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51 reviews
Categories: Forum, Message Board, News
Palo Alto, California, USA
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1 review
2 helpful votes

This is a site that has no interest in moderating its forum or the content posted. Seriously,it's a magnet for every sociopath, lowlife criminal to post their illiterate comments while hiding behind a false name. Most comments are not only lies, but they are insanely defamatory,cruel and malicious.Why would any reputable company allow such filth to attach to their site for comments. It really has just become a site for trolls to terrorize their victims while ping ponging insults against a business or an individual. Honestly, I pray for the children in this world as it has become a S***HOLE

Ask Julianne about Topix
1 review
4 helpful votes

full of obscene, unsavory comments posted by racists, those seeking pornography, are lacking any education and seem to all come from areas in rural W. Virginia and Mississippi. No point to it other serving as a forum for uneducated haters/those looking for pornography.

Ask bj about Topix
1 review
3 helpful votes

The whole problem with Topix is that people think it's real and it isn't. They will start a forum, as an example I will use " I'm moving to (insert town here), is it a good area or how are the schools? The problem is EVERY town mentioned has gone from good to basically a ghetto. They and try and do this early on when the town is changing so the people who live there or did live there get into a online argument with the new residents. They occasional troll post and people go at it. Here's what is going behind the scenes. Topix started the forum and will occasionally fuel the fire. The more traffic to the site, the more revenue they generate. Basically they start most of the inflammatory forums, when the comments die down they will troll it to start it back up. I have looked the Chicago suburbs and have counted more then 20 of these forums. "I'm a single mother and was thinking of moving to (insert town going downhill here), will I be safe? All towns that are turning or have turned, not one affluent suburb. Basically we are supposed to believe that nobody talked to a realtor and a forum that is mostly trolls are the ones you want to give you advice? You aren't moving because it's closer to work? You just decided out of the blue that you want to live there for no real reason. I have known about the trolls for quite a while but believe me if I was going to shell out probably the most money that people will ever spend in their lives, Topix is the place to ask? Just how dumb do they think the public is? The funny part is pretty dumb because people will argue for years which equates to site traffic which equates to revenue through advertisement. Don't fall for this scam site. It's basically just a business that pretends to be a legitimate news site. It attracts a lot of trolls who don't work for Topix but have nothing better to do. A social network for adults who live in their parents basements.

Ask Bob about Topix
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I started here a few months ago and absolutely love it! I always feel welcome by both the staff and the kickboxers...even though, I couldn't do a push up to save my life at first. Everyone is so supportive as you go through your fitness journey. Can't say I'd think I'd be happier anywhere else!

Except maybe in bed in the morning instead of burpee-ing my ass off at 7 or 7:45 am!

Ask Anita about Topix
1 review
3 helpful votes

I posted a comments on news story on the Topix Nursing forum about foreign nurses displacing nurses who were American citizens with the link to the news story in question. The News Story was from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston stating that foreign nurses were displacing American nurses.My post was removed. I assume that it was removed for political reasons and because some believed that it was not politically correct.My post had no defamatory material in the same. There is a high probability that sexism was involved as I am a male and the forum is predominantly female.

Ask CV about Topix
1 review
6 helpful votes

The WORST forum I ever went to was on Topix and it was for a health problem.
Some jerk created an account with one name and posted bossy and inflammatory posts, criticizing people for what they were asking, why, just really acting like a NUT. Then he (I think it was a he) posted under multiple names, but you could tell it was the same person because of the wording of the rants. Turns out he was booted off another medical site for being a jerk. This forum had people needing to exchange ideas about health issue, so he was a real detriment. Stay away from Topix, that's the best advice I have. A

Ask Sunny about Topix
20 reviews
48 helpful votes

Meh, they want to talk about Obama and Romney, but you should know that I hate politics so much. I can't stand with their stupid IQ. Therefore, stay away.

UPDATE 6/11/2014: Full of "Patriots" and paranoid schizophrenic people. Not again would you visit these deranged chumps.

Ask Bene about Topix
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

It's a place for trolls. There's no point in using it. You will never get a serious answer if you ask a question. It is AWFUL!!!

Ask Kimberly about Topix
5 reviews
15 helpful votes

Never in my life have i encountered a website so racist as topix. I got called the n-word among other inflammatory comments made to me. There was also a guy with multiple user accounts pretending to be hundreds of different people. Also, some of my posts and messages were deleted for no reason at all. But the worst i experienced at topix was the disheartening questions other members would post. Finally one day i just couldn't take it anymore, i decided to just leave. Though there was no feature to close my account.

Ask Walker about Topix
3 reviews
9 helpful votes

An absolutely trashy site that's only audience is those who love to gossip, libel, and harm other people. It has no appeal otherwise. There is very little actual news on there, just a group of cowards who post people's names, usually post a bunch of lies, and then try to destroy their reputation and the company justifies it. There is not a worse,moralless, evil site on the internet.

Ask Katie about Topix
1 review
3 helpful votes

Straight no bull$#*! tell it like it is NO political correctness. Got to love it!! You can hear the real voices of people on this site, good, bad, or whatever. No moderation per se!!

Ask dan about Topix
1 review
4 helpful votes

A site that appears to have no interest in moderating it's forums and the content posted on them. A magnet for every bigot worldwide to post their educationally subnormal, semi literate perspectives inciting racial, religious and gender based hatred. Companies choosing to advertising on Topix should declare their position with regard to the site and it's forums or make more responsible advertising choices. I rate it a zero.

Ask Kate about Topix
1 review
5 helpful votes

This is the most deadly website on the internet. It is nothing but pure gossip pretending to be news and is just a group of internet trolls posting lies about other people and attacking one another. There are countless pedofiles on the site and numerous drug dealers. When you don't even make people register, enough said.

Ask Edalene about Topix
34 reviews
49 helpful votes

This is a very cool site to get questions to answers, as well as find out about other peoples opinions on things.

Ask Scott about Topix
1 review
9 helpful votes

If YouTube is the eyes and ears of the internet, Topix would be the rectum and lower intestines. 100% of the people who have ever posted on this website deserve to burn in Hell. On second thought, these Topix members are so retched not even Beelzebub himself would want sick, degenerate lunatics like them dwelling within his domain. You will be dumbstruck at how horribly sexist, racist, misanthropic and evil this website is, it deserves to be deleted from the internet and the memories of all human beings. If you want to get a nice, unhealthy dose of suicidal thoughts, venture over into Topix and click on any of the discussions.

Ask Donald about Topix
1 review
3 helpful votes

topix is terrible.the worst site ever and i hate it there.there are these old and young interracial black women there who harrass and threaten the black men there.there is one named amelia sugar cocaine who tricked me into an online relationship with her and used my photos to blackmale me into meeting with her and give her money and perform oral sex on her.she still sent out my she follows me and bullies me everywhere i go and they wont do anything about it.

Ask tim about Topix
3 reviews
9 helpful votes

I support free speech as much as the next person but there are limits to everything and Topix is the most atrocious site on the internet. If it is immoral it is on Topix and the company defends those actions. Does anyone besides me have a problem with libel (which isn't protected speech) Does anyone have a problem with defamation (not protected)? Does anyone have a problem with children, including Special Needs children attacked on the site? Does anyone have a problem with people's privacy being taken? Does anyone have a problem with people's addressed being posted? Does anyone have a problem with illegal guns being sold and posted about on Topix? Does anyone have a problem with brutal racism? Does anyone have a problem with forums DEDICATED to drug use? Does anyone have a problem with pornography including discussions of beastility and other horrible porngraphic things? That is what Topix is, yet it claims to be a news aggregator. If they required registration and people posted their names it would be different. You cannot defend that website.

Ask Jolyn about Topix
1 review
2 helpful votes

This site does have it's faults, but it also tells the raw TRUTHS about some. Another example of a good thought ruined by man! I don't want it to go, bur hate to see it stay. I live in Jamestown,NY and had no idea my man was cheating and topix helped me discover this. I kinda have to think topix for that. THANK YOU!!!!

Ask Raymond about Topix
1 review
5 helpful votes

Profane and disgusting, home to the likes of people who deny the Holocaust and promote blood libels, call for the death of Muslims and Mexicans, filled to the brim with right wing social conservatists...many posting do not seem to know the concept of proper grammar or even what logic means.

Ask Anik about Topix
1 review
3 helpful votes

Horrible, gossip website filled with lies, hate and general bullying. Nothing but a bunch of hillbillies arguing about things they have no knowledge about.

Ask Nick about Topix
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Everyone who has reviewed so far has pretty much said it all. seems to promote shameless cyberbullying, racism, sexual harassment, and ignorance. The forum comments are rarely, if ever, moderated. Please consider an alternative.

Ask LAN about Topix
1 review
6 helpful votes

They don't let you remove your posts and if your unhappy with topic you are not aloud to delete your profile I went through random posts which shows people hating on othe people on religion and it even has underage boys seeking pedofiles it is really disturbing and i don't understand why you can't delete your profile or posts . They really don't care who gets hurt or offended it really is that bad

Ask Jayson about Topix
6 reviews
8 helpful votes

I really don't like this website. People post rumors about one another then the next day those rumors aren't "rumors" anymore when Sandy runs into Sally. Rumor or not this site is hurtful. I'll let the trolls and degenerates have their fun. Yanno even if something sounds sooo farfetched. It's hard to rule it out because it was said. Like seeing people talking about your love being "gang-banged".

Ask Joredon about Topix
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

I am appalled at how little the Topix management team seems to care about the content on their site. I am also appalled that even for those that try to avoid Topix like a root canal, if someone post something libelous about you, it goes out into the google search engined within half an hour and comes up looking like real news. This can destroy anyone's reputation while Topix makes a profit.

The company does not make anyone register for an account with a verified email address and a phone code and the moderation basically doesn't exist. The only chance of having anything removed (since Topix phone number goes straight to voice mail which tells you they know what kind of site they are running) is to use their feedback system which forces you go on their site and make them some more money and then you can a form letter email which is pretty much more advertising for their site.

The CEO of the company is constantly putting down journalism and taking potshots at newspapers and from what I read has even went as far as saying "speech is usually more important than the victim." That is a concerning statement because it shows no empathy toward anyone and basically means there is no intention to ever try and clean up the increasingly vile forums.

Topix is filled with hate speech, racism, sexism, stalking, child sex trafficking, libel, drug sales, and countless other immoral and illegal things. I am not sure there is a more destructive website on the internet.

Ask Christina about Topix
7 reviews
6 helpful votes

Our paper has ran stories about Topix in the past and after checking it out I was horrified. From what I read, Topix has said it is a news aggregator and community journalism site. I found it to be anything but. What I said was one insult after another and considering I knew some of the people listed on the site, I saw plenty of libel which is illegal. I quickly discovered the simplistic site does not require its users to register for an account which that in itself tells you how trashy of a site it is and they have to have one of the worst feedback systems I have ever seen. From what I read and discovered they only have five moderators for hundreds of thousands of forums and the moderators have been known to post on the site attacking users to increase ad hits. I am also very disturbed at the lack of remorse shown by the CEO of Topix. What really stood out to me was when the media goes after him, he has claimed they were doing all they could to cut down on the libel (yet you won't hire more moderators and won't even make users register, Riiiiiggghhttt) but then would go on Tech sites mocking those who were concerned with the content and the media. As a parent that scares the heck out of me. I have since learned there is a growing number of people that are very worried about this website and many communities have tried to pass ordinances about it. I also learned many states have been adopting cyberbullying laws and many of them have stated it is because of the complaints they receive regarding Topix. They definitely need to make some changes. There are some other sites that concern me but I have never seen anything quite like or as disturbing as the Topix website.

Ask Barbara about Topix
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

I have never seen a more disgraceful and distasteful site. There is so much cyberbullying and you can forget about any real moderation and they don't even make users register for an account before posting. In my area Topix is really bad and upon checking some other areas, theirs is even worse. With all the suicides going on someone has to get control of this stuff and I heard Topix is now adding a political site where there is no doubt going to be bashing of politicians families which should not be fair game. I have also read disturbing comments from Topix management justifying the harm of others. Avoid Topix at all cost.

Ask Winona about Topix
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

This site irresponsibly allows people to bully, defame, harass and cyber stalk others without any consequences. Requests to remove the comments are granted only sometimes but the bullies just put the comments back up.

I witnessed a horrible experience where a person by the name of Desiree Hill who lives in Las Vegas posted comments using the first and last name of her victims and even the business name of one of the people she was stalking. The worst part is that in her comments she claimed that it was she who was being stalked (but she did a lot of name calling and said a bunch of lies and put downs that made it clear that she was the stalker).

Google has some kind of deal with Topix where their topics come up in searches like almost immediately. So basically, she talked about these women's minor children and put up links to pictures and addresses and everything and only a few hours later it was up on google, like on the first and second pages of searches for their names.

Only a few of thecomments she posted were removed and other than just asking I guess that it be removed 100 times, there's nothing you can do but sit back and watch someone trash another person's reputation with lies and slander.

It was alarming to read that this has happened to many, many people in the past but the truth is none of this would be possible if would just put in place some small identifying measures, like requiring a valid email or phone number before a person can make a comment.

They also need to employ at least one person for every forum.

If they can't do that they need to be shut down. When I graduate maybe this will be my first case!

Ask Ben about Topix
9 reviews
45 helpful votes

This site is horrible. Full of racist,sexist & dangerous people. I never bother to log in anymore because I was once threatened by a middle-aged man cause I refused to give him my email address. This forum has no supervision at all...everyone can comment freely and explicitly, especially in the human sexuality forum...I thought I can do some intelligent discussions about sexual health but NO!! lots of perverts lurking there.....Stay away from this site!

Ask Kay about Topix
5 reviews
12 helpful votes

As a parent I have grown to realize as much as technology has enhanced our lives, in other words it has destroyed it. I am particularly concerned about a website called Topix. The first time I heard of Topix I wasn't sure what it was and did some investigating. I am shocked and appalled at what I have seen and read concerning the company and the attitude of the management. In forum after forum, people are having their reputations taken apart by faceless cowards and they don't even have the guts to post their name. Where I come from we call that being yellow. If you can't say it someone's face, you shouldn't say it. Even worse is the comments I have read from Topix management. For years they have defended their users and justifed not making their users register which tells you all you need to know about that site. It knows what it is a site of no redeeming value that is there for bullies to congregate. In fact it is known that some of the bullying has been caused by members of Topix own management to attract more posters. The forums are bad, really bad in many communities and forget about being able to contact Topix by phone. Recently the New York Times ran a powerful story and the damage of the Topix site but they were wrong about one thing. It isn't just a dark plaque in small communites but also is becoming a problem in larger areas. There also forums that promote racism and sexual immorality. Stay away at all costs and please tell your legislators to do something about this company.

Ask Peg about Topix
1 review
5 helpful votes

You need to gone this wiebsite and look at the blobs and topix forum and look for Alamo,tn to see what people are allowed to post on this siteabout people and their families. They have slandered my granddaughter very bad and they talk about her little baby son. This site has caused people to lose their jobs, get divorced,and cause trouble for everyone. Go on the website, type in Alamo,TN and look at what they say about people for everyone to see. The person I am writing about is Jamie Reed, which is my granddaughter and her son. My name is Carolyn Davison, 731-345-0840 and my email address is This is the only thing that is wrong with the the site but it is very disturbing, and I am not theonly one upset with this site,but i am sure everyone would file a complaint if they knew who to file with. We just need some help with this .


Carolyn Davison

Ask Carolyn about Topix
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have never seen a sicker more cowardly site. The company does next to nothing to put a stop to the sick posts that are all over the internet. They have stated they want to destroy journalism as we know and even called themselves the TMZ of the internet. There is a big difference TMZ actually researches things, Topix does not. It takes cowardness to a new level.

Ask Brice about Topix
4 reviews
13 helpful votes

I have never encountered a worst site on the internet and it is so easily accessible which should concern people greatly. The forums contain graphic language, things promoting prostitution, the selling of illegal weapons and drugs, and assaults on people's character. I cannot get over how bad many of the forums are and apparently more and more media are reporting on this dangerous site. There should be some kind of restrictions placed because what they allow on there isn't exactly first amendment stuff some of it is illegal as all get out.

Ask Brinny about Topix
1 review
7 helpful votes

it is a terrible site. lets u just say awful lies about ppl and u can not stop it. talks bout young kids. it is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask suzanne about Topix
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

go to to learn what you can do to help stop topix and hopefully have it either reformed or taken down!

Ask Deb about Topix
1 review
6 helpful votes

this website is nothing more than a place for slander. it has so far caused one of our citizens to commit suicide. it has degraded families, individuals ruined peoples jobs, torn apart families and caused so much mental stress on people. It really needs to be shut down before it can do anymore damage. The administrators don't have enough moderators and they simply overlook the trash on there as long as they are making money.

Ask Roger about Topix
3 reviews
9 helpful votes

I have always enjoyed the excitement of good debate and commenting on social issues, that is why I had some hope for a site called Topix. I quickly discovered that unless you enjoy attacking other people, using profanity, making racial slurs, and other horrible things, you don't belong on Topix. On most legitimate sites, a person goes through some type of registration and the comments are monitored. Topix will have none of that and I am completely convinced there is not a worse site on the internet. There seems to be very little good that comes off of the site and it has become a breeding ground for internet trolls to attack one another. Topix does an incredible job of drawing people who love to attack just for pure meanness and running off most good people who may want to comment on a newsstory. The site is about greed and I try my best not to do business with anyone who advertises on Topix.

What is even more shocking is media companies, Gannet, Tribune, and the McClatchy Group hold stock in this company, while often running articles talking about the dangers of cyberbullying and even occasionallly running negative stories on Topix. Because of this hypocrisy I refuse to buy any paper owned by any of those companies and I used to be an avid USA Today reader.

One other thing that scares me is one of their main advertisers is a dating site called There certainly is nothing wrong with posting an online ad, but did you know that shows profiles of people on its site on Topix without their permission? That means that a person's privacy is being invaded and this is unethical. A person did not pay to have their profile used on another site.

Ask Krissy about Topix
3 reviews
12 helpful votes

I have never seen a bigger abuse of the first amendment than this site. They claim to have news on their site but the bullying dominates any real information they have by a ratio in many cases of ten to one at least. There are constant daily attacks on people including kids which as a parent appalls me. The site now has a phone application for more cyberbullying and to my horror I have learned they are planning to start some kind of political forum/commentary. This should concern everyone after the incident in Arizona. Because they refuse to require a sign up and moderate their forums, this will lead to constant attacks on political leaders and more than likely threats to harm our leaders. This type of irresponsible behavior which is basically promoted by Topix, will only encourage a psychopath to follow out their threat. Listen freedom of speech does have its limits and when people are getting their addresses posted on that site or there are attacks on small children, it goes way too far.

Ask Rachel about Topix
1 review
8 helpful votes

I heard about this website from a co-worker. Out of curiosity I looked and was totally disgusted! I think it should be removed totally. It will eventually, if not already, destroy lives and families. Apparently there are no guidelines or restrictions. The people who "vent" for lack of a better word are hell bent on taking someone down regardless of who it hurts. I can see children and family members of the subject being brought into things that is beyond their control and tearing them apart just from what others will say to them. Please stay away from this site. It is slander and defamation of character in most instances. Put them out of business.

Ask Debbie about Topix
1 review
11 helpful votes

This company continues to allow lives to be destroyed. There is so much racism, hate, attacks on children, sexism it is ridiculous. That is what happens when you don't have any real rules. Wonder how many lives have been destroyed in 2010 (as the new year approaches) and how many more will be in 2011. There is no defending this site.

Ask Dexter about Topix
1 review
7 helpful votes

I think the information that came out about Wikileaks is a perfect example of why there has to be some internet reform. When people's lives are in danger then the first amendment does not apply. Topix has proven to be a danger to people with death threats, sexual predators, attacks on children and that makes it dangerous. There is a difference between freedom of speech and what Topix is.

Ask Stacey about Topix
1 review
8 helpful votes

There is no defense for Topix. A few people want to claim freedom of speech, but certain things such as libel, sexual predators, and other things is not protected. The site contains little moderation and stays in hot water with attorney generals. Generall speaking the site is largely despised but a certain group of people find joy in hurting others in many cases and then claiming they have the "right." New laws need to be formed concerning cyberbullying and Topix needs to do the right thing and hire moderators, require registration and stop claiming they are a news site. There is also a ton of racism that occurs and many people's lives have been destroyed. Topix also often sends many of their internet trolls on sites such as this one claiming to "defend" the site.

Ask Jessie about Topix
3 reviews
11 helpful votes

The site has managed to run off most people who want to actually comment on news because there is so little news and a ton of bullying, racist language..... Any company that has forums all over the place and doesn't require registration or police its forums is inviting trouble. Attacking other people is not freedom of speech and if anyone believes otherwise then you are basically justifying harming others. I am pretty confident that is not what the framers of the Constitution meant. The fact there are numerous anti-Topix groups popping up and websites warning about Topix and what they allow should tell people what they need to know. Apparently we aren't talking about an isolated incident but something that is plaquing thousands of people daily. I found the website Toxic Topix a pretty good source ( but there are some other resources as well. What is sad is even many of Topix own users want registration and they get ignored.

One suggestion I would make is if someone attacks on you on that site do not respond back. You are adding hits to the site and comments which is what they want (and the reason they won't moderate the site). Ideally you should just boycott all together. Messageboards are not a bad thing, but a company that doesn't police itself or require registration is going to become bad quickly. Topix started off a good idea and a few years later now is arguably the worst site on the internet.

Ask Fred about Topix
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Topix recently changed its terms of service to make them even more vague. Basically the company has admitted they plan to do nothing about the vast bullying and criminal behavior of that site. Topix gets worse by the day.

Ask Bray about Topix
1 review
9 helpful votes

This site is basically an opportunity to run ads for profit while people write annonymously about others defaming, hating, bullying, harassing and having those posts crawled by GOOGLE. Abused subjects of posts cannot get the posts taken down. Eliminating the $20 fee just dropped the companies desire to moderate their forums further. They auto detect some profanity but still are the platform for hundreds of abusive posts. The Attorney Generals need to do ALOT MORE than just what has been done (though it was an appropirate first step).

Ask Matt about Topix
1 review
15 helpful votes

Topix could have been a really good company and decided to go completely away form what they started out as. Originally they said they were a news aggregator. A few years later, they have managed to run off most good users and now it is nothing but a bunch of internet trolls for the most part attacking others. The company does not require registration and has forums everywhere, which shows a total lack of responsibility. Another suicide occurred recently over cyberbullying. Topix needs to reevaluate its company and do it quickly.

Ask Clay about Topix
1 review
13 helpful votes

Cyberbullying is out of control in this country yet Topix does not seem to care. Many of the forums are nothing more than people trashing one another. There are forums dedicated to selling drugs illegally and inappropriate sexual conduct. Many innocent children and citizens are attacked by cowards who do not even have the guts to post their names. The site does not require registration and has very little moderation. The attacks on people are brutal and vicious and the company is without ethics.

Ask David about Topix
65 reviews
160 helpful votes

Really interesting opinions on really interesting topics. Pretty intellectual approaches to issues like gay marriage, offshore drilling, and health care reform. Visually valuable with a count of which users oppose and support the issue, along with an associating map.

Ask Monica about Topix
1 review
11 helpful votes

Topix is disgusting company that makes money off of people being libeled. The forums are unmoderated but for some reason this company is allowed to commit a criminal act. Libel is illegal but it happens on Topix everyday. Attorney generals are after this company but all they do is ignore the law and the government. It is unbelievable this company is not closed down.

Ask Fran about Topix
1 review
11 helpful votes

This is the most disgusting site on the internet. The forums are unmoderated so libel occurs and they make a profit off of it. Teenagers are often attacked, innocent law abiding citizens are often called pedofiles, accused of drug use, and if you are a Christian prepare to be offended because there are some disgraceful things said about God. This site is completely disgusting and something should be done about it.

Ask Brad about Topix
1 review
11 helpful votes

that it is not for the good that wat get posted is goin to get people hurt it just causin drama and if people start gettin hurt they goin to blame the website

Ask erica about Topix

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