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Xxxmatch reviews

112 reviews
Categories: Adult, Dating, Hook Up
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112 Reviews From Our Community

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I am presently a member on this site, I would agree with all the comments as a general rule. (in 45 reviews)


There are some weirdos out there, but it is pretty easy to weed through them after a couple emails. (in 24 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I Agree Mike J. F#&k them,ima have to check it out. FEDERAL INFORMATION CENTER:1-800-726-4995

New Reviewer

I had just paid for a 30-day Silver membership a few days ago. Now Google cannot even find the website!!!

Ask mildrede about Xxxmatch
New Reviewer

This site is 100% scam !!! I joined for a full year, I only got 2 months, they took my money, doubled charge my CC and it kept charging me !!!! RIP OFF SITE !!! they should be taken down !!! SCAM WEBSITE, FAKE WOMEN, PAID TO PRICK TEASE YOU !!! TO GET YOUR MONEY AND RUN, I am going to report them to the FBI !!! They over charged my CC and I did not get any refunds or credits !!! they just closed my account !!! Mother $#*!ers !!

New Reviewer

This is a scam. All the flash pictures are for show. Lets be real, do you think
all the model girls in there want sex?
Also, every girl on the site is an online hooker for chat purposes only.
You are made to believe that there is sex at the other end. It not
This site is designed very cleverly to have you charge your credit card then keep charging you. The cancellation is hidden so well that its hard to find it.

This and other sites like adult finder etc. are a fake.

New Reviewer

I would rate this piece of $#*! website negative stars if I could!!!! Never got anything from it in a year except frustration from all the pop up ads, very poor layout and woman and couples who don't answer even to polite hellos. DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Stay away from this site. Nothing but bots and fake profiles as far as you care to look, and constant bombardment with porn site ads on every page, even with a paid membership.

I did a Google image search with the profile picture of one of the many 20-something "women" who initiated contact with me (I had a generic, no-photo profile) using vague one-liners.

The first hit showed the picture to be from a woman's LinkedIn profile. I found her Facebook page, and interviews with her in print and on YouTube. The "woman" communicating with me was CLEARLY NOT the same person. Never mind all the burned guys here calling for a class-action lawsuit (we should have known better), all the respectable women out there who have had their photos misappropriated by sites like this have a definite cause of action for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Okay, so, 2 bucks (the trial membership) to relearn a valuable life lesson.

The old adage applies here: Cheap, Fast, Good. You can have only two.

1. Cheap, Fast: Wank yourself silly to the cornucopia of free porn on the Internet.
2. Fast, Good: Whether it be phone sex, an Internet cam, or an IRL prostitute, if you want fast relief with a real live woman, you are going to have to pay for it.
3. Cheap, Good: You will have to spend many, many, many hours, days, weeks and months searching to find an IRL woman who wants NSA sex and MEANS IT. And if you value your limited time on this Earth, how cheap is that option, really?

Good luck.

New Reviewer

I am a woman on this site- so it is completely free for me. I have met quite a few guys in person for dinner/drinks (it like my screening process). I only "hooked up" with one. There are some weirdos out there, but it is pretty easy to weed through them after a couple emails.
So for me- I have had no problems except that I get IM request from guys all over the world even though my profile says I am only looking to meetup with local guys.

New Reviewer

Well I joined XXXMatch after they had this cool 50 Shades of Grey prize giveaway on their Facebook page and thought I would give it a shot. Being a woman, made it very easy to find a guy to hook up with in my city. A lot of guys were surprised because they had told me that there were so many fake women which made it even easier for me to pick and choose who I wanted.

I didn't even have to use my credit card so I didn't have to worry about fraud, yet I'm sorry for everyone else who had to deal with that.

It may not be the best site for men, but it's a secret goldmine for women! I recommend it!

New Reviewer

This website is indeed a scam as you Im sure already know. However, your not screwed out of your money just yet. I e-mailed them asking for my money back telling them I would be contacting the BBB and got a written responce along with my credit card refunded within 3-4 hours. Listen dont feel bad you fell for this crappy scam, it happens to us all. Just get your money back and you'll feel much better. Happy Hunting

New Reviewer

My story is the same. Lot's of email - no meetings. I am going to report this to every agency I can find. Homeland Security included for money laundering.

New Reviewer

Almost 100% of the women profile are fake. People who are pushing this site as one of the best are fake too, maybe paid to o that.

I was on the site for six month and did not secure a single date (and I usually get a date within a week on other sites), even when I told a chic that I would hand out a grand just to have coffee with me.

That's a nice payday, no? I would go for it. And I was ready to hand out that money if she showed up. She did not. Oh well.

Save your time and money. Do not subscribe to this fraudulent website.

New Reviewer

My story is no different than the others here. I signed up for a trial membership and once I did so the traffic really picked up but once I begin to ask specific questions the responses were either vague or deflecting or no response again. If I felt I could sue and win I would do so. It's definitely a scam site.

New Reviewer

I wish I'd checked these reviews before I got hooked in. I really should have clued in when the one woman said in one message that her daughter was the apple of her eye, and in a later message claimed she didn't have any kids! LOL. And it sounded like the last one I was chatting with, a blond Caucasian according to her profile, had Engish as a second language. And why don't the women who contact you turn up in Search results? What a joke. I can't believe I paid for it, but it was less than $100 in total for a lesson well learned.

New Reviewer

IF YOU SUBSCRIBED TO THIS SITE FOR ANY REASON, section 14 of their terms and conditions of use states that they may use any information (photos/videos) you provide to ACT AS YOU! Send a carefully worded letter explaining that you wish to terminate your membership and all associated data that is signed by you and legal counsel (or witness). It won't do F#%K-ALL to protect you or your image from any damage, but anything is useful for filing a future defamation lawsuit. Sadly this *SCAM* site has a very robust legal permise to keep and use your data.

14.7 You also hereby expressly authorize all data in Your profile and all other data regarding Your use of to be used in and in association with Research's™ Online Emissary™ Features, including, for example, to provide introductions to other Members, introductions to other real and factious persons, including those in other dating services. To assist in the formulation and transmission of communications to You, and to enable or a third party in the creation and use of one or more Online Emissaries BASED ON, ACTING AS, or REPRESENTING, You.

New Reviewer

This site must be a fraud. I got some clues here at Site Jabber and then put then to the test. As mentioned by some who have complained about possibly "Men possing as Women" at some and possibly all of these "Sex date type of site's". They seem to abuse the e-mail portion by keeping you simply hoping for a "Real contact" that has not confirmed their a"Real live person" that has been communicating with you ONLY by a limited amount of e-mails! I believe after giving my personal phone number to three of these (woman???) that at least one of them whould have called. Just out of thier interest&curiosity that they displayed in thier brief correspondence "e-mails" they had with me??? As you guessed thier was none (0) I try one more (woman?) Gave her my PH# after she said in an e-mail she wanted to chat. You guessed it No call. All 4 (women?)..acting with the same pattern of suspecious behavior..? Bottom line they use e-mail as a "baiting" tool" to keep you moving from day to day weak to weak etc..Just to get you to the next month. Whitch means you will shell out more $$$...just for confirmation that your dealing with a real (person?)..I fill conned!!!

New Reviewer

Boy, do I wish I'd read the reviews here before I signed up for this site. I was on the rebound, pissed and miserable, looking for any kind of an encounter and signed up - paid the money and all. Since then I've had a succession of gorgeous 20-something women wanting to meet me (I'm nearly 50), most of whom seem to be fakes. English isn't even their first language. The only woman who checked out was a 51 yr old from Leeds - we managed to covertly exchange email addresses. I paid for a year but tonight I quit. What a con!

New Reviewer

The site is a scam. The people that respond to you are either not real or are people being paid by the site to string you along. However, for anyone who has paid for a membership and discovered this after the fact, you can get your money back. Let me explain, I was dumb enough to try it without looking at reviews first myself. Normally I would check out other reviews like this site, but for some reason I did not this time. But it did not take me very long to figure out it was BS because the one or two line responses to my emails did not make any sense. So I went to the EPOCH billing website (the people who charge your credit card). and raised a bunch of hell with one of the customer service people in a live chat session. After telling them that the site is a fraud and that the people are not real on there, EPOCH refunded my money so no harm no foul and a lesson to be learned is all I guess. But hopefully you all will not make the mistake I did and have to compain to get your money back. But those of you who fell for it at first like I did should go vigorously complain with EPOCH and you will probably get some or all of your money back like I did because they ar a legit third party billing service.

New Reviewer

TOTAL RIP OFF!!! Ladies are fake! They offer a 1,50 EUR trial membership and charge your credit card 30 EUR for no reason!! Plus they do not consider your membership cancelation and keep on charging...

New Reviewer

Fake women all over the place. Call me an idiot but due to the response during my 3 day trial i joined the website as a gold member. I had lots of chats on the go with soem hot women but whenever you tried to push the chat on to meeting, msn, facebook etc they said things like "im happy talking here", or didnt reply, or pretended they couldn't add you on msn..... 1/2 girls fair enough.....after about 10 in a row you lose patience.

I have complained and asked for refund, that will never happen....but worth a try....

Moral of the story, don't have a credit card near you when sexed up!!..... are there any genuine or good sites out there? Adult friend finder i have used which was ok, mostly real people but like a nightclub near closing time, way too many guys to way too many couples as more a swingers site....

New Reviewer

$131.50 down the toilet. For a few months of service? Nope. I cancelled after one month through EPOCH billing service, but what the in hell? I was charged repeatedly for the next 2 months also getting me an overdraft fee from the checking account I had been using. I HAD A CONFIRMED CANCELLATION AND THEY STILL TOOK MY FREAKING MONEY!!!! These guys are not only cheap scammers, but crooks and criminals as well. Avoid at all costs. Wish I had read some reviews before getting into this mess.

New Reviewer

Terrible scam. Had someone emailing me over and over during the trial period, just to try to get me to register on other sites. No real connection, just a bunch of scammer. $30 for a monthly rate after the 3-day trial will not be refunded. Better to spend that on phone sex. Much more honest.

New Reviewer



"Can I delete a profile?
No. Once a profile has been entered into the system it is there permanently. You can however, hide your profile if you wish."

New Reviewer

Even though it seems to indicate otherwise on the "upgrade" screens that layout the differences between membership levels you can not even _receive_ emails as a basic member or see _any_ profile details. After joining for the 3 day trial, and actually just a couple hours after I made sure to cancel the auto re-billing (which by the way you have to do through a separate website, the billing agency). I found some profiles that looked pretty real but nearly all of the emails I had gotten and was curious to read were just one liners asking you to email them back. This site is just not worth it! They should at least let you read emails that silver and gold members send to you and it would be nice to at least see basic profile info about other members at the basic membership level.

New Reviewer

Many FAKE profiles of "single, 22-28 y/o hott females" which emails you about their sexual frustrations in finding someone to satisfy them sexually. They always answer questions with a nonspecific answers, no substance in the emails and end the emails with a question like "What do you like to do" or " What turns you on the most". STAY AWAY from this site. I lost money so you dont have to!!! BIG TIME FRAUD!!

New Reviewer

Okay, this place is a bad joke. Lovely pictures, some moderately interesting profiles and they're all bs. Many have said it, so I won't go into detail about how I was faked out by all sorts of enticements and promises.

I want my money back. And other than the Better Business Bureau, who else can we in Canada contact? Anything I might do to get these scammers shut down will make it alot easier to accept the lost $$$.

If something appears to be too good to be true...

New Reviewer

i agree with everyones response. they even own with exactly the same conversations and even the same girls. RIP OFFS!

New Reviewer

All the other reviews have already said exactly what happened to me. Fu*%ing jerks. Stay away from them, it's a complete scam. There was 1 girl meetmearoundbk sent me a Meet In Person request, why send one of those if you don't want to meet for lunch in a public place? Such a rip. A$$holes.

New Reviewer

Every comment made about this site is true, think about it guys ? How manny times have you sent a long message to someone who likes you and they say you make them so horny . Good luck you will never meet the picture in fact many pics of the girls are on porn sites!! Huge scam wast of money really a 24 yr old hot girl cant get laid ? Your 40 ish and good looking , seriously ask a 24 yr old girl you know she will at least give you a honest answer sugar daddy!! It's fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I've hooked up here but 90% of the members are fake. That's why they call it "getting lucky" and I guess I did 'cause now all I hear from are the to good to be true FAKE girls. Word to the wise Only the ones with NUDE pics are real. Avoid this sight unless you want to waste a bunch of time or enjoy BS-ing the fakes to see what they will say which can be interesting.
The fake ones send you emails to meet mostly and you check your "who's viewed me" and they haven't. Also they have the exact same descriptions in their profile word for word alot or are really far away. Fakes usually answer a question with a question, are overly sexual, won't call, send pics or meet you and overall are just too good to be true...

New Reviewer

Said numerous times already but this site is not worth the money. Can't tell you how many times a girl will message and start a conversation, keep it going for a while, and out of nowhere, stop the conversation. It screams fake, however I do not doubt that there are girls on there that are real. Whether you think the small chance you will find a real woman is worth the cost is up to you. I for one do not.

New Reviewer

They say it's free, then get billed twice in one day for over $200- for the month. Can never log in. Can't cope Have wasted 2 days of my life

New Reviewer

I too got scammed by these wankers, hopefully we have all learned our lesson. How have people gone getting their money back?

What sort of women would join a dating website that is loaded with porn sites and big $#*! ads?!?!?!??

New Reviewer

xxxmatch is an online scam meant to string men on believing they are messaging real intersted women...who in reality are paid shills,who have multiple screen names and are paid to flirt. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

New Reviewer

Don't waste your time with this bull$#*! fake ass site. Not trying to sound like a spammer but is where you wanna be. You will see you don't have to pay anything. Unless you want plus membership to see 5 cams at once. but one cam for free is good enough..If you do sign up send me and my girlfriend a message. Our screen name is juicybynature. It would be cool to know that we met someone on zoig from another site. Cool thing about the site is that to prove that people are genuine they ask people who choose to upload pics to write ZOIG somewhere on their body or hold piece of paper that says zoig on it. To keep it real not the hottest women but some are. And more real ones on there then any other. Everyone makes a profile but the chat rooms are pretty cool. real people you get to talk to and see on cam. majority are men so be warned but doesnt mean you won't see alot of hot women on there also. Thats with all sites though aint it? LOL. If you checked it out and know of a better site i would love to check it out also so please let us know. I just read the guidelines and it said i shouldn't review sites if I'm affiliated don't know if it applies to being a member though. Not promoting for zoig. could care less if you singed up or not I just hate

New Reviewer

Try this ask a math question in the last sentence of your response to anyone.

Something like what is two plus 2, what does this equal?

After a few sentences of whatever.

You'll get a response similar to "You have such interesting things to say, we should chat more?"

Or something similar. If you ask if they are real they will immediately get way overreacting angry like and freak out. Total BS site. They are bots.

New Reviewer

I wouldn't give this site the TP i wipe my azz with.I have only been a silver member for a lil over a week,gots lots of fakeass freinds request & massages but when i reply 2 them or IM them i get no reply.Lots of tech issues,been through countless profiles hitting these bull$#*!ters up & i havn't got 1 single reply back.I mean U could be the most ulgyist person on the p[lanet but somebody gonna response even if they use U as a trick.Don't get me started on fakeass $#*!book or Xprofile thats next.I been on many & never lay a single female on them .I won't waste another dime on that $#*!!

New Reviewer

Dont do it! Unless you like being an actor! Yes it's all true, its fake like these people say. If your a member check out a lady by the screen name of " LetcherWildSide" Notice foru photo's of four different lady's ! It gets better ! One of them is Kristen Kruek from SmallVille...yeah Lois Lane herself is a member on xxxmatch ! I wounder if she Knows? I wounder if Kristen would like to know that her photo is being used for profit maybe? Hmmm..Ill look into that one! Tip's : Ask a name from the start! Ask simple questions and write them down, if they even answer them, write the answers. Now ask the same questions again later and compair the answers, but make them simple like whats your favorate food. I came to this sight to check xxxmatch out and see what was up after being suspicious. Im glad I did, because I immedieatly started doing what I wrote as tip's. Guess what? No more emails from four ladys, in just days. I also made a big deal of how I loved to meet other Cancers....guess what all of the sudden started happening? I had a few dark haired, all between 5' and 5'6" ladys that were Cancers! Amazing! What luck! This prompted me to check the terms in the sight to see what they really say....They say they can use actors and do "to put it in Enghlish". Now this is leagal because at the root of it all, its all in entertainment purposes. They plainly tell you all of this but without knowing whats taking place, we just don't see it , even in black and white, we all arent lawyers! Anyway... Im licking my wounds and moving on. Free sights do not have the need for actors! But if your convinced we are all making this stuff up...just try emailing that hot lady and making her want to be away from the pc with you! If you can do it.... please let us know if she looks like her picture! As for you lady's, I don't know if your experience will be the same and can't say a thing about that. But I did have one " girl " email me and say I seemed like a nice lady, and continue on trying to flatter me with out a skip in the beat. So maybe there is just some sexually confused people out there....Idk but the best way to stop this sort of thing is just to put the word out there. The best advertising works, but word of mouth can make or break!... Thanks everyone on here, for clueing me into the truth.

New Reviewer

Please do not sign up to this site, its a complete waste of money. Of all the aforementioned complaints, I can concur with about 90% if them. I even had my eyes open to some of these other comments. The recurring bull$#*t of getting close to a meet up, and then getting no follow up emails really drove me over the edge. I can't tell you how many times this happened to me, but then again, I'm a bit hard-headed. Do not follow my example, but rather my experience, and heed my warning. Stay away from this site, and its twin sites, such as PassionSearch, and They're practically the same damn site, and the same people definitely run the sites.

New Reviewer

Total bull. This site really blows!! there are woman out there that just want to get laid so where is the website? these sites are ether bull or prudish

New Reviewer

14. Online Emissary™ Feature. may, at its discretion, cause or allow You to be contacted by one or more Online Emissaries as a part of's Online Emissary™ feature.

14.1 An Online Emissary™ may be a real person, such as another Member, a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated "person" or "character"). Online Emissaries may be employed by or a third party to enhance Your online experience. For example, an Online Emissary™ may provide an electronic introduction to new or existing features or functionality.

New Reviewer

Well, I think I may b tha exception to tha rule, bt I have to say aftr reading a dozen or so reviews(mayb more) u guys(men:gentlemen) r not losers for wanting to go to a site in hopes for only a "hook up". I sympathize w u guys bcuz altho I'm a woman in my mid thirty's, have ben told by many men that I am sexy AND vry attractive, 5'9 w a beautiful smile as well as a beautiful spirit, single, nice body, I too dn't necessarily want tha hassles of a relationship. And I too would for once just would like to go to an "adult" site for once to have an "adult" encounter w a "mutual adult" male, not looking for anything "serious", bt jst a nice "human" relation w a man that dsn't include dinner & a date. Just clean sexual fun w no strings attached DISCRETLY of course, ta jst have fun & handle tha business ta make each other feel good for that moment in time & part ways til we meet again.
Simple arrangement.
But I guess I'm like u guys...wishful thinkng.

I really do hope for "our" sakes, tha ones who just wanna be Real "adults", finally come across a site that is actually that we can b & "do" legitimate Adult things or discretions w/o having to b scammed or taken advantage of. And I'm sure I'm not tha only "hot" chick or girl ta feel this way.

Thanks fellas fa listening. But is a total waste of ANY1's time. Just not u fellas. Us ladies too, for all those ladies who rn't afraid or ashamed of admitting it.

Happy Hunting.... Yaaayyyyy. I guess. Blank Stare.

New Reviewer

Please wait for a site operator to respond. (This is after I joined for a Gold Membership)
You are now chatting with Streamate Support
Dee: Hi, how may I help you?
Me: I got a chat request from SexyNHot, but when I accept her invitation I don't connect with her? Can you help?
Dee: If you had an invite from someone on yahoo, msn, or aol and theyoffered you a free chat it is not true. All the private chats on our site are paid. They are not a real person. They are a scammer.
Me: Oh!! No her video chat is on your web cam site.
Dee: I doubt that.
Me: It pops up when I was upgrading. I would really like to chat with her. It says Accept or Decline her chat request.
Me: Attempting to connect.
Dee: OK the is not even real.
Dee: so I am closing your account
Dee: have a good day
Me: Why?

So, I contacted the credit card company and XXXMatch support and I got a full refund.
I can't believe being kicked off of their site because I was telling the truth. I have two jpeg images, 1 of the above mentioned chat and 1 of a picture of the Accept or Decline chat request that Dee said was impossible. I wish I could post here, but you give no option for this. I give XXXMatch. com a 0 for stupidity.

New Reviewer

I joined as male poster looking for eleigible women.
Expense was nothing.
Surprisingly I received some queries from "interested" women.
So I bit on a 30 day membership.
However I became suspicious, when I received vague and ambiguous one line communications as responses.
One responder did give me a phone number. So I attempted to set up a meeting in a public place for coffee. No response
Seems to me this is a fising place for adult on-line entertainers to vet through looking to hook unsuspecting folks. Or, just for something to do while they are waiting for customers.
Or, the messages are just fakes, sent out by who-knows-who or computer generated messages.
Cancelled my membership after reading reviews.
Should have consulted reviews first. Hope you do.
Hope that there are no suspicious charges applied to my account.
Be advised, site sounds good, looks good but appears to be not as promised.

New Reviewer

Yes this is another of those BS scam sites. You get one line responses about wanting to meet and as soon as you show an interest the messages stop. When you first sign up you get about 6 to ten hits within 24 hours. None of which are worth pursuing. This site's only goal is to upsell you to add their limited inventory of porno movies and they will try to get you to their live web cams where the charge to see a girl masturbate is anywhere from $2.50 to about $4.00 a freaking minute. Why pay that when you can go to a number of porn sites and watch 3 minute trailers for free. I wish I seen these reviews before I subscribed for 30 days. Complete rip off. I really didn't know about 150 foxy girls who can't get laid anytime they live with 25 miles of me. I also recognized some of the girls from viewing escort sites. So this site is copying pic's from other sites. Don't waste your money, you won't actually meet anyone.

New Reviewer

This site is full of pictures of virtual females, rather than real females. There is always a big come-on through emails within the site only. The site removes any reference to a non-site email service. However, regardless of the talk via emails, there is never a meeting. I personally doubt that any of the listed females really live in the city that is in their profiles, as they can never answer any specific questions about these cities. In short - this is a totally bogus site, and a waste of money.

New Reviewer

People emailing from MN and Australia when I live on the West Coast. Everyday I get a notice a female wants to meet with me when I have an empty profile.

New Reviewer

I had to give it 1 Star to complete my post on the site but I would not give XXXMATCH.COM a single star if I could...This is pure CRAP.. like all previous suckers I got caught up in what I believed was a legit site... HAHAHA !!! what a fool, never a clear response from any girls, never got to see any of them cuz all communication would cut off when things started to get close to an encounter..I saw 2 profiles of the same girl with diff. stage names, diff. date of birth and... obvioulsy she lived in two diff. cities... basically this is a call-center like runned website where you got a bunch of clowns working behind a computer answering emails and messages all day, pretending to be some hot chick that wants to get laid... SAVE YOUR MONEY... go have a drink at a bar and spend 20$ on a drink for a girl... you might end-up getting laid quicker then on XXXMATCH.COM..

New Reviewer

i also sined up at this crappsite, i payed for silver member, my cuestion
Is can they take money after your membership ends or does your membership
automaticlay extends????

New Reviewer

some things are 2 good to be true...I am a good looking guy that just caught my fiance cheating, I was hoping I could turn to a site but ALL seem to be fake!!! Ladies any ideas or fantasies you need 2 fill? If it helps I live in MIchigan.

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