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New Reviewer

When first noticing Vegas World, it was a link from the Publishers Clearing House Online site. What I saw there upon first glance seemed perfectly like an ordinary game... much better now that I joined.

New Reviewer

While offering a large number of casino games on its site that mirror something of a real-world casino environment, looks like a money-making scam.

Let's just say that if you're not a subscriber, you may start to win too much and the system will correct itself. With Blackjack, for example, the dealer will begin getting "21" with remarkable regularity and your pile of dough will diminish to zero even with the best real-world strategy. It's programmed to drain your money.

Next, there are "offers' that you can spend hours completing for "gems," many of which do not function. They simply force you to watch a video or fill out a survey which, under many circumstances, never pays anything toward your pot.

Basically, the system seems programmed to consistently cause you to lose your virtual money and then replenish by clicking ad opportunities for VegasWorld's financial benefit or otherwise pay them the subscription cost.

Trying to get ahead otherwise? Not very likely. I suppose it reflects a real world casino in the sense that the odds are almost always in the favor of the house.