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Zazzle reviews

365 reviews
Categories: Clothing, Gifts, Shopping
1800 Seaport Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: 1-888-8ZAZZLE

365 Reviews for Zazzle

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I order 2 St. Patricks day shirts almost 2 weeks ago.

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New Reviewer

Ordered 100 business cards using Zazzle template Dec 31. Credit card charged. Order goes immediately to 'Processed' which means I cannot cancel. Seven days later, they cannot estimate when they might ship... and have no explanation, and no other response. Argh !!! Never again.

New Reviewer

The website itself is great. My customer service hero Leonard was awesome and did the best he could to help me the 2 times my order was cancelled. Once for a design thought to be infringing on copyrights and another because the same desing wouldn't work for embroidering. Awful policy not to just place order on hold and call customer to discuss problems. Wasted SOOO much time recreating items for replacing orders.

Sweatshirt printing great on 1 of 3 items, other 2 very askew. in process of sending pictures to Zazzle. Not sure yet how this will be handled. Fingers crossed I have Leonard again to help me out. Could only give 1 instead of all 3 as gift.

Because of such a hassle I've had (more than any other ordering experience, online or through phone/catalogs) I wouldn't recommend zazzle to anyone. Its a shame since I originally was telling all of my family/friends about it. Would hate to have them go through the same time wasting ordering process as I have, AND get a crappy printing job, and blame me directly.

New Reviewer

For some some lovely and fun crafty items useful for gifts (many handmade), you should check out this site. Further, their speed of delivery at last-minute holiday time was fantastic. This site was much better than expected, and I am happy to recommend it.

Alva Griffith

New Reviewer

I needed a special card for my husband's birthday but wasn't finding anything in the stores. Then it dawned on me that I could make exactly what I had in mind on a site like this. I had never tried Zazzle before, even though I'd heard of it previously. I found the entire process very easy. The card came out great, and it arrived in the mail in a few days. It cost me around $4 total, which wasn't bad considering it was a custom thing.

I had a good experience with them, but I'm sad to see that others have not. I will keep that in mind if I ever decide to make something more complicated on their website.

My husband loved his birthday card and personally I would consider using Zazzle again for something small and simple like this.

New Reviewer

The coupons I had were great and I got a good deal on the shirts I bought. The shipping route was a bit ridiculous because it went in the wrong direction instead of coming on the day it was expected. My previous experience with purchasing a shirt from this website was much better.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2012 Christmas cards in early November. They arrived and were printed crooked. I requested a return and replacement cards before Thanksgiving. The request was granted and I received an email that they were being reprinted and would mail out soon. It took two more requests and a phone call (with a 15 minute wait) to apparently actually get the cards printed. They are now in the mail and tracking to arrive on Christmas Eve even though I was assured by customer service they would arrive immediately by courier. Horrible experience and I will never deal with again.

New Reviewer

I have nothing but good things to say about Zazzle. Their range of products and selection cannot be beat. Sometimes that makes choosing difficult, but it's always nice to have options. Everything I've purchased is of high quality and completely without flaw. Personalization turns out perfectly and the different font choices and colors really allow you to create something that reflects your style and personality. The turn around time is incredibly fast - my save the dates were printed and shipped less than 2 days after I placed the order. Talk about great customer service! Would definitely recommend for any occasion shopping!

New Reviewer

Zazzle dazzles! I placed an order on 12/10 for a customized coffee mug as a Christmas gift. Today is 12/14 and it just arrived at my office, exactly as I ordered it and perfectly reflective of the picture on their website. Color in the graphics are great and the customized print on the mug is centered perfectly with a nice rich ink that doesn't look like it'll fade with washings. I will definitely use in the future, especially now that I can add a special touch with customizing a gift.

New Reviewer

I liked the product which were small square magnets using my photos. I liked how they turned out but ordering them was labor intensive. I had to sign in each time I went to the "cart" page to order each of four different magnets and their respective quantities as well as my personal postage order.

New Reviewer

I purchased four ties at a price that originally seemed to be a bit stiff. BUT, I am so pleased with the final products, and the comments I have received, and the compliments I have earned because I was wearing those ties have nullified any misgivings I may have had initially concerning the purchase price. I will be buying more ties from

New Reviewer

This is the second special order item I have gotten from Zazzle and have been quite pleased with both. They both arrived in an extremely short time for being a special order and were well packed.

New Reviewer

I've ordered several shirts from them and my stepdaughter recently created a shirt for her dad. The text is good and the quality of shirts is OK, but the images she used are faded. She also ordered 2 large binders for school in the past. The image quality was blurry (and some were really crisp photos when printed on other media) and the binders fell apart. So if you're looking for a gift beyond shirts, you might want to check out another site, or be aware that each item type does impact the result.

New Reviewer

This was such an unbelievable find for me. A great, fun creative outlet - and the do so much of the coordination and work that would have meant hours and hours and hours of researching and finding product, printer, design on my own.

New Reviewer

the site was easy to use. i was looking for unique personal ornaments for my childrens christmas trees. i was very happy with my purchases.

New Reviewer

Very pleased! Great quality at a great price! Seems like the printing stage takes a little long, but besides that, excellent service!

New Reviewer

Zazzle has a ton of really interesting stuff. I love the option to customize OR just shop from the stock products offered. Great place to find personalized gifts for just about any occasion. I also love that they run a TON of deals and % off codes through their e-mail program. Makes it easier to justify some really great purchases!

New Reviewer

You can find almost anything you want on Zazzle - someone has designed it or you can do it yourself. Some days, you can spend hours looking, there's so much stuff available. My wife and I have purchased some of our own designs and those of others on t-shirts, mugs, steins, and the quality is excellent. Customer service for a minor print issue was also satisfactory. You can't go wrong with Zazzle!

New Reviewer

A great website! Easy to use, an abundance of fun and practical projects for gifts and "just because"!

New Reviewer

This is the best place I've seen for the type products they offer. The quality of the clothing I purchased was awsome!!

New Reviewer

I haven't used Zazzle much. But so far I like what I am getting ... Prices are a little high, but they have lots of sales. Excellent quality product and decent customer service.

New Reviewer

Zazzle may be OK if you are the sort of person who plans everything months or weeks in advance but if you are like the rest of us AVOID! My birthday card order took 16 days from placing the order and arrived well after my father-in-law's birthday.

New Reviewer

Great quality t-shirt, printing and overall very pleasant experience. Would not hesitate to deal with this company again!

New Reviewer

I was looking for Bridal Shower gifts, and had the perfect recipe binder and apron that I could personalize for the bride. The colors were true, the personalization was perfect, the timing was great. I would definitely recommend them and order again!

New Reviewer

I was searching for unique, professional business cards, and I found them at I get so many compliments on them!

New Reviewer

I love this website, both the ability to custom make shirts and accessories, and the things that are already set up and beautiful. Great to have things that are special, and even better to be able to give them away as gifts.

Thank you Zazzle

New Reviewer

The mat was wrinkled. Given that your business is matting and framing prints you should be able to get that right. Poor quality control. Otherwise I am satisfied with my purchase. I am not returning the item to be fixed because it is too much bother.

New Reviewer

My order took about 2 weeks to receive. Once my T-shirts got here. my xxl was too small. the sizes in general run small my 2 sizes. mehh i might take my business back to cafepress.

New Reviewer

the quality of the invitation was excellent and the I received them within a few days. They are adorable and I enjoyed being able to customize them with my own wording.

New Reviewer

The items arrived right on time and I was pleased with the quality of the post cards. They had a good selection. I was very satisfied with my purchase.

New Reviewer

Both items that I had ordered were personalized, one being business cards for Graceasis, and the other a record decal on a long sleeve ladies t-shirt. I am so very happy happy. Very proud to pass out my business card. They turned out beautiful and it's a reflection on what I sell on my on-line store. Call me a VERY more than SATISFIED customer!!!

New Reviewer

The QUALITY of my cards were shocking, to be honest. I have used one other company and was disappointed but I could not afford the other costly options. HOWEVER, I found ZAZZLE.COM to be cost effective AND great quality! I love my cards and everytime I give them out, people comment on the quality, color, print.

Thanks, Zazzle!

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with your Customer Service Rep. She was very helpful in guiding me through the process of ordering my Son's B-day Invitations. The only issue I had was ordering on my wasn't real clear how to fix an issue with the wording hence I called Customer Service and they walked me through it.

New Reviewer

I had to make a new account, but I have used Zazzle for years. I love it. Really. Not so much purchasing others ideas, but creating my own. Although I have bought from others too:(

New Reviewer

I have bought many things from Zazzle, and they were always high quality so never in a million yeard did I think if I chose the economy tee that it would be such terrible print quality. I thought the tee itself may not be as nice, but I didn't realize the printing on the tee would appear lighter and cheap-looking. The Scooby and Minnie tee are simply not usable. :-( So upset.

New Reviewer

Placed the order and the address got messed up. They never told me it failed to deliver and there was no communication until some spam requesting a satisfaction survey. I filled out their contact form and still no email communication. No way to call them. I suspect it will get handled but it will probably take more time.

New Reviewer

Love the ZAZZLE site!!! Lots to select from. And beautiful designs, bright colors.
Will use again and again.

New Reviewer

Fairly easy to upload my own photo to use on a phone case. A bit pricey, but it's a nice sturdy case.

New Reviewer

This website was nice;however, the invitations did not come out as I planned. The color was not camo and pink it was really dark green and purple. The site kept saying that I would be able to review the completed invitation prior to submitting the order but it did not allow me to in a full screen version. I would recommend to use this site with caution.

New Reviewer

Zazzle has some very nice products at great prices. What I find frustrating is the inability of the site to put items in order of lowest to highest prices and highest to lowest prices. It takes me a lot of time to navigate the website and look at all of the items because the prices are out of order even if I select lowest to highest price.

New Reviewer

This was the WORST online experience I have ever had. I ordered my wedding invitations and accessories and they came out all different sizes. They didn't match. . .the quality of the paper is CHEAP. I could have gotten better quality if I went to the local drug store and picked up a package of invitations. What is worse, when I called Customer Service, the rep was mean, insulting, and kept saying the same thing "you made the mistake" and "this is our policy". His supervisor was even worse. . .said the same phrases over and over again. They rude and insensitive and did not try to remedy the situation. I sent the entire order back in the precise way they told me they had to send it back. I have the UPS tracking showing it was delivered. Yet they say they never received it. I have yet to receive my refund which is over $400 . . .please don't trust this site, especially with something important. I learned this the hard way.

New Reviewer

The different options are a plus. And the ability to customize within the template is awesome. It's the closest to creating your own biz card with an personal Print shop you can find but, without the enormous cost.

New Reviewer

Zazzle is very selective about what they refuse to print due to "Design contains a trademarked image or text." This particular design had a modified Fox News logo on it. The design was not being offered for sale, but rather for personal use.

(I have had an online retail presence on zazzle for the past 8 months - 18 products, 15 images.)

The logo was substantially the same as 8 other items on their site that were being offered for sale in other stores. I provided zazzle with links to the similar items and requested that they print the personal use items I had ordered. Their response was "We're in the process of removing these products. We've already contacted the sellers." 6 out of 8 are now removed. My items were never printed.

So I searched for MSNBC and CNN news logos. I found 9 of them - for sale. All 9 have now been removed since I provided zazzle with the links.

Regardless of zazzle's new-found equal-opportunity censorship, I have decided I don't need to spend hours cleaning up an on-line shop which decides to censor my work made for personal use but is unable to find where they have been remiss on their other content.

I removed all items and images from my online shop. I then sent an email directing zazzle "Please delete my store and all content immediately. Also, please cancel all pending orders."

Zazzle chose to block my email address. I received a immediate not deliverable receipt (ndr) from my attempt to close my store and cancel all outstanding orders.

I then created a new email on a different hosting account and resent my directive. It did not bounce yet (after .75 hours).

New Reviewer

I ordered baby shower invitations from them and when I received them, the printing was awful. I gave them a chance to redo the invitations and have them sent to me, waited 5 days for this process to take place, only to find out they never sent the invitations at all. I ordered them from another company and had to pay rush shipping of $20 to get them to me because the baby shower date was fast approaching, and asked zazzle to reimburse me and they wouldn't. They did reimburse me for my order with them, but still fell short in my eyes because they not only wasted my money, but my time as well. They just can't seem to follow through on anything and their product was awful.

New Reviewer

My Zazzle order arrived exactly as ordered. The customer service rep was very helpful and informative. The invitations arrived on time; can't wait to get people's reaction. Would definitely order again!! 5 stars...

New Reviewer

I'v ordered items in the past. This order was Address Stickers and they came out very cool except the address itself was only about 6pt type (hard to read)

New Reviewer

Over the last few years, I have used Zazzle many, many times for products from T-shirts to promotional flyers. My experience has been consistently VERY SATISFYING. On the very rare occasion that I have had any issue or question with the final delivery of an order, customer support has always been VERY responsive and consistently addressed the issue to my satisfaction. I am used to getting good prices, good product and speedy production turn around from Zazzle, but I have to say, that my most recent order of a 1000 two sided flyers was produced with such speed and the final product was so "sharp" and crisp that I was newly impressed with the service and product I receive from Zazzle. I'll be around for quite awhile I'm sure. I give them my highest recommendation...:]

New Reviewer

Great work. Picture just as loaded. Very fast turn around...will tell my friend about this site, definitely!

New Reviewer

I wanted to make a custom mug for my Father-in-law for Father's Day and I checked out all sorts of different sites but decided that Zazzle was the best price, best quality, and allowed me to have a lot of creative freedom when it came to arranging my pictures on the mug in the way that I wanted them arranged. All other sites have these rigid templates that you have to conform to and it was not working for me and I did not want to alter my vision. Zazzle was perfect!! Also, the mug came a lot quicker than I was quoted when I placed my order, which is always great! I will definitely buy from them again!

New Reviewer

I had to re-do my order of wedding ceremony programs and Zazzle gave me a full refund of my first order! I would definitely reccommend them to anyone!

New Reviewer

Easy to navigate, easy to order. Items arrive on time. I will most definitely use zazzle again for other products when I need something specific.

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