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U.S. Medical Supplies reviews

90 reviews
3901A Commerce Park Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27610, United States
Tel: (800) 922-3659

90 Reviews From Our Community

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Justin in Customer Service was extremely helpful when I ordered the product as well as following through with shipping. (in 12 reviews)


Now we tried several sites selling Rubex chair lifts. (in 54 reviews)


My husband was having mobility problems, and I purchased a scooter from (in 12 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I am power wheelchair bound and I can only travel to a store on the Paratransit bus that has a wheelchair lift. The bus limits the amount of packages that I can carry. I needed a large backpack to carry large amounts of groceries. I ordered the Monster Bag. I received it quickly. The size is ample and it is made of very durable material. The straps have a anti slip piece on each to keep it from slipping. My only suggestion is that it have a mesh sleeve that slips over the back of seat and is secured with headrest grommets like a smaller bag I have.

New Reviewer

My husband was having mobility problems, and I purchased a scooter from It arrived within days of the promised delivery date, and the rep that I spoke with was very knowledgable and helpful. One week later my husband had a stroke and the scooter has been a god send. He is able to be independent, and the ease of transporting it is fantastic. I would recommend this scooter to anyone.

New Reviewer

If you're ready to buy, USMEDICALSUPPLIES makes it easy. I was hesitant to make large purchases not having dealt with the company, and felt rushed, so I waited a few days to think it over and compare prices. When I realized they were going to price-match a Pride scooter plus include free shipping, I pulled the trigger. At that point I felt like I was very well taken care of. The salesman really did keep in touch through emails and phone calls, and the order arrived quickly in perfect condition. As a result, I ordered a lift chair from them and received it today (well before I expected it). It also arrived in perfect condition.

New Reviewer

Thank you for your product. the wife and I just came back from a cruise and it took all I had to keep up with her, the last time we went I had to push her in a wheelchair, and she did not enjoy the cruise as much as the last time. Thank you kindly for all you have done for us .

New Reviewer

I purchased the AmeriGlide Premium Bath Lift for my 91 year old mother. She had been using a bath stool in her tub and wanted to be able to take a full bath. I also purchased the swivel chair glide for her so she wouldn't have to step over the tub. The bath lift arrived just a few days after I ordered it. I put it together myself in about 20 minutes and it was extremely easy to do. My Mother has a standard size tub with very little texture on the bottom, and the bath lift fit right in and the suction cups worked well. My Mother loves the bath lift and says she can finally enjoy a bath again. Because of the height of the lift the water does not cover her up, but it goes to about waist high and she is happy with that. I recommend the swivel seat for all users who are unsteady as it makes getting in and out much easier. The battery connection is oval shaped to make it easier to plug in, but my Mother seems to have trouble doing this, so I have been charging it for her once a week and this seems to work just fine. Justin in Customer Service was extremely helpful when I ordered the product as well as following through with shipping. So far, this has been a great product and I was impressed with the company. I would highly recommend this product.

New Reviewer

A good chair. Great for people who have a problem getting out of a chair.
Fast delivery. Good service.

New Reviewer

The web site includes a good "product comparison" page for stair lifts. This provides a lot of information about the different models and features of the company's stair lifts, so the buyer can narrow the options to be considered. For do-it-yourself folks, there are extremely helpful videos showing how to install a stair lift. Phone support for questions and purchase was very good -- you get connected to a human being right away. Email exchanges about questions were answered promptly by the person to whom I spoke on the phone (thanks, Roger Adams!). The stair lift that I purchased (the basic Ameriglide model, used) arrived sooner than I had expected. Installation was straightforward -- thanks to the videos mentioned above. And, most importantly, it works very well after a month of daily testing of the stair lift -- I see no reason why it should not continue to work well for a long time.

Summary: a positive experience from web site to customer service to installation to use (for the first month).

New Reviewer

Whole experience was great!
Made contact by phone and Dylan could not have been more helpful.
Chair arrived ahead of expectation and in perfect shape. Color and fabric were both right on. Few extra dollars for the massage and heat elements were well worth it.
Assembly was a snap.
From there on it was ease back and relax.

New Reviewer

This is a fine company that has a variety of products that are easy to find on their website. I have purchased many times and have always been impressed with quality of product and ease of ordering. I recommend them without question

New Reviewer

My 89 year old mother needed a chair to sleep in as the result of back issues and we needed something quickly. We found and liked the lift recliner chairs from US Medical because my mom is short and some of the recliners are specifically made for short people, unlike most of the other chairs available online. When I called, Brian Bradshaw talked to me about the product, gave me some advice about the types of fabrics available and sent swatches out to me right away. We received the chair in a reasonable amount of time and my mom has been very pleased with it.

New Reviewer

I received the stair lift chair within a week of my order. My son and I did the install in about 4 hours due to the instruction gave us a step by step procedure to follow. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a stair lift and US medical for the super service.

New Reviewer

340 Golden scooter was ordered and promptly delivered-within a week of ordering (amazing!). Scooter was very well packaged, however, shipping invoice from US MED stated 'Residential Inside Delivery' and was delivered via semi truck on the street in front of the house. The driver was very helpful and with the added help from a neighbor, the driver and neighbor transferred the load to the neighbor's pickup and then to the roofed patio. The driver was very nice to offer the extra help and explaining his shipping docs didn't show the same explanation of delivery.
Upon unpacking, it was noticed the rubber bumper material on the lower outside perimeter had begun to fall off. The batteries didn't charge as they were supposed too. We called US MED and was given a phone number to Golden Tech. Golden Tech scheduled a Technician which promptly came to the house, replaced the bumper and one of the batteries which he said was faulty (at no cost to me!). Very good, friendly service!
Scooter looks Great and Runs even better!

New Reviewer

Brian Bradshaw at US Medical Supplies was fantastic - they had the product I was seeking at the best price and he provided phenomenal service, even calling me back on his day off.

New Reviewer

I was completely stressed out with my dear mother going in and out of the hospital. She needed a lift chair and USMedical supplies was recommended to me. As my good fortune would have it, Chris Johson answered the phone and helped me select a chair perfect for my petite mother's needs. It could not have been easier and the entire process was glitch free.

New Reviewer

My experience purchasing and installing a US Medical Supplies outdoor stair lift was excellent. My Sales Rep (Brian Bradshaw) was exceptional. His product knowledge and recommendations were spot on. He explained the measuring guidelines that I would follow to ensure that my stair lift would be manufactured to the correct size. Brian was always available for follow up questions, e.g. how many boxes would the stairlift be shipped in and how much would each weigh...this I needed to know as I planned to install the stairlift myself.
Stairlift was delivered earlier than the promised delivery date.
I installed the stairlift myself which was relatively easy to do with the instructions provided. I did call tech support with informational questions and they too were most knowledgeable and also willing to chat about their own stair lift installation experiences.
Bottom line: Excellent product. Excellent employees. We didn't spend a lot of time doing price comparisions but feel we got excellent value for the price.

New Reviewer

I have a stree fracture of my heel so I looked on the Internet for the cheapest mobility scooter, as I must be off my left foot for 10 weeks. I founf US Medical's Traveller scooter (aka GO Go ES) was the cheapest I could find at $550 delivered to NY. Well it is fantastic! I use it all day long in my office, then I pack it up into 5 pieces and it fots into my VW trunk and I walk my dog in the park whiule I ride my scooter! Best purchase I have made on the Internet in 10 years!

Bill Leininger

New Reviewer

Let me start by stating the lift chair i purchased for my mother (82 yrs young) is perfect for her needs. Now, initially I assumed I paid for setup with the delivery, however I had not. I contacted customer services thinking this was going to be a bad experience, however to my surprise, the rep I spoke with, WITHOUT hesitation assisted me in putting the chair together, which wasn't difficult at all. I would definitely make additional purchases and recommend US Medical Supplies!! It was a pleasure working with them... KUDOS :-)

New Reviewer

Bought this for my husband, 65 years old-300 lbs with multiple medical issues (spinal stenosis, neuropathy and charcot). Intention was to provide better mobility but be able to have smaller pieces that either of us would be able to lift. We researched and bought the Pride Go Go Travel Scooter HD because of weight limit of 325 lbs and heaviest piece 35 lbs. US Medical shipped immediately and we had within 4 days. I assembled in under an hour. This little scooter is terrific. Takes the handicapped accessible curbs without any problem. It's 4 wheel but turns very easily, is very stable and is just exactly what we needed. Price with coupon was $250 less than all other prices. What more could you ask! We're very happy with product and vendor. Now we can walk both dogs at the same time!

New Reviewer

Fantastic in every way......
Purchased for my 90 yr old father who suffers from chronic Sciatica in both legs and hips.
I went to a well known medical supply store in Fort Myers and although they were great talkers. The price was higher than any other place I contacted by phone for the same lift chair. And they wanted a delivery charge of $60.00 to the curb.!
Us medical was great !!, over $150 dollars less than anyone else, delivered in less than three days from my order date and more.......Free delivery!
The delivery guy could not bring into the apt, as agreed, but did bring it to the 2nd floor apt and un-crated it for me. I offered him a tip for the great delivery and help, but he wouldn't take it. He wouldn't even give me his name or anything so I could send something to him by mail.
Loving your job, your neighbors, and giving 110% is something forgotten in today's "Overcame" world.
I would highly recommend and their trusted delivery services.

New Reviewer

The Pride lift chair arrived in a timely manner and lived up to expectations. Custom fabric order only took 2 weeks from order placement to delivery. Pretty good. Beware the delivery seem to be "at the curb" only and it's up to you to get the chair inside.

The "personalized service" you supposedly get by ordering via phone versus online is a joke. My order was incorrectly entered. The salesman never responded to my calls to get the order corrected. I finally talked to a different person to get the order corrected. Save yourself the 3% and order online. Don't fall for the "personalized service" lie.

New Reviewer

My Pride Lift Chair GL-358 XL has been a blessing. Now I can get up when I want to. I feel like a butterfly that has been released. All you have to do is push the button. Now I can be free.

New Reviewer

I got on the website (also known as golden life, golden enterprise and several other name. I found what I thouht would be a great adjustable bed for my husband who has recently had severe neck surgery and needed to have an adjustable bed to come home from the rehab center to. The pictures of the bed on their internet site looked great and I understood that was what I was buying. I called and discussed the product and was assured it was what was pictured. I bought it. When it arrived it was nothing more than an inferior quality hospital bed. I wanted a bed that was a piece of furniture and would last for a long time. When I called to complain was informed that the "salesman" I delt with was no longer with the company and was given another salesman to talk with. I informed him that I wanted the bed removed immediately. They then told me that I would be charged $500 for the original delivery (was delivered and set up for free), $500 for removal and 15% restocking fee, and o yes, because the mattress had been removed from the plastic it was not returnable, but was included in the15% restocking fee. Total to return, over $1300. I told them I still wanted it out immediately. Arrangements were arranged and they sent a truck with one person to remove the frame. (Weighs approximately 300 or more pounds). The trucker called a friend who was approximately 50 miles away and we waited for him to arrive at which time they removed the frame. I have placed a number of calls to them and sent a number of e-mails to them but have received no answer from them (except for an e-mail to write this review for all to read.) I am sure they will delete it as soon as it arrives. Calls just go to voice mail with n return call. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and my credit card company to try to recover some of the money it has cost me for this inferior product. I would not recommend them to anyone. Poor quality product, poor service and no pride in customer service.

New Reviewer

I would recommed this website to anyone who needs help finding medical supplies for themselves or their loved ones. They have a great customer service team that is ready and willing to help you with any questions you have. The team is knowledgable about the products on the website, they are friendly, patient and extremly helpful. I had a representative named Vic, he was wonderful. I wasn't sure what to order based on the information on the website, so he walked me through it and helped me place the order, then he followed up with me to make sure I received the product and it was what I was looking for and the quality I was looking for as well. In this industry, it is hard to find people who genually care about their customers, but this company does. I would recommend this website, this company to anyone!!

New Reviewer

Vic the salesman was great!!!!!!!!!!! The toilet seat lift works great and is a big help to Kenneths mother. If you or someone you know has trouble do not hesitate to try one. Easy to use and install. Thank you very much! KB from Texas

New Reviewer

All items arrived in a timely manner and in excellent manner. The lift chair is lovely and works smoothly and quietly. The task table works very well with it. We are very happy!

New Reviewer

I have used my tub chair lift several times already. I love it! I have taken off the revolving seat (not because I don't like it, but) because without it I can get farther down in the water. I am happy I can take soaking baths again. I wish my tub were deeper, but I am still happy with what I have. It does help my aching legs.

New Reviewer

I am thorougly satisfied with this entire transaction. Tres did not pressure me one bit, though I told him he would have to wait for 10 days before I could make the purchase. He even gave me a deal on the basket! Also he shipped to my mothers local Med supply store, as I am not in my mothers city and could not assemble the bike for her. He even followed up with the shop to make sure it arrived safely! Great Service, something you dont see much of in this country. These guys do it right, the first time.

New Reviewer

I ordered my stairlift on January 19, was told it would ship in 4 days. Two weeks later after not recieving a stair lift or a phone call I called USMedical Supplies. I was told they were waiting for the cardboard to ship it and it would ship in a day or two. Second week of February I called to find out where my stair lift is, I was told they were waiting for parts! Meanwhile, my 85 year old mother is sleeping on the couch, can't climb stairs to her bed. Payment for my stairlift has been taken.

New Reviewer

got a 500 lb lift chair i am a large guy and hurt my leg i bought this chair it looked good compared to all others i saw on web it was diverled about two weeks i got heat and message was small but very comfertable and strong one day after i bought it stoped working they got some one out in about a week its woring good again ive had it about one week so far its ok

New Reviewer

I am still amazed at how terrific an experience we had with US Medical Supplies. Bob Mannino, our sales representative, could not have been kinder or more accommodating. It felt like our family spent months debating the need for a lift chair and now we regret that we didn't get this wonderful product sooner. The delivery process evolved exactly as Bob had explained and, before we knew it, the chair was delivered, installed, and a lovely asset to the living room. Another great asset is the motorized lift is almost silent! Thank you Bob for not only making this process easy, but providing us with the exact information in the exact format we needed. Would recommend this site and product wholeheartedly!

New Reviewer

I recently purchased a Golden Technology 505M "Lift" Chair. It does everything they advertised well but it tilts instead of lift. I have elevated it on 2x4's but I still need 2 strong people to help me rise when the chair is "Lifted" to it's maximum. If there is some way to trade a degree of tilt for an inch of Lift I'll buy 3 degrees!
Otherwise its fine.

New Reviewer

the chair arrived damaged an inoperative. after 3 weeks replacement are about to arrive. customer service hung up on me once. never again

New Reviewer

This company redefines good customer service. We are totally satisfied with every aspect from the very first phone call, to ordering, to shipping, to tech support. Your team makes it effortless. Even the used system is like brand new, that is delivering above and beyond what you promised.

Tres, thank you for all your help.

The Karim family.
University Place, WA.

New Reviewer

The website gave me the information to call the toll free number and get the questions I had answered. Once the questions were answered I ordered the bath chair for my wife who has had both knees replaced. The chair worked as promised and is great since now she can take a bath which greatly helps to relax her new knees.

New Reviewer

The sales person was very helpful and the chair arrived as promised with no issues. This is the second char that I have bought for my mother in two different locations. She enjoys both of them very much and I would recommend US Medical supplies to anyone who need a chair for their loved one.

New Reviewer

All the other lifts on the market were over a thousand dollars more then the Ameri Glide. I received superior support in ordering my lift and received it in perfect order about four days after ordering it.
From the time i opened the boxes to the time i was riding it was about three hours, and most of that time was going over the instruction booklet, which was quite simple,
It worked perfect from the very first time i tried it to the present.
I would recommend it to anyone..

New Reviewer

I have Vertigo, even at that it took me say 3 hours to assemble the kit, no problem.
My recycle trash can is overflowing for a few weeks however, ha ha. There are no instructions on how to install the must have optional flag. There is small plug in a tube right next to the saftey tip over wheels on the back. It takes a alen wrench to install it. The metal bracket is not used. Maybe it would be used it the flag were used on a bicycle? In haste I purchased a seat belt at $31. You don't want it.
If it is going to tip over, I want to stand up and stop it. You can also stand up and lift the front over "lips" in the surface, if you do have a running start at them.
I wish the GO GO Ultra X has some springs, or rubber tires. But, the kids in the neighborhood like it the way it is!!! I should have thought about buying one of these units years ago. Finding someone to drive you around is a real pain.

New Reviewer

Chair is everything the manufacturer said it is! We like it because it is made right hear at home in the USA.It performs well and is comfortable for my wife, for whom it was purchased. It cost a little more than we were going to spend, but after receiving it we are satisfied with the quality and usefulness and comfort.

New Reviewer

the product was excellent. the service through the webset was the best i've seen. the only problem was getting the schedule dept. responding. however, my salesperson followed through and got the ball going. the installer was polite and installed the product in timely and expert manner. Dave Gibson was an expret salesman. my overall experience was more than i expected.

New Reviewer

The chair works great, however, the delivery process is functional. Please keep in mind that your sending these chairs LTL by a over the road common carrier thus when the chair arrives on schedule (another issue) there needs to be two people available to unpackage and set up the new chair as well as accomodations for the removal of a existing piece of furniture. The actual set up was simple,

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