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Review of WhatsYourPrice

WhatsYourPrice reviews

41 reviews
Categories: Dating
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41 Reviews From Our Community

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Here is the essence of it, one WYP date is the "balking Baby" discussed just below. (in 30 reviews)


Overall positive: have met women whom I would never want to meet again and those I would pay 10x to meet again. (in 22 reviews)


I have offended some women while doing this, but if your willing to date for money then everyone has a price. (in 22 reviews)

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1 review
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One could write a novel about WYP and much of what is problematic there has already been covered. In the end, what gets my goat is how with the complicity of the site operators it has basically turned into a SB/SD site. There are many of those sites and one is the sisters site of this one: Seeking arrangement. I have no quarrel with them. WYP has been advertised as the site for guaranteed dates: By naming a price for the first date, everyone is assured that the other side is serious. So to speak. In the end, though, most all the women on this site are *not* looking to date and merely set a higher barrier to entry but rather, they either are serial first daters (in my book all the ones asking for 200 or more are not interested in ever seeing you again) and the rest are out for arrangements. I have, at best, gotten to a second date. And regardless of how well that date went, it is when they get home (and possibly talk to the roommate who put them onto this site) that they realize "Hey, I am not getting paid for this..." There are other issues: I am convinced that if you have private pictures, many women make an offer (or accept one) to see your pictures without any real intentions of ever meeting you.

Ask Rocky about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
1 helpful vote

What a load of rubbish. Its all about pay pay pay and you will receive nothing.
Stay clear of this site. The girls are fake and all it is, is a free dinner and date for the girls.
You will see you money quickly dissapearing before you get anywhere.

Ask James about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been on this site for about 2 years and find it so good. I don't use it that often but when I do I normally have about 10 dates lined up with in a few days. Some of the girls don't get back to me but most do. I don't like to pay less than $100 and most of my dates range from $150 to $200. I normally just take the girls out for dinner or some drinks and I love herring all there aspirations and things they want to do with there lives. I am now getting to know one of the girls quite well and have been on 4 dates. Spent today going clothes shopping for her as she needed some new clothes. I probably wont be using this site again if things go well with this girl. I have herd from some of the girls that there are not enoph

Ask Robert about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
2 helpful votes

The site is for rich wealthy men. It seems to me if you're complaining about $$$ you are really don't have the money to spend. I know a lot of Rich men who spend thousands lunch. If you we're really rich $200 would be nothing. There's nothing wrong with a female upgrading her life that the American way. If there's guys who like to pampering a woman for company or accompanying Him to an event's not you. Trust me you should try eharmony which is where all the whiners belong. Hugh Helmet would laugh at you right now.

Ask travel about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
2 helpful votes

I used the site for quite a while and always behaved like a gentleman. I never expected anything more than a date. I have never dated anyone from this site. What you will get is alot of fake catfishing profiles. Just ask the lady to send you additional pictures when you start texting. You will quickly find they posted all of their fake pictures on the profile and have none left. It is also expensive to open messages and you have no opportunity to chat without doing so. Most you talk to are not serious about going out and the rest as I said earlier are fake. Probably men posing as women, laughing their across the street from the restaurant you are being stood up at. Save your money. This is a waste of time.

Ask Ben about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
3 helpful votes

Biggest con game out there.These girls are very good at separating you from your money and then disappearing. Dont fall for it boys no matter how sexy and scantily dressed they are in those pics. Went on three dates all were very oddly similar as if the girls attended some sort of class on how to rip you off. Doesn't deserve the one star.

Ask al about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
9 helpful votes

Im have hooked up with about a dozen women on this site. Some more attractive then other, but all better then the average. I only offer $49 for every date for any woman. No matter if she is a 5 or a 10. If they accept I wait for them to message me first as most of the time you message them first you never hear back. The reason I do this is because anything under $50 only costs 10 credits. I want to have communication and see if we even click. I have been honest to all of the women and explained to them I am just looking to get laid. I suggest that we just add the price of what the dinner would cost to the original bid of $49 and we just go to my place for fun. So somewhere between 100-150 total. Does this work every time? No! The funny part is it works more then 50% and I don't have to do all the labor of taking her out. I get to the point and get what I want. I have offended some women while doing this, but if your willing to date for money then everyone has a price.

Ask Shaun about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
6 helpful votes

You're probably thinking the same thing I was before I signed up for WhatsYourPrice. You're thinking what a great concept. Finally, you hope, you'll be able to go on a date with a woman who wouldn't normally give you the time of day. Maybe you'll even bring a gorgeous date to a party and watch your friends' jaws hit the floor in utter disbelief. And perhaps, even though it's a one-in-a-million chance, you have your fingers crossed one of your dates will actually be interested in you.

I'll admit I hadn't been this excited about a dating site in years. I thought this site would be a slam dunk.

At first, things looked good. Women were looking at my profile and acknowledging my presence by sending me winks. I had never experienced this on other dating sites and thought I'd have great dates in no time.

My excitement faded quickly after a few dates.

First of all, these dates are more expensive than you probably think. Most of the women I encountered wanted at least $200 and completely turned their noses up at anything less than $150. These prices actually wouldn't be bad if the women I dated were reliable or looked anything like their profile pictures. But don't expect these women to be content with $50 and a free dinner, and you can expect the costs to balloon (more on that later).

Of the six dates I agreed to (at an average price of about $160), only three of them actually showed up. Two of those looked 5-10 years older than they claimed, and one of them was at least 50 pounds heavier than she was when her profile picture was taken.

The one woman I dated whose profile pretty much accurately represented her turned out to be an absolute nightmare. She demanded her fee in full within in five minutes of meeting at the restaurant, which I promptly gave her. She then proceeded to order the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu ($375). I had one glass from that bottle, and she drank the rest of it. She spent at least 15 minutes on the phone and sending text messages during our one-hour dinner. By the end of the date she seemed a little drunk and couldn't wait to meet her friends (without me, of course) who she said were celebrating a birthday at a club down the street. When all was said and done, I spent over $700 for this date. I went straight home and got rid of my WhatsYourPrice profile.

WhatsYourPrice doesn't curate its profiles or have any type of feedback system. A woman can stand up as many guys as she wants or order as many $350 bottles of wine she wants. It costs her nothing, and her next sucker has no way of knowing about all the suckers who came before.

I did send WhatsYourPrice complaints about the no shows. But despite assurances on the site that they would respond to complaints, I never heard a thing from them. Unless you enjoy paying through the nose for disappointment and abuse, you might as well stick with Tinder, where disappointment is always free.

Ask Skip about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
8 helpful votes

I would like to address some statements from a few of the previous reviews. First and foremost, the women on this site are not paid by anybody to be a member. We receive no compensation whatsoever for accepting your offers or communicating with you. Whomever made that false statement is either not playing the game right (yes, let's be real, it is a game) or simply do not have the proper assets that appeal to the women they are trying to date. Sorry 'bout it. Also, this is not your typical dating site so quit comparing it to Match or POF. Realistically, it is a simpler version of SA with the idea of getting people to meet more swiftly, avoiding the monotonous email-tag. WYP is for mutually beneficial dating, i.e. sugar daddy/sugar baby situations. That being said, do not categorize all of the women on WYP as prostitutes, as we are not. I have been solicited from men multiple times, very to the point and simply looking to get laid, and I report those jerks. I may be a serial first dater, but I am not a prostitute. I have been on multiple first dates, a couple of second and one third, and have never had sex with ANY of them.

Anyways, I've been on WYP for about six months now and have received copious offers from men, generally ranging from the $65-120 range. As stated above, I've been on multiple dates but not nearly as many as I have been contacted for. Men are flakes, too. IN fact, while being completely flakey you are not only wasting my time, but wasting your own money. That is something I do not understand. I have set aside time for a date only. Guys, this is not acceptable behavior from either party. It is incredibly rude, so if you aren't serious about the offer or the girl, do not submit or accept.

Basically, this site is what you make it. If you are looking for love, you have come to the wrong place. If you are looking for a one-night stand, you've more than likely also landed in the wrong place. But, if you are truly a generous man who is not a creepster and has a real personality, then you have a shot of meeting a beautiful girl that you just might click with. If that mutually beneficial arrangement is what you're looking for, then DING DING DING. Congrats, you've come to the right site. Want a young, sexy girl to spoil in and out of the bedroom?? Awesome, because that's basically what the majority of us want also. Just understand that it will not happen within one date.

Ask Leslie about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
6 helpful votes

Ok so this review comes from the NY Long Island area. There are plenty of beautiful, smoking hot woman on this site that are all broke or close to it. I spoke with many and dated two, they all have the same MO and that is to make you think through erotic photos and flirtatious chatting that, well you know, you will get lucky with them but they have no intention on letting that happen. Now I'm a fairly good looking guy, never had a problem but if Brad Pitt met one of these girls the results would be the same.. nada Kinda got the last laugh on one girl, when she asked for her money I played dumb and replied that I thought the money went towards the date, she wasn't a happy camper lol

Ask justin about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
4 helpful votes

This site is full of fake profiles and flaky women.

I signed up and let my profile sit for a few months before I finally got an offer I accepted. I went ahead and paid WhatsYourPrice to unlock communication with my would-be date. It turned out the woman didn't even live near me like WhatsYourPrice said she did. Long story short, I drove two hours each way to be stood up by a woman who probably didn't even exist.

I have no idea what I'll use my remaining credits for that I purchased. I guess they'll go to waste with WhatsYourPrice laughing all the way to the bank. I feel completely scammed.

Tip for consumers: Run away from this site!

Ask G about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been on here for over 1 year. I have had 2 girlfriends from this site who were both great women. I have also met many gold digging flakes. It is NO different than any other site really. The women on the other sites are just not as honest and forthright about their materialism. On other sites you will NEVER get the responses because the attractive women get hundreds of emails per day. Step up and bid for that first date! That is all this is.... They ARE NOT all prostitutes as some of these idiot guys keep saying. Most of these guys are just not good looking and have ZERO game... and they wonder why they don't get second dates. Sorry, the truth hurts!! If you have the financial means , its a great place to meet attractive women. Do not come on here if you do not have $$. It will not work for you and you will be frustrated! It must be disposable income to play the game...!!! Also... Do NOT bid anything over $50-100. I love this site and keep meeting some great women (and some flakes also). Flakes and losers are part of any dating game... they are not just from WYP. Just try Match or Plentyoffish and you will soon see the truth.....

Ask Bradley about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
3 helpful votes

I always start with winks (free) if they send me a reasonable offer I'll contact them...I've actually met one girl from the site and we've been seeing each other for a few months. I made it clear I wasn't looking for anything serious, basically a mutually beneficial thing...I paid $80 for a date (dinner) - actually gave her $100 and we decided to pursue a mutually beneficial arrangement. second date we had dinner and got a room - since then we get together every 2-3 weeks, have dinner and hook up...I usually help her out with $120 - $150, occasionally take her to the mall shopping (nothing crazy) but she's a sweet girl and incredibly pretty...I think it's worth it - I get a nice dinner and some fooling around I mean seriously it's a sugar daddy site...right? Just be upfront with what you're looking for and always wink first...if they're interested they'll make you an offer....

Ask chris about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
7 helpful votes

just signed up today, and after reading you guys i will cancel my membership. i read about the site on a woman's blog and it sounded great, but hearing what the guys think about it, it's horrible.
i;m just a working woman with no time to meet ppl and thought this might be cool, but a prostitute i am not!!! sad that u men look at all the women like that, some of us just have a job in a strange country and dont know anyone. $#*!

Ask Ne about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
0 helpful votes

Seattle man- The females are looking at it as income. You can get laid pretty quickly though if you show them your net worth or lifestyle. Both of you are buying and selling an arrangement, don't forget that. Most are students or older Russians beware.

Ask Martin about WhatsYourPrice
4 reviews
22 helpful votes

and for the most part it sucks. Clearly, the girls on the site ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY to be blessed by their over inflated ego think I am god gift to man COMPNAY FOR ONE DATE. and you won't get laid so don't get all exited. You will waste your money though. May as well waste it at a strip club because at a strip club at least you get something for your money. Should be renamed Gold Diggers are US .com . 2 stars because the girls on it are at least attractive unlike many other dating sites.

Ask Moshe about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've created a profile and made a few and received a lot of offers but can't see myself paying for this $#*!. The website I've $#*!ed a lot of sexy ass young girls from being This site seems to be a fake, the owner is making money off men paying to tokens thinking these women are going to give them some pussy if they pay them. If it looks like duck and quack like a duck, it's a duck.sugarsugar no money is ever up from because you let them know what you want before u ever go anywhere.

Ask Samuel about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
3 helpful votes

You get what you pay for , A DATE , I have used this site with some success but remember it is set up to profit the owners up front with your profile,
2. only contact women who are on top of the search list the good ones get taken fast.
3. Watch the search list for a while before you bid you will see the serial daters and hookers

Ask Ed about WhatsYourPrice
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

i call them dating whores. eat dinner, have a few drinks, and take the money and run. i have been on several dates with model quality women and have only had one second date. naturally she wanted more money. especially beware of women who like shopping sprees, gambling or upscale restaurants. i suppose most of them are only looking for a sugar daddy. you might make some progress with the uglier ones.

Ask terry about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
7 helpful votes

I've been on the site for over a year. I have met at leat 10 real women and have had sex 4 times. There are definitely fake profiles and definitely professionals. It becomes clear who they are and I do a good job filtering them out. I never pay more than $75. I reject an girl that thinks a date is worth more than that no matter how hot she looks. I have met attractive, fun women through this site. They tend to be younger which is not a bad thing. Some are flakey. Some are smart and confident.

Ask Hayden about WhatsYourPrice
3 reviews
15 helpful votes

Been on the site for over a year now. Like any dating site, it depends on your attitude toward daring and how you treat whom you meet as well as how you present yourself. Overall positive: have met women whom I would never want to meet again and those I would pay 10x to meet again. Site is not a scam at all. Sorry for all the other guys who don't get it! I've met over 30 women. Took me all this time to figure out the type of woman I really wanna meet - guess I'm a slow learner! What I've learned would take a book to write. Hmm.... When used right, met women faster on this site than any other site I've ever used. That's main reason I gave 5 stars. Time is money. Time is something you can't get a refund on.

Basic tips:
1) know the type of relationship you want. Traditional sb/sd, non-traditional, mistress, fwb, etc. Women appreciate a man who knows what he wants & is honest about it.
2) know your budget.
3) women want to know you'r serious. Real bids are 100-200.

Tip for consumers: Don't actually unlock an offer unless you really want to meet her.
Reply & respond to messages in 1-3 days to keep interest alive.
Ask me nicely & I'll tell specific tips for each stage of use on the system - too much detail to go into here.

Ask Ed about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
19 helpful votes

All of these men saying "these girls are just looking for a sugar daddy/sugar baby type of relationship and are expecting money for the dates, they aren't looking for relationships" NO FREAKING DUH READ THE FIRST PAGE IT LITERALLY EXPLAINS ALL OF THIS. Good lord it's from the same guy who created seeking arrangement! It's extremely infuriating reading these reviews with guys calling it a dating site and to just go to eharmony, um hello this is NOT that kind of dating site. This is strictly for sugar daddies. I have gone on several successful dates from this site with men who understand what it's about. I only had one that had no idea that the amount he offered was supposed to be a gift and was outwardly talking about that during th date. Bottom line. This is only for sugar daddies and babies.

Ask Stephanie about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
1 helpful vote

This site is summarized by the following:
1. Men want sex so bad they will pay for a PERCEIVED CHANCE at sex (perceived chance, meaning there may objectively be no chance for sex at all, but so long as you subjectively THINK there is a chance, you will pay).
2. How can we, as a website, fully milk the concept above (#1) and rake in maximum profit?

LOL! This site is for stupid men. I find it hillarious all the duped jelly minded men who have spent money on this thing. All you men who gave these guys money must be obama voters! Only obama voting men can be so stupid and bereft of reason to be taken by a snake oil website. It is so OBVIOUS that this site makes money off your insatiable desire to put your #$#$#$ into a 98.6 degree body, and you will do anything for it, they bilk you and gold-dig you.

Ask John about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
3 helpful votes

The young ladies were very pretty. Even gorgeous. I bid $50 because I wanted to see if the lady wanted to really meet me or was simply after my bidded money. Dinner drinks and a play. What an actress. She did such a great job if giving me the girlfriend experience that I felt too cheap to only give he the agreed upon $50. I gave her $100. I never even got a thank you note. She said she would give me her contact infraction but that never happened. A great evening and well worth the $100 if all you want is a fantasy for a few hours. But I want more.
I had similar experiences on other dates. No thanks.

Ask Ronald about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
10 helpful votes

Went on my first date from this site last night. I was so shocked at how attractive, sweet, funny he was.
Amazing first date.
In the end I couldn't accept payment, but I did accept a second date for next week.
I don't think this site is for me because I seem to feel guilty for accepting payment from a nice guy, but wouldn't want to date a jerk.
I won't use the site again, but got really lucky the first date :)

Ask Andie about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
10 helpful votes

it's a scam. the women on the site are fake and are paid to accept your offers for your tokens. you then buy more tokens making the website owner rich.

i unfortunately paid for a lot of tokens to contact a lot of women. they disappear after arranging a first date and never message you afterwards.

don't make the same mistake.

Tip for consumers: phukin' scam, you will message the girl and then she'll disappear after arranging first dates. It has happened to me with three different girls and/ or they will delete their profile.

Ask Rob about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
4 helpful votes

I signed up to this site to see what it was about. I received some offers and was exploring before I decided to read some reviews. The reviews were all bad so I decided before spending any money that I would cancel. Well, I only signed up for a free account yet, I had to wait 10 days before cancelling. Oh and in that 10 days I received a TON of offers, but in order to see any of them I'd have to pay the site money to unlock the conversation - I'm guessing this is why the site makes you stay for 10 days. I sent an email to customer service to explain this and they responded with a canned message back to me. You can delete by... (well I couldn't it wasn't past the 10 days). It's like they didn't even read what I wrote. Anyway - most all reviews are bad and I have to agree.

Tip for consumers: Don't use the site.

Ask Chris about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
1 helpful vote

I think any man that has to pay for attention or affection is just sad. A real man does not go on a site like this! You are all predators! You should all be ashamed of yourselfs. These girls are young and broken. What kind of person goes on here looking for a 18 year old? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD!!!! SICK SICK SICK!

Ask JOHN about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
5 helpful votes
7/20/14 is filled with women who simply date men as a part time job. They are not really interested in the men they go on dates with, they just want an easy paycheck and to be taken out and have everything paid for. I've had nothing but bad experiences with this site. One women lied to me about her name and I later found out she was married after we had gone on a couple dates as well! If a woman on this site wants more than $100 for her first date she is just an escort nothing more nothing less. This site should be banned.

Ask Jon about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
10 helpful votes

I earlier reviewed the WYP website on 2014-05-18. At that time I stated I had had two dates so far using the WYP website. And that also I found two other profiles there of women I already knew, and approached them directly without using the WYP website. And that my profile and pictures make clear I am an older, average-looking, well-dressed professional gentleman who is seeking SugarDaddy arrangements involving pampering, gifting and travel.

[Oops! This update zapped that prior review. Here is the essence of it, one WYP date is the "balking Baby" discussed just below. The other 20-year-old WYP date, a nursing home care-giver, was all take, no give, just looking for whatever cash and gifts she could wrangle. Quickly dumped, of course. She eventually turned to day-shift stripping. The two WYP profiles I saw of women I already knew and so I approached them directly: One was 18 years old, utterly gorgeous, a waitress at one of the restaurants I frequented. We hung out for 8 weeks, she understood her role quite well, we had a lot of fun, but then she left town to patch it up with her ex-boyfriend. The other, 21 years old, also a waitress at one of the restaurants I frequented, was very game, very straight-forward and wanted to get started fulfilling her Baby expectations immediately. But she was just shy of my (rather high) beauty expectations, so I didn't move forward. She eventually moved on to stripping for several months, then moved out to the West Coast.]

Let me update my experiences with the WYP website since then.

I earlier described one date I made using WYP was a 27-year-old woman, a waitress at a nightclub, was definitely looking for a Sugar arrangement, but had balked at her "Baby expectations." The next month I was traveling to Vegas for a week, and having no other potentials or takers, I asked her to accompany me -- with me making my Baby expectations quite explicit. She agreed. She was utterly gorgeous, she dressed to the nines, she was excellent company and we had an excellent time shopping, going to shows and dinners, going to strip clubs … and participating in several other types of adult activities as well. Exactly as agreed beforehand, no more, no less. I continued our arrangement for about six weeks after our return. But when her spoiling started to diminish in quality and quantity, and when she began to ask too frequently about other expensive exotic travels (such as Paris), I stopped seeing her. Several months later, she turned to stripping at one of my home clubs, and we interact positively there on occasion, but in no other way.

In July, 2014 I observed a WYP profile appear for a 21-year-old dancer I knew from one of my home strip clubs. I approached her directly about it, not using the website, but telling her I had seen her profile. Actually I had brought the above mentioned woman there on a date, the two had interacted … and so I had a built-in "reference" as to the quality of my company. She was aggressively interested, experienced in Baby expectations and was utterly straight-forward in her dealings. Unfortunately, by my bad luck, she left for her home in the Midwest before we could go on a date … and decided not to return to the area other than to gather up her belongings.

In July, 2014 I also observed a WYP profile appear for another 28-year-old dancer I knew at another strip club. We had previously discussed the possibility of an arrangement, but I had at that time decided against it.

In September, 2014, I observed a WYP profile for a 22-year-old white-collar, University-educated woman… whom I had dated for about a month previously one year prior (without use of any website), and I would say her profile described her arrangement expectations quite accurately. (I did not approach her in any way.)

In March, 2015 I went on several dates with a 23-year-old young woman with a WYP profile. The lady offered $100; her profile stated she was a dancer by profession … and given I am well juiced in at my area clubs, it seemed like a good bet. I had never met her before, though I could have found her and approached her directly without use of the WYP website; I did use the WYP website to agree to our first date, exchange phone numbers, etc. I dated her for two evenings in a row. And also visited her at her club twice on-shift. All through, she was entirely evasive regarding her "Baby expectations," dealt out a lot of shady double-talk in general, hinted endlessly about how badly she needed a car … and a hard drug habit quickly became evident. By then, my connections in the club confirmed her to be a waste of time. Of course, I did not see her again.

So again I would argue that:

* WYP profiles, for the most part, ARE quite real. And you CAN get very real, very attractive dates using the site.

* A significant portion of these profiles are created by women who view their role as nothing more than a second job where they are appearing as arm/eye candy in exchange for free upscale dinners & large amounts of cash.

* Do NOT bid very much for a date. For one reason, as stated just above, to weed out the professional "arm/eye-candy" daters. Besides, most of these women are not going to work out long-term, no matter what. I will probably hold my bids/offers to $50 going forward. And my WYP profile now explains I won't be bidding high because our date is for us to discuss the possibility of longer-term arrangement.The creator of the WYP website once blogged a recommendation of $40-$100 bids, the later to be reserved for breath-takingly beautiful women.

* To minimize wasting your time and resources, make your longer-term intentions plain in discussion before first meeting … and make clear that the purpose of the date is to agree upon your behaviors and expectations going forward. Good, now you'll have something interesting to talk about over desert! (So pick seating where your conversation will be reasonably private.)

* I also recently added to my WYP profile that sexual maturity is expected of my partners and that SOME degree of mutually beneficial behavior needs to occur rather promptly to maintain my interest in those I date. Modifying my profile with the all the aforementioned statements dramatically changed the quantity and quality of contact I receive … and for the better.

Ask Ultra about WhatsYourPrice
5 reviews
879 helpful votes

I tried this site the other day. You sign up and get a free profile (which takes 24 hours to approve). So don't expect to use it right away after creating a profile. They have to approve you first. You have to buy 3 different packages of your choice $50 $150 and $250. You send flirts to women or offers to see whether they are interested. If they are you use credits to accept their offer or to read messages from them. By the way if you to be a verified member. THAT also costs you $50 to become verified..hense more money out of pocket.
Here's the catch I seem to notice. I sent over 30 flirts and some 10 offers, they are free to send both but not answer back to them. 3 offers where accepted and I sent letters to them. Meantime no one else contacted me. The women stopped responding to me. I only had 5 credits left which gets you nothing on that site. As soon as I ran out of credits, miraculously women started contacting me. With no credits it prompts you to buy credits to open offers and messages. It seems very coincidental that people only contact you when you are out of credits. I am almost sure that on the women side of it, they don't pay a fee to respond. Just like other sites these women help the site make money in return for their profiles.
Stay away from this site and save your money and take a local girl to dinner instead. Post note: no success stories posted anywhere on the site.

Ask jack about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
3 helpful votes

I like to be a SugarDaddy but hat the conversation around price. So I thought this site would be a great idea. When I do a search there are 2 or 3 active members in my area. I extended several offers, had one accept but not message me back. I was not getting anyone viewing my profile. I have paid for credits. I created a dummy account as a woman to see what was going on. I could not find my real profile in any searches. I went back to my real profile and could not see the dummy profile I just created. What is the point of this site if people cannot search for you? How many active users am I missing out on in my area? I think the back-end coding is poor and not well maintained. I would not be surprised if the active profiles I am viewing are actually bots that accept offers just to get people to pay for credits. This site is not about making connections, but is about taking money and not living up to promises. I am surprised anyone has been able to make any connections.

Ask Ryan about WhatsYourPrice
1 review
6 helpful votes

i feel so stupid guys, i have paid £250 to this site for 1000 token or credit, i have spent allready 500 of my tokens, but no luck.
i have agreed more than 10 dates, and & when it comes to meet up they just disapear, or when i mention about spending night together, they disapear. They just wanna go first date grab the money and sad off..
when i joind this dating site, i knew there is no chance for a relationship so i mentioned on my profile too, but i thought, i ll pay the money and spend good night out with lots of sex lol..
I feel like the owner of the website does arange this girls, just to finish the tokens, i anjoy more with my special escorts.. i dont have hope to get any dates to be honest. when rest of my token finish, i ll write another review.. from now, i am saying dont waste your time and money.

Ask jian about WhatsYourPrice
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They want money for every date. So I compared to escort sites. 95% of women in my area on site were also advertising on escort sites.

Ask David about WhatsYourPrice
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make no mistake, these are prostitutes. sex by second date. be firm about what you want and price during initial meeting, which should cost you about 100. its a good site for what it is.

Ask adadd about WhatsYourPrice
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I've gone on three dates from this site; that's after paying to message 10 girls that accepted my bids - that means I paid the site several times for credits. $50 for 100 credits; average cost to contact a girl, 40 - you do the math.

Several hot girls, with multiple pictures - exchange a few messages, maybe even take the conversation off-line and then nothing. One girl was so hot and convincing *yes, my fault* that I sent the money in advance and even sent more...we established a good friendship before meeting...I'm the fool - glad I can afford to be foolish. She hides her real cell number on a third party app - the email she used for paypal was "a friends" so I traced that - I have her "friends" home address if I wanted to get serious.

The three dates I went on were boring, fun and still going on...

Date 1: Met at a restuarant for lunch...after a few pleasantries she asked for half the money...we had lunch and I felt it was going great so I asked if she wanted to get a drink - instead she wanted to shop, and have the other half of her money. She excused herself and her phone, which she couldnt stay off of, kept beeping - being nosey, I looked at it and the texts were coming up - she was either married or had a boyfriend - I ended by saying "no shopping, your man wants you home" and left. She was a bit shocked.

Date 2: Cute, spunky - we had a great dinner - afterwards we had some drinks - I invited her back to my place and...she excitedly accepted. A drink there lead to some serious making out - next thing you know...well...yeah, it wasn't expected! She texted a few days later...she wanted to text more...which was fine...when I told her that I didn't have time to get together, she became silent. A month later, she texted...asked if I could help with her car payment...ummmm...I ignored her.

Date 3: Still talking, still going out...great first date, best in a long time, even the date I got lucky on - we eventually became intimate but the first date, she didnt ask for her money, I gave it to her - we dont live near each other so we dont see each other but we're friends...I guess with benefits - its easy.

Point is...there are a lot of scammers/spammers and a lot of freaks and liars - tread lightly - if you dont go on any dates after your first purchase of credits, skip the site. I am 100% convinced that the site is beyond all the fake accounts - the owner, Brandon, is always defending the site but...that tells me that the operation is not as legit as youd think.

Ask Nick about WhatsYourPrice
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First date I went on, my date was a self proclaimed drug addict (after a few drinks of course). She is also failing in life in so many ways that I couldn't keep track of them all. The women on this site are very broken people. You will not meet any woman, worthy of anything else, outside of general discussion which could be had standing in line somewhere. All flirting aside, be forewarned that they are on the site for one reason only and it's not because they are looking for someone. I should've just stuck with the tried and true escort.

Ask Dave about WhatsYourPrice
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Let me put it this way...women are really interested for a date or two for whatever cash they can get...then the price goes up or the attention goes down. THIS is the WORST dating website I have ever made the mistake to spend $100 please be warned.

Ask Rob about WhatsYourPrice
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Yes, you can meet a lot of attractive women on this site but the vast majority of them are just looking to get paid for the date or seeking a monthly stipend from you. Most will go on the date and then pretend that they want to go on a 2nd date but really won't. It's the biggest scam and unless you want to throw away hundreds of dollars go to the more legitimate sites like match or eharmony.

Ask Peter about WhatsYourPrice
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Joined this site. Men only pretend that they want to meet you, no one
meets you in real life. One man invited me to meet him. Then, when
corresponding, said that he could not meet me, because he lived in
California, but I should meet him on-line, on a camera, at 8 a.m.
his time (3 a.m. my time!), and have a meal ready, and eat, and he
would watch! That is how he invited me to a "nice restaurant". Did
not even go to this site for a week, then received a message for them
that I was "reported for spamming"! How can I spam if I am not even
on this site? Contacted the support, but did not bother, because they
care only for those who pay. Then my friend joined this site, and
after a while, she paid, but was deleted also, for "spamming", when
she never did anything of the kind, and they DID NOT RETURN HER

Ask Atry about WhatsYourPrice
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I joined this site thinking this would be a different way to meet attractive women. I was able to meet women that are attractive. However, I had to weed through all the women looking for Sugar Daddy/Sugar Babies first. Most of these women that I did meet only were interested in getting paid for the date. Several stated they wanted a second date, but once the date is over they really are not interested. If you have a lot of money to go throw around this site might be for you. Otherwise I think it is just a big waste of time and money if your serious in looking for a relationship. I would think about choosing another site then this one.

Ask Paul about WhatsYourPrice

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A: its all between you and your date once you make contact WYP is out of the picture , website leaves so much open girls who do nothing but date and never come thru men who dont pay if you dont
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