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Tobi reviews

139 reviews
145 Park Ln
Brisbane, CA 94005
Tel: 415-287-1450

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New Reviewer

Tobi customer service is CRAP!
They request from customers things they cannot provide since banks in the world do not work as they work in United States.
I wont buy from them again!!

Tip for consumers: Do not buy from this site

Ask NINOSKA about Tobi
New Reviewer

I am very pleased with my purchases from Tobi every time I place an order. There were a few instances where I had to return some items but did not run into any problems returning the merchandise. The money was always returned to my credit card within 3-4 weeks. Some people mentioned that the material is cheap. You get what you pay for. Of course, if you get a $20 shirt it will not be high end quality. I got a few dresses/shirts and loved them. Last time, I tried returning a dress I could not print a return label. I e-mailed Tobi and got a response within 20 mins. I was advised that there is no return label for international purchases (I am from Toronto and the merchandise comes from San Francisco). Overall, great experience and no trouble!

New Reviewer

Unlike everyone else I had a great experience with Tobi! My order was shipped the day after it was placed and it arrived 2-3 days later; exactly as the tracker said it would. All of the things I ordered was there in the correct sizes and good condition. I am 5'2'' and 108 pounds and I fit perfectly into a small. Of course the maxi dress I got was too long but its nothing a little sewing can't fix! Overall quality is great and I will definitely order again!

New Reviewer

I´m from Rio, Brazil and the first time I bought clothes from this store I payed the shipping because I wanted to get my stuff before I traveled and eveything arrived perfectly in ONE WEEK. I don´t recommend anyone from Brazil to buy as much as I did because the taxes were ridiculous, it cost about the whole purchase and I bought a lot of stuff, but these taxes I payed had nothing to do with the store Tobi. I did have to adgest a romper (because it was too long) and I could have gotten an XS on maybe two items but it´s nothing that a belt can´t fix. The seconed time I bought from Tobi I had the stuff delivered to my dads hotel in The U.S. and funny that the stuff I bought the seconed time around I actually thought they could have been a little bigger once I saw them but when I tried them on I liked how they fit. No need to say that I love shopping at Tobi but only with the 50% discount code. I wouldn´t have payed full price for any of the items.

New Reviewer

I would give them ZERO stars if I could. I spent 100$ on their site and hated everything. I bought some sandals that cut up my foot and I've been injured limping for two days now. I emailed them and returned everything they said they would give me store credit and never did.
The clothes is cheap material from China. Don't waste your money here you're better off buying clothes locally

New Reviewer

I've ordered from tobi 6-8 times. Every single time my order has arrived within 3-4 days (and I live in the East Coast). I love their clothes and everything has fit me great, except for a maxi dress that was super long but that's because I'm 5'1. I don't know why people give tobi such bad reviews because I've never had a bad experience and I love all my clothes from there.

New Reviewer

I had a return and couldn't get their return label to print. Tried time and time again. They wouldn't respond to the 3 emails I sent them. VERY FRUSTRATING. Finally they responded and said all emails were going into spam. Was that my fault????? And why didn't the return label print. After a lot of waste energy they gave me in store credit. As if I want to shop there again.
Stay away from them. They are very unprofessional. And a lot of their clothes are stiched lop sided.

New Reviewer

This site is full of lovely clothes and new clothes are added very often HOWEVER I ordered a dress for my birthday because I loved the look of it and it took ages to arrive. When I finally did receive it, I was happy with the dress but then I wore it for my night out and within the first half an hour of wearing it the zip broke!!!! I couldn't fix it so was walking around with my back on show and felt stupid and embarrassed, it ruined my whole night as it was my birthday.

New Reviewer

They first shipped the wrong order.
The right order came 5 days late and I had to return the order they messed up.
Then the clothing didn't fit, the dress I ordered was sooooooo short not even tunic length and it was advertised as a mid thigh length dress.
I return the order...again.
A month after they received the return... I have not been refunded.
TOBI has the WORST online shopping experience.

New Reviewer

I bought a dress from Tobi and I am super pleased with my experience. Honestly I was a little scared considering everyone's terrible reviews but my package got here SUPER FAST. I ordered it on a friday I think and it was shipped to me by that following Wednesday. My dress is fabulous and there's nothing wrong with it. I will definitely shop from tobi again!

New Reviewer

I never write reviews but I got to say..i feel bad for anyone attempting to buy from this site and be hopeful they will be happy with their purchase. Not only did the promo code not work, but they canceled my order without my authorization. Dealt with one idiot after the next and gave up

New Reviewer

Took me FOREVER to deal with a MISSINg delivery from Tobi.
Took me FOREVER to get a refund.
Recently realized that they DIDN'T REFUND the full amount. Absolutely ridiculous and illegitimate.

New Reviewer

I ordered from here despite the horrible reviews because I LOVED one of the dresses. Everything came with free two-day shipping and the quality was better than I expected. Everything fit will and nothing was oddly short. One of the items that I had ordered was out of stock, but I received an email letting me know.
Be sure to read their size chart. Compared to other companies their clothes run small, but the clothes are accurate to their sizing.
Also, if you don't REALLY look at the pictures, you are more likely to be disappointed. By really looking, you'll be able to tell that a sweater isn't going to be as thick as you imagined, etc. (you can also look at the material).

New Reviewer

I've never experienced an unprofessional site such as this one. I ordered two dresses, was charged for two and only received one. I emailed their help address expecting to receive some cooperation and no response from Tobi! It's been a week. Won't be shopping with them again.

New Reviewer

I've ordered from here a couple times. My stuff always comes within 5-6 days. They once sent me the wrong size in a dress I bought, I emailed them and received a response within literally two minutes; they sent in a request to ship me the dress in the correct size and gave me a prepaid label to return the wrong dress. I wasn't charged anything and they were very apologetic. I'm not sure why all of these people have such bad reviews but their customer service was awesome and quick to respond.

New Reviewer

I ordered two dresses online before reading the reviews, and seeing all the negativity scared the crap out of me. However, the experience wasn't terrible, but definitely not the best. I used their 50% off promo code which worked just fine. However, about one or two days later, I got an email from them telling me that one of the dresses I'd ordered was actually out of stock. This means that the item was up on the website for days after already being out of stock, something apparently a lot of people have to deal with and that is definitely and issue they need to fix. I told them it was fine as long as they didn't charge my card for the extra dress. I noticed one of the dresses I ordered had come back in stock in the mint color I wanted, so I asked them to change the color of my dress since it hadn't been processed or shipped yet, and I got a prompt response from a lady who said it was no problem. A day later I get a notification telling me that my items have shipped, and I realized they messed up. They had added on the same dress in a different color so I was getting two of the same dress, and being charged for them both. WRONG. So I emailed customer service and they apologized and said I'll just have to return the extra item when it arrives and they'll credit my account back, and gave me an extra 50% off code for my next purchase. My package came on time, and the dresses were fine, but I do think their sizes run a little bit small. Normally XS is my best option because I'm pretty tiny, but this one was a little snug.. something I never have an issue with. I decided to keep my dress anyway and ship back their mess-up, and less than a week or so later I got a confirmation email from them, and soon after my bank account was credited.
I don't think the clothes are terrible quality, but I don't think anyone should EVER pay full price for anything on there, they are pretty much worth their 50% off price, so you are basically paying full price. It is quality similar to F21 honestly. So all in all, I think their customer service was fast through email, but the lady messed up. They are trustworthy, but they need to get their website fixed so out of stock items aren't still being listed. And unless it is 50% off, everything definitely is overpriced. Be careful with sizing -- I do think it runs just a litttle bit small.

New Reviewer

It really surprises me how many people had such bad experiences with this site. I bought fifteen items of clothing and received the package in less than a week. After opening and trying on all of my new clothes, I found that I needed to send back four items due to size issues. I emailed the help address on their website and within 24 hours had a response answering my questions. After sending the package out and waiting a few days, I emailed once more to be sure that they had received my returns and, again, within 24 hours I had an extremely pleasant and informative response.

As for people complaining about the quality, I personally feel that I payed a fair price for the items I received. As it was my first time shopping on Tobi, I was allowed 50% off my total purchase, leaving each item of clothing to be about 25-30 dollars... About the same as I would spend at a store such as Forever21.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and will definitely shop there again.

New Reviewer

I hate this website!!!!!!!!!! Sure, a lot of their clothes are cute. But when I applied my promo code to receive 50% off my order, they only took off ~36% WTF!!! That is such a random number. The promo code said "50% off entire purchase." It didn't say anything about exclusions. Soooooo sketchy. I ended up paying $10 more than I was supposed to.
Secondly, the quality of the clothes is horrible. So not worth what I paid for. For their high prices, I would imagine great quality. But I guess I was wrong.......
Also, their customer service sucks. There is no phone number so you have to communicate with them through email, which is not very effective when you need urgent help.
This website deserves to be shut down! I am never shopping at tobi ever again!!!!!!!!!! and I am warning all of you to not shop there either. You're better off shopping at forever 21.

New Reviewer

I have only had one experience with this site and it was a lot less than ideal. After several days of frustratingly trying to purchase several items with them dotting in and out of availability as I waited for responses because my 50% off code was not sent through. I had several problems with the pages redirecting me for no apparent reason, and was told that items I had purchased were out of stock and would not come back (via CS email) only to have them reappear and deal with adding, rechecking the site etc. They then refused to send me my 50% discount until I had connected through facebook - except that i already had so that was not an option. Again I got automated responses and eventually all my items in the bag were out of stock before tobi had even had an actual person respond to help me. There was about 5 or 6 emails I sent them during this time, everytime only receiving automated responses and a "how was your experience?" response which is all the more annoying.

The customer service was very poor and clearly automated, so I was already quite frustrated however I went along with another try at purchasing anyway. Upon using my code and having the items sent out I found they had not applied the discount and I had been charged in full. These were items I only wished to purchase because why not when they are half price. When I emailed this I was advised to wait until my purchase arrived as some of the items cannot be returned?

It took a long time to receive my order and when I did the quality of clothing was very poor. All items were size smalls but some looked about 2 sizes too big for me while others were incredibly tight. One jacket was not even there! I was very happy with the pants I ordered though, and one of the cardigans was ok. I enquired about returning the other items about a week later and about my money back for the discount refund.

As it happened, the pants I loved were such poor quality within a month they had disintegrated and looked so sloppy I could not wear them. Sadly, not realising the limit of time I had to return the item (due to the long wait to receive them but also I take a partial blame for not thinking about this sooner). Because of the time between they refused to allow me to return items which is understandable. I therefore requested a refund on the discount they gave me which didnt work (it is worth mentioning this was about $100USD it would have saved me, if not more) and about refunding me for the item they had forgotten to send (a $66 trench coat).

I received a response simply saying that unfortunately due to the time frame they could no longer accommodate missing items. but "Thanks so much!!" although it had been several weeks since the return policy had passed I had mentioned this item immediately upon receiving my package and it was not followed up on by them. They refused to refund me the trench coat or my 50% discount but gave me a $66 store credit to use and (i am presuming) I could use the 50% another time.

I was already frustrated by that experience (which was last year). However I saw a particularly lovely dress the other day and my store credit would cover the costs, so I enquired as to how to retrieve my $66 store credit while making my purchase. To this I received an email saying as 9 months had elapsed since then my credit had expired - I was never told it had expired and I wasn't exactly rushing back to buy more stuff after last time, so because I had not found something else to buy so quick I was denied my store credit too.

Appalling site to buy from, I saw where my faults were (i.e. I should have followed up more actively on refunds rather than thinking mentioning it once or twice would be enough) but I faced every single set back. The two clothing pieces I liked hardly lasted at all, and all the rest sit in storage unused because nobody wanted to buy them once they realised the quality. I spent over $300 and it was the worst purchase I have ever had.

New Reviewer

I recently bought a dress from Tobi. As it was my first purchase I got the 50% off. So the $46 dress I received was only $23, I was stoked. I could have easily fit into a medium but went ahead and bought a large because I'm pregnant and I'm starting to show. I also like how they tell you what the fabric is made out of so I was more keen on getting this dress because it had some spandex in it. I bought it on a Friday and received it in my mailbox on Wednesday. Quick shipping, no issues whatsoever. I will definitely be buying from them again. 100% recommend!

New Reviewer

I was deeply disappointed with my experience!
I wish I had read reviews before purchasing!
I'm just glad I didn't spend more money than I did,
Material was cheap horrible quality and I ordered an AUS/UK size 10 and it barely fit my petite size 6 sister.
Plus one of the shirts I wanted was removed from my order without my knowledge, I wasn't charged for it but i only found out when my parcel arrived with a sorry note and a cheap necklace to try make up for it.
Tobi looks like a good website, but I'm telling you as a very experienced online shopper to steer clear of this site, i was dragged in by the cheap pricing and 50%, and essentially I got what I paid for.

New Reviewer

I've previously ordered from Tobi and had no problem with it. However, the most recent time I ordered, I opened the package addressed to me only to find someone else's completely different order inside. After a few emails with the TobiCare team I discovered that they would not send me my package until they had received& processed the one that they had mistakenly sent me. About 2 weeks later I FINALLY got the right package in the mail. Low and behold, majority of the stuff ran too short/small so I needed to send over half of it back. By the time Tobi received my return package their "30 days past original shipment date" return policy had expired and they sent my shipment back to me. I was not even allowed to Exchange the items that were still in stock for different sizes. This is over $150 in clothes that don't fit me and I have to keep because Tobi penalized me for their mistake. I will NEVER order from this company again.

New Reviewer

I made my first order with Tobi about 2 weeks ago. I finally figured out how to activate my 50% off so I figured that I would give it a shot. My order arrived promptly. However, the quality of the clothing was deplorable. I really could not believe how cheap the material was. I got everything half off and still felt ripped off. I can't imagine how I'd felt if I had paid full price ($61 for a maxi dress in cheap t-shirt material). Also everything ran super SHORT. I am not sure if Tobi is a petite specialty site, but I am 5'8" and both of the short dresses I ordered failed to cover my lady parts. The maxi and midi I ordered stopped awkwardly short as well. I have returned 3/4 dresses. The only reason I did not return the last one is that it was a final sale clearance item. I plan to give it to my friend who is of similar build, but is shorter. The website reflects that they have received the returned items and my account has been credited. Unfortunately, that money has yet to hit my bank account. Maybe that is a delay with my bank/debit card. Hopefully the money will post soon. I will not shop with Tobi again. I think I will stick with ASOS. At least their items are accurately reflected on their site.

New Reviewer

After reading so many terrible reviews, i was terrified (i'd already ordered a dress). To be fairly honest, nothing went wrong for me! I live in Australia and it came a week before i expected, it fits great (not much support in the chest area but easily sorted out) and i really can't complain!

I'm so glad nothing went wrong and i hope everyone has as much luck as me

New Reviewer

So the reason I gave 4 stars was because I first ordered a pair of bell bottom pants on Friday night and over the weekend they became out of stock, then Monday I find out my order has been canceled due to it not being in stock and I got an email from a representative and they were very informative and answered me quickly. So I saw another pair of pants I liked the Avant Garden Pants and decided to order them because I still wanted a pair of bell bottoms. I ordered them on Tuesday and my order got processed so quickly and shipped through USPS First Class Surepost or whatever and it actually came on Thursday (4/3), today. I live in New York and the package came from California so that was so quick! I recommend ordering from this site, especially because of the 50% off and the great items! I love the pants and just tried them on and got them in a size S and they fit perfect (I am a waist 27 usually). Anyways A+!

New Reviewer

Terrible site, ordered for the first time and will never again. I bought clothes from them and then when they arrived I washed them and one of the tags leaked onto all my whites, explained it to "tobi care" and they said since it was washed they couldn't do anything about. Terrible Service, would not recommend.

New Reviewer

I ordered 5 jumpers/cardigans some months ago because I needed some warm clothes. They arrived after a couple of weeks (I live in Italy) they were just like they looked in the photos on the site. The quality is not the best but it's totally worth the price! One of my jumpers especially was AMAZING quality! I have been using them for months and I washed them quite a few time and they are still in perfect condition! I am going to be able to wear them also next year and the following years :)
Also I ordered a chunky silver necklace and that was maybe the only disappointment cause it was very light and almost felt like plastic.. But again: for the price you can't complain, can you?!

New Reviewer

I ordered something and they said they had sent it, but then several days later received an email saying they had canceled my order because they didn't have it in stock. Deeply disappointing.

New Reviewer

I have ordered twice from Both times the sizing was accurate to what I wanted and it was shipped on time - no problems. My only concern is how cheap and poor the material is used. I tried my skirt on for the first time and the zipper broke. I ended up having to spend more money to get a new zipper put on. Although it was $35 with the 30% off, it was still too expensive because of the poor quality. The dress was poor quality as well.

New Reviewer

One of the best shopping experiences I've had online. After joining the site, I got a discount code which brought my total to under $30 for a great pair of flats. They arrived literally 3 days later and were exactly what I expected. Can't wait to shop again!

New Reviewer

I really like this site, I ordered during the 50% off store wide sale, so of course I ordered a few things. I spent about 200$ between 2 different orders I placed. The first one only took 3 days to get to me! 3 DAYS! I was super excited of course when I saw it at my door! I was a little hesitant and worried because of all the bad reviews but I noticed that the majority of the bad orders/reviews were from over seas. I reside in the US and can say the quality was what I expected, it is comparable to forever21. Which I'm okay with because during the sale that is around the same price I paid for my items. I would order again, but only during a sale. Some of the items are a little sheer as others noted. And I ordered two jumpsuits which looked incredible on the site of course, they are the same as in the picture but again, not amazing quality. The fabric is just "bleh". But I can say I got what I paid for, not bad but not the best. The hems are good, no loose threads or weird off-putting seems like others noted. I can say I like the items I received but again, not my fave.

New Reviewer

Would not recommend - Very horrible experience ordering with Tobi. I ordered a dress and it was extremely poor quality. The dress has a see-through band that goes around the waist, and it doesn't even line up at the front! I did not want to pay to return it so I will have to keep this dress or spend more money to alter it.

The clothes may look cute online but don't be fooled, they are very low quality. I recommend you spend a little more and go elsewhere.

New Reviewer

Reading the reviews of this website I was very unsure of buying anything. However taking advantage of a 50% offer I purchased 1 item. Although stated on the website there may be a "small" charge for handling I thought it's one small dress so it would probably be no charge or a very small one. £12.50 I now have to pay on top of what I paid for the item!! This is a massive con and a complete rip off! I don't want to risk not paying and my item not being refunded so I feel I have no choice. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this awful site! This dress better be worth it when it arrives!

New Reviewer

I don't usually write views for anything, but I'm making the effort to with this because I'm so appalled at the items I received.

I ordered a playsuit from the site and on opening the package, the zip came broken. After paying a huge customs charge (which i was unaware about as tobi does not make this clear on their site), I now have to return it and wait for my money back.
In addition to that, the shorts I ordered don't fit me despite me being a size 8 on bottom with a tiny waste. I just about squeezed into these high wasted shorts, so if you do for some ridiculous reason decide to order from this site, air with caution and order a size above WHATEVER YOU DO. The sizing is completely wrong.
I also bought a bodysuit which i'm unable to return as specified on their website, but again the sizing was wrong and the neck hangs well below my chest.
After spending about £100 including the customs charge, there is only one top which I want to keep.

I really do not recommend shopping on this site- I stupidly didn't look at the reviews before purchasing, but as you can quite clearly see, a LOT of people have had similar issues. Save yourself the money and hassle!

New Reviewer

I received my order today. I am in the UK and it took just 12 days to arrive with standard free shipping which is great! Three out of six items are great, the other three not so much! I will list them here:

Aubrey Twist top - lovely!
Play Hard top - quality thinner than expected but love the print and shape so I will wear it
Lone Wanderer sweater - ordered this in both colours. It's not great, unfortunately. Probably suit a shorter person better, it just looks wrong on me. Quality is fairly poor, wonky stitching etc
Harlow tunic - I love this, it's like an open knit sweater and drapes nicely
Studly Greta tunic tank - again this is ok, I think I ordered the wrong size so won't be able to wear it

I ordered at 50% off with free delivery so I suppose I got what I paid for. Would I order again? No I wouldn't. I would much rather pay twice the price for better quality. It would not make sense to return the items I don't want as I paid customs fees and would have to pay international postage. I'll give them to friends who might get wear out of them.

New Reviewer

I was really worried and nervous to order stuff from this site because of the horrible reviews but I did it anyways and I'm so happy I did! I ordered my products on Tuesday afternoon and received my package on Friday.. my products we're exactly how they were in the picture and were what I wanted. I absolutely love this site and I would recommend shopping here! Can't wait to order more from this site :-)

New Reviewer

I ordered many clothes from this website after seeing it advertised through Facebook, I was waiting about three weeks only to receive a notice saying I have been charged £14.75 for delivery money the other side has not been paid and a customs charge of £8.00 - I am absolutely appalled and have just contacted Tobi asking for either a refund or them to sort this out!!

New Reviewer

I had no problems at all with TOBI, the package arrived within 1-2 weeks (which I expected). I had to contact customer service to get them to change the size of the dresses I had ordered and that was no problem either.

New Reviewer

Long story short - I bought a hoodie last week and never heard anything from them. I checked my account yesterday and it said they were processing my order. I check my credit card and it was charged so I assumed they were preparing to ship my order.

Today, I checked on my order again to see if a tracking number was up and to my surprise my order was cancelled. No email or notification what so ever. The item I had ordered was out of stock. Yet my credit card was still charged.

I immediately emailed their customer service and they respond by saying they don't have any orders under my email and if I had used a different email. They were unable to provide any help whatsoever and basically told me they couldn't do anything.

I had to call my bank and dispute the charge. Never again will I order from They are the worst online clothing company., if you ever read this, here are some suggestions to improve.
1. If you cancel an order a customer makes, please CONTACT them and let them know.
2. And don't charge them if you have no intention of shipping them their order.
3. Better customer service. If you make a mistake, fix it. Don't tell your customer "there's nothing we can do."

New Reviewer

So I ordered from this site and was freaking out after I read the reviews but I was pleasantly surprised. The clothes arrived very fast however they did remove 2 dresses from my order without any notification just by changing my order total on the site but after I emailed the customer care they got back to me super quick. Though the money hasn't been returned to my account they assured me it would be soon. And as for the clothes they were absolutely awesome and they sent me a free necklace for the dresses taken off my order and gave me a code for another 50% off my next order. So all in all I'll definitely be buying from them again. If you haven't yet you should give this site a try the clothes are so totally worth it

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Terrible customer service! Been waiting over 2 weeks for my money back!
They have no contact phone number! You can only email them and receive automatic responses. So ridiculous!!!! Hire more people Tobi!

New Reviewer

This website doesn't even DESERVE 1 star. Their customer service suck so much that makes me really mad. Also, I ordered small size dress and they shipped me medium size dress and returning an item is so complicated. By the way, on their website, their clothes 'may' seem good quality but when I got my dress, it looked really cheap the quality of the dress was REALLY REALLY bad. Don't ever shop here.

New Reviewer

They have fast delivery but the return service is horrible, I return the same day I received the items in the mail. I tracked the return and they received it within a day I am located in the same area of the where house . But so far its been a total of 13 business days and still no credit of return to my account. I order from a lot of companies online and I have never seen any take this long to process a return.

New Reviewer

I decided to try this site because of the 50% coupon they sent me upon signing up after I had looked at their stuff and decided I liked it and wanted to place an order. I didn't have any problems with shipping or missing items as some people had said, however, every single piece of clothing was like getting exactly what you paid for. It was cheap and nothing fit correctly. I'm a thin person. My clothing size doesn't really change from brand to brand. I ordered a blazer with sequined sleeves and no where in the description did it say 3/4 sleeve, however it fit me that way. I had several problems with my other items as well either being off color or not fitting properly. None of my items turned out to be anything like what I saw in the photos online. Of the 7 things I ordered, I only kind of liked one of the tops but ultimately decided to return everything because keeping 1 of 7 wasn't worth it given the quality of my overall order. I do not recommend this site.

New Reviewer

This was my first time using this site and despite all the bad reviews I decided to give them a chance anyways. I shopped here during the 50% off site-wide promotion and received a confirmation email listing everything i ordered. However, when i received my shipping confirmation email, i noticed that two items were missing. Now, I read this in previous reviews about items being dropped from your order, so i went back onto the tobi website to double check. Long and be hold both items were still available to be ordered in the size and color i wanted. I sent a email to the help desk and she never offered to ship those items back to me. I also noticed they didn't apply the 50% off coupon, doing the math out, they only took off about 36%. After emailing the help desk again they inform me that there are certain brand exclusions to that promotion. This was not mentioned before nor does it state what brand the items are when you click on the description. On top of that, it was 50% entire order when i applied the coupon code at checkout. I advise everyone to check order totals when using promo codes if you do decide to shop here. I will never shop on this site again regardless of how cute some of their clothes might be, because there are better places out there that will be less of a hassle.

New Reviewer

I ordered a shirt that I'd been checking up on every day because it had been sold out for weeks. When it was finally available in the color I wanted and my size, they sent me the wrong item! I didn't mind the confusion as much considering it seemed to be a popular item, so it seemed understandable that there was a slight mixup. What really pissed me off was the fact that when I returned it, and they refunded me, they didn't refund the shipping! I don't think I'll ever shop there again considering that.

New Reviewer

OK, I am obsessed with this site. Super trendy clothes, abundant selections, always a sale, FREE SHIPPING right now (no minimum order). The models make the clothes look better than they probably actually do but, isn't that the point? Anyway, I have placed probably around 7 orders through this site within the last 6 months. I can pretty much always find something to buy. Everything is smelling of roses BUT there are some pretty annoying flaws. 1- If you order an item that says it's in stock, it might not ACTUALLY be in stock. Not only that, but NO ONE will communicate to you that the "such and such item" is not available despite the fact that you did order it, and it will mysteriously disappear from your order. That being said, you won't be charged for it but the fact that it is dropped from the order without acknowledging the costumer is irksome. 2- I have received a damage item before and they require you to send in a photo when you receive said damaged item. Kinda annoying. It's like hey I just received a damaged item and now I have to do work to let you know that you sent me crap?!

Other than that, I love the clothes and will shop again. Just be on the lookout if an item vanishes from your order! Hey TOBI- maybe let us know if an item we thought we bought was out of stock? K thanks!

Happy shopping everyone.

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Good site. My order always comes in 2-4 days, the quickest shipping of any online shop, not to mention the shipping is free! The clothes are all decent quality, and there are always sales. I do suggest, however, to only purchase basics, sweaters, cardigans, bralettes, jewelry, etc--things that aren't too fitted. I have tried to purchase fun, tight dresses or wild tops and they are never very flattering to me or my friends. Wonderful costumer service as well, any questions I have are answered quickly and thoroughly. Easy returns/exchanges, too. Overall a good site to shop from.

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I ordered a dress for my friends wedding, even paid £20 extra to have it delivered in time (2 weeks), for the first 5 days my order was 'processing', then I get an email telling me that my order has been cancelled because they don't have it in stock, now it's less than two weeks until the wedding and I still have nothing to wear, fabulous. Why sell it if it's not in stock, and why did it take 5 days for them to find that out!? Don't order from this site, it may go right sometimes but according to the majority of these reviews, most of the time they're just useless, and not worth the hassle. Should have listened to the reviews on here!

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