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Zazzle reviews

365 reviews
Categories: Clothing, Gifts, Shopping
1800 Seaport Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: 1-888-8ZAZZLE

365 Reviews for Zazzle

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I order 2 St. Patricks day shirts almost 2 weeks ago.

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New Reviewer

My experience with Zazzle is very good. I have always got what I have ordered and very quickly, even if I live in Norway, Europe. Thank you Zazzle.

Apprentice Reviewer

I ordered business card from them but they were very expensive for the quantity we received verses other competitors where the designs are not that impressive. When we received a 50% on a Friday, we eagerly were trying our best to get the cards done but there were site errors. I contacted them about our troubles and they did not resolve the situation. I stopped using them from then on. If Customer service had a follow through then I would have stayed a happy customer.

New Reviewer

I love my T-Shirts, I ordered a reg. t-shirt and one with a scoop neck. Both washed up fine, The picture on the front did just fine with the washing. I will keep Zazzle in mind when wanting to order a special t-shirt, thanks again

Tassie Miller

New Reviewer

This order as well as all my orders were wonderful!! Thank you Zazzle for making the process easy & fun!!

New Reviewer

I also sell on another website ( but Zazzle offers greater possibilities for design complexity. It's also easy to navigate.

New Reviewer

Your search engine when looking for poster prints is a hit or miss when trying to find a specific print. When I received my "Love on the Beach" poster, the writing look completely fake, nothing like it did on your website. Not putting that one up on my wall.

New Reviewer

Long time to deliver a simple poster. Same day bought also a made to measure frame from other website and it promptly arrived. Frame now lying on the floor whilst waiting for the poster to arrive. Last time I buy from them. Also delivery costs quite high for such a small item. this is why I feel even more crossed.

New Reviewer

The t-shirt I ordered was amazing. High quality and the pictures came out very clear. It did not take long to be shipped to a U.S. address. The tie I ordered was more than I expected. The graphic did not look cheap and the tie was also high quality. It took about 2 weeks to be shipped to a Canadian adress. I love this site!

New Reviewer

Iphone covers were excellent and arrived on time. Great website, I have referred you to my friends, they all want covers for the grandparents etc. The picture of my son was very clear.

New Reviewer

just awesome. Loveed everything about it from the selection, to the quality, to the accuracy and fast on-time shipping. Cost is perfectly set as well.

New Reviewer

i love zazzle it allows me to make personal products for me or my love ones it always comes out how i expect it and it comes on or before expected date just the best website to make calandars and other personal products

New Reviewer

It was so easy to order the product and the staff was helpful when I needed any information. I will do more business with Zazzle in the future. You are the best!

New Reviewer

Zazzle does not even deserve one star. I have been an artist on Zazzle for a little more than a year now and they do nothing but cause headache. For example, today I went to cash my Zazzle pay check and I couldn't because THEY did NOT sign it and they do not have customer service over the weekend. I also find it funny that they sent me a FAKE check and now suddenly my sight won't work which means I can not contact them.

New Reviewer

Great tie. But it looked light blue on the screen. When I got it I found out it was lavender. I'll still wear it but I wish it had been blue.

New Reviewer

This was my first purchase with & I was very pleased with the overall experience. Everything was represented correctly, & the delivery was fast & efficient. Thank you for everything Zazzle....

New Reviewer

Tis was an EPIC place for unique shirts and other stuff that i'm semi lazy to say but more than plain clothes.

New Reviewer

The invitations I designed on line came exactly as they looked. I was surprised by the large font size on the words on the back side of the card, but that must have been my fault. Still they look nice and will be great for our purpose. So glad you had a "flapper" invitation we could use.

New Reviewer

I really loved all of the products I was looking at. But the way you personalize the iPad cases was really hard. I had to choose a case that I could just use the personalized example on the website because I could never figure out how to put my name on anything.

New Reviewer

First Order received damaged.
Second Order never received, emails ignored.
Don't waste your money, time and stress with these what you need locally!

New Reviewer

It took a while before the order arrived in the Netherlands (4 weeks). The calander came up to expectations.

New Reviewer

Loved using this site for Christmas! I was able to get everyone I know personalized gifts that they loved, all from the same place! And for my hard to shop for family, I was able to create something entirely new just for them. Shipping was a little slow (cut it VERY close to Christmas!), but that's probably my own fault for waiting so long! Still love the site, will just order sooner next time!

New Reviewer

The case I ordered is just beautiful! The quality is exceptional and I couldn't be happier with it. I show it to everybody I know! Thanks for your great service and excellent product.

New Reviewer

I have used Zazzle before, but a friend at work had a coupon code for canvas art and shared it. I immediately ordered a canvas print for my son, of himself and his dog. It was produced very quickly and was perfect, he loved it. Two other orders, I had also ordered with expedited shipping and was disappointed when they didnt arrive by Christmas - I do think the website should be a bit clearer about estimated shipping dates. Also, I would like it if you could preview your items more clearly - its a bit confusing, to make changes and then go back and undo them. Other than that, the site is wonderful, the products turned out very well, and I am waiting on yet another canvas print for my daughter, due to arrive any day. The reason I ordered this last print was because a throw I ordered from a competitor turned out horribly, and this Zazzle order is to replace that. (the other company hasnt even bothered to respond to my note). Thank you Zazzle for consistently good products! ....and for caring enough to ask your customers how they felt about your service. Tina Bell

New Reviewer

I ordered a Skyscrapers of Philadelphia poster I had seen in a Philadelphia restaurant. What they sent was one of the worst photocopies I have ever seen--I could to better by taking a picture with my own camera and getting a blowup from CVS. I didn't think the technology existed to make something so bad--blurred, out of focus--it looked like someone took a picture of the poster from a distance away and had the result blown up. Unbelievable. And much smaller than the size ordered. I had read some reviews that their products were poor quality (blurred and washed out), but I figured a poster is a poster. Apparently, what they are selling are very poor quality reproductions of the original posters. Even so, it's hard to understand how you could make something of such poor quality. I could do better without hardly any effort. BOTTOM LINE--YOU WON'T GET WHAT YOU ORDERED! KEEP AWAY!

New Reviewer

Other than the shipment being "lost" in the USPS tracking system , they were very helpful, and the order was processed in a very timely fashion.

New Reviewer

I was stressed out trying to find a gift for a friend who likes funny things and another friend of mine told me about this site. I found the perfect present for my friend on here so now I am not stressed out. Thank you for having wonderful gifts.

New Reviewer

The products arrived on time and as described. The recipients were thrilled with these specialtiy items. And I got a great deal!

New Reviewer

Awful service. Placed an order on 04/12/11 and stll not received. There is no tracking order to find out where the package is even though delivery charges were extremely expensive. I've emailed their customer service days ago and no reply. Do not use them.

New Reviewer

"This was the WORST service I have received in a very long time. I spent hours trying to make a photo to canvas print as a Christmas gift for a friend and even paid extra to guarantee that the order would arrive before Christmas. I was relieved once the order was processed and happy with the outcome. After more than a day I received an order cancellation email with no explanation. After sending two emails inquiring about the reasons for the cancellation with no response, I spent another couple of hours making another one with a different picture thinking that was the problem. Again, a day later and once I think the order has already shipped, I get an order cancellation email. I called and tried to talk to a rep, I was on hold for about a half hour before finally talking to someone who then told me he had no idea why my order was cancelled and suggested I email the customer service people, which I'd already done twice with no response! I will NEVER shop here again!!"

New Reviewer

My basic keychains were higher quality than I imagined and I am very satisfied with the item, prices and fast order. I have since ordered new products after testing this company with my first order. Thanks for being such an easy and fun site to utilize!! I have recommended you on my facebook page!!

New Reviewer

Ordered 1 mug via assuming they would ship from the UK.. but no, it came from the USA. It took 3 WEEKS to get here and when it arrived it was the wrong order!!! They must have some really incompetent people working on the line because apparently this happens quite a bit. I'm still waiting for a response from them but it's already Dec 12th so based on their turnaround time i won't be able to get my actual order in time for Xmas :(

Furthermore, they don't even have a UK phone number. Their ONLY support number is in the U.S. and i couldn't even get through all the way from Ireland. Does their phone line even work? This company appears to be in serious need of an audit on their trading practices.

New Reviewer

So many fun options - I am glad I had a specific product line in mind.
"Adopt-a-Poody" gave me a starting point.

I am mildly disappointed the postage is so darn expensive for one sheet though.
I will be back, since zazzle also belongs to the iGive and GoodSearch networks!

New Reviewer

Interestingly enough, when I was asked if I was satisfied with my experience and clicked "no", I was brought to an invalid link. When I clicked "yes" I was brought here. hmmm. Well, after a bad 2010 experience in which my 10 not customized christmas cards took over a month just to ship, I thought I would give Zazzle another chance. This time I placed another order of about 10 or so Christmas cards. I received the cards. Yay Zazzle....Ohh, but the envelopes. I was mailed fewer envelopes than the cards I purchased. Come on Zazzle. Booo
Its a shame because I think the cards available are quite clever and cute. They just make it near impossible to mail them out to your kith and kin without a hitch.

New Reviewer

Ouch! Low Quality! There's a lot of lip service paid to how much quality control they have. But if that's true how did my t-shirt - that had some of the printing messed up - get ok'd by their quality control people? Just seems like if the printing doesn't work on part of the shirt that they would see it. If they are looking...

If you do a custom job be careful about which graphic you use. Their design software can be deceiving. The pic that I used (a contrasty drawing) looked the same as the words on their design website. But on the t-shirt it came out much lighter than the wording. I wouldn't buy from them again...

New Reviewer

Never order anything from this website, especially if you need it in a hurry. Their shipping process is very confusing and costly. I paid for "express" shipping on Thursday and I received the item on Monday at 6pm. I do not call that express shipping. I called UPS and they said that zazzle has a deal with them that they only deliver on business days. My product was within 20 minutes of me on Saturday, but because of zazzles policy, UPS couldn't deliver it until Monday, even though I paid extra for delivery. I received no satisfaction from zazzle. They could have cared less. Please be careful when ordering from them. Buyer beware!!

New Reviewer

The website was flakey and often had to be reloaded. Once the frustration of ordering the product was over, there was the waiting period. This was one of the slowest deliveries I can recall. When the stuff got there (printed material) it looked quite amateur. I would not recommend this site. The quality would be better if you made the same stuff on your ink jet printer.

New Reviewer

Avoid Zazzle. Their site is incredibly buggy whether running chrome,firefox or safari.
It takes alot of time to create an order and then to receive an email a couple days later that the order is cancelled because the logo won't render is unacceptable. why not simply provide us an email asking for a new logo to be submitted? so, had to create another order and we'll see if that goes thru and arrives on time.

New Reviewer

Terrible service. I ordered a t-shirt with a pumpkin on it over two weeks ago and it still hasn't come. I don't need it now as Halloween has been and gone. It says on their website 3-5 days for delivery. When you look at the small print it says 3-5 days after manufacture and manufacture can take up to 12 days. Waste of time. Stay away!

New Reviewer

This place reviews the content of your photos for "appropriateness". They have rejected fine art images because abstract characters could be perceived as being nude if you really stretched your imagination.

New Reviewer

I ordered a set of buttons to use as party giveaways. I was pleased with the ease of the webiste, the communication upon receiving my order, processing my order and shipping notification. The buttons arrived on time, they were just as I expected them to be and they were a huge hit! Also, I found similar items at other websites but Zazzle had the lowest price.

New Reviewer

I wanted to order some t-shirts for my daughter with "Toontown" on them and Zazzle was the only site that had them. They were SUPER expensive for a tee but my daughter is worth it so I ordered. The order went smoothly and the shipping was quick enough but DANG the quality SUCKS!!!! For 25 dollars a peoce you would think that print would be better. I mean these are worst than something you would see at a dollar store. RIP OFF!!!

New Reviewer

BAD website.
I had ordered a mousepad to be delivered to my friend as a gift and the wesite said it would be 15 working days for it to be delivered. It has been 3 more than 3 months now and it still has not been delivered.
Also the website is bad, There is no customer service or contact numbers to call.
The worst website to order anything.

New Reviewer

If you're an artist on this site and have a store with Zazzle, if there's ever a problem with anything, you will get minimal help from customer service. They say things like "if this is unresolved we will do what we can to resolve your issue" but it's a lot of hot air. The responses you get from them are to the tune of "we appreciate your patience in resolving this matter" but they go unresolved and if you try to get help again, they become evasive, borderline rude, and never give you a proper response.

New Reviewer

Disappointment!!! I used them for my wedding invitations and RSVP cards. What a disaster. First they didn't ship as specified then when I received them the RSVP didn't even fit in the invitation. These two items were advertised together so you would expect them to work. Well WRONG! Make sure that you give them plenty of time to ship as well as call and make sure the two items truly belong. Zazzle is a hub for people to sell their items through them. Buyer BEWARE

New Reviewer

I had a custom order shirt with a picture of a landscape THAT I PAINTED MYSELF.
My friend really liked my painting and I thought it would be a nice birthday present for her. I submitted the order well before her birthday (3 weeks). 2 weeks of 'processing' my order, I get an email telling me I had COPYRIGHT CONTENT ON MY ORDER and that my order was cancelled. I have emailed them regarding the obvious mistake, but it was already too late for my friend's birthday. It's been a week since her birthday, and to this date I have not gotten any reply.

Not only does this show the absolutely terrible customer service, but the utter stupidity of the zazzle content reviewers. Never use this site.

New Reviewer

I have never placed a negative review for any internet company before even though I have been shopping online for years. I have never found such a difficult company to deal with. I tried to pay through Paypal, but they never directed me to the Paypal site so I could choose where I wanted the funds to come from, so I had to cancel the order. I have never had a site place an order through Paypal without directing me to the Paypal site. I placed the order again, and they apparently sent a confirmation e-mail to an old e-mail address that I have not used for 6 years instead of the email address I supplied, then cancelled the order because I did not respond. The 3rd time I tried to place the order, they insisted that the billing address I gave did not match the one on file with my credit card company, even though it most certainly did match. I contacted my credit card company, and they siad that there was no problem on their end, and that they had supplied Zazzle with a phone number to call if they had any questions, but that was apparently too much trouble for Zazzle, so instead they just kept sending me emails threatening to cancel my order if I did not supply sensitive information to them via email. When I tried to phone customer support, the person I talked to said he could not help with billing issues. Even though Zazzle only gave me 48 hours to reply to their nasty emails, they couldn't respond promptly to my emails asking why they needed this information. Finally I got an email giving me a number to call for their fraud department - what fraud? - and said I must respond within 24 hours or the order would be cancelled. When I called, I repeatedly got voicemail, and no one ever reponded to the messages I left. This all seems to be some sort of scam, and the company seems to be very shady. At the very least, they have a horrible customer support department. I will never order from them again, and I would advise anyone thinking of ordering from them to try to find the products elsewhere, This is one dot com company that needs to go under.

New Reviewer

bad, bad, bad
don't waste your time and money, they sent me the wrong product twice and missed my deadline for weeding invitation. Website look good but service and product horrible.. Not recommended at all, be carful

New Reviewer

I bought a "varnished wood grain" iPhone 4 cover. Now, you would think, based on the picture which is clearly a varnished, shiny piece of wood, that it would be just that, a shiny, wood cover. Instead it's a piece of cheap a** fabric that cost probably 10 cents to make. It's absolute garbage. If this is the type of products they have, don't waste your money (the cover was 30 + dollars).

New Reviewer

this is the worst custom site ever. i designed a men's necktie that simply said "im awesome" i used the fonts they provided and the colors they provided... i DID NOT upload any pictures or logos. about a week after i placed my order and made a payment i got an email saying that it was copyright infringement and they can not print this item. apparently a wrestler on WWE has "im awesome" as a catchphrase. since when did freedom of speech become copywrited. i personally think its a load a B.S. anyone can say that they "are awesome" thanks zazzle for ruining my kids gift to their father for fathers day by simply saying hes "awesome". you guys suck. oh... and im STILL waiting on my refund.

New Reviewer

I order 2 St. Patricks day shirts almost 2 weeks ago. I received my order Tuesday when I opened the packaged they had sent me the wrong size, I had ordered a XL and they sent me a M. When I called and told them I was leaving Friday for St. Patricks day they told me tough luck. Then I spoke with a manager who said they were going to overnight it to me so I would have it by Thursday... Today is Thursday and they just sent me a email saying they still haven't shipped the shirt yet. I am really upset because this is an error on there part and they are acting like it is my fault... Never will I do buisness there again

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