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1800 Seaport Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: 1-888-8ZAZZLE
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I order 2 St. Patricks day shirts almost 2 weeks ago.

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Zazzle can be a good place to make custom tee shirts for gifts. You can design your own using their website, or you can upload a picture. The shipping is quick and the prices aren't bad. My biggest complaint is how slow their web interface can be. I've ordered 3 times, but the last time I gave up because their site was so slow and I used instead which is also good.

New Reviewer

I wanted to comment on how great is as an on-line company. To welcome the newest member of my husbands family, baby Elli, everyone will be getting together in a few weeks to meet her for the first time. (She was born in August & lives in Wyoming with her mommy & daddy). As a family tradition, we get a button for each big ocassion we are together. So, in honor of little ms. elli, we wanted to order a button with her picture on it to celebrate "Elli-Palooza!" So, on Friday, I downloaded her picture, created the button and ordered 20 of them to be shipped. I received an order confirmation email immediately. Then, on Saturday, I received another email stating they were being shipped! AMAZING! Not only did the company deliver what they promise, they deliver quickly. We have ordered from them before and will do so again! Thank you

New Reviewer

I ordered some customised mugs for a Christmas present, I ended up spending over $50. When the mugs did come they had sent me someone else's order!! When i emailled them I recieved an automated email, no apology. An apology would have been nice because by the time the new shipment came Christmas had been and gone. Today I recieved the reprinted mugs and they have been printed on different sizes, when i ordered all the same size!
I would not deal with Zazzle again

New Reviewer

I have never placed a negative review for any internet company before even though I have been shopping online for years. I have never found such a difficult company to deal with. I tried to pay through Paypal, but they never directed me to the Paypal site so I could choose where I wanted the funds to come from, so I had to cancel the order. I have never had a site place an order through Paypal without directing me to the Paypal site. I placed the order again, and they apparently sent a confirmation e-mail to an old e-mail address that I have not used for 6 years instead of the email address I supplied, then cancelled the order because I did not respond. The 3rd time I tried to place the order, they insisted that the billing address I gave did not match the one on file with my credit card company, even though it most certainly did match. I contacted my credit card company, and they siad that there was no problem on their end, and that they had supplied Zazzle with a phone number to call if they had any questions, but that was apparently too much trouble for Zazzle, so instead they just kept sending me emails threatening to cancel my order if I did not supply sensitive information to them via email. When I tried to phone customer support, the person I talked to said he could not help with billing issues. Even though Zazzle only gave me 48 hours to reply to their nasty emails, they couldn't respond promptly to my emails asking why they needed this information. Finally I got an email giving me a number to call for their fraud department - what fraud? - and said I must respond within 24 hours or the order would be cancelled. When I called, I repeatedly got voicemail, and no one ever reponded to the messages I left. This all seems to be some sort of scam, and the company seems to be very shady. At the very least, they have a horrible customer support department. I will never order from them again, and I would advise anyone thinking of ordering from them to try to find the products elsewhere, This is one dot com company that needs to go under.

New Reviewer

still waiting for some cards i ordered , mabe i can use them next 20th anniversaty i have...oh no wait its never going to come again ..thanks zazzle

New Reviewer

this is the worst custom site ever. i designed a men's necktie that simply said "im awesome" i used the fonts they provided and the colors they provided... i DID NOT upload any pictures or logos. about a week after i placed my order and made a payment i got an email saying that it was copyright infringement and they can not print this item. apparently a wrestler on WWE has "im awesome" as a catchphrase. since when did freedom of speech become copywrited. i personally think its a load a B.S. anyone can say that they "are awesome" thanks zazzle for ruining my kids gift to their father for fathers day by simply saying hes "awesome". you guys suck. oh... and im STILL waiting on my refund.

New Reviewer

I order 2 St. Patricks day shirts almost 2 weeks ago. I received my order Tuesday when I opened the packaged they had sent me the wrong size, I had ordered a XL and they sent me a M. When I called and told them I was leaving Friday for St. Patricks day they told me tough luck. Then I spoke with a manager who said they were going to overnight it to me so I would have it by Thursday... Today is Thursday and they just sent me a email saying they still haven't shipped the shirt yet. I am really upset because this is an error on there part and they are acting like it is my fault... Never will I do buisness there again

New Reviewer

Horrible....bureaucratic idiots
Zazzle refused to print a poster for me because the poster contained the picture of a sign of Mt. Bachelor and they said I had to get a release from the resort???? This poster was for may daughter commemorating her participation in the Junior Olympics held at Mt. Bachelor. Basically, they refuse to print any image that has a copy righted logo. They claim it is copy right I guess every private use photo that has any logo or image that is copy righted must have a release before they print it...they need to get real. Don't waste your time with these folks

New Reviewer

bad, bad, bad
don't waste your time and money, they sent me the wrong product twice and missed my deadline for weeding invitation. Website look good but service and product horrible.. Not recommended at all, be carful

New Reviewer

Letter I submitted to them

I have to say I am very unhappy with your shipping. I ordered post cards last wednesday (the 5th) and choose standard shipping (5-7 days) thinking they would be here by tomorrow (1 week) the tracking # supplied does not work but another item I purchased the same day and shipped the same day is now scheduled for arrival on monday the 17th. That being said I orderd from another company in CA also choose standard shipping and that item will be delivered on friday THIS friday the 14th, oh yeah I ordered that item this wed a week after I ordered from your company, I am letting you know because although it is not your fault, my party is on the 29th and I ordered the invites from you company. My mistake, you should really look into why your shipping is so much slower then other companies also using UPS. It would have been faster if you had just dropped my post card in the mail box!

New Reviewer

First Order received damaged.
Second Order never received, emails ignored.
Don't waste your money, time and stress with these what you need locally!

New Reviewer

I ordered a customized keychain and pre-paid c.$40-45, which included shipping costs from UK to France. When the item arrived, I was away and my neighbor accepted it and left the package for me to find. Some weeks later, when I returned, I tore it open, loved the keychain and threw away the wrappings. It was only after that, when I saw my neighbor, that she explained that she had paid the shipping costs required by FedEx (I think; pretty sure -- an additional 31 euros, or c.40-45 dollars) for delivery from the US, not UK whose Zazzle site I had ordered from. I paid her back, then looked at my order and asked Zazzle what had happened. Their reply indicated that this was a problem with "my loal distributor" and that I should try to get a copy of the bill from FedEx. As I do not even know the date of delivery and am not quite certain that it was FedEx, this is hopeless. So, I have a nice keychain (mass produced, simply custom engraved with one word) for which I have paid around $85.00. I really resent Zazzle's implying that this is somehow my fault -- when the only fault I had was to have used Zazzle. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

New Reviewer

I paid for next day delivery and received it two days later and they wouldn't refund my money for next day delivery. I'll never order from them ever again nor refer them to my soldiers. I mean I would have accepted the difference between the 1 day and two day delivery especially since I ordered way before 3pm eastern standard time

New Reviewer

I ordered a card for my 30th wedding anniversary nine days before the event. I thought that this was plenty of time for such a simple order however it is yet to arrive. To be fair the small print does say 5 - 12 days but who a: reads the small print or b: expects anything to take that long these days. I would reccomend that you make a card yourself on the computer - as I ended up doing!!!

New Reviewer

I'm actually a seller on Zazzle. I'm sorry to say Zazzle really doesn't consider the sellers their customers. I find we are the lowest priority. The reason most products come out as well as they do is because we design them well. Unfortunately we are often not paid reliably.We have items removed for copyright infringement even if there is no infringement. We have to hunt down and research problems that are usually mistakes made by Zazzle or their software. We are generally talked down to, ignored and made to feel unimportant because we aren't the "real customers" We promote our products, properly tag and name them, display them to sell...we make Zazzle profitable but to Zazzle we are just sellers.
Zazzle has major communication and customer relation deficiencies. They don't know how to run the business end though they have a decent machine for designing products. For now that is what's saving them.

New Reviewer

I bought a groupon for holiday cards. I spent 3 days trying to create these cards on their website. Uploaded pictures disappeared, cards were not saved, constantly had to log out and log back in to refresh the website. This experience was UNACCEPTABLE! Save your sanity and go with a different company for Christmas Cards.

New Reviewer

Very disappointed in the actual amount of coffee this travel mug I purchased holds. Picked it out of a line up without customizing it and final purchase was over 50.00 with tax, shipping and handling. Travel mug is more suited for a kid than an adult.

New Reviewer

I ordered a shirt for my dog in xlarge...when it came it was xsmall..My dog weighs 45 lbs and the shirt was for 0 to 4 lb. I rechecked my order several time before submitting it...I called customer service and got a very rude person...They said to donate the shirt and they would send me a new one..A week went by and nothing...I called again and they said the shirt did not come in xlarge so they would refund my money....After two weeks the refund finally showed up in my account minus the shipping...Why should I loose the shipping fee when it was their error...I am going to chalk this one up and never order from Zazzle again....

New Reviewer

Very poor customer Service, Poor response. I used a Groupon and the website did not give an option for the amount the Groupon was for. I order 70 instead of 75 cards. The website started out charging .49 a card but when I put my Groupon in, the cards went up to $1.70. The Groupon was to cover the whole cost including shipping however, I ended up paying $34 extra. I needed to place my order because these were Christmas cards and I figured they would fix the problem. It took three days for them to get back to me and when they did, they said they could not refund the money because I put in the wrong amount. They offered a new code but did not give me a code. When the cards arrived, they were wrong. If you use this company, good luck to you.

New Reviewer

I ordered invitations for only TEN people from Zazzle and they messed up THREE times. First they gave me someone else's order because it was addressed to Bob and it was a bumper sticker... then TWICE they put A COMPLETELY wrong address on the envelope and I didn't even request for an address to be put on the invitation!

THEN when I emailed their support team, Andrew from their Support team writes:

We have authorized a refund to the account used to make your purchase. You can expect the returning funds to be available in your account within the next 7-21 business days, depending on the processing speed of your financial institution.

While our normal return policy requires a physical return of the product in order to issue a refund, we are WILLINGLY to make an exception and waive the return in this instance. Please feel free to keep, donate, or discard the item, at your discretion.

What kind of apologetic letter is this? You are "willingly" going to overlook your return policy because you guys messed up three times. How hard is it to create an invitation and process the right order?

Zazzle's production team sucks along with their customer support team in particular ANDREW.

Thanks for nothing Zazzle.

New Reviewer

I am floored at how badly this company is run now. I've been with them for years, and have a casual store. I ordered a single unframed print for a client and it has sat in processing for over three weeks (site says 24 hours at most). Every single time I call, they "upgrade" my shipping (how many times can you do that exactly? is it ever actually upgraded?!) and tell me they'll contact processing and get it out asap. I've had multiple customer service reps email me the same message that they're working diligently to fix the situation, and then when I call they don't have record of the other reps doing so. I had to go to Staples and get my print to send to my client since it was for a specific event. She now has her print and is a happy customer, while the original still sits in processing! I called again today and they finally refunded my money after I said they lost me as a customer. Then they finally told me there is a large delay in the print department.... thanks for telling me the truth. Finally. Please let your customers know if something like this happens so they can make alternate plans. I'm never going to be a zazzle customer again because I can't afford for them to run me around week after week when I've got better things to do.

New Reviewer

My daughter ordered her wedding programs from They were in processing for well over a week after the site promised they would be processed in a day. With the wedding two days away, they still hadn't been shipped. I called twice, talked to two different men, both of whom promised me they would put a rush the order and send it via overnight delivery. I called a third time and talked with a woman who told me because it was my daughter's order, she couldn't speak with me about it. this information protected by HIPAA? I was just trying to see if they were being shipped that day because if not, don't bother! Please stay away from this site if you want something done in a timely manner. Why do they ask you the event date and then not bother to tell you they can't possibly deliver by then?

New Reviewer

I ordered from them about a month ago now. Firstly, their lowest shipping option doesn't have track and trace. I figured due to safety and customer value most companies would actually trace their packages even with the lowest shipping option - it IS 2013 after all. Secondly, when inquiring about my package I got a generic copy/paste after waiting 2 days. Really bad customer service to me, if I made someone wait 2 days then I'd atleast write them a response, not just paste them something.
Still not recieved my package, but I'm starting to genuinely wonder if it will even come - no tracking, no clue.
If it doesn't show up in another week I'll likely petition for my money back. Will not order from Zazzle again, even if they're the last company on earth.
EDIT; I'd have given them 0 stars if I could.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2012 Christmas cards in early November. They arrived and were printed crooked. I requested a return and replacement cards before Thanksgiving. The request was granted and I received an email that they were being reprinted and would mail out soon. It took two more requests and a phone call (with a 15 minute wait) to apparently actually get the cards printed. They are now in the mail and tracking to arrive on Christmas Eve even though I was assured by customer service they would arrive immediately by courier. Horrible experience and I will never deal with again.

New Reviewer

This was the WORST online experience I have ever had. I ordered my wedding invitations and accessories and they came out all different sizes. They didn't match. . .the quality of the paper is CHEAP. I could have gotten better quality if I went to the local drug store and picked up a package of invitations. What is worse, when I called Customer Service, the rep was mean, insulting, and kept saying the same thing "you made the mistake" and "this is our policy". His supervisor was even worse. . .said the same phrases over and over again. They rude and insensitive and did not try to remedy the situation. I sent the entire order back in the precise way they told me they had to send it back. I have the UPS tracking showing it was delivered. Yet they say they never received it. I have yet to receive my refund which is over $400 . . .please don't trust this site, especially with something important. I learned this the hard way.

New Reviewer

The website was flakey and often had to be reloaded. Once the frustration of ordering the product was over, there was the waiting period. This was one of the slowest deliveries I can recall. When the stuff got there (printed material) it looked quite amateur. I would not recommend this site. The quality would be better if you made the same stuff on your ink jet printer.

New Reviewer

Terrible service. I ordered a t-shirt with a pumpkin on it over two weeks ago and it still hasn't come. I don't need it now as Halloween has been and gone. It says on their website 3-5 days for delivery. When you look at the small print it says 3-5 days after manufacture and manufacture can take up to 12 days. Waste of time. Stay away!

New Reviewer

I wanted to order some t-shirts for my daughter with "Toontown" on them and Zazzle was the only site that had them. They were SUPER expensive for a tee but my daughter is worth it so I ordered. The order went smoothly and the shipping was quick enough but DANG the quality SUCKS!!!! For 25 dollars a peoce you would think that print would be better. I mean these are worst than something you would see at a dollar store. RIP OFF!!!

New Reviewer

BAD website.
I had ordered a mousepad to be delivered to my friend as a gift and the wesite said it would be 15 working days for it to be delivered. It has been 3 more than 3 months now and it still has not been delivered.
Also the website is bad, There is no customer service or contact numbers to call.
The worst website to order anything.

New Reviewer

If you're an artist on this site and have a store with Zazzle, if there's ever a problem with anything, you will get minimal help from customer service. They say things like "if this is unresolved we will do what we can to resolve your issue" but it's a lot of hot air. The responses you get from them are to the tune of "we appreciate your patience in resolving this matter" but they go unresolved and if you try to get help again, they become evasive, borderline rude, and never give you a proper response.

New Reviewer

Disappointment!!! I used them for my wedding invitations and RSVP cards. What a disaster. First they didn't ship as specified then when I received them the RSVP didn't even fit in the invitation. These two items were advertised together so you would expect them to work. Well WRONG! Make sure that you give them plenty of time to ship as well as call and make sure the two items truly belong. Zazzle is a hub for people to sell their items through them. Buyer BEWARE

New Reviewer

I had a custom order shirt with a picture of a landscape THAT I PAINTED MYSELF.
My friend really liked my painting and I thought it would be a nice birthday present for her. I submitted the order well before her birthday (3 weeks). 2 weeks of 'processing' my order, I get an email telling me I had COPYRIGHT CONTENT ON MY ORDER and that my order was cancelled. I have emailed them regarding the obvious mistake, but it was already too late for my friend's birthday. It's been a week since her birthday, and to this date I have not gotten any reply.

Not only does this show the absolutely terrible customer service, but the utter stupidity of the zazzle content reviewers. Never use this site.

New Reviewer

I bought a "varnished wood grain" iPhone 4 cover. Now, you would think, based on the picture which is clearly a varnished, shiny piece of wood, that it would be just that, a shiny, wood cover. Instead it's a piece of cheap a** fabric that cost probably 10 cents to make. It's absolute garbage. If this is the type of products they have, don't waste your money (the cover was 30 + dollars).

New Reviewer

It has been three weeks that ordered envelope seals, and i still do hear anything from them, nor the product i ordered is nowhere to be found. Is this a trustworthy site.? I need those envelope seals for my invitation cards, the invitation cards are sent without the envelope seals. And the problem is, there is no contact info in the website where you can email or call them.

New Reviewer

I bought something from this site a year ago and the other day I had a $110 charge for this site. I do not believe someone swiped my card as this is the only charge and only site. I asked Zazzle to research this, gave them the order date, total and the last four of the card used. They said it would be difficult to find, this from their fraud department. Really? Not helpful at all, didn't appear they gave a damn about my concern and why should they? They got their money. I had them remove any and all data that may be there. Very unhelpful but that's the new Amerikan way.

New Reviewer

I am trying to purchase one tshirt and the promotion says free shipping. The code gives a successful message but doesn't remove the shipping fee. I reread all the fine print and should still qualify so...I look for contact info which wasn't easy to find. The 800 number is always busy and the local number puts me on hold... So I try to send an email which it kicks back to a generic help menu that gives me outdated information. I try again and can't get into the email area at all. Finally I do, and it says that they take a day to get back to you. It's a one day only promo. Not satisfied and I've spent a long time trying to get this to work.

New Reviewer

This review is more of the business rather than the shopping. Zazzle said the order would take 5-12 business days to ship. I am now on day 13 and counting.. and can't give the item I purchased as a gift. Their shipping takes longer than they promise. When I complained to their customer service, they admitted that it has been seen to take an additional 5 days ... but they don't make that clear on their website.

I will never order from them again. Cafepress is MUCH more reliable and great quality too!

New Reviewer

Zazzle describes itself as enabling "individuals, professional artists, and major brands, including Disney and Hallmark, to create and offer billions of unique products for customers worldwide". This means Zazzle does not DESIGN the items it sells, but PRINTS them. Therefore, if anything goes wrong in the production process, they say it's part of the design, creating a loop of passing the buck between designer and Zazzle. At the end of the day, you do get a refund, less your return shipping and a whole lot of grief.
Delivery is reasonable, order is questionably accurate. My order would have been perfect except for a gloss coating on one side of a gift card. The item arrived with the gloss coating on the To/From side and not the Address/Picture side, making it impossible to fill-out. Zazzle insisted this was the designers intention and would not see reason.
Not too pleased with Customer Service; your basic automaton, giving scripted answers. Zazzle was more interested in refunding my money than fixing the problem, which I wanted; I wanted the cards!
Customer Service "Support" was more concerned about being right than a retaining a pleased customer AND making money. Even after Zazzle had me contact the designer who said it was a printing error, Zazzle still insisted it was a design error, sending me "pictures" and Return Merchandise form.
Zazzle looks good, but isn't worth the grief

New Reviewer

Crappy misleading site. Said first time customers would get free shipping. Entered promo code and it would not accept. Said 3-5 shipping days. I am getting my order in 10. When I finally got a CSR they said if I ordered less than 50 items it would be 3-5, but since I ordered exactly 50 postcards it takes longer. Oh and CSR said the promo code was for KEDS sneakers only? WTF?

New Reviewer

So I didn't even get far enough to order because it said I needed to download the iphone ap in order to create business cards. We don't own apple products so I guess I can never order from this company because I decided to buy something different.

New Reviewer

The previous customer was accurate in describing the customer service. It really is terrible. They advertise a free trial that wasn't free (for me at least). After a few emails they explained per the agreement the $9.95 isn't refundable. Well, if it is worth me not ordering from them again over $9.95 then so be it. Then the order....invites looked ok but arrived 3 days later then expected. I will be ordering from Snapfish or Shutterfly.

New Reviewer

Ordered two ties that looked beautiful; they arrived dirty and the images were very very low resolution, pixelized. One tie even had a PENIS on the back, embedded in the fabric. What the actual **** is Zazzle all about? I asked for a refund, provided multiple photographs of the ties. They said it would take 7-21 business days for the refund, AND THAT I COULD KEEP THE TIES. What company does that?

Well, it has now been 27 days, and still no refund.

This company has all the features of a scam, PLEASE avoid them at all cost.

New Reviewer

OK, so I had to retract my statement about Zazzle's poor customer service as my initial dealings were an issue. When the company saw my post they contacted me immediately and resolved the issue. Thank you Zazzle, I will certainly use your services again.

New Reviewer

Don't worry, if you have an issue with your order, its your fault. No need to send them any information because even if its something you couldn't have possibly caused (i.e. inconsistant borders on business cards) they will find a way to make it your fault. HORRIBLE customer service. Spend so much time finding ways to blame me when they could've just taken care of the issue and had a happy customer!

New Reviewer

This company is a scam, I created a few designs here for myself and the website offers commission if someone else buys your design. After about three years I had built up about $50.00 in commissions, but when I asked for it they created one excuse after another for not paying it. Finally I just took down my designs and will look elsewhere for my shirt designs. Enter Zazzle at your own risk, shirts are thin and poorly made as well.

New Reviewer

I didnt want to give this company even one star but that was the lowest I could rate it.
I ordered a photo on canvas Dec. was supposed to be her in 7-10 days.
I still hadn't received it on 12/24...It was for a Christmas gift. I emailed because there was no way else to contact customer service. I was told they didnt usually allow cancellations of orders but would cancel my order if I wanted to. I said just send the photo I ordered....a family photo of my inlaws family. What I received on Jan 20, 2014 was a picture of a tigers head surrounded by a jungle background. DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!! The only thing they finally got correct was my refund and I'm waiting this long to post a review because I wanted to make sure I was refunded for this botched mess. I could have got the same photo on canvas done at my corner CVS for less!

New Reviewer

If I could give this site a zero I would. I ordered 50 invites for a baby shower. There is no way to proof your order after entering info. I placed the order and asked customer service NOT to send until I could see a proof. Naturally they ignored me and the invites came with the sample info. Someone else's shower. I have 100 people to invite and no invitations. They refuse to give me a refund and want me to re-order. It won't get here on time. HORRIBLE service. $100 Loss.

New Reviewer

I ordered pre-printed greeting cards and notecards. The quality of the photo on the front and the heavyweight card stock cannot be beat. It's really lovely. My only complaints are, firstly that the printing-quality is average at best and looks like it was done on someone's home ink-jet printer, NOT set to "best quality". The printing on the greeting card was just BAD. Some of the words were cut off. When I designed it, I took plenty of time to make sure that all of the words were visible and INSIDE the box. Whoever printed it either didn't care to fix it or didn't bother to check it after printing because they would certainly have seen that the words were cut off. This was NOT COOL, but I didn't make a fuss or return the card to Zazzle. I just sent the card to my friend with my apologies for the poor quality of the printing.

Secondly, I want to point out that this seller has NO DIRECT CONTACT INFORMATION listed on their storefront, so there was no way I could contact them regarding this. Zazzle's Customer Service told me that they are "not allowed to contact sellers on behalf of buyers". If there is no contact information listed, buyers are just out of luck. Something is just not right about that. I had hoped to ask the seller if it was possible to get the photo on the cards transferred onto other products. I was trying to BUY MORE from this person, but was unable to do so because I had no way to contact them. So it's their loss.

New Reviewer

I use this site for almost all my greeting cards/postcards. They are reliable, have easy returns and economical. I stock up when they have sales. I also like that cards can be customized.

New Reviewer

Twice I have contacted customer service regarding two issues I've had with their coupon code as well as their customer offers. Each time I have received a discourteous response. Their representatives did not seem keen on improving their services or taking responsibility for their mistakes. Because of this I will never buy a Zazzle product again. Had they been more courteous and helpful I would have already made another purchase within 30 days of my first.

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