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New Reviewer


Will take the advice of a previous reviewer and go directly to local network sites to watch previously aired episodes. System restore may be necessary for many sites that slow your computer down if all else fails.

New Reviewer

I was lead to believe it was free. I now have a menu I want to get rid of - it's taking up valuable space. Total annoyance.
Save yourselves - you can do better. And should you be foolish enough to bother with it, be prepared to have to deny, deny and deny again, the system trying to blanket "" across everything and get rid of your decent menus.
Anyone else loathe this crap?

New Reviewer

I am a British TV fanatic and this site didn't seem to have any British TV shows on it. It is easy to use and had a lot of american tv shows I like. So will probably use it again when I get a chance. Anyone know of a good site (besides You Tube) where you get watch British TV shows (preferably for free!)?
I'll do a more thorought review of TV Fanatics after I have a chance to use it a bit more.

New Reviewer

I have been watching "Once Upon a Time" at so to compare the website experience at, that's what I chose to watch there. Instead of launching an episode player, it went to a page where you are to choose between watching the episode at U-Tube or at Why bother? Why not just watch it at the network site? The only ads at ABC are for their other programs. TVFanatic had product ads and no episode player. Both sites offer information about the series and about each episode, reviews and a place for viewer comments. I prefer the network site. Less clutter and fewer clicks to get what you want.

New Reviewer

Dont confused this site with the scam site called televisionfanatic. TV fanatic is a great site and better than other portals out there. Better because you don't need to give your email, create an account and give away your first born to join, all you do is go to the site and click play and you can watch your tv shows. great site and I don't know why more people don't go here rather than all of these bad sites I see here on SJ.