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VUDU reviews

11 reviews
600 W California Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
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11 Reviews for VUDU

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New Reviewer

Don't believe the bad reviews. Vudu works great. We often buy the Bluray with digital copy. We set up a Vudu account and we can access it from either our TV our Playstation. The movies load fast and stream at high quality.

New Reviewer

Vudu is just bad. Several friends and myself, 22 in all, signed up with free Vudu movie coupons received with Walmart pizza. Vudu charged every card even those those who had not downloaded a movie. We all cancelled the service. Our attorney suggested suing in order to get everyones money back.

New Reviewer

Trick you into a $5.00 credit to sign up....watched a $4.99 movie (that I could have gotten at Red Box) somehow they take .40 cents out of my banking account?!?! Yeah , I know where this is going CANCEL

New Reviewer

It's been great, I buy the digital copy and blu-ray combo pack whenever I get a new movie and it's great. It hasn't failed me yet!

New Reviewer

I just signed in, I used my u. V. Codes from my movies, I linked my account and now I can not watch the movies I own. Scam 100 %....

New Reviewer

Vudu is a huge pile of steaming scamming crap. Not only have they lost my current business, but any future business too. I was lured in by it seamlessly integrating with my XBL only to find out once my XBL Gold expired not only can I not order new movies, BUT I CAN'T EVEN WATCH MY CURRENT ONES! Total, complete, utter, 100%, scam. Pure and simple.

New Reviewer

Scam. Deceptive advertising. The terms of service state they own your information and can sell/trade/give it away at will. They make it impossible to close account. You've been warned.

New Reviewer

Put simply, LIARS. They suck people in via the "10 free movies" offers, then you end up with a nice charge on your credit card, because you of course have to provide that information when you register.

When I called to dispute the charges, the customer service rep was very rude.

Never again.

New Reviewer

I couldnt watch the film i ordered due to server issues and connection issues ; we ordered a film on the evening of 17 th, the movie was too long and we decided to finish watching it on the 18 th. At about 8 pm on the 18 th we tried to get vudu going and the network/ server error popped up 4 times, by the time that issue was resolved it told us we have 13 minutes left to finish watching the film ( of which about 50 minutes we yet didn't see) . Then server issue came up again and then we couldn't play the film at all because the time has elapsed. Either its some elaborate scheme or total and complete incompetence: but when i called : someone named DeeDee was trying to convince me that we watched the film all the way through. VUDU customer service wasnt in our living room on the evening of the 17 / 18, and trying to convince me that we watched the film isnt going to work. AND I WAS TOLD APPARENTLY THAT THE COMPANY DOESN'T HAVE MANAGERS?!

New Reviewer

I do not understand how this site stays in business. I tried to subscribe, but the sign up, with use of a credit card would not work. When I tried to fill in the month and date it would stay at 0 and not accept it. I also called the phone # they listed, it reached their customer service, but no one answered. Also they appeared to advertise $2.00 per rental, but the individual films ranged from $3 to $7. When I played the free trailer. the quality of the picture was good!

Apprentice Reviewer

So in my never ending quest for the best movie site, I bring you I love the HD quality that they offer. This works with the pc, PS3, and any TV, Blu-ray, or media devices, like Boxee, that have it installed.

I tried this on my pc and on my PS3 and it worked great. The really nice thing was I got a free credit to try any movie rental on my pc and a separate one to try out on the PS3. I was able to see it works, and I got to see a movie I really wanted to see. They work with the credit system, no subscription.

You associate your debit or credit card with your account and that's where you are charged for purchases/rentals.

I actually tried this site out a few months ago. What brought me back is the fact that Walmart is partnering up with them to offer streaming movie rentals from the Walmart site. Yes, Walmart's streaming video rentals. Once I saw that Walmart was starting to offer online rentals, I had to check it out.

Vudu rental/purchase policy:

"If you purchase a movie, it is stored permanently on your box. If you rent a movie, it remains on the box unwatched for 30 days. Once you press play, a 24 hour viewing period is initiated, after which your rental will expire. Within that 24 hour period, you can watch the movie as often as you wish. You may also find movies from independent studios that allow you a 48 hour period to watch the movie. After a rented movie expires, you may extend the rental for a discounted price on most of our titles. This option is available for 7 days following the expiration of the original rental."

Prices are pretty reasonable, and if you are able to stream it, with the bandwith you have, and the movie deserves it (because not all movies do), the HDX movies look and sound awesome!

For a typical new release-

to rent:
$ 5.99 for HDX
$ 4.99 for HD
$ 3.99 for SD

to purchase:
$ 19.99 for HDx
$ 19.99 for HD
$ 14.99 for SD

They also have rental and purchase deals on older movies, but I really didn't see anything jump out at me. Walmart is offering 2 days for $2 for some "older" movies. Some of them date back to the early 1900's, and I'm not joking.

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