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Is FonePaw a scam or a legit company?

asked by Donna E. on 6/11/19

2 Answers

SCAM! I'm absolutely certain they robbed me.


FONEPAW IS A SCAM. I tried to get help from them for the technical malfunctions of the screen recorder I bought from FonePaw for 70 days. I emailed with EMILY WATSON from support@fonepaw.zendesk.com in about 40 emails and in customer support tickets I submitted on fonepaw.com/contact. She cheated me out of my money, and worse, she sneakily lied, deceived and led me on, trying to tire me out until I gave up on all of our communications. She didn't even have the decency to admit it. I'm going to warn everyone I should about FonePaw. To protect them, I'll tell them to never buy anything from FonePaw. EMILY WATSON at FonePaw is a liar and a thief. She is a swindler and a coward. I hope she quits her job and finds another where she doesn't willfully hurt people for a living. She's a horrible employee. I hope there are decent people working at FonePaw and that she's not a common representation of the other employees at FonePaw.

But after reading others reviews about FonePaw, I believe the whole company is likely led by crooks who are out to steal your money and time. After weeks of trying to get a straight answer from them, they refused to answer my simple yes or no question. "Will you give me the refund I am eligible to receive or break the FonePaw Refund Policy and not refund me?". Emily Watson at FonePaw never answered this question even though I asked and emailed her multiple times over several weeks. She would respond to my emails, but never answer my questions or respond to other subjects I brought up in the messages. She always tried to wear me down so I'd give up. Dragging the pretend help on and on. She was extremely rude and condescending. She thought I didn't know she was cheating me. Even though I called her out on it at least a couple times, she'd still pretend she was caringly trying to help, treating me like an idiot. She's a coward for not being forthright. I wanted the refund of course, but more than anything, I wanted to be treated with respect, courtesy, kindness. I was her customer for heaven's sake! She could've at least been straight with me and said no, we won't refund you. She dragged me on like this for weeks and weeks. I never got the refund even though my circumstances clearly applied to their own company refund policy. I provided what they asked for and followed their directions. And they only used my compliance as a method to deceive me longer. It was a cruel, long con.

If you're considering being a FonePaw customer, don't ever give them your money and run for dear life! Even if you bought something from them and it works, whenever you'd need maintenance or customer support for other reasons, the way they treat and communicate with their customers is abominable! FonePaw should be ashamed.

Anonymous FonePaw customer who bought the broken FonePaw screen recorder program in May, 2020.

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Their previous page shows that Chief Editor's Emily Watson and Customer's Bella, the photo is exactly the same, using the search engine to search, you will find this image has more explanation. In addition, they have now changed a new photo for Emily Watson. As long as they search by search engine, they will see more than one explanation.

Many photos of this company have another possibility. And consumers can't upload their own photos on the message board. Where do the photos come from?ImageImageImage

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