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New Reviewer

Just got my email from Margaritagrl off of directing me to and when she said she lived near by I mentioned places in the area she lived and she rolled over the subject. She sent me a more generalized message but acted totally interested. Said she wanted to stop all the chat stuff and just meet this next week she had time. However she now sent me to another website called your cupids And look for sxyluv30 promising me we could communicate better and that she would have more photos naughty ones that I might like. The sites are all alike I have seen the same girls pictures from different cities with different names. Keep your credit card in your pocket where it is safe because these sites will bill you over and over again and the cancellation of them is a lot harder than you think it is. I have had to cancel credit cards in two different places and have new ones reissued to keep from getting billed over and over again don't waste your money.

Tip for consumers: Once you give up your credit card number to the site you might as will have a pair of scissors handy because you're going to need to do that to keep any more money in your pocket.

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New Reviewer

I believe I got its link via craigslist. So ... I checked for reviews on the site. Stay away! If a site doesn't even take PayPal it can't be legit.

New Reviewer

As mentioned in previous reviews, there is no doubt that this site which is located outside of U.S. is a total scam site. The women do not exist, no one know where they get the pictures from and as they themselves reveal in their terms of use, they could be fictitious and non-existing. Once you give them your credit card, you've lost your money.

New Reviewer

I don't really much about this site. I couldn't upload photos or profile. The main reason I'm here, was reading other reviews and a profile name was in a couple of them-- that name was "sxyluv30", first got another one{ stOPwhispering } on flirtlocal, gave me a work e-mail with links to [ yoursexyfling, meetinyourcity, yourcupidmatches all end in .com-- that ended up on another site called freelifetimehookup, which I found eroticads had a common link with these profiles and sites and it is with the billing. Now that has got me wondering how "real" are these profiles and photos.

New Reviewer

Just wondering. Did anybody originally find this woman on as up4itgirlxcs? I just met her under that name at that site saying she lived close to me in New Jersey. Also did she give anybody her e-mail address at work? She did with me, then responded by redirecting me to another site called which turned out to be bogus and redirected me to another site which her name sxy30 did not appear telling me she had better pictures on it.

New Reviewer

what more can i say,, stay away from these sites,, dont be a sucker like me,, i wish i did wipe my ass with the money i paid for membership,,, at least then i would have got something out of it

New Reviewer

Profile added to the site without my authorization. Photos of women found on other sites show they live in different locations than those listed here. This site is a total scam. Stay away from this site and any billed through Epoch

New Reviewer

I found my details had been added in terms of profile,photos etc to the site without my consent on being invited by a message from fake profiler from to click a bogus link to see naughty photos/contact details under username of 'sxyluv30' which didn't exist...became suspicious also when in trying to find this username I saw at least 13 profiles recognised from xmeeting & flirtlocal from in my area but with diffrent locations in also very basic with no search facility except for left & right pointing arrows to click onto next profile in database & only able to send messages once updated account status by paying $29.99 for example...operate with extreme caution if offered chance to use, total scam!!

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