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Xdating reviews

29 reviews
Categories: Adult, Dating
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29 Reviews From Our Community

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New Reviewer

Site is NOT trustworthy...

That is all I have to say about it!

New Reviewer

What a crock! I will like someone and then they will like me back so I go and message them and they never return a message. Big time spam site! I am 36 years old and look 25 with an athletic body. I even took my shirt off to show my six pack off. I work in a gay club in Atlanta but am straight. The guys there are always telling me how hot I am hahaha I am good looking and I even liked this unattractive 49 year old woman and got no return message. Don't do it!!

New Reviewer

Complete scam. I live in a really rural town, am 49 years old, average looking, average body, and would get views and likes me as well as the occasional message from unbelievably hot young women, all conveniently nearby. Every time I would reply to a message, no reply. I tested a few of their images, on Google image search and yes, many of these images appear on multiple ads, such as the one attached

Ask Kevin about Xdating
New Reviewer

This site is pure scam. I subscribed but didn't pay for a membership. I got profile views and a couple of girls were already interested in me. Weird I thought... my profile was still EMPTY, no picture and only a vague 7 word description that didn't mean anything (I guess I was skeptical from the start). Then I start viewing profiles of local girls, and I guess this is where I have the advantage to spot scams better than most people: ALL the profiles of the local girls (except one) were written in English. I live in Québec, my town is 99% francophone only. To have so many local girls write near perfect English was a dead giveaway. I even asked (in French) one of the girls interested in me if she speaks French, and she never replied, even though the site shows her online often. By then I knew this was a scam. I messaged three other girls supposedly from my town, in French, and they never replied. Then, as I looked at girls a little farther away from my town, I noticed a pretty brunette, and started laughing. I recognized her from a porn site, and she's definitely not from my province. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. DON'T LET THEM PICK YOUR WALLET!

Tip for consumers: Test the girls. For example, ask them if you could meet them someplace. They will probably change subject of find a dumb excuse. If they accept, however, ask them to meet at someplace fictional in your town. Example: "we should meet at that nice bar and grill downtown on Notre-Dame st. (assuming there is no such place on that street in your town, such street for the matter). Only them you'll know who's really local and who's not.

Ask Steven about Xdating
New Reviewer

What an idiot I am. I am journalist and skepticism is part of my make up. Can't believe I didn't check into this before I wasted 30 bucks. There's no way there are that many horny local twenty somethings interested in a 54 year old. I'll see if I can get my money back. That should be interesting. And no more looking for ladies on line after a couple of pints. Feel like a chump..

New Reviewer

dodge it like Ebola. i got 2 messages from 2 woman, exact same words were sent. secondly another woman claimed to come from the State of Maidstone! pmsl. Just as a tester to further my thoughts i randomly sent "likes" to a number of 18 to 19 yr olds and they all came back with having the hots for me and i`m 52!

New Reviewer

It appears that I've also been scammed by this site...stupid of me to not look up anything ahead of time. I definitely wasn't using my brain when I joined.

I can't believe there are so many fake profiles. How is that even possible? The ones that show up for my area seem to be fairly genuine, and most of the messages I got seemed fairly legit. That's a lot of time and effort and quite the intricate web to weave.

Also...there are obviously people joining the where do they all go? Are there no real women that show up in my search? Not a single one? They are all fakes and bots? Do all the real members getting blocked or hidden from view as soon as they join?

I'm upset with myself for being so stupid, but I'm pretty angry that this site is such a hoax. Dirty

New Reviewer

You xdating, $#*! off.. Just get off people who are interested in this its a fake and prank to eat $#*!....

New Reviewer

After paying this site with the hope of finding a good woman to date, I soon found out that 100% of the profiles were fakes and all emails received from those faked woman were generated by the site itself. After I contacted them to ask for a refund they referred me to the small characters in their terms of conditions that says they use fake profiles. So they admitted their scam but they told me to ask my refund at the company they use to take our payment that is GXBill. I never got any answer from them so I guess they also participate in that Scam.

Tip for consumers: Stay as far as you can from

Ask Daniel about Xdating
New Reviewer

I had my suspicions about this site, but thinking with the little head, I went ahead. The first part is easy, setting up a profile, etc. They lure you in by letting you send 4 or 5 free messages, but any attempt after that sends you to a sign-up page. Looking back at the messages I received - unsolicited - from some of the "members", I had put some specific things in my profile, but none addressed any of them, just generic messages I decided to subscribe for a month, but when I did try to subscribe, my bank rejected xdating's online request. Almost immediately after that, I got a call from the fraud department at my bank - confirmed the phone number given by calling my local branch. Anyway, the charge was from a company in St. Kitts/Nevis in the Caribbean. Upshot is, for fraud protection, the company cancelled my card and is issuing me a new one.

New Reviewer

omg i had the same problems?look at the emails they send?before you become a member its the same person...the same type of writing spelling etc they make up there own profiles tommake you become a member then you reply and nothing:(i wasted 40.00nz stay away please its a sad way to rip people of that are looking for love!!!!!

New Reviewer

I joined this site in hopes of hooking up with woman. Contacted numerous girls and have received no responses at all. I'm no 5 star hunk of a man but I am a decent looking guy. I think the profiles I acted upon are fake and this site is only here to rip people off. Total scam!! $#*!in bull$#*!!!

New Reviewer

LOL I literally had all of my card info in and just had to click "Submit Payment" to upgrade my account but something told me to check the reviews on this site before doing so. The instant matches and messages you receive as a free member were just too shady. Sure enough, I come here and everyone's reviews nail it on point. That's exactly what I was afraid of happening after I upgraded from a free member and ya'll just confirmed it. I will not be spreading the word about to anyone else from this point on and I will be letting the people I did spread it to know what I have found out. To the victims, I wish that didn't happen to ya'll. Nothing can be worse then thinking you're going to hook up with a sexy woman in your area, paying so you can talk to them all to find out its just a scam. I truly am sorry. All I can say is just make sure you review future online dating sites before making any payments.


New Reviewer

This site is pure D bull$#*! and a scam! They put girls on there from towns close to my area that I know damn well they don't exist in that town! I get $#*! from these girls that can't possibly be true! PROVIDING any of them write back at all! They are from Cyrus and have no clue of local women! They are stealing money from anyone who suckered into buying into this fake site! BEWARE of these scam artists and make damn sure you check the hard to find little box that says to not to allow a recurring charge! If you don't, you get to pay for another month of this FAKE bull$#*!! STEAR CLEAR...fake as fake can be! They are as bad as the ISIS! These guys should be the ones getting beheaded above and below the shoulders!

New Reviewer
9/16/14 is a total $#*!ing scam! These girls do not exist. They pull images off the internet and then send you messages to get you to reply and you can only reply if your a paid member. The $#*!ers got me for a month.The tip off was that every message said lol. $#*!! I just wanted to get some tail. I sent their info to Law enforcement agencies here and abroad. Please guys don't waste your money and hackers attack! Just before writing this review, just moments ago I sent an email to support from XDating telling them what I was going to do and all of the sudden I have a Match in my inbox. What crap! There is a special place in hell for these faggot $#*!s. Guys stick to jerking off and meeting chicks in bars and stay off these crappy sites.

New Reviewer

It's a scam. As soon as you pay everyone stops talking.

Tip for consumers: Don't use the site. It's a scam to take your money.

Ask s about Xdating
New Reviewer

Omg I wish I would have came to this site first these $#*!ers got me too a damn shame

New Reviewer

The dating site is not a ligit site they are stealing your money and they never respond so they are no secure and they are a big joke.

New Reviewer

This site is a total fraud! After getting quite a few messages when I tried it as a "free" member, I upgraded to a paid membership so that I could respond & chat/email on the site. After the upgrade, although I received many "likes" & what appeared as pre-scripted comments, things totally changed. Many of the messages stated that the ladies wanted to chat or exchange pics, but none of them ever followed through. My FAVORITE were the ones who said things like "I'm new to this" or "I've never done this before"...but then you look at their profile history & most of them had been members for 2 to 3 years! I suggest that you don't waste your time & money! This is the absolutely worst "dating site" I've ever tried!!!

New Reviewer

BEWARE... A fake and scam site. Many of the photos and profiles are also on other sites. The whole purpose of this site is to get you to upgrade and become a paying member. There are NO refunds and NO way to stop your payments once you upgrade.

New Reviewer

Another "free" dating site. As with other sites of this type, "dozens" of anxious females are just dying to meet and communicate with you...BEFORE you pay for membership. Once you pay....crickets! It IS amazing though how similar the photos are between websites of this type and how similar online names are. Its as though ONE corporate entity, probably based out of Nigeria or Cyprus owns all of these sites, tweaks each a bit and then casts out the net hoping to snare unsuspecting web browsers. Avoid this one folks. Not worth your time, effort or money.

New Reviewer

I think, site is bull$#*!. First of all, it's not free, if you want to send messages, you have to spend money from your pocket. That's all right, if you want something, you have to spend something. But main thing is, I didn't get any response from any local girl within my first month of membership, waste of time. I sent at least 100 messages to local girls in this month, and sent only one message to other country girl and within half an hour, got reply. I would say, they need more money from the members. I don't recommend this site to friends or anyone.

New Reviewer

My quick two cents fall in line with the others; it is an entire fake site that a hacker needs to rightfully tear down.

New Reviewer

Total scam, I had a paid account and free acct. The free acct had different pictures to choose from then the paid acct in exact same area. The free acct received numerous matches with a one line profile and no picture. The paid acct never received a single match from the same pictures nor a single response from any paid member. I had several pictures searched down on google to find that many of them are on 100s of sites and even transvestite sites? This site is a total fraud and stay away!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Total scam...all the profiles are FAKE from either paid employees or programmed bots.
READ THIS from their own terms and conditions which shows they are a SCAM...
Do not sign up or send them will lose it 100%


6. In order to enhance your amusement experience, to stimulate you and others to use our Services more extensively, and to generally sprinkle some sparkle and excitement into the Services of XDATING.COM, we may post fictitious profiles, generate or respond to communications by means of automated programs or scripts that simulate or attempt to simulate your intercommunication with another real human being (though none really exists and any dialog is generated by programming), and we may employ or contract for the paid services of real persons who may interact with you as part of their compensated employment. While these communications may seem genuine, authentic, and personal, they may be broadcast simultaneously to a large number of persons and possess none of these qualities. While their contents may appear to be true, they may be quite false; while their contents may appear to sincere, they may be quite disingenuous. Sometimes, we may use these techniques or others like them for other business purposes, too, including, but not limited to those cases in which we monitor and/or investigate into operations, including but not limited to allegations that you or others have violated this Agreement.

New Reviewer

It is total BS!! please do not make the mistake i made to sign up. Of course before they are after you but when it came for me to sign up and roll the dice, not a damn thing happen. A bunch of talk between people and they never involve you as a paid customer.

New Reviewer

what the hell, they send porn to me and then say," no we didn't, we cannot find your address" of course you couldn't , dumbass, i never ask for, nor will i ever ask for this filth to be sent to me...........i sent it back to them.... with a few comments of my own........i refuse to be "nice" to these slimmy, scanky dare they infringe uon my rights and invade my rivacy....but they got my children involved this time.........God help them.....that, according to my attorney, is contirbuting to the deliquency of a minor, the lesser charge they are guilty of....and i plan to press every charge i can........DO NOT MESS WITH MY CHILDREN..

New Reviewer

Signed up for a month and cancelled by the end of the month as when I reported a scan I did not get a reply as I would appear that the only replys I received want you to sign up to another site so you could get their phone which of course never existed.. by the way I don't that up the offer as when I say they live local to you teh email would be sent at about 3 am in the morning which is another give away... as they can't even get the right time zones for the country you live in!!!

New Reviewer

Before I signed up, I got emails from paid members, some suggestive. After I paid, nothing! The ones who wrote me never wrote back, neither did the ones I'd written. The only activity was responses to friend requests, but no replies even from the paid members who accepted friend requests. My guess is that there's a "bot" that sends pre-written messages and accepts friend requests.

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