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Review of SSENSE

SSENSE reviews

36 reviews
Categories: Clothing, Fashion
333 Chabanel St., #900
Montreal, H2N 2E7, Canada
Tel: +1 877 637 6002

36 Reviews From Our Community

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It has great customer service and their shipping is fast with tracking. (in 13 reviews)

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1 review
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Update #2
It has been 4 days since I was told by Ssense customer service that the charge will be reversed. My bank account hasn't been credited at all. SSENSE IS SHADY. It's only $2.90, but it's the matter of principle which SSENSE is completely lack of. DON'T ORDER FROM THIS SITE!

Update #1
I called to cancel my order. I thought it was canceled but no. I checked my bank a few days later, they still did reverse the charge so I had to call again. Another person told me my order was canceled. WTF!!!. She canceled it again for me.
They said they take the card holder very seriously. Sure they do. Again, it doesn't matter what they say, I stick to my review about this website. Never order from them again ever.
Ordered on the 19th, ssense charged my bank account on the same day. On the 22nd, I got an email from them saying they charged me again for a small amount. If I can't tell them exactly how much it is, they won't send me my order. I understand the whole extra step to make sure I am not using a stolen credit card. If I weren't in the rush of getting my order, I wouldn't care this extra step.
I even sent them a screen shot of the debit card transaction for the full amount. They still wouldn't release my order. Never order from this company again.

Ask Bo about SSENSE
1 review
1 helpful vote

slow speed reply ! Claims that they charge me additional fees for security reason
waited 5 business day ! NO CHARGED was made so i can't verify anything

Ask nikki about SSENSE
4 reviews
1 helpful vote

I have ordered from Ssense, but had to cancel my order five days later, due to a very long process of payment approvals. The high security check on a credit card transaction is appreciated, but the speed of response by Customer Care team is slow.

Won't order again.

Ask Valentina about SSENSE
1 review
0 helpful votes

Hi there !!!!
Well, this is my first time order from SSENSE today and I hope everything's go well, I am from Australia and it wasn't easy for me place that order thought, because it costing me quite a bit. Compare USD$$ to AUD$$ too get the free shipping over $500 USD. From what I see, have a lots of unhappy customer about this website SSENSE, hopefully I won't ends up that way. Cheer G'day

Ask Gianni about SSENSE
1 review
1 helpful vote

While I like the clothing offered at ssense and they are reasonable to deal with regarding my return, I cannot recommend shopping with them if you live in the U.S. In addition to paying the shipping cost to my home, which was a reasonable $10, I had to pay $41 to ship a single item of clothing back to Canada. A waste of $51.

Ask Susan about SSENSE
1 review
4 helpful votes

I love ssense! I'm so happy I didn't listen to these annoying reviews because most of them are from people who live in the US. I have no idea how the shipping and all that works but if you are a Canadian resident it is AMAZING. I live in Toronto, Ontario and shipping was amazing. Around Christmas time I purchased some Saint Laurent shoes for my bf and they came literally the next morning with express shipping. I also purchased some Giuseppe's for myself and I didn't pay express shipping, it was normal shipping and got my order within 3 days. The shoes were both perfect and I've never been happier! Will most def buy from them again!

Ask Chrissy about SSENSE
1 review
3 helpful votes


What company in this day in age does not have an exchange policy? I would certainly not recommend dealing with them. As an international company, dealing with luxury brands, how can they treat their customers and merchandise like this?

-unacceptably slow response times to emails
-you have to get their approval to do a return?
-when I called, waited for 15+ minutes, and then asked to speak to the supervisor who was a coward and refused to speak to me directly and would only relay messages to the customer support rep who had no authority.
-only when I got really upset and started negatively tweeting was action escalated

Once the escalation had been created, Andrew was great in responding quickly.

My order number is: 59795686849

Ask Meghan about SSENSE
1 review
2 helpful votes


I have been doing business with ssense for years and now it's pure garbage! They sent me a defective product, won't answer the phones-no matter what number you call, I have a direct line-and wont respond to emails, but I'm one of their "highly-valued" clients. so many other places, not worth the headache and the feeling of being scammed for saving a couple of bucks.


Ask jerry about SSENSE
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been an active online shopper for years and this is by far the worst online company in terms of service. Last month, I made a purchase and wrote in to ask a few questions and it's only replied after 5-7 days, at this time of fast-moving society, this is totally unacceptable.

In the website, it's clearly stated that it will only take 5 days for international order. I ordered my goods on 17th Dec and it will only be delivered on 15th Jan, I feel cheated!!

Ask Fiona about SSENSE
1 review
1 helpful vote

BEWARE! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I bought a parajumper in a small and just wanted to EXCHANGE for an xsmall. I went to the store, they did not even carry them anymore so when I asked if I could exchange it at the warehouse, they told me I had to send it to them by MAIL to approve even though I live right next to chabanel (the street where the warehouse is) in montreal. MAKES NO SENSE! HORRIBLE. I was talking to someone named "Kate". RUDE AS HELL. Said products couldn't be exchanged and was sassing me. I JUST WANTED A SMALLER SIZE, KEEP YOUR MONEY, JUST GIVE ME A SMALLER SIZE!!!! makes NO sense (pun intended). Do NOT shop here please! Shop anywhere else unless you wanna get fkkked over. What's insane is that my friends and have been loyal customers, NOT ANYMORE. I'm shocked that they would do this to someone who's spent thousands through the years. When all I want is an EXCHANGE. Like how hard is it to present myself and get a smaller size of the exact same product?I'm literally making everyone who lives in TMR ban this store/site. So stupid. We are never purchasing anything from here again. DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!

Ask Chelsea about SSENSE
1 review
3 helpful votes
12/12/14 delivery, package came as expected...heres the kicker..if you need to exchange the item you incur the full charge to send back your cost me 63.00 to return a pair of return label...also no paper work was sent with my have to call in and get a item number which is used for your return...took me three days of being on hold to receive this number....if u usually order w saks/niemans etc. these stores will not do price match to sense bc its a different country...avoid this site!!!!!!!

Ask rhonda about SSENSE
1 review
4 helpful votes

Too bad there's no zero rating!
I ordered a Moncler Jacket, took 5 business days to ship to Toronto, ON + squeezed into a tiny box!!! you pay for a $1000+ jacket to receive the worse shipping and handling service out of any other fashion retailer online. Not recommended! Never again...

Ask Dave about SSENSE
1 review
4 helpful votes

Wish I can rate 0 star :)
I ordered a pair of shoes on Ssense and now it said that the shipment will be in 4 days
After that I got an email said that I have to verified the amount they charge on my card , its so complicate because I used the credit card for that, I stayed in Melbourne and my card registered in my hometown which is Vietnam.

Ask Duong about SSENSE
39 reviews
95 helpful votes

my Stella McCartney bag arrived nicely packaged in a discreetly unmarked box which i like. my experience with ordering from was good. however my only gripe is that this bag was advertised as WHITE. but in actuality, it was CREAM (OFF-WHITE). i decided to keep the bag as i couldn't be bothered with the inconvenience of the return process. but i would have preferred if you advertised the color correctly as OFF-WHITE or CREAM. so i'm out $1200 with a bag i thought was snow white when it's not. meh.

In response to the rep: You wrote "the Item color in promo images can vary from screen to screen." That is irrelevant as the description clearly stated the color as WHITE. White is white. White isn't cream or off-white in color. White is a color as pure as snow. So there is no disputing that your team's description of this 'white' Stella McCartney bag is completely erroneous and you should take responsibility for this error instead of trying to place blame on a computer screen.

Ask Brigette about SSENSE
1 review
4 helpful votes

Absolutely do not buy from SSense if you live in US and have any reservations that you may have to return the item. No receipt comes with package. Customer incurs the full burden of return. SSENSE reserves right to refuse return. So many unknowns, cost of return, customs, and time. SSENSE agent admitted to me that most American customers do not like SSENSE return policies. Compare Net-a-Porter for great customer service and customer friendly help.

Ask Pamela about SSENSE
3 reviews
22 helpful votes

lousiest customer service. email several times, no response, no update for my tracking. I want my money back !!!! My order number is 5579530186 !!!

Ask thomass about SSENSE
1 review
1 helpful vote

I wish I could give a zero star rating. I will simply never order again from this company. Buying was fine, but returning an item from the US to their Montreal facility is a major pain : $50+ to return a pair of shoes. In this day and age, I'd expect from an online company that sells $600+ pairs of boots a shipping label and some help when an order needs to be returned. Never again.

Ask S about SSENSE
1 review
4 helpful votes

When one shops online it's not unusual to need to return merchandise. With SSENSE, for an American customer, this is a big hassle on both ends (US and SSENSE) and a big expense.
They have great merchandise on theirr website, so I thought I would try out purchasing some items from them. I ordered two sweaters, and one of the two didn't work for me. I have never found returning an item so troublesome, either to a US or an international website. Almost every website cultivates customers by making returns easy and either free or inexpensive.

Here are some of the issues I found to be problematic. These are issues I haven't encountered with other companies:

*There were no documents and no return instructions or return label included in the package I received.

*It was difficult to access return information on their website, and explanations do not fully enough explain the procedures, which are rather complicated. With other companies, if one goes to "your account" there is a link to click on to initiate a return, get an RA, etc.

*the US post office didn't like the format of ther return address, and made me reenter it. They needed more information than SSENSE instructed me to enter on the customs forms.

*finally, it cost me over $40.00 (!) to send the merchandise back to them insured. Why would I ever again choose to do this when most other companies cover return costs, or charge no more than $10.00? Moreover, a number of other companies order the same merchandise!

As I read the other reviews here and elsewhere, I hope this return and my refund will be processed in a timely and reliable fashion.

Ask Gale about SSENSE
1 review
4 helpful votes

Unbelievably painful dealing with SSense! Went through the process of their security measure only to be sent numerous emails advising they haven't received my response. Called them numerous times from overseas, whereby they gave me a lecture on advantages of credit card security.

Sure, I understand and appreciate their position on credit card verification requirements, but they totally missed the point. I made the verifications both verbally and via email, yet they claimed not to have received my correspondence!

Will never buy another thing from SSense again! Multitude of competition who do sincerely want your business!

Jack Ng.

Ask Jack about SSENSE
1 review
3 helpful votes

I had a awful experience with I never buy nothing ever .
I place the order everything was fine until 72 hours I receive an email saying that they need to do a verification ; was done in minutes .And 24 hours after they send me another email saying that that the shipment department was enable to find the item .
Sorry as Canadian I really want to support our business but is ridiculous , we can to better .No wonder way some of us prefer to cross the border.

Ask Gloria about SSENSE
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered some clothing items on Ssense. They charged an initial small amount on my credit card as a "security measure" & I was asked to "locate the charge & verify the transaction amount" first, before they can proceed with my order.
This is the first time I've encountered such rules for online shopping. It was difficult for me to call the bank to locate the charge. Ssense was totally inflexible about it.

I tried calling the Ssense customer service line many times, can NEVER EVER get through.
Overall, HORRIBLE & FRUSTRATING experience with Ssense - lousy service, payment method is made so inflexible & non-user friendly.
I DO NOT recommend online shopping here.

Ask Sarah about SSENSE
1 review
1 helpful vote

do not order from ssense if you receive an incorrect size cost $40.00 to ship it back ssense will not pay additional customs fees, required by seller, items is then returned to you another $40.00 and it sits in customs waiting for ssense to pay customs fees IT'S BEEN 2 MONTHS NOW, NO REFUND!! AWEFUL EXPERIENCE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

Ask mary about SSENSE
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Bought a couple items from this site and paid for the express shipping option which said it would take 1 day, it ended up taking 7. When I sent an email complaining, they basically did nothing. Refunds are also difficult and time-consuming compared to other online shopping sites but I did end up getting my refund. Don't ever bother with the customer service email, because if they do reply it's just some bs answer; call them instead. But overall I would not recommend shopping at this site, renfunds are just too stressful to be worth it.

Ask Gabbi about SSENSE
1 review
1 helpful vote

Horrible experience all around. The website barely works; customer service is friendly but clearly harried and overworked; there's no way to reach anyone at the managerial level; and unlike sites like ASOS (which sends you a prepaid return label with any purchase), YOU have to pay for return shipping. Bought a pair of boots that cost me **$50*** to return. AVOID!

Ask Josh about SSENSE
1 review
7 helpful votes
1/3/14 is FAKE! Never buy any "designer" clothes on final sale!
I spent $40 on a discounted "Diesel" shirt for my boyfriend. Upon receiving it, it was made in China (always a dead giveaway of fakes, real Diesel is made in Italy) The material is very cheap, and after discovering there was no microstitch on the tag (all Diesel has a microstich) I got mad and decided to return it. But I forgot I bought it "Final Sale" which means I can't! So I gave them $40 of my money for a crappy, fake shirt.

Ask Mary about SSENSE
1 review
5 helpful votes

lousiest customer service. email several times, no response, no update for my tracking. I want my money back !!!! My order number is 5579530186 !!!

Ask Gr about SSENSE
5 reviews
6 helpful votes

I ordered a Parajumpers coat from them about 6 years ago during a 20% off sale. Delivery was quick but I only live about 2 hours away from their location in Montreal. Everything was as expected and that coat has kept me warm through some ridiculously cold weather. No complaints. They carry expensive brands but do frequently have sales.

Ask Elina about SSENSE
9 reviews
12 helpful votes

This is an underrated website. It has great customer service and their shipping is fast with tracking. It is based in Canada, I believe from Montreal. I always order brand name clothing from here, but only when they have sales.

Ask Amelia about SSENSE
4 reviews
10 helpful votes

I always order from They sell Geniune clothing and their shipping is super fast.

Ask Jessie about SSENSE
1 review
6 helpful votes

The worst customer service ever!! I did nor receive my order. have been calling them for weeks- i either get a recording saying the phone number is busy, or i get transferred to voicemail that is always full. i emailed several times and got no response. i spoke with someone once and he said he would look into it and call me back- never got a call back- How pathetic!! This site is ridiculous- will never buy from again- disputing charge.

Ask yarona about SSENSE
1 review
2 helpful votes

I bought 2 pairs of shoes from them. My order was shipped to me promptly. However, one pair of the shoes are not of the same quality as I saw in Nordstrom store. 2 weeks later the price was dropped on the website so I request a price adjustment. Here is the reply:

Unfortunately my accounting department has determined that the discount cannot be applied to this order. There are 3 rules for applying the discount to a previous order:

- The item was not initially purchased on Final Sale
- The exact same item (in the same color and size) is still available
- The package must still be in our warehouses.

Personally I think the last 2 rules are ridiculous. And they did not mention any of those rules on there customer service page.

NOT a good site.

Ask T about SSENSE
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a Canadian Goose coat on Monday and I received it the next day. I am from Toronto. Shipping was super quick. I also LOVE my coat, so warm. I got the Expedition one. Thank you SSENSE.

Ask Whitney about SSENSE
1 review
1 helpful vote

absolutely fine to shop with and I could track my delivery all the way from Canada to New Zealand, no fancy packaging with deliveries, just the shoes in the designer's dust bag. I shop online a lot, and so like to do some research on customer reviews, but really you can go around in circles reading what people say 'yes its good 'no its horrid' ...I buy from the forwardbyelysewalker, and revolve clothing...ssense stocks brands that are not available on the other sites,,,I just purchased some golden goose sandals 70% discount ! and am very happy with my shoes, customer service are hard to contact though, I emailed them and got an automatic reply email...with no reply from them ..never mind they took my money and I took their heavily discounted designer shoes...transaction complete!

Ask Helen about SSENSE
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Online retailer SSENSE spies on it's paying customers!! First time shopper on SSENSE I placed on order for an $1100 handbag on Saturday and discovered that their "customer service" rep spied on me on LinkedIn on Monday!! I supplied a valid credit card, bill to, ship to, etc....why do they need to know who I work for and my employment history?? I called, they said it's fraud protection...seriously?? This is what it's come too??

Ask marvin about SSENSE
1 review
4 helpful votes

I signed up for a contest and then it took me to their store.ssense...LOL
Oh my gosh.... that is the ugliest cheapest crap there is around........Not only that their prices are out of this galaxie. Jewlery has no gold whatsoever and is sky high.
Any body buys this crap is a fool.......
You have better stuff at walmart....... man...... Dont buy here folks..... don't be stupid.

Ask jim about SSENSE
1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought a diesel leather jacket from them and it turn out that the jacket has so many leather defect marks on them. The material they used are cheap and light compare to the real Diesel leather jacket. The leather jacket is made in India. They said that this is a final sales item and cannot be return but they never mention on the product description page or anywhere on their website that this item is final sales.

Ask Tom about SSENSE

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Q: Why do they allow credit card fraud?
A: Hi A V - As an online retailer, we take credit card fraud very seriously. We have a full-time security team dedicated to avoiding fraudulent orders, and we always try to stay on top of this type of issue. If you think you have been affected by a fraudulent order, please send us a private message or an email (, and we'll put you in touch with someone from our security team right away. - SSENSE Customer Care
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Q: Is the content of the site because the bag got the teams for the price endowed sites Atakdhl is native to the type of trunk saint laurent
A: Hey Eman - Thanks for reaching out. We're not sure what you're asking. Can you give us a specific example or clarify? Thank you. - SSENSE Customer Care
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