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Zulily reviews

812 reviews
Categories: Baby, Daily Deals, Kids
2200 1st Avenue South, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98134, US
Tel: (877) 779-5615 or (888) 826-6564

812 Reviews From Our Community

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I called customer service and he was very nice which made it a little better. (in 176 reviews)


You pay once, then get free shipping for the day (or all weekend if you order on a Friday). (in 662 reviews)


It states very clearly on the website 2 to 3 weeks to ship. (in 62 reviews)

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New Reviewer

it's been a great experience which landed me a great job i would recommend this site to everyone because it works thanks again.

New Reviewer

I ordered 5 maternity outfits from zulilly. I received 4 of them after six weeks. One was cancelled without my knowledge. The items were thread bare and irregularly sewn. The maternity pants were tight in the legs and butt and the cloth band was so large they still slid off. Another note...6 weeks for maternity clothes?? If I were further along they would have been pointless anyway.

New Reviewer

I ordered 4 boys shirts from this site back on 6/8/14, STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY OF THEM! Contacted customer service, and get a half ass apology for it, that's it? Horrible customer service, horrible NO RETURN policy, horrible shipping!!!!

New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE COMPANY! THE WORSE SERVICE EVER! TRUST ME...You can find better crap in the trashcan!
And... NO RETURN POLICY!!! I should have known better.
Clothes so cheap that they dissolve in the washing machine on the first wash !???
What the hell? I ordered a pretty summer top for my little girl, and one sleeve was three (3) inches longer than the other! My child is NOT the octopus kid! What a joke. Cheap ass crap! I've had better luck at garage sales and the good will store.
Shipping SUCKS and is so slow that you'll be ok if you order winter items in the summer and expect them in the fall (rolling my eyes). My order was all gobbed up in a knotted ball and thrown in an over size box. This is obviously done, so they can OVER CHARGE they're customers on shipping. This and it tokk a MONTH AND A HALF to get my order!?!?
As for the rest of my order, it sucked as bad as the previously mentioned summer dress...JUNK! Cheap seams already coming out after the first wash!
All I can say is STAY AWAY! Spend your money at walmart, target, the dollar store, etc. NEVER AGAIN!

New Reviewer

My wife ordered two (2) electric cars for 2 of our Grandchildren. She ordered them last February and April months ahead of their birthdays, yes she is that organized! The problem arose after she did not open the boxes until mid June when to her dismay she found that they both were used and missing key parts.

Zulily Customer Care gave us a credit for one of the cars and replaced the second car. Customer Care does NOT get better than this!!!!!

New Reviewer

Stick to name brand. I got a nice blouse. A purse was cheezy. Bangle bracelets so small couldn't get over my hand, and cheaply made the hoop earrings were huge. I think I will buy elsewhere

New Reviewer

In my expeirence I found the items to be of poor quality, not as advertised, not properly sized and the customer service rep to be unprofessional and rude. I will never, EVER waste my time with this online company again. And my account information was lost, information about another customer was given out to me, and I could clearly hear the "party" other people in the background socializing talking about their facebook pages.

New Reviewer

I don't even look at their stuff. I would but I refuse to be required to register for a site just to look.

New Reviewer

You have to know what quality of clothes your buying,read the description good and look at the item good, and enlarge it. If your a GOOD SHOPPER, you will get a good/decent item. I love a lot of their things, but there are some not great quality things, but normally you can pick out the NOT great stuff pretty easy. And the Italian clothes are wonderful, but sizing is really different, make sure you read the sizing.
Cheaper things need to be bought bigger too.
I like that you find some DIFFERENT things because they sell from so many different companies and stores. Kids things are so cute, and cute shoes too.
Just be a good shopper and you have no problems.
Shipping will improve with more experience, since it's a newer company.

New Reviewer

I placed an order on May 25 and still have only received 1 item! it has been saying for the past month "preparing to ship" and NOTHING! At this point I have contacted the BBB and also demanded my money back in full! I will NEVER order from these people again!

New Reviewer

I was surprised that they required my name and email just to look. While I am fine with providing that kind of information if I decide to purchase from a site, I don't want to have to do tat just to look. No bargain is worth that to me

New Reviewer

I promised myself I would NEVER use Zulily again after I spent $80 in merchandise and received it over a month after the order was placed. When the items arrived, half of them were made of horribly cheap fabric and just did not do me justice.

I tried to return them by contacting customer service to which they explained that they do not do returns but this time (rightttt) would make an exception. Upon them receiving my items back, I got an e-mail that I received CREDIT to their website.

I honestly have no desire to use their website or put this money into their crappy clothing. So annoyed.

New Reviewer

They do not tell you that their normal shipping time frame is 12-17 business days form the order date to ship from their fulfillment center...and there are no returns!

New Reviewer

Sure wish I had read this site BEFORE I ordered nearly $200 from them. The package never reached me after a month. It was returned to them by UPS the day after they shipped it because there was something missing or damaged. They are now treating it as delivered to me and returned by me (via an email response to my cancellation email on 6/25/14)!!

I attempted to call this morning and found that both numbers I was able to locate are no longer in service. The numbers I tried were: Tel: (877) 779-5615 or (888) 826-6564

They have also charged my Visa for an additional $35 two days after I had placed another order which doesn't even show an order number and has not been shipped. Getting my money back will be fun I'm sure! But I'm ready for them now, and I won't hesitate to go to the BBB and/or small claims court if they don't promptly refund both charges.

New Reviewer

By Zulily's count I have ordered 109 items. Several times I have received an item that was different from what I ordered. While this is inconvenient, when I sent an email to Zulily (I always attach a picture of the incorrect item that I had received) I was always offered a refund, given an apology for Zulily's error and been asked to donate the item to charity. This made sense to me because the error was Zulily's, not mine, so why should I not only be left to try and find a replacement item, but inconvenienced by having to return the incorrect item that Zulily had sent me?

Today, once again I received an item that was not what I ordered, not even close to it. When I wrote to Zulily with a picture of the incorrect item they had sent to me the response email from Zulily was very different from what I had received in the past. I was told to print out a return address label and send the item back if I wanted a refund.

While that may seem easy to Zulily's representatives, it is not that easy for me. I am a handicapped woman with a very serious bone disease. Shopping in the retail world is something I am unable to do. In fact, I am scheduled to have surgery again on July 10th. So not only am I inconvenienced by having to scramble to find a replacement and pay expedited shipping to get the time to me but in addition I'm being told that I have to find a way to get this item back to Zulily if I want a refund--a refund only needed because of Zulily's error.

After reading the email I called and spoke with a live representative who put me on hold for almost ten minutes and came back to tell me, in a unfriendly tone, that they would make an "exception for me THIS time" and refund my money. It was presented as if Zulily was doing me a favor, not as if Zulily was sorry for the error on their part, or the inconvenience they had caused me once again.

I was so upset and shocked by the tone of the conversation that I asked to speak to a manager. I was put on hold for an extended period of time yet again only to speak with a manager who had the same attitude as the first Zulily representative I had spoken to. When I explained my situation to the manager, her response was that Zulily couldn't be aware of each person's medical situation. When I asked about the subject of quality control I was told that the people filling the orders had no way to know that the wrong item was being sent. From my point of view that is a problem and that is most certainly not quality control. If the person filling the order truly has no way to know if they are doing so correctly then how can Zulily expect to keep its customer base?

Yes, my purchase price is being refunded, but that is not the only issue in customer service. How you treat your customers largely determines if you keep them or not. Zulily's prices are good, but not good enough for this customer to put up with being treated poorly.

If Zulily is growing quickly and experiencing growing pains that is understandable, but if the people in charge of customer service continue to make customers pay (monetarily and/or through inconvenience) for mistakes that Zulily makes then the growth will most certainly cease.

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE!!! I ordered often and suddenly began having problems with defective or misrepresented items. Several items were not packaged, but just crumpled up and stuffed in the package with other properly packaged ones. Several items had obviously been worn. I ordered 4 pair of what was supposed to be leggings....they were tights or stockings, not leggings! You could not wear these without something over them as THEY WERE SEE THRU!!! I ordered these for a 15 y/o and no way would I ever let her go out of the house in them!!! Another item, a pair of pants had a HOLE in the waistband seam, and were made that way!! NO quality control! A skirt I ordered had the waistband seam UNRAVEL the first time I wore it...AT WORK!!! Really unhappy with the leggings as I AM SUPPOSED TO PAY to ship them back!!! WHY??? Had they been HONESTLY described, I WOULD NOT HAVE PURCHASED THEM!!! I should have to take time off from work and drive to the post office to ship them back??? TOTAL PIA and once my credit is used from the defective items, I WON"T BE ORDERING FROM THEM!!! Lost a GOOD customer as I spent around $100 a week on Zulily!!!

New Reviewer

I gave Zulily one last chance and I'm sorry I did. I know shipping takes a while so I ordered items for my children to be entertained with in the car during a long trip, cross-country trip. Even though I ordered 20 days in advance, the items have not arrived in time. I am going to have to go out and pay even more money somewhere else to get stuff for my children. Totally not worth the time and shipping costs to shop here.

New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!!! I received an item that they stated cost $400 and I was getting for $190! The item they sent wasn’t even worth $50.00 ! Then I called them to return it and they talk to me as if they were doing me a favor!!!!! Also I had to pay my own shipping which was $33.00! This is crap ! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I was honestly disappointed with my zulily experience. I knew it would take a little while longer to receive my order because I read about their shipping plan prior to placing my order. (I placed my order June 4 and received it June 24.)
Sadly, one of my dresses didn't fit and after reading about how to exchange it for a larger size I found out they don't "facilitate exchanges".
The dresses were cute but don't plan on doing business again with this company.

New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM...every item they offer is sold on Amazon & considerably cheaper with free shipping.

New Reviewer

Since Zulilly is so stuck on itself you have to register just to shop, won't be having any experience with them. But since all the reviews say they sell only expensive crap, are ridiculously slow, and then spam you with emails, I count myself lucky. DON'T SHOP HERE.

New Reviewer

I LOVE Zulily. Yes, they take longer to mail but that is explained on the Home page. And, yes. their descriptions could be longer and more in-depth. AND, an American size 10 is much larger than a European size 10. I love their customer service. With that said, their clothes are different and wonderful. I've purchased wonderful items: linen dresses, bedspreads, children's shoes & clothing, etc., and have been pleased with about 95% of the purchases.

New Reviewer

I just received the last item from an order I placed last month. The timing doesn't bother me at all - I know it going in. However, the 19.00 kids t-shirt was a really poor quality and the "Keep Calm" design was a super cheap boardwalk style iron-on. Really?? An Iron-on?
My daughter was really disappointed. I called Zulily customer service immediately and they couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. I am super happy with the results. Everything else I received was great!

New Reviewer

I found their customer service to be quite responsive and pleasant. I ordered 8 items. Every single item was cheaply made, seriously undersized and I have never seen such thin material. I truly believe the orders take so long because they have women in the back room hurriedly sewing each item. Blah!! I was refunded on half my items and the other half was store credit which I will never use. In the long run, you'll spend more for less with this company.

New Reviewer

Customer Service is terrible. I talked to for 4 or 5 different agents and they were all rude and dishonest. First 2 stated I need to be patience, when my order was a week pass due. The next agent stated that Zulily cannot control the manufacturers delays, You can just wait or get a refund. Once the item shipped, I did not receive the package. This agent tried to tell me I received my package, I told her I was looking at the tracking information on my computer and on what date does it say that? She started saying, Uh Uh Oh ya. You did not receive it. She then told me, that I needed to go to the post office and ask the Postal Service to find my package. USPS stated that the seller (Zulily) needed to request the tracking. Why does Zulily think there customers need to find there packages. I came home and called Zulily back and asked for a refund. I received a refund for my item, but not the shipping. Which 2 different agents stated said I would receive. What a waste of time and money. I will never use that site again or recommend it. If you could leave a ZERO star I would. Thank you for reading my Vent!

New Reviewer

I placed an order May 25th for my granddaughters birthday on June 22nd. I still have not heard anything and cancelled my order. They were not helpful and then told me it would be 5 to 7 business days before they would refund my money. If they can suck it out of my account immediately then they can put it back in fairly quickly. I will never shop this website again and their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Stay away and shop elsewhere!!!!!

New Reviewer

They take much longer to ship than they promise and do not notify you of issues with your order. It's been over three weeks since I placed my order and I am still waiting for one of the items to ship to Zulily! Their product descriptions are incomplete. They give refunds as store credit, which means you have to continue doing business with them if you want the value of the money you originally spent. Stay away from this site if you value your money. I filed with the BBB.

New Reviewer

I have been buying online since 2002 - was an early adopter of ebay. I have to say that this site sells clothes of terrible quality, to top it off, the two items did not fit, one was too big the other too small, size charts were used for ordering.

I tossed them both out not even considered good enough for the donation box, didn't even go to the trouble of trying to return them, I was so disgusted.

I order from China, and other Asian countries, from all over the world on a regular basis and haven't had the same product experience.

If I could give less than one star I would.

New Reviewer

Wish I would have looked at this site before ordering also! I have ordered several items from this site from time to time and have not yet been satisfied. Very slow service and the quality is very poor. I will be deleting my account so I am no longer tempted to give it another chance, a waste of time and money.

New Reviewer

Wish I saw reviews of their site before I purchased! It's been almost a month and my order still has NOT shipped. They gave me two shipping dates now that have not followed thru. The item I ordered was a gift to boot! I should have looked on this site first before purchasing from them. They say on their website it takes 2 weeks to ship, plus a week to deliver. well it's way past that. I wouldn't be upset if they were honest about their lead times.

New Reviewer

The kids clothes are ok. The womens clothes are not. I ordered quite a few dressesand tops. They are not true to size. Youn cannot go by the size chadts thesy provide.The material for EVERYTHING is very cheap.They take too long to deliver. Up two months for several itmes. Then you wait six weeks and then they cancel the order. I redid my grandsons bedroms and ordered a wall picture that was also canceled.
When you put things on the notify me list, you very seldom get a notification that the items have ever become avaialble.
I got $9.99 refund for an '$89.93 order that was placed. I have contacted them.
You can not return anything. I have already given two unworn tops to Goodwill. Things are not how they appear. I am waiting for the last few Iitems to arrive that I ordered abouth a month ago. Will not order in the future or recommend this company.

New Reviewer

Slow delivery service. I ordered a few things last December that were GUARANTEED to be delivered by Christmas, but it was not to be so... hubby had an empty stocking and zulilly offered nothing to compensate.

A lot of the products are low quality, particularly the clothing. Since pretty much everything had a no return policy, you are stuck with it. I have found some really cute things for my daughters, but I am often surprised that they can keep selling such flimsy stuff and stay in business. Most recently a I purchased an adorable pair of palazzo pants to take on a trip. When I went to back them, I realized the black floral pants stretched, so they were see through. They also sort of faded and pilled with one washing.

Also, I often cross reference items on amazon, particularly toys, as they are often cheaper with quicker delivery time on amazon.

New Reviewer

It's been about a month and the only thing I've received from this company is a message that two of my items have been become "unexpectedly unavailable" . Thanks for waiting a month to let me know there is a problem with my order zulily! I'm sure I'll be back for ore fantastic service.

New Reviewer

Horrible service, horrible shipping times, ignored gift instructions, only one item of order has shipped, can't get a human to resolve issues. Quick to take your money - but you'll probably never see all the items you order or a return of your money.

New Reviewer

Their shipping time sucks! It's horrible, takes forever! I ordered from them like a year ago and this year I decided to give it a try again, but wow, now I remember why I didn't shop there anymore, shipping!!! I can get similar or the same stuff in other store and I don't have to wait 3 to 4 weeks for my package to arrive. If you want to get your stuff at reasonable time, DO NOT ORDER FROM ZULILY!!!

New Reviewer

I love zulily! I have never had a problem ever! I have spent quite a lot of money on their site and never had an issue ever! I mostly get dog stuff because dogs are my profession... but I got stuff from Rising International, tea, tumblers, etc.. and all of them are better than I expected! I honestly like the fact it takes so long to get my stuff because I never really track it so its like surprise every time a package comes. My last order came in 3 separate package on two different days. I think it is so exciting to open multiple packages! I have never had a bad experience so far!

New Reviewer

My wife bought 2 Adirondack chairs. Got them a few days after ordering so that was great. When I tried to put them together I figured out why they were discounted (though still $100 each)! One of the boards was cut wrong in production, it was too long so the chair couldn't even be assembled. Easy enough to fix with a saw. But now after 3 weeks humidity is making all the paint peel revealing another color underneath. Now on top it just broke when one of the main screws broke through the wood.

Have had other good experiences but they havent responded in over a week to the complaints and $200 wasted on junk unacceptable.

New Reviewer

I love Yes, it takes a little while to get your order. But I can wait considering I am paying a fraction of the price I normally would...for super cute clothes. You do need to check the sizing chart every time or you might get something too large or too small. There are no refunds, but I have only had that happen one time, and it was my own fault. I failed to check the sizing chart. LOVE ZULILY.

New Reviewer

You people need to read the information about "How Zulily Works" before you buy from this awesome site. How exactly do you think a site is saving you 60-70% off an item without some sort of restriction? I am MORE than willing to wait 6-8 weeks for an item to save 70%. And I read the information about the site before I ordered from them. So no complaints from me. Zulily sends confirmation emails as soon as you order and guess what - the "How Zulily Works" info is in that email too. Get a grip people. Go pay full price at Target and complain somewhere else. I bought my son's birthday presents at the end of April and they were here in PLENTY of time for his birthday in May - things work when you plan ahead. AMAZING!!!

New Reviewer

I am absolutely ADDICTED to Zulily! I visit the website every single day to see what new items they have. I am very well aware of the "fine print" such as no returns, extended shipment dates, etc., but due to the long length of time I have been a shopper with them, I am very willing to take the chance. The prices are great and I get something different so I'm not wearing the same thing as everybody else is. I absolutely recommend it to all online shoppers. Any website has its own problems with deliveries but that is really rare. The products are definitely worth the taking the chance!!

New Reviewer

I ordered two pairs of shoes for my son when I received them they were poor quality and too small.. and 8 always fits him sometimes too big .. These looked like they were made in mexico (no offense) im Mexican .. they was paint on the side of the shoes that made them look white! really I would never put my son in these crappy shoes .

New Reviewer

The shipping times are ridiculous. I ordered some things expecting it to be shipped in a few days but received an email saying it would be shipped on a future date 3 weeks later. They shipped a day later than that too.

New Reviewer

Item was disproportioned for its stated size. I would have never ordered an item I wasn't able to return but did not know the policy at time of ordering.

New Reviewer

I love Zulily. I have been shopping with them since they started. This is a flash sale site. The company does not have a warehouse full of merchandise. At the end of the sale, they place an order with the manufacturer. The items are then sent and repackaged by Zulily for shipping, in most cases. If you are a buyer who needs the item immediately shop elsewhere and pay more. Or you can shop their "Ready to Ship" dept. and get you item in a few days. When I first started buying from them I literally forgot I had ordered from them and was surprised to get a box of their goods a month later. I did not understand their business concept. I do now and shop ahead for holidays, birthdays, etc. I have made some mistakes and so have they with my orders but their Customer Service Dept rocks. Also do your research on the brands if you are not sure of sizes, warranties or even competing prices. Bot most important don't be in a hurry to get the merchandise and have patience.

New Reviewer

I didn't realize when I placed my order that Zulily does not have the items I ordered. I just checked my order status (places order 9 days ago) and it said that my items are on their way to Zulily and will be shipped to me on the 22nd. Had I know it would have taken a month to get 2 shirts I would have never ordered. I won't order again!

New Reviewer

Last winter I ordered a size 1X outfit for my sister for the holidays. When it finally arrived, it was a size Smalll, and of course, non-returnable, so she gave it to her neighbor who wore a size 6 and fit perfectly. I was out $35 plus shipping. So, Zulilly gave me a $20 credit. I finally found a bracelet and reading sunglasses that I liked, each priced at $19.99, plus shipping. Ok, I still had the $20 credit. The glasses and bracelet never arrived at my address, and were returned to Zulilly smashed as if a UPS truck had run over them. I called and was told that I still had that $20 credit, never mind the other $19.99 I had put on my credit card for the glasses or bracelet(Damn if I know since I never saw either of them) plus a $40 credit in shipping. Oh, my god, to throw good money after bad...I live on a beach and tried to purchase some "Welcome to the Beach" type of stuff. I was keeping it below the money I was already owed for their previous screw ups. I had one item in my cart for purchase for $14.99 and was told I still owed money for shipping.

I will never use this web-site again. I want them to quit sending me e-mails. I don't give a damn about the money that they owe me. I just never want to see or hear from them again. If a business can't discern from a size 1x from a size small, can't deliver a "one size fits al"l bracelet and glasses, then I don't really think they should be in any kind of business at all.

DON'T SHOP HERE is my advice.

Mary S. Munro

New Reviewer

If I could give this website 0 stars I would.

My order was placed 1.5 months ago and said that it shipped a couple weeks after purchase. After a month and a half of waiting, I contacted the company. They basically said it was out of their hands that the item wasn't shipping and credited my account $10.

I get an email this week saying my order has been cancelled DUE TO BEING UNAVAILABLE. Fantastic.

I will never order from this site again, EVER. There are plenty of other places that will ship your items on time, don't falsely advertise items they don't have, and will be more attentive to customer needs. STAY AWAY NO MATTER HOW CUTE THE DRESS LOOKS, ITS NOT WORTH THE HASSLE.

New Reviewer

My experience was terrible, it was my first and last order. I order a sandal for my baby size 6, I probably have to wait until she turn four, I also order three tops for me, two of them came after 30 days, the other one they cancel it after almost two moths, I also order two summer dresses, for me too, they had the worse finish ever, I couldn't believe how chip they was, and I have a funny history about them: when they finally came I call my mom via skipe to show her my new dress, my son told me oh that is a nice dress and he give me a hug, a simple common hug, and the top part came off the dress, my mom sow that, and she almost cry, oh no your new dress, and it just came. I start sewing the top, but it didn't worthy. The second dress the first time that I washed, the sleeves was unsewing. I don't even know what happen with the money that they have to return to me because of the top that they cancel. The worse part is the tons of e mail that they send every they. I will never visit they site never again. Learn from me and don't spend your money with them, they are big liers.

New Reviewer

I won't order from Zulily again. I ordered a very cute lamp that I absolutely love, but when it arrived it was broken. I wrote an email explaining what happened and I have not heard a thing back from them. I'll spend my hard earned dollars elsewhere from now on.

New Reviewer

I have literally placed dozens of orders on Zulily. The main problem is that you don't always know what you're getting until it arrives at your house. If you don't like the color or the way it fits, there's not much you can do. If an item arrives damaged or not as described, Zulily customer service will promptly refund your money.

Yes-it takes a long time for them to ship the items, but they are up front about that on the website. You place the order with Zulily, they collect the orders and place one large order with the company they negotiated the discount with. The company ships to Zulily; they ship to you. That's the trade off: cheap clothes, slow shipping.

I've scored a $400 designer dress for $60 that fits beautifully and looks fantastic. I've also spent hundreds on an order for a summer wardrobe, all of which were flimsy and unflattering. The key, I've discovered, is to order a reputable brand, not a "no name" company. I don't always follow this advice. Occasionally I see an adorable top I have to have from a company I can't find any information on. Sometimes I end up regretting it, but not always. Zulily is a mixed bag. Just order with caution.

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