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Zazzle reviews

279 reviews
Categories: Clothing Sites, Gift, Printing
1800 Seaport Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: 1-888-8ZAZZLE
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I order 2 St. Patricks day shirts almost 2 weeks ago.

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New Reviewer

Place my order for the Kawaii Panda T-Shirt for my daughter. Got it in the next few days. It was very fast shipping. Love their selection of T-Shirts.

New Reviewer

Everything is great. The quality of your tshirts is far more superior than CafePress and buying this shirt put profits toward a cancer foundation.

New Reviewer

I love the book plates I purchased. They are exactly what I was looking for. The ordering was easy and the shipping was fast.

New Reviewer

Just to say I am very pleased, I actually have a Zazzle shop, but I wouldn't recommend to anyone something that I wouldn't buy myself, and when my t-shirt arrived, I haven't stopped smiling since, you manage to take one of my designs and make it look amazing !! .. Thank you.

New Reviewer

I found this website quite by accident as my 30 plus son and his friend was telling me about the "honey badger". This subject became quite a funny conversation that we all had fun with! I started looking for a gift about the honey badger and found an incredible array of Tshirts. I purchased one as a surprised, it came and my son was DELIGHTED! It was of excellent quality, fit well and I am sure will be worn over and over! His wife and children loved it and we will remember the laughter we had over this one simple animal who "DON"T CARE"

New Reviewer

in principle it is quite good, but delivery too long... hier 7-21 working days and quality excellent, and is cheaper, if wish that on a site isn't present it is possible to write on e-mail and they will make and will send

New Reviewer

Easy to navigate website with many designs available but also loved being able to add to my design to make it unique to fit our needs.

New Reviewer

I ordered from their Australian site:
Nice items arrived on time and intact but were a bit expensive especially with higher postage charges than I expected. Postages seemed more than when I order from Amazon US.
Products arrived and were as described so its a good site for unusual customised presents. I dealt with customer service over several emails as I lost my account password. Never got back into my account as they didnot help or really seem very interested, their last email suggested "start another account". I did but am still unhappy that I cant access my old data. Poor service which I have rarely found in US department stores. Online needs to do it better. Difficult to recommend based on price and service. Use if desperate.

Apprentice Reviewer

Frankly, I don't know too much about this firm. Yet, ----- I was attempting to order a custom t-shirt, difficulty with the designing on their site. Well, it might have been me, since art design is not my strength. So, I stopped and took a break for a day or two. Well, I have been inundated with e-mails, that in and of itself tells me something ---- Sorry, good-bye

New Reviewer

I've placed several orders with Zazzle, and have been quite pleased with all my merchandise. I love the fact that you can personalize some of the designs, and I particularly love "Cartoonize My Pet".

New Reviewer

I ordered a Chinook Salmon hat and it turned out beautiful. It is a gift and it arrived faster than I expected. I was amazed at the low price as well.
Thank you! I will use this site again for gifts!

New Reviewer

WOW! Was just getting ready to place an order when i took a sec to pull up reviews. The last time I saw a company that inspired so much disappointment (really, how many birthdays, weddings and anniversaries can one organization f**k up?), frustration with crappy service/ wrong orders, and outright anger over customer service was Clear Wire. Enough said!

New Reviewer

I have used this website numerous times and have always been very pleased with the outcome. The site is very user friendly and extensive in the products that it offers. I think the prices are very reasonable also. I will definetly recomend it to friends.

New Reviewer

Whenever I need that SPECIAL gift I know my daughter can create if for me with zazzle. Zazzle is UNIQUE! Nobody will have another one. The gifts are PERSONAL and that makes them special. Anyone can go to walmart......

New Reviewer

I was looking for law school graduation and medical school graduation cards which are impossible to find They had them, they could personalize them and I loved them.

New Reviewer

The shirt i ordered was custom made, i wrote what i wanted the front and back to say. the shirt was good, everything was spelled correctly, the only thing i didnt like was that the writing is very... splotchy? i guess would be the right word? i feel like if i put it in the washer my 20 bucks will be gone. Looks like they wrote on it with marker or something but not really that bad. not sure if i can put what im trying to say into words but just say i wont be buying anther custom made shirt from them.

New Reviewer

I was looking for an inexpensive and quick way to have some stickers made for advertising/marketing. I did a google search for custom stickers and I am glad I found Zazzle had just what I needed at the price I was looking for. I would recommend Zazzle to all of my family, friends, and business partners.

Apprentice Reviewer

Great place to order unique and stylish stuff. I've ordered from them a couple of times and I've never had trouble. Quality and delivery time are also ok. Their prices are crazy, though.

New Reviewer

Zazzle has tons of unique and really cool products! I found a t-shirt for my friend and I and fell in love with them. The shirts were cut smaller than standard sizes but I just ordered a larger size. I love my purchases from Zazzle!!

New Reviewer

the selection was great, fantastic graphics and artwork. I will be ordering more in the future. Recommend to anyone who wants great biz cards reasonably priced and unique and first class designs.

New Reviewer

I ordered buttons in plenty of time for them to arrive in time for a party I was having then also paid extra for expeditied shipping. The bittons were stock, not customized. I also requested notification if they would not be delivered on time. I received no notice yet the buttons arrived AFTER my party. This site makes promises it cannot deliver.

New Reviewer

Recieved the dishwasher magnet bubbles clean/dirty sign. I was disappointed at how small this sign is. It was meant for 2 boys to know when to empty the dishwasher.

Apprentice Reviewer

I ordered business card from them but they were very expensive for the quantity we received verses other competitors where the designs are not that impressive. When we received a 50% on a Friday, we eagerly were trying our best to get the cards done but there were site errors. I contacted them about our troubles and they did not resolve the situation. I stopped using them from then on. If Customer service had a follow through then I would have stayed a happy customer.

New Reviewer

Your search engine when looking for poster prints is a hit or miss when trying to find a specific print. When I received my "Love on the Beach" poster, the writing look completely fake, nothing like it did on your website. Not putting that one up on my wall.

New Reviewer

Long time to deliver a simple poster. Same day bought also a made to measure frame from other website and it promptly arrived. Frame now lying on the floor whilst waiting for the poster to arrive. Last time I buy from them. Also delivery costs quite high for such a small item. this is why I feel even more crossed.

New Reviewer

The t-shirt I ordered was amazing. High quality and the pictures came out very clear. It did not take long to be shipped to a U.S. address. The tie I ordered was more than I expected. The graphic did not look cheap and the tie was also high quality. It took about 2 weeks to be shipped to a Canadian adress. I love this site!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

My contra dance designs are now available easily, on a multitude of products. The shirt and the mug I purchased came out wonderfully. It is easy to customize the products, and I'm finding that Zazzle really has their act together, in terms of being organized and efficient. I am quite impressed.

New Reviewer

Zazzle does not even deserve one star. I have been an artist on Zazzle for a little more than a year now and they do nothing but cause headache. For example, today I went to cash my Zazzle pay check and I couldn't because THEY did NOT sign it and they do not have customer service over the weekend. I also find it funny that they sent me a FAKE check and now suddenly my sight won't work which means I can not contact them.

New Reviewer

I was surprised to find the Carnival Glory key chain I was looking for on this site. They have everything! I needed it quickly for a cruise I am taking in two days and they shipped it out to me with time to spare! The prices are great, too! I love this site!

New Reviewer

My daughter LOVED the shirt! We were in Paris and went to Versailles last summer. This top was nicer than the ones they had there for sale. Thanks

New Reviewer

Unbelievable customer service! You are the best online store I've ever experienced! Products are awesome!

New Reviewer

My gifts were late in arriving but that is not unusual when the delivery is to Australia.
Other than that, the quality was and is exceptional. The gifts were for family so naturally I wanted the best for them and they were delighted. The sizes were perfect and Zazzle's tshirt quality is tops.

New Reviewer

Order arrived in a timely manner and was exactly as stated it would be. I would buy from this site again.

New Reviewer

I really loved all of the products I was looking at. But the way you personalize the iPad cases was really hard. I had to choose a case that I could just use the personalized example on the website because I could never figure out how to put my name on anything.

New Reviewer

I ordered the personalized postage stamps of my daughter for our Christmas cards. They were so cute and received so many compliments. Thanks to zazzle for the awesome product.

New Reviewer

First Order received damaged.
Second Order never received, emails ignored.
Don't waste your money, time and stress with these what you need locally!

New Reviewer

I ordered a Skyscrapers of Philadelphia poster I had seen in a Philadelphia restaurant. What they sent was one of the worst photocopies I have ever seen--I could to better by taking a picture with my own camera and getting a blowup from CVS. I didn't think the technology existed to make something so bad--blurred, out of focus--it looked like someone took a picture of the poster from a distance away and had the result blown up. Unbelievable. And much smaller than the size ordered. I had read some reviews that their products were poor quality (blurred and washed out), but I figured a poster is a poster. Apparently, what they are selling are very poor quality reproductions of the original posters. Even so, it's hard to understand how you could make something of such poor quality. I could do better without hardly any effort. BOTTOM LINE--YOU WON'T GET WHAT YOU ORDERED! KEEP AWAY!

New Reviewer

A friend recommended this site to me. It was very easy to navigate around and find the product I wanted. Designing my own personalized product was so easy. I had a problem with the shipping, they only sent one product when I had ordered two and the one that was sent wasn't printed very well. Customer service was great, they reissued the order and priority sent me the two products. The quality was so much better, I was impressed with the way they handled the problem. I definitely recommend this site.

New Reviewer

Awful service. Placed an order on 04/12/11 and stll not received. There is no tracking order to find out where the package is even though delivery charges were extremely expensive. I've emailed their customer service days ago and no reply. Do not use them.

New Reviewer

"This was the WORST service I have received in a very long time. I spent hours trying to make a photo to canvas print as a Christmas gift for a friend and even paid extra to guarantee that the order would arrive before Christmas. I was relieved once the order was processed and happy with the outcome. After more than a day I received an order cancellation email with no explanation. After sending two emails inquiring about the reasons for the cancellation with no response, I spent another couple of hours making another one with a different picture thinking that was the problem. Again, a day later and once I think the order has already shipped, I get an order cancellation email. I called and tried to talk to a rep, I was on hold for about a half hour before finally talking to someone who then told me he had no idea why my order was cancelled and suggested I email the customer service people, which I'd already done twice with no response! I will NEVER shop here again!!"

New Reviewer

Easy to use site for customizing products. Would like to see more font styles & have the ability to place writing in angles, circles, & wiggles or waves. Horizontal & vertical seem to be the only positions available.

New Reviewer

Pleased beyond my expectations. All the products I have ordered have been top quality. Just so excited to see each new thing come in the mail.

New Reviewer

Ordered 1 mug via assuming they would ship from the UK.. but no, it came from the USA. It took 3 WEEKS to get here and when it arrived it was the wrong order!!! They must have some really incompetent people working on the line because apparently this happens quite a bit. I'm still waiting for a response from them but it's already Dec 12th so based on their turnaround time i won't be able to get my actual order in time for Xmas :(

Furthermore, they don't even have a UK phone number. Their ONLY support number is in the U.S. and i couldn't even get through all the way from Ireland. Does their phone line even work? This company appears to be in serious need of an audit on their trading practices.

New Reviewer

Interestingly enough, when I was asked if I was satisfied with my experience and clicked "no", I was brought to an invalid link. When I clicked "yes" I was brought here. hmmm. Well, after a bad 2010 experience in which my 10 not customized christmas cards took over a month just to ship, I thought I would give Zazzle another chance. This time I placed another order of about 10 or so Christmas cards. I received the cards. Yay Zazzle....Ohh, but the envelopes. I was mailed fewer envelopes than the cards I purchased. Come on Zazzle. Booo
Its a shame because I think the cards available are quite clever and cute. They just make it near impossible to mail them out to your kith and kin without a hitch.

New Reviewer

I got my order in a tim ely manner and in excellent condition and will definitely visit this site and make more purchases in the future.
Juneann, SC

New Reviewer

Ouch! Low Quality! There's a lot of lip service paid to how much quality control they have. But if that's true how did my t-shirt - that had some of the printing messed up - get ok'd by their quality control people? Just seems like if the printing doesn't work on part of the shirt that they would see it. If they are looking...

If you do a custom job be careful about which graphic you use. Their design software can be deceiving. The pic that I used (a contrasty drawing) looked the same as the words on their design website. But on the t-shirt it came out much lighter than the wording. I wouldn't buy from them again...

New Reviewer

Never order anything from this website, especially if you need it in a hurry. Their shipping process is very confusing and costly. I paid for "express" shipping on Thursday and I received the item on Monday at 6pm. I do not call that express shipping. I called UPS and they said that zazzle has a deal with them that they only deliver on business days. My product was within 20 minutes of me on Saturday, but because of zazzles policy, UPS couldn't deliver it until Monday, even though I paid extra for delivery. I received no satisfaction from zazzle. They could have cared less. Please be careful when ordering from them. Buyer beware!!

New Reviewer

The website was flakey and often had to be reloaded. Once the frustration of ordering the product was over, there was the waiting period. This was one of the slowest deliveries I can recall. When the stuff got there (printed material) it looked quite amateur. I would not recommend this site. The quality would be better if you made the same stuff on your ink jet printer.

New Reviewer

Avoid Zazzle. Their site is incredibly buggy whether running chrome,firefox or safari.
It takes alot of time to create an order and then to receive an email a couple days later that the order is cancelled because the logo won't render is unacceptable. why not simply provide us an email asking for a new logo to be submitted? so, had to create another order and we'll see if that goes thru and arrives on time.

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