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Zazzle reviews

711 reviews
Categories: Clothing, Gifts, Shopping
1800 Seaport Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063, United States
Tel: 1-888-8ZAZZLE

711 Reviews From Our Community

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But if you need to contact customer service, prepare for a wait. (in 132 reviews)


I ordered 3 different styles of business cards for my photo business. (in 36 reviews)


So, in honor of little ms. elli, we wanted to order a button with her picture on it to celebrate "Elli-Palooza!" (in 422 reviews)

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New Reviewer

My order came quickly, was appropriately priced and the quality was great. I've ordered a few different things from Zazzle, including custom stickers, postage stamps, mugs, and t-shirts, and all have been great quality.

New Reviewer

I made a canster set for my son an his wife,for there new log cabin. there just what I wanted thank you.

New Reviewer

Great customer Service. Expedited shipping due to time restraints for Soldiers overseas and was able to able to deliver top quality items. Do not hesitate to use Very kind and understanding staff with the customers needs as their #1 priority. SGT Torres, USA

New Reviewer

I purchased a case for my samsung galaxy phone. I absolutely love the fact that you can personalize anything that you buy from them. I also purchased personalized recipe binders for my sister which she loved. some items may be pricey but the quality is worth it. they also often offer discounts online. I would definitely recommend it.

New Reviewer

This site has always given me the best service and even when one of my products did not work out due to a seller issue, not site issues, they gave me a full refund almost immediately. I shop at zazzle constantly, and they have excellent discounts and even better quality products.

New Reviewer

I absolutely love buying from Zazzle. I love the quality of their products and the speed of delivery. I also feel good knowing that I'm helping artists and designers sell their own designs.

New Reviewer

I ordered a present before Christmas before the website's well-displayed 'buy now to get delivery before Christmas' counter. Except the counter didn't say you needed express shipping. I ordered by standard shipping and the package arrived after Christmas.

New Reviewer

It is an exciting site. Love it. It's a great concept and long may it continue to be a leader. Just wish they would open a factory in the UK, or at least perhaps send products in a container to the UK with a view to cutting postal costs.

New Reviewer

I ordered a custom photo iPhone cover for a friend and was able to see just exactly what the product would look like. The ordering was fast and easy and results were absolutely amazing. The processing of the order was quick and all we had to wait on was the shipping (which was longer because of Christmas holiday). Amazing results...could not be happier. Will be ordering one for myself now!!!

New Reviewer

Ordered 100 business cards using Zazzle template Dec 31. Credit card charged. Order goes immediately to 'Processed' which means I cannot cancel. Seven days later, they cannot estimate when they might ship... and have no explanation, and no other response. Argh !!! Never again.

New Reviewer

The website itself is great. My customer service hero Leonard was awesome and did the best he could to help me the 2 times my order was cancelled. Once for a design thought to be infringing on copyrights and another because the same desing wouldn't work for embroidering. Awful policy not to just place order on hold and call customer to discuss problems. Wasted SOOO much time recreating items for replacing orders.

Sweatshirt printing great on 1 of 3 items, other 2 very askew. in process of sending pictures to Zazzle. Not sure yet how this will be handled. Fingers crossed I have Leonard again to help me out. Could only give 1 instead of all 3 as gift.

Because of such a hassle I've had (more than any other ordering experience, online or through phone/catalogs) I wouldn't recommend zazzle to anyone. Its a shame since I originally was telling all of my family/friends about it. Would hate to have them go through the same time wasting ordering process as I have, AND get a crappy printing job, and blame me directly.

New Reviewer

I love shopping Zazzle. You can find something for anyone. Sometimes I think that the prices are a bit high but they always have specials and if you are not in a hurry you can usually get a good deal. Once an order has been placed, it usually arrives within 10 days

New Reviewer

For some some lovely and fun crafty items useful for gifts (many handmade), you should check out this site. Further, their speed of delivery at last-minute holiday time was fantastic. This site was much better than expected, and I am happy to recommend it.

Alva Griffith

New Reviewer

I needed a special card for my husband's birthday but wasn't finding anything in the stores. Then it dawned on me that I could make exactly what I had in mind on a site like this. I had never tried Zazzle before, even though I'd heard of it previously. I found the entire process very easy. The card came out great, and it arrived in the mail in a few days. It cost me around $4 total, which wasn't bad considering it was a custom thing.

I had a good experience with them, but I'm sad to see that others have not. I will keep that in mind if I ever decide to make something more complicated on their website.

My husband loved his birthday card and personally I would consider using Zazzle again for something small and simple like this.

New Reviewer

I find this website to be a valuable website for custom designed products that suit the interests of Naturists in a wide array of interests and needs. They make it easy to design your own, in many featured items, and their service is impeccable. I highly recommend them.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of custom mugs just a couple weeks before Christmas, they arrived on Christmas Eve (I was actually expecting my order to take longer), and the mugs were high-quality and perfectly printed. Excellent site, that

New Reviewer

Ordered stretched canvas photo prints - they were delivered quickly at a really fair price perfectly prepared. VERY happy with the result!

New Reviewer

I made my sticker the way I wanted it and then I wanted to change a minor detail so I called ZAZZLE and I was on hold for 30 min and then hung up. That was disappointing because I ended up having to doctor each individual sticker to my liking, which would have been done much easier at the production site.

New Reviewer

The coupons I had were great and I got a good deal on the shirts I bought. The shipping route was a bit ridiculous because it went in the wrong direction instead of coming on the day it was expected. My previous experience with purchasing a shirt from this website was much better.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2012 Christmas cards in early November. They arrived and were printed crooked. I requested a return and replacement cards before Thanksgiving. The request was granted and I received an email that they were being reprinted and would mail out soon. It took two more requests and a phone call (with a 15 minute wait) to apparently actually get the cards printed. They are now in the mail and tracking to arrive on Christmas Eve even though I was assured by customer service they would arrive immediately by courier. Horrible experience and I will never deal with again.

New Reviewer

Zazzle is where i buy all of my 'odd' stuff. Christmas Cards, T Shirts, Gifts and all kinds of things! They are a one in a million web site that has all kinds of stuff and i HIGHLY recommend using it! Check it out!

New Reviewer

The product I ordered was perfect, the only thing is that it took a month to get it, but once I received it I was extremely impressed with it.

New Reviewer

Very content with the quality of the products and the manufacturing.
The high quality really surprised me and was higher than anticipated, so I really can recommend Zazzle.
The whole product range, the ability to customize products and the whole shopping experience is very comfortable and handled with the highest rate of available security. So very comfortable online shop.
The transportation costs at my location unfortunately are quite high, but that is nothing Zazzle can change.

New Reviewer

Zazzle is great! You can design ornaments exactly how you want them. The quality is great & the shipping is speedy! Will definitely order from them again. :)

New Reviewer

I have nothing but good things to say about Zazzle. Their range of products and selection cannot be beat. Sometimes that makes choosing difficult, but it's always nice to have options. Everything I've purchased is of high quality and completely without flaw. Personalization turns out perfectly and the different font choices and colors really allow you to create something that reflects your style and personality. The turn around time is incredibly fast - my save the dates were printed and shipped less than 2 days after I placed the order. Talk about great customer service! Would definitely recommend for any occasion shopping!

New Reviewer

Zazzle dazzles! I placed an order on 12/10 for a customized coffee mug as a Christmas gift. Today is 12/14 and it just arrived at my office, exactly as I ordered it and perfectly reflective of the picture on their website. Color in the graphics are great and the customized print on the mug is centered perfectly with a nice rich ink that doesn't look like it'll fade with washings. I will definitely use in the future, especially now that I can add a special touch with customizing a gift.

New Reviewer

I liked the product which were small square magnets using my photos. I liked how they turned out but ordering them was labor intensive. I had to sign in each time I went to the "cart" page to order each of four different magnets and their respective quantities as well as my personal postage order.

New Reviewer

What I love about Zazzle is the excellent quality of the products and the ease to customize the products. Anytime I have needed help they are prompt and very helpful. I have bought from Zazzle over and over and I am happy with each order. I am disabled and it makes gift shopping so easy for me plus I can have my gifts mailed directly to whoever I bought it for - even internationally.

New Reviewer

I purchased four ties at a price that originally seemed to be a bit stiff. BUT, I am so pleased with the final products, and the comments I have received, and the compliments I have earned because I was wearing those ties have nullified any misgivings I may have had initially concerning the purchase price. I will be buying more ties from

New Reviewer

Surprisingly useful! never thought that i would end up using it so much, but i am there every other day. highly recommended.

New Reviewer

This site is easy to browse through and I've purchased several products now and they've always arrived right on time and the items so far have been high quality. I'm recommending to all my friends and anyone else who are looking for quirky or interesting gifts to give out this Christmas. I'm a customer for life!

New Reviewer

This is the second special order item I have gotten from Zazzle and have been quite pleased with both. They both arrived in an extremely short time for being a special order and were well packed.

New Reviewer

Easy to use website to design T-shirts, baby onesies, sweatshirts, etc. I made three different items, and they all turned out good. Nice quality clothing and range of products. Would use again.

New Reviewer

I had fun designing these for my grandchildren...changing colors and designs...It "REALLY" adds a personal touch...and I can't wait till Christmas for them too see them !!

New Reviewer

I've ordered several shirts from them and my stepdaughter recently created a shirt for her dad. The text is good and the quality of shirts is OK, but the images she used are faded. She also ordered 2 large binders for school in the past. The image quality was blurry (and some were really crisp photos when printed on other media) and the binders fell apart. So if you're looking for a gift beyond shirts, you might want to check out another site, or be aware that each item type does impact the result.

New Reviewer

This was such an unbelievable find for me. A great, fun creative outlet - and the do so much of the coordination and work that would have meant hours and hours and hours of researching and finding product, printer, design on my own.

New Reviewer

the site was easy to use. i was looking for unique personal ornaments for my childrens christmas trees. i was very happy with my purchases.

New Reviewer

I found this business on line while looking for a personalized coffee mug for a Christmas gift. They offered great looking products and I found their website easy to navigate. Using one of my digital photos, I designed the picture (my two year old great grandson) and the logo ("I Love You Papaw"). I received it less than a week after ordering, well packaged. The finished product was beautiful and I'm sure will be a cherished gift! I will be using this business again.

New Reviewer

I've ordered several products from the Zazzle websites and ALL have been exactly as I had hoped. And ALL were delivered quickly! Their products are high quality, well made and as most things I order are for Gift Giving, I'm proud to give them to the people I care about.

Again, Zazzle always exceeds my expectations!

New Reviewer

Very pleased! Great quality at a great price! Seems like the printing stage takes a little long, but besides that, excellent service!

New Reviewer

Zazzle has a ton of really interesting stuff. I love the option to customize OR just shop from the stock products offered. Great place to find personalized gifts for just about any occasion. I also love that they run a TON of deals and % off codes through their e-mail program. Makes it easier to justify some really great purchases!

New Reviewer

Zazzle is a great place for artists like myself to earn some extra income with their original designs. They will print your graphics onto all sorts of products such as bags, postage stamps, mugs, etc. And the artists will earn royalties from their products that sale.

Some products turn out better than others and my favorites -which they do an excellent job on- are their mugs, Rickshaw messenger bags, cards, postage stamps, and plaques. The print quality is always better on their non-fabric items (with the exception of the Rickshaw bags, which are printed by a company other than Zazzle -- and the quality is outstanding).

If you really like shopping on Zazzle like I do, you should totally sign up for their emails. If you do, you will be notified about all of their awesome sales which really helps save money. Also, If you order throughout the year like I do, I definitely recommend getting the "Zazzle Black" Free Shipping offer. Basically, if you pay a one time fee of $10 you will get free shipping for an entire year. That alone has saved me TONS.

New Reviewer

You can find almost anything you want on Zazzle - someone has designed it or you can do it yourself. Some days, you can spend hours looking, there's so much stuff available. My wife and I have purchased some of our own designs and those of others on t-shirts, mugs, steins, and the quality is excellent. Customer service for a minor print issue was also satisfactory. You can't go wrong with Zazzle!

New Reviewer

A great website! Easy to use, an abundance of fun and practical projects for gifts and "just because"!

New Reviewer

This is the best place I've seen for the type products they offer. The quality of the clothing I purchased was awsome!!

New Reviewer

The website was very clear and detailed. I knew how to figure out how much postage I needed and what size I wanted.

New Reviewer

I haven't used Zazzle much. But so far I like what I am getting ... Prices are a little high, but they have lots of sales. Excellent quality product and decent customer service.

New Reviewer

I've made a number of things from zazzle and they turn out wonderful. Please, if you ever want to create something memorable from your family pictures or personal drawings, give zazzle a try! They have numerous things for anyone you can think of :o

New Reviewer

Ordered our wedding invitations, RSVP cards and Dance invititations and we LOVED them, as did our guests. We have gotten so many compliments about how beautiful the invitations are!!! They are good quality, great price, and they came within a few days!!!!!

New Reviewer
10/13/12 provided me with affordable yet high quality custom made by me unique and amazing invitations and postcards for my special event. Zazzle's website is so easy to use and the prices are just right. The selection is enormous. Zazzle even had stiletto stamps for me to use for my 40th shoe party. How amazing is that!?! If you can think it, at Zazzle, you can find it! From invitations to custom items for my business, has it all and the price, delivery, customer service is RIGHT ON! I will never go anywhere else :D

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