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198 reviews
Unit 2605, Island Place Towar, 510 King’s Rd, North Point
Hong Kong

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I will report her to the ACCC as I live in Australia so she/ he can't picket any more money from people. (in 114 reviews)


My free reading kept saying my luck will change on the 27th of August this year. (in 50 reviews)


I have received the same word for word message you got from tara medium in August. (in 17 reviews)

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5 reviews
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To help you get this year, which you’ll see is going to be a year of real change for you, off to a good start, I decided to offer you a friendly surprise birthday present. 

Here’s what it’s about: 

Because of a request that was made to me, I have just prepared a long numerological consultation for you, based on your date of birth, which is: 10 April 1974. That’s correct, isn’t it? 

If it is, you should know that I made an amazing discovery about your immediate future. I discovered that huge changes in life are being prepared for you.
I know this may surprise you, and that’s normal because at present you have some difficult problems to resolve that concern your finances, and your personal and emotional life. In other words, it seems that you are really having some bad luck at the moment. 

And yet, although your past and present may have been difficult, and no matter what you may think, I say again that a complete transformation of your destiny is being prepared for you, and should happen within the next 8 weeks.

How can I be so sure?
Well, Sarah, I had 2 very surprising visions about your immediate future, which revealed that some unexpected events (both financial and personal) are in store for you:

 Between now and May 10 2015 your financial situation should improve suddenly and unexpectedly. You should receive some very goodnews (I saw $8,800 for you) which I’ll tell you more about in a moment. 

 Between now and June 09 2015 your personal life should undergo a really radical change. You can expect to attract someone who will bring you lasting affection and a lot of happiness.

It’s clear to me that these 2 surprising visions should materialize for you within the next 8 weeks.

I’ll tell you why in just a moment, but first it is urgent that I reveal an important fact concerning a rare event which should work in your favor. 

I have just completed an important act of clairvoyance for you, which really gets to the bottom of things. And what I discovered about youshows that the unfolding of your destiny has not proceeded normally. There’s an explanation for that. 

It appears that an opposing force seems to be working against you, and has been for some time. This force has created a “Parapsychological block”in your life which affects both your financial and personal situations. 

Nothing seems to work out the way you want it to in your life. Some persistent bad luck seems to be following you around everywhere you turn. Nothing you do turns out the way it should, despite all your efforts and sacrifices.

I am going to tell you where your bad luck comes from, Sarah:

It is clear that you are being affected by a particularly negative influence, originating either in someone who has bad intentions towards you, or in an object in your home that is bringing you all this bad luck, and repelling all the good luck that could come your way. 

It isn’t normal for you to be hindered by so much bad luck. It seems that this harmful influence is blocking your evolution, and preventing you from finding solutions that would help you succeed. 

Your life could (and should) be much happier. You may regret that you didn’t do certain things differently. But it doesn’t do any good to brood about the past. What’s important now is to think about your future. 

And in your case, 2 important events that you absolutely must take advantage of should happen for you within 8 weeks. 

You should be aware that your chances of changing your life completely starting on your birthday – 10 April 1974 – are really exceptional. 

Everything points to the fact that, starting on that date, your potential for luck on both a financial andpersonal level will ensure that you experience one of the most amazing changes of your life. 

And it will happen much faster than you think. 

I have a feeling deep in my soul that you will find a rapid and unexpected solution to the problem that is responsible for preventing you from leading a happy and harmonious life at this moment, Sarah.

The numerological study I conducted for you indicates with certainty that your present life and your immediate future will turn out to be particularly positive. And there’s a reason for that. 

It can be explained by the fact that you will soon benefit from a real sign from destiny, an extremely rare magical phenomenon that will have a mysterious and very positive influence on you.


Your immediate future will be influenced by a magic number which is capable of transforming your entire destiny. The number in question is “8”. 

People skilled in numerology know that when the number “8” appears 3 times in the life of a person,big changes are likely to happen very quickly. 

I did a free reading of your immediate future Sarah, and I can tell you exactly what is going to happen for you. 

These three “8s” are proof that this is the most important opportunity of your life. The fact that the number is repeated three times is a sign that the negative cycle of your life has reached its end. 

That means that your life is going to change completely. You are going to enter a positive cycleof happiness that should last for at least the next 8 years. 

But for that to happen, it is important to first neutralize and eliminate the harmful influence I spoke to you about earlier. 

That’s why I want to perform a Magic Protection Ceremony for you, that will guard you against all the sources of negativity that could secretly be directed your way. 

This is serious work, which takes a lot of time and energy, but it is necessary if we want to see your situation improve rapidly, within the next 8 weeks. 

This is the only sensible solution available to you, if you want to get out of the dead-end street you now find yourself in, and if you want to take advantage of the opportunities that are waiting for you.

What is certain, Sarah,
is that 2 incredibly positive changes should happen in your life very soon.

 The incredible magic of the number “8” is going to trigger amazing and unprecedented luck in your life.

Firstly: between now and May 10 2015 your financial situation should see a rapid and unexpected improvement. In other words, a miracle should happen for you, and the amount of $8,800 should fall into your hands. 

I can’t tell you exactly how you are going to obtain this money, but it seems likely that you will win big at some game of chance. 

Secondly: between now and June 09 2015 you will experience renewed affection that will fill your life with joy and happiness. In addition, someone who has a lot of beneficial influence will lend you his or her support on a personal level. 

You cannot run the risk of letting someone or something prevent these 2 events, which should take place within the next 8 weeks, from happening.

That’s why I am going to do two very importantthings to help you,

 Because of the urgency of your situation, and the complexity of the magic ceremony of protection that I will perform for you, you need some stronger protection against these negative influences. 

I am ready to offer you an extremely powerful talisman:

The mysterious “Magic Square of Luck”.

This magical Talisman is known only to a few High Initiates, who protect it jealously and use it only in certain extreme cases. 

Don’t make the mistake of confusing this Talisman with other false objects that are supposed to protect you, which you may have heard about. 

Created using High Ancestral Magic, this Talisman is a powerful generator of positive vibrations that are totally effective in repelling negative influences.

The earliest appearance of the “Magic Lucky Square dates back to ancient Egypt, where the Great Pharaohs secretly used it as protection against their enemies, as well as to bring them an abundance of luck and wealth, and ensure the well-being of their people. 

It has always been considered a treasure of inestimable value, capable of guiding its fortunate owners towards luck and the resolution of all their problems. 

This authentic Talisman is magically charged, and has been known to my family for generations. I have never offered it to anyone until now, because of its amazing power. 

But I think the time has come, Sarah, to send it to certain people like you, for whom it may be the last hope. 

You are not living the life you deserve, and that is why I have decided to offer you this Talisman. Once under its protection, you will be sheltered from need, and it will attract luck and money to you just as surely as a magnet attracts iron. 

You won’t need much time to see the benefits of its power for yourself: starting in the very first week, you’ll be surprised by the almost miraculous changes that are going to happen in your life.

I am placing great power in your hands, which you’ll realize very quickly. The “Magic Lucky Squareliterally radiates beneficial power that is capable of completely transforming your destiny in a very short time. 

Some important advice: don’t show the Talisman to anyone. For it to retain its power and be effective, you must be the only person to touch it and activate it. 

I’ll explain what you have to do to synchronize its power with your personal vibrations. That means it will only be able to work for you. 

As I said before, I am making you a gift of this Talisman: you won’t have to pay anything for your“Magic Lucky Square. It will be yours no matter what happens, and you’ll be able to benefit from its protective power for a long time to come. 
 And that’s not all: here’s the second important thing I am going to do for you, Sarah.

I told you about the arrival of a large sum of money. Now I should tell you what to do to obtain it, and when. If I didn’t, it would be like signing a check made payable to you, and then tearing it up and giving you only a small piece. 

I am therefore going to Prepare a “Dated Numerology Guide for you, which will tell you exactly what to do, and when, so that you can profit 100% from your new life. 

This guide will reveal all the opportunities you must not miss, and when and how you will acquire incoming amounts of money. 

It will give you essential information about all the areas of your life, including your personal life, that no one has ever told you about before, which could change your destiny. 

It will shine a light on all aspects of your existence, leaving room for no more shadows. And it will provide answers to all your most secret questions. 

I can’t tell you about everything else it will do for you here, but I can say that the information you find in your “Dated Numerology Guide” will be extremely precise and accurate. Thanks to this precious Guide, no opportunities (like the 2 fortunate events that are waiting for you) will elude you. 

Now Sarah it’s up to you to decide. 

If you really want to put an end to your problems and start a new life, what you have to do is very simple. 

Fill out the enclosed Order Form immediately (Click here. 

Then I will be able to send you

your “Dated Numerology Guide and your 
“Magic Lucky Square as a gift.

Now I want things to be clear between us. I understand your situation, and I know about all the financial difficulties you’ve had to deal with recently, which is why it is out of the question for you to risk a single penny. 

That’s why I am going to make you the following offer: if, for some extraordinary reason, you are not entirely satisfied with the changes that take place in your life, all you have to do is let me know. If that happens, I will quickly send you a full refund, made out to your name, with no further conditions or questions asked. 

And whatever happens, you’ll be able to continue benefiting from your “Magic Lucky Square”, which is yours to keep. 

As you can see, a real chance to modify the course of your life is being offered to you, without your having to take the least risk. 

Your financial security and your peace of mind are right there at your doorstep. Take advantage of this unique opportunity, which may not come your way again for a long time! 

One small gesture could change your entire life, so do it now! Fill out the Order Form (Click here).

And don’t forget:
Your happiness is at stake, as well as the $8,800
Which is destined to be yours….

In all friendship I remain,

Yours sincerely,

Visionary Medium 

P.S. Sarah, remember that two incredibly lucky events are inscribed in your immediate future, one financial and the other personal. That you can be sure of!

Take advantage of this opportunity while there’s

Ask Sarah about Tara-medium
1 review
1 helpful vote

this bloke is a joke she told me I would win a huge jakpot and that I had a evil presence around me that was trying to bring me bad luck she is a joke and I wouldn't pay her a cent . PLEASE DONT BE FOOLED BY THIS SCAMER SHE IS A CONVICTED CHILD RAPEST

Ask daniel about Tara-medium
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

i paid for a great to the end of the year i won thousands of trillions of pounds through accumulators...woke from a deep sleep to find that every ticket had gone and i had been ransacked by these people were i live..they are now spending on widescreen tvs etc and just about everything i ever wanted right in front of me.dunno what to think was it the medium or these people who were around me that were the scammers????????????????I havnt a clue dont get me wrong it might be a scam but i realy did win a lot of money.And realy was well and truly begotten at the fact that this happened the way it did.i dont know if it was me personally but to win that amount cant be bad can it.

Tip for consumers: Sign the contract/doctrine that comes when your about to win big.Be very aware and read absolutely every newsletter..

Ask Alex about Tara-medium
1 review
4 helpful votes

I was notified by some psychic guru who sent me an email with a link to this phony psychic piece of $#*! Tara . When I open the link it gave me a open chat to this piece of crap. Two days later I received a phony reading from her with a link that if clicked on led directly to a page that asked for 79.00 and my credit card information. I didn't give her any money Thank God because one I can't afford it and two she is ripping people off . Someone should do something about this phony $#*! . And do me a favor Frank who whoever the hell you are don't offer me any apologies for her cause you are just as phony as this piece of work is.

Ask Theresa about Tara-medium
1 review
3 helpful votes

God sent me to this site for a reason and I read nearly 40 reviews and they are all the same as the ones she sent me just with different names and dates all I have to say is thank you god for watching over me and protecting me from this scam artist

Ask sharee about Tara-medium
1 review
1 helpful vote

Tara and her fake assistant frank are aload of crap just like the fake chris in the terms and conditions here the real address of this fake and if you google the address your be shock at his high class office he claims he uses its a run down industrial block-The Extraordinary Chris,” HK Internet-Room L3F, Block Back, Mow Hing Industrial Building, No. 21 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong 
Its discusting that use are scaming people who really have trusted in your so called honesty its wont be long before karma! Catches up on use

Tip for consumers: Stay away from fake mediums like tara and chris!!!!

Ask hayley about Tara-medium
1 review
1 helpful vote

Tara I need back every penny you scam from me I need my money back you are a con artist and you got me good but your going to get what you deserve burn in hell send me my money back please thank you.

Ask Michelle about Tara-medium
1 review
4 helpful votes

I signed up for a ONE OFF reading.
From there, Tara started to take money from my account.
I closed & De-activated my Account. Which was in OCT 2014.
I have now found that she is STILL TAKING MONEY.
This dirty $#*!, is still stealing money out of my account.
I STOPPED THIS OCT 2015. Dirty Lying Theif.

Tip for consumers: STAY AWAY FROM THE LIER.
Nothing more than a dirty low life THIEF.

Ask Jasmine about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes

I, too, have been getting daily messages from Tara with the same statements that others are claiming. She also at one time told me that I have the gift to communicate with the spirits but do not yet know it. My daughter and I laughed at that one since I have been able to do that since I was a young child and my oldest daughter also inherited that same gift.

I will not be sending her any money and if she was a true psychic, she would see this. I was curious to see what the reviews of this "Psychic" said since I know that some do have that gift. Obviously this one does not.

The original price she was asking was $70 then it went to $49 and now it's $14.99.

I will create my own good energy and keep my $15.

Ask Christine about Tara-medium
1 review
9 helpful votes

Folks, does this picture look familiar? is fraudulent.

Ask Byron about Tara-medium
1 review
8 helpful votes

It is a scam....guy from Hong Kong Lam $#*!son does this. Don't be fooled like me.
I have been asking for my money response..Stay AWAY!!!

Ask Donna about Tara-medium
1 review
5 helpful votes

Sent me emails nelly daylie right up till I made payment then nothing no emails no respons to my emails I've sent and just checking my PayPal and not even a payment on there I'm sure I went into my account I hope I wen on to my PayPal and it wasn't a dummy page in order to get my PayPal details gonna email PayPal now. But yes the template above was the one I received. It was my life to a t and altho my mate got sent the exact same nelly a year ago she showed me I was stupid and nieve enough to send money anyway thinking maybe she stuffed her reading up. Has anyone actually ever had a real reading from a real site?? I defiantly have in real life she told me things no one knew like how my brother died and that he wasn't even my brother but we called each other that and that the last convo we had before he died he told me he loved me over the phone and I said nothing and that he said to his mates maybe I jus wasn't ready yet said that it was our first fight and my pattener genuinely loved me but I constantly questioned it and a lot of other things, is there any like that online? Or are they all fake??? I've recently read that they cannot see into ur future it is never possible to either because tithe future can always change the universe can simply not not plan everyone perceise movements and actions to plan that movement in ur future. Makes seance now tho right. Well lesson learned for me never relie on anyone but urs elf wen ur life isn't going the way u want it to

Tip for consumers: DON'T!!! Simple...

Ask Jamie about Tara-medium
1 review
7 helpful votes

Heya. I was reading Tara emails and one of my friends won the lottery bur not the amount as being guaranteed. However, I was also told by gp that I became schizophrenia and yes Tara system is negative as she produces an illness called schizophrenia because she is the one who is trying to win lottery by scaming people and trying to find numbers that would make her to win the money. In another words she is a fraudist in order to win lotto trying to hide her wrongedoing. If I would be a psychich I would never try to offer people and stupidly promising them to win a large amount of money. I think that Tara has to change as she harmed enough other people as she did mine in another words her emails drowed me into insanity and I hope that one day she will get what she deserves as I would not pay her a penny. Some things that she says might be true but most of it is a full of $#*!.

Tip for consumers: Tara Medium

Ask Ivana about Tara-medium
1 review
3 helpful votes

Hey Frank J, assistant to that $#*! tara. you are a piece of crap too. you're going to kail to you $#*!. no one believes you crap, so get lost!

Tip for consumers: Avoid Tara Medium, she is a scam artist dog. and the assistant Frant T.

Ask bob about Tara-medium
1 review
5 helpful votes

My spouse got scammed for over $2500 this past year. Their luck has not changed. The only one who has gained financially is "Tara". One doesn't gain wealth or happiness by just wishing for it. It's embarrassing that they fell for this scam. It's all over the Internet that it's a rip-off

Tip for consumers: Take your money and donate it to help the hungry or the homeless. At least someone who deserves to be helped will get some help. Tara does NOT need it!

Ask John about Tara-medium
1 review
7 helpful votes

i am not happy after takeng a large amount of money stating if not happy refund not a thing whats going on .when i asked they clamed i was not a client .but is beening taken

Tip for consumers: check

Ask ray about Tara-medium
1 review
9 helpful votes

She was very understanding , she even lower her price cause I needed the help ,she help me get ready for this car accident ,I had no insurance on my car ,she insisted on me getting some I had been riding without it for years cause money was so limited ,so I did ,doing so ,even after I request a refund cause I had read all those reviews ,she refunded my money & still after the refund she told me about the car accident .she is the truth I thank her dearly ,hope this helps any one with doubts.

Ask Tamika about Tara-medium
1 review
14 helpful votes

your luck has been activated!
a huge jackpot is yours!
I have a proof.
But there’s an important detail you have to take seriously!


For urgent reasons that I will explain later in this e-mail, I have just said a magic prayer for you and I also began a powerful ritual of telepathic magic on your behalf for free that will last for 7 days.

Because you need it, and without asking for anything in return, I decided to inject your life with the powerful energy of luck to help attract money to you in the coming weeks.

But first, there’s an important detail that you really should take seriously.

I haven’t had any news from you, and
I’m getting more and more worried about you, jan.

I thought I told you everything you need to know to make you understand the importance of what is being prepared for you at this moment.

We don’t have much time left. It’s urgent that you do something soon, so you can take advantage of the amazing opportunity for change that will come your way.

I’m talking about an important and unexpected event that should completely transform your destiny in less than 30 days.

A powerful astral influence – never seen before – will work in your favor and needs only a sign from you to finally attract luck and happiness into your life.

There will be great changes in your destiny.

For the first time in years, the stars and your numbers of destiny are perfectly aligned so that luck can finally start having a financial impact on your life.

This is probably the greatest opportunity of your lifetime, jan.

And that’s why I have to perform a supplementary free ritual which should favor the materialization of an unexpected amount of money that is waiting for you.

This is necessary in order to deal with a serious problem of yours, jan.

At this very moment you are under the influence of some harmful energy that seems to be responsible for he abnormal bad luck that has been affecting all important areas of your life.

I’m certain that is what has happened to you, jan. what are its fallacies and Luhan not believe it please your money will go only to the water I do believe he writes vam same fables

Ask roman about Tara-medium
1 review
15 helpful votes

Sorry folks most all of these so called mediums / physics on the net are scams or maybe I should say for entertainment purposes only. Tara is a prefect example of just that. She or he does like the majority of all these people do. She or he tells you about all the good things ( the hook ) and then she or he tells you about some kind of negativity that is preventing you from achieving positive results ( the bait ). So honestly if you pay for whatever to be done just know you are basically paying to be entertained by a scam artist. Sad but true. Therefore may I suggest that you google free online tarot card readings and forget the scam artists out there on the net and entertain yourself in a much more quicker and easier way without being hooked or baited for your hard earned cash.

Tip for consumers: There's too many scam artist out in the world today. So why become a victim of them especially when things sound to good to be true???

Ask thedarkjoker about Tara-medium
1 review
23 helpful votes

My friends and I decided to read our horoscopes online, in the depths of my googleing I found Tara, I gave her my email in order to get my free "reading". This came through and it was along the lines of every person on here, that I would recieve money soon but I had negative energy surrounding me, I then got another email a few days later saying she was disappointed in me not replying to her and that something bad may happen to me soon and that she is trying to help. I am the sort of person that scares easily so to recieve this scared me so much, until I decided to read reviews of Tara, thank god I did, at least I can sleep easy tonight! Seems as though she will play on peoples fears in order to line her own profits, don't give her your email address, she doesn't deserve a single star!

Tip for consumers: Don't even bother reading a single line of her bollocks

Ask Rebecca about Tara-medium
1 review
16 helpful votes

Its fake guys here is the proof. I GOt so sick and torenof her emails. And suprise they are same ones just with the name changed. But here is whete this $#*!er skrewed up. I got an email and i clicked on it and it took me to a weird page. Im bot sure what to call it bit it basically proved its fake. And to help others out the name sergio popped up.

Tip for consumers: Seriously this $#*!/$#*!er doesnt deserve any stars. Im sorry to all of those she scammed. I know what it is to get so low. But keep your chin up. Whatever you believe in, God, karma, nature, yourself you can get thru it. Remember its only temporary, stay optomistic and you can beat whä you arw going thru.

Ask Firefly about Tara-medium
1 review
18 helpful votes

I received the exact same email as Terry N (tried to message you but couldn't). I asked Tara was it true, could I count on it? Received a reply advising me yes it was real if I believed. I allowed my daughter to sign a contract for 100,000 on the basis of it. Stupid, stupid me. I am not normally so gullible. So now we need to find 100k in two weeks and the forthcoming promised wins haven't materialised :(

I am editing to say I have been contacted by Tara's secretary who has been very concerned, helpful and polite. I was quite impressed by his emails.

A further update since being messaged by the above that all emails are now being ignored.

Ask Jennie about Tara-medium
6 reviews
43 helpful votes

I did the initial free reading via a link on the PCH site. Since I am having a lot of emotional and financial issues right now I thought it couldn't hurt. I am also very stressed and gullible as well since she did get me for the initial $49 for a more advanced reading after days of emails warning me about this and that. I'm not sure if she or whoever can sense by the initial question how weak or desperate a person is but since then her emails are coming more frequently and also getting a bit testy. She has dropped her price from $249 to $199 with the option to pay in 3 monthly installments but as I said in a relay email if I had extra cash to throw around I wouldn't be feeling financially stressed out and scared of losing my house. I'm waiting until after Oct. 9 where she originally stated things would start to change or happen before requesting a refund. I used Paypal instead of my debit card since now as I read these reviews I'm getting worried. I believe strongly in the things in the universe we can't see and I do believe some people might have a gift but I also think if they so want to help like this Tara claims to that she'd do it at a lower rate and then if whatever windfall comes true then take what is offered to her.

Ask Tammy about Tara-medium
1 review
13 helpful votes

Please do NOT be seduced in to this site-if you do ,you have been well and truly suckered!!It's a craftily designed ploy to pique your interest using personal information,intimate and
seemingly confidential overtures,and false promises of future fortune&wealth-all lures to reel in a big fish-YOU,and get you to part with your hard earned dosh.For instance,my "reading"
was EXACTLY the same as a guy called Dave on this forum,yet he's a Libran bloke and I'm a female Gemini-funny that!And he too was told he had a negative entity coming between him and his good fortune_;what absolute horsesh*t & hoo-ha.Trying to use superstition and scare-tactics as a business tactic is pretty despicable-but there will always be poor souls
out there who will be duped out of money to remove this bad-luck/curse/voodoo,whatever!
There is no "Tara", sorry folks!Just a fraudulent scamming internet company trying to rake in as much money as possible by preying on the hopes and fears of vulnerable folk.Give it a wide berth,or amuse yourself by giving them a lot of false information and false leads.

Tip for consumers: If you must use it-then do it in the spirit of fun and nonsense,with your tongue firmly in your cheek!!!

Ask Alison about Tara-medium
1 review
10 helpful votes

This is address to Terry R.

I have received the same word for word message you got from tara medium in August. That its urgent to act before it's too late that I could win a lottery or even more. I say, when I read your review I can say that she is a fraud and that all she sent us were all lies. Too bad I have paid her for $14.99 for a lie. She even sent me another mail regarding another jackpot. But I will never pay her again thanks to all the reviews. One thing is for sure It is a SCAM!

Ask maia about Tara-medium
1 review
11 helpful votes

Yes its a huge lie. I signed up for another reading with a different name and email address and date of birth and got sent the exact same page with names changed. That was back in 2012.
How is this even allowed to still operate??? It scares me people have paid money and are still being conned 2 years later!!!!

Ask Sarah about Tara-medium
1 review
11 helpful votes

It's comforting to know that i'm not alone in being duped by this woman. For a few months this b***h sent me emails everyday sometimes 4 times a day. So yeah stupid me said wth why not. (& ik better lol) now that i have paid her i haven't received a single email. I'm in agreement with you all that it's not right, she's a scam, a con, satan's spawn (hey that She didn't say that we might get big money but that we WILL. There's other lies all up in those email's we've received & I am in the process of filing a class action lawsuit. Amt. wanted in lawsuit is the amount of money she's received from every single person who's paths has crossed her. We have a legit lawsuit. If anyone is interested in joining this class action suit let me know.

Ask April about Tara-medium
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

How terrible that fraudsters like these play on vunerable people or people looking for answers to problems etc. This tara person (who does not exist) bombards you with e-mails warning you of impending doom and windfalls....what a load of rubbish!!! Do not fall for this scam!!!....take this website from your mail list and do not under no circumstances provide them with your bank details!!

Ask Jean about Tara-medium
1 review
8 helpful votes

I had once bought a reading from Tara at a drastically reduced price as I did not want to pay $100 and paid $10. Her reading is exactly like all the ones here promising of a huge windfall in cash and something blocking my good luck. Problem is she never got rid of the bad luck if there such a thing as I still have not won any huge amounts of cash even after get promised psychic luck and protection ritual. This is a total scam. I recently had another email from her which states the exact same thing! She gave me a spell to do to protect me from bad luck! I will report her to the ACCC as I live in Australia so she/ he can't picket any more money from people.

Tip for consumers: This is a scam do NOT send any money

Ask Donna about Tara-medium
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I received an email this morning from Tara Medium and it was so convincing and seemed so genuine that i whipped out my credit card and was ready to pay her. She had been sending me emails for months now. Some of them were optimistic and some were downright scary. This email included 7 numbers that i could use in games of chance or lotteries or whatever. The person who writs these emails is very talented and knowledgable on the school of hard knocks and is very convincing of their concern for your well being. It is kind of sad though I wanted so much to believe in her. I do believe in sixth senses so this will not deter that aspect of the world for me.

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Sakamoto, you absolutely must read what follows very carefully. It’s extremely important if you want your finances to change for the better.   I’ve been working on your file for a few days now, observing the transit of the planets through your astral birth-chart. And I’ve been keeping precise notes about everything that happened.Because the timing is right and you’re in such urgent need, I felt it was important to reveal something that just happened, something that could have a direct influence on your Destiny.  It concerns some unexpected Luck that should come your way before September 15th and completelMmransform your financial situation.   How do I know this? Last night a surprising event occurred that concerns you. I was thinking of you, and just before I fell asleep I had a telepathic Astral Vision that was extremely intense.   I “saw” you as a generous, courageous person who is having a few problems at the moment, problems you’re finding harder and harder to resolve. I felt very close to you Sakamoto! I “saw” you bringing a smile to many people’s faces during your lifetime. Some of them you helped either morally or materially. Sakamoto, you are the exceptional big-hearted person I’ve been seeking!That’s why I QUICKLY prepared your Astral Guide for FREE. In fact, I didn’t even wait for your authorization.    And I’m happy I did, because it allowed me to clearly see a very rare and extremely favorable Astral Phenomenon that is on the verge of radically transforming the course of your existence.What I’m talking about, Sakamoto, is a very rare phenomenon: the stellar alignment of all your birth-planets. This perfect alignment will start tonight at exactly midnight, and last for approximately 21 days.   I’m certain that this Astral Phenomenon is happening at precisely the right time, since it should enable you to receive money you really need. In fact, I saw you winning the amount of  219606USD in less than 21 days! And that’s not all! The best is still to come... As I was preparing your Astral Chart I clearly saw a series of numbers: your 7 Personal Winning Numbers. These 7 numbers could very well bring you your 219606 USD.   Sakamoto, as surprising as this may seem, it’s the absolute truth, and you’ll soon be able to see for yourself.   I decided to reveal your 7 Personal Winning Numbers completely FREE in this confidential message, because without them you could miss out on a huge jackpot.   But there’s one thing you should know: only a small group of people can follow my path to wealth and happiness. Every year, only 12 people are chosen to join my winner’s circle. I call them my protégés.   One person per month, no more, no less! Do you want to join my circle of protégésand transform your Destiny? Say YES, Sakamoto, to the unique opportunity I’m offering you today. If you do, I’ll do two things for you, and I can tell you now that your life will never be the same!  First:Sakamoto, I want you to write down the 7 following numbers right away. Together they’ll be your first ‘key’ for cashing in on the fabulous torrent of money I ‘saw’ you winning in less than 21 days.   Just be sure, Sakamoto not to reveal them to anyone.   I’ll also need your permission to prepare your Astral Guide for Gain, based on my in-depth study of your Winning Numbers. That’s because you can expect much more than the 219606 USDwaiting for you now.   Second:The fact that I’m writing you today is no coincidence. I’ve been searching for you for many weeks now, because I know an ancestral secret that makes "money fall like rain." Of course, money doesn’t just ‘rain down’ from heaven,but that’s what it feels like!I’m thinking mostly about the 219606 USD waiting for you on the Astral plane, which could make you happy and fulfilled, like you’ve always wanted to be.   Sakamoto, I’m deeply convinced that my Powerful Ritual will prove to be incredibly effective for you. What follows may surprise you...My family has been in possession of an ancestral text called the Secret Book of White Magic for many generations. That’s where this fabulous secret of wealth, so coveted by so many people, comes from. "The Rainfall-of-Money Ritual"  Now let me explain in detail what I’ll do on your behalf, to make more money become part of your life.   But first, Sakamoto, I should respond to a question you may be asking yourself: “What exactly do I have to do to profit from this "Rainfall-of-Money?"   The answer is simple: all you need to do to get rich, through games-of-chance or any other way, is to fill out your "Personal Invitation for Wealth."  As for me, the moment I receive your permission, I’ll do the following on your behalf:  THE "RAINFALL-OF-MONEY" RITUAL 1) – I’ll use 7 large sacred white candles and arrange them so you’re in harmony you with Vital Cosmic Energy. In your case, the energy will be transformed into a Rainfall-of-Money.   2) –I’ll burn 6 kinds of extremely rare magic incense, which I’ll light at ten-minute intervals over the space of an hour, to bring your own Vital Energy to a peak.   3) – Next, I’ll sprinkle some special Purifying Salt over the flames of the candles to purify your Astral Body.   4) – Then, in the language of the ancients, I’ll recite the Great Divine Incantations as transcribed in my ancestral Book of Magic, in order to make a favorable impact on the Celestial and Divine Beings.   5) – Lastly, I’ll use a fresh olive branch, after reinforcing its natural magnetism with special passes of my pendulum, to bring this Powerful Ritual to a successful conclusion.  Take care because time is against us! The time to act is now! After September 15th it will be too late for my interventions to be effective.   So Sakamoto, that’s the help I’m offering you today. In my mind, you’re the 12th and last deserving person I feel should benefit from this powerful ancestral Ritual.   All the conditions are in place, including the perfect alignment of your birth-planets, your first series of 7 Winning Numbers, and the telepathic Astral Vision I had about you.  I’m certain the money you receiveis going to quickly solve your problems! Trust me, your future happiness depends on a single gesture from you:  • Send me your "Personal Invitation for Wealth" immediately, so I can combine my psychic powers with those of the Celestial Beings, and make this Powerful Ancient Ritual a resounding success.              I’ll say it again, Sakamoto : it really was you I saw winning 219606 USD in less than 21 days!  And that’s not the only money you can expect...  As I was preparing your Astral Guide, I saw A WHOLE SERIES OF WINNING SITUATIONS in store for you… VERY LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY that should shelter you from need for years to come.  That’s why it’s so urgent for me to prepare your Astral Guide for Gain as soon as possible, so your chances of winning don’t stop after your 21 days of Good Luck are over.   Sakamoto, I think you know that by answering me today you can help resolve your most pressing financial worries.Accept this first series of 7 Personal Winning Numbers, which is already in your possession. You’ll need them to free yourself from the money problems you so desperately want to get rid of. But you should know, Sakamoto, that it’s only after I perform the "Rainfall-of-Money" Ritual that these numbers will be useful. Without the Ritual, the Astral Powers will not be in synch with the vibrations of your Destiny.After I perform the ceremony, there’ll be no limit as to how much money you can obtain. Cash is an inexhaustible form of energy, and I’ve been a master of this magic money secret for over 20 years now.   Each year I choose only 12 new candidates to benefit from my skills. The rest of humanity has to continue putting up with their problems and difficult lives.  Sakamoto, here’s what recently happened to 2 people who accepted my help. Last month I had the pleasure of using the "Rainfall-of-Money" Ritual to help Mark, the last of my protégés to win big at a game-of-chance. 3 weeks ago it was Lauren  who won a fortune playing the lottery.    I’ve been trying to improve the lives of deserving people for over 20 years now, Sakamoto. I don’t accept the idea that everything is set in stone, or that bad luck is inevitable, and those who suffer from it can’t do anything about it.   I’ve used my gifts all over the world, and I’ve helped many people.I could give you hundreds of examples of my successful interventions, but that’s not what’s important now. What is important is that, in just a few days, you’ll be able to write and tell me how happy and fulfilled you are.   Accept the fact that you have a right to be Lucky. Have faith, because you’ll soon be one of my new protégés. And believe me when I say that Luck is definitely on your side.   Sakamoto, you don’t have a minute to lose. Your future happiness and wealth depend on how quickly you answer me. Remember, you’re someone who is part of my Life’s Mission.  IMPORTANT: Take courage, Sakamoto, because you won’t have to wait long for your financial situation to improve. But act quickly, because the meter is already ticking. Your happiness belongs only to you. Answer me right now!


Its so hard because she has me convinced that she knows me as a person. Her guarantee for coming through has me wanting to try this out. If someone got this exact message on 8/18/2014 @ 515am please comment to my post. If anyone else has gotten the same, word for word message, than she is a fraud. If not, than is genuine and you may not have liked her reading or ototherwise believed in her abilities. I for one do believe that she is speaking to me, however I remain skeptical because it involves having to spend money. And that comes natural. I erased my lucky numbers sorry. I will play them in the lotto and hope she is genuine. The fact she actually gave me my lucky numbers free of charge is curious to her abilities. If this works, ill send her 10k and Ill let you guys know the outcome. With my new business plans, and financial needs, I could use the money.

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If everyone is getting a email like this then she is a scam! If she is telling everyone they are going to win a jackpot then everyone in the whole damn world should be rich!

Tip for consumers: Scam!!!

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This was a real eye-opener to read this site! Thank you! I had pretty much figured out 'Tara' who promises the moon and delivers a puddle to look into to see what you are. Tara plays herself up like no other psychic. She has powers no one else has... What powers? Seeing the generic future where everybody wins the lottery, or at least subscribes to her "Secret Magic Rituals" or whatever she calls them.

The thing with her is, the stuff she says is so generically phony, it should immediately call up our guard and stand out as fraudulent, but because 'she' is so brazen, it causes one to go beyond one's normal defenses and start to believe 'her'. Who doesn't want to believe they can win the lottery? Well, I'm uniquely deserving right? She said so so it must be true. But she may have said that to 85,000 people via robo-response.

Well, Tara says I am 'going to win the lottery' not once but twice with the second time coming right after the first and being a much greater sum. ha ha But, I have to buy her secret ritual to energize my luck with the lottery. Give me a break. No one has the power to pick lottery numbers like that which are randomly generated by a computer I believe, except tara of course who must has access to the software that picks the numbers on all the lottery computers, right? She is inside of the internet and controls computer design, not just a psychic. She inhabits the wires and can see into and beyond the speed of light workings of these internal processors. Actually, she just types out the numbers for them. She's amazing.
WOW! Wrong. She doesn't have any of those abilities, you can just about guarantee it. I can guarantee it if you can't, or your money back.

Tara is mostly generic. I bet she couldn't name my cat, girlfriend, brand of underwear I'm wearing, I bet. Other real psychics on honed in very accurately on people I was in correspondence and relationship with and gave practical, helpful advice and insights. Tara doesn't use the phone--hasn't advanced that far, but she controls the internet and probably knows Al Gore quite well. .

Tara skirts anything specific because apparently she doesn't have that ability. Don't get me wrong, she seems very caring and sincere, but she just doesn't have those abilities she claims. The kicker for me was when she said she knew exactly what was causing my problem. drum roll, d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-!!! It is, and I quote her, "some kind of dark cloud".over me. Can you believe that? It's not under me, it's over me. The accuracy, the incredible accuracy. REAL PSYCHIC MATERIAL, HUH? Unbelievably accurate.

That's like saying the person who is holding you back is a person and they are holding you back, that is, the exact person holding you back is a person that holds you back is ...a person holding you back..see the incredible logic and accuracy? See what I mean? They're holding you back from receiving what you deserve. which is (obviously) winning the lottery, which actually could be true for me, but not anyone else, the lottery being everyone's dream and hangup including mine,and got a B in math at Stanford, so I deserve it!!.

I guess we as a species are quite gullible and willing to abandon rational thought and common sense at the least promise of great wealth or unrequited love...from a human just can't buy that kind of advice, you know? However T. has abilities no other psychic or medium has. HOW do we know? Because Tara says so. She tells us so it must be true, even though Tara couldn't tell me my cat's name, guaranteed or her money, which used to be yours, back.

Or, maybe she's a challenge Miss Tara Medium-Well, How Bout It? TELL me my cat's name without doing an internet search and I will send her the magic mirror that is only broken in 3 or 4 places, representing my love life, or lie.

Seriously, I like Tara, Tara's tone is endearing and her nature caring, something like the sponginess of moss or the sound of rain on composition shingles. nature.

Actually, I love anyone who tells me I am going to win the lottery, not once but twice, even thought the odds of the lottery I play have to be 200 million to 1, so winning it twice would happen only once out of 40,000 quadrillion times. But I've got that luck cas' Tara knows.

Actually, that's the same odds as the planet Pluto turning into a dog and showing up at my front door, panting. If it wasn't panting, the odds would be a lot better. OK, you can go ahead and laugh now..........., because it's really really funny how we got hoodwinked by this total quack and unbelievable huckster name of Tara...actually Miss Lottery Predicting Medium ( I thought mediums were supposed to help get in touch with our dead relatives not the future lottery winnings coalescing with our current selves and the living jackpot).

I prefer her medium delusions but cannot tell a lie,like George Washington, Tara is pretty and I like her picture, it's nice seeming. She would be nice to share a drink with, and probably want to go to my room with me since I'm going to win the lottery twice and she would probably like a piece of that action! Plus a few others lotteries.
Tara is a over biting non-psychic with some good general advice, I'd give her that. Thanks for the advice, Tara. I thanked her in an email, so you see I'm not cold-hearted or ruthless, actually quite well-behaved..

Tara did give me a refund like she said but I wrote her a number of very cogent personal searching emails, so figure I may have rated better in the pantheon of Credit card companies she deals with. She's not a real psychic, people!!!. Others I've consulted were real, even a Hispanic woman who could barely speak English. Tara is a hit or miss internet personality. GOOD LUCK! DON'T SEND HER ANY MONEY!

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I received a reading from Tara Medium in April 2014. So far, it's August 2014, everything in that reading has come true. I had an incident where I was charged twice (I did enter my info twice- my fault) and was refunded within 24 hours of contacting her.

I don't know what all these complaints are about. If you use the same energy (with different email addresses - clever, not!) you will get the exact same reading. If you know anything about energy, auras, psychic mediums, etc, you know this to be true.

If you don't like your reading, or it's not what you expected, you can't call it a scam. That's all I'm reading here... a bunch of complainers who wanted a get-rich-quick scheme and got a reading they didn't like.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Tara Medium. I guess my good fortune is your bad luck. :)

PS: You can register any business IN any country FROM any country today. I could register a business in India right now online, if I wanted. It doesn't matter where she's located.

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there is commercial that runs here in the san francisco bay area for a mental health and disabilities claim, this the same exact woman who appears in the commercial. (true claim)

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I had a same experience as others, I got free reading from Tara and then got links for full reading where she demand $49 and confirmation that I will be benefited with huge money in few weeks if I play some numbers in lotto so I write her why don't you give me reading and I will pay you 5 times more money than your fee once I get huge money as you are promising and as I am expecting she says no not possible then I understand she is cheating with peoples's emotions by just writing email with lots of future hope and I simply told her STOP MAKING PEOPLE FOOL. So, be aware before giving any money to such idiots.

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What a scam. Can't believe I almost fell for it until I found this site.My reading was exactly like Dave T's back in 2013 except for the dates.

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I have just sent her an email requesting a refund for $19.59. The some of the stuff she wrote about me were true. I then got another email requesting me to purchase another product, that's when I decided to Google her. Fortunately I found this website, which has prevented me from losing more money. Someone said on something on this page which was very important, we should all pray in our time of need as well as hapiness. Thanks for the heads up.

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I am so happy that I found this site and know that everyone receives the EXACT SAME email as their personal free reading. My father and nana both just passed away within 48 hours of each other, my pop pop is in the ER and my little brother is battling brain cancer so if there were ever a vulnerable time in my life where I MAY HAVE wanted to believe in something like this, it is now. I'm just glad I found out that it is complete bs before I spent any of my time or money on this. It is ridiculous the amount of people that prey on weak moments in people's lives promising them a better future. Thank you everyone on this site.

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Important and Confidential Revelations

 Reserved exclusively for the personal use of: Angelique Keeler


Your problem seemed to me to be so important that I performed an in-depth study of your case to help you more quickly.

I am aware of your most important wish: Love

As surprising as this may seem, I have every reason to believe that it will come true sooner than you may think. I will tell you when and how this will happen. 

You made an excellent decision asking me for help.

In fact, I see that in the coming weeks you should find a suitable solution for most of your problems. In just a moment I will reveal what I saw happening to you in detail. 

That’s why it’s important for you to take note of the date written below in red:

July 14 2014!

Starting on that day, you are going to be at a 
decisive turning point in your existence.

I can tell you that you are going to enter a lucky astral period very soonwhich should definitely be the most important of your entire life.

More precisely, I see 3 wonderful months that are going to transform your destiny. Followed by 3 more very good months that will have a lasting effect on your future, Angelique.

I also have some other news for you that is a little less positive. But you shouldn’t worry more than necessary about it.

Because even though something may happen that is not very good for you, I can still be there to help you. 

I will show you how you can avoid events that could turn out to be negative for you. And in any case, I will tell you what to do so that the lucky period that is in store for you works out in your favor. 

Above all I want you to know that, as my way of thanking you for the confidence you have shown in me, I made a commitment in my soul and in my conscience to do everything I could to help you, until the moment thatyour happiness is total and complete. 

I have already done this for many people with problems as serious as yours, people who thought that nothing and no one could change their lives. 

Today they are all overjoyed to realize just how much their financial and personal situations really have become totally transformed. And what I have done for others, I can also do for you. 

Now I should tell you about some information that concerns you, and is of great importance for you today:

Your date of birth is: 22 November 1972.

That makes you a Sagittarius.

Your astral chart is strongly influenced by Jupiter.

Based on these factors, I will now transmit my initial conclusions to you:

General Introduction

Let’s start with the main traits of your psychological profile, qualities that I find exceptional when looked at as a whole:

Charm, personality, competence, energy, dynamism, and especially optimism and luck, both of which could be absolutely fantastic if you knew how to really take advantage of them!

Your charm and your dynamism, your optimism and luck, are what create your personal magnetism, unless of course the opposite is true. I can feel the power of your magnetism, and you should rely on it to help you succeed in your various enterprises. 

A lucky star is protecting you, and the star attributed to you is Jupiter. You should trust it completely, blindly, and know that it will never abandon you. You do, however, have to help it out from time to time. 

Be a little less egotistical and, under certain circumstances, learn how to make minor sacrifices. As much as possible, avoid making promises you know you can’t keep. 

Show your feelings of satisfaction more often... even if you feel like showing something else!

Moderate your taste for risk-taking, since luck won’t always be with you, and can sometimes do nothing for you.


You have no apparent problems in this area: your energy and willpower are your two most precious allies. 

At the same time you have two formidable enemies to watch out for: your appetite and your liver.

Be careful about leading a disorganized life, and avoid excesses of all kinds! Your liver and gall bladder are two delicate organs, and you have to get rid of the toxins that have accumulated in your organism over time.

Love – Emotions

Too dependent on family? Too independent? 

You like to be around people, and having a large family doesn’t scare you, although you do like things to be regular in your day-to-day life: set times for TV, for eating, etc.

At the same time you also like changes: travel, going out, seeing friends... And why not? You may even have a secret side to your life! 

Of course, you may find it strange that you can like regularity and change at the same time, and that you want to be surrounded by a large family. The explanation can be found in your tendency to command, to be the incontestable authority, something that satisfies you fully. 

But be careful about your taste for authority, which could turn into an all-consuming need to dominate others. That can cause unhappiness in love, and it can hurt the ones you care for. When you realize what is happening, it might be too late. That would be a pity!

Social Life

You have enough personality and magnetism to do without any superior authority. Have faith in yourself, in your ideas and your initiatives. Hold your head high and persevere, and you will move forward without problems, even in the most delicate or hazardous of times. 

Your natural solitary temperament makes traveling to foreign countries suitable, and that can be useful in your business efforts. Have you ever thought about being a sales representative, an interpreter, a journalist or a sports trainer? Any profession that requires intelligence and a predisposition for travel, to change your horizons, is suitable for you.


Numbers have a determining influence on your life, both in games of chance (lotteries, horse races, etc.) and in your day-to-day activities. 

Your golden number is 9, your lucky number par excellence. Use the number 9 as often as you can: for example, when you set up an important meeting, insist on the 9th day of the month, or 9 o’clock in the evening; use it in all the games of chance you play, etc.

If you have premonitory dreams – and you should! – 14 is your most auspicious number, as it is for travel and for large and small financial speculations. 

And finally 23 can be considered your number of Happiness.

Some final advice

Knowing your strengths and your weaknesses will make it easier for you to do the right thing, i.e. to advance in accordance with your real personality, which is one of SUCCESS and HAPPINESS.

We are in the midst of a period of Great Change, and the opportunities are too good for us to let them pass without lifting a finger.

It is clear that you have a huge potential, which you received at birth (a potential for luck and unexpected money) which is in total opposition to the difficult life you are leading, and the bad luck which is unjustly affecting you at the moment.

You should never have had to deal with the difficulties and serious problems (especially those concerning money) that seem to be ceaselessly plaguing you.
Here’s why:

Jupiter, along with the other planets that control your Destiny, have endowed you with tremendous Lucky Power. 

This should have turned out to be very positive for you in terms of money, and the realization of what you really hold dear in life. But that has not been the case. 

Of course you’ve had a few happy moments at certain times in your life. But you know that you have generally been lacking in luck in many important areas of your life. Isn’t that so?

You have had some periods of luck and happiness on your journey. Butsomeone or something has been preventing you from taking advantage of that luck. It has passed you by each and every time.

There have also been large amounts of money that where within your graspon many occasions, but once again an invisible hand seems to have prevented you from enjoying your potential profit. 

As things stand now you take each day as it comes, without really knowing what will happen to you tomorrow.

Sometimes, because of a lack of self-confidence, you make decisions that eventually have serious consequences. You may be thinking that this is all your fault.

Well, that is not the case!

I  have a strange feeling, as if some harmful influence was forcing you to make the wrong decisions, those that attract bad luck instead of good luck (especially as far as money is concerned).

Don’t say to yourself: "I’ve never been lucky... I just have too much bad luck... I’ll never get out of my present situation!”

Believe me, based on my experience I can confidently say that is not the case at all. On the contrary!

You have a right to happiness.

And you should know that there are no unlucky stars in your astral chart.

All you have to do is follow the Path to Luck and Happiness as indicated by your master planets, which will soon become active and influence your destiny. 

In your case your dominant planet is: Jupiter. Along with your other important master planets, it has already presented you with numerous lucky occasions (notably for money), although you were not able to take advantage of them for an obvious reason which you know already. 

This was not your fault. No one was there to help you understand the importance of these occasions, and tell you what to do. 

It’s too bad we didn’t know each other sooner. I could have intervened and told you exactly what to do, and when. 

I could have warned you about problems you might have avoided and, most importantly, I could have helped you take full advantage of the occasions for Luck and Money that should have been yours. 

If I had done so your life would have been wonderful. You would not have experienced all the major problems you’ve been having until now. 

But we mustn’t dwell on the past. The important thing now for you to be happy is to know that it isn’t too late to do something about it.

Starting today I pledge to do everything in my power (including putting in my time) to help you make your most heartfelt dreams come true.

I am convinced that your life can change over the coming weeks. I feel it in the deepest part of my being. You can trust me – I am very, very rarely wrong.

But you must be careful!

You can’t keep moving forward in the dark, without a helping hand to point out all the opportunities for Luck and Money that will be presented to you in the near future. 

You should know that at your age of 41 years old, you still have the perspective of many years of happiness ahead of you. You can be absolutely certain of that. 

But you have to know exactly when it will be important to seize the numerous occasions for Luck and Happiness that come your way.

That must be done at the moment they are presented to you. I’ll tell you all about it. I feel some very surprising things about you. 

You have very strong intuiton, you’re sensitive, and you are very generous, but sometimes other people take advantage of you, without knowing thatthings aren’t going so well. 

I see you as an anxious person, a little vulnerable, who doesn’t always know how to defend yourself against life’s injustices.

And while we’re on the subject,
I should tell you a secret that concerns you personally:

Do you know that you have a force inside you  - Unlimited Inner Power – that you totally ignore and make no use of at all? I saw it clearly on a number of occasions. 

And do you know why you ignore this force and make no use of it? Well, you may have already noticed how a lot of people think they’re better than others. 

For you the exact opposite is true. You tend to see your weak points instead of your strong ones. 

I’m pretty sure you’ve already asked yourself: “Why do some people have so much happiness and not me”?

You have to stop this kind of negative thinking. You have to accept that you have the right, as much right as anyone else, to the luck and money you’ve been deprived of until now. And for that to happen all you need to do is agree to accept some special help from me.

Here’s what I can do for you:

Firstly, it’s important for you to know that to help you it is not absolutely necessary for us to meet personally.

I have already helped hundreds of people who, like you, had serious problems with luck or money, and each and every time their most urgent problem disappeared, without my having to meet them face to face. 
Because of what I felt about you (I always trust my first impressions) I know that you are very soon going to enter one of the most wonderful periods of your life.
This exceptional period should begin on July 14 2014. I don’t want to be more specific, because it could happen a few days before or a few days afterJuly 14 2014.

It should last until October 12 2014, which means 3 full months of great good luck with money, followed by 3 very positive months in your personal life. 

During that entire time I will be there, to point out all the opportunities for Luck and Money that you should take advantage of.

I will show you what to do to avoid problems that could arise for you (and how to turn them in your favor).

You must not ignore this period which could transform your entire destiny. All you have to do to profit 100% from the opportunities that arise at the start of this lucky period is act when I tell you to. 

If you follow my advice, your situation should improve very rapidly after that. 

As for the problem that you are most concerned with, I see a happy solution in your immediate future (much sooner than you may think).

The main reason:

In the coming weeks Jupiter, the master planet which has the most influence on you and on your future will, along with other very beneficial planets, exert an influence on your immediate destiny and make it very favorable for you. This convergence of luck will not happen again for a long time. 

You have to understand that an amazing evolution will happen for you as far as luck and money are concerned.
I am deeply convinced that during this period of your life you will finally gain the right to enjoy your share of happiness and luck in all important areas: financial as well as emotional and familial. 

You should know that there will be certain specific times when your chances for success will be multiplied 10, 20, and even 30 times, especially in games that involve money. 

At the right time I will reveal these favorable periods, when your chances of winning an upcoming jackpot are multiplied 30 times!

I will give you all the specific dates when you should use this precious information to gain maximum financial profit.

But you have to be careful. There is an obstacle you have to avoid. You have to be very discreet about this. 

A person who is envious of you may try to direct harmful unlucky vibrationsat you (this could happen sooner than you think) to prevent you from getting a large amount of money.

If that turns out to be the case, I will tell you exactly what to do to protect yourself against the negative vibrations coming from that person.

I’ll also tell you what decisions you have to make (during the lucky periods that are coming your way) to ensure that your destiny advances firmly towards the realization of your imminent happiness.

I am this positive about your immediate future because I have the gift, proven many times over, of seeing things long before they happen. 

I was challenged by those who didn’t believe in clairvoyance, and asked to take part in many para-psychological tests. The results of these tests were surprising, and indicated a very small margin of error of only 3%.

What does that mean? It means that I can see the future of someone accurately, 97% of the time. Few psychics can claim to do that.

Believe me, it’s absolutely essential for you to know what important events will happen for you in the coming months, and I’ll be happy to tell you about them. 

Then you’ll be lucky enough to know for sure what good things you can expect in your immediate future.

Don’t think: “I don’t need to know. My future doesn’t look very bright right now, and I don’t know when or how things will ever work out.” 

Obviously your future cannot be favorable if you don’t know what obstacles you are likely to encounter, even though it is possible to avoid them. Or when your chances for gaining money are best, and must absolutely be taken advantage of.

You now know that an exceptionally lucky period should begin for you and transform your life starting on July 14 2014.

You absolutely must take advantage of the fantastic opportunities for luck and money that will come your way in the next 3 months. Especially since they will be followed by another very positive 3 months for your personal life. 

These 6 months of intense change will give your existence a whole new meaning. Especially if you know exactly what to do, and when and how to do it!

Here’s what I am offering to do for you:

The moment I receive your urgent request I will perform a Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money for you personally, so that the next 6 months become the most important in your life.

What you discover in this detailed reading has nothing in common with anything you may have been told up to now about you and your future. 

You will receive a document that is more complete and more detailed than anything any other psychic may have done for you before. 

All I can say is that even though you may have financial problems right at this moment, your immediate future shows that money will probably no longer be a problem for you. 

You will have as much as you need. In fact, an initial input of a large amount of money starting on July 14 2014 should transform your entire life. 

This sudden and unexpected arrival of money is inscribed in your astral chart. 

You may not know about it yet, but it is being prepared for you right now, and should happen in the next few weeks. 

Your finances: 

•    I will tell you in detail exactly how you can receive a considerable number of large and unexpected inputs of money.
•    Exactly when you will no longer have any money problems, and how much you can hope to receive in all. 
•    When it’s time to stop thinking about saving and making some important payments that you may not have expected, and what these expenses will be. 
•    How to manage your money with precision, so that you always have enough to last you the rest of your life.

As for luck I will be able to reveal the hidden secrets of your destiny:

You may have noticed that, despite all your efforts until now, you have always been unlucky in most of the important areas in your life. 

I can tell you that your problem of bad luck will soon come to an end.
The dominant position occupied by Jupiter, your master planet, in relation to the other planets, clearly shows that you are going to profit from an excellent configuration that is very favorable for luck. 

•    Starting on July 14 2014 you can expect the sudden and unexpected realization of your most important wish.
•    I will tell you exactly on which days of the week your chances of winning will be at their maximum, and when to try your luck at which games so that your chances of winning big are multiplied 30 times.
•    I will also tell you which moments are less favorable for you (there aren’t many but there will be some) so that you can avoid playing and not run the risk of losing your money. 
•    I will tell you which games you can play and which you should avoid. 
•    As far as your most important wish is concerned, you’ll know where, when and how your luck can be made to work most effectively, so that it becomes a reality. 
•    You’ll be in a position to know about all the opportunities that will be presented to you, and how to make them work to your advantage. 
•    I’ll tell you about the interesting encounters you will have, with whom and where, if they will be favorable for you, or if you should avoid them and why.

On an emotional level you’ll know in detail:

•    If you are going to have an important meeting (friendship or personal), when, where and with whom.
•    If the person you are thinking about has sincere feelings for you, and what to do to attract them and keep them close to you.
•    If someone is growing distant from you, why, and what to do to make them come back quickly, and bring you all the happiness you hope for.

In your Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money you’ll find details that only I can reveal to you, about your future and the important choices you will have to make concerning your personal and family life. 

I will also tell you if you have to make any important decisions, which areas of your life they will affect, and what to do once your decision is made. 

There are some important dates that you must not miss under any circumstances if you want all your projects to work out exactly as you hope. 

I’ll also tell you about certain gifts that you have inside you, and help you make use of them to regain your self confidence in what I am sure will be a happier period of your life. 

The happiness you have been waiting for so long is right there in front of you. Life will begin anew for you at the age of 41, even if, for the moment at least, you have doubts about yourself.

As you can see, 
the most amazing period of luck and success you have ever experienced is about to start for you.

You must accept my help. Your life can change totally, and become much more lucky in all important areas.

With your Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money all the cards will be in place so that your most cherished dream can come true very soon.

Bad luck only exists for those who accept it.

The fact of not knowing what to expect in the future inevitably causes problems of bad luck in the important areas of your life. 

I have already saved many people who were in dire straits both financially and personally, thanks to an intervention on my part at the right moment. 

Do you know what the right moments are? Maybe not, but I will reveal them to you, along with a lot of other essential information that will help you transform your life.

Based on my experience, I can say that it is often those who are in the most desperate of situations obtain the best and fastest results.

Your luck and your happiness are at your doorstep.

My advice will help you avoid mistakes and get the most out of yourpossibilities so that you can have a happy life. 

What is going to happen in your astral chart over the coming weeks is very important for you. 

If you agree, I will be able to help you by letting you know when to act to gain maximum profit from your luck, so that you can change your destiny completely. 

Here’s an example that shows why you can be certain your Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money is going to guide you towards Luck and the realization of everything you hoped for in life. 

Imagine for a moment that you are in a long corridor with a series of doors on each side. 

Behind some of these doors you will find luck and money waiting for you, people you love, and secrets that will bring you joy and happiness. By opening some of these doors your life can take an entirely new turn. 

But you have to be careful, because while luck and money are hidden behind some doors, others lead to desolation, despair and solitude.

If it where up to you, which solution would you?

1.    Choose a door at random, with all the risks that implies for your future happiness? 

2.    Know in advance which doors you should open, and which ones you should leave closed?

Of course, like any sensible person, you would choose solution number 2.

Now you can understand why some people have so many problems in life. They don’t know what their future holds, and they open the wrong doors at the wrong time. 

In your case there are certain traps that you have to avoid at all cost. But there is also a wonderful period full of luck and money that you have to take full advantage of. 

Do you know why many famous people on television, in politics and in business admit using astral predictions and astrology?

Because according to them it is that, aside from their talent, which helps them avoid failure and enjoy more success. 

That’s also why some of them come to see me, and openly admit that I am one of the secrets of their success. 

I could name names, but out of respect for their private and professional lives I prefer that they remain confidential. 

A large study was conducted on thousands of people over a number of years by the editor of a magazine. The results showed that over 97% of people who had never won anything (or only very small amounts) started winning all at once, thanks to an astral reading they had done during a lucky period. 

So you see, you can be certain that the Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money you are going to receive will have a favorable influence on the important lucky period that will start for you on July 14 2014.

It will cover the next 6 months, which should turn out to be the most important of your life. It will contain all the important information you need, along with my personal advice. 

In this Complete, Precise and Dated Reading you will discover (among other things):

•    Exactly which Lucky periods you should take advantage of during your next 6 lucky months (these are the doors behind which you will find Money, Love and Luck).
•    Which obstacles you absolutely have to avoid (the doors behind which you will find bad luck, problems and despair).
•    Which periods are most favorable for you in the areas that interest you most, including Games, Love, Money and Family. And that’s not all… 

I will also give you specific advice for each precise situation you encounter in your family, and in your relations with other people.

I will help you overcome your solitude, and I will also tell you how we can outsmart the envious person who may be preventing you from accessing the happiness you have every right to enjoy.

To be able to continue the work I have already started for you, I absolutely need to know certain things about you. 

That’s why I would ask you to fill out this application: click here.

Rest assured that the application contains no indiscreet questions, and that it will remain strictly confidential between you and me.

Your happiness is near.

I tell you again, your happiness is much closer than you think. I can even feel it vibrating in the deepest part of myself (you can feel it too, can’t you?).

In just a few days the first beneficial events of your Fabulous Period of Luck will happen for you. 

Your Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money for the Next 6 Months will help you not repeat the mistakes you made in the past, mistakes that made you miss out on great opportunities to change your existence.

This reading will allow you to make the best of this fabulous 6 month period that is being presented to you.

All you have to do to finally access all the happiness you deserve is to complete the application and send it back to me today: Click here

Do it right away. There’s no reason to wait another day.

You know you’ll never get another chance to discover so many amazing things about yourself and about your destiny. 

You have to admit that it would be a great pity not to take advantage of all the luck that awaits you once again, simply because you didn’t act in time.

Very soon you can receive the most complete, detailed and precise astral reading of your entire life. 

Very soon you’ll be able to see your luck start creating the first positive events in your life...

You’ll see your life changing just like you wanted it to, and everything I predicted for you coming true...

And then you’ll congratulate yourself for putting your trust in me. 

I’m counting on you – your Happiness, and the happiness of all those you love, is now in your hands.
I’ll keep an eye on my e-mail starting today, while I wait for news from you so that I can come to your aid. 

In all friendship I remain,

Your devoted friend,

Visionary Medium 

Along with your “Dated Astral Reading of Luck and Money” you’ll receive, as a free gift: "My Magic Wish-Fulfilling Pentacle".
This Pentacle seems to be impregnated with a mysterious secret that contains Powerful Astral Forces. It is reputed to trigger the rapid realization of your secret wishes. Many men and women who have had the privilege of owning a Magic Pentacle during a period of luck, have seen their secret wishes come true, often in less than 7 days. It is urgent that you use it as quickly as possible, so that you are prepared for the biggest change you have ever known in your life.


Ask Angelique about Tara-medium
1 review
3 helpful votes

SOOO Amusing...... You know it's funny that i am finding SO Many of your "Personalized Special Reports" or "magic rituals"... You know if this is the way you and your company do business you should at least change your emails up so that they don't match.. I am such a fool for believing this... I am a much stronger person then you are making me out to be.. Your lack of optimism is disturbing.. Because it's all about the money isn't it?? How will it benefit you? People are down on there luck, and looking for a little guidance and all you can do is tell them it would be impressive if they could figure it out for themselves?!?! WTF!!?!?! You need to stop feeding on others emotions and letting them believe that you can truly help. You give psychic's everywhere a bad name. I would like a FULL REFUND.

Ask Sabrina about Tara-medium
1 review
7 helpful votes


Ask DOROTHY about Tara-medium
1 review
6 helpful votes

I received an email from Tara, and decided to be not sceptical. I paid in the $39 through my credit card. A day later I received a "reading" from her.

As I read through this reading, about how to activate the magic square, I thought to myself that its not in my nature to be secretive to my family as this was a requirement about this magic circle.

On the 3rd day I replied to her email, and asked for a refund. And guess what, I did received my money back to my credit card.

As I sit here and ponder, I really think that she is not a scam

FYI- am based in south africa

Ask Boi about Tara-medium
3,870 reviews
4,500 helpful votes

☞ How to determine if you were correct to purchase from a "Psychic" website:

☞ Consider using the "Magic Lucky Square", it's used to show your cosmic purchasing mindfeel!

☞ While the Magic Lucky Square" may look like a normal square, don't be fooled, it has magical powers that should be seen!

☞ You can conduct the "Magic Lucky Square" ritual yourself, all you need to do is...

☛ 1. Preparation:
- get 4 wooden popsicle sticks (the straightest you can find),
- get 1 black marker (fine point),
- get 1 plain white sheet of pager and cut to 4-inch wide by 1-inch high (size matters here),
- get 1 mirror, any size that stands, larger the better,
- get 1 12-inch ruler (wooden is better).

☛ 2. Setup:
- in a well-lit room, seated at a table,
- place the 4 x 1 inch paper strip on the table right in front of you,
- to the left of the paper strip place the black marker,
- to the right of the paper strip place the 12 inch ruler,
- above the paper strip place the 4 wooden popsicle sticks in the shape of a square,
- above that place the mirror so you can see directly in it while seated,

☛ 3. Activate the "Magic Lucky Square":
- take the marker and write the following letters in Caps (block lettering) on the strip of paper (exactly as shown),
- turn strip of paper up-side down on the table in front of you (lettering facing down),
- place a check mark directly in the center of the strip of paper,
- rotate the strip of paper to the right till the check mark is up-side down (do not turn the paper strip over),
- place the paper strip in the middle of the wooden square,
- now place your thumbs on the ends of the strip of paper and "slowly close your eyes",
- using your index fingers slowly pinch the strip of paper between your thumbs and index fingers,
- "Slowly" raise the strip of paper to the center of your forehead,
- say "Magic Lucky Square Did I Make The Right Choice" 2 times and "Slowly" open your eyes and gaze into the mirror...

☛ Your cosmic purchasing mindfeel will now be reveled!!!

Ask Mai about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes

Yep! I suckered for her $79 reading. Nothing matched MY life or dreams! I read all the reviews and requested a refund. She wrote me and said she had no record of my email or payment but could I "prove" I had, indeed, ordered a reading. I sent her the reading , record of PayPal payment with all identifying numbers. Now waiting for her reply. Definitely NOT on the up and up! If she doesn't respond, I've promised her a write up on Facebook!

Ask Thelma about Tara-medium
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have to report that Tara to her word, has now repaid every penny that I ever paid her, without question. The important thing , if claiming refunds, is you must list the payment details for her, and then it is done within a very short time.

I have found her services very helpful, and she may have done lot more for me, than I realise. I just do not agree with all the promises of winning sums of money.

I do believe that somewhere there is still a genuine medium, but she should change her method of operation.

Tip for consumers: Keep proper records of payments.

Ask Paul about Tara-medium
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I been getting Tara Medium emails for 2-3 years.I wanted to see if she was really a psychic. I been getting the same emails from her.And her emails are scared.One email said very disturbating things .I never payed for thid.My advice to you if you are getting her emails quickly get off her mailing list. .

Ask Jessica about Tara-medium
1 review
4 helpful votes

I was so desperate today I was on the verge of paying out again for telepathic sessions, because I am so desperate. She is very convincing and has really frightened me .I agree with all the comments you have made and thank goodness I read up on them. DO NOT CONTACT HER , she is a fraud. Kay

Ask Kay about Tara-medium
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have reported her to the ACCC (I'm in Australia)
Please do the same and report this site to prevent others from loosing money.

Ask Elana about Tara-medium
1 review
2 helpful votes


I am a cancer, rising and moon sign pices and aquarius. I have almost exactly the same free reading as Dave T.. (scroll down) who is Libra....
It's definitely a scam

Ask catherine about Tara-medium

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Q: I unsubscribed by accident and now I want it back how?
A: I would HEr a sympathetic and very real emotion-laden story of what is happening in your life and see if sHE returns it.It might touch her addlepated heart or help HEr with the restorative therapy or detox program that she obviously needs if this photo is representative... Poor Tara-have sympathy!
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Q: i'am reading all the reviews on tara-medium and they all say the same she or he is a scam artist.
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A: Does anyone know who this Frank J is ?
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