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9/28/10 is a social commerce aggregator that lets other daily deals get filtered through it based on users' preferences. For example, let's say you signed up for Living Social or Groupon because you love to get spa deals (who doesn't love a good facial?... wait, what?).

Problem is, now Groupon is flooding your inbox with a bunch of sky-diving, Segway-cliff-jumping deals (too soon?) that don't interest you whatsoever. This is where Yipit comes in. Yipit personalizes your preferences as an end user and feeds you daily deals based on your preferences from a variety of daily deal type sites. So if you like restaurant deals, you're only going to see one restaurant deal a day come in. If you like, ahem, facials-- yeah, you get the picture.

You can also select multiple categories in the event that you're interested in more than one type of deal, the customizability (not a real word, I know) of the site is what makes it so great. Big fan of Yipit, even though it's Arabic for "donkey carcass."

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