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Zazzle reviews

659 reviews
Categories: Clothing, Gifts, Shopping
1800 Seaport Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063, United States
Tel: 1-888-8ZAZZLE

659 Reviews From Our Community

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I ordered 3 different styles of business cards for my photo business. (in 35 reviews)


So, in honor of little ms. elli, we wanted to order a button with her picture on it to celebrate "Elli-Palooza!" (in 382 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I ordered business cards from Zazzle. They came so promptly and the print and quality were excellent! They looked exactly the way I saw them on my monitor. A very happy customer.

New Reviewer

I love Zazzle, your vast range of product offerings, your creativity, your affordability, your promotions, your quick shipping through Zazzle Black, your easy-to-navigate website, and even your catchy-name. I plan to be a life-long customer and supporter of your Company through purchases of my own and recommendations to all my friends. Thank you for producing such creative and creatable products, the best of both worlds. I wish your company and customers continued excellence in both your awesome product offerings and customer-friendly service.

New Reviewer

I ordered 4 Shirts from and as stated on the website the manufacturing turnaround time for dark apparel is 3-5 business day. Well, guess what? I received my order In 3 days only! When opening my package I was impressed with the quality of the shirts. I realized that I will need some more shirts, and i also needed some help with the design, so I called the customer service and asked them for help, they gave me a 50% off as well as a free shipping code. The person that i spoke with was really helpful and knowledge and he was able to answer all my questions! Right now i'm waiting for my new package which I have placed today. I LOVE THIS COMPANY. thumbs up ZAZZLE!!

New Reviewer

Horrible customer service. They trap you into a 'trial' membership and when I tried to cancel it I couldn't. Next thing I know I'm charged for an annual membership and when I tried to explain (through email because they don't have any phone customer service) they refused to make it right. Worst customer service. Do not support this site.

New Reviewer

Products always arrive for me in a timely manner, they are wrapped well, live up to their promise. My designs look awesome and I am so please to be a part of this wonderful site. Customer service is great too.

New Reviewer

Very poor customer Service, Poor response. I used a Groupon and the website did not give an option for the amount the Groupon was for. I order 70 instead of 75 cards. The website started out charging .49 a card but when I put my Groupon in, the cards went up to $1.70. The Groupon was to cover the whole cost including shipping however, I ended up paying $34 extra. I needed to place my order because these were Christmas cards and I figured they would fix the problem. It took three days for them to get back to me and when they did, they said they could not refund the money because I put in the wrong amount. They offered a new code but did not give me a code. When the cards arrived, they were wrong. If you use this company, good luck to you.

New Reviewer

I have used Zazzle for over ten years. The process and products are great unless there is a problem. When one encounters a problem, the usual Zazzle response is to send a form letter, then to deny the problem exists, and not bother to fix the problem. Sometimes after much debate, the staff realises the problem really exists and that someone who has been a customer for years and designed thousands of products on their site is not an idiot. Then the problem might get fixed.

New Reviewer

The stickers and the mug I ordered both came out fine. The stickers I designed myself, and the mug was from my store.

New Reviewer

great customer service.the products i received were perfect quality.i would definitely buy from zazzle again

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Wonderful customer service. I struggled with my computer skills. After my 2nd attempt to do what I wanted, I got a phone call asking if I wanted her to help me get it the way I wanted it. In a just a short while, she emailed me a link to look at it. It's beautiful. Just what I was envisioning.

New Reviewer

I placed an order on 11/11 and received the item on the 16th, but when I opened the contents were someone's cards and not mine. Even the packing slip were address to someone else. I'm upset that now my pictures are floating around in someone else's possession. When I called the company, they only offered to resend my original order and not try to get back the cards that are floating out there. All they could say is that it never happened before. What an excuse and they made no efforts to make up for what happened. Just be aware before ordering from them. Very disappointed and I will never use them again!

New Reviewer

Nothing strike me as W0W! it's an ok site. My item came with in the expected time period, so I'm happy with that.

New Reviewer

I ordered two products for my granchild, a phone case with name and monogram and a laptop bag with name and monogram. They are both awesome. Can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning!

New Reviewer

They sent me somebody else's invitations. I immediately notified Zazzle and they said they would rush my invites to me and I tried to confirm with them that they would also rush the other person's invites to them because their event date was so close. Both times I tried to get an answer/commitment from her, she told me that they would contact that other customer and work it out directly with them. I happened to talk to that other customer (her number was on the packing slip and invite), and it turns out that she had received my invitations about 4 days prior! She also asked Zazzle what they were going to do about my invites and they told her they would contact me. The never did! As far as the second attempted delivery of my invites went, Zazzle had told me they would be here by Tuesday but they didn't get to my home until Thursday.

New Reviewer

This is the second time I have ordered a product from Zazzle. In April, I ordered customized wedding invitations for my December wedding in Hawaii. They exceeded my expectations in quality, price, and speed of turnaround time. I was so pleased that in October I ordered invitations for a small wedding reception in January at my home. If anything, I was even more impressed! The invitations were beautifully customized and were very similar to the wedding invitations, and I received them within four days of placing the order!! I have already recommended Zazzle to many people, and will continue to use Zazzle! Five stars!!

New Reviewer

I have made custom calendars using Zazzle, for selling on my website.

The good: in terms of print quality, the quality has been high.

The bad, and why I will never use them again:

1. The design tools are clunky, and not intuitive in some respects. It's easy to start designing using the wrong calendar template, only to discover at the end of hours of work that you can't hit the Post for Sale button because this template is only for personal use. It takes a very long time to get a response from customer service if you do get stuck.

2. Sneaky ploy with Royalties: This really ticked me off. Zazzle takes a 5% "processing fee" if you set your Royalty (what you earn on each sale) to anything over 15%. So if you set it 20%, they take 5% of that.

The really fishy part is that this is not made clear until AFTER you have sold a product and you look at your earnings statement. Meanwhile, on your product management page, it still shows the full 20% dollar amount you will "earn".Except you won't. Zazzle will earn 5%, and you get 15%

It's no better than a scam.

New Reviewer

Since discovering Zazzle approximately 6 months ago I have placed a number of orders. I have always found the items ordered exactly as expected. The choice for any type of product is huge. The service is quick and the items are always well packaged. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to my family and friends.

New Reviewer

I ordered business cards that looked great on the website. They were not near the quality pictured online when they arrived. The print quality was terrible. I am not happy with the business cards especially since they were more on the expensive side.

New Reviewer

This site is very user friendly. I've experienced sites of similar companies and gotten extremely frustrated with how difficult it was to manipulate/edit photos. This site is definitely frustration free! Also, they back up their claim regarding their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The photo on my original holiday cards was too dark. Zazzle did not give me any trouble at all with replacing my order and adjusting the photo so that the cards were bright and beautiful.

New Reviewer

Zazzle has many lovely products, but some items are quite pricey. I would enjoy shopping here more often if the prices were lowered, or if they would at least consider free shipping.

New Reviewer

Very disappointing.

It seems customer service is a lost art at Zazzle. When placing an order yesterday, I selected 2-day shipping. I didn't need express shipping service, but I thought it was covered under my free trial of Zazzle Black. Surprise! A Zazzle Black upgrade did not appear in my cart, but I was subsequently billed for it because I selected "FREE premium shipping with Zazzle Black" as my shipping option. Zazzle refused to refund my membership fee of 39.95 when I called about the issue. I then wrote about my experience on the Zazzle Facebook page and it was deleted! Shoddy company trying to hide their poor service.

New Reviewer

Bought a poster - simple enough right?
Instead of being a high quality print of the original map, it's an image of an image of an image. I wasn't expecting perfection, but I can't believe something this pathetic is out there.

On top of that they have a 100% Guarantee, "We promise 100% satisfaction, If you don't absolutely love it we'll take it back!"

Okay, well I didn't like it so I contacted them to get an RMA number and let them know I wasn't pleased. They tell me they want a picture of the poster . . . why? I literally just opened it 5 minutes ago, was appalled and immediately wrote to have it returned. Is the 100% satisfaction guarantee not mine to make? I'm not satisfied, so I don't want it.

So instead of continuing with their process (honestly, I don't need the $30, I'm not destitute) I'm just going to let people know to stay far away from their posters. They're terrible, you'd have to be half blind to be pleased with their quality.

New Reviewer

I'm happy with my purchases. Love the variety and items available. Customer service is prompt and helpful if needed.

New Reviewer

I ordered 6 custom Tee Shirts and all of them were more than I expected I will use Zazzle again. I give the products I ordered a 5 star rating

New Reviewer

The quality of the several items I purchased was very good. My shipment of one item was delayed because my address got placed on someone else's package, but customer service re-ordered my item and it shipped promptly.

New Reviewer

This company has the worst customer service.
made our own awesome save the dates. They were time sensitive. worked hard on & ordered them on zazzle thinking they would arrive in the time they said they would. We got a email saying are order was in the queue. We checked the mail everyday waiting for them. We contacted zazzle customer service & they let us know it would come next day 11 days later. We got a package the next day and when we opened it we got someone else's party invites!! we contacted zazzle they said they know that we might not want to wait and we could cancel our order w a refund. Wtf. No apology or offer for a refund. Why are they in business? after i asked for a refund. they offered 8.44 and didn't say sorry or let me know when my order would arrive. Don't trust this company. They don't realize people are counting on them and don't feel like they need to live up any standards. I'm not sure why their site says satisfaction guaranteed 100%. I'm not satisfied and want the save the dates that we already invested time & money in.

New Reviewer

I bought three shirts form this website they were delivered way earlier than we expected. Very good quality shirts they are lasting a long time.

New Reviewer

Awful customer service representative - they call themselves heros but really the reality couldn't be further from the truth... stock answers to real complaints - stay away.

New Reviewer

Stay away. I ordered a one towel with lettering printed on it. The site says to give it 12-14 business days to process. It has been over 21 business days and it is still processing. I received an email twice stating that I have been upgraded to the highest shipping method ( how many times can I be upgraded to the highest method, I thought I was already there!) Calling them is a joke hold times are at least 15 - 25 mins. They had no idea when my order would be processed so I cancelled the order entirely. You would think that they would offer something other than 10% off of your next order ( as if I wld order anything from them again) for the inconvenience. I don't know if they have someone walking the order to them from China but ordering with them was a total waste of time and I am so disappointed.

New Reviewer

Was extremely happy with the quality of each product I ordered. This is a great way for us to promote our business!

New Reviewer

I ordered 50 or so invitations for a catered event 6 weeks in advance-- thinking that they'd take 7-10 days to arrive, then I could mail them in time for guests to have 1 month notice. Unfortunately, 7 days passed till I got an email saying the ordered was in the queue for shipment...note that it did not confirm shipment, just that it was in the queue. So, I patiently waited 7 more days, still with no shipment. Then I emailed customer service. More than a day passed when a representative replied saying that they could confirm the package was lost in shipment (I could've checked myself had I received an email with a tracking number). In the message, the rep said they would do a new order and rush it...never saying sorry, never offering a refund. With the clock ticking, I said I could not wait for a new shipment and asked for a refund, which I am now told I will receive but not for 7-21 days. In a scramble, I went to Staples and bought inkjet invitations. DON'T ORDER FROM HERE! They don't communicate well and don't apologize for mishaps. Since I never got a shipment confirmation, can't help but wonder if the order even left their premises. The company seems to be a disorganized mess.

New Reviewer

If I could give it no stars, I would. They are AWFUL with customer service. And EXTREMELY over-priced. Something I could make for 10 bucks, they're charging $65!!!! I will NOT be back and will probably make everything instead. I'm not paying $55 for convenience and "free" shipping. That's just stupid.

New Reviewer

I ordered invitations for only TEN people from Zazzle and they messed up THREE times. First they gave me someone else's order because it was addressed to Bob and it was a bumper sticker... then TWICE they put A COMPLETELY wrong address on the envelope and I didn't even request for an address to be put on the invitation!

THEN when I emailed their support team, Andrew from their Support team writes:

We have authorized a refund to the account used to make your purchase. You can expect the returning funds to be available in your account within the next 7-21 business days, depending on the processing speed of your financial institution.

While our normal return policy requires a physical return of the product in order to issue a refund, we are WILLINGLY to make an exception and waive the return in this instance. Please feel free to keep, donate, or discard the item, at your discretion.

What kind of apologetic letter is this? You are "willingly" going to overlook your return policy because you guys messed up three times. How hard is it to create an invitation and process the right order?

Zazzle's production team sucks along with their customer support team in particular ANDREW.

Thanks for nothing Zazzle.

New Reviewer

Zazzle did a great job with my fall rehearsal dinner invitation. It was well done. When I wanted to change the paper of the first one sent, they exchanged it with no problem. This copy was great!

New Reviewer

I ordered several custom t-shirts from zazzle 2 years ago and they were great. Just ordered some new t-shirts and the quality was terrible. The front of the black t-shirt was faded. Looked like a iron-on transfer had been removed from the shirt. The design on the back of the shirt was near the waist line, yet the design we submitted has the design between the shoulders. Then we requested a RMA and now have to submit photos. In other words, their quality was terrible now I have to jump through hoops to return the item. Interestingly, the sent an extra t-shirt where they had smudged the ink on design to the extent the letters were not readable. Why send that to us?

New Reviewer

I am floored at how badly this company is run now. I've been with them for years, and have a casual store. I ordered a single unframed print for a client and it has sat in processing for over three weeks (site says 24 hours at most). Every single time I call, they "upgrade" my shipping (how many times can you do that exactly? is it ever actually upgraded?!) and tell me they'll contact processing and get it out asap. I've had multiple customer service reps email me the same message that they're working diligently to fix the situation, and then when I call they don't have record of the other reps doing so. I had to go to Staples and get my print to send to my client since it was for a specific event. She now has her print and is a happy customer, while the original still sits in processing! I called again today and they finally refunded my money after I said they lost me as a customer. Then they finally told me there is a large delay in the print department.... thanks for telling me the truth. Finally. Please let your customers know if something like this happens so they can make alternate plans. I'm never going to be a zazzle customer again because I can't afford for them to run me around week after week when I've got better things to do.

New Reviewer

I love that you are able to personalize just about everything! We purchased personalized stamps that match our wedding "logo" and it added the perfect finishing touch to our wedding invitations! Super quick turnaround and just as we wanted them to look and feel!

New Reviewer

I liked the huge variety of invitations and ordered my daughter's birthday invites from them. It took forever for them to arrive, and I was dismayed when I opened them. I got a postcard with the eiffel tower on it, and on the computer screen the eiffel tower was printed portrait so you could see the whole thing. But on the cards, it was printed landscape and cut off the top and bottom. When I called to complain, they said that that was how it looked in my submitted order so it was my fault, not theirs. I couldn't get them to see that normally when you click on an item, you expect the itme to look like the one you click on. Also, the back printed differently from how it showed on the screen. I was being careful to leave enough of a margin, but the printed version cut off the edges of the words. In short, I can't use them. They immediately refunded the cost of the postcards, but didn't want to refund the postage. I told them I'd contest it with the credit card, so they finally agreed to refund that. But refused to ship new ones overnight so I'd have them in time for my daughter's party. So, here I am with no invitations for my daughter's party and it's too late to order any new ones. Also, the quality of the printing was bad. Our home printer would have looked nicer.

New Reviewer

It took a while before I finally received my product but it was worth the wait and the money, the site is user friendly.

New Reviewer

My daughter ordered her wedding programs from They were in processing for well over a week after the site promised they would be processed in a day. With the wedding two days away, they still hadn't been shipped. I called twice, talked to two different men, both of whom promised me they would put a rush the order and send it via overnight delivery. I called a third time and talked with a woman who told me because it was my daughter's order, she couldn't speak with me about it. this information protected by HIPAA? I was just trying to see if they were being shipped that day because if not, don't bother! Please stay away from this site if you want something done in a timely manner. Why do they ask you the event date and then not bother to tell you they can't possibly deliver by then?

New Reviewer

I am very disappointed with their customer service. When their was a problem with the login of my account they could not fix it. They could not authenticate me with my credit card or my mailing address. They told me that I had to sign up for a new account. Don't bother with these guys.

New Reviewer

Zazzle provided me an inexpensive and easy way to provide all my customized stationary needs for my wedding! The products are better than what I could have produced on my own at home and at reasonable prices. I love zazzle and will be using them again!

New Reviewer

Great variety of cases with clear instructions about what phones they fit. Easy to order and quick to arrive. Fits better than expected.

New Reviewer

You want a basic sized print, then you are able to use this site, as well as getting custom items like, T-Shirts, Phone case etc...

I ordered a larger than normal print, and was disappointed to receive a print of an artist I love dearly, and see that the Digital image they print from was blown out (pixelated). Having been educated in Digital photography, I was disappointed that they would have a smaller resolution image on stock of a well known artist/ print.

New Reviewer

They took 2 weeks to produce invitations, very disappointing. They did upgrade my shipping to overnight which saves them from getting 1 star; however, it should not take 2 weeks to product 50 invitations. They just gave me non specific canned customer service answers to appease me. Little do they know I work in customer service and use the same lines. I called customer service and waited 20 minutes each time to talk to someone. I guess they had hoped I'd hang up after so long.

New Reviewer

No minimums, every singe item can be personalized differently with NO extra charges, wonderful quality, and dependable durability. Zazzle rocked our socks off!

New Reviewer

Loved the product I purchased but using the personalization/customization tools was a little tricky. I kept at it and with the help of the designer the end product I received was exactly what I was looking for.

New Reviewer

I ordered birthday invitations 2 weeks ago. My order would process for 4 days so I called to see what the delay is. they said they are having trouble with the cardstock so I reordered with a different type. a week later still the same problem. I cancelled the order than made a new one with a completely different paper and ordered overnight delivery. 2 days later I don't receive it and call them again and they said that paper is having trouble but they chose one for me and said they would send it out that day. Well I email them asking if they sent it yet and they say no we cannot make any changes we are having some issues and my order needs to be canceled again. Well it is time for the party now 3 weeks later and the issue was never resolved and I never got any cards. they did not inform me about the problems and would not communicate about them. I had to reach them to get any answers. Will never use this again, they are so dishonest I am sickened by the lying and poor communication.

New Reviewer

I have designed products primarily as gifts, or for myself, and Zazzle makes the process easy and fun. It's so cool uploading your own design and then in a few days (they usually have a very fast turnaround), opening the product which has been delivered to my door. I never even have to leave the house to create or buy a product. The anticipation of seeing it when it arrives, having moved from inspiration, to design, to creation, to reception, makes me feel like a kid at Christmas. I can't wait to see how something I designed myself, turned out. Zazzle's customer service is awesome and if something doesn't turn out right, they are quick to make it right. The quality and durability of all the products I have designed and received has been excellent, and I couldn't be more impressed. I love this company!

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