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54 reviews
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2520 SW 22nd Street, Suite 2-077
Miami, FL 33145

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Services & Features Our Site US Government Site," clearly indicating to the viewer that it is not a US Gov site. (in 9 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Please register complaints with the Federal Trade Commission. It's the only way to stop these scammers from selling you a form that is free from the USCIS website.
Do not fall for this scam. It's terribly crushing to realize you just paid hundreds for a form that's available for free at

Tip for consumers: File a claim with the Federal Trade Commission.

Ask Maria about US-Immigration
New Reviewer

I called them, first was a girl, she talk like she knew everything, I told her I need a refund, since my web browser froze while I click on print, so when I got a computer restart, I try to do again, and I ain't paying another $159 for the I-751 form to do again. The girl were rude talk none stop, and said its none refundable, then I called back 10 mins, and spoke to a guy, told him the same thing, he said he will offer me 50% refund, I told him I try to log back in, and I click on "forgetten password" I didn't get my new password in my email, I waited for 40 mins, while I was waiting I went straight to USCIS.GOV and print out the form and finish it myself, then I called the guy I no longer need the form, I told him I didn't even get anything from him, he said he offer 50%, its didn't make any sense, they are a real scum bag, they will fight for anything just to keep the money, so I told him "YOU KNOW WHAT, I WILL JUST CALL MY CREDIT CARD AND DEAL WITH IT for a FULL REFUND" . THE worst part, they have a copy of our social security number and all important information, its not about the $159, ITS ABOUT the 3rd PARTY get a copy of your confidential information. THIS IS ILLEGAL, THEY NOT ONLY HELP YOU, but THEY STEAL YOUR CONFIDENTAL INFORMATION. THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO SEE THOSE INFORMATION. IF THEY GO THIS FAR TO CHEAT ON YOU, I WOULDN"T BE SURPRISE IF THE NEW CREDIT CARD WILL BE CHARGE UNDER YOUR NAME, and YOUR TAX REFUNDED SOMEWHERE ELSE

Tip for consumers: I called them, first was a girl, she talk like she knew everything, I told her I need a refund, since my web browser froze while I click on print, so when I got a computer restart, I try to do again, and I ain't paying another $159 for the I-751 form to do again. The girl were rude talk none stop, and said its none refundable, then I called back 10 mins, and spoke to a guy, told him the same thing, he said he will offer me 50% refund, I told him I try to log back in, and I click on "forgetten p

Ask Joe about US-Immigration
New Reviewer

They state that they are only providing a service. Charged $149 for a service that I could have done it myself. My application is now delayed!! Do not use. They will not refund money because they state they have a disclosure on the website.

Ask May about US-Immigration
New Reviewer

This site is a total SCAM. It looks like an official government site, but it is not. It charged immensely amount of money for the service that they did not provide. You can go directly through the official government website, and easily do it yourself.

I googled for greencard renewal, and this website appear as the first on the list, and I clicked the direct link for greencard renewal. It appeared to look like a government website. It asked to register and pay for $159.00. And it went through the same form, and submit. But other than that it did not provide you with any service. It is just a rip-off of your hard-earning money.

So, I googled around, and find this SiteJabber and BBB. It appears that this has a lot of complaints and a lawsuit in Florida. It is not BBB-proved company.

I called the 1-800 number and talked tot the rep and her supervisor. I got $100.00 refund. But still I am working through it and I want my full refund.

It is a total SCAM

Tip for consumers: Called their 1800 number and demand your money back. Also submit complains to BBB and this website. Call your credit card company to put a stop on the payment also.

Ask Pipine about US-Immigration
New Reviewer

this is A SCAM site , Not Official us immigration site . Charge your over $250 for forms you can get it free from official US immigration site.

New Reviewer

Same scam site. Somehow landed on this page while searching for H1B related stuff. They called and asked us to pay 119$ for submitting the form I was looking for. Some instinct told me not to trust them. And I said I will do it later and hung up the phone.
Purposely searched for the scam and got site jabber reviews.
Google should stop showing this site for search related to uscis.. There by innocent people could be saved.

New Reviewer

This site is a scam, paid $199 for free government forms. they only refunded $100 after we found out. I should have done more research before doing any transaction.
Beware of this site!

Tip for consumers: Always look for the government official site because these thieving sites are so tricky.

Ask Bien about US-Immigration
New Reviewer

Watch out, people, this is NOT an official site!
DO NOT provide your personal or credit card info.
This site would charge you a USD219 so-called "Preparation Fee" for some free service that can be easily found on a REAL official site.
Talk about new low in morality, US-immigration staff, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope you sleep well at night...NOT.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE

Ask Sandra about US-Immigration
New Reviewer

Just like others here I did a google search on green card renewal and landed on their site. The landing page says nothing about them being a third party site that is apparent enough about taking $159 of your money for something you can do for free of service on the government site. After I paid the $159 and reviewed my form I was prompted to e-file and when I pressed e-file it asked to pay the full amount of the original application and biometric fee. Once I reached this page I called them right away and their line kept saying goodbye. The next day I called and spoke with one of their rep. and she accused me that because I had already press "PRINT", they can only do a courtesy refund of $100. My intention was to e-file so to accuse me of desperately printing something I'm going to e-file was pretty low. So they’re trying to keep $59 of my money for something I refuse to use after realizing it’s a scam. Well there's nothing I can do or say once I gave them my money even though that fund was intended to pay for the actual application package. As a consumer, you should have the right to a full refund especially within the 24 hours after you realized you've been scammed. This back alley business is the most unethical, immoral, and illegal thing I have ever come across, this site should definitely be taken down by those who have the capability and those who still believes in justice. Go to and stay as far away from this site as possible. Also, be sure to dispute this directly with your Credit Card or PayPal and tell them it is illegal, it's near pointless to deal with them directly as their only mission is to keep your money and make you feel like an idiot for falling for it in the first place.

As stated by the government here

"Many people offer help with immigration services. Unfortunately, not all are authorized to do so. While many of these unauthorized practitioners mean well, all too many of them are out to rip you off. This is against the law and may be considered an immigration services scam."

Repeat: This is against the law and may be considered an immigration services scam.

Depending on weather they will issue me a full refund or not I will consider reporting them here:

Heck, I might also have all the time in the world to put the words out on all the social media including putting up a dedicated blog just for them. Is it worth my $159?

Hey! If you are reading this, would you happen to be related to or used to be any of these sites that were shut down by the government: and The sites directed consumers to call a toll-free number that an automated voice answered, “Immigration Center.” ( Either way, unless you are authorized, you are still illegal nevertheless. Just refund me my money back, the PayPal one, happened on October 2nd if that helps.

Tip for consumers: Be sure to dispute this directly with your Credit Card or PayPal as they will at the very minimum try to keep all of your money if not some like they have intended with me. Updated: apparently PayPal did nothing about this issue. I will be closing my account with them after 9 years of being with them.

Ask Pru about US-Immigration
New Reviewer

Thank you to everyone who posted their reviews. I am expecting a call from them at 2 pm and thankfully i found this site. something just felt fishy the way they called me the instant I closed out of their site with my application half-finished. I have been through the process i was looking for before and this just didn't feel right. so thank you to everyone for saving me over $700 in "application" and "processing fees"

New Reviewer

they charge you upfront and make it feel like the real deal ,some sleazeball brat must have designed the website to take your money by tricking you.reminds me of days when walking down a street with hustlers ,after leaving find out that your $100 bill in your pocket is missing or your watch is gone ..thats how it feels after they tell you to go to the next realize huh i have been duped.

lol pdfs and forms working perfectly on this site better than any government site including obama care..someone with money created this site

sure its ok to make money but cheating people like that pa! and why is it cheating ?,well they dont make it real clear that this is not a government website ,they tried very hard to do the opposite ..popups should come up saying that you are paying for a service not the government but that is only on the front page ,they know most people are just looking for the forms ,and bingo they have one fell in the trap.

it may be useful to someone who cannot comprehend basic sentences but for most its a rip off service.
there are many operators talking when you call ,sounded like a real sweet shop..lady sounded nice enough though ,i wondered how she will feel later down the line about it all.whether you can get a refund is debatable and probably unlikely if your payment has gone can always call your cc company,you may get lucky

a lot of people are just trying to get by and cant afford the fees from the Government never mind these people who want to take a good chunk also

I put the Blame on GOOGLE first. GOOGLE IS RESPONSIBLE for having this site come up first ..they are paying GOOGLE in some form to come up top with all the keywords connected to this site.Its hard to get on the front page never mind at the top.

GOOGLE should do something about this scam ,how can you ever trust GOOGLE,they truly don't care about us.

New Reviewer

This site is trying to cheat people by giving impression that it is an official US Government site by using US official emblems and US flag colors. I was completely in the impression that it is a real USCIS government site and started filing my application. I made my payments in the impression that I am making payment towards application fees but I have realized in the last minute after pressing the print button and after seeing the amount of fee still I need to pay with my application. This is a fraudulent site and don’t use this site for your immigration needs. I will file a legal suite against this site because it is cheating people. Further as one of my friend already said it is a big shame on Google to list this site on top of its search results when search with the words US immigration. I will make my best efforts to bring this site’s fraud to the notice of American Government. I won’t let this site cheating people by creating fraudulent impressions. Because of these type of fraudulent sites people will stop believing online facilities that are available to us which came to our use by the efforts thousands of intellectuals by putting their whole and sole efforts. Please do not use this site at all. I will not let this site cheating people.

Tip for consumers: A sincere believer of online facilities

Ask Danny about US-Immigration
New Reviewer

Very unethical business! Obviously this website tries to make people think they ARE the official government website. Very similar look to the real government website. My wife almost got cheated and filled some personal information (name/phone/email) and lucky she figured out and stopped there. But the website called her back right away and trying to push for sales. Very bad business practice and to me, it is scam and should be shut down. And shame on Google to list it as the top of search results. Is US Internet now the same as China where you can just pay and have your fishing website to be shown first???!!!

New Reviewer

I was offer a refund for half the amount they charge me, which was 199.00. I did hit the print button but later on realize that my form was not even complete. I am planning to dispute it with my credit card company. Anybody did the same? Would the cc company be on my side?

New Reviewer

Do not use this freaking cheating business they charge you for something you did not use for a free form, they said they will reimburse my money in 3 business day but I also made a claim with my bank.

New Reviewer

Same issue here ! Thought is was a gov. Web site, paid the fee thinking it was a portion of the renewal fees. Boy was I wrong. I am so mad at myself ! When I called them, they said that they could only refund me half of the cost because i had already printed the copies out ! Those same forms, which you can also fill out online are free on the government immigration website. On top of that I didn't feel as they could answer some of my questions clearly. I called the government. Custumer service today and got all the answers I needed. If you are reading this before paying them, count yourself lucky ! They are scum bags.

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE THIS SITE. Use the actual .gov site so they don't charge you a $159 fee for absolutely no reason.

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE!!! US immigration service!!!they charge for a free form you can get from USCIS.GOV. I realized this after printing the first from which they charged $219!!! I thought it was the government processing fee and when I read the additional instructions I realized it was their fee for a free form you could get from This site looks like a government site but is not. I called right away and ask for a refund. They did refund one of the two forms I have filled- Not for the one I had already printed.

New Reviewer

Unlike the other reviewers, I never even came across their website. THEY came to ME. They, for whatever reason, was able to see that I had applied for a citizenship certificate replacement, and called me on my cell. Some Indian lady named "Alice" asked me if my application was completed. I told her yes. She then immediately tried to end the call and have me a phone number to which I was suppose to call for other questions. at this point I was getting suspicious so I bombarded her with a bunch of questions like "wait, how come you don't know my case number?", "why can't you see on your computer whether I've completed my application or not?", etc, and finally got her to admit that she was not actually from the USCIS, but rather an "independent online business." Before I dismissed her, I asked her for her website's URL. After I hung up, I did a google search and found all these scam reports. My guess is that she obtained my info, knew that the replacement process was lengthy (approx. 6 months), and wanted to take advantage by telling me that I would need another application to receive my document, upon which of course, she would then ask me for hundreds of dollars. I'm just glad that it was me who answered the phone. These people should be ashamed for making such a dishonest living, praying on the uninformed immigrants.

Never make a decision on the spot! Ask for a call back number, hang up, and do our research!

New Reviewer

SCAM!!! They look official, but ARE NOT!! I paid the $299 for processing of green card application. apparently it was merely for the documents, which I could have printed off off a .gov site. I googled US Immigration and this site came up first. I am so dissapointed to have to carry the additional cost for an already costly process. Now I'm scared they have ALL my personal information... very uncomfortable.

New Reviewer

I got scammed last week I paid with PayPal and they are holding payment back until I sort it out with the site, I have sent us-immigration a copy of the arrests in UK this week about fake gov sites, hope they don't sue me for this. They have stopped replying to my emails now. I'll leave updates when I get some news.

New Reviewer

This site is not a scam, but it is DEFINATLEY a waste of money. If you take the time to read all the fine print the site tells you exactly what it is, however. Do NOT use it, you can get everything for FREE at You can even get the guides that they provide also, not the same guides, but they do have something similar on their site, for free. The only thing this site provides as a service is just the guides and provide you with the forms that you will need to fill out when applying for what ever it is your applying for. Do your self a favor and stay the !8($ away!

New Reviewer

Was on the Chrome browser, advised to use Internet Explorer on US gov web site. Switched to IE and IE search gave me this us-immigration.c.. web site and so I paid fee $159 and filed application, At the end came US.GOV fee of $450. Not until then did REALIZE THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL WEB SITE. I called immidiately their 800 number and they said would cancel order. HAVE YET TO RECEIVE BOTH ORDER CONFIRMATION AND CANCELLATION in email

New Reviewer

Hi, after filling up my immigration application and paid $219 I realized that they are not an official us immigration website as their name and all photos on their website suggests.
I thought I was filling an electronic application. Then I realized that I paid $219 basically to fill up a questionnaire, not more. This questionnaire won't be electronically transmitted to any official administration as I thought it would.
We called them right away to get a refund but our claim was dismissed by the associate we talked to.

New Reviewer

This website is a scam! When I typed "renew green card" it came out first, even before I did not think much, and paid 2x$159 for two green card renew, and have to re-apply on which charged $450 for each.
I learned that if you are suppose to renew "green card" or "driver license", stay away from website with .com, should be .gov.
This website is illegal, how to stop these rats to continue cheating?

New Reviewer

they called after i exited the registration page. they had all my info even thought i hadnt clicked submit. i realized i wasnt on a .gov page and stopped before it was too late luckily.. dont pay

New Reviewer

New Reviewer

Right after I registered some guy with an Indian accent called me asking for $ straight up. From the get go, I was suspicious. I told him to call me back in an hour. Luckily I never paid him. Then I get a follow up email immediately from us-immigration.COM. The ".com" should be a red flag to everyone since government sites are all ".gov". Nice try you sons of b*tches

New Reviewer

My experience has been very similar to most of the people on this forum. I have been filing my immigration form for years now and have never had a problem. Now that I had to renew my EAD, I searched in google rather than typing in, I got directed to this site which is intentionally made to look like an official government site. Nowhere on this site does it state that they would be ‘filing the papers on your behalf’ or ‘this is only a helpful widget for you to file papers’. Both of these are responses I received from a phone representative of American Immigration Service or Upon calling, I was able to get a 50% refund on a $159 service charge but I’d like to point out that this is a real scam. If I were to file my application on, it takes 4 clicks instead of 3 (on this site). I’m not sure what exactly these guys do (other than scamming people) to make the process of filing easier? I was charged an up font fee of $159 with a label of I-765 filing fee which gives a direct implication that I’ll be paying for filing the application. After completing the application I was charged an additional fee of $380 which goes to USCIS. As if there aren’t enough corrupt and conniving immigration lawyers out there, they’ve created these ‘widgets’ to squeeze us even more.
I’ll be reporting them to Better Business Bureau to hopefully reduce the number of people who’d fall for this scam.

New Reviewer

First of all, like everyone else I was scammed into paying for the citizenship form when I could have gotten it for free. I agree that this company takes advantage of immigrants by charging for the downloading and filing of immigration forms that can be downloaded and filed for free directly through the US Citizenship and Immigration Services government website, and that the government should shut them down! However, my personal experience was we bought the $199 form and filled it out. We had questions so we hired a lawyer only to find out the form we bought was outdated. When I called the company, they said that when I printed the form, it was correct and I should have mailed it the day I printed it which is very unrealistic. I, nor I expect anyone else, was ever notified that the form was updated so I could log-in and re-do/re-print it. The company told me that the government will still accept forms from 2010 but that's not the point. The new form specifically states that if you did not apply for the SS, you need a letter from them which the old form does not. Had we submitted without the letter, it could have help up our immigration for months...or worse, we could have been denied! Not to mention, I'm not paying $200 for an outdated form regardless of what the government will accept it. Citizenship is nothing to be taken lightly. I was granted a "courtesy $99 refund" which I am still not happy with. We have since hired a lawyer. This site is a stupid scam. DON'T USE IT!

New Reviewer

My wife got trapped thinking it was a Gov. web site. I stopped her before she finished the form. They asked for the credit card up front and the card had already been charged. Their phone has a false Que. You wait ten minutes and the line is dropped.
They do not respond to e-mails. My only chance is with the bank. I can't believe they have been doing this for so long and are still getting away with it. Any positive review had to come from the scamers.

New Reviewer

Judging by my experience it is not a scam. In addition to the .com at the end of the address, the site provides a table indicating the advantages of filing using its service vs. filing using the .gov site. The title of the table reads: "Advantages of Preparing Your Application With Us
Services & Features Our Site US Government Site," clearly indicating to the viewer that it is not a US Gov site. In my case the site stood by its claims - "Email Support," "Easily Speak with a Live Person," and so on. The $450 charge and the filled application were passed correctly to the appropriate government agencies. I have received the Notice of Action form from Homeland Security and am waiting for the appointment. The only small problem I can see, is that the comparing-table is given only on the Home page of the site. If one gets to a more specific page immediately or first, he or she will not see the table. In such a case the .com remains the only clue that the site is not a US Government one.

New Reviewer

Looks like an official gov't website, but I knew it was not because it is .com not .gov. But I figured it looked legit.
I when through the process to create an account. Immediately thereafter, I was prompted for credit card info. RED FLAG. No one asks for that up front! So I paused to think about it. Then I got a call from a California number which I let go to voice mail. I was "Peter". Then I got an email from "Peter". I decide to call back and got his voice mail. His accent sounded Russian so RED FLAG #2.

That's when I searched and found this

New Reviewer

Well, I fell for this too. However, I called and was able to get through after about a 5 minute hold time and they refunded me the money back in full with no questions asked when I informed them that I thought I was on an official government website. I am concerned about the information that they now have, but nothing I can do now. I will keep an eye on my credit report and bank accounts. Feel dumb but at least got my money back easily.

New Reviewer

After my account being charged for US199, I could not log in the account anymore and they don't respond to my email. It is obvious it is a trap.

New Reviewer

I needed to make a change on my Green Card and when I googled it the website us-immigration came up. is a scam company that takes advantage of immigrants by charging for the downloading and filing of immigration forms that can be downloaded and filed for free directly through the US Citizenship and Immigration Services government website. Their website is cleverly designed to look like an official government website and unsuspecting immigrants believe they are communicating directly with the US government. I had no idea I was not at a government website and that I would be charged an additional fee ($159) by this company on top of the fee charged by the US government ($450). According to the U.S Dept. of Justice Recognition and Accreditation website is not listed as an Authorized Legal Immigration Service Provider. They have numerous complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau of South East Florida where the company resides and a google search reveals hundreds of complaints from others charged these bogus fees by this company.

New Reviewer

Absolute scam. Web page designed to look like a gov site but it's not. Feel pretty stupid in not realizing this, but it looks real. WHY CAN'T THE GOV SHUT THIS DOWN? Must've fooled many many people out of $159 each time. Shame on them.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

THIS HAS TO BE ILLEGAL!!! WEBSITE IS A SCAM ! You help rob people! Do not trust this website, this is NOT a USGOV page. You can download ALL forms for free in te US GOV page. The provide FREE instructions on how to fill out theapplications...
Your representative saids you can get refund - HOW?? - EVERYONE NEEDS TO REPORT THIS WESITE FRAUD - SCAM

New Reviewer

This site is not US gov . . . banks will not reimburse money . . . the site claims they will if you call them, but it'll take 3-5 days. in the meantime they've collected your personal information and cc info . . . we'll see what happens.

New Reviewer

So I was stupid and didn't pay attention. It looks like an official site. Only to find out i am being charged $152 to file a $450 form which I could have downloaded on the official .gov site. This company has a fake hold queue so you never get through to an operator. They also do not respond to emails. I am less worried about their get rich scheme than all the information i gave them ssn, green card id # etc. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. This is the worst example of preying on people trying to navigate through goverment forms. I will not be paying their bill which is stuck in pending status right now on my cc card. I can't file a BBB complaint because they are surprisingly not registered. I hope my information is not going to be used for nefarious means....

New Reviewer

I hope you didn't use this website like me. This is a SCAM. I asked for refund but what all they said was "No, I can't" like an evil. I'm hoping that I can get money back from the bank. I don't know why this company can exist. I'm very very very very angry
the way they cheated on me.

New Reviewer

It looks like an official government website. After you fill out the form and pay a filing fee, you can't get access to the account anymore or get a reply to any voicemail or emails.

New Reviewer

I too got taken in by this website. They make it look like a gov website and charge $199 for no services at all. The forms are free from USCIS. This site provides no "help", Q&A, absolutely NOTHING for your $199. When I tried to cancel, I had a very rude man shouting at me. When I sent an email saying I was going to report them to the BBB I did get another call from a much more polite lady. She said they would refund my money as I had not finished the form. There is an "alert" on the BBB website - they have had numerous complaints.

Veteran Reviewer

This site tries hard to look like an official government website. But they are not! You don't need their overpriced service to apply for citizenship.

After you would pay them, you would still have fees owing to the government for processing/filing your forms.

Its hard to call them a scam site for selling an overpriced service. BUT they worked hard to make a government looking site to trick people into thinking they have to deal with them. ( and in my books that earns a scam rating)

New Reviewer

They certainly work very hard to look like an official government web site. Maybe there is some disclaimer somewhere but then you have to be looking for it. I thought I was paying a required $159 fee to the US government. Instead I was paying some private company an exorbitant amount of money to fill in some forms that can be filled for free directly on the correct government web site. I'll be calling my bank to dispute the charges.

Expert Reviewer

Scrapping Website - Illegal, Stolen Trustmarks
- Why trust a site that needs to Steal Trust Seals??? Where is the Trust coming from???
- Site Uses Fake, Fraudulent Trust Marks and Seals.
- Use these sites with caution, do not become their next victim.
- Fully read the "Warnings" and any "Membership or Terms and Conditions"
*-* Sites that do not subscribe to the Norton VeriSign, McAfee Secure, or other Trust/Secure services try to fool consumers/visitors by placing an "Illegal / Stolen" copy of the trustmark/seal on their website in order to give the appearance of "Trust" and "Security".
This practice is called “Scrapping.”
*~* Why would you trust a site that needs to knowingly Steal Trust Seals? Which of course sounds nothing like how a legitimate and reputable company would do business!

Site Hosts an Illegal McAfee Secure Trustmark.
- Fake/Forged Trustmark (site uses a JPG):

Site is setup and designed to "mimic" the look of the official US Immigration site, site is Not Affiliated with the US governments website where the "Immigration Forms Are Free".
Fully read the "Warnings" and any "Membership or Terms and Conditions". This site is a "FEE" based form filling/application site.
While you may think the "fee they charge" is for "processing" the necessary forms you need, "You" are still "liable for any government fees" associated with the processing of your forms/applications. So save some money and fill out the forms yourself, for free!!!
If their services are needed for ease of use, just remember they are a "Fee Based" website and Not Affiliated with the US government.

New Reviewer

On 4/29/13, I was scammed for $159! DO NOT USE THIS F-ING WEBSITE. They suck and consistently hang up on you, place you on hold, place you "30th in line" for a call waiting and then hang up on you, etc.

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY! I was stupid and did not realize I was not on a .gov site! Always go to .gov You should never have to pay upfront and do not need to go through a second party to fill out government applications.
I am disputing the charges with my bank right now. Fingers crossed I'll get the money back.

New Reviewer

This is a fat SCAM!!! stay away.. I'm on the processing with Chase credit card to get $ back. The merchandise is fat liar, told me my application will get cancel if i get 50% refund back, and i check with the government, no way for them to cancel my application. not pay $160 for a piece of Pfd docs....

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Q: I just got scammed by them. Thanks to this website and your comments, I called my credit card company and cancelled the card. They also marked the payment as fraudulent and will investigate. I'm going to call ICE and USCIS. Somehow these people got my name and phone number (which is unlisted!), and they knew I had sent form I-130 to USCIS. How did they know???!!!
A: It is really ripped off !! I did this on 10/06/12 I thought it was a real USCIS, and I thought my paid $189 for online application and it should have gone through the USCIS but it was not !!. I contacted my bank right away and disputed it I got the money back around 10 days later, but on 12/03/12 my bank is very stupid charged the money back and give to this website again !!! I contacted my bank they would not help me, they said this website is not a scam !!! How is that !! US Bank is stupid !! I have called the website so many many times and aslo emails, cant even count how many times !!! never got any responses... What should I do !!!
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