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BidRivalsimage coming soon


3 reviews
A lot more reliable and trustworthy compared to most other penny auction websites. I know they source their products... coming soon

3 reviews
8th december bought a gem stone globe with clock which has never come. after lots of phnoe calls with no help,...
Bidcricket.comimage coming soon


4 reviews
I have been bidding on this sight for a while know and have had a steady stream of items being shipped to my...
Get In Tooimage coming soon

Get In Too

4 reviews
New auction site that is clearly competing against the bad press of penny auctions. Although it's nothing like a...
Bid Beaverimage coming soon

Bid Beaver

19 reviews
The site is over all very competitive but if you have the skills to win like i do you can score some really great...
Best Penny Auction Sitesimage coming soon

Best Penny Auction Sites

5 reviews
I actually won a nintendo wii console off the site in November from this site and also I won another item on QUI...
Scoreluxe.comimage coming soon

5 reviews
It really is interesting how there have been NO complaints about ScoreLuxe until now. These 4 complaints are from new...
Beezidsimage coming soon


2 reviews
so I have not or can not bye things from this the resin is because im 11 but I think this is a scam
Fashionbayimage coming soon


2 reviews
It's a complete scam. Don't get sucked in. You have to pay $0.80 per bid which doesn't seem like a lot. But when...
BidFatherimage coming soon


2 reviews
They still owe me a $25 Subway card and 54 bids. There are no auctions and absolutely no email responses. I am...
BidToroimage coming soon


2 reviews
After thousands of dollars and a steep learning curve, I've "won" a number of items. There are no problems paying...
Beezitimage coming soon


6 reviews
Nomoreracksimage coming soon


12 reviews
First of all, I am a real customer. I placed an order on Nov. 29th. Before looking at reviews, there was so many bad...
Qbidsimage coming soon


15 reviews
I hade to call q about a wrong choice I hade made, they are super nice on the phone and got my issues resolved...
Bid66.comimage coming soon

2 reviews
I wish the FTC would step in and say..enough is enough...this is a form of a lottery or gambling and not a true...
Bidrival.comimage coming soon


2 reviews
I agree same scam as bid fun. Stay away from it folks you will only get burnt. you will also note they have someone...
Bidfanimage coming soon


2 reviews
Threw away $159 - what an idiot I am.
Zipbidsimage coming soon


2 reviews
I consider myself a fairly educated and intelligent person. took $150.00 and $97.00 from my bank account...
Boz Bidsimage coming soon

Boz Bids

2 reviews
Do not waste your hard earned money on this site. As the previous poster stated, I bid on an auction when it was a...
Skoritimage coming soon


2 reviews
Have .been watching Looked legit, stuff was selling quick, and at a good price.I understand that the...
GrabSwagimage coming soon


2 reviews
I bought into this idea for $99 and bought 132 bids to win what they described as lots of products. I got tired of...
Stickybidsimage coming soon


2 reviews
My review for is not good. Sticky Bids is a total scam. I won an amazon gift card 6 weeks ago and...
QuiBids.caimage coming soon

2 reviews
I signed up to Quibids yesterday. I was fully aware they were going to debit my account for $75 for 100 bids which...
Bidwiz.esimage coming soon

2 reviews
with Bidwiz I earn four bids and I have not received anything for more than three months. be careful with your...
Nickelbidsimage coming soon


3 reviews
Would not recommend. feel that this is very questionable.

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“I wish the ftc would step in and say..”
“It's a complete scam”
“They still owe me a $25 subway card and 54 bids”
“Would not recommend”