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Review of Xdating

Xdating reviews

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83 reviews
Categories: Hook Up
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83 Reviews From Our Community

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4 reviews
6 helpful votes


Ask Carson about Xdating
1 review
2 helpful votes

Cant really say ive been all that amazed by my experience on Xdating. Sure, its easy to use and its a nice looking site with a decent mobile app too, but im not having much luck in the way Ive had after a couple of months of using other sites, like hookup hangout for example. I cant help but feel that you join this site because of the hype and the brand being plastered all over the place online but when you actually get using it you end up a little disappointed. Maybe im just not a good fit for the chicks on the site, but they aint biting my bait in the way I was expecting.

Ask Robert about Xdating
1 review
3 helpful votes

Scam - I live in a small town in the middle of no where and there were way too many girls listed from here - let alone attractive ones. PURE SCAM - plus they say they offer a money back guarantee - they don't and no customer service!

Ask Ed about Xdating
1 review
2 helpful votes

The people arent real and its virtually impossible to delete your profile a complete rip off if not a scam !! stay away from this site!!!

Ask Mark about Xdating
1 review
2 helpful votes

Seriously, this site is great! Don't know why everyone is complaining? IMO it is almost as good as or at least it is a great addition. Give it a try guys, I did not regret it!

Ask Johnny about Xdating
1 review
1 helpful vote

Im not the biggest fan of Its easy enough to use but I find it quite cheesy and not anywhere near as good as it claims to be. I did a search in the Rochdale area during my free trial and I had lots of results. But when I paid for membership (shortest duration, im not a mug) I discovered that most of them were in London. None of the ones that were in Rochdale got back to me so I think ill be calling it quits there. Online dating is all about the database and ill be going back to my old faithful where I know I have lots of local members and dont have to rely on one from just a few options finding me attractive in order to reply to me.

Ask Walter about Xdating
1 review
4 helpful votes

I would not even give them a rating unless you can rate negative below 0. This site is the biggest scam I have ever seen. I read the other reviews and they are one hundred % true scam , scam , scam. And no refund. What I would like to do is start a class action suite against this site and others like it .

Ask Phil about Xdating
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Don't listen to all the negative reviews! Those guys complaining usually just suck at online dating. is the second best site I have used after It really workss with a little effort!

Ask Brendon about Xdating
1 review
3 helpful votes
5/1/16 is a scam. most or all female members are paid and are not from your city. Just ask a specific question about your city ,like favorite restaursant. You wont get a response.

Ask tim about Xdating
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

when the site is actually working, the pop ups get in the way. the members are mostly fake as are some of the reviews I have read about this site! it's just another scam!!!

Ask David about Xdating
1 review
4 helpful votes


Ask Nick about Xdating
1 review
7 helpful votes

This is for the ladies who are thinking of joining Xdating. Ive used Xdating for ages and at first I loved it. But in recent months ive started shopping round and trying other hook up sites (most recently which Im really liking so far) and its helping me realise that theres no reason to stick with one site. The Xdating site is good but could definitely be better maybe theyve got a little lazy over the years but I really cant see many changes from when I first started using the site, aside from the odd aesthetic change. Dont get me wrong, the site works! There are PLENTY of hot guys and because there are so many you can find whatever floats your boat. Its a sex site and I can personally find a guy to meet up with in a matter of a couple of hours. But Id still like to see more new features and more positive changes, as a long-term user. Simplicity is the way to go in my humble opinion and thats why tinder is so popular, keep it as simple as possible and do as much for me as possible, thats what I want. Ok, maybe im the lazy one haha!!

Ask Linda about Xdating
1 review
12 helpful votes

As a woman with a high sex drive, ive been using hookup sites for a while now. I joined Xdating and have been very impressed so far. In fact, Id rank it up there with as the best NSA site on the web. The guys seem to be more interesting, they dont just send photos of their bits all day long and can actually hold conversations. Hoping to meet a few more in person over the next couple of months, will see how it goes. Definitely recommend for the girls out there

Ask Jacky about Xdating
1 review
7 helpful votes

From their terms of use:

6. THIS SITE USES FANTASY PROFILES CALLED "ONLINE FLIRT®" In order to enhance your amusement experience, to stimulate you and others to use our Services more extensively, and to generally sprinkle some sparkle and excitement into the Services of XDATING.COM, we may post fictitious profiles, generate or respond to communications by means of automated programs or scripts that simulate or attempt to simulate your intercommunication with another real human being (though none really exists and any dialog is generated by programming), and we may employ or contract for the paid services of real persons who may interact with you as part of their compensated employment.

You pay to chat with their employees not with real women.

Ask Boris about Xdating
1 review
0 helpful votes

Call me 6265223827

Ask Delbert about Xdating
1 review
19 helpful votes

After using xdating for two months I would say its up there with the best sites for finding no strings fun. The other two are and maybe If you cant get laid using those sites then maybe its time to pack your balls up and retire!

Ask Richard about Xdating
3 reviews
20 helpful votes

Obviously, a lot of - mostly male - reviewers are complaining about xDating...

I have used it a while ago and I thought it was pretty cool. Maybe it has gotten worse in the meantime but back in the days I liked it. Right now I use Vanessa69, with really, really good results, but I may even try this site out again. But for now I am pretty happy.

Only problem on this site, as well as on any other hook up site, is that you will find more men than women. That is no big surprise! So you may want to create a nice profile and you may want to upload some really nice pictures. The idea is to get the attention of all the female users. It won't work just to create a profile.

My review is based on the experiences I have made a while ago. It took a while to get laid but it was not impossible. Same on Vanessa69, the site I am using now: With a little creativity you will sure hook up. I mean: Those girls join to hook up for no strings attached dating, you just need to grab their attention.

I don't understand why people blame adult dating sites for not getting laid. Be creative! It is the same attending a bar and trying to get the attention of girls: You don't blame the bar owner if you did not manage to get laid.

Ask Lester about Xdating
3 reviews
22 helpful votes

Definitely don't waste your money, but don't even waste your time and energy on the free portion of the site. All fake. All scam. All day.

Ask RJ about Xdating
1 review
24 helpful votes

Never really worked for me... Of course, xdating provides with affordable hook up experience, combined with free adult movies to paying members, but... maybe I wasn't lucky this time, like I was lucky before on
I'll play around a little bit more and see...

Ask Timothy about Xdating
2 reviews
40 helpful votes

This is one of these sites that you see advertised everywhere. Its well-known and it doesnt disappoint. Id say its my second favourite site that ive tried (if youre interested, my top recommendation would be HookupHangout.combut its close between those two). Highly recommended, 9/10

Ask Laurin about Xdating
4 reviews
18 helpful votes

Fake spent way to much money there should've just sticked coworkers. Most of the women on there are cam girls or hired actresses.

Ask Quentin about Xdating
2 reviews
42 helpful votes

Agree with many guys: Good looking women generally don't exist on here, it is really not like where you find many hot girls. But if you want to go for the average looking woman it is ok to use xdating. All the good looking girls onhere don't seem to be genuine.

Ask Mike about Xdating
1 review
5 helpful votes

Dont be fooled if u want to tease urself and waste money and be charged hidden fees with no help on getting the money back.This X-dating site is the worst dont do it SERIOUSLY dont

Ask jamie about Xdating
6 reviews
109 helpful votes

I'm a lady, I'm not interested in seeing your wiener (unless I ask you to pull it out of your pants).
Why can't you guys be polite, charming and intelligent instead? THIS is what women like, not your dirty pics (and then you're complaining that nobody's answering you)

Ask Sarah about Xdating
4 reviews
22 helpful votes

Horrible. They use their national PR to get people looped in. You pay, participate and get nothing in return. Stay away and stay off even with their tempting marketing.

Ask Steve about Xdating
3 reviews
72 helpful votes

Stay away!!!!!!!!!

Ask Jackie about Xdating
118 reviews
1,583 helpful votes

Really pleased with xdating I have to say. Id rank it up there with FlirtyDater and maybe HookupHangout in terms of selection of girls/ number of fakes/ variety of functions/ mobile site/ etc. Think those are pretty much the cream of the fun dating crop at the moment, although im still due to try a couple of new ones in the coming months. Would recommend.

Ask Justin about Xdating
1 review
4 helpful votes

This website is a SCAM and they pay people to perform fraudulent messages to entice you into there site.

Ask Charles about Xdating
1 review
10 helpful votes

I was messaged by a profile, but then I could not respond without paying. A real website wouldn't let a member pay to message someone then not allow the person they messaged to respond.

Very, very fishy! Use a free site like okcupid there's no reason not to, they are honest, you can pay for uprgrades but Xdating is for suckers. My guess is there are mostly (90% or more) fake profiles that are run by the website itself as automated programs that send fake messages to non-paying users to tempt them into paying.

Once you pay, there's no way you're going to get any messages in reply. There is no use in getting angry at these "fake profiles" because they are not actual people, but just programs designed to send pre-fabricated messages.

Total scam and anyone who falls for it I feel sorry for them but you need to learn to be a little more wary.

Ask bear about Xdating
1 review
20 helpful votes

The site seems to be a fake. There is no any real person. You get sometimes an "automated" mail, but never an answer.
I have written to all ladies and pleased them to answer me if they are real and got no any reply.

Ask Anton about Xdating
1 review
6 helpful votes

i was foolish and bought a membership with out checking reviews or tineye members pics.. in 2 months only 1 new member in my area.. they are all scammers IMO messaging you constantly till you sign up and then they all disappear or ignore you when you try to contact them.

Ask steve about Xdating
6 reviews
95 helpful votes

Not really sure if this site can be trusted?! Maybe just stick with well established sites like casualdating4u or vanessa69, for example, before you try your luck here. But on the other hand I have seen much worse as well.

Ask jennifer about Xdating
6 reviews
24 helpful votes


Are you clever? Are you seductive? Are you intelligent? For some women online, it makes no difference. These are the women with “fake identities” who never read your emails. They only send out “pick-up lines” calculated to keep you coming back. When you write back, they never acknowledge anything you said. They may refer to your profile but respond saying, “hot pic” or “attracted by what you say,” generalities that could apply to everyone. They never take time to address you using your screen name.

And why is this?

Here is why: They are online with fake identities and are being paid by the number of replies they get from the men they contact. They are the female “catfish” or the hired “trollers” who make men miserable while they gain recognition and earn hard cash.

Here are some of the fake personalities that I have spotted on

blondangeluv Foster, KY
Lucygamx Brooksville, FL
goldentuch33 Cincinnati, OH
VERYWET20 Cincinnati, OH
Sportiigirl Cincinnati, OH
DustyGirlSexy79 Goleta, CA
sassy33398 Covington, KY
Playfulgue Cincinnati, OH
dustiekisses Cincinnati, OH
Yahira57 Santa Barbara, CA
letmesuckit4u2 Trotwood, OH
Nilckax Columbus, GA

Q1. So how does one spot a false identity?

A1. If someone never makes reference to the content of your emails, you have the right to be suspicious. . . . Then you might try sending something like this:

Some of the "virtual women" on this site have no more reality than what their programmers designed them to be, like Samantha in the recent Spike Jonze film "Her."

So, as a reality check, please include the words "first kiss" somewhere in your next email. If I don’t find these words, I will know that you are not a real person. . . .

your FreeSpirit

A2. If the words “first kiss” do not appear, then I write something like this:

I’m frustrated. You may have noticed that I have been reaching out to you with multiple emails. You, in return, send me generic replies that ignore my emails entirely. It appears that you paste a one-size-fits-all response to all your "favorites" from time to time by way of drumming up interest, but, in truth, you are hiding behind a mask. I even suspect that your profile pic is a fake as well.

Why would you want to do this? It's a cruel and heartless business. . . .


A3. If this does not prompt your “virtual woman” to come clean, your next step would be explore the “block” and “report” buttons found in the lower-left portion of her profile. The “report” button allows you to share your frustration with someone who can do something about it. Be sure to ask management to “send me an email telling me what you are doing as a follow-up on my complaint.” Keep a copy of your complaint for possible future use. The “block” button allows you to prevent further frustration for yourself.

Some dating sites do allow for “false identities” and they offer paid users some way to identify them. You have to read the fine print on the contract to learn this, however. So I would call this “fraudulent.” They, of course, would protect themselves by saying it was “my responsibility to read the contract.”

I am not aware that allows false identities. On the other hand, I have no evidence as of yet that closes down those known to be using a false identity. Let’s be frank. It may be in their interest not only to allow but to deliberately overlook false identities. . . .

Ask Aaron about Xdating
13 reviews
187 helpful votes

Don't waste your time or money on this. You can register quickly, but don't try and do anything, because they try to get you to sign up for a paid membership. That's when you get robbed. You can pay for 3 months or 6 months. Either way, if you don't stop them, they'll keep charging your credit card for it. They post fake or stolen profiles and when you contact any of them, they steal any private info that you give them. They'll use the profile image that you send them of yourself, maybe with your junk hanging out, to create a another fake profile. Their customer service is a disaster, so don't expect much help from them. The one good thing is, that they tell you in their terms of service that they're going to rip you off. Stay away. I was robbed by one of these. They only got the price of a 6 month membership out of me, cancelled my credit card, and it was a cheap price to pay to learn a lesson. You're getting away even cheaper if you listen and STAY AWAY!

Ask John about Xdating
1 review
15 helpful votes

xdating is a SCAM..I can confirm all negative mentioned here in the reviews.Messages came from women before signing up,or sending strictly me 1 and only message....
Further, all messages from might be the same!

Ask Istvan about Xdating
1 review
9 helpful votes

i joined this site with the best of intentions. to my shock after wring to 20 separate women not one responsive message. this site uses robots extensively to your messages, all responsive s are to be considered Robot Generated BE SMART do not sign up to this site as they seem to be crooks and swindlers only out for your money. they are not delivering a DAM THING

Tip for consumers: Run fast from this site ALL ROBOTS local booty. com

Ask walter about Xdating
14 reviews
260 helpful votes

Make sure as I do now, to read the reviews before subscribing to any Adult Site!! Please, Manditory. U will find many, many, of them will just take your DOUGH and RUN!! Fake pictures of the Women mainly to lure US in, like dumb ass fish biting the delicious worm on a hook, only to find out the worm was artificial / fake!! Then it's too late!! If U are unsure and still want to join, then I suggest U guys get a "PAYPAL" card and just put a month's subscription therefore they cannot withdraw anymore funds from U as U only put so much on the Card in the first place!! But again, I will be honest with U, I have been through 18 of these sites and mostly bowing put before paying anything and still haven't even touched any Female SKIN!! It might be because I am 62 and they think I am an easy target, but I AM PROUD OF THE FACT THAT NO ONE HAS SUCCESSFULLY GOTTEN ANY MONEY FROM ME, AND I HAVE BEEN TRIED ON MANY TIMES!! I have learned alot since my very first Site, E-harmony, and am really tired now of the B.S. just to get a Woman Companion. They all find out that I am seriously searching for my Female Companion and am just NOT SOME HORNY AND DO ANYTHING FOR A WOMAN MAN!!

Ask Cisco about Xdating
1 review
7 helpful votes

I guess if it seems to good to be true it is!!

Ask Tyler about Xdating
1 review
15 helpful votes

This site has one or more persons posing as many. I am a male seeking female. I joined the site to answer a few messages to me via a profile of me created on XDatging by friends of mine. When I answered the messages,I would get responses in perfect English; then the supposed same woman would reply again in broken English, not recalling matters previously discussed. They all refuse to email, speak by phone or video chat, despite claiming they wanted to meet in person. When I declared I was leaaving the site, messages from the same person/persons came flooding in pretending to be other female members - their messages and anomalous English was in some cases identical to that of previous messages. When I let the one (1) month trial membership expire, there were no more messages. The site is a verifiable scam!!

Tip for consumers: Caveat emptor!!!! Warning consumer!!! Do not fall for the XDating scam!!

Ask Sam about Xdating
1 review
18 helpful votes

My experiences been while I was paying my membership and leaving numerous messages to numerous candidates I never got a response but as soon as I stop paying all the sudden all these women would start leaving for the provocative messages to try to entice me to come back

Ask Matt about Xdating
3 reviews
17 helpful votes

Very well executed scam, to be avoided at al cost!!

Ask Cj about Xdating
9 reviews
38 helpful votes

Joined the site and wrote to a few. No response at all. Fair enough. They didn't fancy me which I can understand ! However, I counted at least 10 of the girls who put their location in the next village to me. It is a very small village and the possibility that all those girls were in that small village is just not possible. Not worth the effort of joining.

Ask Arnold about Xdating
12 reviews
40 helpful votes
4/5/15 is fake. spending money on this would be foolish. there are legitimate sites out there, this is not one of them! A waste of time and energy filling out forms, then they bombard you with fabricated emails that you can not read until you pay up. Emails from model type women who supposedly live 15 minutes from me.... gtfo! 1 star, but only cause I have to... frkn jerks!

Ask Jay about Xdating
4 reviews
28 helpful votes

Wanted to check it out, so I signed up for a "free" account. The only thing I was able to do is look at the profiles. First I thought it could be a place that escorts advertise. But then it was clear that the entire site is bullshlt. Luckily being very internet savvy I did not give them a dime! These people should be ashamed of themselves!

Tip for consumers: Stay away, far away.

Ask Moshe about Xdating
1 review
19 helpful votes

Unfortunately I must say I just was taken by this site.If I can prevent others afrom being taken In is a scam.Do not purchase it.I repeat do not purchase it.As a reminder to those who operate such sites,if I ever am able to locate any of you I will pay you a visit and break both of your arms,including the women who allow their photos on these sites.

Ask Pascal about Xdating
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

Saw this posted to me on the site a few days ago: "Thx for the like :-) Like....right back at you! I know, I'm silly! If you want to know more of the real me is the best way to reach me. I will get back to you asap too!"
Then another one wrote: "Hey sweety I would love to chat some more and make sure we are both ready for this. Hit me up here and I'll get back to you soon. XOXO"
Now to me that sounds like they're interested. Instead, nothing, except continued offers to upgrade and pay.

Ask Dennis about Xdating
1 review
12 helpful votes

Stay away from this site, it's a scam!!
Their idea is simple, soon as you tempted to sign up for free account you are getting loads of messages and "matches" from lots of users with lovely photos.
Sure enough you can't replay them unless you pay premium subscription.
*** This is the trap!!! ***
Non of these profiles is real, neither are the photos... Searching Google for this photos will show you the same photos in large number of websites (in many cases).
Sure enough, now you would like to give it a go, but don't be surprise, not a single 'members' that sent you a message prior to your payment will reply!
After you been fooled and paid your $$ it's over.. !!!

Just a short update, my refund request remained with unanswered.
I tried now for help...

Tip for consumers: Avoid it !!!!!

Ask Dr about Xdating
1 review
17 helpful votes

I was just about to buy a member ship and you guys have been so much help. They also send me fake inbox $#*!, my hunch was that it says they are so local but I never saw their faces ever!! On top of that my cousin made a profile then he showed me the same lady who was local to me but she is also local to him, but I'm in Savannah and he's in Tampa! How is she local in georgia and florida? With a different address on other people's profile!?

Ask rhamon about Xdating
1 review
59 helpful votes

I just wanted to ask someone about this site,I found out my husband was on this site well I caught him and when I found it I seen that he sent messages to other girl's but tell me he didnt pay anything well I try to do it on my own and everytime I try writing it says I have to upgrade so my question is did he pay????

Ask teri about Xdating
1 review
9 helpful votes

Bs billing, bs site!!!!!

Ask b about Xdating

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