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Review of Tara-medium

Tara-medium reviews

221 reviews
Unit 2605, Island Place Towar, 510 King’s Rd, North Point
Hong Kong

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I will report her to the ACCC as I live in Australia so she/ he can't picket any more money from people. (in 118 reviews)


My free reading kept saying my luck will change on the 27th of August this year. (in 49 reviews)


I have received the same word for word message you got from tara medium in August. (in 17 reviews)

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1 review
3 helpful votes

SOOO Amusing...... You know it's funny that i am finding SO Many of your "Personalized Special Reports" or "magic rituals"... You know if this is the way you and your company do business you should at least change your emails up so that they don't match.. I am such a fool for believing this... I am a much stronger person then you are making me out to be.. Your lack of optimism is disturbing.. Because it's all about the money isn't it?? How will it benefit you? People are down on there luck, and looking for a little guidance and all you can do is tell them it would be impressive if they could figure it out for themselves?!?! WTF!!?!?! You need to stop feeding on others emotions and letting them believe that you can truly help. You give psychic's everywhere a bad name. I would like a FULL REFUND.

Ask Sabrina about Tara-medium
1 review
7 helpful votes


Ask DOROTHY about Tara-medium
1 review
6 helpful votes

I received an email from Tara, and decided to be not sceptical. I paid in the $39 through my credit card. A day later I received a "reading" from her.

As I read through this reading, about how to activate the magic square, I thought to myself that its not in my nature to be secretive to my family as this was a requirement about this magic circle.

On the 3rd day I replied to her email, and asked for a refund. And guess what, I did received my money back to my credit card.

As I sit here and ponder, I really think that she is not a scam

FYI- am based in south africa

Ask Boi about Tara-medium
3,870 reviews
4,640 helpful votes

☞ How to determine if you were correct to purchase from a "Psychic" website:

☞ Consider using the "Magic Lucky Square", it's used to show your cosmic purchasing mindfeel!

☞ While the Magic Lucky Square" may look like a normal square, don't be fooled, it has magical powers that should be seen!

☞ You can conduct the "Magic Lucky Square" ritual yourself, all you need to do is...

☛ 1. Preparation:
- get 4 wooden popsicle sticks (the straightest you can find),
- get 1 black marker (fine point),
- get 1 plain white sheet of pager and cut to 4-inch wide by 1-inch high (size matters here),
- get 1 mirror, any size that stands, larger the better,
- get 1 12-inch ruler (wooden is better).

☛ 2. Setup:
- in a well-lit room, seated at a table,
- place the 4 x 1 inch paper strip on the table right in front of you,
- to the left of the paper strip place the black marker,
- to the right of the paper strip place the 12 inch ruler,
- above the paper strip place the 4 wooden popsicle sticks in the shape of a square,
- above that place the mirror so you can see directly in it while seated,

☛ 3. Activate the "Magic Lucky Square":
- take the marker and write the following letters in Caps (block lettering) on the strip of paper (exactly as shown),
- turn strip of paper up-side down on the table in front of you (lettering facing down),
- place a check mark directly in the center of the strip of paper,
- rotate the strip of paper to the right till the check mark is up-side down (do not turn the paper strip over),
- place the paper strip in the middle of the wooden square,
- now place your thumbs on the ends of the strip of paper and "slowly close your eyes",
- using your index fingers slowly pinch the strip of paper between your thumbs and index fingers,
- "Slowly" raise the strip of paper to the center of your forehead,
- say "Magic Lucky Square Did I Make The Right Choice" 2 times and "Slowly" open your eyes and gaze into the mirror...

☛ Your cosmic purchasing mindfeel will now be reveled!!!

Ask Mai about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes

Yep! I suckered for her $79 reading. Nothing matched MY life or dreams! I read all the reviews and requested a refund. She wrote me and said she had no record of my email or payment but could I "prove" I had, indeed, ordered a reading. I sent her the reading , record of PayPal payment with all identifying numbers. Now waiting for her reply. Definitely NOT on the up and up! If she doesn't respond, I've promised her a write up on Facebook!

Ask Thelma about Tara-medium
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have to report that Tara to her word, has now repaid every penny that I ever paid her, without question. The important thing , if claiming refunds, is you must list the payment details for her, and then it is done within a very short time.

I have found her services very helpful, and she may have done lot more for me, than I realise. I just do not agree with all the promises of winning sums of money.

I do believe that somewhere there is still a genuine medium, but she should change her method of operation.

Tip for consumers: Keep proper records of payments.

Ask Paul about Tara-medium
1 review
0 helpful votes

People if you do a server analysis on them;- they're based in Africa. Ultimate red flag right there.

Ask Taylor about Tara-medium
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I been getting Tara Medium emails for 2-3 years.I wanted to see if she was really a psychic. I been getting the same emails from her.And her emails are scared.One email said very disturbating things .I never payed for thid.My advice to you if you are getting her emails quickly get off her mailing list. .

Ask Jessica about Tara-medium
1 review
4 helpful votes

I was so desperate today I was on the verge of paying out again for telepathic sessions, because I am so desperate. She is very convincing and has really frightened me .I agree with all the comments you have made and thank goodness I read up on them. DO NOT CONTACT HER , she is a fraud. Kay

Ask Kay about Tara-medium
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have reported her to the ACCC (I'm in Australia)
Please do the same and report this site to prevent others from loosing money.

Ask Elana about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes


I am a cancer, rising and moon sign pices and aquarius. I have almost exactly the same free reading as Dave T.. (scroll down) who is Libra....
It's definitely a scam

Ask catherine about Tara-medium
1 review
3 helpful votes

I never visited her site, or even knew she existed until she started spamming me.

1 of the spam she sent was entitled "large sum of money by the end of next week".

well, NO $#*! SHERLOCK!!

Half the country is on disability or welfare, and they all get thier money at the same dam time. Which is the 1st or 3rd, which is next week!


REAL phycics don't advertise, or spam people. They don't want that kind of attention, and thier not in it for money.

If your stupid enough to give your hard earned money to people like this, you deserve to loose it. Maybe next time you'll spend your money on something you need more.


Ask nunya about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes

just like to say i ask for reading to help with money problems husband dieiing of cancer and all the bills paling up and i was not coping at all i did send a long letter to tara and was guantee that the moneys would be credit into my account think oh yea this year or next BUT CHECK BANK ACCOUNT AND ALL PAYMENT PUT BACK IN
THANKS AGAIN TARA one good letter christine

Ask christine about Tara-medium
1 review
1 helpful vote

I hate I ever came in contact with Tara she has ruined my life. All. I ever wanted from life is happiness. It seem Tara tries to force you to do things in your life to cause trouble for yourself. As if she is controlling your life.

Ask T about Tara-medium
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

I made the mistake of giving this site my email address. I received a standard 'reading', and have been getting countless marketing spam from them since. This is about marketing, pure and simple. There probably isn't even a medium called Tara.

Ask Gail about Tara-medium
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

Tara medium is an automated robot sending emails. It is not an actual psychic. You need to find a real psychic to get real answers. I found a real psychic and healer at
They gave me all the psychic help I was looking for and you should try them instead. Thanks

Ask Michelle about Tara-medium
1 review
3 helpful votes

This is my free reading - does it look familiar


Important and Confidential Revelations

Reserved exclusively for the personal use of: dave thawley


Your problem seemed to me to be so important that I spent more than 13 hours performing an in-depth study of your case, so that I could help you more quickly.

I am aware of your most important wish: Money

As surprising as this may seem, I have every reason to believe that it will come true sooner than you may think. I will tell you when and how this will happen.

You made an excellent decision asking me for help.

In fact, I see that in the coming weeks you should find a suitable solution for most of your problems. In just a moment I will reveal what I saw happening to you in detail.

That’s why it’s important for you to take note of the date written below in red:

November 22 2013!

Starting on that day, you are going to be at a
decisive turning point in your existence.

I can tell you that you are going to enter a lucky astral period very soon which should definitely be the most important of your entire life.

More precisely, I see 3 wonderful months that are going to transform your destiny. Followed by 3 more very good months that will have a lasting effect on your future, dave.

I also have some other news for you that is a little less positive. But you shouldn’t worry more than necessary about it.

Because even though something may happen that is not very good for you, I can still be there to help you.

I will show you how you can avoid events that could turn out to be negative for you. And in any case, I will tell you what to do so that the lucky period that is in store for you works out in your favor.

Above all I want you to know that, as my way of thanking you for the confidence you have shown in me, I made a commitment in my soul and in my conscience to do everything I could to help you, until the moment that your happiness is total and complete.

I have already done this for many people with problems as serious as yours, people who thought that nothing and no one could change their lives.

Today they are all overjoyed to realize just how much their financial and personal situations really have become totally transformed. And what I have done for others, I can also do for you.

Now I should tell you about some information that concerns you, and is of great importance for you today:

Your date of birth is: 30 September 1967.

That makes you a Libra.

Your astral chart is strongly influenced by Venus.

Based on these factors, I will now transmit my initial conclusions to you:

General Introduction

I feel very strongly that you can count on your personal magnetism to help you succeed in all your undertakings, from the most modest to the most audacious.

That’s right! A Lucky Star is protecting you, and that star is Venus. You have to always trust it, blindly, knowing that it will never abandon you.

But you also have to give it a helping hand from time to time.


You have delicate health, but fairly exceptional abilities of resistance and recuperation: these are the qualities that characterize this aspect of your being.

It is certain that your birth sign makes you sensitive and emotional – I would even say hyper-sensitive and hyper-emotional – to the point where that could cause disturbances in your blood circulation.

Overly frequent discharges of adrenaline – frequent and tempestuous – could seriously affect your health. It would therefore be in your best interests to control your anger, and control YOURSELF!

As an initial precaution which is easy to put into practice:

Avoid noise, violent movements and language, and anger: that will save you from many small and not-so-small problems.

Love – Emotions

You love life, and you love love, both of which are perfectly normal! Love is indispensable to you, as are desire, attention, pleasure and affection.

You belong to that group of people who are sentimental about love, who are romantic and perhaps even passionate. Your problem is that while you are all for a successful marriage and living life as a happy couple, you are still attracted by adventure and may become engaged in multiple affairs, which could cause your partner and yourself some suffering.

Because when it comes to love your diplomacy, your ability to round off hard angles, your talent for communicating and for human contact, are all powerless to attenuate the blame and suffering you cause because of your cowardice in the face of complex feelings and situations.

Social Life

You have enough personality, charm and magnetism to rise above any kind of superior authority. Have faith in yourself, in your ideas and your projects. Persevere and hold your head high… until you can reach a suitable compromise, and your problems will be resolved without any major difficulties, even under the most delicate or hazardous circumstances.

As far as your actions are concerned, the only real struggle you have to deal with is to fight your own laziness, your tendency to let things be, which can lead to inaction.


Your golden number is 2, your lucky number par excellence. Use the number 2 as often as you can: for example, when you set up an important meeting, insist on the 2nd day of the month, or 2 o’clock in the afternoon; when you take a train, get in the 2nd car, etc.

To help your chances in love your most favorable number is 8.

And 19 is the symbol of success in all areas of your life: business, money, friendship, etc.

Use a combination of these three numbers as often as you can. Luck will do many things for you, and your intuition will do the rest.

Some final advice

A last word: the planet Venus rewards those who are able to overcome hardship. Success will be yours eventually. Don’t forget that!

It is clear that you have a huge potential, which you received at birth (a potential for luck and unexpected money) which is in total opposition to the difficult life you are leading, and the bad luck which is unjustly affecting you at the moment.

You should never have had to deal with the difficulties and serious problems (especially those concerning money) that seem to be ceaselessly plaguing you.
Here’s why:

Venus, along with the other planets that control your Destiny, have endowed you with tremendous Lucky Power.

This should have turned out to be very positive for you in terms of money, and the realization of what you really hold dear in life. But that has not been the case.

Of course you’ve had a few happy moments at certain times in your life. But you know that you have generally been lacking in luck in many important areas of your life. Isn’t that so?

You have had some periods of luck and happiness on your journey. But someone or something has been preventing you from taking advantage of that luck. It has passed you by each and every time.

There have also been large amounts of money that where within your grasp on many occasions, but once again an invisible hand seems to have prevented you from enjoying your potential profit.

As things stand now you take each day as it comes, without really knowing what will happen to you tomorrow.

Sometimes, because of a lack of self-confidence, you make decisions that eventually have serious consequences. You may be thinking that this is all your fault.

Well, that is not the case!

I have a strange feeling, as if some harmful influence was forcing you to make the wrong decisions, those that attract bad luck instead of good luck (especially as far as money is concerned).

Don’t say to yourself: "I’ve never been lucky... I just have too much bad luck... I’ll never get out of my present situation!”

Believe me, based on my experience I can confidently say that is not the case at all. On the contrary!

You have a right to happiness.

And you should know that there are no unlucky stars in your astral chart.

All you have to do is follow the Path to Luck and Happiness as indicated by your master planets, which will soon become active and influence your destiny.

In your case your dominant planet is: Venus. Along with your other important master planets, it has already presented you with numerous lucky occasions (notably for money), although you were not able to take advantage of them for an obvious reason which you know already.

This was not your fault. No one was there to help you understand the importance of these occasions, and tell you what to do.

It’s too bad we didn’t know each other sooner. I could have intervened and told you exactly what to do, and when.

I could have warned you about problems you might have avoided and, most importantly, I could have helped you take full advantage of the occasions for Luck and Money that should have been yours.

If I had done so your life would have been wonderful. You would not have experienced all the major problems you’ve been having until now.

But we mustn’t dwell on the past. The important thing now for you to be happy is to know that it isn’t too late to do something about it.

Starting today I pledge to do everything in my power (including putting in my time) to help you make your most heartfelt dreams come true.

I am convinced that your life can change over the coming weeks. I feel it in the deepest part of my being. You can trust me – I am very, very rarely wrong.

But you must be careful!

You can’t keep moving forward in the dark, without a helping hand to point out all the opportunities for Luck and Money that will be presented to you in the near future.

You should know that at your age of 46 years old, you still have the perspective of many years of happiness ahead of you. You can be absolutely certain of that.

But you have to know exactly when it will be important to seize the numerous occasions for Luck and Happiness that come your way.

That must be done at the moment they are presented to you. I’ll tell you all about it. I feel some very surprising things about you.

You have very strong intuiton, you’re sensitive, and you are very generous, but sometimes other people take advantage of you, without knowing that things aren’t going so well.

I see you as an anxious person, a little vulnerable, who doesn’t always know how to defend yourself against life’s injustices.

And while we’re on the subject,
I should tell you a secret that concerns you personally:

Do you know that you have a force inside you - Unlimited Inner Power – that you totally ignore and make no use of at all? I saw it clearly on a number of occasions.

And do you know why you ignore this force and make no use of it? Well, you may have already noticed how a lot of people think they’re better than others.

For you the exact opposite is true. You tend to see your weak points instead of your strong ones.

I’m pretty sure you’ve already asked yourself: “Why do some people have so much happiness and not me”?

You have to stop this kind of negative thinking. You have to accept that you have the right, as much right as anyone else, to the luck and money you’ve been deprived of until now. And for that to happen all you need to do is agree to accept some special help from me.

Here’s what I can do for you:

Firstly, it’s important for you to know that to help you it is not absolutely necessary for us to meet personally.

I have already helped hundreds of people who, like you, had serious problems with luck or money, and each and every time their most urgent problem disappeared, without my having to meet them face to face.

Because of what I felt about you (I always trust my first impressions) I know that you are very soon going to enter one of the most wonderful periods of your life.

This exceptional period should begin on November 22 2013. I don’t want to be more specific, because it could happen a few days before or a few days after November 22 2013.

It should last until February 20 2014, which means 3 full months of great good luck with money, followed by 3 very positive months in your personal life.

During that entire time I will be there, to point out all the opportunities for Luck and Money that you should take advantage of.

I will show you what to do to avoid problems that could arise for you (and how to turn them in your favor).

You must not ignore this period which could transform your entire destiny. All you have to do to profit 100% from the opportunities that arise at the start of this lucky period is act when I tell you to.

If you follow my advice, your situation should improve very rapidly after that.

As for the problem that you are most concerned with, I see a happy solution in your immediate future (much sooner than you may think).

The main reason:

In the coming weeks Venus, the master planet which has the most influence on you and on your future will, along with other very beneficial planets, exert an influence on your immediate destiny and make it very favorable for you. This convergence of luck will not happen again for a long time.

You have to understand that an amazing evolution will happen for you as far as luck and money are concerned.

I am deeply convinced that during this period of your life you will finally gain the right to enjoy your share of happiness and luck in all important areas: financial as well as emotional and familial.

You should know that there will be certain specific times when your chances for success will be multiplied 10, 20, and even 30 times, especially in games that involve money.

At the right time I will reveal these favorable periods, when your chances of winning an upcoming jackpot are multiplied 30 times!

I will give you all the specific dates when you should use this precious information to gain maximum financial profit.

But you have to be careful. There is an obstacle you have to avoid. You have to be very discreet about this.

A person who is envious of you may try to direct harmful unlucky vibrations at you (this could happen sooner than you think) to prevent you from getting a large amount of money.

If that turns out to be the case, I will tell you exactly what to do to protect yourself against the negative vibrations coming from that person.

I’ll also tell you what decisions you have to make (during the lucky periods that are coming your way) to ensure that your destiny advances firmly towards the realization of your imminent happiness.

I am this positive about your immediate future because I have the gift, proven many times over, of seeing things long before they happen.

I was challenged by those who didn’t believe in clairvoyance, and asked to take part in many para-psychological tests. The results of these tests were surprising, and indicated a very small margin of error of only 3%.

What does that mean? It means that I can see the future of someone accurately, 97% of the time. Few psychics can claim to do that.

Believe me, it’s absolutely essential for you to know what important events will happen for you in the coming months, and I’ll be happy to tell you about them.

Then you’ll be lucky enough to know for sure what good things you can expect in your immediate future.

Don’t think: “I don’t need to know. My future doesn’t look very bright right now, and I don’t know when or how things will ever work out.”

Obviously your future cannot be favorable if you don’t know what obstacles you are likely to encounter, even though it is possible to avoid them. Or when your chances for gaining money are best, and must absolutely be taken advantage of.

You now know that an exceptionally lucky period should begin for you and transform your life starting on November 22 2013.

You absolutely must take advantage of the fantastic opportunities for luck and money that will come your way in the next 3 months. Especially since they will be followed by another very positive 3 months for your personal life.

These 6 months of intense change will give your existence a whole new meaning. Especially if you know exactly what to do, and when and how to do it!

Here’s what I am offering to do for you:

The moment I receive your urgent request I will perform a Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money for you personally, so that the next 6 months become the most important in your life.

What you discover in this detailed reading has nothing in common with anything you may have been told up to now about you and your future.

You will receive a document that is more complete and more detailed than anything any other psychic may have done for you before.

All I can say is that even though you may have financial problems right at this moment, your immediate future shows that money will probably no longer be a problem for you.

You will have as much as you need. In fact, an initial input of a large amount of money starting on November 22 2013 should transform your entire life.

This sudden and unexpected arrival of money is inscribed in your astral chart.

You may not know about it yet, but it is being prepared for you right now, and should happen in the next few weeks.

Your finances:

• I will tell you in detail exactly how you can receive a considerable number of large and unexpected inputs of money.
• Exactly when you will no longer have any money problems, and how much you can hope to receive in all.
• When it’s time to stop thinking about saving and making some important payments that you may not have expected, and what these expenses will be.
• How to manage your money with precision, so that you always have enough to last you the rest of your life.

As for luck, I will be able to reveal the hidden secrets of your destiny:

You may have noticed that, despite all your efforts until now, you have always been unlucky in most of the important areas in your life.

I can tell you that your problem of bad luck will soon come to an end.

The dominant position occupied by Venus, your master planet, in relation to the other planets, clearly shows that you are going to profit from an excellent configuration that is very favorable for luck.

• Starting on November 22 2013 you can expect the sudden and unexpected realization of your most important wish.
• I will tell you exactly on which days of the week your chances of winning will be at their maximum, and when to try your luck at which games so that your chances of winning big are multiplied 30 times.
• I will also tell you which moments are less favorable for you (there aren’t many but there will be some) so that you can avoid playing and not run the risk of losing your money.
• I will tell you which games you can play and which you should avoid.
• As far as your most important wish is concerned, you’ll know where, when and how your luck can be made to work most effectively, so that it becomes a reality.
• You’ll be in a position to know about all the opportunities that will be presented to you, and how to make them work to your advantage.
• I’ll tell you about the interesting encounters you will have, with whom and where, if they will be favorable for you, or if you should avoid them and why.

On an emotional level you’ll know in detail:

• If you are going to have an important meeting (friendship or personal), when, where and with whom.
• If the person you are thinking about has sincere feelings for you, and what to do to attract them and keep them close to you.
• If someone is growing distant from you, why, and what to do to make them come back quickly, and bring you all the happiness you hope for.

In your Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money you’ll find details that only I can reveal to you, about your future and the important choices you will have to make concerning your personal and family life.

I will also tell you if you have to make any important decisions, which areas of your life they will affect, and what to do once your decision is made.

There are some important dates that you must not miss under any circumstances if you want all your projects to work out exactly as you hope.

I’ll also tell you about certain gifts that you have inside you, and help you make use of them to regain your self confidence in what I am sure will be a happier period of your life.

The happiness you have been waiting for so long is right there in front of you. Life will begin anew for you at the age of 46, even if, for the moment at least, you have doubts about yourself.

As you can see,
the most amazing period of luck and success you have ever experienced is about to start for you.

You must accept my help. Your life can change totally, and become much more lucky in all important areas.

With your Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money all the cards will be in place so that your most cherished dream can come true very soon.

Bad luck only exists for those who accept it.

The fact of not knowing what to expect in the future inevitably causes problems of bad luck in the important areas of your life.

I have already saved many people who were in dire straits both financially and personally, thanks to an intervention on my part at the right moment.

Do you know what the right moments are? Maybe not, but I will reveal them to you, along with a lot of other essential information that will help you transform your life.

Based on my experience, I can say that it is often those who are in the most desperate of situations obtain the best and fastest results.

Your luck and your happiness are at your doorstep.

My advice will help you avoid mistakes and get the most out of your possibilities so that you can have a happy life.

What is going to happen in your astral chart over the coming weeks is very important for you.

If you agree, I will be able to help you by letting you know when to act to gain maximum profit from your luck, so that you can change your destiny completely.

Here’s an example that shows why you can be certain your Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money is going to guide you towards Luck and the realization of everything you hoped for in life.

Imagine for a moment that you are in a long corridor with a series of doors on each side.

Behind some of these doors you will find luck and money waiting for you, people you love, and secrets that will bring you joy and happiness. By opening some of these doors your life can take an entirely new turn.

But you have to be careful, because while luck and money are hidden behind some doors, others lead to desolation, despair and solitude.

If it where up to you, which solution would you?

1. Choose a door at random, with all the risks that implies for your future happiness?

2. Know in advance which doors you should open, and which ones you should leave closed?

Of course, like any sensible person, you would choose solution number 2.

Now you can understand why some people have so many problems in life. They don’t know what their future holds, and they open the wrong doors at the wrong time.

In your case there are certain traps that you have to avoid at all cost. But there is also a wonderful period full of luck and money that you have to take full advantage of.

Do you know why many famous people on television, in politics and in business admit using astral predictions and astrology?

Because according to them it is that, aside from their talent, which helps them avoid failure and enjoy more success.

That’s also why some of them come to see me, and openly admit that I am one of the secrets of their success.

I could name names, but out of respect for their private and professional lives I prefer that they remain confidential.

A large study was conducted on thousands of people over a number of years by the editor of a magazine. The results showed that over 97% of people who had never won anything (or only very small amounts) started winning all at once, thanks to an astral reading they had done during a lucky period.

So you see, you can be certain that the Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money you are going to receive will have a favorable influence on the important lucky period that will start for you on November 22 2013.

It will cover the next 6 months, which should turn out to be the most important of your life. It will contain all the important information you need, along with my personal advice.

In this Complete, Precise and Dated Reading you will discover (among other things):

• Exactly which Lucky periods you should take advantage of during your next 6 lucky months (these are the doors behind which you will find Money, Love and Luck).
• Which obstacles you absolutely have to avoid (the doors behind which you will find bad luck, problems and despair).
• Which periods are most favorable for you in the areas that interest you most, including Games, Love, Money and Family. And that’s not all…

I will also give you specific advice for each precise situation you encounter in your family, and in your relations with other people.

I will help you overcome your solitude, and I will also tell you how we can outsmart the envious person who may be preventing you from accessing the happiness you have every right to enjoy.

To be able to continue the work I have already started for you, I absolutely need to know certain things about you.

That’s why I would ask you to fill out this application: click here.

Rest assured that the application contains no indiscreet questions, and that it will remain strictly confidential between you and me.

Your happiness is near.

I tell you again, your happiness is much closer than you think. I can even feel it vibrating in the deepest part of myself (you can feel it too, can’t you?).

In just a few days the first beneficial events of your Fabulous Period of Luck will happen for you.

Your Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money for the Next 6 Months will help you not repeat the mistakes you made in the past, mistakes that made you miss out on great opportunities to change your existence.

This reading will allow you to make the best of this fabulous 6 month period that is being presented to you.

All you have to do to finally access all the happiness you deserve is to complete the application and send it back to me today: Click here.

Do it right away. There’s no reason to wait another day.

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Visionary Medium

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Ask dave about Tara-medium
1 review
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I too have fallen to this horrible scam. I paid $99 to have my Astral reading of luck and money which i paid for on my credit card. Now in order to activate this luck they have asked for $399. They call this the "Great telepathic ceremony for luck and money". After finding your site I called the bank and cancelled my credit card and my bank will be sending me a new credit card. I have lost the $99 but THANK YOU for your site as i could have lost a lot more money !!!!!!!

Ask Antonia about Tara-medium
1 review
4 helpful votes

I am Gabrielle Crofts from Perth Western Australia. I am not the TARA MEDIUM referred to on this site. This TARA MEDIUM referred to as a scammer comes from America and sends massive number of emails. I do not. Thanks Gabby Crofts

Ask DameGabby about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes

She is a thief and layer!

I used two diff emails with two diff names and she wrote me the same sh*t! Not even a slightly different.

YES it is a SCAM!!

Ask Omar about Tara-medium
144 reviews
1,014 helpful votes

I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this but this is the way I feel....

If you buy from websites based in China a good rule of thumb is don't buy technology (phones, computers, cars etc...) and food (baby food, formula etc...).
If you buy anything at all... textiles and cheap plastic things like cd holders and make sure they aren't priced over $5. This goes for palm reading too.

PS. Don't order more than one item at a time that way your never out more than $5.

Ask Michael about Tara-medium
1 review
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Ask Saul about Tara-medium
1 review
0 helpful votes

Same here. Thanks for reviewing everyone and letting me know!!

Ask Ferny about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes

Just as I was about to pay for it. something told me to search for the reviews ! thanks a lot you guys! <3

Ask ShaeQuanna about Tara-medium
1 review
3 helpful votes

indeed she was a fraud, and a scam artistes! got fool by her, and I left with my own self to blame. indeed, I was a fool to trust her (or the automated email-system). paid her, then my account went 'kaput' had to stop the debit card services, request for a new one.

Ask Sloth about Tara-medium
1 review
3 helpful votes

I wanted to have my Astrology chart done, so I found Tara, after I got my supposed Chart, I kept getting emails telling me she has more information for me that she'd give me IF I paid more money.... well Im not stupid so I wrote her emails explaining I know she's full of it, and I will not give her another dime, she did reply to my emails saying she's sorry I feel that way and blah blah, then I get other emails saying "I've not heard from you" Oh really?? Umm YES you have, so I called her out on her scam. but I gotta tell ya a couple of things in my chart were true, but the majority of what she is, which Im guessing is not even a chick, its just a scam company in hong kong, its all nonsense, I opted the 3 payments, I've made 2 so far and will be going to my bank to stop the 3rd and make sure they cant get anymore of my money... I"ve got exciting news for you Tara.... Karma's a B*tch and you WILL get what you deserve!!!

Ask Melsa about Tara-medium
1 review
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Dear jodie,

A strange sign indicates that you are in for an incredible boost from destiny, here and now. And even more unusual is that it will happen for you 3 times in a row...
Click here

Your devoted friend,
Visionary Medium
Have not been sucked in but mine offered big money and blockages.

Ask Jodie about Tara-medium
1 review
5 helpful votes

She started her scams again. Telling me how my luck will change and im ganne win alota money soon. O and she dreamt about me winning this money. This lady needs to be put in jail!

Ask Kaylene about Tara-medium
1 review
4 helpful votes

This is my 4th attempt at writing a slanderous review so consider it done.

Tara Medium - TOTAL SCAM, DO NOT GO NEAR!!!!
Fleeced of $158.00Aud.
Total Fee was $400.00.
Had to cancel Debit card today to prevent further withdrawls.
Bank couldn't block the transactions.

Ask Cassandra about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes

WOW I just read her email to me and it was soooo convincing!!! after I saw the amount I had to pay I was like WTF I don't have that money i'm a student.. I have only just finished replying back to her to see if I can pay bit by bit ? I then thought mmmm I should check her up and get more info.. OMG AND THEN I clicked on this website.. THANK GOD!!! after reading everybodies reviews I have unsubscribed her and I will carry on living my life the way I have been.. I guess the one thing everybody has got to remember is you make your own destiny's, your own decisions.. You CHOOSE what path it takes you wither it be right or wrong.. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.. and Gods always there to guide you it's up to you if you wanna listen or not.. Well thanks everybody for the reviews and i'm soooooo LUCKY I looked into it further.. Have a blessed day everybody.. xx

Ask Patricia about Tara-medium
1 review
4 helpful votes

As I read most of all you reviews I was not pleased
I was sucked in no I am trying to ask for my refund
I believe in the higher power that's God Tara
Is there for your money when I said to her in my email
She got defensive and we got into a heated debate yes it her it a dollar sign
She has told me that I would receive a large sum of money that she saw in her dream and that I would be approached by a man and a woman was offered a check after winning the lottery of some sort that never happened I believe in Positivity but by the way Tara puts it she's very persistent after I just made a contribution to get work I recommend don't involve your self with her other wise it will be like pulling teeth to get reimbursed !! She is a scam !!! Everyone !!Last thought I wanted to mention to all of you I now had to go to my bank and put a stop payment in place and put unsubscribe from her services so I can't be any more naive

Ask Diane about Tara-medium
1 review
1 helpful vote

I tried the Tara website and low and behold my credit card was maliciously used toward other fraudulant scams. bank acct.was used without my consent. It was a nightmare to fix. Stay away from Tara the fraud!!!

Ask nicole about Tara-medium
1 review
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Ask Lynley about Tara-medium
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

Tara medium is fake. The advice is just some automated system, and a a scam. I was looking for a psychic reading. It was the only thing that helped me to let go of my depression and anxiety. Now I feel more certain about my own power to create any future I want.

I strongly recommend you have a reading session at - they have even gave me a free package of 29.99 credits. Also there is money back guarantee, so I was really relaxed when I signed up

Ask Lillie about Tara-medium
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have just realised that i was scammed. Because Tara was sending me so many emails I decided to give it a try on the 16-Feb-2013. and since then I did not hear from Tara. I have just contacted my bank to cancel the payment (i'm lucky I was to pay for three months installment).

"Payment method : payment in 3 installments with no fees
Payment details: immediate debit of USD 19.67 followed by two installments of USD 19.67 which makes a total of USD 59"

Ask Emily about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes

The site kept saying it was a woman who not only brainwashed me, but kept making promises that if I bought this certain things would happen. I really trusted in her. She mentally hurt me. And messed with my daily life. Not one thing I paid for came true. To the tune of over 650.00. Trust me don't go there

Ask Denise about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes

This Tara promised a reading for $14.95, sent nothing then requested more money to expand her nothing reading. I have requested money back as she assured she would give and has given nothing back. She is a scam artist and never answers any e-mails. If there was a minus 0 star that is what she should get

Ask Patty about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes

Well I was looking up to see if this tara person was a scammer and just as I suspected she or it is.I would never send money to anything like those websites but some people do,I don't understand why.They must be really desperet people,or just crazy.well anyway just like I thought tara is a fraud,but it is nice to see it in writing.I also emailed her and told heri would never send her money,and just like everyone else she emailed me right back. Saying the exact same thing that this one guy said she people please take our advice and don't get taken for a fool,nobody should be that desperate to send people their hard earned money,or money they don't really even have to blow like that.

Ask Debra about Tara-medium
1 review
0 helpful votes

Well I got sucked in to, had to go see for myself I was curious and at the same time not in the best place mentally for various reasons. These people should be sued for what they do and and shut down asap. In a world where hope is hard to come by we need compassion not a bunch of dead head scammers playing with our emotions.
signed: never again!

Ask Lars about Tara-medium
1 review
1 helpful vote

She is telling me that I am going to get a huge amount of money in the next 17 days that will help me get back on my feet, ok , that's fine. I have read in a newspaper horoscope that my finances will improve so that is not really impressive.

But she is also telling me scarry stuff, like there is a shadow hovering over me and someone has it in for me. I don't believe this. I say my prayers but this could be very frightening to someone who is more influential which she, obviously is hoping I am. She is offering a free reading which does'nt seem to be very dishonest. Rates as low as 3 payments of 4.97 a month have been offered to me in the past month. But I was not sure and I can't use my credit card because I'm maxed. So I wrote to her and explained that I couldn't use my credit card ( and wouldn't online anyway,) Could I send her a money order?

But she did not answer my question. Instead I get another offer saying that she did ANOTHER special reading just for me and she could hear me calling for help.
She doesn't seem to be out to rip people off for alot of money, at least not in my case, but to predict negative things that make the customer frightened enough to take her offer, is not right.

I don't understand why she would want to do this except that it makes her feel in control, she hopes make the customer feel helpless and feel that SHE is the only way they can get help.

On a prevous offer, she mentioned something about a magic square which I have never heard of in astrology. Maybe it's real, but she does use terms that I am not familiar with and you would think I would have heard of these things she speaks of if I am kind of into astrology or at least curious about it. She does use terms and speak of things I have never heard of and that makes me think she is just trying to string along some idiot.

Ask Amber about Tara-medium
1 review
1 helpful vote

i may have the same experience as the rest of the people who have expressed their views about tara but heres my experience so far i had joined up for a free reading with tara who had continuisly sent me emails for about two weeks saying that i was going to receive a small sum of money low and behold i did she said i would receive a sum of money for 100 dollars i did receive that money from whom i yet do not know also she said i would receive another sum of money much greater in less than 21 days i am a person who have visited mediums before and have had some great predictions come true i also believe that there are scam artists out there that will scam you every chance they get i have been scammed before and i am very cautious of these people i am a firm believer in fortune tellers to some degree but would also caution that mediums can really connect with some people but not all and would certainly caution you all to only invest in what you believe in to be true and what your experience has proven to be true further more i will update my experience as of the larger sum of money that i am to receive in the next two weeks and i will share it with you true or false predictions sometimes we have to make our own predictions believe in them and make them come true ourselves this is a free and accurate reading ben

Ask ben about Tara-medium
1 review
1 helpful vote

wow what a way to make money preying on the down trodden of the world. I actually read all the policies and general use terms on the site and used MY head and did not send any money a all. The site has protection FOR you if you read and use your head.

Ask larry about Tara-medium
1 review
0 helpful votes

i paid 60 pounds to her. ll have to wait 24h more to have a reason to complain but seeing so many people complaining...i think i did a mistake. is there someone who is happy with her service?

Ask sonia about Tara-medium
1 review
1 helpful vote

To anyone here in need of an astrology chart I would happily send you one free I bought 1000 dollar software and would love to use it, it's accurate and the same they use charging you 40+ dollars for. Because I feel that it is accurate and I do believe reading the stars and planets is scientific not psychic or clairvoyant as someone who is a bit sensitive to outside energies these mass sights are wrong. Psychics use their gift to better people and only should be gifted what they feel you can afford because it is draining work but for these types to play with the higher powers like nothing it's going to really bite them back one day. Money that is dirty only makes your life filthy and ends up back where it belongs so to these greedy people like TARA headshot or a photo of some actress I think the people behind this organisation of corruption and selling fear is absolutely disgusting. Also yes I understand that some of us mistake what we need to hear and want to pay for at times but that is out of desperation and like anyone from inside trading or purse snatching and TARA@@ need to be aware what they take is not being handed by people aware of buyers remorse. You can't return false hope.

Ask Adrienne about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes

Received the same exact thing as everyone else stating that I have 30days and some unknown force was by me blocking my good fortune....I'm so happy I did not pay her or whatever you want to call the site any money...which I thought was strange asking for $79 for what...#a waist of space in my email#

Ask michelle about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes

I received a number of emails from Tara. I am almost fall into her scam but luckily I found this website before I send money. Thank guys for all the review.
it was great help.

Ask Christ about Tara-medium
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was told my luck was going to change from bad to good on August 31st and it did! I was called in and told I got a job after I felt i did terribly on the interview considering I came in looking like a wreck. But none the less I love my new job. I would never pay for a reading though. Be careful with those readings. Don't listen to the ones that provide negative feedback. if you're really scared, just pray. A medium can't tell you what life withholds. Only God can! :)

Ask Sheena about Tara-medium
1 review
1 helpful vote

I stupidly signed up for this Tara medium rubbish in a moment of desperation. I was feeling lonely and then popped up an add on my computer "Feeling alone? Want to find love? Click here for your FREE reading from Tara medium" so I thought, why not, it wont hurt. Well could I have been any more wrong. No. First came e-mail after e-mail after e-mail, wanting my money, telling me that I owed her money when all I had done was subscribed, in the end I wrote back to her saying that I think she's a phony and that I will tell everyone I know not to trust her. She then e-mailed me back, saying that she just "had a vision" of my future saying that I was going to die in two weeks. I didn't think much of it until the Wednesday exactly 2 weeks after I received that e-mail. I was so scared that I stayed inside all day and didn't leave my room. I was fine and still am, and have now set up a filter in my email which moves every email from her straight to the trash as soon as it appears in my inbox. I advise anyone who has signed for this crap to do the same. All she does is try to scare people and try to take their money. Tara-medium is a scam and a phony, don't ever trust her.

Ask Claudia about Tara-medium
1 review
0 helpful votes

I can PROVE this site is a total scam .. why the fu*k would you want things to be "AGAINST" good things happening ??? !! Seems "she" dosen't know what she's talking about at all - no surprise.

Ask Tom about Tara-medium
2 reviews
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Ask Eliana about Tara-medium

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Q: i'am reading all the reviews on tara-medium and they all say the same she or he is a scam artist.
A: Hello, I’m Frank, Tara’s assistant.
I can assure you that Tara never meant to cause discomfort or any other negative feeling by sending her emails to you.
I would like to remind you that if you have any specific question about a study or other query, you can send a message via with the same address that you used to subscribe to her services.
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