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56 reviews
16161 Ventura Blvd., Suite C PMB 461
Encino, California, USA
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I have been on sodahead for almost a year and in that time met people from all walks of life. (in 22 reviews)


but it's still fun to answer polls, even if the other users are idiots. (in 12 reviews)

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1 review
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God forbid you opinionate.
Advertised as an Opinion site SH seems to attract socially inept ever present squatters who become special friends with first Add only to splice and dice for raves point and levels. I believe Moderators to be fair and the problem lies with a handful of whining miscreants who log on dozens of times a day in lieu of dealing with reality and the people therein.I wouldnt recommended the site to my actual friends alas they all get a good laugh and show no interest in joining the mayhem anyhow I think I'll follow their lead

Tip for consumers: avoid leaderboard types who cant tear themselves away for a day

Ask stella about SodaHead
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

SodaHead used to be a decent site, when it's originator, who uses the name "Fef" on SodaHead, had control of the site. However, he allegedly sold his interest to a group of California liberal/progressive wannabe big shots. They poisoned the well by giving liberals a far freer hand than Conservatives. It is now common for a Conservative to be permanently deactivated for the most miniscule perceived breach of SodaHead TOS, while Progressives are not just given a veritable free hand, but are forgiven breaking the rules by the knowledge that only the MOST egregious breach of SodaHead's TOS will be punished. Conservatives, recently, permanently kicked-off SodaHead, include: "Old Salt", "Recon", and "HAZEL", a middle aged lovely woman . "Old Salts''' apparent misdeed was that he out-debated every liberal who tried to take him on; likewise, Recon was becoming famous for pointing-out one eye-opening Obama scandal, after another (liberals couldn't tolerate that behavior); and poor "HAZEL", who probably raised more money for The Wounded Warriors fund, than almost any individual alive, was deactivated for some reason, never disclosed, to my knowledge. SodaHead is akin to Obama, in that both are on their way out. Some entrepreneur will soon realize the void left by SodaHead's unfortunate progressive bias and will fill that void, quickly. American Patriots will flock to such a site if it appears, just as they once flocked to SodaHead, before it became distorted by its new management's progressive bias,

Tip for consumers: If you are an Obama progressive, who wants illegal aliens to get amnesty and American commercial airlines to fly to and from Ebola ravaged areas in West Africa, you are a Black racist, radical Muslim, and/or Obama supporter, you'll find a warm, moist, hole, from which to launch frivolous attacks on Conservative American Patriots. If you are a Conservative American Patriot, you'll find a hellhole, but with a little creativity, there is always the chance that you will reach some former progressive

Ask Tee about SodaHead
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ah Sodahead. In short, it's a conservative-leaning poll website that's the place for people will Rave, Share, and Post the same articles day in, day out. I didn't mind participating when people had posts to encourage legit political discussion, the critical thinkers are disappearing on a regular basis so the regular pollsters can participate in the addressing the following polls ad nauseum:

- Obama kills children and gives them cancer! RAVE if you loved George W Bush!
- Do you like String Cheese or Shredded Cheese?
- so my bf is cheeting and i wanna dump him but shuld i?

The idea that the site was ever run by liberals is a joke. Maybe they had a few overzealous liberal moderators at one point and time, but that doesn't nor shouldn't excuse the venom spewed by many of the extreme-right on the site (when it's thrown back at them, they often use it as self-justification as to how "liberals" aren't tolerant after all, like conservatives are supposed to be given a pass to be belligerent.) Ever since Adri's been relegated from posting political questions to the "Do you like String Cheese" polls, the honor of posting "news" articles has gone to a guy named Lonnie, who's not only unabashed in his conservative political bias, but doesn't bother linking articles for discussion (both Adri and the conservative-leaning Fef offered that to encourage critical thinking.)

So if you're looking for a place to go talk politics, I woulda told you to go to Sodahead in 2011, but I won't tell you to do the same today. Instead, I could only recommend the site for the following people:
- People who believe all the problems in America started January 20th, 2009 and not a second before (same goes for the people who believe that George W Bush's polices were responsible for "cheap gas" on January 19th, 2009 and not due to the horrific market collapse caused by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.)
- Those who think the definition of "liberal" is anyone who doesn't do exactly what Hannity, O'Reilly, Hume, or the rest of Murdoch Media tells them (Ron Paul and Chris Christie are also "liberal" by most "Sodaheadies" standards.)
- People who get a kick out of calling President Obama a monkey or a THUG, but act indignant when people accuse them of racism (in fact, the person bringing it up is racist because the conservatives have no idea (wink wink, nudge nudge) that monkey is a racist slur for black people.)
- People who became libertarian on January 20, 2009.
- Tea Partiers who believe they're supporting legitimate libertarians (and not neoconservatives in sheep's clothing.)
- Those who need to blame liberals, progressives, socialists, and communists (but really, they're all one in the same thing by Sodahead's standards) for everything from their coffee being cold to the fact that it's raining today.

If you're not in that group and post an opinion to the contrary, be prepared for the onslaught of insults from people who say their way's the enlightened one.

1 review
2 helpful votes

The site mentioned, allows perverted thieving old biddies to run it. These old biddies pretend to have a life but their life is false and their life is nothing but, this pitiful site. This site has allowed me and others to be bullied since 2008. They deactivate good people, and allow the troublemakers to stay! What a Joke! ..Female Bullies run amuck and have blatantly said all they have to do is "talk sweet" with moderators and they can do whatever they want. These old biddies do the same with men on there, then blackmail them by eluding to the men that they will tell their wives and/or tell everyone on the site about their tryst. Anyone that believes one syllable these sloths say, are ignorant as can be. I'm glad to be off that disgusting evil site. I'll never go back. Tooo many backstabbers and white trash liars on there. There's so much more vile disgusting things allowed by site owners and moderators, but everything I know and have seen and experienced, would take up this whole page. I was accused of things that were out right lies. Defend your honor or that of your friends and you're gone. Once the dogs set their sites on you, you're gone! The bad, out weighs the good. Not even worth the BS. To everyone that stepped away from me because you were to cowardly to outwardly stand up for me, as I would've you.... GTH.

Tip for consumers: For your own sake, I'd say, don't join this evil place.

Ask Ellebelle about SodaHead
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

too many glitches, slow, adds all over the place, not discrete

gangs from private groups compete to be top of a' leader board' psychologically forcing stupid multiple questions and private groups concoct plans to attack each other in the political area and why they dont separate religion is beyond me its never debateable I'm sick of it

Tip for consumers: its intoxicating to give your opinions but beware there are very angry people there you need the hide of an elepahant

Ask patricia about SodaHead
1 review
9 helpful votes
8/13/14 claims to be an opinion Site. That claim has been taken over by a certain group of Liberals, that run everyone else off with the blessing of SodaHead.

I was on SodaHead for 6-years, and achieved the rank of 39 on the Leaderboard, earned 317, 000 Raves, and over 650, 000 Points from my postings of News articles on a daily basis.
I was Deactivated on June 29, 2014, for reporting a member of this Liberal group, who had made statements of Libel, which I reported to SodaHead for many hours. SodaHead allowed these claims to continue without removing them or the SodaHead member.
I took those reports and forwarded them to the Office Manager of SodaHead for action to be taken. Nothing was done. This went on for many hours.

I was Removed from this site for sending those Reports of Abuse, to this Office Manager. They claimed they were a Violation of the Rules for sending them to Non-Support Staff. There is nothing in the Terms of Use, prohibiting contacting Staff members.

SodaHead has been removing Veterans and Conservatives at record levels, since this Liberal group has been allowed to take control over what it Commented on and the Coments made. This group has been allowed to operate under many Imposter Accounts, which is a Violation, but when reported, nothing is done. Their Nasty and Hateful comments are never removed, but when a conserve makes a much less hateful or nasty comment, such as saying "Liberals are Ignorant", that person is removed. Yet this Group is allowed to use the "F" word and other language directly to a person, threaten them, etc., with no punishment

This site is No Longer an Opinion Site.

1 review
3 helpful votes

As soon as I got on this site I was bullied and attacked and when I started speaking out I was labeled a racist and I apologized then I was really targeted. There are clicks and chain gangs on sodahead.Sodahead also gives certain races more points and soda head allows bullying but when you pose the question as to why your quickly thrown off.This site is twist, full of bullying and evil people and if they are not careful they are gpnna cause someone to kill themselves ...Even though it wouldn't bother them.

1 review
4 helpful votes

A lot of right wing but jobs on here. They are extremely sexist, racist and homophobic! It's just creepy now. Lots on conspiracy theorists too. Just stay away, the people on it are terrible.

1 review
3 helpful votes

It's an OK site, but after a while the poll questions become very repetitive and some are down right silly.
Do you like this color?
Am I pretty?
Homosexuality, for or against?

I got canned for asking a poll question about the SH admin. There were options to answer for or against. I guess they didn't like it.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I cannot believe it I have been on Sodahead for 7 yrs with no problem with my e mail address and password to login in and guess what it doesn't work..I couldn't get through and what more I cannot find telephone number to reach Sodahead on about this. i don't think I;ve cause any problem..I was quite upset because there is no contact to Sodahead about this problem to login in. My Sodahead screen name is Maria..Hope you all Sodahead friends find me and contact Sodahead to find about this matters...Thanks.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I was suspended for, I don't understand why! They sent me an email a day later with an example of my comment that they said got me kicked off. As follows:
Example of detected violation(s):
Fags are perverts! They like sticking their penis in places its not supposed to go, because its bad, and they like being bad! That's all it is! It's all about the sex! The kink! They don't really love ever! If they do, its out of loneliness and misunderstood. They need to either accept that, (that they are sinners), or stop sinning if they want to ever go to heaven!
My comment was in response to a few people that wouldn't stop with their sympathetic gay views! I wasn't judging, just sharing my views, what's so wrong with that? Bunch of babies that get so.twisted over some words! I'd hate to see them in the real world, with real problems!

1 review
3 helpful votes

If you're looking for a foul, hate filled, racist, sexist site where death threats are handed out like candy and self-righteous preacher types prey on women privately with naked photos and violent fantasies of raping their children, look no further this us the site for YOU!

If you've been bounced from every reputable site for making threats, hate speech, stalking, harassment, perversions of all types, recruiting or fundraising for an illegal hard right wing hate groups inside or outside the US, or just love to make multiple sick trolls and bottom will not only fit right in here, you could very well win the whole Interwebz, Sodahead Version!

If this sounds more appalling than appealing, save your lunch and stay away.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Extremely liberal site that doesn't allow for much discussion outside of those constraints. The Moderators never seem to be present because the site rules are broken many times a day and it seems that favoritism is played upon when they actually do moderate. Many good conservatives have been banned while liberals doing the same and at many times worse things remain intact. If you are looking for a forum with one sided moderators, little to inefficient moderation, radical liberals posting flame bait and loaded questions, and a ton of bullying...then SodaHead might be right for you. If you want a real political debate there are many forums available that will serve you better and not leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Darn fun site! Ignore the sockpuppet negative reviews here. Just someone trying to put on a good smear job on another.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I joined because it sounded interesting and I enjoy a good sparring match with right-wing nutjobs and extremists. Not one to back down, I called out many including a 'Top-Gun' fascist aka Luca. After I shot down everything said and pointed out outright plagiarism, cut&paste responses and rehasing old, obscure extremist posts, I experie3nced denial of service, unable to vote or post, then ultimately complete denial with the following message: 502 Bad Gateway.

Funny thing...I had my friend register on his PC at his home access SH with no problems. When I logged into SH with MY account... OOOPS!

1 review
4 helpful votes

I was invited to soda head after being on yahoo BUZZ in 01/ 2011,, and at first I found NEUTRALITY ,,and like minded christian / conservative ...and liberal folks ...!

after my first year all things changed & it became EXTREMELY ABUSIVE towards americans / patriots ..and constitutional conservatives ...and christians ...!

after the owners (jason Feffer )sold out to coast angel group it's gone down the drain and the worst anti american / ANTI CONSTITUTION ",,,liberal site there is ...

I'm currently on suspension for what ?,,, I could never get a straight answer BESIDES terms of use violations ...AS are other independent constitutional conservatives & christians ..

I was attacked relentlessly by athiests / gays ..and anti americans for my views ..
when I reported I was placed on notice for reporting for NO cause !

I suggest all folks contact their sponsors ....

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I was deactivated on this site because I dared to say that an ordinary British model-a wannabe(Heather Crook, I think it was her name) who was promoting her image on it,was nothing special.I dared to comment under a poll that her boyfriend had created there in which she compared herself to the world-class model,Adriana Lima,that such a comparison was absolutely ridiculous and vain.My days started to be counted from that point on.She and her boyfriend started bullying me because I dared to say my honest opinion about them.In spite of the fact that they insulted me very rudely and kept gossiping about everything I was writing there turning into ridicule all my commentaries,the staff deactivated my account and not the two British users' ones.I tried to report the two British users who had created tens of sock accounts to continue to attack me(I kept blocking them) but the staff listened to the couple's lies about me and they decided to kick me off the site while the real trolls continued their life in peace there.It's a site that I don't recommend at all because the words "RESPECT" and "FAIRNESS" do not exist in the moderators' vocabulary.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I've had "GREAT" and "HORRIBLE" experience with SodaHead. It was once a "conservative leaning" site but since more than 50% of the site was sold out to a group of "left-leaning" owners, they have contracted 26 and 27 year old Californian females as "full-time" moderators. I have received a personal email on that site from a person who bragged about her relationship with one of these moderators. When I defended a fellow Soda Head member from attacks from a liberal female member, both of us were deactivated. The liberal lady for one day, myself, permanently!

While I was a member, I wrote no fewer than 225 blogs for open discussion. I NEVER posted any blog that did not allow all factions a choice of answers and the allowance of debating those answers.

However, I could not fight the friendship relationship of the NEW very, very LIBERAL moderators who consistently side with their friends. IF anyone remembers the Yahoo Buzz, they had "one-sided" moderators as well who deactivated ONLY the conservative members. I fear that Soda Head will soon join The Buzz as soon as their paying Sponsors find out the truly only have but a few hundred active members rather than the "millions" they declare. For as many of individuals, like me, who have been "canned," we STILL count as members to their advertising accounts.

1 review
6 helpful votes

Nothing but hate-spewing, ignorant right-wing nutjobs. They are completely out of touch with reality and extremely rude. Stay away at all costs.

1 review
4 helpful votes

My experience has been about the same as the above posters. I'm pro-constitution and I don't like Obama or the Democrats but I don't like the Republicans either necessarily. I'm one of those people who thinks that we are being fed divisive lies from both sides and the political system is a trainwreck. I thought this site was about free speech, but its not. On the left all they do is promote race-baiting and hate for the Tea Party, which they don't even care to understand. On the right, its all about Obama-bashing and extremism. I called a poster out for being a CIA shill (it just seemed fairly obvious) and the next thing I know my account is deleted. I had some good debates and a lot of fun but ultimately, I fear this site serves the purpose of oppressing free speech. I could create even more accounts to screw with them but I can't say I care that much. I too had about 1,000 comments...

1 review
4 helpful votes

Same here I expressed my libertarian views, and when other people start agreeing with you they delete your account like little babies. starting to think this site is run by terrorists and traitors to the united states and constitution. will find another site that believes in freedom of speech and being able to express yourself.

22 reviews
30 helpful votes

It's like a poll site where all the other people answering questions are the sort of Republican drones that have set as their browser's home page.

Lots of calling everyone else a socialist, veiled racism... but it's still fun to answer polls, even if the other users are idiots.

1 review
5 helpful votes

this is a site for right-wingers only, teabags will feel right at home.

this must be of the strangest sites ever - owner and staff post their right wing agenda as members ('fef' being Jason Feffer), also like to discipline members who crossed a line (that line is only known to fef et al) with 'time outs' -much like 'supernanny' - whilst making a fortune with your demopgraphics.

if you are a liberal, prepare to be called all names under the sun - you are fair game. make sure you have some really good friends on the might just about survive it. however, these guys on the right are hilarious - they all sound like Glenn Beck et al - and poking fun at them can be long as you are thick-skinned.

1 review
5 helpful votes

SodaHead is a site for Right Wing Nut Jobs . . . who have gone over the hill and around the bend. Extremely nasty, vile, and willfully misinformed people feel right at home on SodaHead. If you're anything other than that, you're likely to be kicked off the site, so that your opinions will never more be heard there.

7 reviews
16 helpful votes

I hate That site rewards abuse and punishes victims. My one friend was stalked, falsely accused of molesting his children, and not one thing happened to his accusers. I was made fun of, bullied, called a terrorist, an unbeliever. My biggest mistake was buying into that conservatism. When I started to disagree with conservatives, I was called a terrorist like I said, stalked all over the site, slandered, it was so bad that I had panic attacks all of the time and I wanted to die. One female accused me of stalking when she was still on my list. Newsflash: if you are going to accuse people of stalking, remove yourself from their list and block them! It is so easy a caveman could do it. One other member used me sexually and then ditched me. All in all, the people I thought were my friends were not. I am still traumatized. Oh, and one of the libertarians pretended to be my friend on another site and then stab me in the back. He is really a conservative though. All in all, do not join, and if you do, do not trust those SodaCons! Oh, and I was set up and banned due to false charges.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Stay awa-a-a-ay from the politics and you'll be fine.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have met some really great folks on here that I would have never known otherwise. From all parts of the world they come to this site. But then I've also met others...........!

I have found that most of those that differ from me ideologically are to the extreme opposite and most do not represent their main-stream party. We are all passionate in our beliefs and I don't think we change many minds, but one thing we do do, is get a bit of understanding of what the other side's thought process is. (Sometimes that's not so great either.)

3 reviews
6 helpful votes

I am on the verge of deactivating my Sodahead account. I am sick of the rightwing extremists on there who don't accept other people's opinions that are different from theirs. I am a Liberal and I have gotten back many rude replies from these trolls. I don't suggest this site to anyone who is open minded, intelligent and loves America. This site has many racists, homophobes, anti Muslims, anti Obama, insanity, bigotry etc.

1 review
1 helpful vote

This is a great web site. Ask or answer questions The politics/News section is quite lively!

3 reviews
7 helpful votes

Waste of time rant forum run by and for internet trolls shouting insults and profanities. I tried it a few times, then left it. In my short time there, I saw intelligent people arrive and then quickly leave because they just get shouted down by morons who think that yelling and acting tough gives their arguments merit. Most of the popular posts are tabloid-level idiotic. At least the nonsense from National Inquirer is professional looking, this is unprofessional. If I could give this website zero stars I would, it is garbage.

20 reviews
47 helpful votes

Let's face it, there are left wings and right wings in this site. Neither of them will go non-partisan nor apolitical. I'm an apolitically type of person, so why bother going to this tainted orange soda website? Look, I hate democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives and all political sides, so they don't seem to care that we're suffering a financial crisis. They love printing money that don't worth much anymore. When Bill Clinton was president even though he is claimed that he suck as well, everything was great. Then Walker Bush came by and ruined everything. Obama made the economy even worse. The point being is there's a reason why not to be in any affiliated parties even while making opinions on this hellhole. I think they shouldn't do economics because they don't know how to spend money right.

They seem to blame Obama for everything. Okay, so? Now they're shocked that there was a shooting at Virginia Tech? Their campus is a gun-free zone and the campuses at the UNR as well as the UNLV are allowed to have CCWs. I want mandatory background check for owners, I want an armed republic, but why not have abortions and death penalties? Sheesh, can a guy have both views from two sides? Of course, but none can work in most ways. THEY DON'T CARE. That's how stupid their critical thinking is.

This site is definitely the worst place to visit now. I believe they are making changes for awhile after I joined up. Looks like it's Facebook for opinions. It's time to never be political. Hey, I can express my thoughts whatever I want. It's a free country, right? Besides, politics is stupid to me. Like hell I would vote for somebody I don't even know.

UPDATE: As of Spring 2013, I became apolitical. From now on, I had to edit my very first review.

8 reviews
11 helpful votes

The one thing I love about this site is that I get to meet new people. However some jerk reported my question (which I don't remember what it was, this is back in November of last year) because they didn't like it, and so Sodahead went on their defense and removed my question, so the Sodahead management is the biggest pieces of garbage I've seen. Their site will lose people and rot. There are those who hate tomboys and autistic people there too. But Y/A screwed themselves because they're not gonna get another person like me again.

2 reviews
7 helpful votes

I was at first impressed by the look and functionality of the site. My political leanings are Democratic Liberal, and I would call myself among the growing religiously unaffiliated. My opinions on sodahead we more often than not met with derisive ad hominem (name calling). I get the impression there is a concerted effort by right wing extremists to put down, even stamp down opposing viewpoints. Rather than insightful dialogue, most responses include childish pictures, animations, and cartoons of the type you would expect if you were on one of those mindless "birther" email lists. The users seem to have multiple sock puppet accounts, and you can tell because they use the same profile pics, with predictable variations on their usernames.

I was on for one week, hated what was turning me into, and finally requested that they deactivate my account. The wingnuts can have sodahead, if that is their little clubhouse to put down Obama, etc. There are better, more professional Q&A type sites. Try

1 review
3 helpful votes

I went in and deactivated my account on SodaHead. I first got on it, to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Then they invited me for other topics. That is when I started to realize, I could not stand it anymore. They were so hateful towards Muslims, when they were people who never met one. They despised Obama with a passion, not what they disagreed with about his administration. Richard Nixon was a martyr framed by the Democrats. Gays and lesbians were equally hated. You could even find racist and Anti-Semitic remarks on there. America was being driven under by Muslims, gays, and Democrats. It was basically nothing but a hate site. I got off of it, and am I am glad I did. It was just nothing but a waste of my time, and the people on there were so bitter, it was sickening to hear from them.

1 review
0 helpful votes

they ban anyone who does not like romney and loves america

1 review
1 helpful vote

Just joined there thinking it would be fun. It is as long as you don't think for yourself. Any sign of independent thought and they will jump on you like a pack of jackals. I made the mistake of answering a few political questions and they tore me up.

You could quote Gandhi there and get called a terrorist loving baby killing homosexual. They seem to believe that everybody is as radical about their beliefs as they are.

Great concept but the troll quotient is HIGH and RIGHT.

Anybody know a more friendly version, one where you know... actual opinions are allowed?

1 review
4 helpful votes

I must agree with the previous opinions of the reviewers on this site.The majority of Sodaheads subscribers are bigoted, ultra right ,card carrying moral majority nincompoops,and boy are they fun to aggravate! I swear that if some of them could have choked out a stuttered written response to some of my posts they would have done so.I'm going to keep on posting the opinions that get them so riled ,that is until they finally ban me.

1 review
2 helpful votes

If you want to retain whatever hope you have for the human race, don't get within a two-site radius, because the vitriol and hate will ooze into your body like the rank scent of Justin Bieber's perfumes. The level of right-wing extremity is enough to make any sane human being question what they're even doing on this site.

tl;dr: the site has nothing to offer except extreme bias from the right and is only useful for trolling training grounds.

1 review
0 helpful votes

i enjoyed sodahead ,,,but now i can't log in there and i don't know why...please help

1 review
1 helpful vote

Excellent site for interacting on any topic.
In fact, you pick the topic or the question with the option of adding multiple choice answers.
Adding pictures is easy and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Highly recommend it if you want to have some fun.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Vitriol, unsubstantiated diatribes and posts threatening the President make Sodahead a site for users to avoid. Advertisers would be well advised to take a good hard look at what the insides of Sodahead are before signing on. For deep within the Sodahead walls lie users full of hate, bigotry, anger and insanity. Those that disagree will be vilified and shouted down. Keywords of the Sodahead site include "libby", "filth" "ignorant" "moron" "gullible" and "idiot". To make matters worse, the Obama bashing comes fast and it comes furious. No good words are said about the President. Those that try to defend Obama are defiled. Effigies of Obama as a Nazi are allowed to linger on. Racial references of the United States President, veiled and unveiled, are posted on and on and on. Threats have been made. News is manufactured. With each passing day, with every new post, Sodahead becomes scarier and scarier and scarier. Sodahead has become scary to the point that I voluntarily deactivated my account. Clearly Sodahead has lost its mind and has lost its vision. That many of these users may be a member Sheriff Arpaio's Posse would not be a surprise. That said… this girl knew when to get out of Sodahead and this girl knew when to get out of Dodge!

1 review
5 helpful votes

this site definitely sucks. the staff run about pretending to be users and have multiple profiles and sock puppets who will gang attack you if they don't like your comment. this is a hateful site. as someone else already said they invade private messages and censor users based on private messages. this is supposed to be an adult site??LOL they think that suspending adults for time outs is productive. i would say that the majority of "users' are staff fakes. the co owner ,and his friends are also morons. and yes they flagrantly violate the code of conduct and TOS they claim everyone else is supposed to be in compliance with.
avoid this site at all costs. it is racist and hateful.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I was one of their top posters AARGH! (still ranked 19th overall) but was just deactivated. After 2000 questions most of which did quite well and were featured they decided since I wouldn't play along with their right wing manipulation of posts and called them out for burying hot posts which they don't agree with but do not violate their terms of use. They are suppose to notify you when they pull a post...which they never do...and they do pull legitimate posts quite often. Especially when certain members of admin are in control. Anyway this is a site that plays games with its posts. Too bad the admin sucks and let actual trolls run amuck on their site while banning good members who give a crap and have many friends...sad site taht could have been something...

2 reviews
7 helpful votes

For a opinion site they really like to suppress any type of free speech. Find another opinion site that honors free speech.

6 reviews
14 helpful votes

I was a member of sodahead for nearly a year and if I had to rate it I would say it is ok. The site itself is set up good with alot of extras that many other blogging sites don't have but with that comes a cost: quality debate. One example of this is their 'add media' function which allows many airheads the ability to avoid strong debate by posting stupid picture responses. I do like the fact that the downrave function was eliminated though. They allow a blocking function but this option destroys any ability to engage in quality debates and also helps to skew poll results by allowing the far-right to block users they know who have dissenting political views from themselves.

The biggest problem of all you will deal with on there is the userbase itself combined with the fact that sodahead's managment leans pretty far to the right. I'm a Paul/Johnson supporting libertarian but yet I've been called all types of vile names by the far-right userbase on there. The neocon userbase on there is mentally immature and it shows for they will throw all types of political terms around that they realistically do not know the meanings of such as commie, libby, etc. The lack of ability to engage in any quality debate is the biggest downfall of this site since their userbase leans far-right with low IQ's who are quick to block any dissenting opinions and users.

Here is the quick rundown on SH:

1. The managment leans far-right so most 'hot' topics on the front page will lean very far right.
2. There is a blocking function which the majority far-right userbase uses to their full advantage to skew poll results and block dissenting opinions.
3. The far-right creates their own private groups where they communicate with each other to 'swarm' a poll result or top opinion in their favor by using massive raves.
4. There are many 'sock accounts' (illegal multiple accounts by the same user) created by the far-right to pose as other people such as a 17 year old cancer stricken girl (who happens to lean very far-right) to lash the nastiest attacks on people. This way the socks get deactivated and the neocons main account in which they hold in high regards stays intact.
5. The userbase is very far-right and ANY dissenting opinions or political leanings such as libertarian, liberal, moderate, etc gets you labled as an American hating commie. This name calling is very prevailent throughout the website.
6. The userbase is also very immature, far-right and close minded. There are a few decent people on the site but most do not want to engage in debating or hearing different opinions, they only want to hear more echo chamber rants that agree with themselves. Also, the userbase on there has very little debating ability so they tend to resort to name calling and all of the other tactics I've mentioned above. If you are not very far-right leaning you will need to be very strong to survive on there!

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I have been on sodahead for almost a year and in that time met people from all walks of life. The discussions are very lively and sometimes heated and can be exciting, the problem with Sodahead is the staff. It seems that the Nazi's have taken over sodahead. Let me explain, I know that some liberals have complainted about sodahead being a rwnj but in reality what it is is a site where the staff decides if they like you or not. It matters not that you are Liberal or Conservative what matters is wether you fall in line to their ways. That's sad because there are good debaters on this site both conservative and liberal that have been kicked off and that is sad because good exchanges of ideas goes on here. I personally think that the staff should stay out of it unless it becomes an issue of racisim or other such nonsense. There is a block option that anyone can use if they no longer wish to deal with that person but that decision is no longer yours like a nanny sodahead staff stick their noses where it is not wanted. So in reality this is not a real social network but one monitor by the gestapo staff of sodahead.

10 reviews
39 helpful votes

A diatribe of the deranged, Sodahead is the default home of left-wing bias and propaganda. The unoriginal hack spewed forth by its leftist users goes unchallenged as any user not in lock step with their screed will find themselves censored or banned. It is nothing but unintelligent vitriol and regurgitated talking points for elitists. The socialist rhetoric is matched only by their sheer level of socio-political retardation. Bat guano shows a higher level of cognitive functioning than the moderators at Sodahead. A quick Google search for Sodahead bias will show just why this site barely achieves one star. The chipmunk on my porch is more entertaining and far less insulting than the mindless drones that frequent Sodahead. If you are an unthinking follower looking for a queen then this is your hive but for everyone else, it is a site to be scorned and mocked for being so deliberately embarrassing to such a degree that a walrus would be more fun and challenging to debate. In the end, this site proves that liberals make great pets but lousy site designers.

172 reviews
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I will have to agree that this site is not worth much. The site bombards you with ridiculous messages from members to join clubs that don't even make absolute sense to join in the first place! Plus the questions asked on the site come from brains that somehow did not find the word intelligence in the dictionary!

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It is a right winged site and if you don't hate Obama, women's rights, and if you aren't a Christian, you get deactivated. No reason given, no response to your emails for explanation.
The right blocks you from commenting and then attacks you on your post. There are some great people there, but more sock puppets, constantly being created by the staff and the right to come in and attack the left, and nasty sudo Christians. Hypocrisy runs amok on the site and the owner and some staff are the worse abusers.

1 review
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You know, if you get past all the hateful people, there are some amazing people and discussions on there. Also, from what I've read, people are like 'It's anti-conservative' or 'it's against being a liberal', let me say this. You ONLY see it that way because you WANT to see it that way. If you go past the first layer of people, you'll meet great people and have great discussions and debates. You just have to WANT to find them.

Don't let the idiots at Sodahead get you down. After all, this is the internet, and you are bound to run into them sooner or later.

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