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WhatsYourPrice reviews

11 reviews
Categories: Dating
Tel: +1.7754504856
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11 Reviews for WhatsYourPrice

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New Reviewer

I tried this site the other day. You sign up and get a free profile (which takes 24 hours to approve). So don't expect to use it right away after creating a profile. They have to approve you first. You have to buy 3 different packages of your choice $50 $150 and $250. You send flirts to women or offers to see whether they are interested. If they are you use credits to accept their offer or to read messages from them. By the way if you to be a verified member. THAT also costs you $50 to become verified..hense more money out of pocket.
Here's the catch I seem to notice. I sent over 30 flirts and some 10 offers, they are free to send both but not answer back to them. 3 offers where accepted and I sent letters to them. Meantime no one else contacted me. The women stopped responding to me. I only had 5 credits left which gets you nothing on that site. As soon as I ran out of credits, miraculously women started contacting me. With no credits it prompts you to buy credits to open offers and messages. It seems very coincidental that people only contact you when you are out of credits. I am almost sure that on the women side of it, they don't pay a fee to respond. Just like other sites these women help the site make money in return for their profiles.
Stay away from this site and save your money and take a local girl to dinner instead. Post note: no success stories posted anywhere on the site.

New Reviewer

I like to be a SugarDaddy but hat the conversation around price. So I thought this site would be a great idea. When I do a search there are 2 or 3 active members in my area. I extended several offers, had one accept but not message me back. I was not getting anyone viewing my profile. I have paid for credits. I created a dummy account as a woman to see what was going on. I could not find my real profile in any searches. I went back to my real profile and could not see the dummy profile I just created. What is the point of this site if people cannot search for you? How many active users am I missing out on in my area? I think the back-end coding is poor and not well maintained. I would not be surprised if the active profiles I am viewing are actually bots that accept offers just to get people to pay for credits. This site is not about making connections, but is about taking money and not living up to promises. I am surprised anyone has been able to make any connections.

New Reviewer

i feel so stupid guys, i have paid £250 to this site for 1000 token or credit, i have spent allready 500 of my tokens, but no luck.
i have agreed more than 10 dates, and & when it comes to meet up they just disapear, or when i mention about spending night together, they disapear. They just wanna go first date grab the money and sad off..
when i joind this dating site, i knew there is no chance for a relationship so i mentioned on my profile too, but i thought, i ll pay the money and spend good night out with lots of sex lol..
I feel like the owner of the website does arange this girls, just to finish the tokens, i anjoy more with my special escorts.. i dont have hope to get any dates to be honest. when rest of my token finish, i ll write another review.. from now, i am saying dont waste your time and money.

New Reviewer

They want money for every date. So I compared to escort sites. 95% of women in my area on site were also advertising on escort sites.

New Reviewer

make no mistake, these are prostitutes. sex by second date. be firm about what you want and price during initial meeting, which should cost you about 100. its a good site for what it is.

New Reviewer

I've gone on three dates from this site; that's after paying to message 10 girls that accepted my bids - that means I paid the site several times for credits. $50 for 100 credits; average cost to contact a girl, 40 - you do the math.

Several hot girls, with multiple pictures - exchange a few messages, maybe even take the conversation off-line and then nothing. One girl was so hot and convincing *yes, my fault* that I sent the money in advance and even sent more...we established a good friendship before meeting...I'm the fool - glad I can afford to be foolish. She hides her real cell number on a third party app - the email she used for paypal was "a friends" so I traced that - I have her "friends" home address if I wanted to get serious.

The three dates I went on were boring, fun and still going on...

Date 1: Met at a restuarant for lunch...after a few pleasantries she asked for half the money...we had lunch and I felt it was going great so I asked if she wanted to get a drink - instead she wanted to shop, and have the other half of her money. She excused herself and her phone, which she couldnt stay off of, kept beeping - being nosey, I looked at it and the texts were coming up - she was either married or had a boyfriend - I ended by saying "no shopping, your man wants you home" and left. She was a bit shocked.

Date 2: Cute, spunky - we had a great dinner - afterwards we had some drinks - I invited her back to my place and...she excitedly accepted. A drink there lead to some serious making out - next thing you know...well...yeah, it wasn't expected! She texted a few days later...she wanted to text more...which was fine...when I told her that I didn't have time to get together, she became silent. A month later, she texted...asked if I could help with her car payment...ummmm...I ignored her.

Date 3: Still talking, still going out...great first date, best in a long time, even the date I got lucky on - we eventually became intimate but the first date, she didnt ask for her money, I gave it to her - we dont live near each other so we dont see each other but we're friends...I guess with benefits - its easy.

Point is...there are a lot of scammers/spammers and a lot of freaks and liars - tread lightly - if you dont go on any dates after your first purchase of credits, skip the site. I am 100% convinced that the site is beyond all the fake accounts - the owner, Brandon, is always defending the site but...that tells me that the operation is not as legit as youd think.

New Reviewer

First date I went on, my date was a self proclaimed drug addict (after a few drinks of course). She is also failing in life in so many ways that I couldn't keep track of them all. The women on this site are very broken people. You will not meet any woman, worthy of anything else, outside of general discussion which could be had standing in line somewhere. All flirting aside, be forewarned that they are on the site for one reason only and it's not because they are looking for someone. I should've just stuck with the tried and true escort.

New Reviewer

Let me put it this way...women are really interested for a date or two for whatever cash they can get...then the price goes up or the attention goes down. THIS is the WORST dating website I have ever made the mistake to spend $100 please be warned.

New Reviewer

Yes, you can meet a lot of attractive women on this site but the vast majority of them are just looking to get paid for the date or seeking a monthly stipend from you. Most will go on the date and then pretend that they want to go on a 2nd date but really won't. It's the biggest scam and unless you want to throw away hundreds of dollars go to the more legitimate sites like match or eharmony.

New Reviewer

Joined this site. Men only pretend that they want to meet you, no one
meets you in real life. One man invited me to meet him. Then, when
corresponding, said that he could not meet me, because he lived in
California, but I should meet him on-line, on a camera, at 8 a.m.
his time (3 a.m. my time!), and have a meal ready, and eat, and he
would watch! That is how he invited me to a "nice restaurant". Did
not even go to this site for a week, then received a message for them
that I was "reported for spamming"! How can I spam if I am not even
on this site? Contacted the support, but did not bother, because they
care only for those who pay. Then my friend joined this site, and
after a while, she paid, but was deleted also, for "spamming", when
she never did anything of the kind, and they DID NOT RETURN HER

New Reviewer

I joined this site thinking this would be a different way to meet attractive women. I was able to meet women that are attractive. However, I had to weed through all the women looking for Sugar Daddy/Sugar Babies first. Most of these women that I did meet only were interested in getting paid for the date. Several stated they wanted a second date, but once the date is over they really are not interested. If you have a lot of money to go throw around this site might be for you. Otherwise I think it is just a big waste of time and money if your serious in looking for a relationship. I would think about choosing another site then this one.

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