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Zazzle reviews

327 reviews
Categories: Clothing Sites, Gift, Printing
1800 Seaport Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: 1-888-8ZAZZLE

327 Reviews for Zazzle

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I order 2 St. Patricks day shirts almost 2 weeks ago.

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New Reviewer

I was comfortable navigating the store generated by zazzle. Nothing was particularly spectacular about the layout or ordering process but it was not difficult at all.

New Reviewer

Zazzle always delivers very fast! I've always used this site for gifts and the recipients always love them. The ordering process can be a little confusing on the website, so double check your information to make sure it doesn't get sent somewhere else accidentally. Since they work so fast, by the time you realize it, it is a huge hassle to get it resent where you need it. That happened to me once, but the staff at Zazzle was great! They answered the phone with a real person almost immediately and helped me get my package ASAP.

New Reviewer

Lame spammy site. Pollutes the organic search rankings with product they cannot deliver. Avoid - you will disappointed if ordering from them.

New Reviewer

Well my first order said it was going to ship the next day, but alas, it didn't. So i ended up waiting nearly a week and half before receiving my much needed business cards for a convention.
The Second order was a repeat order but the cards came and to my dismay nearly all of the bottom and top of the cards were cut off!
I'll be using a different business card supplier now.

New Reviewer

I have been a Zazzle customer for a number of years now, and have been pleased with every purchase I have made. The images, quality, and customization options are just endless. Whatever occasion one is buying for, and whatever personality one is buying for, are represented, and there is so much to choose from. The site itself is very user-friendly. Love all the cards I have ever gotten from Zazzle, and with your purchase, there is always a bonus to be used w/next purchase. VERY NICE!! I like the shipping options, too~~for a minimal amount, one can purchase free shipping for a year, which is very, very nice if one makes multiple purchases during the year, which I do, because I really don't like purchasing cards from anywhere else but Zazzle. I also buy postage stamps at Christmastime from Zazzle, and they are alway just wonderful!! The offer any subject matter you could ever want, just like the cards. COULDN'T BE BETTER!!!

New Reviewer

Don't be in a hurry, when you order. This is my first order, so I did some things wrong. Take your time, and you will love the products. I'm into Fantasy, Fairies ect, so it was nice to find so many items to choose from.

New Reviewer

IF they actually ship you the product you order, their products are fine. However on two orders (hey I figured I'd give them a second chance) they did not ship me part of my order. On one order for 2 different hats they shipped 2 of the same. On another order they just skipped one of the items. In both cases their email customer service was the absolute WORST case of failure to read & respond appropriately. And in both cases the issue was not resolved for weeks. Buy from them at the peril of your blood pressure.

New Reviewer

We ordered our wedding invitations and response cards from zazzle - excellent products! The manufacturing and shipping were fast and their customer service is top notch! I used to use shutterfly exclusively but I am a zazzle fan from here on out!

New Reviewer

I tried to order and I then had to enter my e-mail address and it it kept stating that it was an invalid address ( tried on several occasions) Then I attempted calling in hopes to speak to an actual person and was on hold for over30 mins. Decided that my business will be appreciated elsewhere.

New Reviewer

My mother wanted to buy business cards for me as a graduation gift.
She looked up a few places and chose zazzle because she like their templates better.
She entered the information, i proof read it, and we sent in the order. Over a week later she got a box with the cards in it, but these cards were not like the proof i approved of. About half of my name and title were cut off. It was such an obvious mistake i was surprised they would even approve of sending it out as their own product. My mother said she would contact them and take care of it. A week later i found out that she had called them 3 times over that week, was blown off the first two times and the third time was informed that it was our fault the template was off. Having corrected and proofread the templates myself I know our order was correct. Apparently their 100% guarantee only applies if they feel generous. As to the treatment of my mother as their client, I find their lack of professional courtesy to be appalling.

New Reviewer

If you need it, Zazzle has it. I've used Zazzle for several years now, for invites, Christmas cards, labels, stickers, etc. Everything I have ordered has been top notch and so unique! It is the first place I shop when I have an upcoming event. Nothing compares to Zazzle! Very, very satisfied!!

New Reviewer

Excellent quality in the merchandise. I purchased 3 mugs and a mouse pad (so far), and I love them all. The mugs were very well packed and it arrived in a timely manner. I can say Zazzle will go a long way, and it all started with one grumpy looking cat.

New Reviewer

I use this site to make Custom T-Shirts to sell on line. Over all they seem to be pretty good company to work with. They do take a long time to pay you money that you earned.
My big problem with them is that I can upload a picture for a t-shirt or other products and they tell me that it is not of a good enough quality and will pix-elate when they print it. They are the same pictures that I have emailed to a local company who had no problem with the pictures I sent and the local company turned out great shirts.

New Reviewer

First cutom product was damaged in processing. They responded well with a credit/replacement, but eh replacement had a defect - the custom image was crooked. There is no quality control for custom products at this company.

New Reviewer

I'm actually a seller on Zazzle. I'm sorry to say Zazzle really doesn't consider the sellers their customers. I find we are the lowest priority. The reason most products come out as well as they do is because we design them well. Unfortunately we are often not paid reliably.We have items removed for copyright infringement even if there is no infringement. We have to hunt down and research problems that are usually mistakes made by Zazzle or their software. We are generally talked down to, ignored and made to feel unimportant because we aren't the "real customers" We promote our products, properly tag and name them, display them to sell...we make Zazzle profitable but to Zazzle we are just sellers.
Zazzle has major communication and customer relation deficiencies. They don't know how to run the business end though they have a decent machine for designing products. For now that is what's saving them.

New Reviewer

I ordered business cards using Zazzle, only to receive my order and realize I had made a mistake in my own design...but they were really nice and helpful and offered to credit back most of the original cost so I could reorder! Very cool Customer Service! Highly recommend!

New Reviewer

The invitations were great and very creative, but we didn't know they didn't come with matching envelopes.

New Reviewer

My order came quickly, was appropriately priced and the quality was great. I've ordered a few different things from Zazzle, including custom stickers, postage stamps, mugs, and t-shirts, and all have been great quality.

New Reviewer

I made a canster set for my son an his wife,for there new log cabin. there just what I wanted thank you.

New Reviewer

Great customer Service. Expedited shipping due to time restraints for Soldiers overseas and was able to able to deliver top quality items. Do not hesitate to use Very kind and understanding staff with the customers needs as their #1 priority. SGT Torres, USA

New Reviewer

I purchased a case for my samsung galaxy phone. I absolutely love the fact that you can personalize anything that you buy from them. I also purchased personalized recipe binders for my sister which she loved. some items may be pricey but the quality is worth it. they also often offer discounts online. I would definitely recommend it.

New Reviewer

This site has always given me the best service and even when one of my products did not work out due to a seller issue, not site issues, they gave me a full refund almost immediately. I shop at zazzle constantly, and they have excellent discounts and even better quality products.

New Reviewer

I ordered a present before Christmas before the website's well-displayed 'buy now to get delivery before Christmas' counter. Except the counter didn't say you needed express shipping. I ordered by standard shipping and the package arrived after Christmas.

New Reviewer

I ordered a custom photo iPhone cover for a friend and was able to see just exactly what the product would look like. The ordering was fast and easy and results were absolutely amazing. The processing of the order was quick and all we had to wait on was the shipping (which was longer because of Christmas holiday). Amazing results...could not be happier. Will be ordering one for myself now!!!

New Reviewer

Ordered 100 business cards using Zazzle template Dec 31. Credit card charged. Order goes immediately to 'Processed' which means I cannot cancel. Seven days later, they cannot estimate when they might ship... and have no explanation, and no other response. Argh !!! Never again.

New Reviewer

The website itself is great. My customer service hero Leonard was awesome and did the best he could to help me the 2 times my order was cancelled. Once for a design thought to be infringing on copyrights and another because the same desing wouldn't work for embroidering. Awful policy not to just place order on hold and call customer to discuss problems. Wasted SOOO much time recreating items for replacing orders.

Sweatshirt printing great on 1 of 3 items, other 2 very askew. in process of sending pictures to Zazzle. Not sure yet how this will be handled. Fingers crossed I have Leonard again to help me out. Could only give 1 instead of all 3 as gift.

Because of such a hassle I've had (more than any other ordering experience, online or through phone/catalogs) I wouldn't recommend zazzle to anyone. Its a shame since I originally was telling all of my family/friends about it. Would hate to have them go through the same time wasting ordering process as I have, AND get a crappy printing job, and blame me directly.

New Reviewer

I needed a special card for my husband's birthday but wasn't finding anything in the stores. Then it dawned on me that I could make exactly what I had in mind on a site like this. I had never tried Zazzle before, even though I'd heard of it previously. I found the entire process very easy. The card came out great, and it arrived in the mail in a few days. It cost me around $4 total, which wasn't bad considering it was a custom thing.

I had a good experience with them, but I'm sad to see that others have not. I will keep that in mind if I ever decide to make something more complicated on their website.

My husband loved his birthday card and personally I would consider using Zazzle again for something small and simple like this.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of custom mugs just a couple weeks before Christmas, they arrived on Christmas Eve (I was actually expecting my order to take longer), and the mugs were high-quality and perfectly printed. Excellent site, that

New Reviewer

Ordered stretched canvas photo prints - they were delivered quickly at a really fair price perfectly prepared. VERY happy with the result!

New Reviewer

I made my sticker the way I wanted it and then I wanted to change a minor detail so I called ZAZZLE and I was on hold for 30 min and then hung up. That was disappointing because I ended up having to doctor each individual sticker to my liking, which would have been done much easier at the production site.

New Reviewer

I ordered 2012 Christmas cards in early November. They arrived and were printed crooked. I requested a return and replacement cards before Thanksgiving. The request was granted and I received an email that they were being reprinted and would mail out soon. It took two more requests and a phone call (with a 15 minute wait) to apparently actually get the cards printed. They are now in the mail and tracking to arrive on Christmas Eve even though I was assured by customer service they would arrive immediately by courier. Horrible experience and I will never deal with again.

New Reviewer

Very content with the quality of the products and the manufacturing.
The high quality really surprised me and was higher than anticipated, so I really can recommend Zazzle.
The whole product range, the ability to customize products and the whole shopping experience is very comfortable and handled with the highest rate of available security. So very comfortable online shop.
The transportation costs at my location unfortunately are quite high, but that is nothing Zazzle can change.

New Reviewer

Zazzle dazzles! I placed an order on 12/10 for a customized coffee mug as a Christmas gift. Today is 12/14 and it just arrived at my office, exactly as I ordered it and perfectly reflective of the picture on their website. Color in the graphics are great and the customized print on the mug is centered perfectly with a nice rich ink that doesn't look like it'll fade with washings. I will definitely use in the future, especially now that I can add a special touch with customizing a gift.

New Reviewer

I liked the product which were small square magnets using my photos. I liked how they turned out but ordering them was labor intensive. I had to sign in each time I went to the "cart" page to order each of four different magnets and their respective quantities as well as my personal postage order.

New Reviewer

What I love about Zazzle is the excellent quality of the products and the ease to customize the products. Anytime I have needed help they are prompt and very helpful. I have bought from Zazzle over and over and I am happy with each order. I am disabled and it makes gift shopping so easy for me plus I can have my gifts mailed directly to whoever I bought it for - even internationally.

New Reviewer

I had fun designing these for my grandchildren...changing colors and designs...It "REALLY" adds a personal touch...and I can't wait till Christmas for them too see them !!

New Reviewer

I've ordered several shirts from them and my stepdaughter recently created a shirt for her dad. The text is good and the quality of shirts is OK, but the images she used are faded. She also ordered 2 large binders for school in the past. The image quality was blurry (and some were really crisp photos when printed on other media) and the binders fell apart. So if you're looking for a gift beyond shirts, you might want to check out another site, or be aware that each item type does impact the result.

New Reviewer

the site was easy to use. i was looking for unique personal ornaments for my childrens christmas trees. i was very happy with my purchases.

New Reviewer

I've ordered several products from the Zazzle websites and ALL have been exactly as I had hoped. And ALL were delivered quickly! Their products are high quality, well made and as most things I order are for Gift Giving, I'm proud to give them to the people I care about.

Again, Zazzle always exceeds my expectations!

New Reviewer

You can find almost anything you want on Zazzle - someone has designed it or you can do it yourself. Some days, you can spend hours looking, there's so much stuff available. My wife and I have purchased some of our own designs and those of others on t-shirts, mugs, steins, and the quality is excellent. Customer service for a minor print issue was also satisfactory. You can't go wrong with Zazzle!

New Reviewer

I haven't used Zazzle much. But so far I like what I am getting ... Prices are a little high, but they have lots of sales. Excellent quality product and decent customer service.

New Reviewer

Zazzle may be OK if you are the sort of person who plans everything months or weeks in advance but if you are like the rest of us AVOID! My birthday card order took 16 days from placing the order and arrived well after my father-in-law's birthday.

New Reviewer

I ordered a canvas art picture from them and it came out beautiful! Very true to life. Shipping and production time were as promised. Very pleased with product.

New Reviewer

We love the tshirts here. Everything is great at this site and we recommend it to others. My wife has told so many people about your site too.

New Reviewer

There is so much to choose from on this website. From coffee mugs to elegant wedding invitations your choices are endless. To be able to create our own unique item and to personalize it the way you want it is great!

New Reviewer

I was searching for unique, professional business cards, and I found them at I get so many compliments on them!

New Reviewer

I love this website, both the ability to custom make shirts and accessories, and the things that are already set up and beautiful. Great to have things that are special, and even better to be able to give them away as gifts.

Thank you Zazzle

New Reviewer

The mat was wrinkled. Given that your business is matting and framing prints you should be able to get that right. Poor quality control. Otherwise I am satisfied with my purchase. I am not returning the item to be fixed because it is too much bother.

New Reviewer

My order took about 2 weeks to receive. Once my T-shirts got here. my xxl was too small. the sizes in general run small my 2 sizes. mehh i might take my business back to cafepress.

New Reviewer

Both items that I had ordered were personalized, one being business cards for Graceasis, and the other a record decal on a long sleeve ladies t-shirt. I am so very happy happy. Very proud to pass out my business card. They turned out beautiful and it's a reflection on what I sell on my on-line store. Call me a VERY more than SATISFIED customer!!!

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