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72 reviews
7 helpful votes

3/27/16 Added a star today. Will leave my harsher criticism below as a reminder of some of its authors. Under 'investigations,' Katherine Frisk, freelance writer/author, has successfully led a discussion which uncovered the roots of Skull and Bones Day 3/22. Excellent.

Founders of the Sumerian Empire:

Unfortunately, Veterans Today is all over the map. Some push an alien agenda, some push a Jewish Supremacy agenda and some say Putin is mankinds saviour. Big on the Khazarian Rothschilds Mafia, but one won't find that the Rothschild's are behind the BRICS Banking Scheme on VT. Nor will one find that Iran, Israel and the US are 'secret' allies. Iran removed the Taliban for Israel and the US. Try and find that on Veterans Today. Likely a Bolshevism site, which falls under Zionism too. Zionism is not the top of the power pyramid, just another tool.

I give VT 4 stars only because reading is a necessary part of the 'waking' process + vets may find some help there. Their writers are brilliant, but are hiding things and may not be on our side. Our side meaning the Zedekians.

Ask SandDab about VeteransToday
1 review
2 helpful votes

The domain name is registered through GoDaddy and shows the owner as being Domains By Proxy. That means whoever registered the site is trying stay anonymous.

It reads like a typical Russian propaganda site.

Ask Joe about VeteransToday
1 review
2 helpful votes

Horrible, conspiracy site made for the mouth breathers in this country that will believe anything. Really sad that anyone with a functioning brain believes this is news. Wish i could rate it 0 stars.

Ask sam about VeteransToday
1 review
1 helpful vote

Intriguing since, if true, we will soon know. Would rate 4 if actual proof or any evidence whatsoever was in article. Rate 5 if anyone interviewed with evidence.

Ask Lee about VeteransToday
1 review
1 helpful vote

Thanks Veterans Today for the accuracy of your reporting.

Ask Adam about VeteransToday
7 reviews
16 helpful votes

This is nothing but a disgusting propaganda site filled with anti-Israeli and pro Russian garbage. Pull this stinking trash pile up alongside Russia Today, notice the identical web architecture, shared stories,and articles on VT that site the crap from RT as source and take 3 guesses who really runs this site. If any actual American veteran believes anything posted in this garbage dump I would be shocked.

Ask Chandler about VeteransToday
1 review
18 helpful votes

Not a legit source of information but rather a bunch of bias conspiracy theorists spewing their hatred of America. Pretty sad that people actually believe their stories.

Ask Monica about VeteransToday
1 review
17 helpful votes

This site copies and pastes a few legitimate articles of interest to veterans or their families, in order to draw people in, and then fills the rest of the site with unfounded accusations and conspiracy theories against both the US government and its allies, and against Jews in general.

Most of the items they post have been thoroughly debunked elsewhere, but they continue to post it anyhow, which shows that their real interest is in stirring up hatred, not in spreading the truth.

Ask Miriam about VeteransToday
1 review
19 helpful votes

A website that will publish crackpot conspiracy theories straight from Iran's press tv news.

Ask Herbie about VeteransToday
1 review
12 helpful votes

i was surfing the web when i seen something about the wounded warriors project one so called retired vet claimed they were just a big money scam . all i ever seen was good what they were doing . i realy think hes just mad cause he cant get what he wants from the govt. maybe one day one of his relatives will need the w.w.p. .

Ask john about VeteransToday
1 review
16 helpful votes

"Veterans Today" is ALARMIST TRIPE. It's designed to flip the polarity on the American political establishment by exposing them as sub-human and barbaric creatures. Yet, the childish caricatures painted about the Clintons, Bushes, and other political leaders are simply unbelievable and, in the end, laughable. "Veterans Today" is alarmist cartoon journalism living in the valley of defecation.

Ask Ivan about VeteransToday
1 review
22 helpful votes

STAY AWAY from this cowardly anti-israel and anti-american website. Using the name "Veteran" in their website is an absolute shameful disgrace. If you are looking for real and relevant information...put it this way- this website is as clear as mud. Do yourself a favor and do the FACT supported research yourself. Don't buy into their mindless crap...unless you believe everything around you is a conspiracy- (and) if so, well then you, AND the veteranstoday website are in need of a serious psychological evaluation.

Ask Veteran about VeteransToday
1 review
16 helpful votes

It's good to see military Veterans covering topics like Agent Orange, Depleted Uranium and PTSD, because these are topics that they don't talk about on the TV adverts or at the recruiting agencies, and young men NEED to know about it before signing up.

Ask William about VeteransToday
1 review
25 helpful votes

Veterans today is the red pill -- it's the awful truth, for those who can handle the truth.

Ask Jeronimus about VeteransToday
1 review
18 helpful votes

veterans today tells the news that the MSM doesn't thanks for keeping us updated with TRUE information!

Ask derrick about VeteransToday
1 review
19 helpful votes

Veterans Today has the news the main stream media presstitutes don't (or won't) report.

Ask Hank about VeteransToday
1 review
15 helpful votes

Decent site for an alternative take on politics and news. Controversial at times, but certainly worth a look if someone wishes to exit the echo chamber of mainstream news reporting.

Ask Richard about VeteransToday
1 review
13 helpful votes

Very helpful and informative, Veteran's Today has news you won't hear in the mainstream media.

Ask Larry about VeteransToday
1 review
14 helpful votes

Excellent site. It helped open my eyes to the reason why America continues to go to war in the Middle East and why we give so much cash to Israel.

Ask James about VeteransToday
2 reviews
22 helpful votes

I find this site very interesting. It purports to reflect on "REAL" world events which, if truthful, would turn our normal senses upside down alright.
I think that it is one of the most hateful and provocative as well as miss-informed as well as being eager to point its sleazy finger at the chosen object of its founders dissatisfaction
In short - please delete your bookmark for it, and any references to it should be viewed as a bad reflection on the sites that carry them...

Ask Ian about VeteransToday
1 review
22 helpful votes

Deceptively named hate-site with information lifted from legitimate veterans' sites used as a smoke-screen for anti-American, anti-semitic propaganda.

Ask D about VeteransToday
12 reviews
49 helpful votes

This website is nothing but vile Nazi-style propaganda... is also so disgusting to hear so many people are being fooled by someone like Gordon Duff. This is the same manner how National Socialism was being accepted by the German people....except in this case to fool the American people you need to pretend that you are against putting Americans in "indefinite detention" and "supporting" the Constitution, meanwhile you let apologists for the dead Nazi government to write how "innocent" the Nazis were on your own website which is what Gordon Duff does by hiring the wife of holocaust denier and Nazi apologist Ernest Zundel.



Gordon Duff in his latest episode makes up a claim on how the French company Eutelsat is somehow an "Israeli company" even though it's FRENCH:

If you give five stars to this website, you're a fracking moron for believing in its lies. Seriously, how the hell could Eutelsat be Israeli? Duff likes to suggest he wants freedom of speech, but every time he gets it's only "freedom of speech" for him to blame Jews and never bother to look at the facts.

2nd Update: I am not so fond of owning guns, or being a gun owner, but with the sad pace of how National Socialism (Nazism) in this vile form is being accepted, I wouldn't blame any fellow American Jews to start arming themselves to stop this kind of madness.

An American Hitler will never rise to power, I say this and I am quite Liberal on certain social issues. But oddly enough, the camp that's tolerating this BS doesn't seem to even get it by a long shot that if you go all George McGovern or wRONg Paul, you think these folks would be just like your average types and just sit down and have a civil chat no matter who is presenting it whether it's Obama or Romney or whoever else comes around in the future.

These are people who openly want another holocaust, and they openly state it and when they're exposed for saying it, they go and deny it when it's there as plan as the sky is blue.

Screw Gordon Duff and his pals for spreading hateful conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook:

Yea for those who give this site five stars, that's what you look up to, conspiracy mongering whores. It's no different from Alex Jones and his 9/11 "Truth" Movement.

Ask Maxwell about VeteransToday
4 reviews
27 helpful votes

A lot of paranoid, conspiracy-driven garbage. Strong anti-Semitic, anti-government theme, as well. If that's your thing.

Ask David about VeteransToday
1 review
16 helpful votes

anti-zionism is much different than anti-semetic. If you don;t understand the criminal cabal that currently runs the world, you are asleep.

Ask Greyson about VeteransToday
1 review
9 helpful votes

The most serious issues, war and government malfeasance, are well covered. 4stars. The use of 'Jewish' instead of 'Zionist' is frequent and a very bad thing in most cases. Minus one star. I felt like subtracting 2 stars on this account, but bad as it is, the truth about 9/11 and ascendancy of the fascist (Patriot Act, NDAA) state are 4 star.

Ask Dale about VeteransToday
1 review
11 helpful votes

Newsfacts you don't hear in the Rupert Murdoch and Rothschild controlled media. Absolutely stunning and very happy these guys bring the real news.

Ask Richard about VeteransToday
1 review
21 helpful votes

Crap. 100% conspiracy and hate. Zero facts. These articles are a disgrace not only to veterans but to those actively serving. Like me.

Ask Steve about VeteransToday
3 reviews
15 helpful votes

I find Veterans Today to be a refreshing source of news and information. Articles are submitted by men and women of all faiths. I do not see any attacks on any man, woman, group or governments that is not deserved! The current "rulers" lack integrity and honor, VT simply exposes that, don/t shoot the messengers!

Ask A about VeteransToday
1 review
21 helpful votes

This website is an obvious fake, probably running a scam to con veterans:

Ask Nathan about VeteransToday
1 review
6 helpful votes

A post from them appeared on my Facebook.. put there by a relative. I wanted to find out if it was legit. I had a feeling it was not. I know that real Veterans do not vilify the President.

Ask Harriet about VeteransToday
1 review
17 helpful votes

If you want Veterans information, do not go near this web-site or sign-up for their daily diatribes about the pro-Islamic plight, justifying or even advocating anti-American organizations, and probably the most anti-Semitic bunch of crap you will ever read. The main culprits are Islam infatuated lead writers Gordon and Debbie who parrot information found on the most pro-Jahadist web-pages. There is nothing Veteran useful on this newsletter who ran a lead story on 9/11/10 a decade after the tragedy of the WTC "Israel and the Upcoming Nuclear War" 90% crap/speculation or fabrication, not a single note about their Islamo-fascists buddies involvement in that disaster., or very Vet useful junk like their next down story "Suspected Corpse of Imam Moussa Sadr Found (Among 3715 Others)" Very helpful news every Vet needs to know! Veterans are no longer fighting wars (except maybe to stay above poverty level or get reasonable heath care) no longer the active duty super-troops we were once were, so one more dead terrorist who they call Imam a term for a so called holy man shows what, respect for a hate-monger and possible terrorist leader. That is about as relevant to a 60+ y/o Vet as Viagra discount coupons for an Agent Orange Vet dying on a cancer ward! It would be prudent if the FBI or Dept of Homeland Security looked at their computers, records, sim-cards, their contacts and maybe found out that their contacts are some of the most wanted scum in terror networks. Their articles are translations of al-Q properganda web-sites or pro-HAMAS/PLO Al Jazerra feeds, they hang out in offices at 315 E. San Ysidro Blvd.,#300 C-304 | San Ysidro | CA | 92173, may be a great idea to put their 2 lead hug-a-Muj lovers on a no-fly/watch-list! If you want Jew-bashing this is a site for you! If you want to get useful information about post service life then get it from the American Legion, the DAV, Veterans of Foreign Wars, or any number of legitimate sources that don't fill their online daily newsletters with vilifying Israel insinuating that the world would have been a better place if Hitler had fished the job! STAY AWAY! Neo-Nazis (non-Vets) this site is for you!

Ask Maurice about VeteransToday
1 review
16 helpful votes

This website has nothing to do with its name. It is not about veterans - it is about very dirty anti-Jewish propaganda and conspiracy theories.

They do not try to argue with you - they just delete your comments leaving no trace. Their policy is to spam the web with extremely inaccurate propagandistic "news" - so that people will believe "if so many are talking about this, this is true". Vast majority of their articles do not stand against minimal criticism, and they do not really try to argue with opponents, they just spam you with more links and promote their websites.

Look who's talking.
Majority of articles in the "Israel" section are by Debbie Menon - Dubai based Palestine propagandist. Excerpt from her "about me" page (
For those of my detractors that think I'm being selective and even "one sided," tough, that is the point of my work
So this author, dominant on the VeteransToday website, does not share the values of unbiased information, on the contrary, she believes in one sidedness and manipulation.

Alan Sabrosky, a Director of the website, is an active writer for the "Intifada Palestine" website (as well as above mentioned Debbie Menon). See them here:

See what real veterans think about this website:
"... Veterans Today engages in lazy journalism, fails to verify anything, alters the timeline, and then uses that to bash Veterans Service Organizations... "
Taken from:

Bottom-line: this website is created to deliberately damage image of American Army Veterans.

Ask Denis about VeteransToday
1 review
19 helpful votes

The basic premise of Veterans Today(VT) is anti-Zionist approach that attempts to paint Israel as the leading cause of all world problems.VT borders on anti-Semitism even though the Senior Editor Gordon Duff claim Jewish ancestry.

This is little if any references to he information published but there are a great deal of innuendos,assumptions and accusations,all designed to fuel the minds of left wing conspiracy theorists.

As was already stated above if anyone dares to disagree with the established opinions,the comments are not published.Everything has to be pointing into a direction set by the editorial staff.In a private disagreement with Mr. Duff,he stated that it was nothing but the freedom of the press to disregard certain ideas that fail to meet their agenda.

Mr. Duff even went so far as to insinuate that he would have the survivors of the USS Liberty take care of me.If one will notice Mr. Duff states that he is a 100% disabled vet and has PTSD yet he claims to be a constant world wide traveler meeting with the highest circles of intelligence and political figures.He claims to work closely with the US government and US business interests but what entity would place faith and trust in a mental patient.PTSD is a psychological disorder and I don't mean to belittle any person who legitimately suffers from that disorder.

Many of the commentors are regulars that have learned a few key words of hate and mal content and attempt to paint negative images f almost anybody.Why I have been listed as a crook and nobody knows me other than disagreeing with the fruit basket cases.If what yuo are looking for it hate,discontent,lies,half truths amd black propaganda,then VT is for you.To each their own.

Ask Lawrence about VeteransToday
1 review
17 helpful votes

Veteranstoday reflects the opinions of proislamic militant authors. All efforts to refute a point or contradict a falsehood is eliminated from publication. The views of radical Pakistani writers are reflected, not American Vets. The information published is hearsay and not substantiated with objective data. It is a very low form of journalism especially because it pretends to be a fact based journal when, in truth, it is someone's biased opinion. Poorly written, vague and libelous journalism is what Veteranstoday is all about.

Ask richard about VeteransToday
1 review
18 helpful votes

This is a website that CLAIMS to be in existence for veterans to find information, network with other vets on issues that affect veterans from claims problems with the VA to what the present administration is doing for veterans. What it is in reality is a politically-based forum that ex-marine bozos and ex-civil servant yes-men use to disseminate their views and rhetoric ranging from Bush-bashing to Obama-worship. There is very little on the site that covers veterans affairs or issues. If you disagree with any of the contributors on the site and offer facts that are ill-refutable to what the writer has published, you are accused of personally attacking said writer and threatened with having your IP banned. You are also maligned for using a moniker on the site for your posts and called a juvenile for not using your given name. Someone out there needs to ban this website.

Ask patricia about VeteransToday

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