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Categories: Dating
Emile Braunplein 18
Ghent, 9000, Belgium

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New Reviewer

this website should be free for all, so that all the person can use this website,,,,,,=======================================================================
helps consumers find trustworthy online businesses and avoid scams. SiteJabber was funded in part by a grant from the US Government's National Science Foundation and was named a top 100 site by PC Magazine.
helps consumers find trustworthy online businesses and avoid scams. SiteJabber was funded in part by a grant from the US Government's National Science Foundation and was named a top 100 site by PC Magazine. helps consumers find trustworthy online businesses and avoid scams. SiteJabber was funded in part by a grant from the US Government's National Science Foundation and was named a top 100 site by PC Magazine.
helps consumers find trustworthy online businesses and avoid scams. SiteJabber was funded in part by a grant from the US Government's National Science Foundation and was named a top 100 site by PC Magazine.

Tip for consumers: helps consumers find trustworthy online businesses and avoid scams. SiteJabber was funded in part by a grant from the US Government's National Science Foundation and was named a top 100 site by PC Magazine.

Ask mahboob about Twoo
New Reviewer

This entire "service" is malware.

If you make the mistake of giving them your details, they will email everyone in your contacts, asking them to join twoo. Viruses and phishing scams use the same tactic.

Stay away from these evil people.

New Reviewer

These guys charge you without your consent. They save your card details even on their website even if you use it once. Please be aware and do not use the website. They are frauds. Its a complete scam

New Reviewer

This site is a total cluster$#*!. When I signed up, I had tons of glitches and issues on my app and on the regular website. I would put my information in and it would come out entirely different. On top of that, I just wanted to poke around and see if I could connect with people on a platonic level, so I put that I was seeing someone and that I was looking for friends only but these ridiculously thirsty guys came at me left and right that completely ignored what I said on my profile even though the info is right there in the window as well.

Even after I told them I was taken and not to bother, they would still pester me, want to see my private photos without even saying hi (only one verification photo), assume that because I was on the site I was unhappy in my relationship (nothing could be farther from the truth), or otherwise were just a ton of shady losers trying to find an American wife.

I so far have only been talking to 2 guys who actually seem "real" and know how to speak to a woman who isn't interested in anything romantic with them.

This site is also a messed up experience for a woman because it seems that there are a lot of fakes on there. There was this idiot once that wrote me and then started demanding to see my pictures, show my webcam and even give him my number! I don't owe anyone I don't even know all of that. Ends up of course he wasn't too bright and let someone scam him out of $15,000, so naturally when I had my guard up from all his probing, he accused me of being a "fake" woman, LOL. If you're honestly likely to get hosed for that amount from a dating site, then you should seriously reconsider being on one. I am definitely a REAL woman, but I'm not giving my pics and phone number to someone who I don't know from Adam and said all of 10 words to me because he was swindled.

Ultimately, I wasn't even trying to make many male friends anyway, but the females are even worse in some regard. Half of them wouldn't reply, the other half seemed braindead. This really must be a lowest common denominator site and I'm certain that I've lost IQ points by even joining. At this point, it's just a timewaster for me. I'll keep talking to the few cool people I've come across but everyone else is just a waste.

Guys: If all you can say all over again is "U BEAUTIFUL" and "HI BB" and "I LIKE U" when we haven't even had a full conversation, stop wasting my $#*!ing time. SPEAK ENGLISH with me or don't speak at all. And then ones that say "I WANNA MARRY YOU". Please take a long walk off a short pier and drown. People like you make all of these sites miserable experiences and keep perpetuating the stigma that anyone on an online dating site is desperate. Well, I met my current guy on a MUCH better site, so there's still hope out there......

New Reviewer

It seems that many people are having the same problem!! I never heard of this site before and then started getting emails saying I had messages and people wanting to meet me and checking my profile! So I went to site and sure enough, there's a profile with my age, pictures of me, etc. I tried to deactivate account but it just ignores that and acts like you are updating your account!!! I have no idea how to rid myself of this stupid site. I guess the only way, for now, is to change my email address. I won't receive emails anymore but still don't like that there is an account out there with my name on it!!!

New Reviewer

Who the $#*! gave them permission to send me an email or use my facebook profile. If they can read this, remove it from my email,

New Reviewer

How do I get off. It just appeared, took my facebook details etc...
I don,t want it. . However I can,t delete it. Could anyone advise me please.?

New Reviewer

This is the worst social networking site I have come across!!! Looks like most of the profiles are forged....I took a membership and started sending messages to members who matched and were looking for the kind of age and profile I had......U do not get a reply from the members and the twoo team tells u that there are others members who might be interested!

Recommendation : This site is cheap for subscribing as a the they attract maximum members at a low cost....low margin but high they make money.....My recommendation is to stay away from this far as's a 'No value for money' site put up by few money minded morons!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I am so pissed off with this site, don't know how they got my email address and suddenly I was a member with this bloody site. And I cant even delete my accounts or unsubscribe. I have reported as phishing so I don't have to see their bloody email.

New Reviewer

NO STARS is best review for these CRIMINAL SPAMMERS! Never used their blatant website yet they keep on spamming all my email addresses with utter impudence. My lawyer sent them a legal letter.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Started getting daily emails about "my profile" out of the blue, never having heard about this site before. Clearly they have bought or stolen my information from somewhere. In either case it is an obscene violation of my privacy. People making money off this are criminals. I suggest everyone who has been victimized by this spam machine to contact any cybercrime authorities and media outlets they see fit. I want to see this piece of s*** run down.

New Reviewer

For some reason Google lets their spam emails through my spam filter even though I've always listed them as phishing attacks let alone spam. Thus I think Google is profiting from this scam somehow.

As for others and their 'email' addresses, this is why smart people use addons like donottrackme and maskme because it lets us go anywhere and still be social and deny even the NSA's illegal PRISM division their data mining.

New Reviewer

Sends fake email saying somebody wants to connect, or they like you. Half the women are not from the USA even though their profiles show they do. I think these "women" are using the site to phish!

New Reviewer

got the spam in my work email. some guy named steve sent me a message. don't know the dude his ugly pic was there, looked the company up on wikipedia. data mining site, prob got my email from linked in, facebook, so I dumped both, facebook is a joke anyway but if scum is finding me via google gmail or facebook, just dump those and block these guys. the so called founder looks like a slimeball anyway. read all the reviews. nothing bu bad stuff

New Reviewer
2/8/14 purchased my identity & used it to create a fake profile to growth hack their website so they can lay claim to having 24million users. This has happened to millions of other people. "Users" never signed up or gave permission for their details to be published on the website. Additionally users that never logged on to the site had their gmail contacts spammed & customer support blamed the users for "accidentally" doing it themselves.

My personal information was purchased from ChipMe which was an app that I gave permission to access my Facebook profile. They mined my personal details & created a "profile" which I asked them to delete. I received a support ticket that it was gone & everything. Several months later acquires ChipMe and again published my personal information to a "profile" with my geographic location, age & a photo stolen from Facebook - However they change my marital status & list me as "looking to meet men." I received emails that men have viewed my profile etc.

In order to delete this "profile" I must have a password so an account must be created in order to DELETE this "profile" - that's OUTRAGEOUS. This sort of aggressive violation of privacy should be illegal and probably is.

New Reviewer

Apparently a nephew of mine sent me a message on this site.
Did he? I don't think so.
How stupid can people be in pursuit of monetary gain?
Just look at some of the made up reviews too.

New Reviewer

I had the same experience with this site!
Got my contacts mailed! When I noticed I immediately wrote their helpdesk. Turns out because I clicked 1 connect button I gave them the permission to invite contacts!!
I don't care if I click 100 times, you don't just go sending mails to my contacts withouth asking me if I'm sure each time! What if I clicked by accident???
Of course they were covered by the terms and conditions. They deleted my contacts after I complained.
Don't import your contacts and if you did, ask them to delete them!
I'll be fair, the site is ok to chat, and they reacted fast when I complained (this is the only reason for 2 stars) but this doesn't justify the spamming.

New Reviewer

Terrible site. Site administration has access to all personal contacts in my email. In addition they send a letters on my behalf to all my contacts. I do not think that it is legally.

New Reviewer

Thieves, tugs! Beware of these mother$#*!ers, they manage to steal at least parts of your address list and poison your life. $#*! you!

Expert Reviewer

@Team T.,
☛ Why are you using a "5-Star review" to give replies to reviewers who had a problem with the websites service?

☛ This makes other users such as myself, reply to You with 1-Star reviews just to ask why you wrote a 5-star review-reply!

☛ Kinda makes one want to poke around the website...

(•ิ_•ิ) Why are you here trying to justify your Mass Email Spamming by Harvesting Users Email Address Books and Spamming Their Contacts???

(•ิ_•ิ) Always remember the basic rules about Spammers:
❶ Spammers always Spam and lie about not doing it!
❷ If a Spammer says they aren't Spamming, see rule 1.

☛ Here is my 3-2012 review of your website on some of the other review sites.
Spamvertized STOOGE Site. Spam Distributors | Mass Email Spammer. Part of the Spamming site.
- User beware. Do not become their next victim.
- Do not click on links found in spam e-mail or these websites and become their next victim.
- Site has Ethical issues as it creates Fake uses when sending their Spam.
Common illegal and deceitful practices include: forging the email header, forging the “To” and "From" email address, omitting or "munged" the email "To" address and obscuring the website/domain URL (obfuscated the HTML links) to HIDE their true web address from Spam Filters.

New Reviewer

I like Twoo a lot. It's so easy to meet new people, and they have a great iPhone app, so I can use it anywhere, anytime.

New Reviewer

Responded within 12 hours to my problem. Great support and site with far less fakes than anywhere else. Can only recommend it.

New Reviewer

A great web! User friendly. Lots of very cool people there. If you have an issue, you write to their helpdesk and they get back to you fast, always nice and eager to help! I can only recommend. Met a few friends there! Thumbs up for this web.

New Reviewer

Love it! I've made some fantastic friends there.
Realy helped me make new friends when I moved abroad.

New Reviewer

I've met my girlfriend there so I can say that it works :)
At first I got curious because I got invites from friends and soon realized why - the site offered free account upgrade if you invite friends.
If you read what it says and not just blindly click everything on site it's really easy to avoid importing/inviting your contacts.

New Reviewer

Scum-sucking spammers. I've never been to this site, had never heard of them until their spam showed up in my email inbox. I'm quite clearly not in the market for their product (I've been married to the same guy longer than the geniuses who work there have been alive, most likely), I am curious as to who exactly gave (or rather, sold) them my email address. That would be useful information.

New Reviewer
12/1/13 does not respond to requests to delete your profile, and does not respond to requests to unsubscribe to their endless emails. I have attempted to delete my profile on three separate occasions, spaced apart by several days each, and every time says that they have deleted the profile. But if I follow the same unsubscribe link I used to get to the site (btw, the only link by which I ever visit I find that my profile is still listed as active. You could chalk this up to bugs if it hadn't been happening for years now.

Fraudulent and malicious spammer website.

New Reviewer

The F... spammer have somehow stolen the contact list of my sister and suddenly I get a "private message" from her as we were together at the Granny's birthday. All her mail contacts have reported that they have got it too.

These are criminals and nothing else. I'll consult my lawyer whether I can organize troubles for them.

New Reviewer

TWOO Is A $#*!ing Spamming Machine !! don't give ANY details

out of nowhere i started getting endless friggin' emails about this, that & the other person who want to befriend me, bla, bla, $#*!ing bla ….

people i had NEVER heard about, i NEVER gave them my email address & i've tried unsubscribing umpteen times to no avail - they just totally disregard it & keep sending their garbage over & over & over…..

if i had any of the people responsible within reach i would slap them to kingdom come for the $#*!ing aggravatio

New Reviewer

i've no idea how it works, i just wanted to stop receiving invites to join from complete strangers and friends. I can say i receive spam from this site almost daily. At first i'd no idea what was this about but as soon as i open the email my antivirus blocked it so i got suspicious and deleted the mail. As the months went by and i kept receiving this damn spam emails almost daily even after reporting as spam in gmail i decided to investigate and found so many people in same situation and even worse... i just hope someone take action against this site and their methods ...

New Reviewer

Most of the girls profile are fake. They talk to you nicely and finally they say they are from Guyana, "father or mother died recently", "unable to pay school fees" or something similar talks like this, I think there is a racket functioning behind this. Don't fall for it.

New Reviewer

They imported my data from somewhere and created a profile with my photo and name. I suddenly started receiving requests from guys (probably fakes) for contact - that's when I found out. Deleted the profile and hope it doesn't appear again. Stay away - it's a scam.

New Reviewer

It is an invasive & immoral website to lure you into letting your wallet loose. What kind of networking website charges you even to say 'hi' to someone,let alone trying to meet new people.

New Reviewer

I agree with getting a hold of email contacts. I saw a girls name, cool I thought as looking to make friends in area mainly other females. Then saw my mechanics co, Sears, lol, my daughter. Glad I didn't join but wish there was a site just to meet and make friends local. Sites as such deter people nor should a pic matter when you simply want to meet, not date.

New Reviewer

I was on the site for well over a year. Today, I got two emails from people that I had invited them to the site. Both people were in my Gmail contact list, and of of them was also a Facebook friend. Suffice it to say that I did not knowingly give my permission for this to happen. It is a site to meet "friends." Maybe you don't want everyone to know you are looking for "friends." I know I didn't.

New Reviewer

Twoo uses dishonest and despicable practices including inappropriate use of your email contacts to lure *victims*, er, I mean "members" to their site. Once joined up it soon becomes clear that you are being ruthlessly exploited for any cash you are foolish enough to part with. The whole site design has nothing whatever to do with facilitating relationships - it is solely geared towards tricking you into paying them. A total scam - STAY AWAY!!!

New Reviewer

How the f*&^ck do they get access to all my email contacts. I do not ever remember subscribing to them and all of a sudden I am receiving emails from them telling me to connect with people already in my gmail contact list . what the f$%ck!

New Reviewer

I accepted a friends request thought it was like Twitter. Now I am on a datingsite with Facebook photo's. One of them is cropped and my partner was on it and cut of. That is not so nice. I wonder who can do this and how. Cees.

New Reviewer

CAUTION - Beware the pop-up window which says 'Connect'!

So you click through the website trying without luck to find a feature available for free and this malicious software somehow gets access to your email contacts.

A pop-up looking like it's from Twoo appears saying '493 people are waiting to connect with you on Twoo' with a big green 'Connect' button. You click on it and a moment later realize the pop-up was from gmail. Twoo has just sent invitations to all your gmail contacts asking them to join you on Twoo (dating website) i.e. your family, business contacts and everyone whose address is stored on your gmail.
What's worse is it will keep spamming them until they unsubscribe. It even sends emails to addresses like etc.

I complained to Twoo, their response was rubbish. They said recipients could unsubcribe at anytime. This feature has been complained about since 2010. Be careful with this malware.

New Reviewer

I keep getting repeat invitations to join, from complete strangers who use my private (confidential) email address, not my published one. Totally suspicious of them. How can they be stopped?

New Reviewer

Appallingly invasive. Similar to another reviewer I joined via Facebook now impossible to leave. Inbox immediately flooded with pics though I never stated my gender choice. Discriminatory. Bunch of bloody amateurs, no consideration of privacy, looks like I got contacted because it had access to a friends contacts.

New Reviewer

I am using this site for 5 months or so and has improved a lot since. The free experience is annoying as you never know which link will invoke a payment page. After seeing them too much, and still using the service, you pay (I started 2 weeks ago- i know i'm too soft for this). I really love the site and especially the people on this site. Have been travelling a lot and you don't get the same kind of people in each country (at all). Also use the mobile version on my Android phone and works really well.

New Reviewer

This site abuses the privilege of trust, treads lightly over the line of propriety as though it has a right to abuse privacy in the name of ambition

New Reviewer

TERRIBLE SITE. SO INVASIVE AND SUPERFICIAL. HATEEEEE IT. No customer support. Can't delete my profile because I logged in with FB and now all my info from FB is on display to this f.......

New Reviewer

Great site if you're looking for new people in your life. Quite cool application and community.

New Reviewer

Dont bother, its a scam, full of fake identities, and teasers throwing web links. They send you false emails saying you have messages, or somebody likes you etc, but they are just scammers with fake id's, or in some cases, there just isnt any messages, absolutely fraudulent.

Apprentice Reviewer

Ok so in retraction of my previous review of this site I suggest people stay away, Yes the site looks nice and works quite well but and this is the crux of it Its far from free, You get an upgraded account just for signing up then after however long it is and without warning that status is taken away and you have to pay an extortionate amount to get it back which is really not worth it, I could carry on with what makes it worthy of such a bad review but I will leave it here for all to see and decide on what they think is best.

New Reviewer
10/4/11 is a nice website. You don't have to pay if you don't want to. For now the people i spoke to were always friendly and polite. The site is very simple to use and the matching games are cool.

New Reviewer

The site is full of slappers and fake id's and it's trying to pass it'self off as being a Brand..? it's charging money for silly things but thousands of profiles have no pics and they block you for no reason?

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