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Zazzle reviews

713 reviews
Categories: Clothing, Gifts, Shopping
1800 Seaport Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063, United States
Tel: 1-888-8ZAZZLE

713 Reviews From Our Community

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But if you need to contact customer service, prepare for a wait. (in 132 reviews)


I ordered 3 different styles of business cards for my photo business. (in 36 reviews)


So, in honor of little ms. elli, we wanted to order a button with her picture on it to celebrate "Elli-Palooza!" (in 422 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Awful customer service, this site is a scam! They took my money and so far I have received nothing after three weeks. WARNING- DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!

New Reviewer

i should have read these reviews... BEFORE ORDERING ...WHAT A NIGHTMARE,

New Reviewer

I ordered a personalized mug for my boyfriend for Father's Day, I ordered it second day air on a Monday, I received it today on Friday and was so happy it made it on time so I could give it to him on Sunday, Father's Day! Opened the package, and the photo I submitted and text (Mr. Wonderful) were upside down! I was initially shocked and disappointed, then I grew more angry at the fact that this company sent this to me in the first place, it was so obviously wrong!! The carelessness to not even check the product before shipment is unbelievable. Don't order anything from this site!

New Reviewer

Everything about this company is awesome. They make great products and always ask how you like your product. I'm always pleased with what I order!

New Reviewer

Recently ordered a tshirt and realised that there was a spelling error. contacted customer services who by this stage had taken my payment only to be told that there was nothing they could do. I have sent numerous emails trying to get my money back, seems to me that this company are thieves. pure and simple, absolutely disgusted and i will slam this company at every avaliable oppurtunity

New Reviewer


We ordered wedding invitations. We received someone's 50th anniversary cards instead. Zazzle takes your money and does not get back to you. We called a douzen times and stayed on hold for an hour each time. No body answers the phone. This site is a scam!

New Reviewer

Does anyone have any idea how long it will take a customer service to get back to me if I send an email?

New Reviewer

We've been trying to get in contact with somebody to return this $#*!ing mess they sent us!! If we don't receive anything back we're taking legal actions asap!! Promise!!

New Reviewer

Just gets worse: I set up a new order with a rep on the phone. I had to pay $16 to return the original business cards. The next day I got an email that said that if I requested a store credit instead of a refund, I wouldn't have to pay to return the bad business cards. See this:
On Jun 7, 2014, at 2:00 PM, support <> wrote:
To simplify our returns process, we would like to offer you an account credit that can be used to re-purchase your modified design, or any other product The account credit also allows us the option to waive the return and not require the unwanted product back to our facility. If you want to take advantage of this, please respond to that effect. For more information on account credits, visit: $answer/2085 .

Dear Miriam.,
Thank you for your email.
The representative with whom I spoke to on the phone never mentioned the option you describe in your email. If he had, I certainly would have gone with that. Please give me a store credit for the $16 I spent at UPS to ship the cards back to you. I will use it on another order. Thank you.

We'll see what happens next...

New Reviewer

I ordered 5 baseball shirts for my 6th graders who are graduating tomorrow from elementary school that had the school name and all the students names on it. It cost me 36.99 to get it next day air. My order was 143$ total. It came in today the total wrong order. Three shirts for some pinball company arrived. I waited on hold for 30 minutes before I gave up and emailed a claim, which I have had no response to yet. I'm sick to my stomach thinking about how these super impoverished students who worked so hard to get these shirts are going to react to this tomorrow. I will never order from them again.

New Reviewer

I placed an order with Zazzle on 5/22/2014 at 7:59:58 AM PDT. My account said it was shipped 5/22/2014 7:18:10 PM PDT. I still haven't received it, and when I look up the tracking number, it says no information available. I have since opened 2 claims with them and haven't heard anything back. Today, I thought I'd give them a call, but I've been on hold for 16 minutes so far. Not impressed.

New Reviewer

After emailing this company regarding some website issues and not hearing back, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and ordered 3 photo enlargements. They sent me 3 horribly botched photographs, with terrible printing errors such as giant coloured lines running across the photo. I am not even able to contact them regarding this due to no international number being available (I'm in Australia). They obviously don't even care enough to check things before they are sent out, so incredibly unprofessional. Never taking my business here again.

New Reviewer

I ordered an iPhone case "silver sequins" - no sparkle or sequins - for $47 I assumed it was not going to be a $3 case - which this is. I have been on the phone waiting for customer service for 45 minutes - am I just on a never-ending hold????? TERRIBLE - I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN - BEWARE!!!

New Reviewer

Beware, the rebutals from zazzle on the reviews posted on this site, are lies. Do not buy into anything on this site or you will lose your money. is a scam.

New Reviewer

This company sent precisely what I ordered and did so in a timely manner and at a great price. What more could I ask for?

New Reviewer

Ordered a customized coffee cup that was excellent quality and the custom printing was and good as the original pattern printing. Was very please that it was delivered so quickly with the custom printing.

New Reviewer

I customized a pacifier for my friends new baby and it arrived exactly when it said it would and we both loved the quality. It was exactly what I ordered. I plan on revisiting this site to purchase more gifts for my friends and family.

New Reviewer

I ordered a poster from and when it arrived it had been damaged during shipping. They sent me a new one right away with no questions asked. I couldn't be happier with their service and also the quality of the poster.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Zazzle is a website I would recommend to anyone. I discovered them by Google and have grown brand awareness for my company RUP DESIGNS through zazzle, because they allow me to customize so many of their products.

New Reviewer

Hello Zazzle, I'm just curious because after I ordered my items($100) via PAYPAL there is no e-mail confirmation. Gesh! There is no Order ID number either. Why? oh why? Hope it's not a scam. :(

New Reviewer

Initially had issues with the background picture was moved and not even so there was a white part at the bottom of the paper, but it was caught by them and not approved and I was able to redo. Very helpful!! Super satisfied with outcome and the print was clear and colors bright. Would definitely use again!

New Reviewer

So I didn't even get far enough to order because it said I needed to download the iphone ap in order to create business cards. We don't own apple products so I guess I can never order from this company because I decided to buy something different.

New Reviewer

Ordered two ties that looked beautiful; they arrived dirty and the images were very very low resolution, pixelized. One tie even had a PENIS on the back, embedded in the fabric. What the actual **** is Zazzle all about? I asked for a refund, provided multiple photographs of the ties. They said it would take 7-21 business days for the refund, AND THAT I COULD KEEP THE TIES. What company does that?

Well, it has now been 27 days, and still no refund.

This company has all the features of a scam, PLEASE avoid them at all cost.

New Reviewer

In 100+ reviews, none was negative. Zazzle makes nifty stuff but needs to delete its sexist designs. 1st Amendment doesn't protect hate speech/depictions, zazzle. Also remove duplicates of designs proferred~~which wastes [& irks] choosers' time. Finally, allow reviewer 6 mos to use or wear product so review can contain info after washing item or using for a while. [E.g., will stickers' or return labels' glue still stick or dry up? Can mini messenger bags really be washed w/o colors running?,&c]

New Reviewer

OK, so I had to retract my statement about Zazzle's poor customer service as my initial dealings were an issue. When the company saw my post they contacted me immediately and resolved the issue. Thank you Zazzle, I will certainly use your services again.

New Reviewer

Ok, part of my original review is below. The front line of their customer service leaves everything to be desired (see other reviews and complaints on the BBB site), BUT... I do have to say that they read reviews on themselves and that is the only reason THEY STEPPED UP AND MADE GOOD. I received my 15% discount refund today (hopefully they change how their site reads so that this is not an issue in the the future for them). As for the product, I ordered custom invitations for a baby shower. I ordered just the basic paper and a regular square cut and they really are of great quality and design. Color is good and the plain white envelopes are of good quality as well. They fixed my issue and they sent me a good product within just a few days.

Part of original review:
If purchasing bulk items (and in doing so get a better price per item because you are ordering more), know that you cannot use a coupon on that better price. If you get a bulk price, that IS your discount and they will not honor coupons on top of that. Of course, they are not forthright with this and if a coupon was the only reason you purchased from them, forget it. Sketchy. They wouldn't even offer me free shipping. Guess I've been spoiled by Amazon and sellers on eBay. They know what customer service truly is! This company would rather take a loss on my returning my custom order if I "don't like it" than give me free shipping or honor the coupon code. The rep all but admitted that to be true. The reps via email and phone also would not assist me in escalating the issue to a supervisor. Wow, just wow, and watch out.

New Reviewer

Zazzle is the most awesome one-print shop online! I have ordered many mugs, buttons and tshirts. All excellent quality and gorgeous printing! The bad reviews are from people who don't know how to use the site tools properly. If you don't center your art, or pay attention to the art not fitting in the space allowed, that is how they will print it. It is the Buyers fault for not checking if the art or lettering is correct and fits. The other reviews are clearly from competition. I became a seller because I was so impressed with their products and customer service. They have never missed a payment to me.

New Reviewer

it was awesome-I was pleased with the cake topper that I ordered for my daughters gender reveal party.

New Reviewer

Don't worry, if you have an issue with your order, its your fault. No need to send them any information because even if its something you couldn't have possibly caused (i.e. inconsistant borders on business cards) they will find a way to make it your fault. HORRIBLE customer service. Spend so much time finding ways to blame me when they could've just taken care of the issue and had a happy customer!

New Reviewer

ZAZZLE absolutely rocks! It's a very fun, cool, and creative way to customize novelty gifts and cards! The prices are very affordable and the design team is out of this world! I send cards regularly to friends and family and they absolutely love them.

New Reviewer

This company is a scam, I created a few designs here for myself and the website offers commission if someone else buys your design. After about three years I had built up about $50.00 in commissions, but when I asked for it they created one excuse after another for not paying it. Finally I just took down my designs and will look elsewhere for my shirt designs. Enter Zazzle at your own risk, shirts are thin and poorly made as well.

New Reviewer

I didnt want to give this company even one star but that was the lowest I could rate it.
I ordered a photo on canvas Dec. was supposed to be her in 7-10 days.
I still hadn't received it on 12/24...It was for a Christmas gift. I emailed because there was no way else to contact customer service. I was told they didnt usually allow cancellations of orders but would cancel my order if I wanted to. I said just send the photo I ordered....a family photo of my inlaws family. What I received on Jan 20, 2014 was a picture of a tigers head surrounded by a jungle background. DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!! The only thing they finally got correct was my refund and I'm waiting this long to post a review because I wanted to make sure I was refunded for this botched mess. I could have got the same photo on canvas done at my corner CVS for less!

New Reviewer

I recently used the Zazzle online application to create customized wedding invitations and was disappointed in the items I received. As a result, I emailed the Zazzle support team and asked for a full refund. I expected them to give me a hard time and to make me pay for the shipping of my product back to them. However, to my surprise, Zazzle took care of me and gave me a full refund. I will be using this company for future items and I love the unique things I can find on there. The wedding invitations are a good idea as well, but I suggest ordering a sample before making a full purchase. GO Zazzle!!!

New Reviewer

If I could give this site a zero I would. I ordered 50 invites for a baby shower. There is no way to proof your order after entering info. I placed the order and asked customer service NOT to send until I could see a proof. Naturally they ignored me and the invites came with the sample info. Someone else's shower. I have 100 people to invite and no invitations. They refuse to give me a refund and want me to re-order. It won't get here on time. HORRIBLE service. $100 Loss.

New Reviewer

I ordered pre-printed greeting cards and notecards. The quality of the photo on the front and the heavyweight card stock cannot be beat. It's really lovely. My only complaints are, firstly that the printing-quality is average at best and looks like it was done on someone's home ink-jet printer, NOT set to "best quality". The printing on the greeting card was just BAD. Some of the words were cut off. When I designed it, I took plenty of time to make sure that all of the words were visible and INSIDE the box. Whoever printed it either didn't care to fix it or didn't bother to check it after printing because they would certainly have seen that the words were cut off. This was NOT COOL, but I didn't make a fuss or return the card to Zazzle. I just sent the card to my friend with my apologies for the poor quality of the printing.

Secondly, I want to point out that this seller has NO DIRECT CONTACT INFORMATION listed on their storefront, so there was no way I could contact them regarding this. Zazzle's Customer Service told me that they are "not allowed to contact sellers on behalf of buyers". If there is no contact information listed, buyers are just out of luck. Something is just not right about that. I had hoped to ask the seller if it was possible to get the photo on the cards transferred onto other products. I was trying to BUY MORE from this person, but was unable to do so because I had no way to contact them. So it's their loss.

New Reviewer

I use this site for almost all my greeting cards/postcards. They are reliable, have easy returns and economical. I stock up when they have sales. I also like that cards can be customized.

New Reviewer

Twice I have contacted customer service regarding two issues I've had with their coupon code as well as their customer offers. Each time I have received a discourteous response. Their representatives did not seem keen on improving their services or taking responsibility for their mistakes. Because of this I will never buy a Zazzle product again. Had they been more courteous and helpful I would have already made another purchase within 30 days of my first.

New Reviewer

Terrible! I used a coupon code that automatically enrolled me in their Zazzle Black Membership. My confirmation email said I would have an opportunity to cancel my membership before I was billed for a full year, but by that they meant I had to dig through the site on my own and figure out how to cancel. I contacted them for a refund the same day I was billed for the renewal but received a canned response about how my membership is nonrefundable.

New Reviewer

Was unsure about it at first, but it has shown to be very good!
Great deals, great printing, overall good experience.

New Reviewer

Zazzle is wonderful. We live in a "customize it" world, and Zazzle is at the forefront of that! The website it beautiful, streamlined, and sophisticated looking (no flashing glitter!), with an endless array of products. Whether you are looking to buy a product designed by someone else (they call sellers), or are feeling creative enough to design your own product, Zazzle has all you need.

New Reviewer

I ordered a product and when I did I was told if shipping was upgraded I would receive in time for Christmas I did not receive product till Jan 15. the product was really nice but I felt I was deceived into the placing the order when they knew they were behind because of the holiday rush.

New Reviewer

I ordered a stamped/personalized tea towel on December 7th of 2013 and after notifying the company on January 15th regarding the missing order I received it on January 22nd, 2014. I would not recommend this site at all. The shipping charge for a 6 ounce tea towel was almost $7, an excessive amount in my opinion. When I contacted the company regarding the item I was informed the shipping would be expedited by a faster shipping method without additional charge, whooppee! It didn't make my experience any better. Very disappointed.

New Reviewer

I would've like the item to have been shipped in a timely fashion so it could've been given at my mother-in-laws 85th birthday with her other gifts. She received it almost a week later but she was happy with the gift so thats all that matters

New Reviewer

I will never be using this site again. They never classified that there were two sides of the pillow to decorate and I didn't realize there were a front and back design to fill out until I got the order literally a month and ten days later. The order took FOREVER to come. They clarified it takes 7-21 days for the processing to finish, but I ordered it on Dec. 13th (hoping it would have shipped by Christmas Day or on Christmas Day) but nothing until THIS MORNING. The photo quality came out okay but would have been perfect if I was informed that there were two sides to fill out. The casing feels super cheap, as well.

New Reviewer

This site is absolutely the worst. They say it takes 7-21 days but didn't until over a month later. My sister ordered a product they designed, just a simple pillow and it hasn't even shipped yet despite her calling and complaining about it weeks ago. If you want a product from this site for a gift for someone better plan it months in advance!

New Reviewer

I designed a custom mug with images and lettering and I was verypleased with the results. The fact that I can order customized items in single or small quantities inexpensively, without sacrificing quality, is such a happy discovery! It makes it possible for me to gift my friends and customers in a more meaningful way.

New Reviewer

I attempted to order from this company for Christmas. The company informed me that the order was not going to arrive in time, so I cancelled the order. However, the company charged by credit card for a "Membership" anyway. When I wrote to them, they informed me that it was an auto-renewal (which is odd since the order was cancelled) and it couldn't be refunded. But they cancelled future charges. What a SCAM! BEWARE of this company, the more I read, the more I know that they are NOT legit.

New Reviewer

Be aware that this company has AUTO RENEW and will charge your account $9.95 for Zazzle Black membership 30 days after you place your order. READ THE FINE PRINT. If you ask me, any company that does this, does not deserve my business.

New Reviewer

Perfect prints. Shipped quickly! I plan on using this site again in the very near future! I recommend it to anyone who has ever thought about printing posters or photos!

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