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64 reviews
Categories: Wholesale Clothing
Da Pu Shi She Industrial District, Baiyun District
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Tel: +86-20-87019439
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64 Reviews From Our Community

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Customer Service : 5/10 (They don't make you happy with satisfied answers, nor mad with prompt answers)
(in 12 reviews)


I'm talking about material, size, and all the information they give you about the item. (in 32 reviews)


they always updates my order status unti ill recieved it... (in 47 reviews)

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3 reviews
1 helpful vote

i love the stuff they got ,they are of good quality BUT the shipping charges are just over the roof ,for someone who is buying for retailing its just outrageously expensive if they could revise their shipping would definately buy from them.

Ask aaabbby about
1 review
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I don't agree with mostly everyone here, cause I received my order fast and also looks great to me! It's a pair of shoes btw. So yeah! :)

Ask Dhen about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have place a large order on First of all it was one F..... mess to replace all the items that went "out of stock". When I received my package, I was furious.... NONE OF THE ITEMS I HAD ORDERED WERE IN THE PACKAGE instead they had replaced it with a bunch of horribly looking Hoodies and T-shirts... One hell of a nightmare... DO NOT ORDER ON THIS SITE

Ask Kendrick about
1 review
5 helpful votes

I recently bought 7 pieces of merchandise from wholesale 7. When I received the merchandise the quality of the clothes was not all that great. Plus onf the dresses was defective and had stains on it.

When I asked for a refund for the dress and I suggested to return the item to them they told me to just keep it?? Then they told me to take a picture of it and send the picture to them so that they can see the stain???? What?

I have not gotten my refund for this item which was the most expensive item on my list.

Please refrain from using this website. The Chinese are very cunning and deceptive when it comes to making money. They may not speak English but they can work the system to their advantage when it comes to making money. So please be careful. Do not use this site.

Ask liz about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Worst experience of my life. I dropped 200 thinking I was going to get the deal of my life. Ordered what I thought would be 10 gorgeous outfits. Right after I purchased them, I get an email saying that the boyfriend jeans I ALREADY BOUGHT were out of stock. I had a feeling it was going to be downhill from there. So they don't refund my money, they give me store credit. Whatever understandable, as long as I get the rest of my items. SCAM SCAM SCAM. I'm thinking I'm going to get a long beautiful jean blue trench coat and they give me a short ugly jean jacket with huge stupid black buttons instead??? I ordered black combat boots with a slight platform, these hoes gave me 6 inch stripper peep toe heels with an ugly silver zipper in the front instead???? I am not a stripper. Those shady hoes never thought to tell me that the items were either out of stock or that they never had them in the first place. It's weird. I believe they replaced the item with hopes that the customer wouldn't notice or would still be satisfied? WRONG. NONE OF THE ITEMS TURNED OUT TO BE WHAT THEY SEEMED. See I'm not a basic dressing girl, I know what's fly and what's wack. You can't fool a fly chick with sneaky look a like replacements and think I wouldn't notice. is wrong and should be ashamed. No matter how fly you are, you'll never be able to pull off their cheap basic tacky deceitful clothing. It's simply not worth it. Stick to clothing stores you can trust, recieve refunds/store credit and be able to TRY ON the clothes. Never use Luckily I have a great support system so losing 200 dollars was not the worst thing that could have happened BUT It was a lesson. I didn't even feel like returning the items, for what? SO that they can NOT send me what they profess to have on their website??

Tip for consumers:

Ask Ari about
33 reviews
102 helpful votes

This is a BAD website and it has the WORST customer services!!!!!! Just DO NOT buy any clothes on this website, they are so CHEAP and BAD quality!!!!!!! Not even worth the prices which are already low!!!!! STAY AWAY from this website!!!! and you are NEVER going to get your money back!!!

Ask Smith about
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

Having seen so many bad feedbacks about this site or other similar sites like, I would like to share my experiences since I have been doing purchase for clothing for years.

I ordered from a lot of China online wholesalers and cheap clothing sites. I did again and again these years make mistakes ordering clothing from them because of their beautiful fashionable websites and gorgeous products with beautiful models and cheap prices, thinking stupidly I would really get the ones on the photos.

I was lucky that I could still get the clothing or "trash". From the feedbacks that a lots of buyers could not even see the clothing.

My advice is that if you are a good-tempered person and you are willing to accept 80% of the clothing you buy are "trash", then go ahead. Otherwise, you will enter a battle, very angry battle from the moment you place your order.

One feedback from "Ben D." said very right "wholesale7 criminals get richer and richer......and if the ground under their feet is getting too hot.......they simply start a new site!!!!". Did people notice that "" changed its website to "". Let's guess why...

I now only order from one or two Hong Kong online clothing wholesalers (I don't mention the names for my neutrality). Hong Kong businesses are really much more trustworthy and reliable. I do really get what I buy.

Happy sharing ^v^

Ask Mariana about
1 review
3 helpful votes

I am a retailor in Singapore with my own real shop ,So my experiences with are pretty good ,definitely will purchase more.The out of stock issues don't bother me at all,as they always put it in my hands to replace or refund .People claim that they scam money ,but as i know ,they usually refund to balance first and can transfer to paypay if we insist,besides,balance really makes it much more convenient for us regular customers.My third point is that the delivery is relatively fast with reachable tracking site ,to my place,it only takes 4-5 business days.Good after- sales services impress me most,their customer services are online in 24hours ready to answer questions and deal with problems,which is totally amazing to me as i can contact them whenever in need..Not but not least,i do admire their cheap and fashionable stuff which sell well here,quality is fairly enough for their price ,suitable for all ages of women ,i guess that's what keeps me in the website from 20 bucks at first to over 200$ for each order now.
Wholesale7 seems to gain more power and publicity with a new image and their professionals,i believe the better they perform ,the more money it will make for us retailors.

Ask Ann about
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Ived already ordering for almost 6mnths now for supplies on my online shop... ill conclude that im very much satisfied for the services they had, very approachable & friendly customer service... they always updates my order status unti ill recieved it... fast shipping!!!

Ask Kylla about
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

0000 rating!!!
Ordered two dresses from the website, both did not match the description, one of them wasnt even wearable!
Contacted the website 4 times, they completely ignored and did not reply my emails at all!! Very rude and dissatisfying service. Would never recommend this website!!

Ask Mary about
1 review
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Ask unhappy about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Order 3 dresses just to try it out and thought if it good I will order more later, after nearly 3 months I never receive them and countless email back and fourth,I told them I will go directly to paypal, they finally said they will refund instead of keeping my money and buy other stuff. Nightmare!!


Ask Rose about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Didn't get the item , told me its out of stock after 4 days and didn't refund my money. And they say they will send any item of their choice for my money. I'm gonna do marketing for them free of charge about how bull$#*! they are. On Facebook, on twitter and warn as much as people I can. I wanna give them ZERO or negative star.

Ask MayThu about
1 review
0 helpful votes

Hi im from philippines, first i wast hesitant to order on any site but because i have online shop i think i should try to know if it works than guesting and thinking if it is scam or not.. So i decided to make my first order 5 pencil jeans same item with different sizes,, and beacuse i dont have any card debit/ credit i cant pay through paypal, they have many option as payment method i choosed moneygram i dont have any problem after paying i chat with live support give them the reference number they check,, i just wait a few minutes then they confirmed my payment when u have order same item it just take 1-2 days for them to prepare your order before dispatch, the longer is 3 days for them to prepare all item as i experienced,, i choose FedEx as my courier it only took 3-5 days for them to deliver my order door to door and they have a site where u can track your order,, on clothes i would say that denims, like jeans denim dress have good quality, jacket &couple wear are also cute and has good quality but on tops and dress u should read the material used on description choose cotton, because silk is like curtain, something like that chiffon so thin like see through choose cotton, even 60% cotton plus any combination,, and must choose color black white red because those who have many colors u will be disappoited really specially on floral but before buying choose a color that will fit on you their sizes are accurate,,read the measurement and if u can use a tape measure do it,, dont buy without reading details, spend your money wisely,, and those clothes smell its okay and by the way clothes are washable so its no big deal if u smell something bad,, and some thread that can be cut is not big deal also,, their bag and shoes is also good nothing to complain just on dresses some just like top so short even with a small person it wouldnt work so as you see on models on picture that its short then on actual its more shorter depends on your curves,, hope it help u and live chat their live support are also kind dont be shy to ask because its their job to answer are questions :)

Ask Lhen about
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I ordered multiple times from and got the product successfully. Some tips: just buy new arrival products or hot sale items then usually they are in stock. Stay away from their dresses (unless they are hot sale, most are either too short to be wearable or the cutting is weird) and any chiffon top/blouse (because they will be sheer), then you will be fine. The shipping fee tends to match with the product amount (so the real price is usually double) so you do your own calculation if it's worth it.

Ask Donna about
3,870 reviews
4,451 helpful votes

Scraping Website - Illegal, Stolen Trustmarks
- Site Using Fake or Fraudulent Trust Marks and Seals are key indicators of a Scam Site.
- Why trust a site that needs to Steal Trust Seals??? Where is the Trust coming from???
- Use these sites with caution, do not become their next victim.
- Fully read the "Warnings" and "Membership Terms and Conditions"

*=* Note: Major Security/Trust Seals/Icons commonly used by: BBB .org, McAfee, Thawte, TRUSTe, Trustwave, UpFront, VeriSign/Norton, and others should all have URL's linked to those Icon's. When clicked the URL should "Open" the "relevant sites Certificate or verification page"!!! If they don't, they are FAKE!!!

*-* Sites that do not subscribe to the Norton VeriSign, McAfee Secure, or other Trust/Secure services try to fool consumers/visitors by placing a stolen copy of the trustmark/seal on their website in order to give the appearance of "Trust" and "Security". This practice is called “Scraping.”

*~* Why would you trust a site that needs to knowingly Steal Trust Seals? Which of course sounds nothing like how a legitimate and reputable company would do business!

Illegal VeriSign Certificates - Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG):

Illegal McAfee Secure Trustmark - Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG):

Ask Mai about
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

I've order with them 2 times and i'm very satisfied with everything...shipment is within a week....the fabric is thin....but everything was fine size wise is very accurate.....good job wholesale7...i'll do business with u again

Ask ivy about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I think what people need to realize about this website is that you pretty much get what you pay for. The quality isn't amazing, or else the prices would not be so low. I've ordered twice from this website and I've been very satisfied with my order. Delivery is relatively quick too (I had my packages delivered to Hong Kong). I'm definitely going to be ordering from this site again.

Ask Narjes about
4,521 reviews
3,372 helpful votes

These FAKE Online stores selling fake/counterfeit/pirated illegal goods" are coming out of the woodwork. Seems like everyday there is more of these garbage scam sites.

Most of them seem to have the same image at the bottom of the page with all the FAKE trust seals. Including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, DHL, McAfee and Verisign.

The thing is REAL TRUST SEALS link back to the proper companies, where you can verify that they are trusted!

These Seals don't link anywhere. Because NO ONE TRUSTS THEM!

When you see the links are missing get off the page and don't buy!

Ask warren about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Stay away........order 1 or 2 articles, pay in advance.......log in and site says order cancelled........damage € will probably never get your money forget about it.......and so do thousands of others....wholesale7 criminals get richer and richer......and if the ground under their feet is getting too hot.......they simply start a new site!!!!

Ask Ben about
1 review
1 helpful vote

we haven't ordered anything but me and 2 gals are starting a clothing store in our community with affordable clothing but beautiful and in fashion, we really wanting to try them out but now it seems risky.

Ask Portia about
1 review
1 helpful vote

This is a first order. We had a package delivered to the Netherlands. Not all the selected items were in stock. However we were notified and could replace this with alternative items. The shipping costs were quite steep but only 3 days later it was deliverd by DHL. Everything was there and of the described quality. To conclude: excellent service, good quality, reasonable prices. However you have to pay quite a lot for shipping to Europe.

Ask Paul about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've ordered from this site about 5 times now. each order becoming larger and larger (started with $20, now spending $300)
I've got a lot of good experience in what will come out good and what will come out tacky.
Long maxi dresses are the way to go to get good value for money - but becareful of the inner lining as it can be too short at times (try ask there customer service about length of lining beforehand)
Bags are also a good buy but do not expect to get 100% what you see on screen. they try their best to mimick those pictures.
the super cheap dresses that look decent and fairly short are what lure you in. Often they will be 10-15cm shorter than the measurement said on site so don't expect it to fit anyone over a size 10 (in australia)
Overall if you're a size 8 and not too tall (say 160cm) then most of the cheap short dresses will look good and fit.
FREE SIZE does not mean it fits all... it mainly means it fits size 4,6,8 only..(chinese people are generally skinny and cheap haha)

some tips:
becareful of fabric. often what you see is not what you get. but hey its cheap as dirt so don't complain too much. you want quality? go to your local department store, or pay half the price for decent clothes on this website (if chosen correctly)

i have yet to pay for shoes becuase shipping is so bloody expensive. but i have a feeling they'd be alright quality from previous online shopping encounters.

Ask panda about
1 review
0 helpful votes

DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!! I placed an order of 150usd total, and the items I ordered weren't in stock. Yes they refunded the items, but the cash stays in my account on, I can't withdraw it out but have to spend on them. This has happened to me 3 times already. Seems like its their game to put on some descent looking stuff on the site that you will most likely place an order, and they will just say it's out of stock, bammmm your money get refunded to your account, and you have no choice but to spend that money. Easier to say, DONT BUY FROM THIS SITE! CHINESE MONEY SCAMMERS!

Ask joe about
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

i tried my luck on another wholesale dress site (i ordered from asia fashion sale before), and i just got really really lucky.

the bad reviews of wholesale7 is far greater than the good ones. i will add to the good ones. hehe.

i only ordered 2 outfits from this site because i was really scared that i might get scammed. it's a good thing too. they probably didn't have a hard time processing my order so they shipped it right away! i sent my order last monday and i received it today (saturday). so in less than a week, i got my package. :)

it's really a hit and miss on these sites. tip: dont buy too many items. that's the one making problems.

the reason i only scored these four stars because the lining in my dress is kinda off but it's something i could sew and remedy.

Ask Christine about
28 reviews
47 helpful votes

Their clothes look cute, but the prices are so low, I feel like it must be too good to be true. This company does not seem trustworthy.

Ask Jennifer about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered from them and the items never arrived. According to the tracking number, the package was sent but never arrived. It has been 6 months and after SEVERAL times of asking for a refund for the (most definitely) lost package, they REFUSE to give a refund unless the package arrives back at their place. It has been 6 months, I spent $70 on a lost package with a tracking number and NO REFUND, most dissatisfied.

Ask lena about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered 37 items from them and did not receive 12. When I emailed to let them know they asked me to weigh the box, then weigh it again and and take a picture of weight. After going back and forth because they insisted they sent it to me, they finally said they will mail the items that were missing only if I order more items and they will ship it together with my next order. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF ORDERING FROM THIS WEBSITE.

Ask Cherryl about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought 4 items from wholesale7 and was overall very satisfied with what I got. All the materials were of good quality and had no loose threads. I agree with others here that they don't give adequate answers when you have a question. I only had one person that actually satisfactorily answered my questions and that was before I made the purchase and they do cheat on shipping costs. I don't really understand why everyone claims this site is a scam. It took a long time to receive my items but I also ordered them right after Chinese New Year. I had no issues with any items being out of stock or anything like that. I'm not sure if I just got lucky on my purchase or if they are a decent company. For those that enjoy Asian wholesale shopping, check out eBay. I've found almost all the items I wanted from wholesale7 on eBay for a few more dollars but most of the time there is free shipping. eBay is also quite a bit safer to shop from. :)

Ask Mia about
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have bought things from American sites for cheap via wholesale and the quality was good for the price. I bought three items from here all terrible. If I could post pictures I would. They are not resellable or wearable if you consider yourself decent. No one would wear these except to give to their children to play dress up or maybe a costume for themselves. If you have ever bought fabric costumes this is the same quality as their clothing. Also they over charge on shipping if you check your package you will see how much it weighs and if you compare it to how much they charged for weight of shipping it's different. My advice is stay away because of the quality. They shipped it out fast and it got here within two business days (I did express) but it's not worth it. There are plenty of youtube reviews as well saying the same thing as well.

Ask Lana about
1 review
0 helpful votes

My money never got refunded. My comments was blocked by them cuz I told the truth about what I got.
All the item I got are shorter than what they stated, and you know what they said about that? They said they put it by mistake.
Hell yeah... mistake. Every single item that I got is off not by not 1 or 2 centimeters, but 12 - 15 centimeters.
If anyone can share this, it would be great!
I hope no one ever buy from that site and they went bankrupt!!

Ask Cynthia about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Worst worst worst!!! 1st time buying from this website. almost 1 week have passed still my order have not be ship out. fyi, i only have 4 orders. I have send email & msg them, but out of all them, I only rcvd 1 reply from them say still process!!???!!. I will never buy from this website again. period! I don't wish to play the "luck" game. enough!

Ask Azura about
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

i ordered 14 clothes and it came with what the website pics showing. just order the maxi dresses bec the quality and material is good. just dont order anything else aside from maxi dresses!

Ask carmen about
4 reviews
7 helpful votes

I certainly pride myself in shopping remotely 'safely' on most Asia fashion wholesale websites, but WHOLESALE.NET takes the cake in the worst site I've had the misfortune of ever running into. This site over estimates the WEIGHT, PACKING, AND EVEN STOCK of an item. Getting your refund is utterly nightmarish! Basically, I had to whip them into shape with on the top emails, PayPal reminders, and even opening up a PayPal dispute. I'm so close to losing my patience with their dilly-dallying over the customer's money.

It wasn't until I basically threatened them with PayPal's staff to look over my situation that they got off their lazy behinds and sloppily sent me my money back. Keep in mind YOU, the customer, HAS TO BE THE ONE TO REQUEST your own money back. Nope, they don't take the incentive and send it back to you. I've had to jump through hoops and Hell to get my refund back. Not to mention the entire staff turns sour and callous at THE PAYING CUSTOMER when you even mention you want your money refunded, and NOT in store credit. This site is simply not worth the hassle, stress, and anger. I definitely suggest you stay far away from this site. I wanted to give this retailer a shot, especially when my ordered things weren't a whole lot, but this experience has taught me to stay the hell away from these people.

And if you happen to find yourself in my situation, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TAKE THIS UP WITH PAYPAL. Open a dispute, bump it up to a claim, and basically get them to do what you want. Their site policy on returns/refunding strictly says that they will refund ASAP. Use all it against them. This site and it's staff are just the scummiest of the barrel. :/

Ask Joy about
3 reviews
3 helpful votes



First batch: 4 stars

My first total cart price was $171.09 including shipping. Dividing that by my 15 items, it was about $11.41 each. The shipping was really expensive ($70.29)... but I suppose it's worth it when I add up the costs and divide it like so.

I did not experience any out of stock dilemmas, and I received my package in one week. The quality of the clothes are pretty nice. Very more so than I expected from a wholesale website! There was a tiny hole in one of the hoodies, but it was very small and shallow as it reached the inner cotton and didn't have a hole all the way though. The measurements I'd say are pretty accurate. I made sure to use the measurements rather than relying on how the clothes looked on the models. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and I've already ordered my second haul, shipped at the moment. ^^ Hopefully they're just as good as the first batch.


Second batch: 2 stars

I bought a second batch after the first one I reviewed earlier. The experience was not the same. First, for some reason the order was split into two shipments, probably being cheap? Meh. One arrived in about two weeks and the other came in like a month. Not as speedy as the one week shipment last time.

Next, the quality. As expected the sweaters were good and consistent like previously. HOWEVER, there was a detail on the photo that was not on the sweater. There was no indication that the detail wouldn't be on the sweater, and I thought, well why wouldn't it? It's similar to seeing the cat ear details on the sweater and assuming it should be part of the product. However, what came was a plain sweater which I'm furious about because it was a detail specifically chosen as a gift for my friend. I emailed them about it and they stated that the sweater doesn't have any particular design and I made them add that to the product details so hopefully future buyers would also not make the same mistake. I felt very misled by their photos in a way that is different than I would have thought. Usually it's about the quality whether there's a hole or some loose threads, but an ENTIRE featured detail (there was a close-up picture of this heart detail too) was missing. Blah.

After this mishap and how they dealt it with me I will be trying my luck at a different wholesale website. Since my first purchase was decent and my second was horrible, it averages to 3 stars I guess.

Ask Christina about
1 review
0 helpful votes


I've just got scammed by them... Seriously... Made some orders and was provided with an unuseable tracking number. Had to begged and pester them before they provided a proper one. And then they say some of my orders were out of stock.

I requested for a refund, had no reply and they jsut sent the stuffs over by giving random replacements! WTH?!

Seriously.. Nightmare... STAY AWAY!!

Ask Dian about
1 review
1 helpful vote

DISHONEST business run by the Chinese. Half of the shipment was defective and they refused to give me a refund. Instead, they offered me a 4% "discount" on my next purchase and requested me to keep the defective clothing because "they still look very cool".

Worst shopping experience online with these people. STAY AWAY.

Clothes are nothing like the pictures. Measurements are inaccurate. Colors are inaccurate too.

Wasted almost USD$200 on these dishonest, unscrupulous people!

Ask Bree about
1 review
0 helpful votes

This is the first time wholesale7 screwed up so badly. After giving them replacements, it is still oos. and, since no full refund is to be given, I did not even have a choice to get another replacement despite 2 emails i sent in. After the whole day, then i get an email back saying that their staff overlooked my email and my items are sent out, no actions is done to salvage such service. Only after complaining, then I was offered 2% off my NEXT purchase. After such an incident, would anyone still have a NEXT purchase?

Ask yukiko about
1 review
1 helpful vote

this website is horrible. They usually put they have 500 pieces in stock on an item but when you order they will tell you there's no stock and then after they ship the rest of your order, they will restock it at a higher price and say that it's a new material and charge higher and make you ship it separately. The shipping is super expensive and usually not accurate. My items were supposedly 10.56kg but when it arrived, the total weight was 5kg. I was charged over $80 USD for that shipping. The material of their dresses is appalling. If you complain they will just say it is your fault you need to understand. Understand what.. I clearly understand you are ripping me off! I seriously will never buy from them again!

Ask serenita about
1 review
0 helpful votes

DON'T BOTHER. I wanted to just try it initially since there was a hoodie I liked. I picked a few other things to justify the steep postage. Got an email to say item #XYZ not in stock, pick something else. I said which item is that? They say item #XYZ, and on and on until they finally sent me the photo of the item, the hoodie, the only one I actually wanted. At no time did they offer me a refund of the price difference, so I decided to cancel. I said as much and they said send a request through Paypal. So I did and notified them. They said no it's not cancelled yet, cancel your request and do it again. I did. Reminded them of the request. They said send it again...on and on it goes, so 36 days later I'm about to tear my hair out over $50. DON'T BUY FROM THEM.

Ask val about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Emailed me on a thursday to tell me one of the items I had ordered was out of stock . So I changed to another item and paid the difference (extra) for the item and shipping , then 3 days later they email me on the same order telling me another item is out of stock and either substitute another item or cancel that item . I told them to cancel the item and ship my stuff .PayPal needs to cancel this sellers account this is crazy !! Will never order from them again and will tell paypal they need to deal with this seller .UPDATE 7-31-2012 1 full week and still no refund in paypal , was told on 7-23 she was refunding me . Not a honest company .

Ask Rick about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I order two pairs of shoes from them. I have not received them yet but am not even sure I will get any of them. Soon after ordering they send me an email to tell me both shoes were out of stock. I have to change order cause they won't refund me my money back and 2 weeks after I still haven't get any shoes. I tried to log into my account on their website but their system could not recognise my login details anymore :O. So I think this wholesale website is a scam and is only stealing our money. Better buy clothing and shoes on trustable website like laredoute or amazon. They are pricey but genuine. I will never buy from them again that's for sure

Ask Jessy about
1 review
0 helpful votes

If you want quality dresses, I do not recommend this website. The customer service is decent, they do reply to your questions very fast but the material on the dress I got was horrible. I paid them around $28 in full because each dress including shipping was around $14. The money went to them and they took days to prepare the order in which they told me the second dress I wanted was out of stock.

I wasn't interested in the items after, but then they told me they cannot refund my money because my order was already prepared. Why would anyone prepare an order and then tell a customer last minute that one item is out of stock and then tell them that a refund can't be made? I let that go and asked them to ship me one dress.

It finally came and I was excited to open it and see it. I was pissed off. The material on the dress felt like a black cape of a Halloween costume that you can find in those party supply stores. It was AWFUL but I paid for it.

I applied for a refund for the other $14 for the dress they said was sold out. And this was more than a week ago and I still haven't heard from them.

Overall, the pictures of their dresses are deceiving. That dress I got looked beautiful on the model in the picture but when I got it, the material was horrible. And also, if you want a refund, you're either never getting one or will be waiting for a long time.

I should've just shopped locally and spent an extra few bucks for a better dress. This was the most disappointing purchase I've made and I want my other $14 back.

Ask Anna about
1 review
0 helpful votes

i bought many items from them because the items are so good to sell in my country.However, i have to go thru pain in dealing with them.

1. lack of customer service
2. do not update their out of stock item in website.
3. mislead customer to order and to make payment
4. did not confirm that the item is out of stock when they receive. the order - they confirm the status of order and wait until you make pay
5. they only apologize via email after you have made your payment and ask you to replace other item
6 no initiative to suggest other appropriate item with similar cost that you paiyment
7. they cleared the order without sending the items and they only refund when you ask about the money another pain to go through to get them in refunding
8. do not care attitude
9. serious game they play to suck people's dollar

at this moment, when i am writing this to this review, i received their email that the items paid have been out of stock.

i lost more than i gain.
i lost my patience

but my customers love their items do i get same item with different good supplier?

Ask AZIE about
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I never want to write a bad review. I believe that sometimes some store can't meet all the customers expectations...
But the online store is a total fraud! Their website appears to be functional, but it's only fuction is to attract buyers, so that they can steal from them. They make it appear like that have 500 products in stock but there's totally none.
I went to order from them, and told me it's out of stock, so I went to change my order 3 times beacause there's all out of stock. I asked them politely why their website says their in stock when it's not, and they ignore my questions. I finally asked for a refund, but they didn't let me. Instead they put my money in their website as a "in store credit" where you can use it again to reorder. When I ordered, the email from them it's on its way and told me to check tracking # in their website. It's weird but I still went to check and my "in store credit" is gone, no tracking #, and says I didn't order anything for the last 30 days. It's unbelievable! They made that email sent to me like it has been sent by someone else, to make their website look that it has been hacked. I still have all the email exchanges w/ them, if anyone wants to see it!
Their advertisement is everywhere in the internet and everytime I see it, I just want to write an X on the computer screen. They should be taken out from the internet, their store doesn't exist! They don't even deserve a single star for rating..

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Very very bad service. I have not gotten my items yet, but already I am disappointed with shopping though the site. I have ordered three pairs of shoes that I really liked and a few other items, that I didn't care about. Almost a week later they emailed me and told me that the shoes are not available and asked me if I wanted to replace them with something else. At this point I really didn't care about the purchase - I already knew it's not going to make it to U.S. for my Bday (with 10 day shipping). So, I asked them to cancel the order. They said they are not able to and what I need to do is to find shoes I liked. I told them to ship the purchase the way it is and that I never would shop with them again. Never shopping on a Korean site again.

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Dont ever buy anything from this website. Low quality workmanship, cheap quality materials and high shipping cost. Plus horrible and unprofessional customer service.

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I paid for two items none of which has arrived and about 70 days have already passed. I tried to apply for a refund three times and was only asked to be patient and wait while they were check things with post office though each of those times I did not get any answer. Needless to say, the money was never refunded! Do not buy anything from wholesale7!

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Just received my package today and thought I'd share my very first and last purchase from this website.

- What I didn't understand for my shipping was that express delivery was cheapest from the 3 options provided for delivery hence I selected express and delivery was super fast! I received the package the day after payment was confirmed (I live in Sydney).

- Goods are priced relatively low.

- Pictures can be deceiving as alot have mentioned.
- Most of the fabric used have an unpleasant smell.. and in some cases, it can be unbearable (One of my hoodies smelt like dung when I received it).
- They have only one size.. and unless you are stick thin, most of the clothing won't fit most people.


My first purchase consisted of only hoodies.

1. Item No: YL021905RD - This is the one that smelt like dung.. haven't washed it yet so I don't know if the smell will go away. It is a cotton hoodie so do keep in mind that it will be thin. Item received was exactly as picture.

2. Item No: HA081223 - I had purchased this hoodie in gray and also yellow. The Gray is true to the picture however, I was disappointed with the Yellow as it turned out to be a mustard dirty yellow colour.

3. Item No: CA082922 - At first glance of the picture, the colour was so cute I had to get it! However, colour not true to picture at all.. I received a bright pink one instead which is so unflattering and embarassing to even wear out.

4. Item No: XA122216 - This one is definitely the only one in which I was completely satisfied with! True to picture and quality was good.

In summary, you get what you pay for and in most cases when you order numverous items, only 1-2 items will be to your liking. Don't have high hopes and expect too much from this website.

Also forgot to mention about sizing.. I'm a size 6-8 in Australian clothing and I struggled to put on the hoodies that I had ordered. When I had put them on it was very tight around the arm pit and chest area. If you are not stick thin.. DON'T even bother ordering any clothing from this website as it will not fit you.

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I ordered 3 shoes from them. Then they told me one of my shoes is out of stock and asked if I want to be refunded or replace it with other item, so I decided to replace it since it was cheap and I really want those shoes judging from the pictures alone. Beforehand, I asked Kate (the seller) if there is any other item on my order that is out of stock which she responded 'NO' so I replace it with slightly more expensive than the initial item on which I pay within matter of minutes. Shockingly 2 days later Kate (again) sending me generated email telling me that my replacment shoes also out of stock. I became really upset and sent her long email on which she responded with only 'sorry for that' but have yet to answer why she asked me to pay more for item that is out of stock, I didn't replace that one cuz I'm already dissapointed but still trying to cheer myself of having a thought I will get 2 shoes anyway. To my horror, the shoes came only 1!! And I again sent them email demanding why they do this to me and they only replied that two items are out of stock and they refund my money.

So I got myself ripped off by this chinesse prick!! They didn't even reduce the shipping cost. I had to pay 35$ for 8$ shoes that weight less than 1kg. And I couldn't withdraw my remaining 47$ to my paypal because they only refund it into the website.


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Q: Has any used drop-shipping with them? I am interested in doing so, but now that I read these comments about their bad quality, I do not want to get a bad reputation with my customers.
A: Need wholesale web with good deal n good condition...
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