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New Reviewer

Hahha! What A Joke...
Signed up to check it out!! then got emails from loads of woman but 2 i noticed i had seen on other sites, so i crossed checked what they had said previously and it was the the exact same line, i replied and to my astonishment it was the exact same reply from the other site... Bots and Avatars... The Uk Gov say they are cracking down on internet fraud, deception and scam making organizations.. BUT there do not mention dating sites and these are the BIGGEST scammers out there and something really needs to be done about them asap...One girl was supposedly from my home town of Newcastle in England but on her profile she liked Baseball, Softball Basketball, Hockey and Pro Wresling!! Hummm all american sports... haha give me a break you con merchants...SAVE YOUR MONEY and sign upto SMOOCH its a free dating site and since joining 6 weeks ago i have had 3 REAL dates :)

New Reviewer

Yes, tons of fake photos and way too much webcam cross-sell... Every page has more than one banner ad and some are pretty distracting. That being said, there ARE real people online there, and some will answer your messages. (The more fugly they are, the more likely they are real.) A phone or cigarette in the hand is worth twice the effort. I like that there's a field for "Am I a Paid Companion?" Too many sites lump sugar babies and escorts with the other profiles. Membership gives you unlimited email access, but the chat feature NEVER works. Email attachments must be under 2MB, but it's enough to make a connection. Good luck.

New Reviewer

After spending some time on the site, it is obvious to me that the site is nothing but a huge SCAM! Living in London I browse through hundreds of women who also claim to live in London. Funny then that they all spell in American English! Also when you get a repply- which is rare, not only is it always a vague, inhuman- one line response, but the email sent time is always 5 hours behind London time! Why is this?, because the so called local girls are obviously chatting to you from the East coast of America! I have seen online reviews labelling Socialsex as the best casual hookup site in existence, where sex is guarunteed. Trust me I have put a lot of effort into my profile, my messages are always original and well thought out and I am far from ugly!. However I have been on the site for nearly 3 months and have experienced noting but an emotional rollercoaster ride from fake women. STAY AWAY!

New Reviewer

Yes these sites are nothing but scams, their bios say just enough to get u hooked. Think about it if you get 500 at $29.99 1000 at $5.00 and 1500 at $ 1.00 a month minimum For 1 month that's $21,495.00 per month it pays for your site and your hired help and pictures. What a great deal for them not you, all you get is some porn pics of girls your never going to meet while they make a good pay check. Depending on the sites some can draw up to a 100,000 the first month that's why new ones keep popping up stupid people pay. Rule of thumb if its not FREE chat your are going to get screwed period.

New Reviewer

I'm totally pissed that I just wasted a few days on this fake site! I noticed that there was an unusually high amount of absolutely beautiful girls, but I love women so I check it out but after 10 pages I realized ALL of the hot girls are "COINICIDENTALLY" from Auburndale or Aberdeen MA. I'm really disappointed, I'm a beautiful bi sexual girl and I thought I was going to meet someone here. Such a BS way to get people to webcam sites! Shame on you!

New Reviewer

If you want to know if a girl is legit, ask her to send you a selfie with today's date in it (written on paper or something). You will NEVER get one! ALL FAKE BULL$#*!!!!

New Reviewer

A big scam with a lot of fake profiles. STAY AWAY!!!

New Reviewer

The site is a joke. Save your time and money... stay away! The "women" are all "online emissaries" there solely to keep you spending money but never intending to meet you. If you look at article 14 in their terms and conditions it reads:

"14. Online Emissary™ Feature. may, at its discretion, cause or allow You to be contacted by one or more Online Emissaries as a part of's Online Emissary™ feature.

14.1 An Online Emissary™ may be a real person, such as another Member, a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated "person" or "character"). Online Emissaries may be employed by or a third party to enhance Your online experience."

Enough said. If you want to be scammed... go to if not... move on to with real women who really want to meet.

New Reviewer

Hopefully the government will shot this garbage down someday. Terrible experience for me.

New Reviewer

JAN 24 TO FEB 20 / 2014


New Reviewer

Very nice experience with 15years

New Reviewer

Fruad, fake profiles, they just send enough emails to keep you hooked and try to get you to upgrade to gold. The emails show a Jamacan address. STAY AWAY!!!!

New Reviewer

I didn't get ripped off by this cash machine because I decided to be crafty and check it out before parting with any emmbership fees. I created two profiles. My own male one and then a fake female one. As a male I couldn't access squat diddley but got messages from 92 women allegedly living only a few miles from where I lived - all of them in their mid to late twenties...I then checked them out using the female alter ego I had created to vet them for authentitcity, as women get automatic gold membership. My suspicions soon proved to be true, as none of the women knew anything about the city that I lived in, avoided the questions that I asked them or simply ignored them. Some would be indignant and ask why I was interrogating them and refused to answer...because they couldn't. It is a complete rip off for men. However, if I had been a genuione woman, I was inundated on my fake female profile with local men wanting to meet it works for the women but just empties the wallets of the guys who join and upgrade to gold...Avoid it.

New Reviewer

Your review will help others learn about this website.

Please do not review i I'm ashamed to say that i have been a member for almost 1 month, i'm still a current gold member of socialsex site. It is a total scam i'm 50 years old, yet all these mid 20s hot women contact you saying they what to meet you for sex now

So i started sending them my phone number and they all suddenly disappeared. they try to lead you on taking up to a week to reply to you ( even though they want sex now tonight ) That way you get sucked into paying another months $40 odd fee,

I have just spent 2 hours and 20 mins trying to cancel my membership without any success, there's a cancel m/ship button but it doesn't do a damn thing, there's no FAQ tab and contact us email takes days to get a response.
You also have to click every page twice for it to respond because it keeps trying to load up porn ads and live chat cameras rooms ( they are not part of your GOLD m'ship ) even though there called socialsex live

What a joke i'm so ashamed of myself for getting sucked in by these money hungry, no morals asswipes, there just there to prey on the desperate and lonely. I really wish i could find the bosses names and pay them a visit so i could teach them about respect morals and karma you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website.

New Reviewer

Steer clear of "SocialSex[dot]com". Right when you sign up as a free member you'll receive obscure messages from chicks, all of which are affiliated with the scam. None can prove they're local, or legit - EVER. I ended up ponying up $70 because I got an offer about 2 weeks in (after signing up, as a free member). Also because with in that 2-3 weeks I got about 10 messages from women I'd rate between an 8-9 and seemed about right for me, and the caliber of women that usually take interest in me out and about. About 8-9 of those 10 women I'd consider meeting up with. All of the messages were short, simple and had a aire of broken English. This is because the site is based off shore, and are anything but legitimate. The messages are things you almost never hear women say, not even in simple context from women you just don't know, even if they're drunk. You won't be messaged back by any of these women that seemed oh so "instantly" interested in you just days, or a few weeks before. Once you've been scammed out of your hard earned money... you'll get a message from a profile about once a week, or so by a profile that more than 90% of the time either has a numerical "1" in it, or a "0" which replaces where an "o" would be in a name. None of the more than two dozen women that messaged me initially could ever prove they were legit either via their digits, local venues they venture to in the area, or maybe standing by a local land mark in a picture. Ultimately you'd be much better off spending way less on a premium account at perhaps POF (which is otherwise a free dating site), to get show cased more and one that I've had solid success at.

New Reviewer

Total waste of money - there are LOTS of inactive or clearly fake profiles on this site. The few real women that are on it seemed more interested in endless messaging than actually meeting. You're better off with sites like Plenty of Fish or Adult Friend Finder - there are actually real women on those sites that I met and had great times with.

New Reviewer

whole site is NOTHING but a MONEY MACHINE to steal peoples money with stolen FAKE profiles: my documentation !: This: member "YellowJacob" you claim lives in:Hamburg, Germany:
The real woman on the photo is: "Sheryl Amour" a female singer and musician from Boston Massachusetts, US

"maneaterhere" you claim lives in Bremen, Germany: - The REAL woman has her photo on a MEXICAN dating site :

"LillithLilly" you claim lives in: Hamburg, Germany. Her photos are just STOLEN from the nude model: "Silvia Saint"-

Most other of your photos are stolen from PORN site !! So all of your profiles and your whole site is NOTHING but a MONEY MACHINE to steal peoples money with stolen FAKE profiles

New Reviewer

Another disappointing site. Fake profiles and messages left and right. Their interface isn't even that intuitive. Save your cash and don't waste it here.

New Reviewer

It's pretty clear that this site has tons of fake profiles and even will enguage in 1 line emails at 4:00am in the mornings. Its so clear that these replys are fake and i'm super dissappointed and wasted my money.

New Reviewer

This is an adult dating site
I got many offers to meet me in person via email upon signing up then I decided to do the trial for 1.95
then I stayed on for the 29.95 1 month membership since I do realize that it takes time to talk to someone be able to meet up with them, then I decided to cancel membership
I did go to the payment processor and canceled it , then I went back to the web site , I was offered to sign up for gold membership for $5 a month , so I was having some fun chatting (I suspect most profiles are fake and most likely work for the site) so I signed up for the $5 a month ,when the new billing cycle came in October I found out that my membership was canceled , I messaged the payment processor since I did not cancel the new membership for $5 a month , they told me it was the web master and to contact them I did and got a dumb reply , I messaged them again and no replies from them , so yes this is scam site avoid it and people that are signed up for it lets get a lawsuite together , I been digging up some information and found others here in this web site complaining about they are owned by same as , also same owner
Registrant Organization: Kamparri Trading Ltd.
Registrant Address1: 42, Dositheou Street
Registrant City: Strovolos
Registrant State/Province: Nicosia
Registrant Postal Code: 2028
Registrant Country: Cyprus
Registrant Country Code: CY

all 3 of these web sites owned and operated by same company
if you want to check something out join all 3 and look up someone who has contacted you in one of those different web sites they share the same users among all 3 they may own more of these web sites

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