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Zillow reviews

97 reviews
Categories: Real Estate
1301 Second Avenue, Floor 31
Seattle, WA 98101
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New Reviewer

I have no problem with aggregators in real estate. They can serve a positive purpose in the business. I do have a problem with Zillow and its errors. I have a problem not mentioned by others. The Zillow map is inaccurate. My town's map doesn't include about 1/3 of the town. We've complained to Zillow and their response has been to admit their map is wrong but they won't fix it for another four months. When people use the site they never have a chance to see properties in the omitted section of town. If Zillow was seriously responsible, they would correct the map now. Every real estate professional in town knows that sellers are being damaged by Zillow with their faulty Zestimates but not everyone knows sellers are being damaged by the map problem. It is pure arrogance on Zillow's part to admit they have a problem with their map but refuse to fix it for several months.

New Reviewer

Zillow grossly overrated my home by 70k when I bought it in 2008 from a bank and in rough condition. Now with over $ 50k in improvements, they have grossly undervalued its value (they diminished 1/5 of its value within the last 30 days although home sales prices are trending upward in this area.). Similar houses in my area are selling in the mid $160k range, and they priced me at $115k. When I contacted them, they provided a canned and useless response. The result is that I own one of the larger and more updated homes on my street, and Zillow has it listed as a fire sale.

Tip for consumers: Ignore Zillow!!!!

Photos are before (with the big snowy bush ) and after.

Ask Jen about Zillow
New Reviewer

Their unwanted ads pop up in my inbox thru GO SMS text app almost every day. I have made repeated requests to them to stop, but the ads just keep coming. They are an unscrupulous company and you'd have to be crazy to have anything to do with them. I'll just keep telling people in every forum I can find until the harassment stops. DO NOT USE ZILLOW!!!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE ZILLOW (GO SMS)

Ask mary about Zillow
New Reviewer

I own two homes in wv, but in different county. they have them both over listed i am trying to resell one. therefore i made a aaccount to try to adjust the price with no luck. so both the house are listed for 4.5-10 times more then there actually worth.

This site has completely made up numbers

Tip for consumers: Don't it is made by a 4th grader.

Ask Chris about Zillow
New Reviewer

They use a computer to appraise my house? I have had every realtor tell me that because of the low Zillow number, the close on the actual value of the house is hard for the buyer to justify. It is the mindless fear that is somewhat justified that people believe what they see on the web, as fact. For that reason, zillow is robbing me of my opportunity to sell the house at the true market price. With these vampires on the market, only areas that their computers think have value will appreciate.

Ask Joe about Zillow
New Reviewer

So my house with 5200 sq ft living space, with high end finishes, plus a 3200 sq ft framed out basement with a finished wine cellar and 3 car garage is worth only $40,000 more than a 3200 sq ft house with no basement and a 2 car garage..both sitting right next to each other on 20 acre parcels with killer views. Zillow is useless in my book. Perhaps it has some value in a densely housed area with cookie cutter tract homes, but for anything else it isn't worth the powder to blow it away.

Tip for consumers: Don't bother unless you want data on homes where there are dozens the same in a small area.

Ask Louise about Zillow
New Reviewer

Zillow is not even worth one Star it is such a pathetic source for values. Hopefully buyers and sellers both realize that fact and pay no attention to their values. Lowered the value of my house $40,000 in 3 days without any changes to the property in a major national boom area.

Tip for consumers: Do not waste your time on Zillow values they are all over the place and strictly an accident if accurate within 5-10%. This applies to buyers and sellers because they work both ways.

Ask Jim about Zillow
New Reviewer

Zillow is a pile of crap. Bringing as many property listings as possible into one place is fine. But their "Zestimate" of a home's value is inaccurate. By making a long distance guess of a home's value without sending a qualified, experienced local appraiser to the property is bunk. They are artifically manipulating the market by telling potential buyers an incorrect property value. This practice should be illegal as it constitutes a potential robbery of the seller's equity. We had a market analysis and an appraisal of our property done by independent companies and yet Zillow "Zestimated" the value 10's of thousands of dollars less than both. No wonder we haven't sold yet!

Ask Eric about Zillow
New Reviewer

As first time buyers, my fiancé and I were very fortunate to find Mala Vaish through the internet. We had initially worked with a previous realtor and then started to look elsewhere when our expectations weren’t being met. Mala was a breath of fresh air! She is extremely responsive, always available, a trusted resource and a true expert in the market.
We had been looking for a home for over a year. After working with Mala for only 2 weeks, she found us the house of our dreams! The day we found our home, Mala re-arranged her schedule to help us put in an offer and skillfully guided us to wining a bidding war without going out of our budget.
Throughout the process, Mala continually sent us updates on progress along with things to be thinking about. Mala went above and beyond the call of duty; she provided excellent referrals to help us secure a Real Estate Attorney, Inspection Company and later even gave referrals on local cable/internet companies, sanitation departments etc. to ensure a successful transition into our new home.
Mala is a true trusted advisor! Being a first-time buyer, the process can be confusing, frustrating, stressful etc. but we were able to sleep easy knowing that Mala was on the case. She wouldn’t let anyone take advantage of us and did a lot of hard negotiating on our behalf.
Mala Vaish is wonderful and I strongly recommend her to everyone in need of a new home. If you want best-in-class, Mala is the way to go!

Ask Anne about Zillow
New Reviewer

I am specifically reviewing Zillow mortgage page/tab. Do not waste your time there. it will give you a quote from several lenders that are just made-up quotes and ARE NOT backed up by the lenders
Once they call you (I suggest you do not put your real phone number there or they will bug you for several days) you realize that the quotes you got on Zillow are not real, and the real quotes are much higher (even when you call the same day - 15 min later)
look elsewhere

Ask Alex about Zillow
New Reviewer

Zillow's priprietary formula for calucating home costs changes constantly and thus my home value swings wildly between 125% to %40 of my true home value, depending on what day you look at it. Never trust a "company" built around bad software.

New Reviewer

Zillow has been showing values in our neighborhood going up.However recently they have showed the value of our house going down and every house around us going up. Dont get it we own and maintain our house and is the best looking house on the block, landscaped, New 50 year roof, wood floors and tile downstairs, painted inside etc. But they are saying rent houses values with none of this are valued a lot higher than ours. Something is wrong with this website don't believe what they write.

New Reviewer

According to Zillow, the value of my property was going up, up, up between 2011 and 2012, despite the fact that real estate prices overall in my neighborhood were fairly stagnant. In fact, they estimated that it had almost doubled in value. Based upon what?

But since 2011, my property has been going down, down, down, despite the fact that the real estate market in my neighborhood has gone up slightly in the past couple of years.

The comparison graphs for my neighborhood vs. my house show my neighborhood going up and down slightly, but my house went up sharply, nearly doubling in value, and then dropped precipitously to below the estimate in 2011. And this does not at all dove tail with what was happening in the local market.

Seeing what they have down with the estimates for my home, I can never take their estimates seriously again. Despite the fact that housing prices in my neighborhood have been gradually recovering, mine has been dropping by about 30K per month for the past year. I would love to know the calculus that goes into Zillow's apparent estimate nonsense.

New Reviewer

So what does really do? Of over 12 calls to leasing agents for property posted for rent in the San Antonio area, only ONE agent emailed me back. I was talking with another friend who had exactly the same experience. We had a good laugh but are extremely frustrated. Being out of town makes it VERY difficult to find something suitable to rent. I can't recommend Zillow listings.

New Reviewer

CAVAET EMPTOR. As a consumer, I cannot recommend Zillow. I wrote a
review on their website about a real estate "professional" who I had
very negative interactions with - and zillow chose not to publish it without even telling me why. I came to the conclusion that Zillow really works for real estate pros and protects them because it is all one big real estate "brotherhood".
This "pro" has stellar reviews on Zillow (most likely written by
himself) but every other website reviews show him just the opposite.
C'mon Zillow work fairly and honestly with both sides: realtors and
consumers. It might go a long way towards cleaning up your own "C-"
rating on the BBB site.

Also be very careful submitting reviews to Zillow - the following comes from Zillows rules and policies to realtors regarding on-line reviews:

"Will I know who has reviewed me?
When you receive an email notifying you of a review, you can see the username and profile of the person who has reviewed you, and, if provided, the address where the service was provided and the approximate sale price, if a home was bought and sold, as well as the year the transaction took place."

New Reviewer

I am a realtor in Kansas and I spent TOO much money on Zillow. Like many others... I got nothing but bad leads. Total waste of money! To top it all off... I sent them a cancellation notice at the end of the month before the next billing cycle started and they not only charged me a cancellation for the following months... they also charged me the full ad rate for the next month which was scheduled to start in the next couple days. These people don't operate with morals or ethics so beware. They produce fake leads in addition to bad leads. I'm sure they produce some good leads too... I just wasn't fortunate enough to receive any of them.

New Reviewer

They just dropped our house's value again, which coincided with our property tax increase based on VALUE. The house behind me is for sale. It is a stripped down version of my house. Mine is ALL brick, this one is all hardi plank, our pool is much larger, our finishes within the house are the TOP of the line, their house is basic, and the cost put into building it is apparent. they are both 6500 square feet, and mine has an elevator, a theater room, a billiard room, a HUGE master bedroom suite, Italian marble kitchen countertops, the list goes on. Where does Zillow get their nerve, saying they use reliable sources. Come visit my hosue, zillow!

New Reviewer

Our house was showing $230K week 1, $250K week 2, $259k week 3, $222k week 4, and the vaulation curve has also been changed. This seems a bit dramatic to me. House nearbvy all similar and their pricing is all over the place, there is no consistency.

New Reviewer

Recent numbers are changing massively, sometimes weekly, with no basis in fact.
For example, a house across the street from me, two doors down, just dropped from $590k to $520k over the past week with the entire past history price chart revised as if the high valuation (which was consistent over many months prior) had never existed.

The strangest and most clearly defective part is that this house sold last month, just closed and the new owner moved in over the past weekend. The sale price was $588k. How could it suddenly be worth almost $70,000 less? It can't. Zillow is calculating on defective formulas, using bad data and is unreliable and dishonest in reporting past valuation and valuation trends.

New Reviewer

If zillow is crapping on your house value, return the favor - box up and anonymously send them some dog poop. we shouldn't have to tell them everything about our homes to improve our value on their site. Instead, if they get enough dog poop from a certain area code, they'll get the picture that their is something wrong with their model there...

New Reviewer

Agree with most of the other posts here - the price data they have on zillow is just wrong. Two roughly identical houses on my street - one valued at $1.9M, the other at $1.2M. Same bedroom, bath, sq. ft., acreage, amenities, etc. Don't bother with this site - it's useless.

New Reviewer

They have dropped the price zestimate on my house by $100,000 in the last 7 months. So it is now only two grand over what I paid for it, 10 years ago... Even though my neighborhood has exploded the last few years, new development all around me, literally. You can't even get a "lot" in my neighborhood, for more than 60grand of their zestimate. And my next door neighbors house, who has exactly the same house, is listed as having 2 more bedrooms and 2.5 more bathrooms? I had contacted them about multiple listings of my property and to remove interior photos from 4yrs ago. They sent me some bs form letter about their algorithms. The worst!

New Reviewer

I need to list employees houses worth.
These prices are wrong and these people should be arrested for invasion of privacy! If you are from Zillow and reading these reviews YOUR MOTHER SHOULD SUCK MY $#*!!

New Reviewer

I looked up our home information on Zillow, and the home info is wrong, the house is undervalued by about 125k. We live in a subdivision in a rural area, so many of the homes are a little cheaper, but we built a custom home, with granite counter tops, ceilings, walk out basement, cherry cabinets, etc., and they have valued our home at 258k, The cost per scare footage to build is more than that. Whoever does these Zestimates, needs to have some common sense.

New Reviewer

These people report inaccurate information and will do absolutely nothing to fix it.
US Government do something positive for a change start fining companies with numerous complaints against them or shut them down!

New Reviewer

I’m working in Bogatov Realty Inc., successful company with a high indicator of sales.
We signed up for Zillow leads service in the end of 2013. The result from it is absolutely ZERO!
The company pay $2500 per month, but never get a real leads. Its leads look like a fake with wrong phone numbers and nonexistent emails.
We want to stop our contract, but cancellation fee is $6000! This is like a real trap! We are disappointed!

New Reviewer
5/17/14 created a totally wrong event, listed our house as sold and foreclosed to lender. We contacted them, they said sorry, but they do not make any correction to remove the wrong information on our house in Zillow website foreclosure listing. It is wasting our time and energy because we contact them four times, they did not take any action to fix the issue. The website information is not reliable and inaccurate.

New Reviewer

My home is listed as a foreclosure.... HUH??
And I must register with them to correct THEIR false information?
I think not. Bogus info, leads to nowhere, old and invalid listings. Don't waste your time.

New Reviewer

I was a Realtor when Zillow first started and, at that time, there was not enough data to give their pricing much credibility. Today that is a different story and I rely on this site for not only pricing info but they actually have much more than even the MLS can provide. For research, invaluable.

New Reviewer

I downloaded the app and want to save favorites but that requires registering through Facebook. I cancelled Facebook so now it appears there is no way to register which is extremely frustrating. It seems ridiculous that that you need to have Facebook to register for Zillow.

Apprentice Reviewer

My real estate agent warned me that this site is not very accurate, so just be careful. However, it does give information about the prior sales for the home, which can be helpful!

New Reviewer

Zillow recently changed the three schools listed for our house. I contacted Zillow to have them change back to the three assigned schools were were rated 9, 9, and 10. They make excuses and nothing happens. So, the schools listed are 9 (assigned), a NR (Christian school), and a 3 (Alternative High School). I am not sure how Zillow can consider my concerns a bother. You would think that Zillow would want to reflect the actual information, the correct information, but it does not seem to care. I guess, the Zillow CEO does not care also and this is reflective on his personnel.

New Reviewer

My review was rejected twice. The first time I had put names of the people I dealt with, so I figured that was why (even though they allow names when it is positive). So I took them out, and it was still rejected. They only want positive reviews. Their estimated values are never very close according to my loan officer and 3 different agents I worked with in buying my current home. Below is my rejected review.

New Reviewer

Zillow makes a serious error. I bought this condo 2 years ago in all cash $620,000. I still live here and never sold this home. The public record showing a sale on 3/7/14 for $370,00 is a different unit in the same building. It is my other all cash purchase of unit 201 in the same building 400 W Ocean blvd Unit 201, a 2 bedroom unit of 1070 Sqft, not Unit 2402, 1760 Sqft.
Caution: Do not believe Zillow's appraisal as it does not consider the location, view, elevation, improvement, etc, and it uses erroneous data.
Zillow must correct and make a public apology immediately as it is a defamation and depressing the property and it's neighborhood value.
Written and posted by owner on 4/18/14…

I have also reported to Zillow to correct the erroneous public record and it says the site will take 2 wks to make correction. Then they ask me to send evidence to prove it. Why can't they go back and check their record when the burden of proof and correction are on them.

I wonder Zillow deliberately made the mistake in order to generate traffic to the site. Now, you all will check the site more often to see if Zillow defames you and devalues yours and your community property values.

Or Zillow is really a giant real estate website that is full of trash and no one should care for it?

What more do you think I should do to Zillow?

New Reviewer

Bogus leads, desperate agents clicking on paying realtors ads to test the site, a waste of money, $1200 later I'm out and not one sale! There is also a large number of old expired listings going back 3 years.. A total waste of my time and money, stay away!

New Reviewer

Bogatov Realty Inc. signed up for Zillow leads service in December 2013.
We signed up for 2 zip codes- 33160 and 33154 – total cost per month $2500
The contract commitment is a minimum of one year.
That’s a total of $30,000 for the year.
Since December we did not receive one real lead.
Most of the phone numbers and emails are wrong and there is no response.
The leads who responded are out of state and are just looking around.
We asked Zillow to stop our contract. The cancelation fee is $6000.
This is a horrible service that does not provide any real leads.

New Reviewer
4/14/14 is a joke. My wife accidentally browsed their website and found our house listed there, but the information about the house is completely wrong: nothing but the address is correct and they even got the house square footage off by 50%. I sent an email asking them to correct the misinformation since I could not find a contact number to call them. When I got the email reply back, I am stunned that they ask me to register on their website and correct the misinformation myself. How ridiculous is that? First of all, I have no interest to register on their website. Second, I did not create this misinformation and have no intention to make changes to something that I did not create. It makes me wonder how this company obtained, filtered, reviewed (for errors), and managed the housing data before they put it on their website. I would not trust the housing data on their website, nor do I want to do any business with them.

On a side note, it was not until I got to this website to post my review on did I realized that there have been so many negative reviews on them already. I would give them zero start if the web software allowed it.

New Reviewer

My wife and I saw a home on Zillow that we absolutely loved. The Zillow "zestimate" was very close to our target purchase price. When the agent met us at the home, we realized that Zillow was not even close to the actual value of the home. Only about 500k too low!!! After further investigation, we discovered Zillow is regarded as a joke in the market. Don't waste your time with this site!!!

New Reviewer

Zillow is hilarious! My agent told me to be careful looking at Zillow since values tend to be inflated . I watched my house here in Austin because values have been skyrocketing. Zillow increased the value of my property by thousands of dollars every month! Nice for me! Til January when I answered a survey from Zillow with a short response. I said I thought their values were slightly elevated. Little did I know that this would begin a gradual decline in my homes value! Little by little and day by day I have been downgraded in value. In the past six weeks I have lost 10% of the value of my house! No known market factor. In fact other nearby homes have continued to climb in value. I would love to have Zillow explain this to me. Is negative survey feedback cause to damage your homes marketability? I know their values are not accurate, but at what point does their estimate become a liability? Or, is this up to a jury?

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I am a orofessional home stager and thought it worth listing my service but my business never shows up in the PRO listings. I continually contact them but they never fix it. Don't waste your time with a free business listing.

New Reviewer

I'm a renter trying to find a place in the Pacific Northwest and for the last month+ I've found the search results for Zillow to be infuriatingly inaccurate. Houses show up on my searches as being within my rent range (or get sent to me in daily bulletins of houses that match my search criteria) but when I click to see the detail the rent is hundreds of dollars higher. Other times both the search results and the details page match in rent for a few days, but will jump back up in price after a few days. I'm going to have to just give up on using this service to find my new place. Disappointing for sure.

New Reviewer

I was shocked to see grossly inaccurate info on Zillow suggesting my $322K home sold two years ago for $60k ! One place on their site they say my home is worth $322K. On their little map of my neighborhood, they say it's worth $60k. This all because of refinancing info they were provided and completely botched. Now, they want me to jump through all kinds of hoops to get them to correct their mistake. Imagine the hassle if I try to sell my home and people look at the error-filled Zillow site and see their grossly inaccurate claims and actually believe them. Awful.

New Reviewer

Value listings of properties are way off.

Went to a professional for the value of my old house, was a 3 bedroom; whole house needed rewiring, no light socket worked, bugs everywhere, nails sticking out, cabinets in kitchen falling off, etc. Professional said it was worth about 50$ a month for rent.

Zillow said 8500. This wasn't the only house where the estimate was way off. To this day, I've counted about 38.

New Reviewer

Zillow has a shady big money making business going on. I'm a brand new agent. Licensed 1 month ago. I was given permission to post an agent's seller's listing (to be the buyer's agent) on Zillow. Well, after I posted it. I noticed 3 other agents on my post that have no association to me, the listing agent, the seller, nor my company. I was confused. I did a test contact to see if I would receive the message. I did not, but I got a reply from another agent's mortgage broker. I contacted Zillow to rectify this immediately and was very upset and they were able to bamboozle me into spending $219 a month to get a so-called wonderful service that would also eliminate the 3 agents on my posting. After a few hours of thought and research, I noticed none of the other seasoned agents at my agency have this "premier agent" service. Also their listings didn't have other agents. I called Zillow to get an explanation and she said it's because the agents listings are rentals. I corrected her telling her they are all SALES listing. After some time, and back and forth, she hung up on me because I was quite upset. She kept giving me the sales pitch. I kept telling her I'm new and have no income yet. Anyway, shame on me for letting her get away with selling me such a high priced and worthless service. I'm going through my credit card now to fix the problem. A lesson learned as a new agent :(

New Reviewer

My husband and I are trying to sell our home and our agent said NOT to look at Zillow because of the consistent inaccuracies and now we believe her. We looked at our house which we built in 1989 and have never sold but the Zillow site reads that we have sold it for $45K and $100K. WRONG When using this site please don't believe what you read.

New Reviewer

recently I had confirmation that Zillow uses an algorithm to estimate the value of premises based upon neighboring data, EXCEPT when they integrate feedback from local real estate agents. I wrote about this several times, however without concrete proof until I met a real estate agent that told me how I could buy a house for less by submitting his "estimate" online and then the price would be "correct".
While I wrote this to Zillow, no response nor adjustment ever came, so there is or a definitive fraudulent action going on to the advantage of a limited number of people or there is willful negligence in not correcting the issue. I am not the only one but probably thus far the only one who put this as internet fraud.

New Reviewer

As a Realtor, I have been amazed by the arrogance of the people trying to sell you on advertising with their site. Extremely pushy and condescending. One even said if I didn't see the wisdom of signing a 12 month contract with Zillow, I must not be much of an agent. (I have closed more than $100 million).
Then when I thought I had negotiated a 6 mos contract, I discovered right at the last minute that the deal included an automatic renewal for another 6 months. Now, somebody please tell me how a 12 mos contract is different than a 6 month contract with an automatic renewal for another 6 months with the same terms? It was just their sales person doing some fast talking. Fortunately, I caught it just in time and cancelled the deal. AGENTS: Be careful with them!

New Reviewer

It's just amazing to see amount of real estate information on that site. Recent sales, newest listings and many pictures. Very good site.

New Reviewer

I am a Realtor. At first the site worked pretty well. However, the leads have dried up, and they go to so many agents they are worthless. Deceptive sales practices make it even worse, and good luck canceling (even if they lied about how long a commitment you were entering into).
Add in to this the fact that they take their info from our hard work (getting listings), and there is good reason to avoid this site. To add insult to injury, they shut down my email I use on my business cards and have not been able to get it back up and running.
Their reps are excellent at taking your credit card number and your money. Not much else, though.

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