hard to gain their trusted seller status, I mailed all my auctioned items the day after the auctions ended and my items go for a lot of credits. But then I got scrupulous bidders who wanted more for the items they bid so highly for. Listia gave them their credits back because I did not use tracking. I have won many things on Listia and unless it was big enough to require a box, nothing I ever won came with tracking. So I feel that when people feel they bid too much for my items they claimed they didn't receive them which left me wither the credits and the items I auctioned. But I like the concept of Listia, so I came back this year and now am being faced with the same thing, unscrupulous people claiming they didn't get their item and listia siding with them, giving them their credits back, despite the fact that when a large number of bidders didn't acknowledge getting their items I notified listia of the same. And they gave me the same excuse, the bidder got their credits back because I didn't use tracking. Listia recommends but does not require it and if you list as many auctions as I do it is much to costly to use tracking. Which defeats the purpose, I joined Listia to get things for my granddaughter that I could not afford to buy.

asked by Stacy L. on 4/7/15

16 Answers
Stacy L
some sellers can even display they really sent mail, they take digital photo when they send mail. they can even show out. but because listia recoginze tracking code. even if you can even display the mail and correct address correct person, showing u had really sent mail, because no tracking code. listia would still return all credit back to buyer.
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Even towards the best friendship online person u have to use tracking code. this is done to find out which people are dishonest. when u really sent them things but saying you had never sent any
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Stacy - if sent to online people not real friends, must use tracking. this is to avoid dishonest friends (online people) saying that item was stolen during the mail
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Stacy, it's not your fault it's you too easy believe online people are nice so not use tracking code.

to save yourself , put tracking code fee and shipping fee on every auction.
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if you send item to anyone online, must use tracking code. next time in listia, state that winner must also buy tracking code. without tracking code buyers can just claim u sent nothing to them.
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Listia is stupid, is a scam .
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you have to understand , listia sells items on their own website.. too them , anyone else who is selling is competition for them..
why would a website support it's competition..
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In my experience, Listia is more about getting as many members as possible without concern about retention. I worked very hard to be a 100% positive feedback user - I always used tracking and once even sent an item twice on my own dime because a new user had a strange address situation (it was not my fault). Then I buy something from a jerk seller and leave poor feedback because I had to open a dispute to get my item and the NEW seller then leaves ME poor feedback, ruining my 100% positive status and Listia basically told me "too bad so sad". Years of trusted seller activity helping to make Listia grow and then a NEW member who had a pattern of leaving abusive feedback to other long time members and Listia sides with the NOOB.

Listia has changed. It is no longer about people helping people and building a trusted community. It is about the bottom line - more members means more money from advertisers. And when I tried to have my account deleted, they just put it in stasis for me in case I want to go back (and leaving them the ability to still count me as a member).

Look at the number of 1 star ratings and I think you will see for yourself that Listia is not the quality site it used to be.
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the best way to remedy this as well as catch the scammers is to ship with tracking, but not give the winner the tracking number. that way when the scammer says they didn't receive the package and opens a dispute then you can inform listia that they have received the package according to the tracking number, then block that person from your auctions. that is what I did. listia is not going to do anything, because they make money by the amount of users, scammers or not become your own detective and block the riff raff. check out my auctions if you would like, heres my username...ricksmazda. I always make good on my auctions. lots of rings and recipes.
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even if you really sent item and take photo (use digi cam or cell) on mail before u put mail in, if without tracking code. even if you show photo, as long as u no use tracking code. the credits would also be returned back to buyer.\\

buy tracking code. in case if buyer is dishonest and file disputes, u can use tracking code to prove u really sent.
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I don't use tracking because it does no good.Every time an item of mine went missing the post office couldn't tell me where it was.I rely on what the post office itself uses ,which is a PID # and is identical to tracking in the way it works,but is posted on your receipt automatically and is Free.From what I can see,Listia is run by a group of kids that don't yet have enough experience in operating this type of site.They seem to rely on moderators that spew out formulaic answers to objections and other issues that make no sense.And so,what you have to do is push back and make them look at what you're objecting to.I've had a few scammers ,one a very trusted seller,who claimed I sent a damaged item,when I had not.We went around for awhile but in the end she got her credits back and I got to keep the credits she bid.I really don't think people are forceful enough when replying to Listia during disputes.I know for a fact that this method works.A seller on the site had shared a notice Listia had sent her regarding her flagging fake auctions.The email was littered with nonsense about welcoming the scammers etc.I responded to her with some thoughts of my own,which she then sent to the moderator that had contacted her.She received an apology after that response,so I know it works.I think the best way to go about using Listia is to take a lot of close up pictures of the item from every angle,and make use of the PID # by making sure your mailing qualifies for it.I surprised one scammer that way.She thought I had no tracking and so she lost when I supplied Listia with that number.When Listia checked it they found the item had been delivered What I think Listia needs right now is a group of oversight personnel that are more experienced at dealing with problems.It seems to be a young site with growing pains and one of the ways we can protect ourselves is in being very vocal when we don't like something.I wouldn't give up on it just yet but I surely would make myself heard.I hope this helps..
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I had the same thing happen to me. I had an unscrupulous bidder win a purse that I had up for auction. The listia verified address they provided was an old address. They gave it out knowing that the package would be forwarded and forwarded and eventually they could request their credits back but they would eventually receive the item. That is exactly what happened. I sent the package out immediately and they buyer kept emailing me to complain that they never received the package. They requested their credits back and were given a refund. Meanwhile I was out the credits, the purse, and the $6 I paid to ship the purse. I went to my post office to inquire about the package and they told me the person had moved and the package kept getting forwarded. I continued to email the person and after Listia refunded their credits they told they did receive the package. So I disputed the refund with Listia and told them to go read my private messages where the buyer admitted they did get the package. They refused and said the buyer would have to email them and ask them to give me back the credits. I told them the buyer would never do that and they are scamming sellers. It went back and forth and eventually the credits were given back to me but I have not sold anything on Listia since then. It is not worth getting ripped off by scammers.
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The bottom line is,always use tracking. If they got their item and say they didn't, then you can prove they did and you will be protected. They DO NOT get their credits refunded in that case. If you use tracking and they really didn't get it, it helps you figure out what happened to it but it still proves you shipped it in which case, they still don't get refunded. I would never ever ship without it anymore and honestly have had more problems with the sellers that refuse to. It does add up so you have to make it worth it by listing things that will get you a lot of credits
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i my opinion to send things without tracking is just non sense. it takes the guess work out. covers everyone and basically people cannot take advantage of you. only things i send w/o tracking in an an envelope is stamps/seeds and such.. everything else is worth tracking. if you have paypal it allows you to print your own discounted labels.. i think it's way worth it....as a matter fact on listia TRACKING good pictures are a must. also i'd get rid of my nicer items in other marketplaces....
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Stacy L. protect yourself, use tracking.

many disputes on auctions in listia are. let me tell you look them too.

sellers really sent mail to the given verified address and that user even. just not buy tracking code. the seller even have a habit/routine to take mail photo from mail before put them in mailbox or post. but listia rep only recognize item's tracking number. without tracking number listia would regard seller NOT SENT ANYTHING and GIVE BACK CREDITS TO THE BUYER.

do not think, oh tracking code is $4. not buy.

MUST BUY!!!!!!

not use tracking code, even if you can produce the evidence u really sent mail. listia and buyer would still regard you not sent mail and give back credit to buyer. seller would lose!

many many many cases are that!!!!! LOOK!!!!!

even if you really sent, no track code. regard you not sent!

Stacy L. yes you really did send. but without track code. even if u really sent it would say you really not sent. tracking code is the only evidence in listia if you really sent items or not.

state tracking code in shipping cost. add in shipping cost. ask people pay the code. code needs money yes. so ask buyer buy!
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Sorry i am a listia member since 2010. I find there are a few bad apples, but truly happy that i do receive my credit refunded when i do not received the item. Then i can bid on something else or familiar item. So listia members do not get ripped off, listia recommends that when bidding you should use tracking when selling an item so you can track your item and ask the seller when mailing the item if there going to use tracking? So you know by asking the seller. So it's up to you to ask the seller. Than you can decide. 50/50 chance.
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