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The item took well over a month to receive. As another customer stated they smell absolutely awful. They do not fit properly and as another customer stated, I also contacted them for a refund, they told me no refund on sale items, and I don't know if you noticed but I certainly did, more than 90% of their items are "sale". They offered me to keep the pants I don't like and they will give me a coupon code to order more at cost and I would get another free bracelet worth $20.00 for my inconvenience. Like really, they think they are doing me a favour here. I told them to keep their coupon code and their cheap fifty cent bracelet. They are a complete scam. I can't believe I paid $110 CND for absolute junk!

By Tammy S.
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No you cannot. Read their return policy carefully.

By candace b.
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By Dennis W.
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Good luck... you wont receive any help from the company, customer support or the contact number. Only when they received threats of canceling my order, seeking legal advice and taking legal action against best yoga store, did I finally get my order processed and completed/shipped and a tracking number. Pretty sad actually. They tell you your order will be processed, shiped and at your doorstep with their "flatter fitting apparel". Be prepared to not be Ble to speak to an actual person. With one customer service rep saying "we are answering/taking as many calls as we can" when it clearly states on ANY option you choose on their automated service that you will not be put through to a customer service rep. Any question you ask will be skirted around by responding with a screenshot of a BULL$HI+ review from one of there "MORE THAN SATISFIED &HAPPY CUSTOMER". I didnt realize this but if you go to their website, look at their jeans with the built-in hiney trainer... On the pictures showing the back side of the pants, zoom in on the tag that is on the x belt loop. You will clearly see that over 50% of the jeans they are using to show their product, isn't their product at all. I dont want to mention the other companies name but it. Starts with an F and rhymes with eddy. So is B. Y. S and Buddha Exclusive sister stores to the competitor's company? Kind of like rosegal and the other 52 names that they call the store? Is it so you dont really know that you will be ordering from that store if you have had a bad experience with them? Eg. Cheap quality clothing, sizes waaaay too small or orders that took 6mos to be shipped to you? With best yoga store have a close look at their advertising pictures e, you will specifically see this in a number of the pictures. Try the picture of the light blue denim photos. Just make sure you are looking at the skinny denim jegging or jeans with the built in hiney trainer. The store that sells them is called Best Yoga Store, but on Facebook it is 'Buddha Exclusive' and the name on the jean tags are of their competitor (starts with a F and rhymes with eddy). Some pictures are labelled with a best yoga store tag/logo, and others are not even their logo and tag on the models... they will brag in their reviews and on social media about how they are so much more affordable than that company. And the competitor's price is $200.00 per pair of pants. But their damn product is priced at the exact same price, only difference is that they are ofering theirs witb a 75%off promotional discount that will "only be available at that price over the holiday weekend". Which isnt true. At all. They remain being sold at the "sale price" so it voids their return policy, because you cannot return any item of clothing that was offered with a discount. Sure, you can do an exchange but you are definitely going to pay for it... Probably by paying more than your child sizing, cheap quality knock off pants to have them shipped back. Then, if you dont want to pay the 70$ + to return them, they are so kind as to offer a further discount 15% (or whatever it is) to buy a new pair so you can wait ANOTHER 6months to receive your purchase... Also states that the product is sold and shipped from California, USA and offers customers Worldwide shipping. However, on the tracking page for B. Y. S... shows that my product is coming from 2 product coming from China. So either B. Y. S is affiliated with the competitor store and made to loom like a different vendor because they want to sell more items. If you 'think' you are not wanting to pay $200.00 for the real product than you definitely going to think the same pair that is sold pretending to be a knock off, that is advertised to look exactly the same at 75%off the original price. I have yet to receive my package but I will update my review when I receive the items I bought.

By Sarah M.

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