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UrbanOG reviews

64 reviews
Categories: Boots, Fashion, Womens Clothing
15469 Dupont Ave
Chino, CA 91710
Tel: 1.866.961.8880

64 Reviews From Our Community

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Customer service said that I would receive the refund within 5-7 days, however I received the refund in 2. (in 16 reviews)


I love my peep toe chunky heel shoes and my shades the shoes fit true to size and look amazing!. (in 36 reviews)


I ordered a pair of boots about a week ago and they just came in today. (in 15 reviews)

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New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I have order from here and recently got scammed! THIS IS A HORRIBLE COMPANY AND SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS. Save yourself the money from these cheap products and horrible customer service. They do even deserve a single star!

Ask Kelly about UrbanOG
New Reviewer

The website itself is hard to log onto. I kept getting closed out.Tried it from another computer-NO! it's thier site. Trying to get ahold of customer service was null and void. Glad I decided not to finally place an order. AND definitely glad I read the reviews.

New Reviewer

Talk about absolute inconsistency. I usually never post reviews about websites but I'm so angry with urbanog that I decided people should know what a scam it is. The first time I ordered from them, I didn't have any huge problems, with the exception of their customer service vein horrendously rude. But other than that I for my order fairly quickly and loved my shoes. HOWEVER the second time I ordered from them was an absolute nightmare. And as much as I love the shoes they have, I plan to never order from them again. First off, all orders to Canada are final sale. That being said, I placed my order with them and about 4 days later they finally got around to processing the order. Then, another few days go by and I get an email from them stating that one pair of shoes that I ordered (I ordered 2 pairs), had a slight defect. They sent me pictures of what looked like a slight scuff mark or glue stain on the outside of the shoe. As a compensation if I chose to receive them as is, they offered me 30% off that one pair of shoes. I took the 30% off and told them I'd take the shoes anyways since faux suede shoes like that scuff easily anyways. I received them about a week and a half later, after having not received any notification as to wether or not they had even been shipped out. Upon the arrival of my shoes, I had to pay an additional 20$ at the door for "brokerage fees" which I hadn't had to the first time around. So at this point my order cost me 60$, which for the same amount I could have boughten the EXACT same shoes at a store down the street from my house an obviously has them the same day. So I decide to suck it up, it's only 20$. I go to try on my shoes, and what do I see? Not ONE but MANY defective marks on the shoes. Had I known the shoes looked like this all over I wouldn't have bothered to buy them. Next, I put them on and stand up, and what do I notice? That they're almost a full size too big! That being said, I have a few other pairs of shoes by the same bran in the same size that I ordered (7.5) and even my heels that are different brands are ALL 7.5. I decided to go to the store by my house and try on the same shoes that I ordered to ensure that it wasn't a manufacturers defect that the shoes were so big. Upon asking to try these same shoes on in a 7.5, the sales girl advises me to try a half size smaller seeing as they are made large.
Now in my opinion if the shoes are not made true to size and are intact slightl larger, isnt that something that should be mentioned in the description of the shoe?
So all in all, I had to wait forever for my shoes, they were more than just "slightly" defective, and after all that they're not even wearable because they're huge on me. So I'm basically stuck with a pair of shoes that are huge on me, that are not returnable AND I can't even try and get some of my money back by selling them on eBay because they're completely ruined!!!
I have ZERO intentions of ordering from them ever again and I would advise everyone else to save themselves the headache and money.

New Reviewer

I order from them all the time and I have always had my shoes within one week unless I paid extra for expedited shipping. I have not had any problems with any of the shoes I've ordered and they are tru to size.

New Reviewer

I ordered boots 11 days ago and haven't heard from them since. I think I got scammed. They list two phone numbers, one on the website and one on the email, and neither one seems to work. I'm not sure what to do next, hopefully my bank can help me get my money back.

New Reviewer

I have NEVER written a review before for any site/store/etc. So this is huge!

FIRST, the website was easy to navigate, no confusion what so ever, and the check out process was phenomenal. I was so excited to have free shipping and I also hunted around the web for a coupon, and got 15% off.

SECONDLY, I received an email with my tracking number and order info at 10:33 PM on 10/23. I would like to remind you, I placed my order at 12 PM or so that SAME afternoon. The email will ask you to allow them 24/48 for the tracking number to be active via UPS. Now it is Friday 10/24 at 12:50 PM as I am writing this, and my package was delivered to my house at 11:30 AM today. Granted, I live in Las Vegas, so the travel time from California to here is quick, and had I lived on the East Coast, it could have taken 5-7 days, but pay attention to the placement of the shipment and the completion time of my order. I can not be more excited.

THIRD and lastly, I have yet to see the clothes and try on the sizes. This is always something I worry about while purchasing online. The sizing on the website is not completely clear and of course different clothing items have different sizes and not ones that I'm used to. So I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that my clothing items will fit true to size, and perfectly, when I try them on tonight!

Hope this helps someone else in making their decision to buy from this company.

Tip for consumers: KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS.
If you know your measurements, you will have no issues with purchasing the right fitting clothes.

Ask Kenzie about UrbanOG
New Reviewer

i don't normally write reviews for sites but i'm very impressed because i placed an order on october 15 for 2 pairs of shoes, a scarf, and 2 shirts, and my package came today (october 17). it literally took 2 days from when i ordered it, with regular standard shipping. how great is that?! as for the quality of the items... urbanog clearly has cheaper items and obviously you get what you pay for. if you're looking for top notch, high-end quality, don't expect that if you are only willing to pay a low price. personally, i think urbanog sells pretty cute stuff for a price that fits the quality. all the items i bought were on sale and fairly cheap. for the quality, i am very happy!

with every shopping site, there's always going to be problems with customers or items, etc. usually it's just bad luck. i do A LOT of online shopping and i can confidently say urbanog is legit and trustworthy. just remember, you get what you pay for! if you only need a things that are cheap and don't need it to last very long, sites like urbanog are definitely the way to go. but if you are planning to spend $40 bucks on a shirt, save your money and buy a higher quality item somewhere else.

Ask Athena about UrbanOG
New Reviewer

Now I know many people have had problems with this company and I am luck to have not been one of them. I order two pairs of shoes. I got my confirmation number on the website and a confirmation to my email less than 5 minutes later. I noticed people said that they had a problem with contacting the company via phone. I called the company twice and the service was very good. Both women were pleasant to talk to and helpful and I wasn't on hold for anymore than maybe 5 minutes (probably less). Both times I called I asked for the delivery date for my shoes (because it did not show on the website) and they gave me the same date both times. However, the shoes came 2 DAYS before they were suppose to. I waited (not including the weekend as I ordered on Friday) only 3 DAYS for my package to arrive. The only downside was one of the shoes they had given me seemed to have been tried on and then returned. You can only tell because the bottom of the shoe had very little scuff marks on the bottom. I looked for flaws in the shoes (because another customer had the used shoes problem) but it was so small I actually could have overlooked it if I hadn't of looked hard. Overall, UrbanOg is definitely on my list for online sites for good quality shoes and manageable prices. The only downside was the fact that the shoes I had might have been worn already.

New Reviewer

There is semen and hair all over the garment that I purchased from this company-- it was packaged as a new garment and sold as such. Order 1879924-- a black and white contoured maxi dress was shipped to me and packaged as a new garment, I tried it on only to discover that it was covered in semen and pubic hair!!!!

I have requested for an owner to contact me to make sure that the individual who is ejaculating on clothing and then shipping them out like they are new be handled appropriately. The garment brushed over my entire face as I was trying it on. I now am off today-- to go to the doctor for a rash on the right side of my face and eye irritation

New Reviewer

i tried cancelling an order and i couldn't find out how i could cancel it on their website. i had to actually call in to cancel because they never responded to my emails. and did a previous order with them and they never sent me a confirmation email

Ask kaykee about UrbanOG
New Reviewer

After reading some of the reviews I was weary of ordering a pair of shoes off of However I decided to order a pair of 8 dollar flats. My experience could not have been better with standard shipping my shoes arrived 6 days later and were flawless. The size was accurate and everything seemed to be intact. I will definetly be ordering again!

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of moccasin shoes on the 11th, and was very very scared because this was my first time ever ordering anything online. My order got processed on the 14th, and I got the shoes today around noon. They fit very true to size and are in very good condition! They look just as the picture presented them, I couldn't be happier. I've been wearing them since I opened the box. I will probably be ordering from this site again!

New Reviewer

Urbanog is a stylish and cool apparel site for women. Their buyer chooses such unique and amazing designs - I especially love thier shoes! Everything looks like it is high end designer and the prices are so low - it's great!

New Reviewer

This site is ok. They have a few good items. However, they are SLOW when it comes to processing your order which means it takes over a week before you get what you ordered. Also, DO NOT ORDER ACCESSORIES from them. Do not order accessories from them for yourself or as a gift for other people b/c if you end up not liking the item whether it is a belt, purse, hat, etc...THEY WON'T LET YOU RETURN THEM. So read the fine print before purchasing those kind of items for yourself or for other people.

New Reviewer

I, like several others read the reviews of this store after placing my order. Naturally, I proceeded to freak out because I had placed a relatively large order and thought that I had thrown my money down the drain. Fortunately I was wrong. The service I received was excellent. The order took several days to process but arrived at my house within 2 weeks, which for me is acceptable. I received a report of damaged sandals and they were promptly removed from my order. Customer service said that I would receive the refund within 5-7 days, however I received the refund in 2. The quality of the box which everything came in was sketchy, but everything turned out to be neatly packed an in great condition. I would DEFINITELY buy from this store again. The only reason I gave this site 4 stars instead of 5 was because it seems a bit unorthodox to have completely remove a damaged product from an order without replacing it. And I really wanted those sandals haha. But I didn't have a single problem with customer service, the way they handled everything was smooth and I didn't have to make a single phone call. Maybe the customer service is a regional thing, or maybe they started listening to complaints, but my service was really good and I highly recommend this store to girls who want cute shoes/clothes with great prices.

New Reviewer

If I get to choose, I would give NO STAR!! Horrible customer service and awful products. I bought two pairs of shoes and one dress for my spring break, first they contacted me one of the shoe is no longer available, so they refunded my money and shipped the other two out. It took me almost 3 weeks to get my items. Once I got it, the quality of the clothing was so horrible, and the other shoe came with scratches all over and looked like they have been worn! Emailed and called still no answer from them. Don't shop at this website STAY AWAY!!

New Reviewer

I am sooooo happy with my order! I didn't remember to look at reviews until after I had made my purchase (horrible I know ) and when I did, I got nervous because people had such bad reviews about but it's safe to say I had an amazing experience I'm so glad I didn't cancel my order! I love my peep toe chunky heel shoes and my shades the shoes fit true to size and look amazing!. The shoes look exactly like the pictures on the site, if not better. The shades are so my style love the gradient effect they have going on!. Sooooo happy! Ready for a girls night out! P.s I received my package 8days from my order date. March 14 was my order date and I received my package on March 21.

New Reviewer

I ordered two maxi skirts and a pair of wedge booties. The maxi skirts were beautiful comfy and fit great, everytime I wear them out I get asked where I got them. However the shoes were much to narrow. I wear a size 10 and I could barely get my feet in. Even my roommate who wears a size 8 said they were too narrow for her. They were only wide enough for my sister but she wears a size 7! However I returned them and got refunded with no hassle.

New Reviewer

Terrible customer service! While placing my order I accidentally put down the wrong address (missing it by one digit). I called the next day and the customer service representative who I spoke with was very rude and nasty! After waiting for about a month, YES A MONTH, I finally received my package. I'm very disappointed in their customer service and I will not be shopping here again.

New Reviewer

Awful, horrendous customer service and would not refund the shoes I bought. Not shopping here again. The prices aren't even that great, so I don't know why I shopped there in the first place.

New Reviewer

I've ordered both a pair of boots and a dress on separate occasions. The boots were nice, a bit cheap looking and stiff, but not bad for the price so I kept them. I'm normally an 8.5-9 and the 9 fit right with thick socks. I ordered a flared $#*!tail dress in a medium (i'm 5'7 and a size 8/hourglass ) and the dress was so tight I would've needed surgery to remove my ribs for it to have fit. It was waaaay shorter than shown in the picture as well so even if it had fit I could have never worn it in public. I think they're clothes are meant for the very thin & petite and run small for the average woman. The items are cute but a bit cheap looking and I would probably not order from them again. Plus their return policy is only 30 days and then you still have to pay shipping, so if you buy you better hope it fits!

New Reviewer

I order two pairs of boots and it didn't look like the way it did in pictures. So, I returned it, but before I did so I read the return policy and thought it would be better to exchange rather than to return because they charge $7 for the shipping. I returned the items I didn't want and I bought the new items that I'll be exchanging for. A week later and my refund comes in with $7 missing. When I emailed them about it they broke it down for me and said they had to take away $7 when clearly the return policy said FULL refund. If they don't mean what they say they shouldn't put it as a policy. I won't ever shop from this site again and don't trust them. Their shoes don't look like the way they do in pictures and if you want to return them you better be prepared for them to take away $7. It's not even the $7 I'm mad about it's the fact that they put something as a policy and don't follow it.

New Reviewer

I love there shoes!! The Item match the exact object you will receive. I recommend this online store!

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of boots that granted were 45$, were very nice But when I wrote then for an hour inside my work, and literally at my desk for an hour. Well they ripped and the outside was peeling under the lace after an hour of wear. Now to me they look so cheap-of course I will not wear them. But they are cute. Cheap shoes-I would not buy again!

New Reviewer

I ordered boots that were too big. I ordered a new 1/2 size smaller pair of boots and paid. According to Urbanog exchange policy. Order the size you want and then when you return the original order you will be issued a full refund INCLUDING SHIPPING. I was issued a full refund BUT NOT THE SHIPPING COST. When I emailed customer service they said we did issue the refund and gave me a copied and pasted breakdown that clearly says I was issued the refund for the product but not the shipping cost. When I emailed them back again. They never responded. Then I called customer service. I explained to the girl I returned a pair of boots that were $39.99 that I wanted to EXCHANGE for boots that I already ordered and paid for. On the Urbanog exchange policy website it says you will be issued a full refund including shipping cost. She said we did issue a refund for the shipping because the refund was $35 and the total of your refund was $42 which is $7 for the shipping cost. I told her that DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! The $42 was what I paid for the product that has nothing to do with the shipping cost!! I did use the UPS return label but on the exchange policy it says you will be refunded the shipping cost. Then like a robot she just kept repeating the same thing that did not make any sense. Which means she was not understanding anything. I was fed up and told her your company needs to take down the exchange policy because URBANOG WILL NOT REFUND YOU SHIPPING COST IF YOU WANT TO EXCHANGE! QUIT TELLING ME THAT YOU REFUNDED THE SHIPPING COST BECAUSE YOU DID NOT! The customer service rep kept repeating the same thing that did not make any sense. I hung up on her. She should of just refunded me the shipping cost like the Exchange Policy states and there wouldn't be a problem. Urbanog has incompetent customer service that answers phone calls and responds to emails with robot copied and pasted answers. I WILL NOT BE ORDERING FROM URBANOG AGAIN!

New Reviewer

Initially I was very pleased with the large selection of shoes had. However, navigating through the website quickly became a frustrating feat. There was an option to "filter" search results; however, this did not usually work. When I would narrow my search to black, size 7 boots, the results would bring up any color and size. Because of the great prices and wide selection, I decided to stick with it and continue to search. When I would run short on time and put things in my shopping cart to review again another day, they would always be gone the next day. Finally, I sat down and decided on two pairs of boots and purchased them. In a few weeks I received the boots, which unfortunately did not fit as I hoped. I was not upset about this fact, because that's the risk of online shopping. Further frustration continued, however, when I attempted to send them back. After several personal attempts, two emails, and one phone call, I found out that one must be logged out of their website in order to go through the return process (makes perfect sense, right?). After this still did not work for me, I made my second call (the previous representative hung up on me while I tried the steps) and was cut off mid sentence to be told that they do not provide return labels for APO addresses. She told me to go ahead and send them back and at least emailed me a confirmation stating I will receive a refund. We'll see...

New Reviewer

well... I ordered a pair of over the knee boots from urbanog 8/19/13 it is now 8/24/13 I still haven't received the boots it took what seemed like forever for them to process my order and finally ship out my boots. When they finally did process my order I checked to see the status of my boots it say I ordered a color I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT chose. I still have not got the shoes so I'm hoping it is just a mistake on their part, although I have tried to contact them via e-mail still no response as of now. I'm not impressed with this site. don't think they'll be getting my money again.

New Reviewer

I saw a pair of shoes on Pinterest that I immediately fell in love with and assumed cost over a thousand dollars and was a high-end name brand. Even still, I clicked on the image and was taken to the Urbanog site and saw that the shoes were under $30! I grabbed my wallet and purchased them right then and there. Afterwards I decided to read reviews - and saw multiple negative reviews about peoples experience ordering shoes. This worried me but I had to have these shoes!! Now that my order has been completed - I have nothing but good things to say about this company! I have no idea where these negative reviews came from, but I had an amazing experience! Ordered my shoes on Friday afternoon, received confirmation Saturday morning, and my shoes were at my house on Monday! This was not even a rush shipment, just normal shipping! Totally easy, painless ordering - unbelievable prices - and my shoes are just as beautiful in person as when I first saw them on Pinterest. I will be ordering from this site again!!! :D

New Reviewer

Adorable shoes!
I ordered a pair of boots about a week ago and they just came in today. They fit beautifully and I also received some site coupons and a free trial disposable razor. Thanks UrbanOG! :)
I received two emails during this process- and order confirmation after purchasing, and a shipment confirmation the next day. With the shipment confirmation email I was able to track the package and it arrived as scheduled.
I'm definitely going to shop here again.

New Reviewer

Well as of right now I've placed an order on June 09, 2013; I speant $216.55 via Paypal. URBANOG sent me tracking information June 12, 2013 stating:

"Your item(s) are being prepared for shipment, below is your tracking , please allow 1 to 2 business day from the receipt of this email to track your shipment. In case there is any changes to your order, we will post a note to your account or notify you via email / phone.

Again, we appreciate your business and hope you are satisfy with our service."


Anywho, I've been checking the UPS site ever since URBANOG sent me the tracking number and it's still saying this:

"A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated."


New Reviewer

I was very excited to find - they had several items I had been SPECIFICALLY looking for and all in my size (L). Which was nearly impossible to find anywhere else. I placed my order and tried to be as patient as possible. I checked the box to just refund the product they couldn't locate (if any) and sure enough one of my necklaces wasn't in stock - which was disappointing but it didn't slow down the rest of my order. The package had a functioning tracking number and it arrived just in time! All contents were accurate and PERFECT. Love UrbanOG and will be back for more.

New Reviewer

After reading the reviews i was kind of scared but I really loved the 2 shoes so i figured why not give it a sort, my package took 10days to deliever but it all came out good and I was not upset. The shoes size fits right but the only thing i was kind of upset about it that they don't have sizes for curvey woman.

New Reviewer

Urbanog is a horrible HORRIBLE site! I bought a pair of heels for $80 . & it took them 6 days to process, JUST TO PROCESS a pair of shoes. I canceled my order because I knew they would t arrive on time. I had to email then because when u called, no one ever answered. They then emailed me 2 days later saying that my package was shipped, & ignored the fact that u cancelled the order !!! The then told me that I had to ship the package back to get a refund. I did so . IN THE ORIGINAL BOX, & ON TIME! They then ONLY GAVE ME LESS THAN HALF MY MONEY BACK! They stole $46 from me & refuse to give it back . I lost all that money on a package I didn't even want . I filed a dispute with my bank & they said "She does t deserve her full refund" HOW NOT??????? Everything was returned in perfect condition ! They SUCK . Never shop with them. They are a scam

New Reviewer

Custumor satisfaction????? is a joke. I called to resolve and issue about loosing my 25% code for a 300 dollar purchase I was going to make and they basically told me to bad so sad and I quote "this isnt victorias secret" and thats obvious!! I will NEVER order from this site and will make sure I let everyone know how you operate things. I have never been so disspointed In how I was treated. I will be posting as many revewis as I can to make sure people are not treated the same way i was!

New Reviewer

WORST customer service ever! I was overcharged, items were deleted from my order, and I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone. Take your money somewhere else!

New Reviewer

I ordered shoes yesterday 12/26/12 morning EST. Urbanog being on PST didn’t get my order for a few hours. My order was over $50 which should have been free shipping. After entering the free shipping code twice, it still didn’t work. I emailed their customer service immediately to ask for credit. Not even a few hours later I received a response email that my account had been noted to receive credit, and they were forwarding my request to their finance department. I read a lot of reviews that their customer service was bad, but so far my experience has been positive.

The boots are scheduled to be delivered to me in New York by Friday 1/4/12, which I think is great turn around given the weekend coming up and the holiday. I didnt receive an email stating they were shipped. you have to go to their website and view your account. That is where they post all of the updates like shipping and tracking.

I will update my review when I receive credit for the shipping and when my boots arrive. I ordered 2 pairs and I am interested in seeing how they fit and what condition they will be in.

New Reviewer

I ordered Fringe Boots size 8 from one month ago. I absolutely love them and top of that I got the MOST AWESOME customer service. I wanted the same boots in black but unfortunately was not my size. I checked out the Amazon and learned that size 8 was sold out. I googled the boots and found my size ONLY By all honesty, my instinct told me not to buy. This company didn't have a PayPal option and website looked suspicious so I tried to find the boots desperately on the other websites but I didn't find size 8 so I finally posted the order to this company. WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE! Two weeks later I received my shoes and was thrilled when I saw the box but not so fast, Hose! WTF - they packed size number 6 boots into size number 8 shoe box. REALLY... are you kidding me? Did they really think I wouldn't notice a difference between 6 and 8? I filed a claim immediately and the all Hell Broke out. I had to take a pictures of items/invoice and emailed them to show I didn't lie. I have received FIVE emails regarding RMA number because they keep asking: "Dear valuable customer, what we can do for you". Wrong size boots are sitting on my counter and I am still in the process because I haven't get a RMA number. This company is probably tiny dark closet running by a very mean lady. I just talked with this mean lady and received THE MOST HORRIBLE service so I know what I'm talking about. Be aware and good luck with If she has no your size, you are going to get a random size and no matter what you ordered, it's going to be your fault!
ps. the most reliable websites: 6pm, overstock, shoes4U and amazon!

New Reviewer

Ordered my shoes on 11/28 & got them today 12/3. The shipping was quick despite the holiday season for all parcel deliveries. I got a confirmation that they had recieved my order but never got a tracking number. After all the bad reviews regarding Urbanog I got a little worried and called customer service. It did take them a while to answer. The girl on the other end was not rude but she did not sound like she liked her job. I did my best not to upset her and asked when I could expect delivery confirmation. She answered simply "tomorrow and if you don't,call us back". She failed to ask me my name or confirmation number. I personally work in retail and own a clothing business..I know sometimes things can get hectic...But there is no reason to treat customers that are keeping you in business rude or act like you don't want to help them. Sadly one of my shoes was damaged, not that bad though it was missing a spike and some of the leather was bent..they even looked like they had been worn before.. either way I am a DIY kinda gal and just happend to have a spike that resembled it. I got my glue gun out & stuck that sucker back on there. Oh yea.. forgot to mention this is the first & last time I will ever shop with them :)

New Reviewer

Once items were in my shopping cart, proceeded to check out and was told that my cart was empty. This happened multiple times. Ridiculous web site

New Reviewer

I wish I had read reviews before I placed an order with them. I've been loitering the website for a few months, loving the selection but not quite ready to order yet. During this time, I had issues with my Cart. I would add items to my cart and as soon as I logged out, the cart would empty. I emailed customer service, and at first they told me that when items are out of stock, they disappear from the cart. I made it very clear in two of my emails that they weren't out of stock, they were new arrivals and i was able to add them again, but they would keep disappearing. What is the likelihood of over 10 items all going out of stock at the same time, repeatedly? Then they told me it must be my computer... although I've tried on three different browsers and 4 different computers, with the same result. They were uninterested in helping me and insisted it was something on my end.

After that, I was a little reluctant to order but they had a cute pair of pants that I really want and some tops. I placed my order 9 days ago and while they diligently charged my card, I haven't received an email that my order had been processed nor shipped. NINE DAYS! When I call, I'm forced to wait in the queue forever, and after 10 minutes, no one still has answered. I've emailed them with no response.

I don't recommend anyone ordering from them unless you are patient and enjoy being dodged by customer service.

New Reviewer

You get what you pay for, shipping time is hit or miss, returns are a pain, BUT really where else can you find trendy labouiton knockoffs for $15-$30???? Also this company carries the same shoes as the "Shoe of the month" clubs that claim to have a personal stylist pick out a pair of shoes for you for $39.95 a month, and most of the shoes are half that price. I would only buy shoes here, over all I live in LA and i have bought 30 or so pairs of shoes off this site to wear a couple times and then buy something new. Cheap trendy is what the site is

New Reviewer

I recently purchased a pair of high top wedge sneakers from Urban OG. I was very concerned purchasing from them after reading all of the negative reviews about the company. However I really liked the shoes, and for the price I had to give it a shot. The processing and shipping days were accurate and delivered on time. The shoes are more than I could have imagined, they are in perfect condition, fit perfectly and I'm totally obsessed with them. I would recommend this website to anyone who needs cute shoes for an affordable price.

The customer service has been great on my end, and they always kept me informed as to what was going on. People reading this also have to understand that if you have a negative experience with a company, of course they're going to write a complaint about it. I recommend this company to anyone! I love Urban OG and will definitely be shopping with them again soon.

New Reviewer

I bought 5 pieces of clothing. For the price I paid, I would have been better off at a site like Delia's. My mom also had bad experience ordering for my lil' sis. They never sent items. They admitted to it and wouldn't return money. Only offered credit.

New Reviewer

I feel bad that urbanog has gotten such bad reviews. Although I read all the terrible reviews on here, I went against my better judgement and placed an order for a pair of boots. And what do you know, everything turned out perfectly. The boots got to me 6 days after I ordered them in perfect condition. I would recommend ordering from them to anyone.

You have to realize people are more likely to write a review if they had a negative experience in comparison to positive experiences.

New Reviewer

I love Urbanog! They have great selection of fashion and accessories at a great price. I've been shopping with them for years and never experience any problems.

New Reviewer

I was very afraid to order form this website because of all the negative reviews i have read. I decided to take the risk. I recieved them in less than a week. I was very pleased with the quality, they turned out cuter than I expected. I would have to say it depends on where you live to how fast they are delivered.

New Reviewer
7/6/12 sucks, garbage company. Took a week to process my order (after I had to call LONG DISTANCE a bunch of times for random order problems) and when they FINALLY did ready it for shipping, I got ANOTHER email telling me that there was now a bunch of "manufacture defects" on TWO pairs of shoes, and that I had to call them to approve the junked up shoes before they could ship them. Great. But that wasn't all, there was also a problem with the third pair which was that it was the last remaining one in that size and therefore they can't ship it (WTF?? Why is it listed on your site in that case???) and would I like a refund or another item. Like, seriously????

Keep in mind they sent this email at 5pm on Friday so I'm pretty sure I will have to wait until Monday for the next "update" on my order. So that'll make 10-ish days just for it to leave their building. Seriouslyyyyyy???

Judge for yourself but all I'm saying is, I am NEVER ordering from there again.

New Reviewer

One of my best friends had the displeasure of working for (and with) these bozos for a couple months. Customer service reps were not only rude to customers, but rude in general within the company. There have been numerous occassions where the reps would "seemingly" talk about customers behind their backs but still managed to get heard by customers themselves over the phone. Real smart. She quit right away needless to say. Oh, and apparently a lot of merchandise tend to be defective. Be wary of this company and shop at your own risk.

New Reviewer

well i order a blazer 5 days ago. They still haven't shipped it. it looks like they are just sewing the blazer. WTF. why waste your customers time.???

New Reviewer

I ordered two pairs of shoes and a skirt, and they arrived safely and in the correct size. I did not experience a lot of the problems mentioned on this page. However, they took an ungodly amount of time to process my order (6 days I think) and for this I will never shop there again.

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Q: How do you change the billing address if it is different from the shipping address ???? Help ASAP please !!!
A: hi, im worried now since all the reviews are bad that my shoes won't fit me and i will have to return them and the costumer service is poor what would i do?
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