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I ordered about 60 things from this website, when it arrived almost 2 weeks later, 1/3 of the items were missing! (in 49 reviews)


The customer service department are great at handling any situations as long as your polite. (in 25 reviews)


These add up because I paid postage for 4.5kg order via Fed Ex, and when the box came it only weighed 1.8 kg. (in 78 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a dress jacket for my son. I looked at a lot of different sites and decided on Rose Wholesale as I really liked the look of the jacket and the cut. My son has a very small frame and I knew the jacket would look great on him. I knew the jacket would take a long time to come - remember I did my homework - so I ordered over 5 months before his event. We waited, then waited, then started to sweat. My repeated requests for shipment updates were vague and uninformative. Eventually I had to purchase another jacket and have it altered. When I tried to cancel the order - that I still had not received - I was told that they would refund my money when I shipped the jacket back - but not pay the shipping. I still hadn't received the jacket after 6 months. I know shipping can be slow - but what were they doing? Hand delivering it? RIDICULOUS! The clothes look great - don't get suckered!

Ask Aline about
1 review
2 helpful votes

I really liked the clothes from this website very chic and unqiue I hate that shipping takes forever even when you do fast shipping other than that I shall keep on ordering from here :).

Tip for consumers: Make sure to ask if an item is out of stock before you order it.

Ask Suheily about
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have placed an order of US$300 on 4 November 2012 which is entitled for the free shipping to my country and I have made payment accordingly. But later I was asked to pay for the shipping fee, customer service mentioned there was a system error which system should have charged for shipping fee instead of free. I am sure there is no error as my order is above US$300 so am entitled for free shipping.

On same order above, there was 2 unavailable items so I request for refund but never get it.

Another problem was an order was wrongly created when I want to add additional item. I went to Live Chat and spoke to a Nancy who said she will add the item for me so that there won't be shipping fee incurred but she did not give me correct information or instruction on how to go about making payment so I have created a new order instead. Before I made payment, I have asked her on Live Chat "how to make payment" and her reply was "you can pay as your last time" so I did that, not knowing that I have to pay on member site by clicking on the 1st order. So I have requested for refund of shipping fee for this 2nd order which I feel I should not have to bear for wrong instruction/information given by a customer service staff. She as a proper customer service staff should have guided me clearly and correctly.

I have emailed them repeatedly and they have insisted that I should be paying for these and refused to make the refund.

I strongly feel that the customer service should have let the management handle this if they have no authorities to waive the incurred shipping fees charged by system error and wrong information/instruction given by Nancy. I have asked them for management personnel details and emails to write to but they refused my request so I wrote to the Manager in charge of USA operation on 2 December 2012 and he promised to assist me but sad to say till today (21 February 2013) I have yet to receive any reply from me.

Even though the refund amount is not that much but to me this is a business deal and if there is problem in the system and wrong information given by a member of staff, the company should refund back the money accordingly.

My advice is stay clear of this website, it is not worth the hassle and they are not professional at all including that head of operations in New York. Very disappointing.

If anyone have any idea where I can lodge an official complaint on this company, please let me know. I feel real action should be taken against this type of site so that such incidences won't happen again.

Ask JF about
1 review
4 helpful votes

This company is awful. I order 8 items from them and after 8 days, it had still not been processed so I asked them to cancel the order as I was going to be out of the country and unable to collect. As soon as I cancelled the order, they sent me an email to say it had been shipped even though when I checked the site it was still saying 'processing'. I asked them again to cancel the order. A week later whilst I was abroad, I received an email supposedly from 'customs', requesting I go on-line and pay an additional fee for customs. I asked them to return the items to the sender as I had cancelled them and I was not home to collect anyway. This started 6 weeks ago and the company still refuse to refund me so they have the items and my money!!!!
I am only giving them 1 star because I have to. In reality, they deserve none!
Stay away from them, they are cons!!!!

Tip for consumers: DON'T!!

Ask m about
1 review
5 helpful votes

The reason why you have such bad experience is that this company from China goes under so many different names and has the cutest clothes. The problem is that the factory has girls of all ages making the dresses and coats etc. So you might get an ok piece then you get a horrible piece but it's like playing Russian roulette you don't know what your odds are of getting a good seamstress. There are so many bad reviews, it would be better to take the picture to a seamstress and get a good product xo

Ask Barbara about
2 reviews
19 helpful votes

i think shanneek's boutique has more quality and style i got a couple of dresses from them i love the quality and the prices they are very friendly just good customer service over all id rather shop with them

Ask tianna about
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

1st of all , some of their customer service agents are horrible in manners, they never accept their ill behaviour towards customers..their product is just okay okay are really good one..overall a good genuine website except some of this customer service agents..they should go & get proper english training & behaviou training too

Ask Galaxi about
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I had all in all 4 transactions done in this site.. And all of it are really disappointing experience. First was! most of the clothes were damage...stitches were badly made.
Second, most pictures displayed doesn't justify the actual(so be very careful. Third, they send out the items without informing you that some of it were out of stocks..that's why I made again second transaction because I wanted to consume the remaining balance I have. Fourth! was just recently also! there were 2 operators who said that my item was already shipped, but i was wondering how come the status was preparing still...Imagine, I made my payment May14 and they shipped it May26... But before 26(3days before 26) they said it got shipped. So bear that in mind...most of customer service operator $#*!ed up also(liers....) they're also good in hunging up..they don not answer you or they let you wait for 10 to 15mins...and of'll get tired so you might as well hung up and call later...what else?

Well so some up everything...I am always disappointed with there service.

Ask Amarie about
1 review
2 helpful votes

This website is a HUGE SCAM! DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!
once you have ordered something and the money has been taken out of your bank account they tell you the item is not in stock (only after 2 weeks of emailing them!) and then when they refunded my money they did not refund the whole amount!

This is how they make money! Make $10 off each person that orders from there without evening selling a product and they're rich!

Ask mahya about
4 reviews
16 helpful votes

Made purchases two times. Two times bad experiences. Only 1 out of 9 items can be used.

Bad products, No customer services. Avoid it.

Ask Mariana about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Bought a bunch, from them, everything was going ok, until i sent some stuff back because it was broken, never got that money... and then on another order, i had 19 item s missing, never saw a refund for that, cause they say it was shipped. and then they double ( heck almost tripple) charged my credit card.
I'm in indonesia, Xixian xu a.k.a. Tony is an $#*! ( he's the boss over there).

I now have to fight with my credit card to cancel the charges.

Ask Alex about
1 review
2 helpful votes

I advise to everyone tht this website is horrible.i ordered a few items online and have not yet received them, it's been over a month and a half and have not received any of the items i pay'd for. don't consider using this website they rob you're money

Ask Glenda about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Their aftersale services were SO BAD!! I got two pair of shoes from them. One heel was broken after I put it on and walked for less than a minute. The second pair was even worse!! One of the shoe got TWO NAILS sticking out from the bottom! I emailed them right away but didn't get a reply until I emailed them 4 times in 4 days! Then, I sent them some pictures and they were saying that it was hard to see the nails! Hey! It was hard enough to take picture from INSIDE THE SOLE!! What do you expect from me???!!! I enlarged the picture and circled the nails and sent the picture back to them. You know what I got as a reply? "Honey, please accept it. You can wear it!" Are you kidding me? Not willing to do any exchange or refund?! I'm going to dispute it on paypal. AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!!!! The quality was really BAD!!!!

Ask Doris about
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

I have been ordering some items here for my onlineshoppe but all i want to say is this website is too BAD... for i paid already my orders it happened twice first after the payment ure order status in ur account was stated as PAID but after a days they change it UNPAID then send u an email that ure payment was withdrawned and they never recieved ure payment but out of my curiosity i ask my customer if they get thier orders... YES the items was shipped out howcome they can ship the items if i never paid my orders? Very untrustful... and i have another items it takes 1 mnth now still in packing? Never buy some goods anymore!!!

Ask Kylla about
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

They pull you in with the "good low prices" what you don't know is that they charge you you double or triple the price just on shipping. You also don't even get your order till a month later. On top of all this you can't even imagine the hassle of returning an item. You Don't really know what you're gonnq get. Its all poop to me. Not worth even looking through. Its a BIG disappointment!!!

Ask paula about
1 review
1 helpful vote
2/17/14, Rosewholesale, Everbuying, These are all the same scam sites, Stay away from them all, No service, never received the items and customer service none existant. I have reported these site to Paypal, Facebook (where they are advertised) and the police. They recieve payment then ask for more info like your driving licence or passport and to pay again via western union, I advice no-one to do this as these are all classic fraud activities... Never use these sites....

Ask Simon about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I absolutely love this site, but remember where it's coming from and the price. I must tell you, you get what you pay for but i say its absolutely worth it for the price and a nice style. I was kind of worrying because of some of the reviews and whem it would come in and how bad it would be. I ordered December 30 and it came in today February 3 and i live in Ga, Usa and used standard shipping. I am satisfied from what i paid for but i say its worth it. They will see this customer again!

Ask Amilya about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Disappointed in the quality because it didnt match what I saw online. Also, i couldnt track my parcel because the tracking number keeps cutting off the letters & thus coming out on my Phone as a calling number. My goods were nearly sent back because d postal service said no fone no was provided thus took the pain to come to my house to locate me &i as a result paid the postal services extra money according to them "service charge". I wont be buying nor recommend anyone here.

Ask prisca about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered for a pair of shoes and it has been over one month I never got it. The shipping I chose was aramex UAE. The tracking number shows the order delivered to UAE, but from there where it went, nobody knows. Worst aftersale service, keep giving me the link to tracking website over and over that is of no use. Money wasted. Will not buy from them again. There is a reason they stopped taking paypal. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

Ask seema about
1 review
1 helpful vote

First they didn't find ma payment and refused to change the status of my order even when I send them all information needed.So called customer service is terrible.They all have learned the same phrases, but don't really understand English at all. They refused to help me and after I told them I am going to police they "found" my payment.Then they claim my order is sent.Bulls**t! My package can't be found anywhere by the number they gave me and by now it should be here already, I paid for FAST delivery...I have no answers just " wait and wait" I think they cheat customers,steal money and lie lie and lie.I am very angry,no one answers my emails,same phrases from "customer" service. Instead I recommend Sammydress and light in the box, very polite,very fast delivery and excellent products! But this wholesale - site - Stay far far away....

Ask lilli about
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

Comprar en esta pagina tan facil como hacer un click, el pago y recibir su pedido, todo a nuestro alcance que bien al fin una tienda con los modelos que necesitaba

Ask Rosa about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a jacket from the site over a month ago and paid for the fastest method of shipping available, but the order says it is still processing... If I knew it would take this long I wouldn't have bothered. I sent them an email asking what the heck was going on and never received a response. I would not recommend buying anything from this site.

Ask Kiara about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Tank you all that stopped me making an stupid order at this unserious site.....thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Ask Elias about
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

Terrible site, terrible customer service! I ordered my items 3months ago!! Still haven't recieved anything and when I contact them they tell me they never recieved my order even though I was told few weeks after my order was placed they they had shipped my items! I have offered my paypal reciept information but still no luck.

Ask Mary about
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Thank God I ordered only one pair of shoes.I placed my order on 2.11.13 and its now 17.12.13.The order was shipped on the first day,brava .Shipping was 15-40 days.So now it's late and I tried twice to ask about it first time they asked the order no. I gave them that and after getting my order no. nobody replied to me anymore.So today I tried the second time to get some info about my package. And they only gave me the tracking no. what I can see myself also and it is useless because the last information about my order is on 13.11.13. So for more than a month my package is I don't know where.And when I tell them that, they only reply that this shipping method is really slow so be patient and we cant tell you nothing cause we don't have any information you just have to wait.I would have taken a other shipping method but from thailand it was the only one to take and it was already long enough .But seems it's gonna be even longer and maybe Im never gonna see my package.Like I see on this page a lot of people are not satisfied so pleas think long before you just waist you're money on useless items you ether never gonna see or the quality is very low.The best part on chat was today when I say'd that on the tracking page the last info is on 13.11.13 so maybe they could give me some info and then they replied like this - :( .I got a smile not really happy one (Y) what can I say really professional team ! I am not satisfied at all whit the shipping and the service and I still cant tell anything about the quality of goods let's see if I ever can comment that I'm not sure I'm gonna see my shoes.So I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SITE !

Ask Keiu about
1 review
5 helpful votes

I had a horrible experience with It took forever to shop because the items they said they have on stock turn out to be untrue. I spent hours browsing to only have my selected items be removed. When they did arrive, one of the items was completely different than the picture. I ordered a small and it came large and the material was different - itchy. Last, but not least, one of my items didn't make it at all. So I paid and never received it! That was the last straw. I will never shop here again. Don't make the same mistake.

Ask Ann about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Scam, bank ask if the transactions is fraud to an unknown merchants . Unpleasant customer service.

Ask Ngoc about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Take forever to prepare your orders and when items are out of stock, they will hold your money. You have to fight for your refund. Always ship out wrong items and when you request for your money only small amount is given, if any is return. Do not buy from this site, if you really have to buy from this site make sure you pay using paypal so you can open dispute cases.

Ask Ji about
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

This place has a bad rep it seems but I didn't actually have that bad of an experience. I ordered a larger item, a gown. It was not the greatest quality but I definitely was still able to wear it, it's one of my boyfriend's favorite gowns I own, he always asks me to wear it to every event we attend. My only problem with them is that they are slow on shipping so if you have a time constraint, don't bother with them. I ordered at least a month in advance and didn't get the dress until two weeks after the event.
However I would order from them again, I was happy enough with the quality of what I paid for that I think it was worth the extra time. The gown is actually shown in my profile picture if you are interested to see what the product looked like.

Ask veronica about
1 review
0 helpful votes

i dont know, i want to place an order but it feels like something fishy when i want to make a payment using paypal, i dont know
but they told me to not to mention abt their company etc
what do you think? should i give it a try?

UPDATE !!! November

so finally i make a purchase with them and i should say that iam very happy with the purchase. maybe they change their paypal acc almost everytime because they blacklisted from paypal since many ppl complained their site as a scam. but i should said they were not, even i think the item i got is all just like the picture, just a bit different wont make you turn into a zombie. the quality also just like what i think before same as the price of the item itself. well you got what you paid

Ask Nana about
1 review
0 helpful votes

They have items listed that they don't have in stock and will hold your order and your money with no contact. Then when you do contact the CS department they are rude and you literately have to fight to get your money back. I will never do business with this company again. FRAUD

Ask J about
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

This is not a bad site to shop on at all, I will say that there Items are worth it and very cheap. Some Items are very good quality, and I always shop here. There Items are very unique and different & If you become a loyal customer they will reward you with discounts and more. The customer service department are great at handling any situations as long as your polite. There was a time when I did not receive my item in a timely matter and when I got them they were the wrong thing but they end up resending the item out again express for free and I got to keep the wrong Item. They do have a US Department and the US Department Items ships quicker if you are in US... If you are in US and you order from China Department it would take just a little longer but not that long, also china department has a much Larger Stock.The more stuff you order the cheaper the shipping cost will be. I Love this online store and I will always shop here forever....

Ask Stacie about
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

bad experience twice. first time i ordered,paid for the item using paypal but never received the item. second time, wanted to register so i could buy,the said they will send me an email to reset my user password and up to now,it hasnt arrived. i dont ever want to go on their site again!

Ask lengwe about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have placed 8 orders in one day. Next day morning i see in there website that 3 orders have not been processed and 2 orders payment failed but the payment was charged on multiple cards with which i tried.

Now I do not have a clue if I will get my order on time and second thing will i get the money back for the Global collect payment method which failed. I would suggest order on and then if it works go ahead else you are risking your money and business as you will not get the goods on time as promised by them.

Ask Vikas about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered over a week ago and paid extra for 3 day shipping! It's been 10 days and the order still says processing. I emailed the company and got the response " don't worry you will get your order, now I go home for the weekend" what the heck does that mean! I am going to try to cancel and get my money back! I hope I can!!! I feel it is a scam!!!

Ask Mary about
6 reviews
3 helpful votes

iam very satisfied with my purchase from this website

Ask Muneera about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a jersey and it came the following week. Looked just as nice as the same stitched jersey's that you pay $100. I highly recommend this site....

Ask Daniel about
1 review
0 helpful votes

It is 50/50 chance with this page for me.
I think I ordered twice with them. I got quite nice bag and (I could not believe it) nice and comfy shoes. Not flawless, but OK for the price. But I ordered two dresses and I am probably not going to wear them because they sent me completely different colors - It makes me really crazy, what do these people think?

I ordered very nice dust pink and I got bright awful blue, and the other dress were mixture of colors but does not even remotely resemble to the picture.
I am not going to try returning because I waited 5 weeks for the order to arrive, and honestly considering the price it is too much effort for me.

Ask Veronika about
1 review
0 helpful votes

This website isn't scam but it's the worst shopping website ever. Why?
Quality is bad
Size and colors are mislead.

This happened to me 3 times in row. I ordered a few shirts and all of them are L size, 1 of them is like XS.... YES XS I couldn't fit my order so I gave it to my niece to wear it, she is 10 years old.

They send something different than what you ordered and when you complain, they tell you "Oh we're sorry to hear that, we will send you the right one WHEN YOU MAKE A NEW ORDER OR BUY SOMETHING"

last, they don't update their website, so when you pay for something, they tell you it's out of stock so your money won't return back to your credit card but to your account on their website, that means your money will be there and you have no choice but to buy something different

Ask Hasan about
1 review
1 helpful vote

sorry guys but i sell things on line an delivery is great you just need to no what delivery ems takes up to 20 days with tnt is 2 to 4 days ive gotten mine within a week from where they are to australia...products are i dont no why ppl are giving bad review..maybe impatient,maybe picky for something that is half the price or more from in a shop

Ask kristy about
1 review
0 helpful votes

These website is 100% scam! I ordered last year 2012 and I ended up throwing all the clothing because It was really baaad!So its like throwing my money away! I don't know why some people would actually buy from this website saying the product is good blah..blah..blah..they must be from Asia or somewhere out there who doesn't know what their buying.

My advice to people who want to pay less on clothing,PLEASE..don't visit any unfamiliar website..Even if you read some good reviews!Don't! I'm one of the victims.This people who are behind in this website are no good in real life either,bad business,hungry for money and they go out there victimize people just to get money.They are laughing at us because we don't see that they are SCAMBAGS..So don't buy anything pleeeasse! Its like giving them money too.Save your dollars just buy at the mall or trustworthy site.

Ask Yo about
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

oh my gosh! i cant believe this site!!!! dont waste your money buying on some chinese online store ! bec the prod is so different from what they show on the website! i was stunned myself when i got the products! it was one of the ugliest clothes iv ever seen! dont believe the pics on the website!

Ask carmen about
1 review
1 helpful vote

So far so Good... The quality of the clothes i say its worth the money.. Ive been buying clothes and shoes from for quite a long time now.. and i did get what i expected.. Why 4 star? hmmm some color may not fit the picture perfectly but its normal coz sometimes pictures are not that acurate.. so il be shopping again in

Ask Joan about
1 review
0 helpful votes

like dan s said, this website is very obviously a chinese knckoff market. if you are expecting a high quality tshirt and good customer service when you are paying 70cents, the problem lies with your judgement.
they do indeed over charge for shipping, but it isn't that much more than anywhere else over charges.

I placed a small ($30) order with them in october 2011 and it arrived in march 2012 (this was outside the 1-3month timeline, but for $30 and this many clothes, I didn't mind. ($30 is not even 1 pair of jeans in the uk.)). every item was wearable, not terrible quality either to be honest. it is now february 2013 and I still wear the clothes I got there, a button came off something... but buttons come off anything if you tug hard enough.

ordering from this site is definitely a gamble, and I see now they have a new warehouse in the US, but items there cost a bit more than I remember from china.

I was thinking of ordering some free boots since I got $5 for confirming my email on their site and $18 for posting a 31 second youtube video. I haven't tried yet, so maybe their credit doesn't cover shipping.. but if it does and everyone can get $23 for very little effort - give it a try!

tl;dr - chinese knockoff website, cheap prices = not the best quality. expect huge communication problems. ordering here will ALWAYS be a gamble.

Ask Andrew about
4 reviews
9 helpful votes

I shop on this site regularly, believe it or not. I've placed nine orders on WD so far and I plan on buying from them again in the future. Their customer service is hit-or-miss sometimes, but if you come off as polite then they'll give you the same respect in return. They've answered all of my questions, handled all of my orders quickly, and even helped me through with their bonuses/discounts.

From my experience, Wholesale-Dress is one of the few 'popular' Asia fashion sites that never overestimates their product weight. Even their shoes, heels, coats, and bags are nicely priced and average quality. This site also has reviews from users that give you a good idea of what you're getting. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Use your common sense when buying online and judging from similar pictures, really. I'm nine orders in with Wholesale-Dress and now I KNOW what's gonna be cheap and what's going to be an amazing steal. You sort of train yourself to know what's gonna be crap or not, just from judging things. Bottom line is: when you're shopping on this site, the minute you start to doubt their product then don't buy it. So far, all of the things I've received are exactly the things I want. I even have two pairs of Black Milk galaxy leggings that I bought for $12 USD from!

Trust your instincts, and have a little faith in the customer service because it's not all that bad. Because there is SO MUCH MORE WORSE OUT THERE, just letting you know.

Also I think most wholesale shoppers don't realize that WD has a US warehouse, but with a limited selection. Still, it's extremely fortunate when you buy a good number of their clothes and shoes and don't have to pay the ridiculous shipping amount. So if you're a first-time buyer and live in the States, I definitely suggest you start from their US warehouse before you brave their China stock.

I've ordered from both warehouses frequently! They all arrive nicely, and they package their products in individual, personalized zip lock bags? Well, not the kind you'd store food in, but it's nice that they just don't wrap their things in saran wrap. I always use FedEx as my shipping option. It's safe, tracked, fast, and you usually have to sign for it. Which is something great to have, in my opinion.

If you need any sort of help from ordering to product quality, I can gladly post pictures or videos of all my clothes, bags, shoes and etc.

Ask Joy about
1 review
1 helpful vote

This is 100% Authentic Proof that Cheats customers; If you require I can show you all proof
DO not be fooled by their cheap prices. THEY are Top Class CHEATERS.
Every person has got cheated if they know it or NOT.
1. Cheat on shipping. The price Quoted for shipping is 55% higher.
2. They cheat on clothing quality; hence cheat you on value.
3. They cheat you by not sending all the items you order stating out of stock and refunding the amount into your account. This is a gimmick played by them; they will not refund you in cash or PayPal
4. For wholesale orders they say free shipping above a certain value; but when you order from a particular link only for wholesale e.g.: china stock they increase the prices in that category; Hence making you pay more shipping and the items.
5. Every item has more than one link with different prices e.g.; if a dress was 4USD you can find the same item with a different price of 6USD or 1 USD even 15 USD. Be careful.
6. Please be careful when choosing items pay attention to Item code. Because 90% of their clothing is NOT in stock. What I mean is Mainly Drop-ship items. E.g.: If you order an item code M, ZS or J .and you order the shipping fee will automatically increase by 20 to 50 % and if you order item code W the shipping price will depend on the location there are shipping.

This is my story.
My items were never dispatched because they say a system generated error occurred causing not to show the correct Shipping charge. The said value was above 360 USD. China stock items that is eligible for free shipping. They requested me to pay an additional 150 USD for shipping
If not they will not dispatch the items.
Up to date I have not received any refund to any of my accounts I have sent more than 60 e mails to them No respond.
Plus I have 40 USD in my wholesale account bring the total to 400 USD.

The 1st time I ordered from them.
I encountered these issues.
My order arrived after 22days; FEDEX website showed Package Anticipated pickup date 30th August 2012. The said package was to arrive within 4-6 working days. Never did.
I was refunded a total of 40 USD to my wholesale account. Items were out of stock.
4 items were Damage. 3 were Dirty and color was off.

My advice is keep away if you did not get cheated the 1st time you are bound to be cheated them 2nd.
There is no legal Authority we can complain too to take any legal action against them.
Please keep away!!!
Still if you are adornment and want to buy from them please check availability, check item codes and do not keep any money in your Wholesale account replace the amount with items. Inform them that you want a confirmation e mail sent to your account with a Performa Invoice signed and sealed.
2nd tip is save the pictures to your Hand drive and increase the brightness on the picture to see the real quality of the product.
3rd tip if the Gsm value is lower than 220gsm that means it is BAD quality.

Ask pak about
1 review
0 helpful votes

As what I've noticed, there are a lot of bad reviews with this website. I don't know why, 'coz in my opinion this website is great! It is one of the wholesale stores I would love to go shop. They got really nice and affordable clothing - & they also ship fast!^^

Ask Jessa about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I made a lot of orders from this site,not the cheap stuff for 2 bucks,T shirts and so but leather and fox fur and must say that quality was excellent,same stuff i found in shops around Europe for price about 200% higher.They shop on this site wholesale and after resale in shops with inflated price.Only what i want to say i was angry about was that they have stuff which is out of stock still on site and whent you order it and pay after they send email that its out of stock and you should choose other replacement stuff,which is not easy sometimes.I had order for 400$ leather coat with fox fur collar,it was out of stock so i ordered a bunch of jackets and coats for low price and got a pack of unwearable $#*!.Only one coat was ok.So beware of cheap stuff you will get a $#*! stuff.Leather and fur is good there but before placing order check life chat if the item is in stock.

Ask Dhaif about
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This site is actually an extremely good value if you dont pay for shipping (they have promos) I bought from the new york warehouse, which may be why the quality and shipping were so fast. I got the box of clothing about a week after I ordered and the items were very good quality. I ordered $300 of stuff as a retailer and they actually seem like good quality (only 4/50 items were defective everything else was pretty much perfect condition. Sizes do run small, so my customers are petite girls. Here is my website:

markups are about 70%

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i ordered 2 things from this site and both together cost $16 plus shipping like $26 it has been like 2-3 weeks since i ordered the items and still nothing. i talked to them on the live chat several times and they told me to wait like 2-4 days and i did but i still got nothing. today i told them that it is taking a very long time for my orders to ship and she told me to wait 3 more days and i told her that if they dont come in 3 days i want a refund. i am really pissed i regret ordering from this site. i should of went around and searched the net about and saw the reviews before i ordered......

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