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The most common comments were "It's a Scam" and "I didn't know they were going to bill my credit card right away". (in 17 reviews)


It seems to wait for others to bid rather than letting the last bidder won. (in 38 reviews)

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After seeing this on the SiteJabber warnings I read the reviews and looked at the site, but... its now closed. Guess the complaints will close a site. said...


We appreciate everyone who has supported Wavee, and we have done our best to provide the best entertainment shopping platform. Unfortunately, due to many challenges with this business, Wavee is now out of business. We intend to ship out any remaining product(s) that you may be expecting.



Ask Mai about Wavee
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by accident won a digital camera and a leatherman knife in Feb. should be shipped in 21 days or less they said. So finally talked to one customer service dude and i guess he had been hammered by angry bidders all day and he just said man i am so sorry, we are having major growing pains, it may be 3 or 4 months before you get your stuff, well, he was right, still no merchandise. they used to have limits on how many bid bundles you could win in a week but lifted that now these sharks with lots of money and time get them all at any cost to keep from others. STAY AWAY!!!!!!

Ask damon about Wavee
1 review
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I actually won an auction at Wavee, that's the good news. It took two months of waiting and finally contacting them before I received the item, the problem is it was for only half of what it was supposed to be. I won an Xbox 360 kinect system, what I received is an Xbox 360, no kinect, no game. I contacted them again they told me the matter has been sent to the shipping dept.. Here I am 2 weeks later and have received no indication that I will get the rest of my shipment nor do they have any way other than e-mail available to contact them. I'm not holding my breath on this one. I will never use this site again and you shouldn't either!!!!

Ask Jim about Wavee
1 review
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These guys are CROOKS! I heard about the site from my son. I investigated the site. Unfortunately I did not look at the Better Business Bureau first. Wavee has a D- rating from the BBB.Many unresolved complaints. My bad. Anyway I read the disclosures. Sounded reasonable. I purchased bid points using my credit card and started bidding. On three separate occasions I was outbid by the next bidder once I ceased bidding. You may think this is not that unusual but I bid on the same items in the same condition all 3 times and and on the last occasion let the bidding go to the highest price paid for this X Box cable according to the history.
Here is what I think is happening.
Wavee makes its money on the bid points it sells.
They really don't have as many items for auction as they claim.
Their computers auto bid the highest bidder until they 'win' the auction.
In that way Wavee makes their revenues by getting people to use up their bid points yet they never have to deliver the product to a person.
To illustrate this I bid on the X Box cable 3 times as I mentioned. The first two times it sold for about $2.00. The third time I was determined to bid the auction up until I got it. I ran out of bid points at about $16.00 and as 'luck' would have it the next bid 'won' the item. Unfortunately I had used up $48.00 worth of bid points and walked away with nothing. That is how I believe Wavee does it. I complained to BBB and got an unresolved complaint out of it. I complained to my Credit Card company and found Wavee to be within their legal rights. I am very busy otherwise I think there is a justification for a class action lawsuit against these guys. There are a large number of complaints and unsatisfied customers. The question becomes do the attorneys want to mess with Wavee for the small amount of individual customer money involved? It would however make national news if it were to happen.

Ask Frank about Wavee
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Hi everybody. I signed up for an account over the weekend just to see how this whole penny auction system worked. I never saw any notice that I would be billed as other have reported, and was charged $79.00.

After at least a dozen requests for a refund I was told each time that the credits I paid for were non-refundable, no exceptions.

Left with no good options I decided to flood their support system and email accounts with requests for refunds. So I finally just got my refund after sending ~300 emails and support tickets to them. Give it a shot. It only took me a couple hours to send all those messages.

Here's how to do it: go to and fill out the form and hit the submit button. This will create a support ticket in their system that they will have to deal with, one at a time. Very annoying. Just keep sending them.

I then also sent about 300 refund request emails to the following addresses:, Wavee Sales <>,,

You can do this quickly by sending a message. Then go to your sent items, find the message you just sent and hit "reply all", and hit send. Repeat as much as you want.

It worked for me. It might work for you.

Good luck.

Ask Erick about Wavee
1 review
3 helpful votes

i have won 6 items between 12/21/2010 and 2/25/11, so far i have not received any of the items. i have no avail. they voided one of the auctions that i won for the same reason stated in previous comments. i am at a loss, not sure what to do next, however this site is giving me some good suggestions. they have also changed all of my ship dates several times. i am angry and will call them again tomorrow, since today was the latest ship date on the first item. i will keep posting progress, if any. stay away from this site, i agree with all that has been said, about the bidding.... the bots.... and the questionable auction endings.

Ask susan about Wavee
1 review
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Promises to ship from my first two "wins" were cancelled after weeks. So, I tried again, and now 60 days later, still no product. Anyone want to buy 500+ credits to this scam website?? Maybe for a 'review' on tv, or something?? I'm game, call me. MrWareWolf on facebook!!

Ask Ware about Wavee
1 review
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I have won 5 items, the first one on 12/27/10. As of 3/9/11 I have NOT received the item won, and the projected ship time has changed 3 times. Now it is projected to ship 3/28/11. I doubt it. Only thing I have won and received is the gift cards. People PLEASE stay away from this site. Also check out the link below, it is a news report done in Atlanta, on Wavee.

Ask Craig about Wavee
1 review
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I won a Garmin 1490t and a Kodak z981 back in the middle of jan 2001 and they promise the delivery in 10-15 working days. I still haven't see it yet. Next delivery date is my a May. Over 3 months. That's if they deliver it...Don't be fooled, they will tak your money but delivery, who can tell???

Ask John about Wavee
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They are constantly booting you off during critical times after you've spent several bids on an item.

I am highly suspicious that there is insider bidding going on. After watching the site for a month, strange names not common to the site end up winning with few bids. The timer does not flow smoothly.

They also have poor customer service and do not address complaints.

I got curious and researched their record with the BBB, They have had numerous complaints and HAVE AN "F" RATING!


I also researched many of their competitor penny auction sites. Many of them have an A- rating with the BBB.

Does this not say it all?

As soon as I use up my

Ask Debi about Wavee
1 review
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the way you bid will never let you win.its a real scam.

Ask samir about Wavee
1 review
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This says it all

Ask Greg about Wavee
1 review
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I got an immediate notice that I would be charged $89. for .. who knows?..I called my credit card company and put a hold on all Wavee charges. Stay away from this place it's a BIG scam.

Ask Shirley about Wavee
1 review
3 helpful votes

this site auto enrolls you into accepting their start up fee. You will not know that you are being charged just for signing up.

You have very little chance of getting a refund and you better contact your credit card company right away to cancel the card and get a new account.

This site also seems to have a huge problem ACTUALLY getting you the item you seem to have won. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SITE.

Ask jay about Wavee
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Ask Alex about Wavee
1 review
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After "winning" a auction bid on Wavee January 7, 2011...I am still waiting on delivery of the product...estimated shipping date went from February 22 to March 18, 2011. I don't really expect to see it! I would not recommend this bid site to anyone! Stupid me !

Ask Pierrette about Wavee
1 review
3 helpful votes

To all of you who have been duped like I was. I got all my money back after a good fight. Follow these: 1.stop payment by your credit card
File a strong report to your State Attorney General. 3. file a strong report to Atlanta BBB. 4. File a strong report to Federal Trade Commission.
Always make the POINT strongly that this is an UNLICENSED GAMBLING SITE and not an AUCTION SITE. Also threaten to take them to local small claims court.

Ask Arun about Wavee
1 review
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I have been on this site since about Noon today trying to buy/win a notebook computer (it is now 9:06 PM), very few of the "bidders" seem to be real people I suspect most of the "bidders" are shills or Bots !!...Please let me know if you had the same experience with Wavee ......Sincerely,

Ask Michael about Wavee
1 review
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BEWARE of penny auctions, especially WAVEE! Here's my story, my response to BBB...I signed on a website called WAVEE.COM. With so many advertisements (Time, ABC, CBS, BBC, Entrepreneur, Rolling Stone, Wired, Information Week, PC, USA Today, Fox, Technology Association of Georgia, and The New York Times) that were featured on the website, I trusted that this was a legitimate business for me to sign on. Little did I know that something like this would happen to me. On 12/6/10, I bid and won an auction for XBOX 360 4GB KINECT BUNDLE. According to WAVEE website statement: "How long will it take my order to arrive? - While most shipments arrive much quicker, please allow up to 2-3weeks to process your order. Once shipped, your order should arrive in 2-4 business days." My 1st request to WAVEE was on 12/27/10. WAVEE responded: "...We apologize for the inconvenience. Due to the holiday season, our shipping department has been experiencing a delay. An immediate shipping tag has been placed on your order and will be expedited to you as soon as possible..." and the status was deemed solved/resolved. I have made 8 complaints thereafter but WAVEE would always change the status to solved/resolved and would always respond with "your product will ship in due course..." and "... your product has experienced a short delay..." I've been waiting for my order, XBOX 360 4GB KINECT BUNDLE, from WAVEE.COM for over 8wks. WAVEE.COM has not shipped my order despite 8 complaints and filing a case with BBB. WAVEE has offered to give me a refund for my purchase of XBOX 360 4GB KINECT BUNDLE and did so as of 2/2/11. I DO NOT want a refund from WAVEE nor will I ever bid again on WAVEE, knowing the possibility of not winning a product again and spending more money, which I believe is the intent of WAVEE. I WANT my order for the XBOX 360 4GB KINECT BUNDLE delivered to me in NEW CONDITION ASAP and I will do whatever means necessary to receive my purchased product as promised to me on several days especially on 1/19/11 and 1/20/11 by WAVEE, noting that Section 14 of WAVEE Terms and Conditions was NOT at all cited. The fact that WAVEE doesn't follow through on their commitments is suspicious for scams and fraudulent activity. Moreover, the fact that WAVEE doesn't disclose consumer's dissatisfaction/complaints to the public concerns me that there might be many more people who are and will become victims of WAVEE scams and fraudulent activity. I will pursue this claim in WHATEVER means necessary and I have all documentations to do so.

Ask Sarah about Wavee
1 review
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I want to share the email these jack@@@ sent me after voiding out the items I had won and tell you about them hanging up when I called to speak to a manager... I have contacted the news company that I first saw them being promoted on and asked them to do a follow up story and contacted the GA BBB about the... and now the wonderful email .. oh and did I tell you they are refusing to refund the money for the bid auctions that I won...

the email:
Dear xxxxxxx,

As you may know, Wavee experienced some technical difficulties during the November 20th to December 15th time frame. Based on customer feedback and a thorough investigation of the events, it has become clear that the ability for many of the auction participants to place bids in certain auctions was compromised during these events. Wavee is committed to providing a fair bidding platform, and auction integrity is of paramount importance to us. As a result, and in keeping with Section 14 of our Terms and Conditions, we have decided to void the affected auctions. Upon logging-in to your account, you will see the credits used in the voided auctions added back to your account. If you were an auction winner, you have been refunded the full auction ending prices. In addition, all bid-to-buy transactions will be reversed.

Credits refunded to your account: 10

The following is a list of auctions in which you participated that have been voided:

We sincerely appreciate your patience relating to this matter.



So .. I am out of money... out of the items I won... out of the bids that I bought to win them... you refuse to talk to me... and you want to give me 10 credits to get screwed by your company again.....

Ask Jennifer about Wavee
1 review
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I have won 13 auctions at Wavee starting Nov.27,2010. So far I have received 1 item, had 5 items refunded for the auction price, 3 items the auction was voided (took 1 1/2 months for Wavee make that decision, time limits expired at my bank and PayPal) due to technical difficulties, 4 items are still processing. The only auctions voided were for merchadise, funny the technical difficulties didn't affect the bid bundle auctions.
I filled complaints with Federal Trade Comission, Attorney General of Georgia, Attorney General of my state, PayPal, and BBB.
These people are nothing but crooks! I sent over $500.00 won $1500.00 in merchadise and so far have received 1 WII game worth $30.00. The 8 auctions items they voided were worth $900.00. Wavee is a big scam.

Ask Bonnie about Wavee
1 review
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Won items over 2 months ago and still haven't received them even after calling and filling out a support ticket. Giving it one more week before filing with BBB and contacting the Attorney General of State and Federal and hiring a lawyer to see if we can get a class action law suit going.

Ask linda about Wavee
1 review
2 helpful votes

I agree with everyone else! I THOUGHT that I was signing in to have a free look and not bid, but later found out that they charged me $75.00! grrrrrr. That is so low. DO NOT bid at this site or even go beyond the initial page or you may be charged and not know it either! How many thumbs do I have , not enough for all the thumbs down I would give this site! A REAL RIP OFF!!

Ask Carol about Wavee
1 review
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I, won an Item on this website and have never received it, they took my money really quick, So if you want to give money away this is the place. Stay away .

Ask Ray about Wavee
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TOTAL SCAM......DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SITE. They say it is .75 a bid but when you sign up it is $75.00 WHICH IS NONREFUNDABLE. They also don't tell you it is 1.99 for processing if you win. Also when you first start the have you on begginer bids, it says you have to win 3 times to move up so you can't even bid on the better items. Oh and they add 20 seconds to the timer everytime you bid. TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!

Ask Amanda about Wavee
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It takes a lot of strategy and late nights to win. Good luck on receiving your items. I won 4 items. The gift card was shipped after 3 weeks. The casio watch took 2 months. I am still waitn on the other 2 items. I have repeatedly emailed them several times and the responded once that the item was being processed. After 3 months I called them and they said that it was because if the holidays and they were backed up. The changed my estimated ship date from December to Jan 5. It is now Jan 18 and I haen't received the items. I contacted them today and was irate. I told them this was unreasonable and the rep put me on hold then hung up on me. When I tried to call back their was an estimated wait of 12 minutes. I am just going to write off my losses. If I get the items in the next decade so be it. The also gave me 30 free credits. I guess that's just to entice me, but it will only aggravate me more. So I won't attempt tom bid any more.

Ask Gus about Wavee
1 review
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Do yourself a favor and DO NOT participate in this online auction scam of a company. Once you register, you have spent the money, regardless of whether you ever win any auction for any amount. For all we know, they have a room full of low paid employees pushing the "BID NOW" buttons to keep the bidding process going and every time you bid your credits are used and if you don't win the auction --which is more than likely the outcome of your efforts--you will have used up all of the credits you purchased with your credit card on just the bidding process. I wasted $48 and am very angry at myself for not investigating WAVEE at this or a similar site before giving them my credit card information. The "customer service" reps that answer the phone (when they are not in the other room bidding!!) are no help whatsoever and the other postings speak to that issue. No refunds, no apologies, no "supervisor". Enough said. DO NOT JOIN IN WITH THIS ONLINE SCAM WHATEVER YOU DO! Why they haven't been shut down is a mystery to me!

Ask Lizabeth about Wavee
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I was frustrated by lack of information on the site, they just want you to sign-up, no clear explanation. Fortunately I don't do anything unil I understand detail so I resisted temptation to go after a wii auctioning at $61. I watched a while and started adding up how much one guy was spending on each bid, each time his name came up I added $0.75 to the price he'd have to pay and didn't like what I saw as he had spent quite a lot of money bidding. He must of bid at least 20 to 30 times and the auction kept re-setting so he was down 20 to 30 without any guarantee he would win with 10 people still bidding. I calculated the profit this site was making watching the bids fly and the auction price yet to be paid and it disgusted me so much I decided to do more research. I found this site as was so grateful, I learnt from people who had been burnt, it confirmed my instinct and I appreciate you all sharing. I will stay away, even just the principal of the site, I can't support any company making these ridiculour profits and worse, not following through on something they made so much money off, they should gladly be shipping something they made such a big profit off of.

Ask Lara about Wavee
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

An utterly corrupt, misleading business. Save your precious time and hard-earned money. They like to slyly charge credit cards for astronomical amounts and then tell you they will refund you but never follow through.

Just reported them to the BBB, please do the same! It's no wonder they have only a D+ rating by them.

Ask yolanda about Wavee
1 review
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this site is great!!!! for all you so called customer service reps at wavve!!!!! You suck!!!! I hope you sleep at night knowing that you guys constantly rip people off!!! I ordered a xbox for my son on december 7 2010 and it clearly says that it can take 2-3 weeks for processing and then 2-4 for shipping!!! LOL!!! Its been a month and i still havent recieved it. Now they say it will be delivered on January 20, 2011 what a joke i will never use this auction again... what a scam!!!!!

Ask kelly about Wavee
1 review
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Don't recommend anyone use this site for bidding. You will see automatic charges to your credit card for "credits" which are non-refundable and "can" be used during the bidding process (maybe). A new low in internet bidding sites.

Ask Jerry about Wavee
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have read many reviews from unhappy users. The most common comments were "It's a Scam" and "I didn't know they were going to bill my credit card right away". When I visited the site, I simply watched for a while to see what the "protocol" was. I read the agreement terms in detail and was prepared to spend the initial (non-refundable) $75 for 120 bid tokens (they call credits) just to see if I could get in on some of the apparent "Deals" that were shown. I signed up, they billed my CC for the $75 and I began bidding. I started slow, bid on a few "credit packs" to increase my pool of credits. I won an additional 120 credits, spending less than 20 of my initial credits in the process. So now, armed with just over 220 credits, I started bidding on real items. I won a Black & Decker Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder valued at $19.95 for 75 cents and spent 12 credits in the process (free credits so far). I then won a Linksys Wireless Broadband Router valued at $79.99 for $1.75 which took 20 credits (still working on the free ones). OK, time to move up to the big stuff... I began bidding on an Apple MacBook Air computer. This is where things got a bit tougher. There are many more people bidding on the "high ticket" items than there were for the previous ones. To make a very long story short, I spent a total of 32 hours on the site (getting a bit of sleep at intervals along the way), I blew the credits I had accumulated and had to buy 120 more for an additional $75 because I wasn't about to give up on the time and money I had invested thus far. I finally DID WIN the MacBook Air, valued at $1,199.00 for $347.17 and it took almost all of my remaining credits to win. I saved over $700 in all but the experience was a lesson learned. It takes a great deal of time (the higher cost item, the more time you need to allocate), LOTS of patience, credits and yes, lots of LUCK to win. You have to be smart in your bidding (I laid back in the weeds for a long time, waiting until the savings reached 60% before bidding heavily) and above all, you really need to be LUCKY so that everyone else gives up before you do. Now that I've used my credits, I'm done with and the stress and hassle that goes along with trying to win things for a great price. Was it worth my time? Well... the jury is still out on that one. I have received the Coffee Grinder, I expect the Router within the next couple of days, and if the MacBook Air arrives within the next week or so, then the whole experience will ALMOST be worth it. I won't be using ever again so in hindsight, maybe it wasn't. My advice to you: Be aware of what you're getting yourself in to before you start. Good Luck!

Ask Chuck about Wavee
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My daughter bid on several items and had the same experiences as many of you. when she won a bid on an item and paid very little like a penny or two, she would get the error message that she was not signed in and she was. This happened every time. She won several items as follows:

Complete - Auction PurchaseWavee 10-credit Bid Bundle 01/04/2011 $0.76
Complete - Auction PurchaseWavee 15-credit Bid Bundle 01/04/2011 $1.23
Complete - Auction PurchaseWavee 5-credit Bid Bundle 01/04/2011 $0.60
Processing - won 11-19-10 Auction PurchaseElizabeth Arden Sunflowers est. ship date 01/04/2011 $1.00
Processing - won 11-28-10 Auction PurchaseMicrosoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 50... estimated ship date 12/27/2010 $4.27
Complete - Auction PurchaseWavee 30-credit Bid Bundle 12/20/2010 $0.10
Complete - Auction PurchaseWavee 30-credit Bid Bundle 12/20/2010 $0.15
Complete - Auction PurchaseWavee 15-credit Bid Bundle 12/20/2010 $0.05
Complete - Auction PurchaseWavee 30-credit Bid Bundle 12/20/2010 $4.70
Processing - won 11-19-10 Auction PurchaseApple iPod shuffle 2 GB NEWEST MODEL ... estimated ship date 12/20/2010 $2.94
Processing - won 11-19-10 Auction PurchaseFellowes Office Suites Adjustable Hei... estimated ship date 12/20/2010 $0.03
Processing - won 11-19-10 Auction PurchaseOlympus T-100 Point & Shoot Digital C... estimated ship date 12/20/2010 $14.91
Processing - won 11-19-10 Auction PurchaseApple iPod shuffle 2 GB NEWEST MODEL ... estimated ship date 12/20/2010 $3.01
Complete - Auction PurchaseWavee 30-credit Bid Bundle 12/17/2010 $0.24
Complete - 120 Credits Purchase 12/17/2010 $75.00
I have copied this from my daughter's order history so you can see from the very beginning the only items that show completed today 12-29-10 are the transactions where they are COLLECTING MONEY. None of the items WON have been received and there has been no contact from this company explaining why they cannot provide the won merchandise. I called them and was told that the two Apple Ipod Nanos are there most poplar items and they are unable to get them even though they are ordering 20,000 daily. They are still putting this item up for bid even though their suppliers cannot fill their orders. Why would they allow people to bid on items that are non-existent. Think about it. They are scamming people. WARNING - DO NOT BID ON WAVEE.COM UNLESS YOU LIKE GIVING YOUR MONEY AWAY AND EXPECT NOTHING IN RETURN!

Ask Angie about Wavee
1 review
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This website is a scam and they take your money and don't deliver product. You have to give them money to bid on items but it takes your money whether you win the bid or not. I bid on one product and by the time the bidding stopped I had spent over $20.00 to try and win the bid and the product ended up costing more than retail.
I will never go to this site to purchase anything again.

Ask Bill about Wavee
1 review
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Even the fine print is misleading. When they tell you the bid is .75 cents, I was actually charged $75.00, and didn't even place a bid. My bank is working with me to have the credited back to may account. $#@! TERRIBLE

Ask ELLIE about Wavee
1 review
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There are two thing wrong with this site shipping and that it can not hold connection.

The second issue is great if you are the last bidder but if you want to bid more but your kicked off and you can't make it back in 10sec then you lose the item and all the credits you used to get the item they say sorry give you a few credits and be thankful.

The other part I have a problem with is shipping.

They say they ship with in 10day and send e-mail with tracking info. After item is sent and takes about 4 days to arrive.

It has been a month scene I won the item and they have not arrived. They tell me they were sent on the 9th of Dec and it is ups fault that I have not received them. I said "if ups arrived at my house they would have left a note to pick up at there office or when they would be back." Yeah right, out of million of times delivering item they just forgot these item and deliver the other items from other stores, right. Please am I stupid.

The one item I did receive from them is not what I won but a substitute, because it would take two month to get the item that I won and I wanted to give it for a Christmas gift. The item I won was worth $80 and the item they shipped was worth $70 no credits added to my account to make up for the lost no gift card to make up the difference. This is called bate and switch.

Oh, and on top of that I look at there site and they were still selling the item to other people.

Now I am waiting for thing and nothing has arrived. I call them thieves, they say there not thieves but in my opinion what else can they be. They take your money and give nothing in return. And tell you to wait.

Ask Dawn about Wavee
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Ask JESS about Wavee
1 review
2 helpful votes

Rip off!!!! You are teased with these unbelievable 30-80% off deals on the hottest new devices. You sign up and immediately have to pay $150!!! The only way to "win" and item is if you stay up all night like some obsessed fool and keep bidding, but you better hope your internet connection doesn't slow down cause your then screwed. Thousands up people sign up and pay for credits but only few win!! RIP OFF!

Ask Mario about Wavee
1 review
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It's a scam that somebody is getting rich off of. I purchased 80 credits for $48.00 to bid with on the site. I bid on one Item for several hours got nothing. So it cost me $.60 for each pennie bid that I made. You do the math. It will cost you $60.00 to bid up one Dollar on a Item. I leaned the hard way! It would be cheaper to go buy it at a REAL Store. Hope this helps somebody else from getting took.

Ask Gary about Wavee
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Ask MISTY about Wavee
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Wavee now "hides" a $75 charge for 120 bid credits in the "Terms of Usage Agreement" (they claim), and they assert that you authorized the charge when the "check" the "Agree" box. Dont ask me where it is cause I've never been able to find it when I reread the "Terms". Can't believe they expect you to spend $75 prior to even seeing an auction!!! Guess they gave up on the $179 2nd page sign-up and looks like the scam now starts on the first page...can't believe they are so GREEDY!! Avoid this site like the pox!!!!

Ask paul about Wavee
1 review
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Anything is a scam if there are chances that you may never win ! I am hypothetically assuming that Wavee is a genuine website without any in house or dummy bidders from the company side for my analysis below. There following points (from the Terms and Conditions page) about this site suggest that the chances you win are meagre:

1.) Credits expire in 6 months of purchase. By that time if you don't figure out how to win or if there are too many people bidding then your money is gone even if you want to use it for a later time.
2.) Soon the situation will be that the site is so popular that you have very less chance on any auction and hence you don't bid and Wavee makes all the money (6 month time limit).
3.) Wavee can limit number of auctions you can take part, hence youre chances of winning are limited
4.) Wavee can limit the number of auctions you have won. Means if you win 20 auctions. Wavee can say hey you have won enough, stop!
5.) There are no instant auctions for big items. Auctions for big items are scheduled. You can't setup a auction at 2:30 am and have only yourself on a 500$ item auction.
6.) They may replace the item which was in the auction with a equivalent product, if they don't have the original item with them. If you put a Panasonic HDC-HS60 on auction and give a JVC as a replacement, why will I bid again?
7.) If you win a auction but don't pay up for the product, your account may be terminated or you may face legal action (this may apply to even Wavee Bid Bundles for new members)
8.) I cannot check Auctions ended before 7 days prior to today. If I don't find my product in those 7 day auctions then how will I build my strategy for the next auction of that product.
9.) There is no limit on how much you can bet for a auction. Today I saw a member who spent $668.25 on bids and has to pay an extra bid amount of $135.61 ($803.86 in total) for the item priced at $299.99! .See the details below. If there can maniacs like this who will go to any extent to win (maybe thinking they will win big in another auction or are downright dumb) then can me or you win ?

XBox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle
Retail Value: $299.99

Final Bid: $135.61
Cost of Bids: $668.25
Total Cost: $803.86

10.) Last but the easiest point is that they don't have or Macys gift cards. After all the members on the site are shoppers. Wavee has only a lousy $25 Starbucks gift card and a Wavee gift card. If Wavee doesnt have any products in its inventory as the order statusses on many winners suggest then we are buying fake stuff with real money!

On the other hand, I never put my CC details on the website still got the 5 free credits. Once you sign up with out giving your CC information anywhere, login and click on your user name at the top of the site. You will be taken to a web page to edit your profile. A link there will ask you your telephone numner and a verification code will be sent to your phone using which you can claim 5 free credits !

I agree with the point that this is nothing but gambling. If you want to play think a lot, watch for few days then take the stage.

Ask Maddy about Wavee
1 review
1 helpful vote

I thought this would be a good idea to get a tv for a bargain. IT IS A SCAM!!! Was unable to by anything!! They stole $75.00 from my credit card.

Ask sparky about Wavee
1 review
1 helpful vote

They make you think that if you register you get 5 free credits valued @ .75 ea..once your credit card is entered you get charged 75.00 it is a scam!

Ask Lisa about Wavee
1 review
1 helpful vote

I guess I got "lucky" by only being charged the inital $48 for bid credits. What gets me is all bids seem to go through, except the ones where you could possibly win; then you get a "bid cannot be are not logged in", when of course I am (how could I bid if I wasn't?) I did the math on the bids, and this company makes $15,000 if the bids total $200.00, minus the cost of what someone "wins". Since there is absolutely no way to check if the "winner" is a real person, this site has my vote as one of the biggest scams going. Wish I would have found this site before I spent my $48! I find the most amazing part of this whole thing is that nobody will do anything to stop this kind of fraud; you can file all the complaints in the world and drive yourself crazy about it, but in the end, no government agency that COULD do anything about it will. We're on our own, and I guess the old saying "Let the buyer beware" still holds true.

Ask Claire about Wavee
1 review
1 helpful vote


Ask EDYTH about Wavee
1 review
2 helpful votes

Horrible website. You think you are getting a good deal but they are scamming you in the end. STAY AWAY! You don't get the value they say.... please stay away!!!!

Ask jim about Wavee
1 review
2 helpful votes

It's very questionable. Very good promotion.
Lack of clarity about whether you just purchased credits or the item

Ask Lewis about Wavee
1 review
2 helpful votes

They took $75 from me just for registering to see how it works, which is supposed to be free. I bid on nothing, I purchased nothing. I got nothing but trouble. (PS Customer no-service is week days only! ) Stay away from!

Ask Diesel about Wavee
1 review
3 helpful votes

I signed up for the auction because it offered 350 FREE points. I played around on the site for a couple of days, never buying anything. I just got my credit card bill & they billed me $179 for the 350 points. I immediately disputed the charge after trying to contact the company (their office is closed on weekends). No way I'm paying for this fraudulent charge.

Ask Mary about Wavee

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