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29 reviews
Categories: Dating
Tel: +441312201313
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29 Reviews From Our Community

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44 reviews
147 helpful votes

Many complaints. Why you guys don't use a reliabel hook up site like! However, upforit is "ok" and much better than 1star for sure!

Ask Robert about UpForIt
42 reviews
195 helpful votes

Another hook up site which does not meet the expectations....

Ask Carlos about UpForIt
1 review
1 helpful vote

Just as a tip for people using these types of sites:

A) Filter by photo, remove naughty and explicit. Most scammers use the pornstar photos.

B) If you want to view the large photos without paying, you can do so by viewing the pages source code in your browser (right click photo --> Inspect Element --> The link to the storage is there). They don't cipher their code.

C) Generally, the more "natural" photos they have, the more likely it's a real person.

D) DO NOT believe the pop-ups telling you "You've been emailed" and "She wants to chat" or "She viewed you". It's a script that runs on the page.

If you haven't subscribed, it'll take the users you've viewed and put them in a queue. After a short time period, it'll use that profile to queue up a notification ("You've been mailed"). The mailing is a form where it'll say "Hi ther.." and then be blurred. Underneath that blurring is literally "XXX XXXX XXXXXXXX". It's fake.

Ask Kyle about UpForIt
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

This site is like Keith Harris without Orville , Ant without Dec or Dempsey without Makepeace. Just not very good. Dont pay for anything. While i cant say for sure all the women are fake , i can say that the three day trial isnt what it seems. YOU WILL end up paying for more and thats a gimme. Avoid it like the plague.

Ask Dean about UpForIt
1 review
2 helpful votes

This site nearly ruined my marriage. My wife had an affair through this site . She had a lot of problems and I am not making excuses for the cheating $#*!. It lasted 2 months and she is so remorseful . We are only now after 2 years that we are moving on with our lives. There's a reason I haven't dealt with him yet but 1 day Darren Weigh of 22 Bracken Close Springhead Oldham we will meet.

Ask Paul about UpForIt
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I got signed up with this site because I made the mistake of signing up with a related site and they created a profile for me with out my consent. Tried to ignore all the emails I was receiving from the site, but I got tired of it. Had to go to the site to unsubscribe. Wondering what other sites I will unwilling sign up for.

Ask David about UpForIt
1 review
1 helpful vote

Site is even apparently working WITH the mostly Ghana-based scammers operating on it. When I added something to the effect of obvious scammers need no message me to py profile, the text of my profile was "not approved." In addition, their "3-day trial" is utter BS, as they charge for a full month renewal on the SECOND day.

Ask Nunya about UpForIt
1 review
1 helpful vote

They did the same to me!
I got my money back after reciting the UK laws regarding automatic payments and cooling off periods.
Think I scared the crap out of them! lol

Ask wayne about UpForIt
1 review
3 helpful votes

I joined this site on a three day trial and got loads of e-mails as soon as I set up my profile page. I got requests to date girls who wherein their early 20's despite my I put cut off of 30 years. I did have a months membership taken without my consent but this meant I could e-mail other members. I replied to every e-mail I received saying thanks for the message but that I was old enough to be their father. But still I was bombarded with these fake messages from profiles with photos of models therein. I remained on the site for the month and started picking out profiles that had pictures of women who didn't look like they can out of a magazine. Finally found a woman who was real. Arranged to meet and had a great night of sex( best I had in years) . So there are real women on the site but you do need to look hard. Left after the month and had no issues cancelling although my profile( minus the pic) is still on the site despite my repeated requests to have it removed. Take the site for what they are expect nothing from them and if you get laid good times

Ask Tony about UpForIt
44 reviews
62 helpful votes

At first it signs-you-up,for a trial..then,at my Credit Union Account-it overdrafted-it for an additional fairly-large amount--the site borrows/steals from it shifts profiles to each-site--female contacts "go" for a couple-of-days & then STOP...if you do nothing--you get fake e-mails "once-in-a-blue-moon" from non-responders asking you for your e-mail (these are "BOTS" more-than-likely!)--(I haven't heard from that-one SINCE)--going to the FBI's
website doesn't appear to get any immediate action. It appears(with Adult Friend & & all the sites run by Various,Inc.)(similarly)are "somehow" linked to Penthouse Magazine (P.H.E.,Inc.)--a "funkier-version" .."wannabe-copycat" of Hustler Magazine/Larry Flint ---the difference-being; Penthouse Mag. is run by a mob-connected guy(whose name I can't recall-for-the-moment) who has models working-on & for a Nevada State Line Brothel...It just "opens-up-a-whole-can-of-worms" dealing with most-of-it! Very few are "ligit"--your local singles-bar is probably "safer"! This is just-like the other sites I have reviewed (these Adult Dating-sites-) see my reviews of HornyMatches & &, etc.....anybody got some C-4 Plastique out-there.....we could "blow-it-up" & re-name the site "" LOL!!'s just like the other "Skank-$#*!es"--just iggy-them & move-on!

Ask David about UpForIt
1 review
1 helpful vote


Ask jakal about UpForIt
1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't waste your money or time......another scam dating website!! N.

Ask Ben about UpForIt
1 review
2 helpful votes

Whilst you are a basic member you will be flooded with e mails from attractive women as soon as you log in, something I have never expierenced on any other site. As if to prove a point I also noticed that any profile I visited would result in an instant message from that person; almost as if the site is monitering who you are searching for and try and entice you into joining with fake messages. curiosity did get the better of me I afraid to say and once I joined the messaged dried up. Replied to all the messages I recieved prior to joining and did not recieve one response. Also be careful not to get involved with the private messaging scam (£1.50 for 10 messages recieved via your mobile) the profiles that did seem interested all wanted to talk to me via this medium, which is puzzling as why would you want the added expense when you can send private meassages via the site? My only conclusion is that they are in cahoots with the site; another method of extorting money from you. Please avoid at all costs. A complete and utter scam that is full of scam artists trying to take your money off you

Ask James about UpForIt
1 review
1 helpful vote

Please be aware ladies, that some of the men registered on this site could be married - my husband was registered on this site - and their are often lies told!!!

Ask Nancy about UpForIt
1 review
2 helpful votes

I kept getting emails from so called matches but as soon as i subscribed what do you know all contact stopped
I am still on my first subscription which i done via my mobile phone and then cancelled as soon as it was up and running
I will let you know if i find any genuine people on here but as of yet i have'nt found any all i found yesterday was scammers from USA trying to get me to go on cam with them and obviously pay for there services

Ask white about UpForIt
1 review
3 helpful votes

After the childish joining questions it became clear to after reading 2 million lines of terms and conditions if you hand over credit card details for there 3 day trial .you will be charged for one month WHY because the small print states you must give 5 days notice to cancel any such subscription I did email there customer support address and asked the billion dollar question .But I have been told there is problems with either my login name or email this started alarm bells ringing and thankfully I have not given credit card details.

Ask Tony about UpForIt
1 review
8 helpful votes

i just bpught a s days try memberships, after 3 days i found they still charged me a one month fee without noticing me! thats ugly behavior!

Ask junyu about UpForIt
1 review
1 helpful vote

Like many people I was a bit skeptical @ first (i even suspect i've talked to some scam as they r everywhere) but have chatted to a few gentlemen nd suggested using the webcam to check the veracity of the profile; well I can tell U there r genuine people there and for my surprise, many of them are lonely and want more than talking rubbish but find a companion
I decided to leave my comment here as before joining I found quite number of people speaking against it!
Good look for those who think of joining the service
Big kiss from London

Ask Phoenix about UpForIt
1 review
3 helpful votes

its a scam I need help getting out of it safely

Ask dan about UpForIt
1 review
2 helpful votes

I am being charged over and over each month without subscribing to the site. I get the site in my email and once checked it out for a month but i continue being charged.

Ask Bynum about UpForIt
1 review
3 helpful votes

A picture of some hot girl named "Ellie" from my town in PA and I got some fake chat like she was trying to reach me. I went to Google images and found the girl that was "interested " in chatting. She was from another state. I think they take images/photos available on line and make up some pre-recorded fake chat. The people who run this scam are sissy cowards. They should spend life in prison. They would have lots of "chats" there!!!!! Can't believe people have fallen for this scam.

Ask Jason about UpForIt
1 review
1 helpful vote

It's fake all the way, and it's not very hard to find out why... I specified i live in Quebec and 99.99% messages i received are in english. hahaha! The girls that are in Québec speak french.. So why would she try to get me in english. I have nothing against english but this is a total non-sens... And another thing, getting like 35 message inside 3 days... i havent upload any picture of myself and did a minumum of describing myself...

So for me its a scam site only there for money. Good thing i didnt take a paid membership.!

Ask Torm about UpForIt
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

A scam a fraud. Look up a user by name often you will find two different profiles. One in the USA and one Overseas. Sign up for a non trial subscription and expect all communications to stop.

Ask Joe about UpForIt
1 review
1 helpful vote

What are you guys talking about? Have you been to other dating sites? I HAVE! And I have some experience to say that UPFORIT is one of the best by far

Maybe I am either lucky, or smart, or handsome, maybe only morons always complain, but the result is that I got laid 4 times for the past 3 months! compared to 1 time for past 6 months before hoining Upforit. Feel the difference? I do!!

Ask Jack about UpForIt
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

a friend told me he got scamed out of money here so i bought a pre paid credit card to see...i put enough on to pay for a 3 day membership...a sister company..... BeDiscreet.... i also joined with a 3day membership.......although i tried to erase my so called page they are still tryn to take 30euro from my card...if i had a normal credit card they'd have taken my money.....they wont let you leave and they still try take ur money...WHY DOES THE GOVERMENTS LET THESE SITES AWAY WITH THIS,HOW IS THIS NOT STEALING WHEN YOU DONT GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO TAKE UR MONEY?????

Ask pat about UpForIt
1 review
4 helpful votes
4/10/12, LIKE all other Alcuda Ltd sites (,, and everything Cupid plc related, as they are all the same (eg. GirlsDateForFree, Click& the hoods are one pretty big scam....these sites often peddle subscriber profiles from one dating site to another without the subscriber being aware of it, or being asked !.....change peoples alleged locations (...for example go on one of these site and find a person....that very same person will be visible on many of the other sites, BUT located in a completely different place....OFTEN, whilst a person can be seen on one site, no matter how you contact them; mail, chat, wave etc etc, there is absolutely no response....and I bet you to a bottom dollar the communication that you have despatched is being blocked from reaching that person, YET on a totally different site, at the very same time, that very same person, who you were attempting to communicate with, is in fact sending you mails and chat message on the other site !!.....and yet in other instances on one of these site, you can received a chat message from someone and yet if you tell that person via a comment that they ought to try and contact you through one of the other sites in this myriad of underhandedly linked sites, that persons chat message will be suddenly deleted as if it never arrived....and yet in other instances you can see chat messages or mails ariive, YET explicitly search for those person and they will not turn up in search.....and YET further search is not true indication of subscribers, but the site view of what THEY WILL ALLOW YOU to goes along the lines of there wonderful, intelligent search algorithms quickly learn as to who might match you.....PULL THE OTHER ONE ALCUDA/CUPID...this is a thin disguise for now we've conned you into paying a subscription, we'll seriously restrict the range of other subscribers you can see/access......yet at the same time....other deviant sites running off the same underlying profile DB's, for which you may not than have a paid subscription, all appear to have a much wider and more interesting set of subscribers....OF COURSE, ONLY until you then take out a paid subscription to that other site, whence the full range of interesting people, very quickly evaporate into the ether......and YET still further as other people moan about, these sites make it so difficult to cancel, more often than not failing to cancel a repeat billing if they consider the cancellation code has been entered too close to the expiry date....OR as many suspect, the sites SIMPLY IGNORE then cancellation......YUK, YUK, YUK......

Ask ANGER about UpForIt
1 review
3 helpful votes

Well this year alone i had beded 16 different real women , it works for me. Yes there are lots of fake women here so just workout the real from the unreal, Here in Australia its easy to work out i don't answer to oversee women, and look at there profiles carefully actually read them.If there is a white women showing on her profile that she is African American this might be a problem, stick to your state, video chat asap will tell you alot, make a meeting and seal the deal easy. Oh heaps of married women on here to, and only looking for 1 thing, so on them quiet nites get on upforit and start talking to them its easy to pick up. I am 45 and have beded women from 21 to 51 all shapes and sizes , backgrounds, if your good at it they will keep coming back , little effort big rewards. Remember chat , video , meet, if its cool between both of you , then off you go :) . Being single has never been so much fun , remember homework then go out to play .

Ask MR about UpForIt
23 reviews
53 helpful votes

found on
1/ "Posted: 2011-01-15 by Nevrlrn
Fake female profiles. Fake emails. Scam Scam Scam"

2/Posted: 2010-09-28 by jason yaw
i signed up for 3 days on upforit website for a fee of £2.97 after which you have now charged me for a months membership which i did not want and did not agree to i there for would like a complete refund for the month i did not agree to which is a price of £24.99

3/ by BJan
I signed for three days on upforit website for a fee Rs 51/- they have illegaly en cashed Rs 500/- from my account with out my knoweldge in addition to Rs 51/- All this amounts to fraud & cheating.

and only one :
"I had no problem with stopping my auto-billing and I renewed the membership 1 month later and stopped again. Do you guys know how to press buttons? Sick of reading that all the sites are scam only because you can't use your PC."

i know that some complaints are old....

You can find a flood of good reviews on "specialized websites" with a link to subscribe... reviews or just ads?

You can ask them:

Amorix Ltd (UpForIt)
23 Manor Place

Alcuda Ltd
6 Tassou Papadopoulou
office/flat 22
2373 Ag. Dometios
Nicosia, Cyprus

tel: 0131 226 4890

UK and now Cyprus... where is that?....Ok, found it : Cyprus tax haven of Europe !

Just wait, the flood of "upforit" good reviews will come, just a question of time....

-please- no vote- thanks

Ask the-real-privacy about UpForIt
116 reviews
177 helpful votes

Never ever join this site whatever you do. As soon as you login you have so many bots flooding you. The profiles are fake. I found a pic of Miss World on there, reported it and they did nothing. That's the same for every other fake profile or pic reported.

Watch out for site bugs. Here is one for you:

Women are free but men have to pay for membership. I paid for 3 days premium. Within an hour I had gone through the 5 or 6 childest steps (Are you sure you want to cancel? Really sure you want to cancel? Really, really sure you want to cancel..?) to cancel my membership yet after 3 days it took £30 from my credit card. I reported this and was told to report to another e-mail address. I send to them, they reply but their 'reply' address doesn't actually exist so you have to copy/paste the original address to send them. They never gave me a refund but I got my own back as I reported them to the credit card company as a fraudulant payment & they were being investigated for it. UpForIt is run by easydate which is run out of Glasgow, Scotland. Be warned and never go near this site ever

Ask AN about UpForIt

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