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79 Reviews for StubHub

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New Reviewer

I just now looked at their site, and they had box-seat tickets for the Pirates' game for sale. By the time I logged into my account, of course, these tickets were no longer available, but they did have many others, tho standing room only. The ole bait-and-switch. What scumbags they are,

Tip for consumers: Buy off a scalper in the street. At least then you know who you're dealing with.

Ask John about StubHub
New Reviewer

I wanted to sell 2 Chicago Blackhawks tickets to tonight's preseason game. They are great seats in the 3rd row. I listed them for $110 each, ( way below the $185 face value).
I have bought from StubHub and sold Sox tickets, but never sold Blackhawks tickets through them. Apparently I misunderstood that before I scanned and downloaded the tickets, I had to go to the Blackhawks site and convert them to an electronic format. So, I get an email that they are sold and then an email saying I was charged $44 as a penalty for making a mistake. Also the tickets were removed from the listing. In the end, I was out the $ for the tickets and charged the fine. If they had emailed me the problem , I could have fixed it and sold the tickets. Their system never said there was a problem when I listed the tickets. I believe this is a very poor business practice. Now , to MAYBE get my $44 back, I have to fill out a dispute email, and hope that they get back to me one day. I am canceling my account with Stubhub and will tell all my fellow season ticket holders to steer clear of them.

Ask Audrey about StubHub
New Reviewer

After waiting too long to get tickets to a Tony award winning play, I learned seats through the box office were no longer available. However, stubhub offered orchestra seats at a reasonable price - although I was reticent to purchase them without knowing exactly where they were and the general reputation for the company I went through with the purchase. It was unclear if the transaction went through so I contacted customer service and I have to say how efficient the representative was in assuring me the purchase was complete and how to go about downloading the tickets when directed to do so my email.

The process was extremely simple and come the day of the show my husband and I were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves in front row seats - the best we've ever had for a Broadway show, at the best price we ever paid.

Definitely recommended.

New Reviewer

I sold a pair of festival passes on stub hub. Tickets were delivered without issue, I received my payment and figured it was a done deal. The festival weekend arrives and I get a call from stub hub telling me that my tickets were reported as "stolen" by the person who bought them. Stubhub replaces the tickets at my expense, and also takes the initial payment OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT without any notice. NOT OK. If you read the terms and conditions on the stub hub website, it has no mention of how allegedly stolen tickets are proved to be stolen, and states nothing in regards to their ability to revoke processed payments. When I tried to sort out the issue with stub hub they requested a few documents that I was able to provide: receipts, confirmation emails, and anything else proving that I did in fact buy the tickets and they weren't stolen. They then requested a "scan report" from the venue, which shows that the tickets were not scanned (i.e. the buyer didn't use the tickets to get into the venue). I call the venue and try to obtain a scan report, which I'm unable to do because these are proprietary information. I tell this to the stub hub agent, and they say, essentially, that they knew that would happen and they'll review my receipt and documentation and get back to me. Well, after proving that I purchased the tickets (by providing receipt and confirmation e-mails) they use the fact that I was unable to provide them with a document that is impossible for me to obtain, they keep the payment from the buyer, and stick me with the bill for replacement tickets. The worst part is, they're unable to justify the buyer's claim that the tickets were stolen. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I lost a ton of money buy trying to sell legitimate tickets! stub hub was never able to prove that the tickets were stolen, especially after I provided the receipt! They completely took advantage of me by asking me to produce documents that were impossible for me to obtain. I'll never use stub hub again, and I warn any seller about your vulnerability in this situation.

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! I have never been treated so horribly after being ROBBED by a company. This site should not be used by ANYONE. I sold tickets on this site, thinking that I may be paid for the tickets I sent to the buyers. However, stub hub not only took the money that the buyers spent and gave it to another seller, they sent the buyers two more tickets and charged me a service fee. Now I am out of two tickets and I was also charged another fee. Now I have no tickets and no money. THANKS FOR NOTHING STUBHUB.

New Reviewer

I sold tickets to a concert on this website. In the email they sent me that said the tickets had been sold, they included a UPS shipping label with the words "Once we receive confirmation from the buyer that they have your tickets, you will receive payment". Well I am out of town on business, and the only shipping company within walking distance from me was FedEx. So I shipped the tickets, paid extra and got confirmation 2 days later that the buyers had received the package. Three days after that, I get an email from StubHub telling me my order was cancelled and saw they charged me $22! When I called to tell them I have an email receipt saying that the buyer got their tickets, they brushed me off and said they only get their information from UPS because they have an agreement with UPS. They would not give me my money, instead are asking the buyers to send me back the tickets. Yeah right, like they are going to do that. Way to protect your sellers StubHub! Worst customer service policies I have ever heard of. I will never order form them again.

New Reviewer

I bought 4 Milwaukee Brewer tickets. I had no problems. Tickets were immediately available to print. Printed tickets and they were scanned at Miller Park with no issues
Everything was simple, I like that the tickets have no extra charges attached to them like other sites. I would buy again!

New Reviewer

Went to motley crue concert at summer fest tickets were expensive and with no notice we didn't get to see the sky drum solo as expected ...not happy but venue couldn't support it

New Reviewer

I've always been happy with my ticket buying experience from StubHub. This site should be used strictly for last minute purchases as the prices are usually above the listed price.

New Reviewer

Sellers STAY AWAY!

Absolute disgraceful service. If you list tickets and then change your mind etc or if the tickets you sell turn out to be late you will be paying charges galore!

I phoned stub hub to tell them I cant complete my order as I had sold them else where for a lot more money. I told them that I am informing them a month in advance but I was told by the guy on the phone id be paying a 15 pound admin fee, then on top the difference in ticket prices for them to replace the tickets to the buyer. Completely biased for the buyers and $#*!e for sellers. SELLERS STAY AWAY. You wont be paid for your tickets that you have sold until 5 days after the event, I will never be using this site again. Pity considering I used ebay until I was told I had to use stub hub. Never again! DONT FALL INTO THE TRAP

New Reviewer

I purchased tickets from stubhub for a concert. Prior to purchasing the tickets I asked if the tickets were guaranteed and I was told they were. The tickets were lost so I called Stubhub to get them replaced and they are refusing to do anything. They told me all they could do was sell me two more tickets for 25% off. They charge huge service fees but provide no service.DO NOT buy from Stubhub.

New Reviewer

I would implore anyone seriously considering to purchase tickets from this website to instead buy them from a genuine source.

My e-tickets were available for me to download, print, and attend Download festival 4 days before the event. However, I was emailed the day before the event and informed that the tickets were not valid for entry into the festival. Being informed less than 24 hours before I was to depart was appalling, and the attitude of the customer service staff that I spoke to on the phone was even worse.

Stubhub's resolution to my problem was to attend the event a day later, as their was always a slim chance that the seller could post actual tickets via special delivery. A string of hope and an empty promise from a company that has taken payment for a product they were unable to deliver.

So here I am, a day before the festival, letting down 4 other people that were suppose to be attending with me and needing me for transport. And £160 out of pocket.

Stubhub's guarantee to refund me within 3-5 working days does not fill me with hope, considering their "fanprotect guarantee" also apparently ensures the ability to enter the event on time and for tickets to be valid for entry.

A horrific demonstration of customer service and reliability from a first time user of Stubhub. Anyone reading this review would be foolish to consider purchasing tickets from a company that cares less about having fans attend event, and even less about about customer service.

New Reviewer

NEVER BUYING FROM THEM AGAIN! I ordered 3 tickets ($248) to the Romeo Santos concert here in Houston Tx. The tickets are marked as delivered but I NEVER received them. I called stubhub and they had no electronic tickets and they couldn't give me a refund because tickets are marked as delivered! Concert was yesterday and I missed it I'm soo mad!
Don't purchase from them!

New Reviewer

Tickets chosen and paid for. Printed off by myself no tickets being sent/picked up. So at this stage very happy and hopefully there will be no problems when we arrive at the 02. Will keep you posted.

New Reviewer

This is my go to way to buy tickets to almost any event. It is so easy and the tickets are guaranteed making it a lot safer than buying on craigslist or some other site.

New Reviewer

I purchased tickets back on Dec 17, 2013 for the II Divo concert at The Woodlands Pavilion on April 27 2014 for $355. Stub Hub advised that I would receive the tickets by April 24, 2014. On Friday, April 25 I still not have received the tickets. I contacted Stub Hub and they said “ Sorry, those tickets are not available, but we will look to find you replacements.” Later on Friday, they said that they had located some tickets at no extra cost. “BETTER SEATS” I asked how I would receive them since it was only two days prior to the concert and I was told that they would email them to me.
On Saturday, I was sent an email from Stub Hub that the email option was not available and it was to late for them to be delivered via UPS that I would have to pick them up at the Will Call window at the pavilion. At the bottom of the email it states that if you elect to pick them up at the Will Call window then you give up your rights for the FAN GUARANTEE.
Since the tickets were a Christmas gift for my wife, I did not have much choice but to elect to pick the tickets up at Will Call. When I spoke to the representative from Stub Hub about my concern about the tickets not being there, he assured me that the tickets will be there and all would be fine.
Day of concert…at 7:00 pm on Sunday I go to the Will Call window at the Pavilion and ask for my tickets. Their reply was “Sorry sir, we do not deal with Stub Hub and we do not have any tickets for you. Perhaps you need to go ask someone standing out front if they have your tickets.” I immediately called Stub Hub and they kept me on the phone for over an hour. Their response was “Sorry sir…you replied back with the email with the option to pick up the tickets at the Will Call window and it was then your risk and we are not obligated to refund your money.
So I am out of $355.00. Thank you very much for an enjoyable evening and my wife thanks you for a wonderful Christmas present.

New Reviewer

Need tickets to a sold out show or game? This is your place to go! It's great for last minute purchases, but buyer beware, sometimes the tickets are over face value. Anytime I have purchased tickets, it's been a spur of the moment idea and I've always gotten what I paid for.

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE! I used it to sell tickets for a concert and 1) I never received any notification that the ticket was sold; 2) on the day of the concert I got an e-mail saying that there was a problem with the ticket and they wrongly charged me $150 using my credit card. I tried to speak with their representatives, but simply heard that there was nothing they could do. Horrible experience.

New Reviewer

SELLERS BEWARE! I had 14 different listings that stub hub sold for me for two Red Sox vs. Yankees game April 11th and April 12th. On April 10th I received a email that there was a problem with two of the listings. Stub hub claimed I was at fault for uploading the wrong tickets. I explained to them that I was not at fault. After stub hub reviewed the problem, they phoned me to say that the error was with their splitter. I had them email that they were responsible for the error. On April 11th around the start of the game, I started receiving emails that people were being refused into Yankee stadium. Since then I have made numerous calls to Stub hub and each time, I speak to a different person. I have been told by more then one agent, that Stub hub is at fault. Today April 16th I called to see when I would be paid for the orders I haven't received. The agent I spoke with said I would be charged for the errors. I reuse to pay for Stub hub's error. If anyone else has had the same problem with multiple orders, please post it.

New Reviewer

Stubhub is a site to professionally scam people on tickets online. It flies below the radar of legality by buying large amounts of tickets for popular events and then trying to make a buck reselling them online for a huge profit. May all beings be happy. And may the creators and maintainers of Stubhub receive their worthwhile share of karma. Looking forward to it going away.

New Reviewer

Don't list your tickets on STUBHUB. I used to use them for my inventory until they introduced "the price you see is the price you pay" for buyers. What they have done is stick the sellers with the 10% service + delivery charge on top of the seller fee 15%. I listed a ticket that cost me $145 for $170 which the buyer sees $198 which is the + 10% and delivery charge. I broke even and stubhub made a profit per ticket of $53. Hey stubhub what will you do all the sellers pull there tickets? Guess you can't have buyers without inventory.

New Reviewer

They'd be great if they paid on time. 5 days to process a payment after a sale is completed is such a lie. When I sell on Ebay my money goes to Paypal in less than 24 hours once a sale is confirmed. So what they're doing at stubhub is a mystery to me.
Also --- their fees are insanely high. No justification for charging both buyers and sellers really high fees.
Overall, they suck but they also get high traffic which keeps them in business. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg should try a Facebook ticket site. Seriously I think he'd be great at it and isn't it really time to move on from the whole "social media" scene @#i'moverit

New Reviewer

Five Seconds of Summer is going to appear at The Fillmore in San Francisco tomorrow night. Ticket prices from start at over $300.00. The original ticket price for this concert was $35.00.

Stubhub snapped up all of the tickets and raised the price an astronomical level; out of the reach of a vast majority of their fans.

Apparently, "Snobhub" is catering to the 1% elite. I hope that, at least, The Fillmore and the 5SOS are getting a good cut.

Outrageous and greedy business practices.

New Reviewer

For a company such as stubhub which boasts "It's simple: We back every order so you can buy and sell tickets with 100% confidence" this could not be further from the truth from what I found out one fateful evening.
I purchased 4 tickets for a band in concert that I had been looking forward to seeing for years. When we arrived at Barclays center just before showtime we were denied entry only to be told the tickets were already scanned to someone else. How can this happen? They were apparently sold twice. I called Stubhub customer service and after being put on hold several times, 20 minutes later the supervisor said if we purchased new tickets we would be "refunded and credited for the new tickets" since they (Stubhub) did not have any others to sell. At that point the box office at Barclays Center said they didn't have any extra tickets to sell. They had to get their manager who somehow miraculously saved the day and found 4 extra tickets they were holding to sell. The manager at Barclays Center also said "this happens every night" and "not to buy from Stubhub". Also the people next to us on line were having the same problem.
After missing a third of the concert I had been looking forward to seeing and getting worse seats than we had originally purchased, I pursued my refund through Stubhub. It turns out they were only willing to refund me the original ticket price I paid, but offered only a credit through Stubhub for the new tickets I had to buy that evening. When they said "credit" to my account over the phone I assumed they meant to my credit card, not to some stubhub account. I spoke with another supervisor today who said under their policy they are not even obligated to offer a credit to my account and I was denied a refund to my credit card. They also claim this is extremely rare. Well, the manager of Barclays Center disagreed with that statement and we observed this for ourselves with another couple standing next to us experiencing the same frustration. If Stubhub had decent customer service and satisfaction guarantee, they would have issued a full refund to my credit card for all of the expenses AND offered something additional for the stress it caused and to make me want to come back. Buyers beware of Stubhub, everyone should know they are at risk of buying invalid seats and not having it resolved properly.

Apprentice Reviewer

if you want tickets to anythings from shows to sporting events in the NY area this is the place to shop. you wont find cheaper tickets or a more organized system really great site and great app.

New Reviewer

Apprehensive about buying $500 concert tickets but I must say it has been the best experience. I ordered tickets for UPS delivery..hard copy tickets not pdf or email tickets which can be scammed.. tickets arrived in 2 days exact location section and seats as described. I will definitely highly recommend stubhub and I will definitely be using again!

New Reviewer

Excellent experience. We have bought tickets to concerts, sporting events, a musical. We have not had a bad experience. Tickets have always arrived when promised. The seats have been exactly what we expected. I feel like we can buy from StubHub with confidence.

New Reviewer

Terrible! Where is the ZERO stars option?!? I left Nationwide Arena two hours ago unable to enjoy tickets to see my belioved Eagles on 3/5/14. We were turned away after producing our e-tickets because someone else was sitting in our seats. We purchased four tickets totaling more than $400 back in November 2013 and now have to not only miss the concert of a lifetime but call and haggle with our credit company for a full refund!! Stub Hub offers NO customer service phone number, only an email. Nationwide arena agents here in Columbus said this happens all the time. Thanks for ruining my evening and ripping me off Stub Hub - you SUCK!!!

New Reviewer

I used to sell via ebay, but now they make you sell via stubhub. It's expensive with double commission charged in a misleading way. Unfortunately, and worst of all tickets don't seem to sell on it. Hopeless.

New Reviewer

Stubhub gauges commission from both ends...buyer and seller, I just listed my 2 tickets for 320.00 each. Stubhub said the buyer would see sale price as 354.00 - so they are making 68.00 from buyer. They gave me 544.00 total from sale so took $96.00 commission on my end. So long story short, i sold 2 tickers for 640.00 and Stubhub collected $164,00 from the sale (25% commission).

New Reviewer

I purchased a couple of tickets for an event and received a confirmation email that the purchase was completed and that I should receive an email with a download ling shortly [I had specifically ordered eTickets so I could print them myself].
The next day, I received an email stating that the tickets were no longer available and to call Stubb Hub for comparable replacement tickets. When I called, I was offered replacement tickets in the next section back and several rows back from what I purchased, for the same price of course. The customer service guy kept saying, "The new tickets are being offered for my convenience." I asked, "How is it convenient for me to not get the tickets that I PAID for and be offered much worse tickets for the same price?" I refused the new tickets. Another day later, I was contacted via email again with an offer for tickets that were still a section back, but at least they were near the front of that section, rather than near the back. The tickets were a present that I had already disclosed so I decided that I had better take them as the event was the following week. I returned the call and spoke to a girl this time. When I said I was calling regarding the email offer of new tickets, she tried to offer me different tickets that were even worse than what the guy offered. I asked what happened to the tickets that were offered in the email. She responded by saying, "Oh, you would rather have those instead?" My answer was, "I'd rather have the tickets I purchased but if I can't have those, I want tickets as comparable as possible." She sighed and told me, "Ok, you are locked into the new tickets."
I asked for a confirmation email and just kept telling me, go sign into and look at your account.
I didn't receive a conformation email or a download email. The next day, I called again. I was told that the tickets I purchased were not eTickets and that they would not be sent until 3 days before the show and would be sent via UPS as 2 day shipping. So, basically, they were wanting to have the tickets delivered 1 day before the show. I told them I ordered eTickets and specifically didn't want UPS as I am never home during the week to receive packages. I asked what happens if UPS won't leave them without a signature? Because the last delivery day would be a Friday and the show was Saturday. There would be no ability for a redelivery....
Anyway, to make a long story short, several calls and finally a request to refund my money was the only way to get them sent sooner.
I repeatedly heard the phrase, "For your convenience" in each phone call and didn't receive a confirmation email even after 5 requests.
I DID receive the tickets prior to the show but will never use again

New Reviewer

I'd give it 0 stars if I could, I ordered two tickets from their website, they were supposed to arrive within 4 days, a month later, still no sign, I contacted stubhub to ask where my tickets were they told me they'd tried contacting the seller but no response and they'd get in touch when they hear back from the seller. 2 more weeks passed and still no sign of my tickets or hearing back from stubhub, I contact them again for them to tell me to contact them in another weeks time because the seller had a 'good reputation' and they will 'sub' me my order if still no sign....1 week before the concert(already paid for hotel and travel) I'm still waiting on them "subbing" my order. I will not be using this site again; I've constantly had to chase the customer support for answers and each time they've been vague in their responses and I've been told to be "patient". I'm out of pocket by £100 and no doubt having to pay cancellation fees on my hotel and travel expenses as i haven't a clue what they will "sub" me with!
Shocking customer support, will not be using again!

New Reviewer

I used StubHub in Vancouver for the first time during my vacation. I was visiting from Ireland and was told by the front desk of the hotel to go visit stubhub that the young lady there is great. I walked over and there was a table set up and a young girl working. She helped me place an order, explained why hockey was great and convinced my wife how much fun she would have and she was right. We chatted with the young girl for quite awhile. We had purchased tickets that needed to be printed but my wife wanted tickets to keep, she made a call, and 5 minutes later a gentleman showed up and handed us the real tickets. We had a great time at the game and will never forget it. I have worked in the service industry for over 25 years and I was blown away. I don't know what training or filtering process they use, but they have the best of the best working for them. I will only use this service to purchase tickets.

New Reviewer

I am now partial to StubHub.

As a buyer, I never experienced any issues purchasing concert or sporting event tickets. I was cautious when choosing my ticket purchases as well, however. In one instance, the seller listed the basketball tickets I purchased as "instant download" but in fact they were real tickets. StubHub identified and intervened and had the seller UPS overnight the tickets to me. So, as a buyer, I have not experienced any issues.

As a seller, I now can paint a different picture. I just sold my first set of NCAA basketball tickets. I listed them yesterday and they sold today, but $10 less per ticket than the price I listed them for. I immediately contacted StubHub customer service, they implied it could be a system error or it could be a seller error. I immediately replied that I have an email confirmation, i.e. proof, of the ticket price I listed them for. A few minutes later, the agent said StubHub will issue me payment for the difference but will take 2 to 3 business days. I just cleared this up today, and so I can not comment on whether StubHub has lived up to their commitment of issuing me funds for their screw-up....

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

This website is horrible I bought to tickets for the NBA Knicks v. Celtics game on march and apparently I just got charged today 9 months later onto my card leaving me with an overdraft fee. And customer service could not explain why this happened and didn't even seem sorry for me

New Reviewer

Zero stars if it were possible SELLERS BEWARE, they care nothing for you and will hold payments and charge you a fee for a mistake on their website. Not a reputible site

New Reviewer

Ordered 2 tickets for a concert 9 days later... were supposed to arrive by the 8th and they did not arrive. I was not informed, I had to contact the website and ring 3 times to a chargable number and did not have calls back with answers as promised.
I got the full refund and a discount coupon that I will not use as I do not think I will ever purchase tickets there again.
The face value of the tickets were £25 and I had paid £63, but still a waste of time and money.

New Reviewer

Don't sell here. They have no problem whatsoever screwing you out of your money. The customer is always right, even when the customer is blatantly wrong. Contacting customer service is no help, as they don't communicate with each other or you. Each phone call generates a different answer to the same question.

New Reviewer

I used to like StubHub for all my ticket needs, but someone just introduced to me, which as really surprisingly low prices for concert and sports tickets as compared to StubHub.

New Reviewer

Stubhub helped me surprise my fiancee really well. First time using the site so I was extremely nervous. I had to pick up my tickets from their booth once I reached Pittsburgh from Tennessee. Everything went great no problems getting the tickets, the line move quickly, very organized. I was highly impressed. The only compaint I have is the tickets are so overpriced which is not the website fault. But beware of sellers overly pricing there tickets.

New Reviewer

This is from a sellers stand point. Its easy to get screwed and the customer service they provide you is horrible. They don't seem to care that the buyers are out money if something goes wrong. I'll never sell tickets on here again.

New Reviewer

Awful. Simply awful. I was a happy customer and had used Stubhub before, but I make one mistake and get screwed. I mistakenly listed a ticket that I didn't know was non-transferable. Someone bought the ticket, and when I went to enter the barcode online that's when I discovered that the ticket couldn't be sold. I called Stubhub immediately to have the issue resolved. They canceled my sale and then charged me $40 claiming that that was the difference that the buyer would have to pay to get another ticket. I saw tickets the night before, tons of them, all listed within $15 of my asking price. Unbelievable. I have since deleted my account and will NEVER deal with it again.

New Reviewer

I accidentally sold one of my event tickets on two sites, Ticketmaster and StubHub. The reason for this was that Ticketmaster's site was being glitchy. I tried calling Ticketmaster customer service that night before the tickets sold, when the site wasn't working, and waited on the phone for over an hour, no answer. So the next day I get on StubHub and sell my ticket right away. Then about an hour later I get an email from Ticketmaster saying I sold it on that site too. So now I'm panicking. I'm thinking this is going to cost me a ton of money since the ticket prices skyrocketed overnight. I call Ticketmaster to explain my difficulties with their site and ask for help on what to do, wait on hold for about 30 minutes before I can talk to anyone. Then, they literally tell me "We can do nothing." So I ask if they can at least notify the buyer that their ticket won't work since two have been sold of the same barcode, and they say "No, we cannot do that." So then I ask if I will be in legal trouble for this if I can't figure out how to remedy it, and they say, "You know, I really don't know ma'am but we can't help you." So now I'm really freaking out. I call StubHub right away, and they answer within seconds (literally, like 5 seconds). I tell them I need help, and how Ticketmaster blew me off. The rep told me not to worry, they can fix this. He explains I might be charged the difference for a new ticket, which is completely fine since I sold the ticket for 160 and they hadn't gone up too much since earlier that day. However, I never got charged. They were so helpful and have been in the past as well, this time really made me a loyal customer. Great customer service, they always have my vote.

New Reviewer

I bought two sets of tickets. The single set arrived a few days after I paid for them. That ticket was for a closed friend to meet me at game. The second set (2 tickets) was promised delivery to GA on 9/18. Game was in NC on 9/22. No awareness of where I lived or where game was. I changed delivery address to a NC address to ensure I got tickets in time. Got to NC on 9/19 - NO TICKETS. I called Stubhub and not sounding too sure of what happened, they first told me seller had not shipped tickets. I called back a second time and they told me seller had shipped tickets but no one knew where they were. They would not provide a tracking number. I asked for a refund and they told me my account would be credited. I insisted on a full refund ($495). I am still awaiting the credit to my credit card. This was my first and LAST time using Stubhub.

New Reviewer

I HAD a good experience with StubHub until recently!!!! NOT sure what has happend. I have Dallas Cowboy tickets, 50 yd. line, and sell them frequently. I have sold two games for which I have NOT been paid. I call, email, and no check!!!!! I was told the check was sent August 11, still no check. I have removed all my games from thier site and sent certifeid demand letter. NOT GOOD!!!!!!
NOT DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM IN THE FUTURE and will NOT list with them in the future.

New Reviewer

I bought two tickets for the Maroon 5 concert last night at DTE in my state of Michigan. Not sure who's exact fault the problem was but I was printed two of the same ticket so they said only one was valid to come in. I went over to the boxoffice and called stubhub on the phone, after a short wait someone was ready to help and made sure I got the other ticket which I did purchase. They emailed the order to the boxoffice and apologized for any problems several times. Even when the phone call was dropped due to service, they called back to make sure everything went through! I was impressed with their willingness to help and how polite they were since I was nervous about buying secondhand tickets! I would definitely do it again, but just make sure that you go early just in case of any issues!

New Reviewer

I have been using stubhub for its convience and its prices until recently. I wanted to sell tickets for a concert that i couldnt attend. The first day i put them on the site, there were buyers! Great! So i mail them ( week of the concert) and the day before the concert, the buyers canceled on me( so i basically lost 153$) when i REALLYYYY could have gone but had to work instead. if i knew the buyers would cancel the day before the event, i would have just called in sick to work to attend the concert and not waste 153$. stubhub told me the day after the event that i basically lost my money. Couldnt they have told me earlier?? Or atleast refunded my money.

New Reviewer

I have bought numerous tickets to sporting events and concerts from this site. I have never had a problem with receiving my tickets. I really like the convenience of downloading my tickets minutes after I buy them (not days later). The service fees suck, but they aren't much compared to other sites. I tried another site and got ripped off - see my other reviews. I will never buy a ticket from anywhere else except stubhub. Hint - if you buy last minute, you can get some GREAT deals for killer seats!

New Reviewer

On multiple occasions I have tried selling my tickets on stubhub and they have made a mistake. After I shipped my tickets to the buyer, Stubhub canceled my order, charged my debit card, and did not give me the money I earned from selling them. This was an extremely frustrating situation and I promise to never sell using this site ever again. It is not worth it, and the commission they take from your sale is outrageous.

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