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63 reviews
Categories: Social Network
P.O. Box 193152
San Francisco, California, USA

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1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm not sure how it came to me to have wanted to share at least something positive about this site. I can see a lot of negative comments here. I am not here to defend tagged against all the other negative testimonies. I just wanted to share my story and how this social media network became special in my life. I had been from a long time marriage. Ten years later it was hell and havr decided to end the relationship. I was devastated given the fact that he was my first ever relationship, he was my first boyfriend.

After the separation, I tried to live my life normally with my daughter. I realized I'm still young and still would want to love and be loved again.
A year later, I started dating. I dated a lot. Until it came to a point that I have dated almost all.the men in the city where I live but still none of them worked and I thought none of them will. So, I tried finding my luck online. I tried almost all of the social network in the planet. Name it, I know majority of them. I came across almost all types of men, different races from different countries. And have learned different approaches for each type, too. Each time I'm trying a social network, the moment I get pissed, I immediately uninstall the app and try a new one.

Everything might have happened by chance.
But I believe that though these sites are known for flirting there are still a few who still risk to find their someone on it.
Majority of men and women who join these sites are just flirting. But one man proved me wrong.
We met on tagged almost a year ago, after a month of frequent chatting and video calls we decided to meet in person. And now, surviving a happy long distance relationship and about to celebrate our first anniversary on the 11th.

And this is why for me, tagged is special.
It led me to the love of my life who just used to be a pet I kept on buying back from anybody else.

Ask Edel about Tagged
1 review
3 helpful votes

The website is boring, fake, full of scammers, gold diggaz, fake profiles/fake ass women (in my eyes, theres no big difference), and you'll find alot of desperate insecure single mothers out there fishing for a sugar daddy or a father for rent to take care of their child (lmao), my review begins when a friend of mines from New York recommended me to Tagged. At first, I thought it was mad cool, until most women started acting real shady because they couldn't get what they want from me. Prime Example, a couple chics from the Philippines was trying to run game on me, talking bout "I need money for school", after hearing that, I just block'em. One girl from the NY area was trying to get me for $500, lmfao, like seriously, these online dating sites are a waste of time, stick to meeting females in person....

Ask Jonathan about Tagged
1 review
0 helpful votes

its telling me to watch a free video to get gold but none are coming up to play

Ask Margaret about Tagged
1 review
1 helpful vote

It's the tool and up to you how to use it, I found it useful site.
Tnx tagged.

Ask Nawi about Tagged
1 review
1 helpful vote

i just like to decorate my profile. Thats it. :)

Ask Christy about Tagged
1 review
1 helpful vote

Recently got an email from them, suggesting someone wanted to connect with me on tagged. As I'm constantly checking new social media platforms, I didn't mind. Big mistake. They only want to get your contact list, which I forbid them to use and then they want your money to "buy gold" to then connnect to some fake people on there. Completely annoying and useless portal. Stay away!

Ask Alexander about Tagged
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

do not respect their terms at all .it is mean mislead consumer by their terms and not have princbles or values .your money are their gole .they are lairs. thieves ,and bottom line do not involved with company because if you are involved you paper yourself you will out for at least 5 years .and take medication for break your nerves break out and might heart attack .I just give you big hole picture for if you want to involved .with them.IT WHAT I TOLDAND THANKS GOD IT IS BECUAM A PROOF FROM OTHER PEPOLE.


Ask yaser about Tagged
1 review
4 helpful votes

This site is full of hoes selling pussy, married/divorced, slutiest, lying/trifling overweight women u can possibly find on here...they lie about everything from name to age to weight to where they live...they be uncover lesbians scam artists just straight up nasty

Ask Young about Tagged
1 review
2 helpful votes

Its constantly down!! One day you can view messages and then the next few days when you click inbox it comes up blank. No messages displayed. Needs a lot of work.

Ask Rebecca about Tagged
1 review
5 helpful votes

worst system ever wish some one would hack it down!!!!!

Ask malinda about Tagged
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

Wouldn't be there if it weren't for pets. Prostitues and pimps all over the place. Very sad what Tagged has become.

Ask Glen about Tagged
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Tagged is on a fast decline to being non-relevant. The profiles are old and out of date, the search works randomly, and I find less and less reasons to visit.

Ask Willaim about Tagged
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

My first week on this site, I was chatting with someone promising unwanted love. They were part of an big pawnsy scam. Fake bank accounts were made in my name in different states, they were trying to launder money in my name to other Countries for in my opinion , for illegal or terrorist plots. Tagged deleted their account but so what! All the damage had already started once we greeted one another with an Hello. So I set my profile for my Country only and I'm still getting messages from all around the World. There is nothing flattering about that! I was told many times that I have been on their front page and that is why most of them have joined. That meant that most women are being used for someone else's financial gain. Which is nothing short of being an PIMP! Playing pets is mostly what I like to do. But that is even an Scam! When is enough is enough? Clearly Tagged would be an lucrative business if immoral scammers weren't behind it. But unfortunately, most sites have money hungry vultures running them and it seems impossible to do something about it. But if there was an way to start making these owners pay substantial fines for allowing such conduct to take place, also with the knowledge of cutting their money supply off by removing such sites. That way the people that are on with no good in tensions will diminish.

Tip for consumers: Beware!!

Ask Wanda about Tagged
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I bought $100 in gold on Friday of bonus gold got only half!! They intentionally waited until Saturday to award what I bought so bonus gold not upandcould give me only half! The purchase clearly shows in my tagged page and I sent them copy of receipt from my Rixty account proving took my money Friday and due the other 200,000, their response can find no record of transaction! Now come on now I didn't fall off a turnip truck its on their own page plus sent them copy of receipt that is a proven bold faced lie!! I would recommend everyone stay off their site I'm a huge player with almost $100,000 invested and do not care about me is impossible they will ever care about you!!

Ask Michael about Tagged
9 reviews
250 helpful votes

I was on this site for about two years. I have made real friends there---people I have met in person, had coffee with...all nice people. I wasn't there looking for the "love of my life". My photos are real and my profile is real...I found real people in my home town.

Ask Linda about Tagged
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

Did someone say Tagged? Oh dear, a website that would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic and borderline tragic, aside from the aforementioned financial irregularities, the site screams Scammer in a very shrill and annoying voice, messages and friend requests from people that haven't even checked your profile page, conversations (and I use that term loosely) that start with 'hi' and continue with 'u have Skype/Whatsapp/Other Messenger Service' or 'hello friend i want to chat to you on Yahoo here is my email address blah blah blah' and multiple accounts belonging to one person (Spambot), I've had the misfortune of being registered with some dreadful social network/chat/date sites, Badoo and the dearly departed Flirtomatic but Tagged takes the Academy Award for Most Abysmal Website, avoid it like you'd avoid eating yellow snow.

Ask Kev about Tagged
26 reviews
10 helpful votes

Tagged is in a business of selling fake gold coins and tries to sell fake gold coins to its players and in return Tagged will go into your tagged account and steals those very same gold coins that are bought to get their players to buy more. Mostly old retired people plays on tag and are scammed out of their retirement money buying fake gold. Most American females that plays on tags are threatened by Tag that they will lose their profile to tag if they send hot comments out in order to be bought. However, women from any other countries are allowed to post any comment they like without being threatened that their profiles will be destroyed by Tagged and all men are allowed to post whatever they like which is very trashy. Tagged is definitely a business out to exploit its members out of their hard earned money and they should be closed down to avoid people, especially seniors from being scammed.

Ask Sonia about Tagged
1 review
9 helpful votes

It's near the end of and (same company) reason finances and bad rating. Spoke with some people former employees of
They are trying to fight to take your money, many profiles are not able to see if they had visitors at their profiles.
Support is not working, they have no staff although they promise to forward a bug to the engineers
More and more members are not active for over 3 months
80% and more are male and lots of those are scammers
Complaints about scam and fake profiles are not being dealt with
Porn are being posted and not being removed (even after reporting this)
Pictures of lets say cute pets, funny are being removed by tagged idiot robot

Tagged is scam not having a focus to give service and get some money from adds and sponsors, but they with each time you open your alerts there is a focus to take your money.

The biggest money they made was with the Pet game, lots of users bought gold but buying a expensive pet will let you lose your money if the pet becomes a ghost (deleted profile)
So many complaints came tagged did not even responded!

The server is also very slow and takes a long time to load.
Tagged has also their focus on USA-Canada members and for other parts of the world tagged has no interest.
Tagged claims it has 300 million members but that is the biggest lie in Social media history as they keep track of your email address even after you decide to close your account. Many members, because of pets, are having 2-3 or even more profiles so taking in consideration the many none active users has no more than a 20% of their claim.
They claim is so high as they want to trick their sponsors advertisers!

Overall tagged is the worse thing you can spend your time with, leave it, close your account and write them to remove your email address, only with this tagged is forced to improve or to stop their operation.

Ask Peter about Tagged
1 review
10 helpful votes

This is my first and last moth paying for the Tagged VIP scam. I've been on tagged since 2008 and it seems they'er caring less and less about their members. I spend a good amount of money on the pets game. The only good thing about tagged is they kinda let you use some code for your page (SOME)... But the site is now such a mess, all the perks are gone, scammers galore and fear of deletion. There's got to be another site like tagged where they care more about their members than tagged does. Totally disenchanted with Tagged's BS.

Ask Coletta about Tagged
1 review
0 helpful votes

Cannot downloads my own photos. $#*!t

Ask Mohamad about Tagged
1 review
5 helpful votes

I'm on Tagged, because I like making skins, I have a little webdesigner inside me, but now it's not possible doing that anymore. I've tried several times contacting them pr. mail about the bug, but everytime they just write back "SOLVED". Bull$#*! - no it's not. It's not possible writing in the forums, and tell others about it, because the "new post" button does not work. It's a dead place....

Ask Karla about Tagged
1 review
18 helpful votes

I'm probably going to delete my account with Tagged as I have with it's adjoining 'partner' site Hi5 because I just find that people seem more interested in 'collecting' friends and then never bothering to keep in contact with you afterwards, there are I feel TOO many horndogs on there of all ages just looking to get laid, as well as too many young punks in their 20's (I'm 48) than men a lot closer to my own age! And the majority of men don't want something real, only a hookup. Scammers are rife too on this site, and some are very laughably obvious- with their bad spelling and grammar, fake pics, and messaging you requesting you contact them by the email address they provided. They also ask you for yours.

While you will be able to change your settings so that only local users can see your profile and 'inbox' you, (you HAVE to, or as I have found, you will only be asking for trouble with men from all over the universe sending you friend requests, etc) you cannot set the settings with age parameters. So EVERY man of every age will message you- something I really dislike. I've had too many guys in their 20's message me or send me friend requests. And most of these idiots don't bother to even really look at your profile, either, no matter how you personalize it or what you're NOT looking for! I strangely also would receive a lot of messages and friend requests from black men, to the point where I added a pic to my profile with a caption 'I'm not attracted to black guys'. It only has worked 50% of the time.

When very recently a long time 'friend' of mine abruptly decided to delete his account, after I had asked him (after only 7 months??! He lives in Calgary and I'm in Edmonton) about me coming down to Calgary to meet finally in person, he never responded, went offline (deliberate or not I don't know, as the site is also prone to 'kicking' you off apparently if you log in using your cell phone) and all of the messages exchanged between us were instantly GONE. That's how you know you have 'lost' a friend. Your saved messages will automatically delete when someone removes their account, and every 'tag' and pictures they've sent you that you keep on your profile will show the word 'DELETED', with only a blank silhouette where their picture used to be. He was 45 years old, too, and not a young guy.

There are features that used to be free that I've seen members post statuses complaining about that they have found you now have to pay for, as well. While I have opted out of it a long time ago, the 'Meet Me' feature is one of them.

If you click on the person who viewed your profile, (on the left) 'See who's viewed your profile and much more' that shows the person's picture, you're then taken to a white page that says, 'Join VIP today to unlock premium features! A 1 month plan is $24.99 a month!!! A 3 month plan: $18.99 a month. STUPID!!!

So I can't give this social media site a high rating for all of these reasons. CREEPY old men (50's up to their 70's!) also I find have sent me friend requests, and you also will see them 'like' these stupid young girls young enough to be their granddaughter, dressed very scantily in their selfie pics, intended to draw massive attention to themselves. Often I've noticed it's the same homely, unattractive guys too. Young guys post ridiculous looking bathroom mirror selfies, bare chested, and flexing their muscles even!! Today I 'reported' a guy who had a picture of his very up close, erect PENIS. So that should tell you about the desperate freaks that are on this site.

Ask Linda about Tagged
1 review
7 helpful votes

Are you here like I was before to see what others think of this site?

I read some of the reviews and I agree with all those that say it´s scam.

I based my assumption on my experience. A random guy from work mentioned this site to me. No girlfriend so though I would check it out. What I think is that most of the accounts are just fakes and some are of people like me that want to check it out. People go on that sites for paid sex, make new friends or find a partner. The point is that it´s a lot of that sites on the net but not all are same popular. If you are lonely and think it would be cool to meet some decent here in my opinion is very low cos it´s mostly fake accounts what you can easily see on the pictures and interactions with other users. Been two days on it. Hardly any responses from users, was offered sex . When you get to chat with somebody you will soon find out that their locations are wrong and they live somewhere else. Contact stops. Why that sites exist? For profit from those people who don´t spot the scam and I pay for more gold and becoming VIP user only to find out it´s scam but after paying some money. Apparently the money is good enough to keep this site running. None of those who paid is doing anything about the fact it´s fake account and they paid for nothing. If they raided the site they would find out it´s quite automated site to generate fake traffic to make the money on those that pay.

Ask Ma about Tagged
2 reviews
17 helpful votes

I've been on this site for a few years now (before the collaboration with Hi5). I find that this site has men who are ready to take advantage of any girl that is seeking a decent relationship or friendship. They'll say anything to fill your head just so the can continue their mission to get some a$$ then leave or just stick around for a while and reap the benefits.

I also find that there's tons of scammers on there, plus pyramids schemes (ain't no way you can get rich by doing jack all). What irritates me the most about this site, are people who have decades old pictures of themselves. C'mon now.........if you don't look the same as you did ten years ago, maybe it's time to update you profile pic/pictures, all it takes is to have one up dated pic just ONE. It's so easy to tell how old a pic is just by looking at the comments underneath the pic. I find the site to be okay, but the users need to stop playing games and be upfront on what they're really looking for. And as for the married/attached ppl looking to have their cake and eat it too, OMG that's so annoying.

My past experience on the site has me going on there seldom, and when I do go on, I make sure to take at least a month or two (to interact with someone through msgs or phone convo) to make sure me and the other party are on the same page before I meet them in person. It ain't hard out there to go out and get d!ck, what IS difficult for me is finding someone who's single, that wants to date and that's eventually ready to settle down, or at least build a friendship over time.

Ask Tammy about Tagged
1 review
8 helpful votes

This social network is a joke. I joined to trade photos . Tagged believes all art , religious, famous artists......whatever....if it is naked it is porn to them......It is an un American site and should be sued and shut down over freedom of speech violations If I could give it a negative rating..........I would

Ask Joy about Tagged
1 review
9 helpful votes

The only thing I'll give this site, is that it's free. You can pay to become a member. But the only thing that does, is let you see who viewed you. Which isn't really worth paying for. I don't know what happened to this site. It use to be good. Now it's just unorganized and full of spammers. You use to be able to go on meet me and it would show you matches in your city or 5 or 10 mile radius, etc. Now I'll put a 5 mile radius it'll show me people in ALL of California. Most of who aren't even around me. They live like all the way on the other side of California. I made a complaint about it. They sent to me what looked to be an automated message saying they're always making changes to make meet me better, to give people the best experience. I'm like ok...So you downgraded meet me to make it better? Got it. Like I said, I can't complain too much because it's free. But they just started lagging on that site.

Ask Tom about Tagged
1 review
13 helpful votes

I have spent money on this web site and then my account was deleted. There was no reason for my account to be deleted and they will not even answer my emails. They are crooks and scum bags. Stay away from this web site.

Ask Ricky about Tagged
1 review
11 helpful votes

tagged use to be a site where you could at least see the people that "liked you". Now you have to pay to see who they are. What a rip-off! This site is only in it to get your money. DON'T, I repeat, DON'T even think about signing up for this service. You will be wasting you time and money. I have disabled my account because the site now SUCKS.

Ask Donald about Tagged
1 review
11 helpful votes


Ask rebecca about Tagged
1 review
10 helpful votes

Write your review to help others learn about this online businessTagged and Hi5 have more Scammers than Genuine people?.. I report 4 or 5 every day! I think they encourage them.. they are most certainly NEVER VETTED! Before having their profiles on the site!.. NEVER EVER Send Money to someone you have never met!..

Ask John about Tagged
1 review
14 helpful votes

Last night on tagged I realized all ten women I were talking to all had the same profile 1 picture 500 friends every one of them started trying to get me to a sex site they were all fake so I started telling the other men these are fake profiles they started bombarding me with fake profiles of pictures of middle fingers I was just trying to watch out for the other people who simply just wanted to chat with a real person they harrassed me so bad they kicked everyone off the site and me and all these profiles argued till 8 am I have screenshots they humiliated me in front of the whole world over and over I thought it was a third party until they started laughing and saying registration department these are all the fake profiles mind u so when I realized it was tagged and not a third party I told they worthless human biengs I cissed at them told them I would hunt them down and kill them they started putting fake arab profiles up talking about bombs I am so humiliated then finally I got rid of my profile and went to plenty of fish they sent fake profiles over there harrssing me talking about im real baby haha meet me I had my tagged profile for over two years and it is associated with all my media they forced me to close my plenty if fish my profile was allen s swanson I just went to google it is a video of allen s I cant c it they banned me but it has over 7000 views and is number 2 on google this is wrong someone please help I am utterly humiliated by just trying to stick up for my fellow man. I have a out twenty screenshots one if the fake arab talki g about bombs this is so wrong they just kept laughing your poor the fake profiles were talking to each other laughing about the registration department they slandered me to the entire world

Tip for consumers: Please people boycot them they kicked everyone off except me and I battled there fake profiles until 8 am this morning I cant get on to c if its me but im sure it is if someone could go get a screenshot allen s tagged he said here is my bmp pin and they kept laughing about registration department warrenton the girl there favorite I have many more someone please help

Ask ALLEN about Tagged
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

Tagged used to be really good back when it had chatrooms. Chats were taken down because mods couldn't control bots that were spamming in chat rooms so instead of doing something about he bots, they took it down. They did say they were going to implement the chat system again; never did. At the time this took place, FaceBook was getting really popular. Tagged decided to replicate some of Facebook's features: Posts, Liking pictures etc etc. Mods lied about brining back the chatrooms, now this place is full of fakes and women/girls that have no self-respect among themselves. I've had a blast in the past, met a lot of cool people, met a lot of girls but now this place is not what it was before. Would not recommend.

Tip for consumers: You can give it a try, but quite frankly, it's not worth it and i'll guarantee that you'll get tired of it.

Ask Frank about Tagged
1 review
11 helpful votes

no stars for this website. joined in 2010 and have been phished for the last time. I was in Afghanistan serving my country and was a paying member of the site but have not had a chance to log in in 4 months. tried logging in after a month of being back and can't . they say the account was phished but there is also no way of contacting them about the problem or why they kept charging my account every month. I seriously thing this is a isis company

Tip for consumers: don't bother, fastest rip off you will ever see

Ask eva about Tagged
1 review
11 helpful votes

I met and married a wonderful man on this site. Thank you Tagged! Very sincerely, Mary

Ask mary about Tagged
1 review
19 helpful votes

hi, no wonder women feel like rubbish on this site, people on here should be
vetted, 99.9% of men just ask women about their boobs (being polite) what
size are they, and want to jump into bed with them, if I was just wanting
that kind of man I would be better off standing on my own street corner, I
bet i'm not the first woman to complain about this site goodbye.

Ask carol about Tagged
1 review
11 helpful votes

I was requested to set up a profile on tagged from someone on Facebook, I was on for around three weeks before my profile was blocked, I received constant messages from scammers asking for direct contact via email, I mailed tagged to complain and got blocked for my trouble, I certainly wouldn't recommend anyone signing up unless you want to be relieved of your finances.

Ask Chris about Tagged
5 reviews
946 helpful votes

Tagged is a social networking site. You will find women with 20 or more profiles with different names and places that they live. Its all bogus, the site is filled with bots and scam artists who steal photos from people and then try to get you to email them outside of the site.
I did a few times using a disposable email. What I got is that they are in another country and that they are stuck or getting thrown out of their apartment and need you to help them. They also post money making opportunities on their pages, saying to personal information needed. The site is infested with Green Dot money card scammers. Green Dot money cards if filled are like cash and they are not traceable. You need personal information to buy or fill one. Stay off this site if you know whats good for you. I deleted my profile a week ago.

Ask jack about Tagged
1 review
7 helpful votes

i have been on tagged since 2-2009. ya ran into scammers.then i figured out the REAL PEOPLE.have had a couple dates from there.and did have 1 relationship for 1.5yrs from tagged.have only 12 people as friends,and they are real people who have exchanged phone numbers with me.personley i like it. have to be safe is all

Ask bob about Tagged
2 reviews
13 helpful votes

Tagged used tobe a great site togo to years ago met alot of great people back then. But, now its full of nothing but scammers and fake profiles they really need to close it down and strat over.

Ask Nichole about Tagged
1 review
11 helpful votes

Tagged is full of hackers and the owner cannot get to grips with it,reason is,i think,because of the pet rún,the same hackers are privileged to keep making new profiles,or tagged turn a blind eye to it all.i have a good firewall and i can see on daily basis,hackers ip address,i have been hacked there also and had to have my computer cleaned by computer stores,very costly.They hotkeys players turns up high voltage to make your hand numb also,these people believes no one but themselves should play the game

Ask jimmy about Tagged
8 reviews
21 helpful votes

Fake Fake , Fake!!!!!

Ask Delvin about Tagged
1 review
13 helpful votes

Ive been registered with Tagged from 2006, I started playing a game Called PETS at first it was such a fun game buying your friends and getting free gold 2000. Now its just not a fair game at all. the Tagged Team won't fix the big problems in the game, paid macro programs are used in the game to out buy the mouse clicker to buy pets. this ruins the pet runs and Tagged will not do anything about it, also they use Captcha code, doesnt work at all. Also Tagged has a Community page, run by Admin Damon K he is new to the Community and to Pets and he doesn't know his job that well and hes let it get to his head. He bans me all the time in the Community. I am very experienced in Pets and also in Tagged. He has his favourite members in the Community, merlin, megan, paris, maverick they are a selected few that kiss his behind, they support Damon K and in return he supports them. these members are not that experienced in pets and they give wrong answers to questions in the Community. If I say something about it in post they they are not experienced I get banned. I am banned now because I created a Topic that was to vote Damon K out as Admin of the Tagged Community. There are a lot of members that do not like him. he threatens them in posts if they dont stop. He is a awful Admin and very much one sided with his community friends hes got. There is a secret forum called Round Table and its invisible, U need to be invited to it. In there they talk about members that annoying them and who should be banned.
Its not a good Website and they ill treat their members and also try and make the members buy Gold with their real money and they use the Game Pets to do it. Do not play Pets its a addictive Game and u will regret it.

Ask Karma about Tagged
7 reviews
27 helpful votes

I love it. I met some neat people on there. It could use come improvements, but what site cannot?

Ask Tomsasa about Tagged
1 review
16 helpful votes

This site does nothing for social networking. It provides a platform for scammers, abusers, bullies and cowards, and that includes those who run the site who make arbitrary judgments. Perhaps the need to refresh their understanding of networking.

"networking is a social activity by which groups of like-minded people recognize, create, or act upon opportunities."

Ask Photos about Tagged
1 review
12 helpful votes

woman asking for money or trying to get you to transfer money into your account from other countries

Ask John about Tagged
1 review
14 helpful votes

Poorly managed site...the majority of users are fake, thugs,scammers and hookers. Pron pics and child exploitation. Tagged does nothing about the scammers and that leads me to believe Tagged are scammers themselves.

Ask jean about Tagged
1 review
10 helpful votes

Most profiles are fake. Many "girls" claiming they live in west africa saying they are with they're sick mother or grandmother and end up asking to send them money for food and feel sorry for them. Other girls talk with you than ask you to sign up to vote so they can get an ID complete scam don't believe

Ask E about Tagged
5 reviews
12 helpful votes

I won't use this website again, so terrible for's not suitable for me, using facebook everyday, it can give me more and better things.

Ask lizk about Tagged
1 review
6 helpful votes

A friend introduced me to this site years ago. Slowly I discovered the pet game in this site and really enjoyed buying and selling pets. By playing Cash Run it test my patience and sometimes run a sweat to risk all the accumulated pet cash when I am a little bit greedy in getting more pet cash. Nice entertaining game if you like win & loose game.

Ask Lina about Tagged
1 review
10 helpful votes

I never heard of this site, and I kind of just stumbled upon it. I decided to make an account after the homepage had the slogan, "Meet new people." I enjoy meeting new people, and a tool that makes it easier is greatly welcomed in my book. Unfortunately, after a day, I soon realized that this site really isn't about meeting new people, and no one really cared. This site is plagued with fake profiles, attention grabbers, and individuals who just want to play the stock market style game, known as pets. While it does have some nice features, particularly the way you can just stumble through people, and look for individuals you might be interested in meeting, beyond that this site really as nothing to offer. So, after a day of use I deleted my account.

Ask Samuel about Tagged

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1 week ago
A: It could be possible because different people have had their profiles hacked and used by other people. Pics are easily stolen from either social sites. The people that do it evidently hate themselves enough to use someone else's attributes instead of their own, or to scam.
2 days ago
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  • What is the return policy?
  • Where is the company located?

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