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Zazzle reviews

646 reviews
Categories: Clothing, Gifts, Shopping
1800 Seaport Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063, United States
Tel: 1-888-8ZAZZLE

646 Reviews From Our Community

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They do a fabulous job of printing and their customer service is a #10. (in 113 reviews)


I ordered 3 different styles of business cards for my photo business. (in 34 reviews)


So, in honor of little ms. elli, we wanted to order a button with her picture on it to celebrate "Elli-Palooza!" (in 376 reviews)

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New Reviewer

HORRIBLE COSTUMER SERVICE! I've been calling and emailing for a month to return my items. They won't answer their phones or reply to emails. STAY AWAY! You've been warned!

New Reviewer

Buyer Beware, Zazzle will sign you up for a monthly fee without telling you during your first check out and continuously charge you every month. They will then deny that they are ripping you off and refuse to help over the phone. Shop here if you like to be ripped off and have fraudulent acts committed against you. Terrible customer service and terrible business practices.

New Reviewer

Absolutely terrible, this company is a scam.
There is no way to actually obtain a refund for a product, because they do not respond to emails and the contact numbers on their website are fake.
The quality of goods is very bad too so you are likely to want to return them!

Stay away from them!

New Reviewer

How does this company stay in business? I ordered two poster prints and they immediately charged my credit card. I have had absolutely no communication from the company - no email, no confirmation number, nothing. Tried calling, and after almost an hour on hold, I gave that up. Worst on line business experience ever. I cannot use an order ID to track because I never received any correspondence.

New Reviewer

Hello Zazzle Team,
I have an order that has not been received, yet shipping was confirmed and should have been delivered by now. Could you please advise whats going on? My event is only a few weeks away and I'm starting to worry.

New Reviewer

After reading all these one star reviews, my suspicion is validated. This is an unscrupulous company. I have received the royal runaround for a refund on a cheap defective product - right out of the box. I noticed another review here where a customer has been waiting for a refund for 27 days! Why should a customer have to wait a full pay cycle on a credit card refund? They state that a refund will take up to 21 days DEPENDING ON THE PROCESSING SPEED OF YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION. They make it sound like YOUR bank is slowing things when the truth is probably more like that they do not issue a refund till the last day - if that, based on this other review.

The longest I have ever waited on a cc refund from any other seller - even hundreds of dollars - has been less than a week.

When I contacted them about this junk item, they said I could throw it away - what company does that? They probably pay pennies for this crap.

I have been put on endless hold by customer "service." It is more like customer abuse. You will have better luck calling the ORDER number 877-893-8935 to get through to a live person because they want to sell you another piece of junk. When I asked to talk to a supervisor, they put me on permanent hold. if you contact them by email they issue an automated case number and never follow-up. I have been issued three automated case numbers - no response.

Stay away from this company.

New Reviewer

Wish I would have seen these reviews last night when I was ordering a birthday present for my daughter. First off I received an email stating "Unfortunately, we are unable to process your order due to a conflict with one or more of our acceptable content guidelines." Not sure why they would have a product on their website they can't sell! If that wasn't frustrating enough then I find out they charged my card TWICE (they are in pending status at the moment) Also in the email they are saying 7-10 business days before I will get my money back on my card, I work in retail and know for a fact that the charges haven't even settled yet since I did this at 1:00 am this morning. Also on their website they say customer service hours are 6:00 am- 9:00 pm EST but when I called at 9:00 am this morning no one answered because they don't open until 9:00am PST. I wish I would have read all of the reviews before ordering, there is not one positive one and I'm not sure how this company is still in business. I will be calling again as soon as they are open and they better void the transactions.

New Reviewer

I ordered a shirt from Zazzle and it was a Large for my husband. It shrunk down two sizes ....I had buyers remorse but just figured I'd suck this up....three weeks later I get a PayPal charge for $9.99 from my PayPal account that was NOT authorized NOR did I make another purchase!! PayPal is investigating. I have no faith in this company now. Stay Away!

New Reviewer

Ordered placemats - when I washed one it faded - sent email to Zazzle and they wanted a photo of the product sent to them - what - where is the 30 day guarantee come in -still fighting with them

New Reviewer

I never do this but I'm putting a company on blast. Never shop on Zazzel ever again! I just had the WORST customer service from there. Coming from a family of business owners where "the customer is always right" they should be ASHAMED of themselves! They're thieves.

New Reviewer

I ordered graduation cards for my son's graduation as a Doctor from for delivery to the UK. Although I searched the website, it did not inform me that the cards were manufactured in California, It is now over a week AFTER the graduation and the cards have not arrived. I also contacted the Zazzel Customer Service through the website to find out where the cards were manufactured as they were so late - it took them a week to email me a reply. Very poor service - don't order from Zazzle

New Reviewer

I ordered business cards and gift cards from them which is the worst quality EVER so thin and bad quality!!! They have their fake "if you don't love it return it" motto but you have to get an RA and it's impossible to get hold of anyone I've sent two emails and phoned and phoned but nothing?? I had to create this post in hopes that a customer service representative would care enough to contact me so I can send this S#it back!!! STAY AWAY

New Reviewer

Horrendous! I ordered a lovely personalised card as a thank you for a friend following a wonderful weekend away with her and her family. That was 3 weeks ago. Nothing has turned up... Despite paying the (unbelievably over-priced) express delivery price of £13.88! The card itself was only £2.85. I've emailed the 'contact us' address twice-no reply. I've called the US customer helpline twice but after holding for 10+ minutes had to hang up (why do they have a UK site - but only a chargeable US number for customers to call?). Gutted - I'd like it know where my card went, get a refund and an apology.

New Reviewer

I ordered 50 wedding invitations for my wedding which ended up having an error. I sent in several requests to return and replace them with no answer. No one answers the phone!

This is for my wedding people!

New Reviewer

I have tried Zazzle twice and both times they have failed to deliver on their claim of fast turnaround times. Shame on me for giving them a second chance. They claim that they can process most orders within 24 hours. I spent 20 minutes on hold waiting to confirm with their customer care that I would receive the item on time. I even paid $50 for expedited shipping. They can not live up to their claim. It took days longer than they promised to process my orders and both times they delivered them very late. As a result I've had to go without Christmas cards and birthday invitations. They should not claim to provide speedy service if they can't live up to their promise. They set false expectations and then disappoint because they can't deliver on them. The quality of the cards was ok, but not worth the cost. Use Vista Print instead. They are much more reliable.

New Reviewer

The previous customer was accurate in describing the customer service. It really is terrible. They advertise a free trial that wasn't free (for me at least). After a few emails they explained per the agreement the $9.95 isn't refundable. Well, if it is worth me not ordering from them again over $9.95 then so be it. Then the order....invites looked ok but arrived 3 days later then expected. I will be ordering from Snapfish or Shutterfly.

Update: Zazzle replied that they would issue a refund to my card and could be expected to take up to 30 days. Their response came on April 14th. As of today, June 23rd, there is no credit posted to my account. It's not the money as much as what it says about the company paying attention to it's customers and paying attention to details.

2nd update 07/10/14. As of today the amount was refunded with apologies that the refund was overlooked. Unfortunately it doesn't change my review.

New Reviewer

Ordered a framed print from this site. It was very poorly packed and arrived damaged. I called the so-called service number and got no answer. I emailed and after a delay got a form response saying that they were not themselves responsible but would "file a claim on my behalf" with the shipping company they used. They further asked that I send them jpegs of the damage. I sent them the pictures as requested but said their reply was unacceptable, that they needed to stand behind their own order, and I said they needed to pick up the product for a full refund or let me keep it with a credit for the damaged frame. This has gone on for weeks and I don't have time for this bull$#*!. Next I will file a claim through my credit card and report these clowns to the BBB

New Reviewer

UPDATE - Received a response from Zazzle customer service and received a full refund. Thank you.

I've used Zazzle several times and was very happy with their products, until I had to return something. A month ago I ordered a couple of t-shirts. I need to return one of them because it is not true to size (too small). However, you cannot return anything to Zazzle without first getting an RMA #, which you must do by contacting them. I've been trying for over 2 weeks now to get this number without success - 3 online RMA forms, 1 email to customer service (, and 1 phone call (I never actually spoke with a person, I was just on hold for over 26 minutes), and I still have not heard a single word from them. They have a 30 day return policy, so I think they are just waiting me out until the 30 days has passed and they can tell me that it's too late.

I will never buy from them again, which is unfortunate, because I really did like their stuff.

New Reviewer

I'm so upset! Ordered a personalised memorial hanging ornament for my lovely friend's funeral wake, to hang on their 'memory tree'. I received a parcel from Zazzle this week - addressed to me, but the contents were for a person in USA! I received their personalised wedding ornament - did they receive mine?? OMG, I need it for 15th of this month and am fuming! Sent a case message - no reply or acknowledgement! How do I get hold of these people from the UK?? I'm sad I'm being ignored! :-(

New Reviewer

I ordered from Zazzle. A month later there was another charge from them. At the time I was so busy I assumed it was an adjustment to my order and did not look into it. A year later they charged me AGAIN. I contacted them and they said I had signed up for a membership. I have no knowledge for signing up for a membership and I certainly did not want to renew a membership I had not used in a year. They would not refund it.

New Reviewer

If there is ANY problem or question with your order, & most likely there will be, they do not return emails and never, ever, ever pick up the phone.
When you think you've ordered the perfect gift, pay EXTRA for fast shipping and it doesn't show up, how on earth do they stay in business? Since my dilemma I've read 100's of horrible customer nightmares... my only wish is that I had read them BEFORE I got screwed.

New Reviewer

Stay away from zazzle! Their promise of 100% satisfaction that if you don't love it they will take it back is not true at all! I emailed them to get a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) per instruction for return, they emailed me back right away to clarify my request. I emailed them twice to clarify everything what I wanted and that I am requesting replacement, I never heard anything from them at all. Beware!

New Reviewer

Very unhappy with my Zazzle experience.
I am still waiting for my shirts two months after placing the order.
Despite several requests via the Zazzle website and via direct email, customer service still has not replied.
I purchase many products on the internet. Unless Zazzle corrects this situation, I will never use Zazzle again and will warn people widely against buying from Zazzle.

UPDATE: after posting on SiteJabber, Zazzle was very prompt in replying and correcting the problem. It would have been better had Zazzle responded promptly to my direct enquiries via its website, and better if there had been no problem in the first place. But in the end, Zazzle fixed the problem, and should be given credit for that. Thank you, Chanel, for turning around my opinion of Zazzle, or leaving open the possibility that I may in future do business with Zazzle.

New Reviewer

Still waiting for goods to arrive, keep creating and emailing case, still heard nothing not even an acknowledgment.

New Reviewer

I ordered a poster for my 13 year olds birthday 18 days ago. I am frustrated that not only hasn't it arrived in the promised 12 days but it hasn't arrived at all !, I can't track it, no-one has replied to the 3 emails I have sent, the phone number is American........Where is my poster?????????? I think this is my worst online buying experience and would not use zazzle again. Wish I had read these reviews before I ordered.

New Reviewer

I have used Zazzle on several occasions to make custom items and to purchase items already available. Each transaction has gone off without a hitch and I have been highly satisfied each and every time.

New Reviewer

item was not worth the $50+ price tag.

Return is a joke. Need RMA number from Zazzle in order to return and pay for return MYSELF. no response by phone or email and 30 day return limit. I bet it will take 31 days to get the RMA number to return. A joke.

New Reviewer


I ordered Bridal Shower invitations and only one was what I ordered all of the others was the sample on the screen!! I called customer service and was left on hold for 36minutes before I gave up. I emailed them twice and have not heard back. What am I supposed to do with all of these use less samples? I will never order from here again. The worst thing is that for the 36 min. I was on hold I kept hearing over and over how they guarantee 100% satisfaction of your money back. This is far from the truth it's been nothing but a headache dealing with this company and I will never deal use or recommend them again!!!!

New Reviewer

Despite Zazzle providing great business card designs and custom design options I am very disappointed in their service. I ordered my custom bushiness cards on 6/6/ is now the 26/6/14 and I am still waiting for them to arrive. In addition to this I have tried calling both contact lines both of which seem incorrect or unavailable! My emails and service resquest have not been responded too. VERY unhappy and disappointed in this service. I strongly discourage using Zazzle for anyone who is considering ordering from this sight and ordering to Australia. Considering their moto says "We promise 100% satisfaction.
If you don't absolutely love it, we'll take it back!"..... I am 100% not satisfied!!

New Reviewer

Do not order from this company. They have a great practice of taking your money and then later, if they feel the image is in violation of something, they will cancel the order but keep your money. At some point they will eventually give it back so they say. However, I am not in the habit of handing money over to a company that takes your money and then decides to not make it.

I was initially denied to make a particular mug, and then I changed the graphic at which point they denied me again. In the meantime, they are holding onto over $40 of my money. I know its not that much money but its the principle.

Do not use this service.

New Reviewer

My order was incomplete. An item was missing from my order. I have contacted them twice and have not received a reply. I had to bring this issue to Paypal to be resolved. Beside from a very poor customer service, the resolution being used is of lowest quality. I would strongly suggest everyone to stay away from this site.

New Reviewer

I have repeatedly sent cases to Zazzle inquiring about the status of my order and have not received any useful feedback. It has almost been three weeks and I still have not received my order (which is not the 5-12 days delivery time that Zazzle promised on their website). Originally, the mugs I purchased were bought as a gift, however this delay in shipping has created problems for me and now I am unable to give the mugs as presents because it is so late. I am extremely disappointed in Zazzle's service. I do believe that I paid a considerable amount for the mugs and I at least expect it to be delivered in good quality.

If I had known the shipping would take this long, I would not have chosen standard shipping because then I would be able to track my order, which clearly I am unable to do now. But then again, if I would have known, I would not have ordered from Zazzle in the first place.

I am not impressed at the customer service and would not recommend this for others.

New Reviewer

I ordered three posters, paid quite a lot for them assuming the quality would be ok. but Zazzle clearly did not have the right resolution image to start off with as the quality was awful. They should not be advertising these products at the sizes they are. I have since written to customer services directly and also online and have now been ignored for 9 days. So my experience is pretty awful products combined with pretty awful customer service. Would never ever use again, and wish I'd paid attention to the other poor reviews before buying.

New Reviewer

Awful customer service, this site is a scam! They took my money and so far I have received nothing after three weeks. WARNING- DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!

New Reviewer

i should have read these reviews... BEFORE ORDERING ...WHAT A NIGHTMARE,

New Reviewer

I ordered a personalized mug for my boyfriend for Father's Day, I ordered it second day air on a Monday, I received it today on Friday and was so happy it made it on time so I could give it to him on Sunday, Father's Day! Opened the package, and the photo I submitted and text (Mr. Wonderful) were upside down! I was initially shocked and disappointed, then I grew more angry at the fact that this company sent this to me in the first place, it was so obviously wrong!! The carelessness to not even check the product before shipment is unbelievable. Don't order anything from this site!

New Reviewer

Everything about this company is awesome. They make great products and always ask how you like your product. I'm always pleased with what I order!

New Reviewer

Recently ordered a tshirt and realised that there was a spelling error. contacted customer services who by this stage had taken my payment only to be told that there was nothing they could do. I have sent numerous emails trying to get my money back, seems to me that this company are thieves. pure and simple, absolutely disgusted and i will slam this company at every avaliable oppurtunity

New Reviewer


We ordered wedding invitations. We received someone's 50th anniversary cards instead. Zazzle takes your money and does not get back to you. We called a douzen times and stayed on hold for an hour each time. No body answers the phone. This site is a scam!

New Reviewer

Does anyone have any idea how long it will take a customer service to get back to me if I send an email?

New Reviewer

We've been trying to get in contact with somebody to return this $#*!ing mess they sent us!! If we don't receive anything back we're taking legal actions asap!! Promise!!

New Reviewer

Just gets worse: I set up a new order with a rep on the phone. I had to pay $16 to return the original business cards. The next day I got an email that said that if I requested a store credit instead of a refund, I wouldn't have to pay to return the bad business cards. See this:
On Jun 7, 2014, at 2:00 PM, support <> wrote:
To simplify our returns process, we would like to offer you an account credit that can be used to re-purchase your modified design, or any other product The account credit also allows us the option to waive the return and not require the unwanted product back to our facility. If you want to take advantage of this, please respond to that effect. For more information on account credits, visit: $answer/2085 .

Dear Miriam.,
Thank you for your email.
The representative with whom I spoke to on the phone never mentioned the option you describe in your email. If he had, I certainly would have gone with that. Please give me a store credit for the $16 I spent at UPS to ship the cards back to you. I will use it on another order. Thank you.

We'll see what happens next...

New Reviewer

I ordered 5 baseball shirts for my 6th graders who are graduating tomorrow from elementary school that had the school name and all the students names on it. It cost me 36.99 to get it next day air. My order was 143$ total. It came in today the total wrong order. Three shirts for some pinball company arrived. I waited on hold for 30 minutes before I gave up and emailed a claim, which I have had no response to yet. I'm sick to my stomach thinking about how these super impoverished students who worked so hard to get these shirts are going to react to this tomorrow. I will never order from them again.

New Reviewer

I placed an order with Zazzle on 5/22/2014 at 7:59:58 AM PDT. My account said it was shipped 5/22/2014 7:18:10 PM PDT. I still haven't received it, and when I look up the tracking number, it says no information available. I have since opened 2 claims with them and haven't heard anything back. Today, I thought I'd give them a call, but I've been on hold for 16 minutes so far. Not impressed.

New Reviewer

After emailing this company regarding some website issues and not hearing back, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and ordered 3 photo enlargements. They sent me 3 horribly botched photographs, with terrible printing errors such as giant coloured lines running across the photo. I am not even able to contact them regarding this due to no international number being available (I'm in Australia). They obviously don't even care enough to check things before they are sent out, so incredibly unprofessional. Never taking my business here again.

New Reviewer

I ordered an iPhone case "silver sequins" - no sparkle or sequins - for $47 I assumed it was not going to be a $3 case - which this is. I have been on the phone waiting for customer service for 45 minutes - am I just on a never-ending hold????? TERRIBLE - I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN - BEWARE!!!

New Reviewer

Beware, the rebutals from zazzle on the reviews posted on this site, are lies. Do not buy into anything on this site or you will lose your money. is a scam.

New Reviewer

This company sent precisely what I ordered and did so in a timely manner and at a great price. What more could I ask for?

New Reviewer

Ordered a customized coffee cup that was excellent quality and the custom printing was and good as the original pattern printing. Was very please that it was delivered so quickly with the custom printing.

New Reviewer

I customized a pacifier for my friends new baby and it arrived exactly when it said it would and we both loved the quality. It was exactly what I ordered. I plan on revisiting this site to purchase more gifts for my friends and family.

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