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79 reviews
800 California Street 3rd Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041, USA
Tel: 650-318-0000
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1 review
5 helpful votes

Out of 3 offers I completed all worked so I'm happy, saved me some $$$

Ask Andrzej about TrialPay
1 review
5 helpful votes

I completed an offer with Discover Card going directly through an affiliate of their site. I completed all the steps and was approved, but I never got my special rewards for signing up that they promised. I contacted them and the affiliate many times, and then they didn't contact me for about a week. I decided to email them again, after which they said, sorry, but we don't think you used our site to get your rewards. I told them I did, and they said basically no you didn't so you get no rewards only after another few days of no responses. NEVER TRUST Trial PAy because they are horrible on their records and customer service.

Ask Anna about TrialPay
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

I deposited €10 into their offer and didn't get the credits.This is what Kelly from customer service had to say "unfortunately it appears that your offer completion attempt isn't listed as eligible for credit"

Funny that as I used the referral link, made a new account and deposited money as per their guidelines. Avoid trialpay it's a pyramid scheme and also avoid Primeslots. Crooks!

Ask Engin about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

TrialPay is like an online variety of cancer; what ever you do to fight it, it will always win from you. They change the rules of the game as they go it seems. Avoid this company at all cost!

I completed paid offers correctly but TrialPay refuses to meet their promises. Very disappointing. Their customer support is useless, not only do they not tell you WHAT you did wrong making it impossible to check if they speak the truth, but when they get tired of you showing them proof they simply ignore you!

I am doubting if I am even banned since all TrialPay-urls give an error recently. In one word: terrible terrible terrible company. Sorry that were four words, one word would not begin to describe how terrible they are.

Ask Luke about TrialPay
1 review
3 helpful votes

I can understand what everybody is saying about how the customer support is (ok well bad) I have experienced such times too with this company. HOWEVER! I contacted their customer support, they said it had not confirmed. I was very much sure that I had completed the survey that I was doing. So I sent them another email, and then they gave me the game credits out of good faith. For that, I am giving this company five stars, (I had waited a week for it to be confirmed) I still got the in game credits at the five stars.

Ask Michael about TrialPay
4 reviews
34 helpful votes

Conditions are all over, not consolidated in one place and it feels deceitful. My offer was a gift certificate with an Old Navy purchase. I planned to go to Canada to see family and wanted to shop there. Before registering a card, I read everything on the site how the purchase worked and all the conditions applied. It didn't say I couldn't shop in Canada, just go to any Old Navy store. So, I registered a card. A couple of weeks after the purchase I was back in the US and wondering why I wasn't getting the gift card. I checked FAQ on the web site, the section why the transaction didn't work. It reiterated the same conditions I'd already read many times... Then it mentioned the email I received after registering the card. I found the email, it reiterated again the conditions... Then in the end, there was a link to "other conditions". I click on it, voila, here it says I can only shop in the US... Why wasn't it possible to provide this info BEFORE registering the credit card? I could've decided not to go for this offer or not to shop in Canada.

Ask Julia about TrialPay
38 reviews
109 helpful votes

Worst company EVER.
I've tried to use them a few times over the past couple of years, and each time was a big digital F-U.
Tried to do a few of their offers, one I even paid for, but because the site added a promocode, something I couldn't remove, they give me the big middle finger. I email them about it, they said WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO? Well, how about stand by your effing product and site.
Will never use them again.

Ask Danae about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

They are mediocre. I got into a long winded discussion with a merchant because of TrialPay's guerrilla tactics. Put in a complaint with the BBB. They need to know about TrialPay's antics.

Ask Orianna about TrialPay
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have used this service for several years as a developer and only had one complaint (the guy didn't like that he had to buy something to get my software - games should be "free" I guess). I've also used them as a consumer - got a $99 piece of software for the price of $39 sun glasses which came as advertised and were good glasses. Not sure what all the hate is about.

Ask Lennard about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

I had an account with them as a software developer (a merchant account then). When people purchased other items a license of my software could be selected as a prize and I would receive a few dollars for that.
Since sales were rare I asked Trialpay to pay me the balance of approx. $50 to my Paypal account and cancel the account. Request it 3 times and never received any answer from them. For me Trialpay is a total scam organization. Keep a distance from them.

Ask Ted about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. I signed up through Trialpay's netflix referral. In this, they were supposed to give me $15 ebay bucks (ebay's reward cash) for signing up for a free trial of netflix. However, when I signed up, even after roughly a month, they failed to give me my promised "bucks". I emailed ebay, trialpay numerous times, and called netflix multiple times.

*Warning, Trialpay has no public customer support # as far as I'm concerned, which is very suspicious.

**Note, this is the same review I posted on

Ask mike about TrialPay
3 reviews
9 helpful votes

Why a one star? Well I do the free offers and that is part of what they do since they are paid by the advertiser and one of the issues I have is if basically you can prove 100% that it happened, they can say you didn't anytime they want. OR if you are doing a survey to get credit and are half way done, they can say oops on your 10th question you no longer qualify...really? It didn't say anything about qualifying, what it takes to qualify or they get 10 questions which in itself is a survey and enough for companies to pay for and for all we know everyone doesn't qualify, there is no way of knowing, so you did the work, gave them a ton of info and they can just say just wasted your time stupid!

Last but not least, there is no customer service so don't bother. It only works on a simple error. Anything major you are out of luck and they just send auto-scripted emails over and over, never answering questions...only saying and I quote (and this is all you will ever get)
"you must follow the instructions and complete the offer as per the full offer terms of completion. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but as it is left to the discretion of our offer partner to establish the requirements for completion and customer eligibility, we are unable to credit you at this time.
If you would like to receive additional credits, please return to our checkout and select an alternate offer to complete. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know." So basically the "partner" can say I am doing a survey and on the 20th question (after I get all the info I need) the 21st question will say how old are you, and if they enter anything less than 200-years old they don't qualify.

So my suggestion, use them and roll the dice, get ripped off, I told you so and don't waste your time with customer no service.

Ask Tony about TrialPay
1 review
0 helpful votes

Completed the offer from Netflix and as I expected, there was no "instant credit" of the free movie tickets offer. Complied with their request for proof of purchase and still nothing. They are just a scam.

Ask Darrell about TrialPay
1 review
2 helpful votes

I linked to a site called and spent my last $30 on an order of chocolates for my girl on Valentines day. The link from gaming site promises 190 game credits to be funded instantly upon completion of a $19.99 order. Nope. I got zero, zip, nada, zilch....Then I read the TrialPay reviews on here and am now worried I got hustled. It's only been a few hours but if they DO come through with my game credits, I'll update my review. If they DON'T give me what they promised....Well....I'm only 40 miles from their office in Mountain View, CA. I wonder how they'll respond when I'm standin' behind the CEO in the parking lot.

Ask Michael about TrialPay
1 review
5 helpful votes

I don't know what everyone is complaining about. If your offer isn't credited, email them at and they will credit your offer manually. Sometimes, like all affiliate systems, offers aren't successfully tracked.

That said, TrialPay is only the "payment" gateway of a site. If you don't receive the software/product you ordered, that is not TrialPay's fault (assuming the offer was credited as intended), but is instead the company's (whose product you are intending on getting for free) fault for not providing.

Just as if you paid by PayPal, TrialPay is not in charge of your product's delivery.

Remember, TrialPay's motto is: "try or buy something you want, to get something you need, for free". The thing you "want" is the TrialPay advertising offer you are completing. It's important to note that this may not be free. However, the free part is (contrary to most people's understanding) that you get the product you need (the software for example, that you didn't wish to pay for) for free, sort of as an incentive or "thank you" for completing the free OR PAID, TrialPay offer.

I have used this many times. It always ends up saving me money. If I need godaddy hosting, for example, I find a site that supports the TrialPay checkout to get some software for free, just for buying some Godaddy hosting (one of the TrialPay offers). If I want to unlock my phones, I go to (moderators, please remove the link if you wish. I'm just making some clarifications using genuine implementations of the TrialPay system), for example, which supports the TrialPay checkout, to get a free unlock code (to use the phone with any network worldwide).

Hope that clears things up... They are not a scam in any shape of form.

Ask Heith about TrialPay
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

Trial pay "just said no" but when I emailed them to say I was filing a complaint with the NY State Attorney General & the Federal Trade Commission that they engaged in deceptive practices they wrote back the next day & gave me a registration code to Winzip.

I had signed up for Netflix to get Winzip for free.

Ask George about TrialPay
1 review
2 helpful votes

Have done 4 offers over the last week non worked... spent about £80-£90 wanting credits on my game still have not recieved a single reply from them i met EVERY req i always check i meet them. Im going to take further action soon i have not had a single reply to any of my emails they cannot even do that.

Ask Jamie about TrialPay
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've used trialpay on occasion since 2007. In the early years, they fulfilled their promises and delivered the software flawlessly upon completion of the offers. Recently I put in an order for book collector software "" and when I did not receive my order I contacted trialpay.

The responded that I was using two different accounts (complete bull) and that I was not eligible to receive the product.

I think they are losing money and ripping off their customers. Stay away, far away. I think we should just pay for the software directly to the good companies that create it.

Ask Pete about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

Like everyone else here I also got pulled in by their promises of free merchandise. I signed up for an offer for netflix and never received my free items from trialpay. Due to this I am contacting the Attorney General of California's office. I suggest that everyone here do the same. In addition, file complaints with the FTC and Better Business Bureau! That is the only way to stop online scam sites like

Ask pissed about TrialPay
1 review
4 helpful votes

This website is a scam. I completed an offer, followed all instructions and requirements, and was still not credited. I sent in a copy of my receipt to trial pay's customer service and they basically said that they can not confirm my purchase. They then suggested that I contact the company to obtain more information about my purchase. The company's customer service is not helpful and doesn't get back to you within the time frame that they promise. I will not be using this website again and cannot recommend it.

Ask Dexter about TrialPay
1 review
3 helpful votes

Used it, completed offer, received unusable code to
Contacted TrialPay and was brushed off to contact acts as if they don't know, and the whole "free" thing originated from their site.

Aviod both companies

Ask Richard about TrialPay
1 review
3 helpful votes

Lousy customer service. I emailed them in regard to a concern I had. They brushed me off. I replied and got the exact same brush off.

Ask sarah about TrialPay
1 review
6 helpful votes

Ordered bouquet from ProFlowers on Cityville site and was suppose to receive game dollars through Trialpay. After not receiving the game dollar credits I submitted my purchase receipt and was emailed back: "Unfortunately after reviewing your order details, the team at ProFlowers has determined that your purchase did not meet their requirements to be considered eligible for credit."

I then emailed back asking what requirement I failed to meet and received this response: "I understand your frustration and I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused; however, at this time we are not permitted to credit receipts for ProFlowers unless we receive notification of a valid completion from our partner. Again, I am sorry we cannot be of further assistance in this matter but please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns."

ProFlowers delivered the bouquet yesterday...Trialpay has been very polite and prompt with their replys, but answers or results from either regarding the advertised Cityville $? None. Would not recommend TrialPay or ProFlowers after this experience.

Ask Suzan about TrialPay
1 review
5 helpful votes

SCAM! Signed up, got no responses and no free software they advertised. AVOID Trialpay and anyone that uses trialpay!

Ask Bo about TrialPay
1 review
5 helpful votes

Well, I decided to renew my domain registration via GoDaddy (via a trailpay link) on Facebook. Did everything to the letter, but the Trailpay just showed a "view", not a purchase. Emailed their support my confirmed receipt from GoDaddy. Received confirmation that they got it one day later. Two additional days later, they email back that GoDaddy said that I didn't meet the terms of their offer.

I emailed Trialpay back that they've now SCR%$%d me as the terms of the offer prohibited me from using any coupons AND that I had to be a new customer. so, not only did I NOT get what I was supposed to for my $30, but it cost me more $$ than it would have to accomplish the same task WITH coupons.

Ask Dan about TrialPay
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have had a very bad experience with TrialPay. I signed up for TrialPay and completed an instant offer (Free Credit Score for Fandango). I even got the immediate email confirmation from F.C.S. However, TrialPay still insists that this is an "Incomplete order."

As directed, I submitted to you a support ticket with the details of the FreeCreditScore email, and went to find another offer but was again unsuccessful.

Having had such a bad experience, I decided to check the Better Business Bureau for TrialPay, and found that they have received only TWO stars (out of five) through BBB TrustLink (see and My brief search on the internet also turned up other reviews of TrialPay which are even less favorable.

Although I failed to read the reviews of TrialPay before becoming a customer, I hope that any potential business partners and advertisers will not make the same mistake and thereby frustrate and alienate their customers.

Ask David about TrialPay
61 reviews
259 helpful votes

I have used the services of TrialPay to obtain licensed version of Roboform, Trillian Astra and Kinoma Play for my mobile. Completed the offers they required ( most were just signing up to a service ) and received a free licensed version of the software I wanted. No issues so far.

Ask sky about TrialPay
1 review
2 helpful votes

Beware - Offers Not Lived Up to - I used this site to ostensibly get a free one-year subscription to PCTools virus protection. Under the terms of their offer I completed a form to get USA Today. That subscription went through, but when I tried to go back to Trial Pay I was unable to log in to confirm that I had met the requirements. I sent Trial Pay an email and they sent a reply with a link - and guess what - it sent me to a page that says I haven't met their requirement. Again, no way to enter the subscription confirmation #. I am complaining to both PC Tools and USA Today about this. Anyone contemplating the use of this site should be warned. Based on what I have seen so far I am reconsidering even buying PC Tools through regular channels since they apparently haven't screened this site (Of course, there is the distinct possibility that they may be unaware of this scam). I'm also canceling my subscription to USA Today and informing them of what's going on.

Ask Craig about TrialPay
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